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7:21:03 AM Cindipool righy
7:20:40 AM Cindipool Was there ever any doubt? DatSheffy
7:19:13 AM Cindipool So matchbot is broken, as usual (hi Bees).
7:18:10 AM Cindipool As did low roll Kappa
7:17:56 AM Cindipool Yes.
7:17:16 AM Cindipool Explosion delivers chilling misery PRChase
7:16:46 AM Cindipool Fire Emblem Warriors is better than Hyrule Warriors.
7:15:43 AM Cindipool Ohhhhh.
7:15:19 AM Cindipool WHAT"?
7:15:12 AM Cindipool No, the ones next to each bet.
7:14:34 AM Cindipool Uh. What do those percentages mean?
7:13:17 AM Cindipool We should buy a Pokedoll so we can skip Game Corner.
7:11:48 AM Cindipool Sponged by Slimebob WutFace
7:11:27 AM Cindipool This music reminds me of 90's 3D platformers.
7:09:33 AM Cindipool Blue going with the bold new strategy of not inputting and praying to Helix.
7:05:36 AM Cindipool bigjFAST
7:05:10 AM Cindipool Pokemon Yellow PogChamp
7:00:17 AM Cindipool #GrootBeforeNoot
7:43:38 AM Cindipool It's tied to the pinball game.
7:06:01 AM Cindipool Rigged Kappa
7:03:15 AM Cindipool Fur snek pls NotLikeThis
6:53:32 AM Cindipool What's complicated about these sets? LuL
7:33:02 AM Cindipool Double battle Keepo
7:32:41 AM Cindipool @Glitcher_Red Unless it kills more than one thing.
7:05:00 AM Cindipool @Nyam__ Just got to git gud Kappa
6:57:30 AM Cindipool And the gods we do have are all self-absorbed whiny bitches anyway.
6:55:53 AM Cindipool Except we shortcutted it.
6:55:21 AM Cindipool @Thetasaur It's a bootleg of Green.
6:45:35 AM Cindipool Oh, we won?
5:57:10 AM Cindipool I goddamn hate NG.
5:56:55 AM Cindipool bigjRIP
5:55:07 AM Cindipool PRChase Earth Power delivers chilling misery!
5:54:34 AM Cindipool I still have no idea what 95% of berries do.
5:52:03 AM Cindipool Seriously though, can we petition to have Natural Gift scrubbed from the game?
5:51:08 AM Cindipool Snek will save us.
5:50:01 AM Cindipool Someone find Chauzu, I want to punch him.
5:47:58 AM Cindipool Max downspeed? 0.5 mbps.
5:47:39 AM Cindipool Meanwhile I can't get faster broadband on my street because it doesn't have new cables.
5:46:22 AM Cindipool I think he's intentionally frayed his cables so he can manufacture excuses for his own poor performance Kappa
5:44:15 AM Cindipool Because of shoddy internet.
5:44:07 AM Cindipool Bloons just wants you to know his existence is PAIN.
5:42:01 AM Cindipool I've lost all my cash due to the incompetence of myself and others 4Head
5:36:14 AM Cindipool I'm so bamboozled NotLikeThis
5:34:32 AM Cindipool I'm just betting on PoleDoge
5:28:18 AM Cindipool So rigged Kappa
12:08:55 PM Cindipool @deim_OS It's pulling your leg Kappa
12:08:29 PM Cindipool LittleStrings bowieHEART
12:08:08 PM Cindipool Maybe we need a bootleg copy of a GB emulator to run it on? Keepo
12:06:03 PM Cindipool I Tried (tm) TriHard
12:02:40 PM Cindipool I dig teh hole ^_^
12:00:56 PM Cindipool Or hers.
12:00:52 PM Cindipool Well, 5k is losing his bet Kappa
12:00:16 PM Cindipool Wait why am I helping the opposition? DansGame
11:59:52 AM Cindipool @deim_OS Read the game type.
11:50:12 AM Cindipool You can tell because 26 is the newest badge, and some people have [1|26]
11:49:28 AM Cindipool How many.
11:47:14 AM Cindipool If you knew how Fly worked this wouldn't have happened Keepo
10:54:13 AM Cindipool I mean, I just trusted you to win...
10:54:06 AM Cindipool @Person31415 I just make bad bets all the time Kappa
10:53:35 AM Cindipool I'm not even complaining, I'm mocking his incompetence LuL
10:53:11 AM Cindipool @Person31415 PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt
10:52:50 AM Cindipool @Person31415 You clearly don't Kappa
10:52:29 AM Cindipool @Person31415 If only you'd remembered how Dig works.
