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3:56:04 PM Egobuff i wonder if ill actually buy us/um 🤔
1:33:17 PM Egobuff probably not
1:21:34 PM Egobuff id like to remind you that dialga has base 150 spatk
1:18:30 PM Egobuff im pretty sure the only reason we have this stuff at all is because chaos focused so much on it
1:17:57 PM Egobuff because there are only so many people working on things
9:04:36 AM Egobuff red needed rng to win, they just didnt get any
9:04:09 AM Egobuff <3
9:03:24 AM Egobuff low kek LUL
9:02:17 AM Egobuff i always use t2 on pinball
8:59:27 AM Egobuff nope
8:58:28 AM Egobuff we came to that conclusion when duel first happened
8:56:15 AM Egobuff out of the people who input, the one with the highest bet controls
8:54:08 AM Egobuff ripperino oddsirino
8:52:52 AM Egobuff Jebaited
8:52:04 AM Egobuff PowerUpL BJBlazkowicz PowerUpR
8:51:36 AM Egobuff It's time to d-d-d-d-d-duel
8:49:58 AM Egobuff well clean sweep and perfect sweep 🤔
8:47:29 AM Egobuff i am fine with the events currently occuring
8:18:30 AM Egobuff its faster to not get it Kappa
8:17:23 AM Egobuff yeah i also hate it when people dont do exactly what i want
1:42:45 PM Egobuff hohoho KappaClaus
1:40:47 PM Egobuff these sets dont feel particularly advanced
1:35:56 PM Egobuff why would you think that
1:35:43 PM Egobuff LUL
1:35:26 PM Egobuff no happiny, that's not what a headbutt is
1:30:11 PM Egobuff tpp crashed Kappa
11:46:43 AM Egobuff Roy is a sour king
11:43:54 AM Egobuff CurseLit TotinosRing CurseLit
11:42:37 AM Egobuff GivePLZ TotinosRing TakeNRG
11:42:11 AM Egobuff TotinosRing I thought this was the one ring to rule them all
11:41:26 AM Egobuff k cool
11:40:58 AM Egobuff TPFufun
10:09:13 AM Egobuff well in an actual speedrun we'd use a nidoran Kappa
9:29:01 AM Egobuff OpieOP
9:16:19 AM Egobuff latias sure is bulky LUL
9:14:07 AM Egobuff gengar has higher base speed than zapdos you know
9:09:24 AM Egobuff NotLikeThis
9:08:58 AM Egobuff WoW
9:05:26 AM Egobuff #suggestions is a channel for a reason Keepo
9:01:05 AM Egobuff because it's midday
8:58:44 AM Egobuff and no quick feet Keepo
8:53:23 AM Egobuff that would be kinda dumb in its own way
8:52:17 AM Egobuff _good_ sunkern set, that is
8:52:04 AM Egobuff well no, not really
8:51:22 AM Egobuff no-miss aura sphere PogChamp
8:50:34 AM Egobuff what's with the obsession over grapes anyways
8:50:01 AM Egobuff expecting tpp to play optimally LUL
8:47:20 AM Egobuff lucky crit ruins everything OSsloth
8:46:01 AM Egobuff yes, it's Kappa
5:53:54 AM Egobuff HAT or BabyRage
5:51:49 AM Egobuff but why didnt blue sdx2 ice shard sweep?
