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3:20:44 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @kbjhon inventory update
3:20:37 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I'll look at the cursor too
3:20:13 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I have to scrape some info from the DB, there will be some frame drops
11:14:55 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I think movesets are waiting for cooldown by metagame for more yolonome mons to enforce a kind of cooldown
11:14:19 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 match*
11:14:15 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 looks like a good maych
11:13:48 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @CountRaposa KonCha
11:13:19 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I'll log out if i see it start properly
11:11:26 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 resetting the core, sorry pinball
11:10:00 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 Kappa
11:09:46 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I'll get to you in a sec
11:08:44 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 This is a crash match
11:08:09 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @nick666101 I can do that
11:07:36 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 likely a crash match
11:06:49 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @SinR2014 KonCha
11:06:26 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 it's just because i'm logged in
11:04:30 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 well I can connect and take a peak
11:04:08 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 1 hint is fake
11:03:58 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 what about inline whisping @LatersWolf using /w?
11:03:31 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 was there issues?
11:03:17 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I got the issues alarm
7:36:23 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @Tigerman0044 I'm here in spirit VoHiYo
6:47:09 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 and drip feeds rare badge avavlibility without devaluing them too much
6:46:50 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 badge sink + transmute encouragement + badge supply
6:46:03 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 an idea I have in that regard is on my todo list for the clean up, assuming crate supply is not too high, is to have a syayem where people can submit badges into a global kanto pokedex, and when it completes give people who submitted crates based on badge rarity, and then unlock another gen for transmute for about a week
6:44:40 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @SinR2014 Ideally circumvent the problem by adding new sources of rare badges than runs
6:40:28 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 sell 1 run badge, use the tokens to fuel others
6:40:11 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 the other thing with the crate market is run people who have valuble badges, but no crate access
6:39:46 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @CountRaposa KonCha
6:39:18 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 blablublublublablablublu keizaLUL
6:37:56 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @nick666101 what level I think they would be "worth" if supply was right
6:37:06 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 so it only makes sense to do that if supply has cratered
6:36:51 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 but if a market exists with lower prices than the auto-price, the auto-price is pointless
6:36:31 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @ZacharyStorch yes, my problem right now is that I don't know how much things are "worth"
6:35:27 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @ZacharyStorch that's the kind of thing I would do if I needed an immediate boost to item supply and didn't have anything else to use
6:34:06 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @SinR2014 that works but I would need a badge sink too or the badge market might collapse, I have an idea for THAT but it relies on the crate item market being bouyant
6:31:33 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 that would inflate the economy a bunch over time at the cost of a loss of value for the existing rich
6:31:00 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 well, lets say I gave 1 token to a random bettor per match, and doubled all sub/donation rewards, and also added something to runs, effectively over doubling the "supply" to the community
6:29:40 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @SinR2014 there's no current command, though i imagine it could be written fairly easilly
6:28:59 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 well, I would probably have the reward be "instant" for matches played, like sidegame inputs, to make the reward more clear to casual plays and because instant gratification
6:26:40 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 that's why I want tohe market out to test, it's too hard to call
6:26:20 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 it is a matter of high ranked players stockpiles vs low rank demand
6:25:23 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 t2-3 is enough, I just want them off the t1 "floor"
6:24:53 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 mails are an awkward case, will have to see what the market does
6:24:22 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 if I was to do that, it would be noisemakers and chatters at 5, emote drips at 3
6:23:17 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I want the item market out before doing other big economic things as I want to see how the market values current items
6:22:23 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 the crate market is always "available", I'm just thinking about the item supply vs demand
6:21:40 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 though I have also been mulling the idea of doubling the rate tokens naturally drop and accepting inflation
6:20:57 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 well, if rich people buy up all the items and values are sky high, that's a sign for me to add more crates
6:18:51 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I just want to know if people would prefer explicit packs they have to make themselves or an implicit "you can only put up this item in multiples of 5" thing
6:18:05 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 well it would probably be "a pack of chatter"
6:17:07 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @Ninjanitor a single use of chatter
6:16:24 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 but yh, as I was about to ask, I want to know how people want to handle items with sub t1 value
6:15:25 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @Cornflaxz please don't, people love you VoHiYo
6:15:05 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 that last part is to fix things like gimmicks being after matchmaker and to better implement metagame so they can stack with gimmicks#
6:14:32 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 my current dev plan goes crate trading > clean up small issues > refactor PBR match generation
6:14:07 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @xxmoonlotusxx I'll look into that after the crate trading update
6:12:52 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 depends on how they expire
6:12:44 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @Ordsey I'll check how that works and see if it is feasible
6:12:12 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 and work from there
6:12:06 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 If I can find the time to code it in I would test that 1 minute input mode as a gimmick
6:11:13 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 Keepo
6:11:10 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 looks like I walked in at a good time keepo
6:11:01 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 take 2
6:10:54 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 .... nice typo
6:10:34 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 looks like I wanked in at a good time Keepo
2:56:19 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 rngComfy time
2:56:06 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 ok, 3 am, time for sleep KonCha
2:54:36 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 the item is completely usable, or may be saved as a curio
2:54:14 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 update can be updated later and the issue patched with no issues
2:53:57 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I have confirmed reports that not all emote rains update correctly, instead saying (cents : 200). this is a small oversight in the update procedure and completely benign
2:47:25 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 or cents:200
2:47:15 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 on that note, does anyone have emoterains that say "200 cents" after updating?