10:49:33 AM Cindipool @Person31415 Do you need visualiser to hold your hand?
10:49:14 AM Cindipool Since, y'know, that hits on Dig.
10:49:01 AM Cindipool We could try using Earthquake.
10:48:06 AM Cindipool Some planning later...
10:42:04 AM Cindipool fix
8:13:02 AM Cindipool We seem to be in a wall?
8:12:48 AM Cindipool Umm.
11:47:30 AM Cindipool LittleStrings jessehLove
11:47:00 AM Cindipool Wait Fragile.
11:45:02 AM Cindipool I think that's one of the moles from Super Mario World.
11:44:21 AM Cindipool Damage Kappa
11:43:29 AM Cindipool Dew the Do FutureMan
10:49:57 AM Cindipool Okay I can't watch this.
10:49:24 AM Cindipool @ChaosDukemon Please stop talking FailFish
10:49:00 AM Cindipool And now for Blue to resist every attack because Duke is a moron.
10:48:15 AM Cindipool Oh wait, I keep mixing up Red and Blue NotLikeThis
10:47:59 AM Cindipool B is best.
10:47:53 AM Cindipool Because Duke is a dork.
10:47:13 AM Cindipool Why would you ride A, Dukemon DansGame
7:28:16 AM Cindipool It's just a game.
7:28:10 AM Cindipool Dang Bloons, what's biting you today?
7:27:38 AM Cindipool @Bloons22 PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt
7:26:31 AM Cindipool @Bloons22 Wow, rude PunOko
7:26:00 AM Cindipool You deserve whatever you get, Bloons Kappa
7:25:23 AM Cindipool PRChase I am so enthusiastic.
7:19:47 AM Cindipool NEWS NEWS NEWS FutureMan
7:16:18 AM Cindipool LittleStrings jessehLove
9:46:59 AM Cindipool @Mariosyoshi git gud scrub TriHard
9:41:32 AM Cindipool One day I hope to have more Onix badges than pokeyen HotPokket
9:38:36 AM Cindipool She's based on Whitney.
9:28:52 AM Cindipool 100% flinch hax pls BegWan
9:28:12 AM Cindipool This mode is Ubers And Also Deoxys TriHard
9:26:25 AM Cindipool He did the mash, he did the meteor mash!
9:23:38 AM Cindipool Always had, always will.
9:23:34 AM Cindipool Deoxys sucks arse.
9:23:31 AM Cindipool Told ya.
9:22:05 AM Cindipool Doexys is shit.
9:21:46 AM Cindipool Deoxys has never been good. Ever.
9:21:25 AM Cindipool Deoxys is trash tier.
9:21:06 AM Cindipool Deoxys isn't Uber tier you pillocks DansGame
5:21:49 AM Cindipool Flinch Cat ahoy!
5:20:29 AM Cindipool So is this the only kind of Yolonome allowed now?
5:19:37 AM Cindipool @Cyberchao_X I think you'll find Focus Blast is busted Kappa
5:17:32 AM Cindipool @Nyam__ Yes, exactly Kappa
5:17:20 AM Cindipool My eyes WutFace
5:17:09 AM Cindipool Metronome Protean would be better imo.
5:15:57 AM Cindipool PRChase Sheer Cold opens an abyss of destruction!
5:15:37 AM Cindipool Dragon is a crap type.
5:14:05 AM Cindipool First battle of the new season, already going to lose it all Keepo
5:13:37 AM Cindipool NotLikeThis
5:12:44 AM Cindipool Oh, right. I forget what each berry does.
5:12:23 AM Cindipool @Mariosyoshi Colour Change.
5:12:00 AM Cindipool @Person31415 It's pretty hacked, yo.
5:09:40 AM Cindipool bigjGOLD bigjGOLD bigjGOLD bigjGOLD bigjGOLD bigjGOLD
5:08:13 AM Cindipool His name is JOHN CENA!
5:07:17 AM Cindipool Who died?
5:06:47 AM Cindipool 'Sup LittleStrings ResidentSleeper /
5:05:51 AM Cindipool Ooh, what's the side game?
10:54:00 AM Cindipool I caught all these suckers in Sapphire, you guys are just incompetent Kappa
10:53:26 AM Cindipool Now time to fail to catch Registeel \ HotPokket /
10:52:48 AM Cindipool Told you it would KAPOW Keepo
10:21:48 AM Cindipool Regice is the worst Regi, everybody knows that.
