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2:33:35 AM Zc230 I'm going to chill out and assume he doesn't fight us at all, it's just text because the script to fight us doesn't trigger Kappa
2:28:20 AM Zc230 What is he going to say, "I'm am now the strongest trainer in the world" in BORT ELF bootleg dialogue and not fight us?
2:27:45 AM Zc230 @joycewu333 Evolem claims that talking to grape does nothing but I have no idea, and Grape's dialogue really looks like his prefight dialogue
2:26:25 AM Zc230 I hope Felk/M4 have a savestate from before we speak to grape...... Grape's dialogue is really suggesting a battle, and that will crash the game
2:18:36 AM Zc230 I told everyone we shouldn't speak to grape, and people went ahead and did Kappa, let's see what happens
2:17:24 AM Zc230 We will redo the glitch if possible, it will take a few days, but this time we won't talk to grape
2:16:59 AM Zc230 Er, crash the game and get away with it Kappa
2:16:42 AM Zc230 I'm not letting Evolem crash the game Kappa
2:16:34 AM Zc230 @bregrif19 Yes
2:16:19 AM Zc230 Really, if the game crashes, the savestate needs to be reloaded so we can actually do the hall of fame thing properly
2:15:40 AM Zc230 I hope this doesn't lead into a battle, grape's dialogue seems to be suggesting the part where Blue talks about looking through the dex to find the perfect pokemon which was before the fight
1:20:34 AM Zc230 Well I don't know if we beat green or not.....
1:15:35 AM Zc230 Don't tell me talking to grape caused the final battle script to start FailFish
11:47:42 PM Zc230 * up
11:47:38 PM Zc230 Just keep going ipm
11:47:31 PM Zc230 why do we have to go back down? It could mess things up
11:47:18 PM Zc230 No just go up please Kappa
11:46:48 PM Zc230 Almost there
11:30:27 PM Zc230 I wish I had more info on the team rocket event but the big rumor recap post on serebii mentioned it
11:27:55 PM Zc230 @countraposa there's some team rocket event happening in Japan
11:27:31 PM Zc230 Anyway, there's not much we can talk about that's not confimed. Hopefully on Wednesday we get something from that team rocket event like some sort of hint to Team rainbow rocket
11:26:24 PM Zc230 @countraposa yes it's true it's a hive of villainy but there are in fact real things leaked on there
11:25:12 PM Zc230 So in short, Giovanni comes back has his villainous fan fiction dream team that subredditors will enjoy, while the chat either struggles (or completely destroys because it's in post game)
11:23:57 PM Zc230 * them
11:23:53 PM Zc230 You see, nintendo has digipen people test out their games for them, some of these people decide to break NDA by leaking the info on 4chan but the thing is nobody believes the
11:23:06 PM Zc230 @countraposa they have had correct pokemon leaks in the past
11:22:37 PM Zc230 Remember leaks can be real, remember what happened with 4chan talking about Nebby that can evolve before it was revealed
11:22:10 PM Zc230 It's what the Chinese leaker was hinting at
11:21:50 PM Zc230 @countraposa I know, but it sounds like it's going to happen
11:21:26 PM Zc230 I.E Giovanni, Cyrus, Archie, maxie, Lysandre, Ghetsis all team up to conquer the world on Giovanni's behalf
11:20:36 PM Zc230 @countraposa it's a new evil team that's the Fanfiction dream team everyone wants
11:17:26 PM Zc230 @jkrexx it sounds fake, but I believe it's to be true unfortunately
11:16:38 PM Zc230 I wonder how the dev team will react to whatever gamefreak does with RR Kappa
11:13:26 PM Zc230
11:13:24 PM Zc230 Okay, thanks to the power of the chat archive I was able to bring up my past post with the link to the picture
11:10:16 PM Zc230 @countraposa what if Hau beat us to the league? It's reasonable
11:09:35 PM Zc230 @countraposa because Hau does a Gary?
