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2:13:57 PM Zc230 @chaosdukemon will he ever do that again?
2:12:26 PM Zc230 SnowLUL how did I get this emote?
5:20:31 AM Zc230 Just leave the store in the sidegame please, we have been there for 6 hours and have done nothing of worth BrokeBack
5:17:22 AM Zc230 What a cancerous match
5:11:15 AM Zc230 BUY REPELS BrokeBack chat goes to buy monster balls Jebaited
5:10:18 AM Zc230 Especially when we are going into an area with NO encounters
5:10:06 AM Zc230 Whoever thought it was a good idea to buy repels was out of their mind
5:09:54 AM Zc230 *shop
5:09:50 AM Zc230 Could some one get us out of the ship
5:09:03 AM Zc230 Just leave
5:09:01 AM Zc230 Come on guys
5:08:56 AM Zc230 Why are we back in the shop?
12:34:53 AM Zc230 just B out of this place now
11:51:51 PM Zc230 I.E it might destroy the competitive scene, which means rip smogon Jebaited
11:51:07 PM Zc230 so the rumor from that leaker who translated the gen 7 starter image explains that the battle system will become more simplistic in gen 8 and people may not like the change
11:50:06 PM Zc230 Vermillion city should be renamed to BrokeBack chat city Kappa
11:49:48 PM Zc230 There's no point in coming in the shop
11:49:24 PM Zc230 Let's get out of here now
11:48:54 PM Zc230 Could we not waste our money on balls?
5:09:46 PM Zc230 Hopefully TPP gets good leadership otherwise the first streamer could return because he feels like no one else can lead effectively
5:08:43 PM Zc230 All I got was a post referencing the message last night, and some mention about discord drama
5:07:58 PM Zc230 * for anything related to the streamer change
5:07:44 PM Zc230 I looked on reddit a
5:04:24 PM Zc230 @chaosdukemon you got timed out remember?
5:03:36 PM Zc230 @wahisietel_and_knuckles well moderation has been inconsistent, timing out @chaosdukemon for saying someone sucked but letting others back in after the harassment drama, it's a mess
5:00:59 PM Zc230 I doubt Bex ranting about the moderation policies could be the last straw unless it was something else
5:00:14 PM Zc230 @jkrexx I don't think that was the case
4:59:33 PM Zc230 @wahisietel_and_knuckles I have no idea
4:58:44 PM Zc230 @plcx but old streamer wasn't into touhou but CAVE ones, plus that's old old streamer, not old streamer Kappa
4:47:35 PM Zc230 Could someone explain how twis got to 2m from betting bonus? Was there a big payout match as well aside from the 200k winmatch?
4:43:29 PM Zc230 Oh looks like this got moved into battle
4:33:39 PM Zc230 encounter tables btw
4:33:07 PM Zc230 @wahisietel_and_knuckles I don't think we would go straight there as soon as we get surf, but if we do we could catch a mon on the upper levels and use it to grind the rest of the game, but then vaporeon loses level
4:31:35 PM Zc230 But if we go that far Mewtwo would be he best option
4:31:11 PM Zc230 Could go for Parasect or Chansey too
4:30:43 PM Zc230 I was looking at the encounter tables, Raichu would be our best choice since its level 64
4:30:18 PM Zc230 @wahisietel_and_knuckles if there's a way to get more than one master ball yeah Kappa
4:29:28 PM Zc230 If we want to get a good mon from Ceruleon cave, we would have to go to the floor that has Mewtwo in it
4:25:31 PM Zc230 I was thinking of catching a mon in Mewtwo cave but it turns out those mons are underleveled too unless you go deeper into the cave Jebaited
4:24:04 PM Zc230 @wahisietel_and_knuckles yeah that's right, but if we catch a Doduo, it's going to be underleveled with the rest of our team Jebaited
4:22:33 PM Zc230 Our team will be full when we get a flyer, so we have to use the Pc, we can probably get rid of abra because teleport is basically the same thing
4:21:38 PM Zc230 So I'm thinking about our team and the future, none of the other eeveeloutions are going to get levels, even when we go into the store and get the fire stone, so we need to get something other than vapereon to deal with Lorelai and the E4
4:19:39 PM Zc230 Step away from him now that he has finish speaking
3:53:08 PM Zc230 @maiohneee could you link to the other matches where you won over 200k?
3:42:38 PM Zc230 @renlev like in jparaW
3:41:36 PM Zc230 What's the W at the end of those face emotes mean?