5:29:04 AM Egobuff name it hat
10:53:01 PM Egobuff Does this mean that TPP has moved to the advanced generation? Kappa
10:49:20 PM Egobuff ok who used the pot of greed DansGame
10:49:03 PM Egobuff psychics do psychic stuff
10:46:55 PM Egobuff pot of greed makes the opponent use a statup move during the turn they die
10:42:29 PM Egobuff Stop the presses, someone on the internet is mad about something
10:41:56 PM Egobuff also please do not take general memeing too seriously LUL
10:41:15 PM Egobuff in a surprise twist, it turns out that people prefer the things they prefer
10:38:43 PM Egobuff BabyRage = tpp chat (no complex things)
10:35:17 PM Egobuff well in our defense the playerbase is stupid
10:34:16 PM Egobuff compared to our simplified sets these are complex
10:31:42 PM Egobuff its stupid stuff like this that makes people not play anymore Keepo
10:30:13 PM Egobuff NotLikeThis
10:14:02 PM Egobuff <3
10:07:35 PM Egobuff o_O
10:03:47 PM Egobuff be the change you want to see and submit the music you want in
10:02:44 PM Egobuff they are mons with high offense and low defense
9:54:37 PM Egobuff aerial ace wont miss now Kreygasm
9:52:14 PM Egobuff 5/10 i do not approve Keepo
9:51:19 PM Egobuff are people seriously surprised that donphan is a physical tank LUL
9:25:30 PM Egobuff ...mega kick? 🤔
9:20:59 PM Egobuff CountRaposa OSsloth /
9:20:37 PM Egobuff magic coat is not mirror coat
9:20:01 PM Egobuff first match and already getting rng haxed DansGame
9:19:27 PM Egobuff BibIeThump
9:12:22 PM Egobuff going against the "general opinion" can be quite fatal here, yes Keepo
9:11:21 PM Egobuff there is literally no reason to favor any single person with run badges
9:07:41 PM Egobuff VoteNay
9:07:28 PM Egobuff ban anyone who does something that someone doesnt like
9:03:48 PM Egobuff maybe if i actually played i mightve gotten something meaningful Kappa
9:03:24 PM Egobuff I got a golbat I think Keepo
8:33:39 AM Egobuff Just choose release on PC to release scatterbug's hidden powers and evolve it
12:31:59 PM Egobuff catch
12:31:55 PM Egobuff Catch
12:31:30 PM Egobuff catch
12:28:53 PM Egobuff yeah i input like once a few minutes ago
12:28:31 PM Egobuff LUL
7:47:38 AM Egobuff ...blaze maybe?
7:40:14 AM Egobuff i call hax DansGame
7:33:24 AM Egobuff whats wrong with sand attack?
7:28:29 AM Egobuff PogChamp
7:26:58 AM Egobuff tppsim with the words of wisdom 🤔
7:25:37 AM Egobuff Diana probably won it Keepo
7:08:56 AM Egobuff end game time PogChamp
7:01:45 AM Egobuff actual evolution, huh LUL
9:16:34 PM Egobuff Plot twist, it's actually just a really modern trash can
8:59:15 PM Egobuff also faith are you sure you are capable of not spending 24/7 here? Kappa
8:58:37 PM Egobuff im not that old DansGame
8:26:11 PM Egobuff spoilers there are pokemon
8:18:44 PM Egobuff OpieOP
12:47:44 PM Egobuff plot twist, im not actually playing pokemon
11:37:22 AM Egobuff that is one crazy match there
11:12:56 AM Egobuff supposed to be HP rock 60
11:11:17 AM Egobuff kinda screams "lol we forgot to make ivs match the hp" to me
11:10:32 AM Egobuff hp fighting 30? 🤔
11:05:20 AM Egobuff * 🤔
11:05:09 AM Egobuff did sim start simulating tpp literally 🌡
11:03:56 AM Egobuff it doesnt, yeah
11:03:35 AM Egobuff good pinball luck today PogChamp
10:55:53 AM Egobuff fog the fog
10:50:55 AM Egobuff winning a screenshot? LUL
10:38:27 AM Egobuff poor zangoose, losing badges FeelsBadMan
8:56:18 AM Egobuff good luck BlessRNG
8:31:16 AM Egobuff fun fact, 95% of statistics are made up and 105% of statisticians are incompetent
8:15:45 AM Egobuff neither am i
8:15:13 AM Egobuff dunno, wasn't sure which one was correct
8:14:32 AM Egobuff turns out that the people involved with tpp are ordinary people with actual lifes
8:12:20 AM Egobuff greetings
8:11:46 AM Egobuff There are things that mankind was not meant to know. This is not one of those.
