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3:28:03 AM RomanoffBlitzer Say Jebaited if you think we'll hit the level cap on all of our mons before we beat Morty
3:27:05 AM RomanoffBlitzer #Level51DewgongInThePC
2:54:22 AM RomanoffBlitzer Someone better take a screenshot when we get Dewgong to level 52 Kappa
2:53:02 AM RomanoffBlitzer Need more grind, Morty is hard NotLikeThis
2:51:59 AM RomanoffBlitzer Dewgong? Another meme slain PogChamp
2:18:57 AM RomanoffBlitzer 46 tauros is dead Kappa
1:52:42 AM RomanoffBlitzer VoHiYo
1:14:28 AM RomanoffBlitzer Jebaoted
1:14:15 AM RomanoffBlitzer ResidentSleeper
1:13:13 AM RomanoffBlitzer Seal? VoHiYo
1:13:09 AM RomanoffBlitzer WutFace
1:12:18 AM RomanoffBlitzer Kappa
1:12:08 AM RomanoffBlitzer PogChamp
1:01:10 AM RomanoffBlitzer Rainbow-colored KappaPride
12:07:37 AM RomanoffBlitzer Most people I've heard like the Entei movie.
12:04:49 AM RomanoffBlitzer Remember us watching the Entei movie? It was glorious TriHard
12:03:19 AM RomanoffBlitzer Ash's Charizard almost lost to Entei TriHard
12:01:42 AM RomanoffBlitzer The Pokemon anime would be better if it was structured like Jojo's Kappa
11:59:14 PM RomanoffBlitzer Romance Kappa
11:58:33 PM RomanoffBlitzer Actually, we can catch a Ditto at R34 right now OneHand
11:57:04 PM RomanoffBlitzer We should put a Ditto into one of our final teams for the lulz Kappa
11:56:14 PM RomanoffBlitzer PRChase
9:29:41 PM RomanoffBlitzer MIME WutFace ...Oh, it's just Magmar Kappa
7:48:43 PM RomanoffBlitzer Jebaited
8:58:44 AM RomanoffBlitzer Get berries? VoteYea / VoteNay BibleThump
8:58:17 AM RomanoffBlitzer Its cry is weak... BibleThump
8:45:56 AM RomanoffBlitzer BloodTrail ResidentSleeper
8:20:43 AM RomanoffBlitzer TriHard attack
8:07:03 AM RomanoffBlitzer PogChamp
7:04:08 AM RomanoffBlitzer Smegma PogChamp
7:03:50 AM RomanoffBlitzer Entei so cowardly it won't even show up TriHard
7:03:20 AM RomanoffBlitzer TriHard
6:48:52 AM RomanoffBlitzer Switched to Thundershock Jebaited
6:48:32 AM RomanoffBlitzer Crit Jebaited
6:48:09 AM RomanoffBlitzer Fucking magnets, how do they work FailFish
6:47:44 AM RomanoffBlitzer FailFish Another Hypnosis hit
6:47:17 AM RomanoffBlitzer BloodTrail
6:45:56 AM RomanoffBlitzer Hypnosis sweep Jebaited
6:41:10 AM RomanoffBlitzer Rip faith Jebaited
6:40:05 AM RomanoffBlitzer Cuddle your Spheals for good luck VoHiYo
6:39:44 AM RomanoffBlitzer Jebaited
6:39:20 AM RomanoffBlitzer Rainbow colors KappaPride
6:39:12 AM RomanoffBlitzer Okay guys, 2 curs ethen x-scossir
6:38:45 AM RomanoffBlitzer PogChamp
3:49:53 AM RomanoffBlitzer WutFace
3:48:57 AM RomanoffBlitzer WutFace WHAT WAS THAT
3:48:50 AM RomanoffBlitzer WutFace WutFace
3:48:46 AM RomanoffBlitzer WutFace
3:48:33 AM RomanoffBlitzer Time to freak out CurseLit
