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4:58:05 PM Hitmantom Did Red ever make it to the rival yet?
3:58:15 AM Hitmantom Goodnight lads! HeyGuys
3:56:36 AM Hitmantom maps implies we don't know we're as are going Kappa
3:55:43 AM Hitmantom I have no clue what I'm doing tbh LUL
3:54:12 AM Hitmantom le-
3:52:46 AM Hitmantom What happened there?
3:51:59 AM Hitmantom have le+s+a on copy pasted Kappa
3:47:05 AM Hitmantom it's a articuno Kappa
3:46:27 AM Hitmantom WutFace I'm Spooked
3:45:04 AM Hitmantom @metallinatus Never Kappa
3:44:08 AM Hitmantom SeemsGood SeemsGood SeemsGood
3:39:49 AM Hitmantom Red are getting their act together this is spooky Kappa
3:30:41 AM Hitmantom @wigglytuffguildmaster oh yeah your right
3:29:50 AM Hitmantom Are we gonna get that staryu and gyarados
3:28:49 AM Hitmantom PogChamp PogChamp
3:21:05 AM Hitmantom Snek? Sneeeeeeekkkk
3:20:45 AM Hitmantom #DeeDooDeeDoo
3:20:00 AM Hitmantom la-
3:19:12 AM Hitmantom PogChamp PogChamp
3:18:31 AM Hitmantom NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
3:18:18 AM Hitmantom la-
3:16:56 AM Hitmantom Snek BlessRNG
3:11:47 AM Hitmantom PogChamp PogChamp
3:11:07 AM Hitmantom NotLikeThis
3:10:04 AM Hitmantom Surf or body slam SwiftRage
3:08:38 AM Hitmantom #downisnotworthitmajorityofthetime Kappa
3:07:19 AM Hitmantom ln-
3:06:48 AM Hitmantom Snek the Dragon Slayer has got this Kappa
3:05:21 AM Hitmantom la-
3:04:35 AM Hitmantom PogChamp it a miracle
3:02:36 AM Hitmantom NotLikeThis
3:00:50 AM Hitmantom la-
2:55:12 AM Hitmantom la-
2:50:18 AM Hitmantom Goldeen in constant pain Kappa
2:49:28 AM Hitmantom SeemsGood SeemsGood
2:49:13 AM Hitmantom la-
2:49:06 AM Hitmantom ls-
2:48:21 AM Hitmantom ls-
2:47:26 AM Hitmantom le-
2:46:50 AM Hitmantom le-
2:46:39 AM Hitmantom la-
2:46:26 AM Hitmantom la-
2:46:07 AM Hitmantom la-
2:45:59 AM Hitmantom la-
2:44:28 AM Hitmantom NotLikeThis WEE WOO WEE WOO
2:43:13 AM Hitmantom la-
2:43:07 AM Hitmantom la-
2:43:03 AM Hitmantom la-
2:42:22 AM Hitmantom 3 digits WutFace
2:41:28 AM Hitmantom la-
2:41:20 AM Hitmantom la-
2:40:58 AM Hitmantom la-
2:39:43 AM Hitmantom le-
2:35:23 AM Hitmantom @sinr2014 Yup SeemsGood
2:26:21 AM Hitmantom we will figure out where were going on the way Kappa
2:24:29 AM Hitmantom LUL LUL Blaine Clutch Potion
2:23:40 AM Hitmantom SeemsGood
2:23:26 AM Hitmantom la-
2:22:03 AM Hitmantom la-
2:21:30 AM Hitmantom la-
2:21:15 AM Hitmantom LUL
2:20:52 AM Hitmantom la-
2:19:51 AM Hitmantom Blaine you bastard SwiftRage
2:19:33 AM Hitmantom WutFace
2:18:35 AM Hitmantom la-
2:09:13 AM Hitmantom pb
2:08:55 AM Hitmantom @welkin_gunther_ec90 LUL
2:07:54 AM Hitmantom Brush up on your Spanish lads, Were going to south America Kappa
2:07:01 AM Hitmantom la-
2:05:36 AM Hitmantom pa
2:02:49 AM Hitmantom pn
2:01:30 AM Hitmantom ln-
1:58:19 AM Hitmantom Is there anyone in Red team that can use Gen 1 so against dragonite Kappa
1:51:47 AM Hitmantom lw-
1:50:01 AM Hitmantom la-
1:47:49 AM Hitmantom No make it hard on red is more fun Kappa
1:47:03 AM Hitmantom pe
1:46:04 AM Hitmantom Have we caught everthing in the hooose? Kappa
1:42:09 AM Hitmantom UnCensored Wedding OneHand
1:41:29 AM Hitmantom SeemsGood SeemsGood SeemsGood
1:40:30 AM Hitmantom ls-
1:37:25 AM Hitmantom how do you tell how many pokemanz blue has?