4:42:51 PM Egobuff also a doctor
4:42:21 PM Egobuff youre not a friend, youre a bro Kappa
6:53:35 PM Egobuff tpp: Egobuff has collected 100 distinct Pokemon badge(s) PogChamp
3:29:24 PM Egobuff sounds fishy 🤔
3:25:14 PM Egobuff of course he has, why else would he stay here all day Kappa
3:14:39 PM Egobuff sturdy doesnt do that in gen 4, only gen 5 onwards
3:14:20 PM Egobuff gen 4 sturdy strikes again LUL
3:13:47 PM Egobuff people bet this high on red without any idea how to play it? 🤔
9:59:03 AM Egobuff a hamster
8:06:20 AM Egobuff red wins plz bet red
12:59:44 PM Egobuff i lost again? what a twist :/
12:49:39 PM Egobuff you can enjoy your own music
12:48:56 PM Egobuff 1bet 100 red
12:47:35 PM Egobuff i did say red would win
12:40:13 PM Egobuff pretty much, yeah
12:39:46 PM Egobuff i am currently enjoying yet another streak of awful luck and horrible mistakes LUL
12:39:25 PM Egobuff hello
12:37:46 PM Egobuff red team cheating DansGame
12:35:09 PM Egobuff red's win is guaranteed, go all in on red
12:34:11 PM Egobuff red wins, bet red
12:32:06 PM Egobuff everyone else stopped inputting and i forgot i input at all LUL
12:31:31 PM Egobuff i blame everyone else on my team OSsloth
12:26:03 PM Egobuff red team dug their own grave LUL
12:07:56 PM Egobuff red team will win btw bet red
12:03:31 PM Egobuff because people are bad at playing this easy game
12:02:06 PM Egobuff nice throw red team FeelsBadMan
11:02:21 AM Egobuff sorry, its just me and my awful luck Keepo
11:00:37 AM Egobuff gg blue nice payout
10:20:08 AM Egobuff that stupid spinda will be the doom of me
8:13:43 AM Egobuff LUL
1:45:52 PM Egobuff Welcome to TPP everyone Kappa
1:41:13 PM Egobuff aerial ace Kreygasm
1:37:49 PM Egobuff yeah i guess it would be more important than fictional currency
12:15:12 PM Egobuff i have nothing against supporting dead streams, i just don't want to support twitch anymore Kappa
12:14:13 PM Egobuff i was wondering how long it took for someone to notice
12:13:47 PM Egobuff Keepo
12:10:40 PM Egobuff met_yoshi i think it does if the attack becomes super effective Kappa
12:10:18 PM Egobuff tpp died before it was born
10:45:51 AM Egobuff Kippa ......
9:27:26 AM Egobuff the definition of a game is very very vague
7:46:47 AM Egobuff "please use" BibleThump
7:45:45 AM Egobuff hoopa-unbound moved to uu 🤔
7:44:16 AM Egobuff i guess rain teams became popular or something
7:44:04 AM Egobuff kingdra bl3 to ou WutFace
7:43:38 AM Egobuff DansGame
7:37:38 AM Egobuff better than lying about it i guess
6:05:43 AM Egobuff morning people
10:57:21 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff who cares Kippa
10:54:22 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff tppsim please no FeelsBadMan
10:18:01 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff a ground type... with only a stab of the other type Kappa
10:14:08 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff crits arent instakill
9:57:36 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff itd be nice, wouldnt it, having competent inputters...