2:46:28 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @Freshoutl00k I replied, the server is hell though
2:45:56 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @xxmoonlotusxx all newly opened items use the new system and thus stack
2:44:43 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @tppsimulator you have a long way to go before I update you, sorry
2:42:12 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I_say_more_than_VoHiYo VoHiYo Kappa
2:41:43 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 VoHiYo
2:41:40 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @xxmoonlotusxx your welcome VoHiYp
2:37:21 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I haven't gotten around to running update myself yet Kappa
2:36:35 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 try it
2:36:24 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 you can see other inventory in the same way as balance
2:35:48 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @SirHadoken yh probably
2:35:17 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 but yh, how is the new stacking?
2:34:57 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @Dayrunner79 Kappa
2:33:47 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 if anyone knows python or javascript and wants to help, please contact me
2:33:12 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @Zc230 it was "just felk" for a long time, and he quit for IRL
2:31:54 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @Wahisietel_and_Knuckles when i get around to it, 1 dev and a long to do list
2:30:55 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 remember, you have to run "/w tpp inventory update" for the update to apply
2:30:27 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 OK, if anyone sees anything odd about thier inventory after the update, please tell me over whisps
2:29:44 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 was reading simbot Kappa
2:29:40 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 wait.... FailFish
2:29:08 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 uhoh
2:29:02 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 wait it lost some noisemakers
2:28:28 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @SinR2014 odd, when I ran it I got this "SinR2014's items: Crate Crate x2, Noisemaker x48, Chatter x2, Mail x12"
2:26:47 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 it has to be run manually as away to allow people to keep the old way if they prefer, and to limit the issues and downtime this update could have had
2:26:09 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @SinR2014 is that after running "inventory update"
2:25:26 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 mostly for crate opening text, it now shows quantity and can tell the differnce between a drip and a rain
2:24:53 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 there was also some smaller fixes
2:24:24 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 The main feature this update is "inventory update", which moves your items onto a new format that stacks better and will be easier to sell and buy later
2:23:37 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 host mode notifications are dumb as hell
2:22:58 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 PLOT TWIST
2:21:37 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @sinr rngLewd
2:21:02 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @SinR2014 I think twitch forces some stuff
2:20:46 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @Validusername16 what are you going to do about it rngWink
2:20:06 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 so no need to censor yourself Keepo
2:19:48 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @Nobhead1998 this stream has the lowest filter avalible. shit fuck dick
2:17:50 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I'm still not used to the backend and seem to be a magnet for odd errors
2:17:23 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 M4 helped a bunch
2:16:38 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 sounds like we have progress in the back
2:14:45 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 it's fine, it's a valid question
2:13:53 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 the database backup is being a pain
2:13:31 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @snugaiser when the issues are resolved
2:13:14 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @Zc230 lrn2read, it was FAIR akuma LUL
2:12:17 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @WhatAboutGamingLive down for an update, it went wrong, we're looking into it
2:11:30 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I'm curious though, what would chat thing about laxer "spam" rules, like allowing limited /me use
2:11:00 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @Validusernamestrimmer makes the rules Kappa
2:10:25 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 currently looking into issues with an update, causing an extended downtime.
