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2:32:01 PM bregrif19 Green Sidegame
2:31:47 PM bregrif19 Lucky
2:29:10 PM bregrif19 who the song was 5 hours old Wide Lens?
2:28:02 PM bregrif19 @countraposa :)
2:27:11 PM bregrif19 :)
2:25:58 PM bregrif19 Green Sidegame Use Feeeze Bunch
12:52:21 PM bregrif19 Green Sidegame Use Freeze Bunch
10:55:14 AM bregrif19 @nick666101 He's online
10:54:52 AM bregrif19 Green Sidegame Use Freeze Bunch
10:54:04 AM bregrif19 Nah, let's see Kappa
12:43:42 AM bregrif19 Green Sidegame Use Squirt
9:06:54 AM bregrif19 Green Sidegame Get Silph Scope Later Wrond Way
12:10:09 AM bregrif19 Green Sidegame Get Silph Scope Later GO UP
1:12:55 AM bregrif19 Green Sidegame Get Silph Scope Later
1:12:27 AM bregrif19 @sonicgible Bootlag Green
1:12:08 AM bregrif19 @alphanumericspam ICE BEAM
1:11:29 AM bregrif19 Green Sidegame Get Silph Scope Later
1:11:01 AM bregrif19 @rand0mthoughtz @nexttime_gadget "/w tpp balance"
1:10:50 AM bregrif19 @adamiscool24 "/w tpp balance"
1:28:08 AM bregrif19 Green Sidegame Get Silph Scope Later
1:26:18 AM bregrif19 @kbjhon Late
1:26:11 AM bregrif19 @tlynn507 sunnyday
1:25:13 AM bregrif19 @treesquirrels Your not
1:24:26 AM bregrif19 chat = recoil
12:58:50 AM bregrif19 @h0m3st4r @pooping_forever Late
12:58:32 AM bregrif19 @tomkatsu "/w tpp help"
12:29:52 AM bregrif19 Tume I'm 100% tryna throw rate haha
12:24:42 AM bregrif19 I dare you can DO we need to trust the odds unlikable
12:24:03 AM bregrif19 @ratchael9 linke
12:22:25 AM bregrif19 @thefection Late
12:19:10 AM bregrif19 DBstyle
12:19:05 AM bregrif19 we're facing yp guys DBStyle
12:17:41 AM bregrif19 moltres plz be kidding me... being banned from 1k to go up but I'll get f***ed
12:14:09 AM bregrif19 I keep it blue threw a boss
12:13:25 AM bregrif19 Speed
12:11:40 AM bregrif19 Keepo
12:11:22 AM bregrif19 there's nothing down there after magical leaf
12:10:02 AM bregrif19 @treesquirrels "/w tpp help"
12:09:37 AM bregrif19 KappaPride
12:09:13 AM bregrif19 @sandoz1 No
12:06:03 AM bregrif19 PurpleStAR
12:03:02 AM bregrif19 Here for no DONT do you all THOSE EGGMAN'S ROBOTS #Volcania
11:51:48 PM bregrif19 i loved how i was rude.
11:48:53 PM bregrif19 LaterSooner
11:48:21 PM bregrif19 #PPUP
10:45:42 PM bregrif19 Defiance
10:45:22 PM bregrif19 talk to 12k today so they only way they only way that hyper beam ?!?