11:08:27 PM Zc230 in any case, ultra sun and moon could turn out to be the ultimate lore run LUL
11:07:30 PM Zc230 He could have Mewtwo and Persian if the rumors are true, (he might just have Mewtwo on his own knowing game freak)
11:06:51 PM Zc230 @ninjanitor I know, but he did in yellow which makes me dread they are going to put in anime references
11:06:34 PM Zc230 @big_boyd yes they did, the big G
11:06:03 PM Zc230 Also he posted a picture of villain team motifs framed on the same blog article
11:05:43 PM Zc230 @ninjanitor on masuda's blog he posted a picture of him sitting in a big black chair like a villain with pixilated mons of the villains from past pokemon game's leads (like Persian for Giovanni)
11:04:39 PM Zc230 @ninjanitor of course they would be worried when they are bringing in all the past villains
11:04:13 PM Zc230 I know everything sounds fake, but I think it's true because of the Masuda chair pic
11:03:31 PM Zc230 The 4chan leak said Hau would be the champion Kappa
11:03:00 PM Zc230 Nobody knew what RR meant, but now we know
11:02:42 PM Zc230 Also there's an interview that came out today that hints at a new thing with Didney worl which this leak also mentions
11:02:20 PM Zc230 There's also a 4chan leak that was posted before this big leak that mentioned RR and old villains returning
11:01:39 PM Zc230
11:01:32 PM Zc230 A lot of this stuff was supposed to be inside information the Chinese leaker and his friends like to talk to themselves about but because we have people like lavan something that can translate Chinese, the world is small
11:00:39 PM Zc230 * leaky
11:00:35 PM Zc230 @jkrexx well you can blame the Chinese translation team for being extremely leaking
10:59:42 PM Zc230 I'm calling the leak real because of the Masuda picture
10:59:23 PM Zc230 @ninjanitor gamefreak does dumb things
10:57:17 PM Zc230 don't read if you don't want to be spoiled
10:56:27 PM Zc230 I can't believe gamefreak is doing this
10:56:19 PM Zc230 RitzMitz Giovanni comes back and forms his Uber fanfic Dark rising 2 team LUL
10:55:41 PM Zc230 And to make matters worst, I think the next anniversary game is going to have the same concepts with old villains returning LUL
10:54:55 PM Zc230 Just use stupid alt dimensions for the Fanfiction wank l
10:54:40 PM Zc230 Like it's just some big lore Fanfiction wink to those type of fans
10:54:22 PM Zc230 @pokemario6456 that's a big question to, I think it's going to be absolutely awful dialogue
10:54:05 PM Zc230 @ninjanitor remember there was a 4chan leak that mentioned some stuff
10:53:38 PM Zc230 * fan wank Kappa
10:53:33 PM Zc230 @ninjanitor I think it's happening, but it sounds too cringe worthy if it's true, because then it just turns into a subreddit ran wan I
10:53:01 PM Zc230 Please keep your eye out for Team rainbow rocket
10:52:44 PM Zc230 Also there's some team rocket event happening next week
10:52:31 PM Zc230 The 4chan leak had USUM as part of its hashtag and mentioned RR when it was talking about previous villains returning, nobody knew what the RR referred to but now we know
10:51:34 PM Zc230 @knuckles_3_and_knuckles also there was a 4chan leak that mentioned several specific things that it shares
10:51:10 PM Zc230 @knuckles_3_and_knuckles also
10:51:07 PM Zc230 @knuckles_3_and_knuckles apparently some of the stuff he hinted but wasn't in the game was saved for ultra sun and moon
10:50:49 PM Zc230 @knuckles_3_and_knuckles yes, it's the infamous Chinese leaker from sun and moon's heyday
10:48:46 PM Zc230 TLDR the Chinese leaker is back and is spoiling the game again and he won't stop even with gen 8 Kappa
10:47:45 PM Zc230 do not read if you don't want spoilers for Ultra sun and moon, you have been warned Kappa
10:46:36 PM Zc230 Sorry if I'm freaking out, but those rumors seem really strong
10:46:14 PM Zc230 Can't wait to see the countless Fanfiction about Giovanni returning for the 100th time, and to see the next anniversary run have another old villain return LUL