2:02:46 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 bringing the stream down to force a salty host
2:00:33 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 "I can't fix it again later" bad
2:00:07 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 and that would be BAD
1:59:58 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 yh, I COULD start it now, but if I do and something goes wrong, there's no recent backup of the DB
1:59:03 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 sorry for the extended delay, got a very unhealpful error, I just called for help on it
1:51:24 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 update has encountered issues, I am sorry for the extended delay, I'm trying to figure it out now
1:48:06 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 we are undergoining planned maintainance and an update
1:42:26 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 down for planned maintainance and updating
1:40:09 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 just waiting on the DB backup now
1:33:34 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 some other mod can test for viruses Kappa
1:33:17 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I should not open wierd links when remoting
1:31:53 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @HonshouMieru downtime encourages education Keepo
1:31:02 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 you'll probably get to see some salty
1:30:45 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 it includes a DB backup so it will be several minutes
1:29:53 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 last match before update
1:28:35 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 as usual, the last game of pinball before an update is a good one
1:28:02 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @tppsimulator UP VoHiYo
1:21:05 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 pinball blocked
1:08:46 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @Ninjanitor I didn't know m4 swung that way KappaPride
1:08:11 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I was sneaking some prep in over the break Keepo
1:03:50 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I am not currently considering removing bonuses
1:02:16 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I'm going to start update setup KonCha
1:00:50 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @FUTUNDERDOG we have a bit of a paradox here where it is competetive gambling, and people generally like to feel in control of thier own destiny. if only 1% of matches poay out hugly, then climbing depends on your luck with those matches which cannot be controlled
12:59:36 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @Its_Reyn_Time interesting observation, I guess it's because top players make less mistakes due to being more careful?
12:58:25 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I have ideas in that regard too, but again I can't prioritise them right now
12:57:59 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @LatersWolf I got a valid complaint last season that if that is too strong it makes climbing a luck based mission
12:57:08 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I have to assume everyone at the top is selfish when designing systems, philanthorpy is not a reliable long term strategy
12:52:49 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @ChaosDukemon no need to shut other people up, this is a public chat. I noticed the KAPOW too
12:51:36 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @LatersWolf yes, that's why I wouldn't nuke it completely, it's a delecate balance
12:51:03 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I do have a plan to address it though
12:50:52 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 and again, todo list
12:50:48 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 changing that menas changing the format
12:50:39 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 there's a fundemental issue where play time has a deciding effect on balance right now, profit per match * number of matches = balance
12:48:09 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 things like fixing sub payouts and the music glitch keep popping up
12:47:36 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 well I can make it easilly togglable for the future, i have things in mind for PBR, but also alot of small todos
12:46:55 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 but at high levels it proved more efficient than normal climbing too
12:46:30 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @ChaosDukemon it was mostly an issue in the lower ranks, as there was a bit of an overeliance on such matches to get crazy odds to climb
12:45:29 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 have unwinnables been a problem at all?
12:44:44 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 🤔 probably overestimated match reading speed in that case
12:43:08 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 well, sounds like something changed Kappa
12:42:19 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 how has the post nerf meta been?
12:41:01 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 bah, can't think right now
12:40:46 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 currently jusy doing bit by bit of crate trading
12:40:26 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @TsunderEuphonium VoHiYo
12:39:55 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 i'll push it in about 50 minutes
12:39:34 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @Wahisietel_and_Knuckles it got delayed because of issues
11:40:18 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @SinR2014 no, I use fire types, keeps out the bugs Keepo
11:39:45 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @nick666101 the update will include a music update
11:39:19 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @HonshouMieru those are apparently twitch end
11:38:58 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 it's a bit touch and go
11:38:46 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @nick666101 2 hours if music gets thier end together smoothly
11:38:01 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 this update includes a command to tidy up inventory items so they all stack
11:37:38 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @SinR2014 a pl;anned music + core update,. will be longer maintainance as I want to back up the DB at the same time
11:36:32 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 will probably start at half 1 ish
11:36:01 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 the maintainance has been delayed but shortened due to internal difficulties
10:38:46 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I might need to rethink how /me works in future...
