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4:57:46 PM PKMNTrainerColress @エリオット just transmute a gen3-7 badge MingLee
4:56:42 PM PKMNTrainerColress PunOko people rate 386 badges urn over 721 badges urn
4:54:30 PM PKMNTrainerColress OMFG Blissey pool again Jebaited
4:53:31 PM PKMNTrainerColress @MabsolR wasted 2 porygons Jebaited
4:52:54 PM PKMNTrainerColress LUL that pool
4:52:23 PM PKMNTrainerColress 4 clefable Jebaited
4:50:25 PM PKMNTrainerColress Ledges OneHand
4:47:13 PM PKMNTrainerColress MingLee
4:44:52 PM PKMNTrainerColress LUL
4:44:02 PM PKMNTrainerColress Um... I... want to send you back to Pokemon Center OneHand
4:24:38 PM PKMNTrainerColress People don't want badges BabyRage
4:24:18 PM PKMNTrainerColress suddenly Theta Emerald EX dropped from 4 to 5 BabyRage
4:14:40 PM PKMNTrainerColress why will you put yolonome urn in front of dark rising EleGiggle
4:14:09 PM PKMNTrainerColress 6.1Metronome-Only Pokemon Sapphire 6.8Pokemon Dark Rising Day Crew really? BrokeBack
4:10:51 PM PKMNTrainerColress WutFace Light
4:08:09 PM PKMNTrainerColress @wale_LoL you can't blame for other trolls didn't help you when you ruined their best plan of trolling TriHard you pushed them off from PC
4:06:27 PM PKMNTrainerColress @BeaterGG RaccAttack Reddy carries
4:03:44 PM PKMNTrainerColress Yo
4:01:51 PM PKMNTrainerColress oh welp forget it Kappa
4:01:44 PM PKMNTrainerColress Did people calm down now? Kappa
3:57:46 PM PKMNTrainerColress @easonchanfan nice try TriHard blame for that L badge for being idiot that makeit much easier to counter you TriHard
3:53:36 PM PKMNTrainerColress nothing more fun to ruin their plan when they almost got it nb3Gasm
3:51:38 PM PKMNTrainerColress DendiFace
3:47:20 PM PKMNTrainerColress nice Kappa one more special person arrived Kappa
3:46:12 PM PKMNTrainerColress Jebaited Hilarious to see they are interrupting each other's goal Jebaited
3:44:24 PM PKMNTrainerColress BORT
3:43:09 PM PKMNTrainerColress ~ RaccAttack ~ nice trollifest on day crew
3:39:48 PM PKMNTrainerColress LUL @NightRusticDawn
3:37:42 PM PKMNTrainerColress @easonchanfan that's all? TriHard
3:30:36 PM PKMNTrainerColress It's fine Kappa NightCrew will get 3 badges again tomorrow Kappa
3:26:11 PM PKMNTrainerColress LUL lame
3:23:46 PM PKMNTrainerColress I own't try to battle with these 2 are here @easonchanfan @wale_LoL since it's an obvious throwfest Kippa
3:22:54 PM PKMNTrainerColress LUL I will consider actually catching some mon has the least damage Kippa
3:17:41 PM PKMNTrainerColress soqn
3:14:24 PM PKMNTrainerColress may just throw tbh Kappa
3:11:56 PM PKMNTrainerColress LUL
3:05:50 PM PKMNTrainerColress Prime L badge on random direction RitzMitz How surprising ThunBeast RitzMitz
3:04:51 PM PKMNTrainerColress LUL @LadyJasmineOfOlivine Kippa
3:03:05 PM PKMNTrainerColress nice luck LUL @LadyJasmineOfOlivine Kippa
3:01:50 PM PKMNTrainerColress run like a wind WutFace
2:53:21 PM PKMNTrainerColress TriHard
2:51:20 PM PKMNTrainerColress nope Kappa
2:50:58 PM PKMNTrainerColress LUL LUL LUL yolonome team?