10:45:34 PM Zc230 Also evil team leaders use legendaries so it's looking like it's really going to be a literal present to the subreddit and the lore people
10:44:40 PM Zc230 So perhaps we really will use goat against the villains, but I bet they will be nerfed because gamefreak Kapppa
10:43:58 PM Zc230 Team Rainbow Rocket? They should call it team Prism rocket Kappa
10:43:41 PM Zc230 Everything seems to be pointing to that leak from a long time ago before ultra sun was announced, it mentioned RR in reference to past villains returning
10:42:29 PM Zc230 @zawasculin and Molyane is e4 too apparently
10:41:41 PM Zc230 So now we can have the subreddit lore people go Kreygasm over this game
10:41:16 PM Zc230 That's probably what the Masuda picture was referring too
10:40:46 PM Zc230 @zawasculin did you see the terrible fanfic like new material coming from rumors? The Chinese leaker is back and he is saying giovanni and others Return to take over the aether foundation FailFish FailFish FailFish
10:38:41 PM Zc230 So anyway expect Ultra sun and moon to be a Lorekitten fanfest for her
10:38:19 PM Zc230 We will get leaks again for gen 8 since nintendo doesn't do anything about the Chinese translation team
10:37:43 PM Zc230 Molyane is in the e4 now Kappa
10:37:31 PM Zc230 That Chinese leaker, he's back again Kappa
10:35:43 PM Zc230 Absolutely horrific if true because it's literally a fan wank present to the subreddit so they can write extremely bad fan fiction
10:35:03 PM Zc230 @evolem team rainbow rocket with giovanni and the past team leaders who have won in their dimensions
10:34:19 PM Zc230 It sounds even worse than previously rumored
10:34:02 PM Zc230 If it's true, it's going to turn into a lore fan wank for the subreddit FailFish
10:33:28 PM Zc230 Oh no, the latest rumors that are coming out about ultra sun sounds terrible, I hope they aren't true
10:30:43 PM Zc230 Also today is the 18th anniversary of serebii Kappa
10:29:55 PM Zc230 *post game
10:29:38 PM Zc230 @zawasculin I hope the difficulty doesn't involve everyone in the post having 5 mons, that was a downer
10:28:35 PM Zc230 Because then I will miss the hall of fame sequence
10:28:11 PM Zc230 But I don't want us to talk to oak if all he says is dialogue
10:27:55 PM Zc230 At least Gary is gone and oak is here
10:27:41 PM Zc230 @knuckles_3_and_knuckles I'm worried they are going to mess things up
10:27:10 PM Zc230 @knuckles_3_and_knuckles what is going on?
10:26:43 PM Zc230 Why down
10:21:17 PM Zc230 @evovae Felk is fixing things still
10:20:39 PM Zc230 Terri left already to go to sleep, or he saw the signs and bailed out
10:19:55 PM Zc230 Just go up into the hall of fame, we are so close
10:19:10 PM Zc230 Um guys, the music is playing so we can move up next time
10:17:58 PM Zc230 But the chances of both saltybet and TPP going down at the same time is low
10:17:23 PM Zc230 If saltybet ever goes down, I think we would end up hosting Food or Bob Ross since people like that, a
10:14:46 PM Zc230 *CPU had to be
10:14:37 PM Zc230 If you want to know what's going on, the video card of the main TPP system is dying so the CPU to be switched, but at the same time Felkcraft updated dolphin (the emulator) which is possibly causing problems on its own
10:09:12 PM Zc230 Because we have to do the surfing minigame something that TPP can't do even in Blazed Glazed
10:08:44 PM Zc230 So now TPP can't use the move tutors Kappa
10:07:57 PM Zc230 @zawasculin at least it means TPP can't use it
10:06:51 PM Zc230 Or is this another "look at my badges, I'm the best badge collector ever, everyone needs to know my badges that I alone have!" kappa
10:05:52 PM Zc230 * Kappa
10:05:45 PM Zc230 Look it's the birthday match Kappq
9:56:32 PM Zc230 @geforcefly all of that could be ruined if we talk to grape instead of walking past him into the hall of fame
9:55:39 PM Zc230 Don't speak to grape please, the risk we have to take to get all the way back here is too great
9:16:44 PM Zc230 @c0sm0g that's what duplex and Faithful force said
9:16:14 PM Zc230 Didn't duplex do that whole rant about Joyce leaving?