10:39:41 PM bregrif19 @dingdingboom Yes
10:39:38 PM bregrif19 @tlynn507 Vaporeon, flareon, Abra, dodou
10:36:46 PM bregrif19 @vevevesie Yes
10:36:20 PM bregrif19 @possiblymg "/w tpp balance"
10:36:01 PM bregrif19 @nicioreon "/w tpp pinball t1"
10:34:52 PM bregrif19 @hexahedronn PJSalt SwiftRage BibleThump
10:32:21 PM bregrif19 Yep, but devs said no sim LUL
10:28:51 PM bregrif19 @randomguynat Late
10:24:53 PM bregrif19 @peterthegreeat Use Escape Rope
10:22:58 PM bregrif19 @bluebeard008 Lucia
10:21:30 PM bregrif19 @hexahedronn Infernap
10:21:14 PM bregrif19 I've lost video altogether, is prio and here Kappa
10:18:22 PM bregrif19 I've lost video altogether, is always right DBstyle talk to have changed anything to wake
10:16:30 PM bregrif19 Green Sidegame Get Silph Scope Later
10:16:26 PM bregrif19 @tlynn507 Yes
10:16:00 PM bregrif19 @cuzyzy Yes
6:56:01 AM bregrif19 Green Sidegame Get Silph Scope Later Advanced
6:55:04 AM bregrif19 if we have to go all in
6:53:49 AM bregrif19 @sirmolunkai Late
6:53:24 AM bregrif19 trying to abuse the money made 10 million bet 3M against it. :/why u not accounting for them. @sethwhitten "/w tpp balance"
6:51:05 AM bregrif19 Green Sidegame Get Silph Scope Later KAPOW BLUE 1BE 2CE 3BS RED 1CS 2DS 3AE
8:52:30 PM bregrif19 Green Sidegame
8:51:37 PM bregrif19 @kisox Late
8:50:30 PM bregrif19 @thesolemnsongbird "/w tpp balance"
8:50:21 PM bregrif19 @kubilay3897 "/w tpp balance"
8:49:22 PM bregrif19 stadium 2 i still broken soit Kappa
8:49:02 PM bregrif19 Traitor
8:44:17 PM bregrif19 probably like 3.5 years Kappa
8:38:31 PM bregrif19 300 attack down didn't have muk killed andsa OneHand never forget
8:37:50 PM bregrif19 @robotjam ews
8:32:49 PM bregrif19 blue RNG IS me out there if you're into flat chests and we're even the song TehePelo
8:31:49 PM bregrif19 @ratchael9 Defiance
8:29:01 PM bregrif19 Stadium2
8:28:53 PM bregrif19 i love Ace before Defend Order
8:28:33 PM bregrif19 @zonerthegamer Gym
8:28:29 PM bregrif19 @zonerthegamer Fym
8:22:52 PM bregrif19 always hits twice
8:19:59 PM bregrif19 everyone input RAINBLW is the very last chance
8:17:16 PM bregrif19 @anonyass No
8:17:09 PM bregrif19 Fragile
8:16:57 PM bregrif19 i didn't even close to do you is dis pokemon?
8:15:26 PM bregrif19 @griffonfire HeyGuys
8:15:15 PM bregrif19 BlueWins
8:15:10 PM bregrif19 Flail
8:14:57 PM bregrif19 WillOWhip
8:14:33 PM bregrif19 MudSlap
8:14:21 PM bregrif19 SuperFabg
8:14:03 PM bregrif19 HiJumpKick
8:13:49 PM bregrif19 PayDay
8:13:22 PM bregrif19 DrainPunch
8:13:07 PM bregrif19 Assurance
8:12:36 PM bregrif19 BlueFainted
8:12:30 PM bregrif19 DoubleEdge
8:12:14 PM bregrif19 IcicleSpare
8:11:52 PM bregrif19 RedFsibted
8:11:44 PM bregrif19 FocusBlast
8:11:27 PM bregrif19 Outrage
8:10:49 PM bregrif19 Selfdestruct
8:10:27 PM bregrif19 BraveBird
8:10:07 PM bregrif19 RickSlide
8:09:30 PM bregrif19 @windsuns Late
8:06:19 PM bregrif19 YEWA JOXU BORT
8:06:06 PM bregrif19 just wanted to water Pluse confusion @bluebeard008 Who is did
7:58:31 PM bregrif19 Attract will fail from here on out.
7:53:14 PM bregrif19 @nersy134 too late
7:53:05 PM bregrif19 @domdude64 too late
7:52:57 PM bregrif19 too late
7:52:15 PM bregrif19 @ben8843 "/w tpp balance"
7:50:18 PM bregrif19 +90, wow, that's a genderswap Kappa
7:49:28 PM bregrif19 GO TO GYM
7:49:06 PM bregrif19 @allabouthentai Early
7:46:18 PM bregrif19 150% for ya, blue wins if that first turn was a lot Kappa @Mariosyoshi crit LUL
7:42:41 PM bregrif19 yeah, but paras will be the spam into drain punch Kappa @mariosyoshi @chaosdukemon @ocdinoc Late
7:40:39 PM bregrif19 Aqua Jet won't pass Raichu.
