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6:38:31 AM Enayet__ Goodnight TPP. VoHiYo
6:38:27 AM Enayet__ I'm done with TPP until the anniversary run. :/
6:34:02 AM Enayet__ :/
6:34:00 AM Enayet__ :z
6:33:55 AM Enayet__ I think that's it for me this season. :z
6:33:43 AM Enayet__ I'm in 100 club. :/
6:33:35 AM Enayet__ I lost. :/
6:32:22 AM Enayet__ LUL
6:31:28 AM Enayet__ No SP. :/
6:28:33 AM Enayet__ We have FS so 2 Psychic instead?
6:24:54 AM Enayet__ RIP
6:24:27 AM Enayet__ Or PRZ.
6:24:18 AM Enayet__ Need crit.
6:24:12 AM Enayet__ Yeah, we lost. :/
6:24:06 AM Enayet__ :/
6:23:26 AM Enayet__ OK, we win.
6:22:47 AM Enayet__ Oh, no we lose.
6:22:14 AM Enayet__ I think we win?
6:14:01 AM Enayet__ I'm buffering. :/
6:13:39 AM Enayet__ @TheSnowJoe don;t.
6:12:34 AM Enayet__ Use AA not FF since Venusaur has TF and FF can miss.
6:11:49 AM Enayet__ Oh, no bonus. :/
5:57:03 AM Enayet__ I'm still upset by the previous loss. :/
5:55:13 AM Enayet__ Hope for misses. BlessRNG
5:53:23 AM Enayet__ MK because of better attack?
5:50:41 AM Enayet__ :/
5:48:41 AM Enayet__ That was :/
5:48:06 AM Enayet__ That was so sad. :/
5:47:41 AM Enayet__ We lost. :/
5:45:28 AM Enayet__ :/
5:43:21 AM Enayet__ LUL
5:42:02 AM Enayet__ What was that? WutFace
4:48:36 AM Enayet__ VoHiYo
4:48:08 AM Enayet__ Please. BlessRNG
4:47:05 AM Enayet__ :/
4:43:45 AM Enayet__ LUL
4:43:25 AM Enayet__ LUL
4:41:01 AM Enayet__ @pandemoniall it's cute, I like it. MikeHogu but I have no tokens.
4:40:31 AM Enayet__ @Addarash1 VoHiYo
4:40:11 AM Enayet__ If I had more money. MikeHogu
4:39:45 AM Enayet__ I'll try my luck. BegWan
4:38:47 AM Enayet__ LUL
4:38:11 AM Enayet__ @pandemoniall Sunkern is cute. BegWan
4:37:57 AM Enayet__ @Afterwards what is it? LUL
4:37:44 AM Enayet__ Oh. LUL
4:37:30 AM Enayet__ Does anyone want a Camerupt badge? BegWan
4:36:11 AM Enayet__ :/
4:35:19 AM Enayet__ Wow. BegWan
4:35:01 AM Enayet__ @Afterwards what's your highest ever? BegWan
4:33:36 AM Enayet__ They could use FC and still win.
4:33:12 AM Enayet__ Red still win.
4:27:22 AM Enayet__ @Tomyc213 there was no Infernape in the 1st run. :/
4:25:43 AM Enayet__ LUL
4:25:14 AM Enayet__ Nidorino is faster by 3.
4:24:53 AM Enayet__ LUL
4:23:13 AM Enayet__ LUL
4:21:36 AM Enayet__ @Tomyc213 :/
4:18:08 AM Enayet__ LUL
4:15:45 AM Enayet__ Spearow sweep. LUL
4:14:38 AM Enayet__ LUL
4:13:56 AM Enayet__ LUL
4:08:31 AM Enayet__ WutFace
4:07:59 AM Enayet__ @maiohneee how do you have so much money already? WutFace
4:07:10 AM Enayet__ Christmas event. VoHiYo
3:55:07 AM Enayet__ LUL
3:54:10 AM Enayet__ gets*
3:54:07 AM Enayet__ @pandemoniall he get's very worried easily. :/
3:53:32 AM Enayet__ Who would make a good mod? :/
3:52:39 AM Enayet__ LUL
3:47:46 AM Enayet__ LUL
3:47:09 AM Enayet__ :/
3:43:00 AM Enayet__ @pandemoniall because of inflation. :/
3:42:27 AM Enayet__ I hope this isn't taken away. :/ I like the bonuses.