3:47:23 AM RomanoffBlitzer Throwing shade Kappa
3:47:12 AM RomanoffBlitzer DOOT DOOT WutFace
3:45:05 AM RomanoffBlitzer Once BloodTrail
3:13:18 AM RomanoffBlitzer BloodTrail
3:08:00 AM RomanoffBlitzer select helps us moderate our inputs so we don't overshoot BloodTrail
3:07:31 AM RomanoffBlitzer selector infected sect WutFace
3:06:24 AM RomanoffBlitzer Elite floor PogChamp WutFace
3:05:59 AM RomanoffBlitzer BloodTrail Kappa
3:05:08 AM RomanoffBlitzer Oh boy, now we can fulfill the Dewgong meme Kappa
8:13:08 AM RomanoffBlitzer DON'T STARE ME ALWAYS! BORT
7:30:17 AM RomanoffBlitzer Gain 0 Mana Crystals this turn only EleGiggle
7:30:02 AM RomanoffBlitzer Jebaited
7:27:58 AM RomanoffBlitzer PogChamp 8
4:32:21 AM RomanoffBlitzer OSkomodo
12:44:09 AM RomanoffBlitzer sim Kappa
12:38:54 AM RomanoffBlitzer VoHiYo Sphcute
12:36:01 AM RomanoffBlitzer VoHiYo Um...
12:33:40 AM RomanoffBlitzer Maybe we should catch Ekans anyways OSkomodo
12:33:26 AM RomanoffBlitzer Wrong tree Kappa
12:28:50 AM RomanoffBlitzer Kappa
12:28:39 AM RomanoffBlitzer Knights of the Fungi Throne PogChamp
12:27:43 AM RomanoffBlitzer No Ambipom this game DansGame
12:27:28 AM RomanoffBlitzer Nope Kappa
12:26:08 AM RomanoffBlitzer OLDEN is never gone Kappa
12:23:37 AM RomanoffBlitzer The first non-Gyarados shiny I caught was a Fearow in Sun SeemsGood
12:22:44 AM RomanoffBlitzer My first shiny was a Safari Zone Xatu, it ran away FailFish
12:22:08 AM RomanoffBlitzer @Zawasculin TriHard
12:21:33 AM RomanoffBlitzer ThankEgg put eggs tho
11:01:15 PM RomanoffBlitzer MIME WutFace
9:28:07 PM RomanoffBlitzer There are two alternatives: we get mail, or we never use the PC. The latter is far more boring.
6:56:04 PM RomanoffBlitzer MADAQ BORT
6:51:22 PM RomanoffBlitzer KAPOW
6:28:28 AM RomanoffBlitzer KAPOW
6:28:06 AM RomanoffBlitzer SPAAAA WutFace AAAACE
6:25:04 AM RomanoffBlitzer KAIROS WutFace
6:25:00 AM RomanoffBlitzer PogChamp
3:29:31 AM RomanoffBlitzer Shuckle_used_Rollout WutFace
3:29:06 AM RomanoffBlitzer MOLDEN WutFace
3:28:56 AM RomanoffBlitzer PogChamp
3:20:44 AM RomanoffBlitzer Rock Smash smashes the rock BIbleThump
3:20:27 AM RomanoffBlitzer Fighting-type, we dead Kappa
3:20:17 AM RomanoffBlitzer PogChamp
3:17:42 AM RomanoffBlitzer Defense down PogChamp
3:17:36 AM RomanoffBlitzer Yolonome Kappa
2:23:33 AM RomanoffBlitzer Time to encounter OLDEN again WutFace
2:19:33 AM RomanoffBlitzer DEKU OneHand
2:03:48 AM RomanoffBlitzer Catch Celebi, we can time travel to Shoal Cave PogChamp
1:59:31 AM RomanoffBlitzer 16 PogChamp
8:37:31 PM RomanoffBlitzer Kappa
8:37:20 PM RomanoffBlitzer Shiny Kappa
8:18:28 PM RomanoffBlitzer NO EMOTE DansGame
7:57:10 PM RomanoffBlitzer DEKU time OneHand
7:36:26 PM RomanoffBlitzer WutFace
7:16:03 PM RomanoffBlitzer PogChamp More buals?