11:49:07 PM Hitmantom @m4_used_rollout Thanks SeemsGood
11:47:47 PM Hitmantom in the bottom dexnav, does green mean we already have them?
11:46:40 PM Hitmantom \ PogChamp /
11:23:35 PM Hitmantom *clips
11:23:28 PM Hitmantom @julianadragonier There's twitch could of blue best e4
11:20:21 PM Hitmantom what's the goal, now that blue won?
12:03:58 AM Hitmantom PogChamp
12:03:25 AM Hitmantom One day we will 1hitKO that Clam Kappa
11:56:46 PM Hitmantom la-
11:54:57 PM Hitmantom ls-
11:53:47 PM Hitmantom ls-
11:52:59 PM Hitmantom The Best Winning Move is not to Play Kappa
11:51:58 PM Hitmantom Cat moveset all normal SeemsGood
11:49:35 PM Hitmantom Snek on Snek SeemsGood
11:46:16 PM Hitmantom Oppsy Poopsy Kappa
11:44:00 PM Hitmantom Thank God for shitty Gen 1 AI SeemsGood
11:43:16 PM Hitmantom I am You Kappa
11:42:19 PM Hitmantom pb
11:42:07 PM Hitmantom Only dig SeemsGood
11:41:33 PM Hitmantom WutFace WutFace Spooked
11:40:19 PM Hitmantom SeemsGood
11:39:39 PM Hitmantom Has Blue ever made it to lance yet?
11:36:03 PM Hitmantom pa
11:36:01 PM Hitmantom la-
11:34:14 PM Hitmantom la-
11:33:02 PM Hitmantom :(
11:32:43 PM Hitmantom Hoo Hah
11:32:21 PM Hitmantom la-
11:28:39 PM Hitmantom la-
11:27:57 PM Hitmantom SeemsGood
11:24:31 PM Hitmantom Retreat WutFace
11:24:08 PM Hitmantom la-
11:23:09 PM Hitmantom la-
11:22:08 PM Hitmantom pa
11:21:24 PM Hitmantom #CatchyTune
11:19:52 PM Hitmantom Kill the Bastard SwiftRage
11:11:26 PM Hitmantom #CatchyTune
11:10:53 PM Hitmantom WEE WOO WEE WOO SeemsGood
11:09:57 PM Hitmantom la-
11:08:59 PM Hitmantom SwiftRage SwiftRage SwiftRage
11:07:31 PM Hitmantom WutFace
11:01:11 PM Hitmantom Reflect SwiftRage
11:00:00 PM Hitmantom WutFace
10:58:11 PM Hitmantom la-
10:57:46 PM Hitmantom lb-
7:33:46 PM Hitmantom DAMN You Bruno SwiftRage
7:33:12 PM Hitmantom :( :( :(
7:32:30 PM Hitmantom Crit Kappa
7:32:11 PM Hitmantom #HooHah
7:29:12 PM Hitmantom had red beat the elite four?
7:00:58 PM Hitmantom Slam Bam, Thank You Mam Kappa
7:42:43 PM Hitmantom Our Extra Firestone NotLikeThis Kappa
6:44:06 PM Hitmantom \ PogChamp / Run away
6:42:10 PM Hitmantom PogChamp /''''
6:25:18 PM Hitmantom Are we carving this link of manure DansGame
6:22:42 PM Hitmantom \ PogChamp /
6:19:24 PM Hitmantom SeemsGood Good Job Team
6:19:04 PM Hitmantom LUL LUL
6:18:59 PM Hitmantom PogChamp PogChamp
6:16:35 PM Hitmantom If someone press b there dead to me SwiftRage
6:15:50 PM Hitmantom #PCPony
6:12:47 PM Hitmantom PogChamp Surprises Looking Grimer
6:10:42 PM Hitmantom ln-
6:10:31 PM Hitmantom le-
6:09:53 PM Hitmantom We have to catch them all eventually? SeemsGood
6:03:06 PM Hitmantom @renlev NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
6:02:44 PM Hitmantom what's happens to pikaq NotLikeThis
3:19:54 AM Hitmantom We skipped a badge? WutFace
9:30:06 PM Hitmantom What a troll
9:29:50 PM Hitmantom LUL
9:29:04 PM Hitmantom WutFace
9:27:01 PM Hitmantom CoolCat didnt evolve?
12:25:25 PM Hitmantom how was fight with red on the tower?