9:15:39 PM Zc230 @geforcefly I thought Joycewu left
9:14:23 PM Zc230 @geforcefly who is commentating?
9:14:05 PM Zc230 This girl on the left is Xdocto bait Kappa
9:10:55 PM Zc230 Nexus DatSheffy
9:06:48 PM Zc230 Look it's the Goku battle tournament Kappa
8:38:54 PM Zc230 What does deku have to do with the PCs? I thought m4 was hosting them?
8:27:37 PM Zc230 Kippa
8:26:03 PM Zc230 Keep saltybet on Kappa
8:25:12 PM Zc230 Bob is on for some reason
8:22:20 PM Zc230 Emote only mode with saltybet is boring Kappap
8:20:56 PM Zc230 "You don't have permission to perform that action" Kappa
8:17:53 PM Zc230 If Bex can put on saltybet I wonder if she can put on Spriteclub Kappa JK saltybet is fine
8:17:07 PM Zc230 @knuckles_3_and_knuckles if infinite is the final boss it's almost literally going to be a repeat of sonic 06 with inifinite flying in some space time distortion
8:15:56 PM Zc230 @bexxxxxxx go ahead
8:15:20 PM Zc230 I'm hoping Eggman is the final boss again instead of another monster of the week Infinite backstabs Eggman like in every other modern sonic game now Kappa
8:14:30 PM Zc230 Updating the emulator may put a strain on the older GPU
8:12:49 PM Zc230 *the OC avatar
8:12:30 PM Zc230 @zacharystorch I mean we already know that OC do not steal villain is literally a OC do not steal character because he apparently was friends with the OC
8:11:36 PM Zc230 @zacharystorch from the looks of things the plot seems to be way too predictable Kappa
8:11:15 PM Zc230 I just came in to an empty screen
8:11:03 PM Zc230 @bexxxxxxx did the computer crash again?
8:09:36 PM Zc230 Also what happened? The system crashed again? Kappa
8:09:20 PM Zc230 Please don't talk to grape, in the original game you could never talk to him in the first place
7:41:40 PM Zc230 Then again it could be like what happened in anniversary red Kappa
7:41:27 PM Zc230 Don't talk to him unless we are certain........
7:41:15 PM Zc230 @knuckles_3_and_knuckles did you check yourself Kappa
7:40:39 PM Zc230 Do not talk to grape please, we are so close to the end
7:40:03 PM Zc230 @etherealpuffin nice breaking the breaking the urn going on Kappa
7:32:54 PM Zc230 @knuckles_3_and_knuckles you messed up, we still have to fight the champ Kappa
7:32:27 PM Zc230 What do we do now? Kappa
6:51:24 PM Zc230 Almost there PogChamp
6:43:45 PM Zc230 Is switching on or is it actually off
6:22:02 PM Zc230 * bots Kappa
6:21:57 PM Zc230 Daily log in bonus = return of boys
6:03:30 PM Zc230 Blue wins with hydro pump crits
5:59:37 PM Zc230 Fitting match selection
5:57:26 PM Zc230 Dialga and Palkia's faces on the title screen Kappa
5:52:18 PM Zc230 "Carefully planning"
5:50:27 PM Zc230 *i mean it was corrected with mods, not that it happened with mods
5:50:05 PM Zc230 Anyway, I think the moderation issue was needed after what happened last run and the Ordsey thing although that happened because there were mods
5:48:46 PM Zc230 Does this extend in runs with "trolling" ?