7:39:50 PM bregrif19 !bet 1000
7:33:12 PM bregrif19 for ya, blue team we can troll each otger in this
7:32:54 PM bregrif19 @countraposa Late
7:30:40 PM bregrif19 @ponjos 2699p 26t
7:30:10 PM bregrif19 @ponjos "/w tpp balance"
7:29:37 PM bregrif19 Green Sidegame
7:29:30 PM bregrif19 Synchronized
7:26:42 PM bregrif19 unless brn, but does rhyhom die to fast it tbolt is picked?
12:36:58 AM bregrif19 i think the wrong team that sucks
12:36:42 AM bregrif19 @bandedcaterpie53 "/w tpp balance"
12:35:06 AM bregrif19 @1in256miss is red
12:30:09 AM bregrif19 @xercecies Late
12:29:34 AM bregrif19 @monkeyboyinc "/w tpp balance"
12:29:02 AM bregrif19 @paltapos "/w tpp balance"
12:28:46 AM bregrif19 HeyGuys
12:28:44 AM bregrif19 @marioluigi0404 HeyGuts
12:28:31 AM bregrif19 @marioluigi404 HeyGuys
12:26:55 AM bregrif19 Speed
12:26:48 AM bregrif19 @countraposa :)
12:25:02 AM bregrif19 @its_reyn_time Sexist toss SE DBstyle
12:24:31 AM bregrif19 and not a row wth
12:24:20 AM bregrif19 and not a row with
12:23:26 AM bregrif19 Green Sidegame
9:06:41 PM bregrif19 @1in256Miss Well, it was making a great movepool Kappa
9:04:31 PM bregrif19 @fenris2142 4Head
9:03:34 PM bregrif19 jesus f***ing joke.
9:00:30 PM bregrif19 rattata can still looks bad
8:58:06 PM bregrif19 @giveusmother3plz @pooping_forever "/w tpp balance"
8:57:17 PM bregrif19 CHAZZING FAST SourPls IN pinball :(
8:46:18 PM bregrif19 Lava plume did that low HP
8:39:32 PM bregrif19 Advanced
8:39:27 PM bregrif19 Ah yes, I didn't like that trap Kappa
8:37:16 PM bregrif19 I'm confused with a F***ING GUN * ness received A toad
8:34:46 PM bregrif19 inb4 no official statement yet, but Shueisha (you know, the good enough yet, my strat can confuse or aren't really working correctly at the reason why there is HEAVILY worrying me my mom?
8:33:01 PM bregrif19 @localcantaloupe HeyGuys
7:55:14 PM bregrif19 Green Sidegame
11:09:19 PM bregrif19 @looker2611 Late
11:09:11 PM bregrif19 Green Sidegame
11:09:04 PM bregrif19 @NinjaZero126 Late
11:08:40 PM bregrif19 \ BabyRage /
11:03:08 PM bregrif19 this cow so bad Jebaited
10:23:18 PM bregrif19 @countraposa :) <3
10:23:05 PM bregrif19 what to me Kappa OUTDATED Jebaited POGCHAMP
10:22:50 PM bregrif19 @master_minika "/w tpp balance"
10:22:40 PM bregrif19 @emperordarthdominik "/w tpp balance"
10:20:10 PM bregrif19 no wait, we can we go spam village Bridge memes on yolo
10:11:20 PM bregrif19 also I'm in the scense stream is that atch
10:09:39 PM bregrif19 GEVO
10:07:44 PM bregrif19 tpp is going on but not
10:04:25 PM bregrif19 @tygez Sidegame
10:02:43 PM bregrif19 tpp is the metal hit it was here Kappa
10:01:11 PM bregrif19 Green Sidegame
10:00:52 PM bregrif19 @fame1990 @q1s2 "/w tpp balance"
1:27:15 AM bregrif19 The round that it is just you use your brain next time
1:26:43 AM bregrif19 Green Sidegame Buy Repels
1:18:29 AM bregrif19 I won a decrease d priority move. If the chances
12:56:58 AM bregrif19 this is a new pair of tokens you guys can do
12:29:33 AM bregrif19 that narrows it can effect the bot to connect to telling the best pokemon all my VM
12:26:05 AM bregrif19 How do a match and machoke counter but it
12:21:47 AM bregrif19 i hope I did that won't talk in san francisco and one in chat?
12:17:40 AM bregrif19 i feel it and how do you were no higher than a jirachi, so...
12:15:32 AM bregrif19 @metasyntacticquux Late
12:14:17 AM bregrif19 @twistedfatezzz I won't talk in chat?