2:50:01 PM PKMNTrainerColress LUL yolonome RitzMitz
2:42:45 PM PKMNTrainerColress nice xp SeemsGood Kappa
2:37:35 PM PKMNTrainerColress @SnowWarning expect good play from AI TriHard
2:36:43 PM PKMNTrainerColress @SnowWarning misplay got punished this time Kappa
2:34:38 PM PKMNTrainerColress @Wahisietel_the_Cake Route 44 Bulbasaur , Route 45 Squirt MingLee , Route 26 Charmander Kippa
2:34:13 PM PKMNTrainerColress @Wahisietel_the_Cake should be Route 45 Kappa
2:34:03 PM PKMNTrainerColress @Wahisietel_the_Cake route 44 IIRC Kippa
2:32:38 PM PKMNTrainerColress Jebaited furretgod
2:31:50 PM PKMNTrainerColress DansGame that outspeed
2:29:59 PM PKMNTrainerColress obvious EQ is obvious Kippa
2:29:37 PM PKMNTrainerColress LUL not using Hypnosis for SLP Keepo
2:29:07 PM PKMNTrainerColress @Masterlightx mt moon Kippa
2:28:36 PM PKMNTrainerColress LUL not preserving magmar for meganium Kippa
2:27:14 PM PKMNTrainerColress surf is just fine Kippa
2:17:28 PM PKMNTrainerColress @Rjri
2:16:17 PM PKMNTrainerColress yeah no sleep hax was still possible to win Kappa
2:14:59 PM PKMNTrainerColress RIP
2:04:25 PM PKMNTrainerColress gen2 Mt Moon entrance Jebaited
2:03:52 PM PKMNTrainerColress @Zc230 thinking GF will pay effort to add one new 3D region TriHard
2:01:58 PM PKMNTrainerColress Jebaited nice luck
1:58:36 PM PKMNTrainerColress nice Sturdy Kappa
1:55:40 PM PKMNTrainerColress @Lipoke cap is 86 currently , last gym leader is Level 92,95 Kippa
1:54:06 PM PKMNTrainerColress EleGiggle
1:53:51 PM PKMNTrainerColress @Lipoke around 76-80
1:53:14 PM PKMNTrainerColress @Zc230 possible at nigjht crew if we can prepared for it Kippa aka it's still that smogon team
1:52:14 PM PKMNTrainerColress @딜리버드 #BadgeQuest next urn Kreygasm
1:51:15 PM PKMNTrainerColress LUL @딜리버드
1:49:58 PM PKMNTrainerColress @Tincoma MADAQ BORT
1:49:42 PM PKMNTrainerColress xp gain \ PogChamp / Kappa
1:48:46 PM PKMNTrainerColress @Wahisietel_the_Cake yes full 100 in original Pyrite
1:48:29 PM PKMNTrainerColress @LadyJasmineOfOlivine RNG is godly today Jebaited FRZ hax into a crit helped us beat Lance after some throwing
1:47:37 PM PKMNTrainerColress @Iconoclasm12 11 revives 1 max revive 1 max ether/ether 4 full restore and 40 potions Kippa
1:45:59 PM PKMNTrainerColress @SnowWarning sorry wrong one
1:45:25 PM PKMNTrainerColress @SnowWarning
1:44:27 PM PKMNTrainerColress Pewter and Cerulean are obviously the first 2 gym Kippa
1:43:36 PM PKMNTrainerColress @SnowWarning Yeah IIRC all of them 100 clubbed
1:43:00 PM PKMNTrainerColress @SnowWarning with Bolt Strike Jebaited
1:42:45 PM PKMNTrainerColress @SnowWarning ..... that Huge power Kyogre tho...