3:30:04 AM Enayet__ LUL
3:29:55 AM Enayet__ QA?
3:25:17 AM Enayet__ BegWan
3:25:00 AM Enayet__ I'm looking forward to this season of PBR. BegWan
3:24:47 AM Enayet__ Hello TPP VoHiYo
12:36:54 PM Enayet__ I think I'll go back to sleep. LUL there are still too many people.
12:36:19 PM Enayet__ I always win badges when I'm not here. LUL
12:35:05 PM Enayet__ LUL
12:34:52 PM Enayet__ Who is throwing?
12:33:35 PM Enayet__ LUL
12:33:04 PM Enayet__ Hello TPP VoHiYo
9:44:18 PM Enayet__ @pandemoniall VoHiYo
9:43:33 PM Enayet__ LUL
9:40:11 PM Enayet__ @xxmoonlotusxx VoHiYo
9:39:55 PM Enayet__ I'm going to eat. VoHiYo I'll be back alter.
9:39:11 PM Enayet__ VoHiYo
9:37:59 PM Enayet__ @Chaos_lord2 ok, thank you. BegWan
9:37:42 PM Enayet__ @Chaos_lord2 is this the new thing you mentioned a few days ago or is there something else too?
9:36:58 PM Enayet__ LUL
9:34:43 PM Enayet__ @ep1cnights VoHiYo
9:34:10 PM Enayet__ 3rd match @galaxy401
9:32:58 PM Enayet__ LUL
9:32:50 PM Enayet__ @Chaos_lord2 oh, what was that new rule you were talking about?
9:32:26 PM Enayet__ LUL
9:32:05 PM Enayet__ @Chaos_lord2 a pinball change? :/
9:31:50 PM Enayet__ LUL
9:28:30 PM Enayet__ @Zc230 I know. LUL
9:27:44 PM Enayet__ I'm not betting for a while. :/ too many people.
9:24:35 PM Enayet__ LUL
9:21:37 PM Enayet__ VoHiYo
9:17:36 PM Enayet__ LUL
9:17:03 PM Enayet__ LUL
9:16:27 PM Enayet__ @M4_used_Rollout people that have to climb from the bottom. :/
9:16:10 PM Enayet__ I didn't see it. :/
9:15:53 PM Enayet__ This should be cancelled. :/
9:15:23 PM Enayet__ I didn't know the chat would break. :/
9:14:02 PM Enayet__ Blind mode? LUL
9:13:55 PM Enayet__ Of course it breaks during the 1st match. LUL
9:13:44 PM Enayet__ LUL
9:12:57 PM Enayet__ @Sandoz1 is that the new rule?
9:12:37 PM Enayet__ @Ninjanitor yeah. :/
9:12:05 PM Enayet__ This is new and interesting! PogChamp
9:11:53 PM Enayet__ LUL
9:10:58 PM Enayet__ Oh, I did. VoHiYo
9:10:45 PM Enayet__ I didn't get any. MikeHogu
9:10:31 PM Enayet__ VoHiYo
9:09:30 PM Enayet__ LUL
9:09:00 PM Enayet__ @lukerbom12 VoHiYo
9:08:27 PM Enayet__ This will be so funny. LUL
9:08:21 PM Enayet__ LUL
9:07:53 PM Enayet__ PogChamp
9:06:59 PM Enayet__ LUL
9:05:12 PM Enayet__ @xxmoonlotusxx VoHiYo
9:04:58 PM Enayet__ I won 2 badges while I was gone. VoHiYo
9:03:56 PM Enayet__ Mimikyu BegWan
9:03:09 PM Enayet__ LUL
9:02:24 PM Enayet__ PogChamp
9:02:10 PM Enayet__ LUL
9:00:10 PM Enayet__ Hello, TPP. VoHiYo I'm ready and excited for PBR Season 7.