3:38:33 PM Zc230 KappaGrinch
3:35:44 PM Zc230 Maybe if someone asks him can twitch still play gen 8? Jebaited
3:35:02 PM Zc230 I wish he would say more, I hate coy leakers
3:33:56 PM Zc230 I hope the battle system change doesn't mean TPP can't play pokemon anymore because it's timing based OpieOP
3:32:36 PM Zc230 So gen 8 will apparently have a battle system change and RaccAttack could be a starter according to a apparently reliable leaker
2:31:24 PM Zc230 SnowYeti
2:11:11 PM Zc230 It's going to suck for TPP if gamefreak makes pokemon more action based
2:07:49 PM Zc230 There's a rumor going on that gamefreak has done something with the battle system from th guy who translated the leaked starters from gen 7 but I hope it's not true
2:06:26 PM Zc230 I'm wondering if gen 8 will even be playable for TPP if gamefreak changes the battle system
1:57:16 PM Zc230 Not chaos lord, but terri Kappa
1:57:05 PM Zc230 Inb4 chaos comes back with an all caps post Kappa
12:49:04 PM Zc230 Why are bets so low? I thought bet bonuses were supposed to prevent that
2:40:58 AM Zc230 We are here for dialogue anyway too, that's the point of playing the sidegame
2:40:45 AM Zc230 @ninjanitor I know
2:38:41 AM Zc230 But the master ball isn't going to last long
2:38:28 AM Zc230 @ninjanitor we are going to be in trouble eventually since we can't completely rely on vapereon, I mean we could master ball a legendary after using the PC
2:37:43 AM Zc230 FBfirst FBaway FBhome
2:37:24 AM Zc230 Yeah, get the bike voucher. Sadly the bike is not as useful this time because we have to press start to use it and we end up missing a ton of exp if we take cycling road Jebaited
2:35:34 AM Zc230 We made the same mistake again? Why did we go left twice in the sidegame at this point when there's nothing there at this time. Kappa
11:13:44 PM Zc230 Did I just jump into a ground breaking--- oh wait bet limits Jebaited
5:08:14 PM Zc230 Oh I see why bexxxxxxx was upset, it was over the hypocrisy of the mod team
5:03:32 PM Zc230 @ordsey how can there be more drama if streamer stepped down, what now?
4:55:44 PM Zc230 I think it might be over doing it, but I think we want to go for the body slam TM in the SS Anne and there might be extra trainers to fight
4:55:05 PM Zc230 Actually I checked, we got hurt by quick attacks
4:54:21 PM Zc230 We can go through saffron but that might take more time Kappa
4:53:56 PM Zc230 *ceruleon I mean
4:53:52 PM Zc230 @ninjanitor we got hurt by Butterfree remember?
4:53:30 PM Zc230 We will have to walk back to celedon unfortunately
4:52:54 PM Zc230 @ninjanitor we have to heal because we are hurt and we probably can't take both blue and surge
4:50:37 PM Zc230 PurpleStar go back up, we need to check point and heal
4:49:15 PM Zc230 Why did we go back down?
3:29:49 PM Zc230 Typical chat Jebaited
3:29:44 PM Zc230 Go up next input please
3:29:24 PM Zc230 guys go up we need to checkpoint and heal
3:29:08 PM Zc230 go up please
3:24:11 PM Zc230 @churchofshuckle I would say so, considering someone traded a rare badge for pikachu to 1eam back during the Ultra sun run Kappa
2:53:22 PM Zc230 @dingdingboom however we have to heal because we took damage on our way here
2:53:04 PM Zc230 @dingdingboom the other way gives more exp, but you are right
2:52:27 PM Zc230 @dingdingboom bike is possibly useless
2:52:10 PM Zc230 They completely lost track of where to go in such a big city that they didn't see the pokecenter, now we need to go back up, but they think it's surge time already
2:51:29 PM Zc230 @dingdingboom cause chat suddenly went BrokeBack
2:49:30 PM Zc230 Need to go right
2:49:05 PM Zc230 My favorite part of that system was when Met Yoshi was complaining I was hogging the system because he wanted to get on. I got off and he spent his last token on a token match Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited
2:48:07 PM Zc230 That pinball game was when pinball only let one person on a time
2:44:19 PM Zc230 When we were in democracy city in a previous sidegame, Felk won that many tokens
2:41:39 PM Zc230 So we can teleport back after beating surge
2:41:28 PM Zc230 @anon999999999999999999999 we need to heal again to set our checkpoint here
2:40:50 PM Zc230 Go checkpoint and heal BuddhaBar
2:38:45 PM Zc230 Minimize completely removes the trainer
2:35:58 PM Zc230 Why is scratch in advanced movesets?