1:42:18 PM PKMNTrainerColress @Wahisietel_the_Cake fairly easy Kippa
1:40:49 PM PKMNTrainerColress @BarretWallace12 #NightCrewsaders
1:39:12 PM PKMNTrainerColress @ReddyLion You underestimated ttar Kappa
1:37:36 PM PKMNTrainerColress oh well
1:37:12 PM PKMNTrainerColress LUL Quick Claw Kippa
1:36:53 PM PKMNTrainerColress No ninetales DansGame Kappa
1:35:05 PM PKMNTrainerColress RaccAttack carrying VoHiYo
1:34:31 PM PKMNTrainerColress That theme was great @M4_used_Rollout Kreygasm
1:33:39 PM PKMNTrainerColress 4 imo
1:32:36 PM PKMNTrainerColress @Ninjanitor the score is reasonable , just the reason is stupid Kappa
1:28:56 PM PKMNTrainerColress USUM is just a 3rd version being splited into 2 games imo Kappa @MarkusDCSD
1:27:49 PM PKMNTrainerColress @Zc230 Let devs to add all 802 mons into USUM for ultimate #BadgeQuest Jebaited
1:25:39 PM PKMNTrainerColress @Zc230 but yeah recap to 100 is potential call for him to get PJSalt and cancel the development Kappa
1:25:06 PM PKMNTrainerColress Isn't he only care about it being used at the base of other hacks Kappa @Zc230
1:23:54 PM PKMNTrainerColress imo Pokemon Liberty Crystal has the best remix of this theme :/
1:21:24 PM PKMNTrainerColress I am quite sure if Theta emerald EX being chosen it won't be cleared in like 6 days Kappa
11:58:31 AM PKMNTrainerColress BloodTrail //
11:57:56 AM PKMNTrainerColress CoolCat MingLee
11:56:33 AM PKMNTrainerColress nice manual ban on M4 MingLee
11:54:24 AM PKMNTrainerColress Kappa M4 k may try out if this still count as baiting /me glhf on heal VoHiYo
11:52:53 AM PKMNTrainerColress LUL Faith
11:52:41 AM PKMNTrainerColress Isn't that slash me baiting Kippa
11:50:36 AM PKMNTrainerColress OSsloth /
11:48:58 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Sandoz1 at last we grind on water Kappa aka massacring jellyfishes Kappa
11:44:19 AM PKMNTrainerColress @FaithfulForce ummm Kappa Isn't machine part on nameless cavern/cerulean cave? Kappa
11:43:29 AM PKMNTrainerColress seafoam islands become 3 islands instead of 2 Kippa
11:41:36 AM PKMNTrainerColress @FaithfulForce That wasn't even intended Jebaited TROLLS BOUGHT THEM WHEN THEY WERE SPAMMING DOWN WHEN WE WERE BUYING BALLS AT CHERRYGROVE EleGiggle EleGiggle EleGiggle
11:40:28 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Wahisietel_the_Cake Healed 3 times , 11 revive 1 max revive 40 potions 1 max ether/ether and 4 full restore used
11:39:01 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Wahisietel_the_Cake boat in late game in Kanto... Keepo
11:38:43 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Wahisietel_the_Cake from reception gate
11:38:19 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Wahisietel_the_Cake gym order changed
11:37:49 AM PKMNTrainerColress That LC is more like Adamant then Naive TriHard
11:01:15 AM PKMNTrainerColress wait no Kanto wild mon music? Kappa
10:59:58 AM PKMNTrainerColress Pewter first Kippa
10:58:50 AM PKMNTrainerColress Search results: 18,483 messages13th Aug 2017 - 22nd Aug 2017(0.02s) oh well :P
10:57:41 AM PKMNTrainerColress @FaithfulForce pls BlessRNG Theta Emerald EX for #BadgeQuest
10:55:40 AM PKMNTrainerColress My rarest badge is Amoonguss Kappa
10:50:35 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Zc230 seems a good freind suggestion for strimmer Keepo
10:48:54 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Papper2k RitzMitz once badge whores arrived theta emerald ex will be a clear winner in this poll PogChamp #BadgeQuest
10:47:36 AM PKMNTrainerColress theta emerald ex atm Kippa @guduglut
10:46:40 AM PKMNTrainerColress @guduglut it's average rank not average score... Keepo
10:45:46 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Zc230 day crew will be less BabyRage if they have also healed on E4 Kappa to bad afaik they never got the chance to heal between E4 before this happened Kappa