1:18:19 AM Enayet__ LUL
1:17:46 AM Enayet__ LUL
1:17:07 AM Enayet__ VoHiYo
1:15:34 AM Enayet__ @x42bn6 LUL
1:12:43 AM Enayet__ What's happening? :/
1:12:05 AM Enayet__ @Wahisietel_and_Knuckles :/
1:11:29 AM Enayet__ WutFace
1:11:01 AM Enayet__ @Wahisietel_and_Knuckles I still consider it a completed Pokedex. :/ it's not as though Zeraora is legally available to anyone anywhere.
1:07:55 AM Enayet__ I'm very happy that we completed the Pokedex. BegWan
12:52:26 AM Enayet__ @DuplexBeGreat VoHiYo
12:50:11 AM Enayet__ LUL
3:09:52 PM Enayet__ I'm going now chat. BegWan I'll be back to have fun later.
3:09:30 PM Enayet__ BegWan
3:08:45 PM Enayet__ No we mess around! VoHiYo
3:07:53 PM Enayet__ LUL
3:07:25 PM Enayet__ BegWan
3:06:58 PM Enayet__ LUL
3:05:41 PM Enayet__ VoHiYo
3:03:24 PM Enayet__ Can we get it without Zeraora? :/
3:01:58 PM Enayet__ LUL
2:58:33 PM Enayet__ LUL
2:56:11 PM Enayet__ We did it. VoHiYo
2:56:00 PM Enayet__ @pandemoniall VoHiYo
2:55:28 PM Enayet__ The final Pokemon. PraiseIt to complete the Pokedex: Omastar. BegWan
2:54:49 PM Enayet__ Dragonite. BegWan
2:54:41 PM Enayet__ LUL
2:54:38 PM Enayet__ VoHiYo
2:54:06 PM Enayet__ 2 left. BegWan
2:53:37 PM Enayet__ Omastar should be the last Pokemon. BegWan PraiseIt @TheShmish
2:52:50 PM Enayet__ 3 Pokemon left. BegWan
2:52:27 PM Enayet__ LUL
2:52:24 PM Enayet__ @Wahisietel_and_Knuckles yeah. BegWan
2:51:30 PM Enayet__ LUL
2:51:17 PM Enayet__ Zeraora doesn't count. LUL
2:49:40 PM Enayet__ This is it! VoHiYo
2:48:18 PM Enayet__ We're so close. BegWan
2:47:52 PM Enayet__ LUL
2:46:59 PM Enayet__ 10 left. BegWan
2:46:43 PM Enayet__ LUL
2:45:07 PM Enayet__ LUL
2:44:41 PM Enayet__ 12 more. BegWan
2:44:16 PM Enayet__ LUL
2:43:31 PM Enayet__ VoHiYo
2:43:22 PM Enayet__ LUL
2:41:16 PM Enayet__ LUL
2:39:54 PM Enayet__ @AirCutterGyarados WutFace
2:37:39 PM Enayet__ @TheShmish LUL
2:37:23 PM Enayet__ What will the last Pokemon be? BegWan
2:37:14 PM Enayet__ 20 left. BegWan we're so close.