5:47:22 PM Zc230 @ninjanitor how can there be more chat moderation with the same mods Kappa
5:46:41 PM Zc230 @johuotar ah, so who are the new moderators?
5:45:36 PM Zc230 @johuotar what are you talking about?
5:44:22 PM Zc230 But who posted that originally
5:44:11 PM Zc230 TPP sim is right Kappa
4:36:48 PM Zc230 I think they both lead to the same result but people have to follow more directions if they go through the portal in the mansion
4:36:12 PM Zc230 Department store portal I is
4:34:50 PM Zc230 So what should we do in the sidegame? If it's easier to get chat to do whatever is in the department store portal, we should skip the mansion portal.
3:43:54 PM Zc230 @m4_used_rollout there is a method to revert the glitch
3:42:35 PM Zc230 But it you say so, after all you are Glitcher red and you did chat lead us in the red revisit Kappa
3:42:01 PM Zc230 @glitcher_red well, Wahi said that only one door is changed because of the glitch.
3:40:47 PM Zc230 Don't go into the mansion, we need to go into the department store
3:15:33 PM Zc230 @feltlands and you were on KAPOW ?
3:15:00 PM Zc230 @feltlands don't blame @chaosdukemon
3:11:39 PM Zc230 You used that noisemaker just to see your username on the screen? Kappa
3:10:07 PM Zc230 The last of us, also known as the walking dead simulator with zombie and human drama Kappa
3:09:20 PM Zc230 @holypichy23 torto is dead DarkMode
3:07:43 PM Zc230 @glitcher_red Lille will use vulpix regardless of version because she's special and they have to shoehorn an anime reference in Kapoa
3:06:51 PM Zc230 But we get doom doge and mind blown Nihilego clown Kappa
3:06:05 PM Zc230 on the other hand we miss out on Pherosoma again Kappa
3:04:43 PM Zc230 Like you would want two Steel/Rock mons on your team, and UB assembly might be worst since it doesn't have sturdy
3:04:11 PM Zc230 @zawasculin also noteworthy that gamefreak had the gall to make bastidon exclusive to the same version that has UB assembly
3:03:11 PM Zc230 @zawasculin yeah, I pointed them out yesterday, noteworthy that Mareep is not an exclusive which means we may end up with another Ampharos
2:58:56 PM Zc230 @felkcraft will the updates fix the possibly failing video card? Kappa
2:56:51 PM Zc230 Deja vu the same music too
2:43:28 PM Zc230 Inb4 fog RitzMitz
2:08:38 PM Zc230 @countraposa bet more if you want to win more
1:55:59 PM Zc230 I wonder if the match will freeze before the battle even begins
1:55:40 PM Zc230 GreenTeam TriHard (?) Kappa
1:46:44 PM Zc230 @aussieriolu you may notice an irregularity, with the sidegame, we just begun this game two days ago Kappa
1:27:55 PM Zc230 This colloseum should have been destroyed by now
1:24:27 PM Zc230 @knuckles_3_and_knuckles m4 will probably reload the savestate before then......
1:14:57 PM Zc230 Ok, I'm a little confused because the warps seems to be working correctly Kappa
1:14:01 PM Zc230 @knuckles_3_and_knuckles I thought we were going to warp to the hall of fame? Seems like we warped to celedon instead Kappa
1:13:31 PM Zc230 Was this supposed to happen?
1:11:48 PM Zc230 Rally nice music for the stream to break down to
1:10:53 PM Zc230 @knuckles_3_and_knuckles what is our next input?
11:54:19 AM Zc230 Battle tent hype PogChamp
12:28:53 AM Zc230 I wonder if the crown match invokes all pokemon with queen or king in their names Kappa
12:25:39 AM Zc230 Addarash is back? PogChamp
12:23:25 AM Zc230 So does the final boss music of the remake still sounds like a kingdom hearts theme?
12:17:07 AM Zc230 I think the video shown was the more complex version because of all that warping
12:16:06 AM Zc230 Bregrif we are doing a different method of the glitch I think
12:12:36 AM Zc230 So is anyone counting the number of steps?