10:21:35 AM Cindipool I can't believe you caught that useless ice cube first DansGame
10:20:52 AM Cindipool Spoilsports BabyRage
10:20:34 AM Cindipool Starting move, boys Kappa
10:20:24 AM Cindipool @Sauzels_ They can.
10:20:04 AM Cindipool Regirock will just KAPOW
10:19:50 AM Cindipool I blame the doofus saying we didn't need to use Rest yet.
10:18:21 AM Cindipool 'Defeated' Kappa
10:17:42 AM Cindipool Good job, guys.
10:16:44 AM Cindipool Use Rest.
8:36:46 AM Cindipool Neat.
8:36:38 AM Cindipool Well good. When's PBR back?
8:36:19 AM Cindipool ... We beat the E4?
12:59:29 PM Cindipool Victory Road.
12:58:59 PM Cindipool Dad's advice: Get a real job, May DatSheffy
12:48:34 PM Cindipool
12:47:21 PM Cindipool Chanchan VoHiYo
12:47:13 PM Cindipool
12:45:24 PM Cindipool @Keksbaer The future of our solar system.
12:43:20 PM Cindipool Derp, hit F5.
12:42:32 PM Cindipool @Monnick I'll buy any Onixes you have HotPokket
12:37:46 PM Cindipool It's a maze, just follow the left wall.
12:35:58 PM Cindipool Well, since this hack has probably been tweaked by the TPP devs... I'm going to say 120+ Keepo
12:35:17 PM Cindipool We left them, then we came back.
12:34:24 PM Cindipool @メガザード B+.
12:33:39 PM Cindipool Low Sweep does suck.
12:32:46 PM Cindipool Goat could do it, but it doesn't need the experience.
12:32:31 PM Cindipool As will lamp.
12:32:27 PM Cindipool Sword will get its arse exorcised.
12:31:55 PM Cindipool Maybe put Count Squidula up front for Sidney?
12:30:43 PM Cindipool So yes, then Kappa
12:30:20 PM Cindipool @メガザード Wasn't it your stupid idea to grind here? LuL
12:30:04 PM Cindipool It's traditional, let's do it.
12:29:53 PM Cindipool VoteYea
12:29:29 PM Cindipool Right before you really need it because my god fuck you, Clair.
12:29:15 PM Cindipool Where it tails off abruptly around Mahogany.
12:28:57 PM Cindipool I remember it being better than the original.
12:28:49 PM Cindipool Like, somehow.
12:28:40 PM Cindipool HGSS improved it, I think?
12:28:10 PM Cindipool That wild pokemon level curve was a bitch.
12:28:01 PM Cindipool Actually I'd say Gold and Silver were the Dark Souls of Pokemon.
12:27:31 PM Cindipool @メガザード Yes, well, maybe that's why you still play the Dark Souls of Pokemon Keepo
12:27:07 PM Cindipool Especially if you were using Taillow.
12:26:42 PM Cindipool @メガザード But Granite Cave sucked for grinding DansGame
12:26:07 PM Cindipool Everybody else, not so much.
12:26:02 PM Cindipool Brawly needed the nerf.
12:25:38 PM Cindipool TriHard
12:24:19 PM Cindipool @メガザード Grinding for every gym sucks, though.
12:23:48 PM Cindipool @Malza1 Me in the early game. Later on it makes things too easy.
12:23:16 PM Cindipool @MyHeroDeku It does, Malza is just a buffoon.
12:22:49 PM Cindipool FailFish
12:22:33 PM Cindipool @Malza1 Except it is, we know it is, we have it on right now?
12:21:59 PM Cindipool PRChase On today's episode of Pokemon Hoenn League, May attempts to get through Victory Road, but is held back by the voices in her head.
12:20:52 PM Cindipool @Zc230 Grinding in VR is Zard's plan.
12:20:32 PM Cindipool Look upon our works, ye mighty, and despair.
12:20:02 PM Cindipool The worst part is that 95% of the people here right now don't stick around for PBR and won't get that.
12:19:27 PM Cindipool I knew it, I'm surrounded by THE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLES BabyRage
12:18:24 PM Cindipool I'm so glad I have this on multitwitch so I can watch something interesting at the same time.
12:15:41 PM Cindipool DatSheffy Current goal: release team, train a new one jessehLove
12:14:50 PM Cindipool New plan is for someone smarter than Mega to come up with the plan Keepo
12:14:14 PM Cindipool @Knuckles_3_and_Knuckles Yes, but then it crashed and we had to start over Kappa
12:13:50 PM Cindipool Sure, let's just open the menu and...