11:57:48 PM bregrif19 @Kelzipelzi Defiance
11:57:25 PM bregrif19 @kelzipelzi Defianc
11:57:05 PM bregrif19 1.7 earthquake that was thinking Water move?
11:54:34 PM bregrif19 @sinr2014 No
11:54:25 PM bregrif19 Defiance
11:54:00 PM bregrif19 match maker is the largest earthquake that was quick
11:53:18 PM bregrif19 @countraposa Good
11:50:39 PM bregrif19 Red corner faces a huge fault line there
11:42:07 PM bregrif19 @gokuking922 Stadium2
11:36:25 PM bregrif19 @gokuking922 Defiance
11:35:37 PM bregrif19 @theaughlnal Defiance
11:33:55 PM bregrif19 AXELF ALWAYS use hi MAIN games Kappa
11:01:45 PM bregrif19 @nick666101 Defiance
11:01:33 PM bregrif19 @NinjaZero126 Kreygasm 25 SUB
11:00:34 PM bregrif19 STOP the great betting song.
10:57:04 PM bregrif19 hi
10:54:27 PM bregrif19 i dont know
10:53:04 PM bregrif19 @countraposa Yes
10:52:41 PM bregrif19 Kippa
10:52:38 PM bregrif19 @countraposa Hi
10:51:40 PM bregrif19 @renek1998 "/w tpp song"
10:51:09 PM bregrif19 STOP the last Hax
10:48:56 PM bregrif19 !bet 00
10:48:43 PM bregrif19 @anonyass Water Gun
10:48:29 PM bregrif19 @torokomimiga Speed Match
10:44:20 PM bregrif19 @rannossi "!bet # team"
10:43:45 PM bregrif19 @rampage_raptor Defiance
10:43:23 PM bregrif19 @rockfoxx And defiance
10:43:12 PM bregrif19 @rockfoxx Switching is off
10:42:13 PM bregrif19 Anyone else get F***ED EleGiggle they cant hit THE hell Kappa
10:40:17 PM bregrif19 @saleens66 "/w tpp balance" Stadium2
10:37:26 PM bregrif19 i swear with this is HAPPENING
10:34:40 PM bregrif19 @xxmoonlotusxx GivePLZ sending you know Steel WING
10:33:44 PM bregrif19 @torokomimiga No
10:31:51 PM bregrif19 red Team in a bit old you blame me i betted in this is a or b? Kappa
10:29:51 PM bregrif19 @torokomimiga "/w tpp song"
10:26:14 PM bregrif19 twistedfatezzz !- Keepo
10:24:29 PM bregrif19 @the_dog_rules
10:24:07 PM bregrif19 @torokomimiga !1-3
10:23:35 PM bregrif19 Green Sidegame
12:35:15 AM bregrif19 Green Sidegame
12:35:00 AM bregrif19 @countraposa :)
12:34:33 AM bregrif19 @geforcefly Yes
12:33:50 AM bregrif19 tppRiot
12:33:47 AM bregrif19 This us a really long time. yppRiot
12:28:24 AM bregrif19 can't
12:28:21 AM bregrif19 @quiquesyt You cam't
12:27:50 AM bregrif19 @trikster528 Pallet Town
12:26:27 AM bregrif19 lol lotad is just make sense but for those mons ... lol
12:25:56 AM bregrif19 Chameleon
12:25:37 AM bregrif19 @mallaes Crash
12:23:37 AM bregrif19 @kingbowser6 !-
12:23:05 AM bregrif19
12:20:08 AM bregrif19 @quiquesyt Late
12:19:57 AM bregrif19 @chaosdukemon Late
12:19:17 AM bregrif19 thsi starmie and pretend money to hell
12:17:59 AM bregrif19 Rainbow BLUE 1B AP 2D OW 3D OW RED 1B SW 2B OW 3D SW
12:15:52 AM bregrif19 it being that de-prioritized pot. Basically constitution > iron ball me Kappa
12:15:02 AM bregrif19 @rjri Yes
12:14:40 AM bregrif19 @sandoz1 Yes
12:13:02 AM bregrif19 Ban for making us crash sidegame
12:12:38 AM bregrif19 @zacharystorch Yes
12:10:10 AM bregrif19 @guialferes1995 Late
12:09:27 AM bregrif19 Green Sidegame
12:10:31 AM bregrif19 i have in the Tohou out fearow, have in it