12:24:14 PM Hitmantom Did we dump paras SeemsGood
2:52:46 AM Hitmantom switch or dont make up your mind SwiftRage
2:37:41 AM Hitmantom 10 notes song SeemsGood
2:32:17 AM Hitmantom just keep going till we win Kappa
2:31:43 AM Hitmantom NotLikeThis
2:29:50 AM Hitmantom NotLikeThis
2:25:33 AM Hitmantom la-
2:24:58 AM Hitmantom This is painful NotLikeThis
2:21:37 AM Hitmantom @kammeq Good job SeemsGood
2:21:02 AM Hitmantom Only hope is psn or switch
2:14:04 AM Hitmantom @kammeq Kappa
2:11:48 AM Hitmantom We can do this SeemsGood
2:07:21 AM Hitmantom 4th Times the Charm Kappa
2:06:07 AM Hitmantom lip
1:54:05 AM Hitmantom stop lb switching pokes SwiftRage
1:52:16 AM Hitmantom switch alakazam First
1:51:10 AM Hitmantom Snek
1:50:55 AM Hitmantom Alalazam first
1:50:38 AM Hitmantom Gen 1 miss NotLikeThis
1:49:20 AM Hitmantom LUL LUL
1:48:13 AM Hitmantom If had alakasam first, we got this
1:47:02 AM Hitmantom Vidi Sweep BlessRNG
1:46:35 AM Hitmantom NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
1:44:49 AM Hitmantom NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
1:43:17 AM Hitmantom Growl SeemsGood
1:41:24 AM Hitmantom Meoth is gonna die NotLikeThis
1:40:51 AM Hitmantom lw-
1:40:32 AM Hitmantom Wee Woo Wee Woo NotLikeThis
1:39:29 AM Hitmantom #RedAreThievingBastards
1:35:00 AM Hitmantom Meoth will get rekt by charizard
1:33:55 AM Hitmantom opps Kappa
1:32:24 AM Hitmantom Swith alakazam first
1:31:41 AM Hitmantom switch alakazam first?
1:31:15 AM Hitmantom ROUND 2 MoTHERFUCKERS SwiftRage
1:30:53 AM Hitmantom So close
1:30:49 AM Hitmantom NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
1:30:34 AM Hitmantom Powers of Satan Help us
1:30:10 AM Hitmantom NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
1:29:43 AM Hitmantom This is so tense PogChamp PogChamp
1:29:22 AM Hitmantom NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
1:29:00 AM Hitmantom NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
1:28:54 AM Hitmantom SeemsGood
1:27:43 AM Hitmantom NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
1:26:50 AM Hitmantom NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
1:26:00 AM Hitmantom Strats PogChamp
1:25:43 AM Hitmantom Snek
1:25:31 AM Hitmantom Kazam has the best chance
1:25:07 AM Hitmantom LUL
1:24:38 AM Hitmantom Im scareed WutFace
1:24:00 AM Hitmantom Rival goinf down SwiftRage
1:23:30 AM Hitmantom A whole new day
1:23:05 AM Hitmantom Get out of Pkmn center for spooky music SwiftRage
1:22:30 AM Hitmantom Spooky Scary Skeleton Send Shiver down your spine Kappa
12:32:16 AM Hitmantom Push all the Buttons Kappa
12:28:58 AM Hitmantom Are we still In rocket hideout?
8:52:16 PM Hitmantom ls-
8:51:21 PM Hitmantom I have no clue so im just gonna watch and follow Kappa
8:49:45 PM Hitmantom ls-
8:47:43 PM Hitmantom le-
8:46:02 PM Hitmantom l thpught we had pokedoll LUL
7:30:45 PM Hitmantom KappaRoss Happy Little Duel
7:30:17 PM Hitmantom Gen 2 is best Gen
7:28:31 PM Hitmantom GrandTour AD NotLikeThis
7:24:42 PM Hitmantom la-
7:24:38 PM Hitmantom la-
7:23:51 PM Hitmantom SwiftRage SwiftRage SwiftRage
7:23:24 PM Hitmantom where blue now?
6:56:38 PM Hitmantom Which way to lavender town?
6:49:20 PM Hitmantom la-
6:47:19 PM Hitmantom la-
6:46:20 PM Hitmantom lw-
6:46:06 PM Hitmantom ps
6:45:43 PM Hitmantom ls-
6:45:37 PM Hitmantom ls-
6:44:45 PM Hitmantom where are we going Blue?
6:35:26 PM Hitmantom Are we grinding or keep moving?
6:31:45 PM Hitmantom Fecking Violins are a beaut Kappa
6:21:40 PM Hitmantom We should probably stop grinding soon and start moving
6:19:44 PM Hitmantom le-
6:13:32 PM Hitmantom lw-
6:03:46 PM Hitmantom LUL
6:01:19 PM Hitmantom LUL
5:57:24 PM Hitmantom la-
5:36:36 PM Hitmantom LUL Music Transition
5:36:15 PM Hitmantom WutFace Spooky
5:36:06 PM Hitmantom le-
5:35:51 PM Hitmantom Stairs SwiftRage
5:34:46 PM Hitmantom Heal Meoth?
5:31:06 PM Hitmantom WutFace WutFace Retreet
5:30:34 PM Hitmantom #TradingIsGay
5:29:01 PM Hitmantom le-
5:28:33 PM Hitmantom le-
5:28:24 PM Hitmantom la-
5:28:02 PM Hitmantom la-
5:27:52 PM Hitmantom lb-