12:13:23 PM Cindipool Oh, you mean for grinding.
12:12:51 PM Cindipool The sword that will get two-shot by the dark trainer?
12:11:56 PM Cindipool Otherwise we're just another gang of idiots shouting at a screen.
12:11:39 PM Cindipool Tradition is all TPP has MikeHogu
12:10:06 PM Cindipool 250 is the cap.
12:04:45 PM Cindipool Better than getting killed by bats.
6:45:47 AM Cindipool That move was... OUTRAGEOUS FutureMan
6:45:14 AM Cindipool Nidoran M looks alright in Nidoran F colours.
6:44:49 AM Cindipool Also, did I tell you guys I found a shiny Nidoran in Silver? PogChamp
6:44:29 AM Cindipool I hate shinies that look like normals.
6:43:39 AM Cindipool @M4_used_Rollout I won't change the team if you give me 36 Onixes HotPokket
6:43:05 AM Cindipool Asking chat for things always works out!
6:42:14 AM Cindipool Okay guys, off to the PC SeemsGood
6:41:55 AM Cindipool Let's keep this chat bigjCOMFY bigjHAPPY
6:41:28 AM Cindipool Replace squid with Absol VoHiYo
6:40:38 AM Cindipool Ampharos would require even more grinding.
6:40:09 AM Cindipool The panda has Rock Smash, you fools.
6:39:47 AM Cindipool It has been many years, though.
6:39:38 AM Cindipool I don't remember Victory Road requiring that...
6:39:08 AM Cindipool Why do we even need Rock Smash?
6:37:56 AM Cindipool Onix is the girliest pokemon badge HotPokket
6:37:13 AM Cindipool jessehLove
6:36:21 AM Cindipool @EtherealPuffin Too late, you've been reported to the matriarchy.
6:34:34 AM Cindipool Put flamethrower on the squid.
6:34:14 AM Cindipool Apparently this is news!
6:34:00 AM Cindipool @GirlyGirl__ Yup.
6:33:07 AM Cindipool @GirlyGirl__ Yes, yes it is.
6:31:58 AM Cindipool Also, you're an adult, so it's fine anyway Kappa
6:31:49 AM Cindipool I've never been adverse to punching a child.
6:30:44 AM Cindipool @EtherealPuffin Not if I break you PMSTwin
6:24:26 AM Cindipool @EtherealPuffin No, only adults can sue Keepo
6:23:53 AM Cindipool @EtherealPuffin Yes, that's where I'm putting my new lawn Keepo
6:23:21 AM Cindipool Now get off my lawn DansGame
6:23:08 AM Cindipool @EtherealPuffin You're a kid, your opinion is automatically invalid.
6:22:01 AM Cindipool @EtherealPuffin But twelve is only 2, so which is more likely?
6:21:20 AM Cindipool @EtherealPuffin You did.
6:20:54 AM Cindipool @EtherealPuffin Welcome to adulthood, son Kappa
6:20:36 AM Cindipool @EtherealPuffin Because we're not fair.
6:18:14 AM Cindipool You colossal pillocks.
6:18:10 AM Cindipool That's why it's coloured in the DexNav, and has a pokeball next to its name on the screen.
6:17:49 AM Cindipool We've already caught one.
5:52:39 AM Cindipool Well this is just great.
5:48:28 AM Cindipool #whoareallthesescrubs TriHard
5:45:47 AM Cindipool Oh, well, that's alright then.
5:45:15 AM Cindipool So we beat Wally and then... left?
5:43:52 AM Cindipool I wouldn't go so far as to call it a life.
5:43:23 AM Cindipool I'm sorry I have more interesting things to do than keep up with TPP MikeHogu
5:42:28 AM Cindipool We think we can beat Wally now? LuL
5:41:33 AM Cindipool 'Sup scrubs TriHard
1:00:26 PM Cindipool @Zc230 Nice clutch Kappa
1:00:08 PM Cindipool Not in ORAS.
12:59:31 PM Cindipool Yes. Yes it is.
12:59:02 PM Cindipool HERE WE GO!
12:58:23 PM Cindipool @Zc230 It did.
12:58:07 PM Cindipool "Y'know what this game needs to be? Harder."
12:56:49 PM Cindipool PRChase Earthquake delivers chilling misery!
12:54:31 PM Cindipool I thought the lamp was called King Xerxes, First of his Name?
12:46:32 PM Cindipool Good thing we checkpointed.
12:45:35 PM Cindipool I remember when we had to 100% Crystal without badges. That was... a thing.
12:44:50 PM Cindipool @HyperMuteki No.