2:33:08 PM Zc230 I'm interested to see if the surprise block girl is going to be in the crystal release, remember when we got blocked by that girl in pyrite when we were trying to get celebi?
2:25:13 PM Zc230 @aussieriolu it was always legal in Pokemon mystery dungeon
2:05:49 PM Zc230 It only goes into effect after the end of the year
2:04:46 PM Zc230 @ant_ant3 no one was talking about that OpieOP
2:04:09 PM Zc230 @abcdefgeeee take a guess OpieOP
1:57:12 PM Zc230 @chaosdukemon except I don't see anything as bad as it on the other side
1:54:49 PM Zc230 SoonerLater still works as sludge Bomb, the colors represent what happens if you get sludged bombed in IRL Kappa
1:53:42 PM Zc230 SoonerLater
1:52:27 PM Zc230 I completely forget the speed match touhou song Kappa
1:51:13 PM Zc230 30% + of 1% would be a terrible bonus anyway JK I know nothing about percentages this early in the morning LUL
1:23:12 PM Zc230 Just spam A he won't accept Yeeb anyway
1:20:50 PM Zc230 @abcdefgeeee but has new streamer commented on that?
1:15:25 PM Zc230 While it might be good we can teleport back to cerulean, I don't think we are doing the rock tunnel route LUL
1:14:32 PM Zc230 @wahisietel_and_knuckles well we need to go back and checkpoint plus heal
1:13:47 PM Zc230 @wahisietel_and_knuckles I forget but does the SS Anne let us heal?
1:12:47 PM Zc230 What a mess in the sidegame LUL
1:11:03 PM Zc230 Didn't even bother check pointing, I suspected chat would mess up here
1:10:27 PM Zc230 Why did we make a beeline for the Farfetch house?
8:52:16 PM Zc230 * 10
8:52:13 PM Zc230 I wish there were more top betters, there's only like less than 20
8:51:14 PM Zc230 @afterwards ditto transforms and earthquake sweeps Kappa
6:48:20 PM Zc230 What happened to Mrrebel? Haven't seen him around in a long time
6:47:05 PM Zc230 Is wolf going to come back on another completely different account?
6:39:14 PM Zc230 :O BlessRNG red team win please
6:29:39 PM Zc230 GrammarKing
3:25:46 PM Zc230 @countraposa I just did during the sidegame input
3:23:51 PM Zc230 Unbelievable payout, who would have thought Jebaited @person31415 was right
3:22:04 PM Zc230 @countraposa congrats on the payout PogChamp
3:21:30 PM Zc230 @countraposa everyone on red team was so relieved I thought you lost Kappa
3:20:55 PM Zc230 Unless....
3:20:39 PM Zc230 @countraposa sorry for losing.......
3:04:13 PM Zc230 I have to wonder what other emotes were killed off aside from the blue star PurpleStar and all of the top gear emotes
3:02:49 PM Zc230 So emotes lost, blue version of PurpleStar and all the topgear emotes
3:02:09 PM Zc230 PurpleStar apparently rip the blue version of this
3:00:01 PM Zc230 @maiohneee you should have added an extra digit to your bet then Kappa
2:59:11 PM Zc230 BegWan InuyoFace
2:55:54 PM Zc230 Should have gone for flinch
2:54:29 PM Zc230 Flinch or full paralyze
2:52:20 PM Zc230 You have to bet like everything to get that far with bet bonuses
2:51:26 PM Zc230 Did someone KAPOW to get twis up by 400k? Kappa
2:41:42 PM Zc230 What was the intent on trisoft anyway?
2:22:13 PM Zc230 It showed up right before the annoucement of the match pokemon
2:21:53 PM Zc230 There was a crash message
2:15:27 PM Zc230 Ice beam will one shot now Kappa
2:10:17 PM Zc230 Could anyone try contacting the people from that 22222 match and tell them to come back Kappa
2:07:56 PM Zc230 When is the 100k match?
12:21:33 PM Zc230 Also rip Top gear crew emotes Jebaited
12:19:11 PM Zc230 Rip RED emote
10:22:44 PM Zc230 Great battlers, a fitting song name
10:08:26 PM Zc230 Summer in Kagome, a town that's clearly not Unova Kappa
10:01:55 PM Zc230 actually do we even have the final boss music of odyessy here?