9:44:13 PM Zc230 @zeroneszg it's an ancient kanto rite of adulthood Kappa
9:37:24 PM Zc230 RedTeam GreenTeam where's the blue team DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame
9:25:26 PM Zc230 @knuckles_3_and_knuckles you lost count? I wasn't keeping track myself
9:24:47 PM Zc230 Why is oak there Kappa
7:08:49 PM Zc230 *as an item
7:08:44 PM Zc230 We were using some random guys name as an item to go through walls plus having the PC
7:08:02 PM Zc230 @thegeekachu the glitch fun ran out when we messed up in victory road and got trapped
7:07:11 PM Zc230 Well now are we supposed to loop around the house to match a number of steps? Or do we keep going right into the void
7:04:35 PM Zc230 How do you have gen 3 pokemon with no abilities DansGame
7:04:15 PM Zc230 Are there abilities in pokemon go yet?
7:02:30 PM Zc230 Hourly break first
7:00:25 PM Zc230 How are we doing with the door glitch? How many steps do we have so far?
5:05:42 PM Zc230 Also what do we do now?
5:05:35 PM Zc230 Why did we turn around?
5:04:31 PM Zc230 I forget about inverse battles because nobody really uses them Kappa
5:02:57 PM Zc230 Also if it lands on a rock it dies anyway Kapoa
5:02:26 PM Zc230 Why? Because no matter what happens you can't cause super effective damage on rock types with a fire move
5:01:48 PM Zc230 1. Is false DBstyle
5:01:14 PM Zc230 Lol it's the sonic theme Kappa
4:59:39 PM Zc230 +5 crit rate is 100% crits? Kappa
4:58:45 PM Zc230 Focus energy
4:58:32 PM Zc230 You should have put in that crit focus move for +4 crits
4:57:15 PM Zc230 @dingdingboom do casuals even known what lucky punch does? Kappa
4:56:02 PM Zc230 A more logical shiny Chansey would be huge power Chansey, instead we get this ShadyLulu like moveset that might be too advanced for non advanced modes
4:54:19 PM Zc230 Shiny Chansey PogChamp Not huge power and under 50 defense DansGame
4:45:44 PM Zc230 Whoops wrong version of the song bidded Kappa
4:39:32 PM Zc230 PRChase . . .
4:35:43 PM Zc230 Lol those prices for the switch in South America, enjoy paying like $1000 total to get the switch and the next pokemon game, I wonder if the 3ds was just as bad
4:29:46 PM Zc230 He will be back to his old ways, I.E spamming up inside houses to get us stuck and make us lose viewers and spamming right in didney worl's intro to make us run in loops
4:28:48 PM Zc230 I don't think reddy will spam A in Ultra sun
4:28:07 PM Zc230 @knuckles_3_and_knuckles if there's a way to end the glitch M4 should let us do it that way
4:11:34 PM Zc230 Okay I put a bribe of course since this input is obviously not clear to chat
4:10:42 PM Zc230 b is next input?
4:10:08 PM Zc230 @pandemoniall we did, I remember we starved as Fenekin and we literally tipped over
4:09:37 PM Zc230 Pa
4:09:06 PM Zc230 @knuckles_3_and_knuckles that won't be true with the switch
4:06:35 PM Zc230 WutFace 5pm already Kappa
4:06:18 PM Zc230 You better have bet big on this pinball table looger Kappa
4:02:58 PM Zc230 What does leech seed sap exactly? Jebaited
4:00:24 PM Zc230 How was the monkey faster even with rainbow?
3:54:14 PM Zc230 Need up now
3:53:28 PM Zc230 Scammed by 1eam
3:51:57 PM Zc230 Lord armor is exclusive to a game that has a new pokemon that's probably better than it 100% LUL
3:50:56 PM Zc230 Oh you know what is funny about the ultra moon exclusives? LUL
3:45:51 PM Zc230 Smogon mon in not advanced DansGame