9:56:36 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff "fake bets" are automatically purged
9:55:04 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff other alternatives are rare or require using real life money
9:54:28 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff one token is randomly given to a single inputter during every sidegame input
9:50:29 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff PraiseIt
9:43:27 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff justice DatSheffy 7
9:39:27 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff a crit right after defensive setup, of course
9:38:43 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff yes you can, and if mods ban you for that you can just tell us and we'll get the mods kicked out for power abuse Kappa
9:38:03 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff dammit renlev Kappa
6:10:14 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff i think it is, yeah
8:13:31 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff aerial ace Kreygasm
8:08:36 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff bet 100 red
7:36:02 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff no i have the best avatar PraiseIt
7:35:25 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff what a bunch of weeaboos MVGame
7:27:57 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff anyone who can convince the streamer
7:27:11 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff i cant
7:26:00 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff because it has a cue bone TriHard ...does that even make sense
7:21:08 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff tell her that a bunch of nerds from the internet are happy she's ok Kappa
7:20:05 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff donald duck getting lucky 🤔
7:16:26 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff well that sucks FeelsBadMan
7:16:10 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff is that a copypasta or something that actually happened? 🤔
7:15:15 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff why would you think that
7:10:09 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff this is tpp, everyone is PJSalt
7:09:35 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff undertale is worst game ever #FightMeBro Kappa
7:08:24 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff ys series also has good music Keepo
7:06:35 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff ice emblem is cooler
7:05:25 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff sasuga joker
6:43:10 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff 4Head
6:36:41 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff you get hit by a move, your type becomes that moves type
6:30:52 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff I detect a throw
6:29:02 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff Set Lee free HassaanChop
6:25:56 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff its funny that blue's two other pokemon were also good against red tppLUL
6:24:55 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff crit chance is 6.25%
6:24:06 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff jynx was changed to purple because racism
6:22:19 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff nah i see it, i just wanted to donate to brave underdogs
6:21:15 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff most balanced match ever
6:14:45 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff aerial ace Kreygasm
6:07:41 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff maybe its fire/electric? 🤔
6:05:20 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff no
6:01:51 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff wtf these odds
6:00:13 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff PRChase you never know whatll happen in a defiance match
5:59:38 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff tppbr in a nutshell
5:25:25 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff rock slide miss?
5:24:20 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff 1pp trump card, swagger, life orb, aftermath 🤔
5:22:44 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff wow TriHard
5:22:17 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff because tpp is apolitical
5:20:25 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff shield dust will not prevent the rng from ****ing me
5:19:42 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff hey look, i was right OpieOP
5:17:40 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff blue will win just to spite the odds
5:14:02 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff shield dust will not protect from lame token matches
5:09:52 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff it does not prevent you from seeing loss edits, but it will prevent you from the facepalm status Kappa
5:02:43 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff now if only it also blocked crits...
4:59:21 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff LUL
4:52:55 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff theres a reason sidegame is disabled during urns
4:51:33 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff whaat WutFace
4:48:32 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff yeah you couldve switched it in three times
4:46:32 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff you dont want to know all the stupid things ive thought when doing movesets Kappa
4:45:57 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff the hp% is eruption
4:44:40 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff Jebaited
2:12:01 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff dig crit is 6.25% dpunch selfhit is 25%
12:58:09 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff who exactly allows payment in pokedollars 🤔
12:57:31 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff gg blue team way to throw an easy victory Kappa
12:51:49 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff yeah this is such an easy and trivial win for [team]
12:50:58 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff time for turn 1 prediction match
12:49:21 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff i want to bet but not to input, but if i dont input everything always goes horribly wrong NotLikeThis
12:48:22 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff Kippa
12:48:08 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff GivePLZ TakeNRG
12:17:02 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff to hit things with
12:08:38 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff NFreak007 Jebaited
11:45:59 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff with some pokemon runs every now and then
11:45:46 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff its been mostly gambling for a loong time now
11:13:32 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff TPP in a nutshell
10:39:58 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff dont be like i was in university FeelsBadMan
10:36:16 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff as an underdog i do not approve of this rng tppLUL
10:35:02 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff it actually happened tppLUL
10:34:11 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff trick defog hype PogChamp
10:27:11 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff tppLUL
6:26:10 AM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff good old rng
7:51:18 PM 2-Year Subscriber Egobuff throws? nah, i just used an alternate winning strategy Kappa