7:12:45 PM RomanoffBlitzer SpHealed VoHiYo
7:10:28 PM RomanoffBlitzer @匿名者九九九九九九九九九 VoHiYo /
7:10:05 PM RomanoffBlitzer @WhatAboutGamingLive This hack has in-built level limits that increase with badges gained
7:09:50 PM RomanoffBlitzer We hit the level limit again Jebaited
7:07:29 PM RomanoffBlitzer Be good and look after the house with Grandpa and SLOWPOKE. Love, Dad BibleThump
7:07:08 PM RomanoffBlitzer tppSlowpoke
7:03:50 PM RomanoffBlitzer Aerial Potion Kreygasm
6:59:36 PM RomanoffBlitzer MISSILE BOMB BORT
9:31:13 AM RomanoffBlitzer BabyRage
9:03:10 AM RomanoffBlitzer Clutch PogChamp
8:45:56 AM RomanoffBlitzer BloodTrail Quit this game, hack the ROM to add Spheal to the game, restart, catch Spheal
8:45:26 AM RomanoffBlitzer BloodTrail 3 x-scossir ethen curs
8:45:10 AM RomanoffBlitzer Start spamming the BloodTrail s that Faith cannot
8:42:30 AM RomanoffBlitzer HEHE BORT
8:41:54 AM RomanoffBlitzer Personally my jam is stories about the gods PraiseIt and OLDEN WutFace
8:41:33 AM RomanoffBlitzer I ask all of you, what kind of L PogChamp R E would you be interested in?
8:41:07 AM RomanoffBlitzer 0 DansGame
8:39:23 AM RomanoffBlitzer Chat leading is in Faith's blood BloodTrail he does it no matter what he says he'll do Kappa
8:38:10 AM RomanoffBlitzer There isn't a large audience for lore so the lore writers mostly write for each other OpieOP
8:26:19 AM RomanoffBlitzer VaultBoy
8:25:01 AM RomanoffBlitzer LASS [REDACTED] WutFace
8:23:11 AM RomanoffBlitzer @AKAiming PBR does happen a majority of the time, but every so often we do a run BloodTrail
2:46:10 AM RomanoffBlitzer If you want to train the other mons then faint the croc and go to the tall grass
2:44:43 AM RomanoffBlitzer @SnowWarning I have seen some, they're not that cute Kappa
2:42:55 AM RomanoffBlitzer @SnowWarning Spheal is cute, that's all there is to it VoHiYo unless you meant another seal Kappa
2:41:40 AM RomanoffBlitzer LUL
2:41:17 AM RomanoffBlitzer Heal like SpHeal VoHiYo
2:41:03 AM RomanoffBlitzer BORT
2:40:23 AM RomanoffBlitzer Jebaited
2:39:59 AM RomanoffBlitzer ThankEgg Praise Bellsprout
10:38:04 PM RomanoffBlitzer WutFace BEES
10:37:38 PM RomanoffBlitzer Catch a Spheal, Ice beats Flying VoHiYo Kappa
10:00:11 PM RomanoffBlitzer DBstyle
9:59:32 PM RomanoffBlitzer PogChamp
9:23:01 PM RomanoffBlitzer SwiftRage
9:15:20 PM RomanoffBlitzer #LEDGEWORL Jebaited
9:15:06 PM RomanoffBlitzer LEDGE WORL Jebaited
9:06:12 PM RomanoffBlitzer NO NAME DansGame
9:05:59 PM RomanoffBlitzer LAZOR hype PogChamp
9:04:38 PM RomanoffBlitzer !