10:44:28 AM PKMNTrainerColress but yeah too bad day crew didn't even have a chance for a healing enabled e4 urn Kappa
10:43:49 AM PKMNTrainerColress BloodTrail MingLee
10:42:28 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Zc230 badge quest is one of the better way to provide longevity to a run imo tbh Kappa since nowadays #NightCrewsauders will just rush through the game at a point that even a difficulty hack like this aren't gonna last long Kappa
10:38:57 AM PKMNTrainerColress Badge whores will fill first 721 entries on your global dex don't fuck it up with technical issues RitzMitz @M4_used_Rollout
10:36:22 AM PKMNTrainerColress VoteYea
10:35:01 AM PKMNTrainerColress Jebaited
10:34:21 AM PKMNTrainerColress why not using right... on selecting number Keepo
10:32:22 AM PKMNTrainerColress 67
10:26:53 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Zc230 we didn't meant to beat it when we were healing after Bruno Kappa but somehow we have just enough potions for that to happen Kappa
10:22:51 AM PKMNTrainerColress This is all I needed to put Theta Emerald Ex on first choice in that list Jebaited see how efficient it is Jebaited don't even needed to catch
10:20:00 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Lipoke 721 mons available , fairy types max level become 250, etc. Kappa
10:18:18 AM PKMNTrainerColress @M4_used_Rollout in few hours ago I actually thought you were overestimating us to predict we can get Earth badge before 28 but now Kappa
10:16:05 AM PKMNTrainerColress in original pyrite Red got 4 TriHard pokemon Kappa
10:15:21 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Lipoke in original version it's all 100 Kippa but I tends to believe it's modified after what M4 has just said Kappa
10:14:04 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Lipoke Yes teh urn lasted for 3 hours Kippa Feels bad for your alarm clock didn't wake you up as it planned Kappa
10:12:41 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Lipoke unfortunately it's blocked like FireRed/LeafGreen until you beat Red Kippa
10:11:39 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Lipoke we used all 40 potions in that E4 urn they have bought for us Keepo
10:09:20 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Lipoke we had just enough healing items for that to happen Jebaited like 1 max revive 4 full restore 11 revives and 40 potions
10:08:24 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Lipoke but it worth 7.5k apparently Keepo
10:07:55 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Lipoke yeah sell the moon stone Kippa
10:06:08 AM PKMNTrainerColress @FaithfulForce none of the stat exp of any stat of any mon in this team over 40k... Kappa
10:02:25 AM PKMNTrainerColress @M4_used_Rollout see how people hated Pyrite and wanted Theta Emerald EX now? MingLee no one care to throw after healing since they want this end asap and Theta Emerald EX happened sooner
10:00:56 AM PKMNTrainerColress Kappa
10:00:45 AM PKMNTrainerColress if you look back the vod our team status was really great after Bruno and there is totally having chance to beat her without healing Jebaited
9:59:12 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Lipoke we couldn't even pass Will without healing tbh Kippa
9:58:33 AM PKMNTrainerColress @FaithfulForce If you were here at teh urn Will battle probably will went much better than that throw festival Kappa
9:48:42 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Joycewu333 Badge quest PogChamp help everyone get their dream badge like in Randomized White 2 PogChamp
9:47:24 AM PKMNTrainerColress @probablydiana WutFace that €
9:46:50 AM PKMNTrainerColress LUL teh urn last for almost 3 hours MingLee
9:42:27 AM PKMNTrainerColress Theta emerald BlessRNG BADGE MINE RitzMitz Features:-721 Pokémon: Every Pokémon from Bulbasaur, all the way to Volcanion, is in this game, and they are all available to catch! 721 RitzMitz 721 badges RitzMitz