10:01:36 PM Zc230 Is this the version used for the final boss?
10:00:27 PM Zc230 Incoming new Katamari meme song Jebaited
9:58:19 PM Zc230 @countraposa please don't change your name
9:47:12 PM Zc230 @dylanpoolside123 nice throw TriHard
9:35:28 PM Zc230 Bet blue 500
7:06:23 PM Zc230 @bloons22 why does it have a border again? You said that emote was temporary but it's still here Kappa
6:40:58 PM Zc230 @dingdingboom for now we should focus on the SS anne and surge
6:28:40 PM Zc230 We can teach both dig and cut when we get them, so we can dig out of the SS anne Kappa
6:28:03 PM Zc230 @dingdingboom dig can come later
6:27:49 PM Zc230 We don't need start now, wait until we get cut please
5:02:37 PM Zc230 Have people forgotten the art of making metronome matches after the great streamer revolt of 2017? Jebaited Kappa
5:01:22 PM Zc230 *blue I mean
5:01:14 PM Zc230 Payout, but I don't think red deserves the win, almost got thrown with rollout? Not that I know actually Jebaited
4:59:19 PM Zc230 because of miss chance
4:59:14 PM Zc230 Oh yeah
4:58:53 PM Zc230 Icy wind? OpieOP
4:56:47 PM Zc230 I can't play because mobile lag is terrible
4:55:56 PM Zc230 @1in256miss please take over
4:54:07 PM Zc230 Betting for mag 10 Kappa
4:42:56 PM Zc230 @royourking LUL
4:42:05 PM Zc230 * are going down
4:41:59 PM Zc230 Also pokemon USUM servers are you down for maintenance which could mean zeraora gets removed from the black list for an imminent reveal Kappa
4:39:37 PM Zc230 So it probably doesn't apply and pokemon switch could always still come out next year, don't jump to conclusions on a Google translated post with the year 2019 in it Kappa
4:38:46 PM Zc230 Hold on, it says it's some sort of graduate program
4:32:58 PM Zc230 I assumed it would be 2018 too LUL
4:30:09 PM Zc230 take this with a grain of salt of course, but remember the Chinese translation team were the ones who did some of the leaks from previous gen, of course it could mean early 2019
4:28:23 PM Zc230 As for the Chinese translation post.... I will bring it up
4:28:10 PM Zc230 @afterwards @dillpickle141 came in shouting pokemon switch confirmed for 2019 with no context
4:27:17 PM Zc230 The problem is someone with access to the Chinese translators indicated that the story script and the new pokemon have been translated already, so maybe gamefreak did the script and the translation this year but everything else is not done unless pokemon switch is actually Sinnoh Kappa
4:25:46 PM Zc230 @wahisietel_and_knuckles I literally have no idea, I checked Bulbagarden forums and the only post here was someone dumbfounded about a post from gamefreak hiring for a big 2019 project
4:24:50 PM Zc230 @dillpickle141 this is weird, maybe the new pokemon are done and the story script is translated but everything else is not done yet Kappa
4:14:47 PM Zc230 Nice trap match
4:07:35 PM Zc230 Once again we stall because people literally cannot make up their minds Kappa
4:07:18 PM Zc230 I guess roy was wrong kappa
4:04:04 PM Zc230 @valdarsai jumping the gun with a poor input? Kappa
3:53:06 PM Zc230 @keksbaer what match was that?
3:50:56 PM Zc230 Red top is going to be rich Kappa
3:46:09 PM Zc230 A's tie breaker priority needs to be removed
1:43:56 PM Zc230 I'm not bribing for something stupid like this, I'll be back here later on, and I bet we will be still stuck here TriHard I could even wager a token storm that we will still be stuck here Kappa
1:41:58 PM Zc230 You can sit here all you want TriHard
1:39:50 PM Zc230 Cancer hour: someone unironically uses hidden power ground on a flying type
1:34:03 PM Zc230 When work/school starts the amount of A will lower Kappa
1:33:34 PM Zc230 It's Cancer hour anyway
1:32:59 PM Zc230 No
1:32:39 PM Zc230 @andpet stop the A please
1:24:54 PM Zc230 @royourking you can blame someone shouting don't input down its a trap and making people change directions in the first place
1:23:36 PM Zc230 Decide on an input next time please
3:43:47 AM Zc230 More ultra sun spoilers Kappa
3:40:10 AM Zc230 Too late
3:34:53 AM Zc230 @afterwards do you mean thought? Don't have bad thoughts or you lose the match Kappa
3:29:07 AM Zc230 This is the second time derp was timed out, it seems they never learn BuddhaBar
3:12:09 AM Zc230 @aircuttergyarados ahem, if you had read what chaos lord said the rewards will have been scaled
3:07:54 AM Zc230 @derpcritic don't be toxic
2:58:29 AM Zc230 Bregrif just told us what this man said Kappa
2:52:58 AM Zc230 I guess red won and people are upset that there was inflation?