9:04:28 PM RomanoffBlitzer WUSIJI DR BORT
9:04:21 PM RomanoffBlitzer Pick Chikorita VoHiYo
9:04:11 PM RomanoffBlitzer DansGame
9:03:56 PM RomanoffBlitzer VOYEUR DEKU OneHand
9:03:50 PM RomanoffBlitzer WOW DEKU OneHand
9:03:26 PM RomanoffBlitzer DEKU OneHand
9:02:01 PM RomanoffBlitzer PogChamp
9:01:07 PM RomanoffBlitzer PogChamp
9:00:56 PM RomanoffBlitzer BABA BORT
9:00:26 PM RomanoffBlitzer PogChamp
9:00:14 PM RomanoffBlitzer FailFish
8:59:46 PM RomanoffBlitzer OneHand
8:59:41 PM RomanoffBlitzer Democracy for character selection
8:59:18 PM RomanoffBlitzer @インファナルボイド OneHand
8:47:22 PM RomanoffBlitzer WutFace
8:45:30 PM RomanoffBlitzer OhMyDog
8:42:54 PM RomanoffBlitzer Pick Spheal even though it's impossible VoHiYo
8:38:10 PM RomanoffBlitzer KappaPride WE KappaPride WERE KappaPride BORN KappaPride TO KappaPride MAKE KappaPride HISTORY
8:37:53 PM RomanoffBlitzer Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm
8:36:57 PM RomanoffBlitzer WutFace
8:36:08 PM RomanoffBlitzer tppPc
8:36:02 PM RomanoffBlitzer Chat leading is in Faith's blood BloodTrail
8:33:12 PM RomanoffBlitzer DONG BORT
8:31:26 PM RomanoffBlitzer WutFace
8:30:54 PM RomanoffBlitzer WutFace OLDEN
8:30:36 PM RomanoffBlitzer BORT
8:30:15 PM RomanoffBlitzer WutFace
8:30:05 PM RomanoffBlitzer PogChamp
8:26:15 PM RomanoffBlitzer #BibleThumpa BibleThump
8:20:52 PM RomanoffBlitzer @Lorekitten No publicity is bad publicity Kappa
8:19:53 PM RomanoffBlitzer Trump can be provoked into watching TPP Kappa
8:17:25 PM RomanoffBlitzer Let's not balance increased difficulty with increased democracy OpieOP
8:11:37 PM RomanoffBlitzer WutFace
8:11:00 PM RomanoffBlitzer CurseLit
8:10:46 PM RomanoffBlitzer Twitch chat is like a Spheal, it is very cute VoHiYo
8:09:56 PM RomanoffBlitzer Lemmings is back Kappa
8:09:03 PM RomanoffBlitzer Kamimamita!