9:38:24 AM PKMNTrainerColress BloodTrail
9:37:06 AM PKMNTrainerColress @FaithfulForce Are you sure that gyarados won't just fire blast you? BloodTrail that's the only reason I assume eggs can't beat Gyarados tbh
9:35:12 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Chaos_lord2 The everytime when we keep on mentioning FRZ hax and flinch hax we got them Jebaited
9:31:39 AM PKMNTrainerColress so demohouse is quite likely to be available by now Kippa
9:31:21 AM PKMNTrainerColress and teh urn was extremely long because of healing Kippa
9:31:08 AM PKMNTrainerColress I doubt we have used demo before teh urn Kippa
9:30:04 AM PKMNTrainerColress Dewgod Furretgod RaccAttack <3
9:28:35 AM PKMNTrainerColress @FaithfulForce LUL ELM just want to tell you you should go to Kanto by the reception gate in this hack instead of giving you the ticket
9:26:30 AM PKMNTrainerColress I guess celebi is also one of the very few valuable badge here but idk how to encounter it :/
9:25:13 AM PKMNTrainerColress #NightCrewsaders MingLee
9:24:56 AM PKMNTrainerColress I really can't recall
9:24:47 AM PKMNTrainerColress have we ever talked to him? Kappa
9:24:04 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Chaos_lord2 also 1 crit Kappa
9:23:30 AM PKMNTrainerColress @FaithfulForce from what I see in vod and progress doc I also assumed Brock is the first gym leader Kappa
9:23:03 AM PKMNTrainerColress did we got the ticket? Kappa
9:22:19 AM PKMNTrainerColress @ChaosDukemon you can learn dragon ascent there , dunno if it's how you mega evo rayquaza tho Kippa
9:20:44 AM PKMNTrainerColress @ChaosDukemon Kappa I can't wait until we get to meteor falls on theta emerald postgame
9:19:40 AM PKMNTrainerColress @FaithfulForce yes BloodTrail
9:19:10 AM PKMNTrainerColress @BotlikeX this rom restricted your level according to how many gym badges you have Kippa
9:18:04 AM PKMNTrainerColress @BotlikeX possible if you can't get any xp after you hits 82... Keepo
9:17:40 AM PKMNTrainerColress RaccAttack
9:17:15 AM PKMNTrainerColress RitzMitz
9:16:55 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Timbob01 BlessRNG
9:16:19 AM PKMNTrainerColress PunOko
9:15:46 AM PKMNTrainerColress BloodTrail EleGiggle
9:14:12 AM PKMNTrainerColress @FaithfulForce We use it because we are always walled by Bruno and have no chance to fight other members seriously OSsloth , we thought we could just get money later on anyway so we use that little healing items we bought and yolo other members for more datas Kippa
9:12:11 AM PKMNTrainerColress @FaithfulForce We didn't even plan to beat e4 on that urn we just want to heal and gain more data about E4 Jebaited
9:11:30 AM PKMNTrainerColress we are rich now PogChamp 80k
9:10:15 AM PKMNTrainerColress BloodTrail Kippa BegWan VaultBoy RaccAttack <3
9:09:52 AM PKMNTrainerColress BegWan
9:09:42 AM PKMNTrainerColress Kippa
9:09:37 AM PKMNTrainerColress RaccAttack VaultBoy <3
9:08:58 AM PKMNTrainerColress HeyGuys Kreygasm TTours
9:08:46 AM PKMNTrainerColress TTours
9:07:52 AM PKMNTrainerColress Kappa
9:05:55 AM PKMNTrainerColress timeout* Kappa @FaithfulForce
9:05:45 AM PKMNTrainerColress @FaithfulForce YOU BLACK OUT YOURSELF ON E4 AGAIN eLEgIGGLE
9:05:19 AM PKMNTrainerColress 2 free turn on return Jebaited teh urn confirmed
9:04:51 AM PKMNTrainerColress You guys has to thank me I am the only one who summon this RNG SwiftRage
9:04:25 AM PKMNTrainerColress PogChamp I CALLED IT
9:04:12 AM PKMNTrainerColress cmon FRZ BlessRNG
9:03:46 AM PKMNTrainerColress everyone type BlessRNG in chat for Ice Beam 10% FRZ hax BlessRNG
9:02:30 AM PKMNTrainerColress my up punWaifu
9:01:25 AM PKMNTrainerColress yeah fodder
9:01:00 AM PKMNTrainerColress @FaithfulForce we now call day crew like situation on night crew as "eclipse crew" fyi Kappa
9:00:33 AM PKMNTrainerColress this eclipse crew Jebaited