2:36:33 PM Enayet__ LUL
2:35:19 PM Enayet__ LUL
2:35:02 PM Enayet__ LUL
2:34:18 PM Enayet__ LUL
2:33:09 PM Enayet__ @Zc230 small stuff. BegWan
2:32:25 PM Enayet__ LUL
2:32:12 PM Enayet__ W're so close. BegWan
2:30:48 PM Enayet__ LUL
2:29:43 PM Enayet__ We're so close. BegWan
2:29:33 PM Enayet__ 777 VoHiYo
2:29:11 PM Enayet__ LUL
2:22:07 PM Enayet__ VoHiYo
2:21:17 PM Enayet__ LUL
2:10:12 PM Enayet__ VoHiYo
2:03:25 PM Enayet__ LUL
2:02:56 PM Enayet__ My 2nd run badge. LUL
2:02:40 PM Enayet__ LUL
1:59:07 PM Enayet__ VoHiYo
1:55:54 PM Enayet__ LUL
1:39:17 PM Enayet__ Can @TheShmish help us complete the Pokedex after this battle. BegWan
12:14:30 PM Enayet__ Volcanion is much better than Guzzlord. LUL
12:14:11 PM Enayet__ LUL
11:48:02 AM Enayet__ VoHiYo
11:47:47 AM Enayet__ Mega Flygon MikeHogu
11:47:37 AM Enayet__ Flygon BegWan
11:47:33 AM Enayet__ LUL
11:46:44 AM Enayet__ :/
11:46:11 AM Enayet__ @LIJI32 there is a list or something apparently. :/
11:45:54 AM Enayet__ @LIJI32 I don't know. :/
11:45:03 AM Enayet__ @LIJI32 G1 VoHiYo
11:44:41 AM Enayet__ a-
11:43:54 AM Enayet__ VoHiYo
11:40:35 AM Enayet__ @DuplexBeGreat VoHiYo
11:37:54 AM Enayet__ Is there a lot of lag or is it just me? WutFace
11:37:38 AM Enayet__ a-
11:34:38 AM Enayet__ @Freshoutl00k I think so too. :/
11:34:31 AM Enayet__ Red and blue VoHiYo look nice together.
11:34:17 AM Enayet__ LUL
11:33:58 AM Enayet__ A9 FrankerZ <3
11:33:33 AM Enayet__ A9 VoHiYo
11:33:25 AM Enayet__ @Keksbaer how is it dead? :/
11:32:54 AM Enayet__ @Keksbaer LUL
11:32:32 AM Enayet__ @Keksbaer I know. LUL
11:32:07 AM Enayet__ A9, yeah. LUL
11:32:03 AM Enayet__ Marshadow BegWan
11:31:55 AM Enayet__ a-
11:31:48 AM Enayet__ Only 2 Pokemon appeared. :/
11:31:27 AM Enayet__ Is transmutation broken? :/
11:31:06 AM Enayet__ a-
11:29:32 AM Enayet__ @MinisculeCello MikeHogu
11:29:05 AM Enayet__ @MinisculeCello are you doing G1? BegWan
11:27:16 AM Enayet__ Private Geodude from TEEX LUL
11:20:22 AM Enayet__ a-
11:19:14 AM Enayet__ Are we going to trade G1 Pokemon to complete the Pokedex? BegWan
11:18:52 AM Enayet__ a-
11:18:16 AM Enayet__ @Sauzels_ VoHiYo
11:17:46 AM Enayet__ @MinisculeCello LUL
11:17:25 AM Enayet__ @MinisculeCello @andpet @raVAGedsins @Zawasculin A9 VoHiYo @Shiny_Guzzlord
11:16:56 AM Enayet__ Hello TPP VoHiYo
4:34:26 AM Enayet__ Goodnight TPP. VoHiYo
3:52:58 AM Enayet__ LUL
3:52:23 AM Enayet__ Togekiss. BegWan
3:46:01 AM Enayet__ LUL
3:45:55 AM Enayet__ @synthetic2011 me too. LUL
3:45:10 AM Enayet__ @Zawasculin you're right.
3:44:52 AM Enayet__ @Zawasculin :/
3:44:26 AM Enayet__ @Zawasculin tomorrow, then? VoHiYo
3:44:09 AM Enayet__ Our team. LUL
3:43:42 AM Enayet__ BegWan