2:45:47 AM Zc230 Not using trick room
2:45:20 AM Zc230 Blue is going to throw probably Kappa
2:43:56 AM Zc230 Blue could win with RNG hax
2:41:05 AM Zc230 I wonder if the next fire emblem will be gothic like that rumor says, although I think it's fake because the leaker gave too much information and is way too cozy with fire emblem communities
2:38:58 AM Zc230 FE Warriors should have had the older characters but they rushed lyn in and that's it
2:38:06 AM Zc230 And then you have armor knights and generals in which if you fight them in the area, they take like an entire minute just to walk over to you if you fight them with magic LUL
2:36:47 AM Zc230 Compare that to the snes Fire emblem where you can have sword masters jump 20 feet into the air and land a critical or dash through the opponent Kappa
2:35:48 AM Zc230 @masterlightx yes, but people in the GBA games just move back to the same position
2:26:23 AM Zc230 Lol is jump up super star the new Katamari? Kappa
2:23:10 AM Zc230 Again spoilers there's a casino in a forest in sonic forces DBstyle
2:22:15 AM Zc230 This sounds like rolling thunder 3 music Kappa
2:12:42 AM Zc230 Not blocked
2:10:28 AM Zc230 Spoilers there's a theater in sonic forces DBstyle
2:10:03 AM Zc230 @chu_pikachu at least it's not a literal account change like Wolfy did TriHard
2:07:02 AM Zc230 @n3ptunea1rslash and then you get banned for playing the same character too much Kappa
2:06:21 AM Zc230 TriHard
2:06:16 AM Zc230 Overwatch the game with a story that has no story
2:05:18 AM Zc230 Splatoon 3 will come out next year Kappa
2:04:04 AM Zc230 SoonerLater
2:00:33 AM Zc230 @wailordkip we just need sonic rush meme music back like Back BrokeBack 2 back and "time to die"
1:59:29 AM Zc230 Break dodged
1:54:59 AM Zc230 Thrown by @calculix
1:52:17 AM Zc230 Kappa
1:52:02 AM Zc230 That physical defense, even shadow ball could be a Ohko
1:50:08 AM Zc230 Go up here so we can get the dig TM, we can use it in the tower
1:49:14 AM Zc230 @bregrif19 you don't need to paste the text, we are going there anyway
1:32:35 AM Zc230 Right.
1:11:53 AM Zc230 Don't forget about the dig TM for Charizard M
10:12:35 PM Zc230 The legend of the phantom thief Kaitou
10:10:48 PM Zc230 @derpcritic what are you surprised at?
10:05:15 PM Zc230 @wahisietel_and_knuckles but we will have no room unless we dump Charizard M
10:02:29 PM Zc230 @royourking PJSalt Terri
9:45:21 PM Zc230 To see the fun fair you have to have high FunQ
9:41:41 PM Zc230 DendiFace win Kappa
9:40:58 PM Zc230 Mariosyoshi luck DendiFace
9:40:30 PM Zc230 DendiFace
9:39:55 PM Zc230 Will DendiFace luck strike again?
9:35:52 PM Zc230 Minigame is using protect against weather ball or using aerial ace
9:34:28 PM Zc230 @pandemoniall DansGame looks more like that
9:33:24 PM Zc230 Look, we can go into Mewtwo cave once we get surf Kappa
9:31:26 PM Zc230 What happened to Dave?
9:29:24 PM Zc230 Shadow ball is above because ghost is its primary typing DBstyle
9:28:47 PM Zc230 This isn't the Lusamine like song from that game, we still don't have it
9:26:41 PM Zc230 Is that more legend of mana music added? I didn't even realize PogChamp
9:24:43 PM Zc230 @its_reyn_time I don't know
9:24:17 PM Zc230 @its_reyn_time the old twitch app
9:23:25 PM Zc230 @jkrexx funny thing is the new app counts as an entirely different app so I have to delete the old one to get the new one Kappa
9:22:56 PM Zc230 *good Kappa