10:37:24 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 i unbanned @kbjhon
10:37:15 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 PSA's are in /me for noticability
10:35:40 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 nothing exiting, just adding a drive
10:35:27 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 this is for a small hardware change and a bunch of smaller updates
10:34:53 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I expect an extended maintenance period of around 30 minutes starting midnight stream time
4:47:51 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 it;s just not STAB, which is bad next to the other starters with flamethrower and surf/waterfall
4:47:21 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 body slam is a good move to get naturally yh
4:45:22 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 ...unless it is weak to them, which it is alot because johto hates grass types
4:45:08 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 but for gyms and other big fights it can body slam and razor leaf decently and put up screens to buy a partner setup time (screens + switch mode is a great combo)
4:43:43 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 chikorita line isn't as bad as it seems in game, it's decently stated and has alot of support options, problem is that A. johto hates grass types, B. gen 2 has no good grass moves, C. support isn't as "fast" as an attacker in game
4:40:00 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 next phase of the update is the actual trading
4:39:37 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 while I was there I updated the crate opening whisper to say how many items you got, and to actually say "emote drip" instead of emote rain
4:38:54 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @kbjhon I'll have to talk to exstrimmer to do that probably
4:38:34 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 so instead of a 15 use noisemaker you would have 15 noisemakers
4:37:58 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 it does this by removing the excess "data" like uses and content ID
4:37:31 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 what this does is updates your item inventory to the new format that will be both stack friendly and market friendly
4:37:06 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 the main feature is the command "inventory update"
4:36:52 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 KonCha sorry for being dead for a week, but I got part 2 (of 3) of the crate trading ready on my end
5:25:33 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 right now I'm too busy trying to make mongo DB stop being an ass
5:25:07 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 and I think they are waiting for metagame cooldown
5:24:56 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I got the ping,I delegate token match managment to moveset team
10:01:44 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 did it auto host while i was in the back?
9:59:35 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 but yh, I got it sorted after people got back online
9:59:01 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I'M JUST BUSY
9:58:55 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I'M ALREADY AWAKE BabyRage
9:44:45 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 code monfwrnos are now preparing, please riot warmly until they are ready
9:44:18 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 currently in "dog with a chemistry set" mode.
9:33:20 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 when I figure things out
9:33:10 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 so enjoy modbot
9:33:00 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 core is back on but not stream
9:31:43 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I'm getting talked through restarting
9:26:28 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 it's back up so now I gotta reset things
9:26:15 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 OK, it was power that went
9:25:14 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I asked for host powers AGAIN
9:24:06 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @nick666101 depends on what died, could be net, could be powe
9:23:28 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 so the stream will stop after this match
9:23:20 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 but that was ages ago
9:23:14 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I sent a stop command too
9:23:07 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I sent a cancelmatch but the net seems to be down
9:22:15 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 teamviwer died too, i think it's a net problem
9:21:20 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I have viewer open but that doesn't normally do this
9:14:11 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 maintenance after this match, should only be quick
9:04:26 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 blocking pinball so I can core reset this issue away
9:04:05 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 ...oh right, this
9:02:40 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 well that's interesting to know at least, this probably ends maintaince
9:02:23 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 🤔
9:02:00 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @Salesman259 VoHiYo
9:01:17 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 not fixed, I played it manually for testing
8:44:54 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 nascour pls
8:43:55 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 pls no outbid
8:35:16 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 pls don't bid on songs as after this match I'm cutting the music for a bit
8:34:54 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 MUSIC MAINTAININCE IS STARTING
8:30:45 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @seanshell it's the stream currency, you can buy badges, vote for songs and token matches with it
8:30:10 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 Kappa
8:30:08 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 it's not like this was an internet phernomena or anything kappa
8:29:37 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 even the shortest glichless runs are just below 2 hours
8:28:14 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I'm going to have another stab at fixing the music soon, we will probably have a nascour block and frame drops while I'm in
12:05:57 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 a silly hint that won't give too much away.... Mann this is going to be hard to come up with @[email protected] g2g , just got pinged
12:04:50 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 don't delete me NotLikeThis
12:04:15 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @Its_Reyn_Time yh...
12:04:03 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @FUTUNDERDOG we have internal plans on the go, but I won't spoil it and get complained at
12:02:59 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @CountRaposa thanks NomNom TehePelo
12:02:43 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @kbjhon kinda neutral ATM, I have to get around to fixing 2 minute boot times on my PC, I think it's trying to connect to my VM
12:02:04 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @ChaosDukemon KonCha
12:01:51 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @FUTUNDERDOG KonCha
12:01:43 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I have to get around to telling the bot to squash that
12:01:03 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 You were warned about the emote spam
6:03:22 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 glitch
6:02:50 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @landop419 there's normally an overlay showing what better there are and what moves are on each poke
6:02:07 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 how long has it been like this?
12:46:12 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 ok, when it gets fixed, just don't hit her
12:45:44 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 is the trainer that crashed sidegame required?
12:44:38 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 I heard sidegame blew up
12:44:26 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 KonCha
10:12:21 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 doll strats Jebaited
10:11:31 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 we have the floot?