8:08:39 PM RomanoffBlitzer WutFace IT'S GONNA BLOW
8:02:13 PM RomanoffBlitzer TriHard
7:59:55 PM RomanoffBlitzer WutFace
7:16:27 PM RomanoffBlitzer Kappa
7:07:29 PM RomanoffBlitzer Kippa
7:07:22 PM RomanoffBlitzer BloodTrail
7:07:04 PM RomanoffBlitzer CoolCat
9:28:58 PM RomanoffBlitzer Pioxys's waifu PogChamp
9:25:18 PM RomanoffBlitzer HassaanChop HassaanChop
9:25:01 PM RomanoffBlitzer PogChamp
7:50:49 PM RomanoffBlitzer Aur Baby Kappa
7:50:37 PM RomanoffBlitzer WutFace
7:49:58 PM RomanoffBlitzer CHOOSE EGG ThankEgg
7:44:46 PM RomanoffBlitzer WutFace
9:24:13 PM RomanoffBlitzer TriHard
9:22:47 PM RomanoffBlitzer VoHiYo
9:21:45 PM RomanoffBlitzer PASS WORL Jebaited
9:20:35 PM RomanoffBlitzer Password saving DansGame
9:19:51 PM RomanoffBlitzer Rayman PogChamp
9:19:05 PM RomanoffBlitzer WutFace
8:10:03 PM RomanoffBlitzer One Million of me 4Head
8:07:49 PM RomanoffBlitzer BabyRage
8:05:19 PM RomanoffBlitzer I had a dream that BORT came back under another name BibleThump
8:04:01 PM RomanoffBlitzer KISEKI BibleThump
7:38:00 PM RomanoffBlitzer VoHiYo
3:58:54 AM RomanoffBlitzer SPAAAA WutFace AAAACE
3:48:52 AM RomanoffBlitzer NAME ELF? BORT
3:46:25 AM RomanoffBlitzer VoHiYo Hi
3:44:23 AM RomanoffBlitzer OneHand
3:31:35 AM RomanoffBlitzer DEYONDAAAAAAA WutFace
3:05:00 AM RomanoffBlitzer The asssshoooooooole BabyRage
3:04:53 AM RomanoffBlitzer The asssssssshoooooooole BabyRage
3:04:47 AM RomanoffBlitzer The asssshoooooole BabyRage
3:04:42 AM RomanoffBlitzer The assssshoooooole BabyRage
3:04:33 AM RomanoffBlitzer THE ASSSSHOOOOOOOLE BabyRage
3:04:25 AM RomanoffBlitzer THE ASSSSHOOOOOLE BabyRage
3:04:20 AM RomanoffBlitzer THE ASSSSHOOOOLE BabyRage
3:04:15 AM RomanoffBlitzer THE ASSSSHOOOOOLE BabyRage
3:04:08 AM RomanoffBlitzer BabyRage THE ASSSSHOOOOOLE
3:02:18 AM RomanoffBlitzer BabyRage ...
2:58:37 AM RomanoffBlitzer Dusk no R PRChase
2:54:08 AM RomanoffBlitzer Token PogChamp
2:49:00 AM RomanoffBlitzer PogChamp
2:46:39 AM RomanoffBlitzer P5 PogChamp
8:57:23 PM RomanoffBlitzer Is that Kira Kappa
8:56:51 PM RomanoffBlitzer Jebaited
8:56:45 PM RomanoffBlitzer Their disgusting, un-adblockable ads.
8:56:26 PM RomanoffBlitzer I curse Twitch and their disgusting ads.
8:25:26 PM RomanoffBlitzer Jiggle WutFace
8:24:56 PM RomanoffBlitzer Kappa yeah lol
8:15:37 PM RomanoffBlitzer Sim is not trash VoHiYo
8:14:08 PM RomanoffBlitzer Ayaya? VoHiYo
8:13:05 PM RomanoffBlitzer BrokeBack
8:08:22 PM RomanoffBlitzer EMIYA? PogChamp
8:03:43 PM RomanoffBlitzer WutFace is trash
8:00:26 PM RomanoffBlitzer :(
7:59:06 PM RomanoffBlitzer \ Jebaited Hey daddy, is that Mario?
7:58:54 PM RomanoffBlitzer Jebaited
7:46:23 PM RomanoffBlitzer How are you people betting on PBR and playing pnball if SaltyBet is still up Kappa
7:45:35 PM RomanoffBlitzer 4Head ?
7:38:48 PM RomanoffBlitzer WutFace OneHand
7:31:37 PM RomanoffBlitzer TIME DONGSTORTION WutFace
4:05:59 AM RomanoffBlitzer @tppsimulator Ice Ball? I know a Pokemon that uses Ice Ball VoHiYo
4:04:37 AM RomanoffBlitzer This is a very new development BloodTrail
4:03:46 AM RomanoffBlitzer @Papper2k PogChamp
4:02:37 AM RomanoffBlitzer @Papper2k Heard what PogChamp
4:02:31 AM RomanoffBlitzer A brief LUL