8:59:58 AM PKMNTrainerColress @FaithfulForce then you need ice beam on Kingdra Kappa
8:59:33 AM PKMNTrainerColress @FaithfulForce how to kill Gyarados without Ice beam FRZ Jebaited
8:59:06 AM PKMNTrainerColress actually you have lost OSsloth unless you get 2 FRZ from ice beam straight , which is like 1% chance to happen Kippa
8:58:14 AM PKMNTrainerColress LUL
8:57:54 AM PKMNTrainerColress uhhh... may just lose this and buy more healing items at this rate Kappa
8:56:30 AM PKMNTrainerColress @jcneww we use flamethrower instead of tpunch if we don't spam b thanks for you spamming a brainlessly
8:55:34 AM PKMNTrainerColress just remember to spam b all the time in battle instead of a next time and we will be fine ResidentSleeper oh wait random ppl only know a button Kappa
8:54:05 AM PKMNTrainerColress literally no answer to Gyarados now OSsloth
8:53:40 AM PKMNTrainerColress tpunch the last chance to weaken Gyaraods and you waste it here OSsloth
8:53:22 AM PKMNTrainerColress really sucks OSsloth
8:53:15 AM PKMNTrainerColress you guys sucks OSsloth
8:52:55 AM PKMNTrainerColress @FaithfulForce Gyarados OSsloth
8:51:30 AM PKMNTrainerColress BlessRNG O H K O
8:51:07 AM PKMNTrainerColress and you guys need to calm down and discuss about what we should do next step instead of trying to input a Kappa
8:50:35 AM PKMNTrainerColress Should be bolt here with this HP AI won't waste time on trying to sleep Kippa so it's just the matter of if STAB tbolt enough to OHKO this thing Kippa
8:49:46 AM PKMNTrainerColress BlessRNG magnet tbolt ohko
8:49:00 AM PKMNTrainerColress Glutton GX is decent if it use 1Dark + 2DCE instead... Keepo
8:47:37 AM PKMNTrainerColress buy*
8:47:32 AM PKMNTrainerColress if we lost just cry and then but 15 revives 15 hyper potions... Kappa
8:46:54 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Xeogran PogChamp
8:46:19 AM PKMNTrainerColress trap Kappa
8:44:37 AM PKMNTrainerColress VaultBoy
8:37:55 AM PKMNTrainerColress we probably need sing to miss Kippa
8:36:36 AM PKMNTrainerColress 9 more potions Kappa
8:35:57 AM PKMNTrainerColress yeah use calcium
8:35:15 AM PKMNTrainerColress that's 3 surf PP means gator won't fulfill it's job to kill aero and zard Kappa
8:34:42 AM PKMNTrainerColress Lead with gator and heal on dewgong>gator I guess... Kappa
8:33:50 AM PKMNTrainerColress 3 surf PP FailFish
8:32:46 AM PKMNTrainerColress dewgong literally only needed to tank 1 Tbolt but gator has to kill aero and zard Kippa
8:32:03 AM PKMNTrainerColress LUL you guys
8:29:22 AM PKMNTrainerColress @BestKappaMX
8:28:08 AM PKMNTrainerColress @ChaosDukemon 4 revive 1 max revive 9 potons
8:26:24 AM PKMNTrainerColress we are now in a handicap of 4/6 mons in yellow zone facing Lance Kappa
8:25:09 AM PKMNTrainerColress Kappa ...
8:23:45 AM PKMNTrainerColress OhMyDog
8:20:54 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Joycewu333 I was wrong Kappa flying 65
8:20:00 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Joycewu333 ground
8:19:26 AM PKMNTrainerColress now we need a hit Kappa
8:17:17 AM PKMNTrainerColress gengar NotLikeThis
8:16:26 AM PKMNTrainerColress good thing is magnet has low HP so revive + potions are enough to take it back to 100% Kippa
8:15:07 AM PKMNTrainerColress oh well crit
8:11:19 AM PKMNTrainerColress LUL outspeed Kippa
8:09:00 AM PKMNTrainerColress you guys Kappa
8:08:12 AM PKMNTrainerColress @laughablez333 this game sucks how will anyone even like this MingLee
8:07:18 AM PKMNTrainerColress @laughablez333 if you hate this game just let us finish it so we will play a better game earlier ResidentSleeper
8:04:54 AM PKMNTrainerColress LUL
8:03:32 AM PKMNTrainerColress @RomanoffBlitzer 1 MAX REVIVE 4 revive Kippa can heal around 3 faint mon Kippa
8:02:22 AM PKMNTrainerColress tactical speed control LUL
8:01:46 AM PKMNTrainerColress @Xeogran Do you want this urn end asap? OSsloth