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1:17:44 AM Lorekitten Kitten caught a rat Keepo
12:45:18 AM Lorekitten @Joycewu333 Hey!
12:44:51 AM Lorekitten Odd how many Gen 1 Pokemon have three heads
10:08:04 PM Lorekitten @gamingpikada Our Host is a rancher who wrangles crocs and we're trying to get everybody's names back. Oh, and our Furret is a favorite of ours
10:01:24 PM Lorekitten Who are we currently fighting?
1:03:46 AM Lorekitten We've already proven we can reach Pryce in anarchy, so there's not much point in taking extra time to reach him in anarchy NOW. What we need to prove now is that we can BEAT Pryce.
12:50:38 AM Lorekitten No Magmortar either DansGame
7:01:40 PM Lorekitten So, how's everyone enjoying the Ice Rink of Doom?
4:04:30 PM Lorekitten So much for the win
4:04:08 PM Lorekitten Oh dear
4:03:18 PM Lorekitten We can't heal in battle this hack
4:03:06 PM Lorekitten We can't use revives during a battle in this hack
3:56:27 PM Lorekitten @TheyCallMeAndrew27 Not in this hack. In this hack we have to fight Pryce first
3:04:24 PM Lorekitten rip furret
2:54:31 PM Lorekitten Well, we tried.
2:54:11 PM Lorekitten Nice Glaceon Kappa
1:39:05 AM Lorekitten Come to think of it, evolving Bill's Eevee into an Umbreon isn't a bad idea IMO. Would take quite a bit of time, though
1:17:03 AM Lorekitten Oh, poo
1:11:35 AM Lorekitten Scumbreon appeared!
1:10:09 AM Lorekitten This is gonna be tough
1:09:21 AM Lorekitten High waves
1:08:57 AM Lorekitten Finally hypnomiss
1:08:44 AM Lorekitten FINALLY
1:08:33 AM Lorekitten Except for Toxidurus, because I didn't need Toxidurus
1:08:23 AM Lorekitten @08Juan80 I cleaned out my ignore list when the run began
1:08:03 AM Lorekitten @08Juan80 Yeah, that was low-hanging fruit
1:07:41 AM Lorekitten @08Juan80 Morty did Kappa
1:07:26 AM Lorekitten Haxnosis
1:06:45 AM Lorekitten We went down because we had to go down to choose a non-fainted Pokemon, I think
1:05:34 AM Lorekitten Having weird dreams
1:05:27 AM Lorekitten Confused and asleep both
1:05:02 AM Lorekitten Winking requires one eye open while the other closes, so Mike Wazowski can't wink
1:01:13 AM Lorekitten So, here we are... I got here just in time.
11:30:22 PM Lorekitten Well, okay then.
11:29:55 PM Lorekitten So, what, are we going to try to get every team member at maximum level before we face Morty?
11:06:21 PM Lorekitten Did we honestly just bankrupt ourselves?
10:58:11 PM Lorekitten @M4_used_Rollout okay then
10:57:22 PM Lorekitten @M4_used_Rollout Backend?
10:57:00 PM Lorekitten *the
10:56:58 PM Lorekitten @M4_used_Rollout That what now?
10:54:37 PM Lorekitten I don't care if we have repeats or not
10:54:16 PM Lorekitten Golem is twice as weak to Surf as Magmar is
10:31:13 PM Lorekitten @F4NB0Y3N1NT3ND0 We're only selling what we don't think we need
10:25:37 PM Lorekitten I mean, there was one point in the Sonic comic where Knothole Village was like three hours in the future for some reason, which sort of cut it off from the rest of the timestream... but I don't know how that would really make any sense practically
10:24:44 PM Lorekitten I mean, how really does being two days in the future affect anything?
10:24:13 PM Lorekitten @FaithfulForce I wasn't aware that it was set two days in the future. I'm not really sure how to write lore about that, though.
10:23:34 PM Lorekitten @M4_used_Rollout Okay, that makes sense
10:23:25 PM Lorekitten So, 45 is the current cap I take it?
10:22:54 PM Lorekitten On occasion
10:22:49 PM Lorekitten @M4_used_Rollout This run I've seen it do things like down+left, though
7:04:23 PM Lorekitten I see we evolved Eggs
4:09:09 PM Lorekitten @Sandoz1 Yeah... I still need to work on the next chapter of my Anniversary Crystal story sometime.
4:08:39 PM Lorekitten I liked that.
4:08:26 PM Lorekitten And since we'd been phoned by Bill after catching Ho-Oh and asked if we wanted to save our game, lore had it that BILL of all people was the one that saved us.
4:07:53 PM Lorekitten What I DO remember was the AC rematch of Morty where the glitch set us back to when we'd caught Ho-Oh
4:07:27 PM Lorekitten @Sandoz1 I don't remember that
4:07:10 PM Lorekitten The Select Sect strengthens us against Morty
4:06:01 PM Lorekitten #MammaRat
4:05:23 PM Lorekitten Okay, thanks
4:05:11 PM Lorekitten So, are we doing anything specifically here? Are we grinding?
4:04:45 PM Lorekitten @YuutaroHiroshio I do tend to be more angry when I haven't had enough water to drink...
4:03:48 PM Lorekitten @TheyCallMeAndrew27 I don't like it much either. Even when I'm part of it, it's not really enjoyable.
4:03:10 PM Lorekitten @tppsimularor who's your uncle's father's nephew's cousin? Kappa big fat mamma rat
4:02:54 PM Lorekitten @tppsimulator just slammed ITSELF
4:02:40 PM Lorekitten @FaithfulForce I wish people in Twitch chat would just get along. Myself included.
3:47:45 PM Lorekitten Eunice seems to like to train different Pokemon
3:47:20 PM Lorekitten I see we swapped the cow for a Magmar
12:48:36 AM Lorekitten @Wahisietel_the_Cake Oh wow. That explains why Magnemite's evolution was cancelled, I guess.
12:47:45 AM Lorekitten *shower
12:47:41 AM Lorekitten I leave to take a showed and we're STILL here?
11:52:48 PM Lorekitten @Wahisietel_the_Cake aaaaand I'm going to step out now, because it feels like half the time I'm on here there's drama, and I don't need drama.
11:51:44 PM Lorekitten We also have the right to remain silent, and anything we say can and will be used against us by the other side. It's a fact of life.
11:51:22 PM Lorekitten There is freedom of speech in this chat. We're free to ask each other to be quiet, but we're also free to ignore when others ask us to be quiet.
10:30:08 PM Lorekitten @Celerity910 no, we just deposited it. We killed shiny snek and a Doduo, though
10:29:25 PM Lorekitten *mean
10:29:22 PM Lorekitten @Ordsey I meant 'authentic.' I think everyone knows what those two words you used me.
10:28:57 PM Lorekitten I'm not really interested in being part of this game if every time I get on I see drama.
10:28:24 PM Lorekitten My inner Inigo Montoya is saying "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means"
10:25:05 PM Lorekitten So we no longer have Heracross. Can't say I'm surprised.
10:24:42 PM Lorekitten And I see we have a different egg now. That at least happened, although it's name fits our reaction to snek dead quite well, oh, poo.
10:23:39 PM Lorekitten And now we have a Miltank
10:23:34 PM Lorekitten WE honestly released the first shiny we ever caught in anarchy? I'm not surprised, to be honest
9:32:05 PM Lorekitten Now, if we want to switch the eggs, we NEED to get the mail off Z
9:31:40 PM Lorekitten @tppsimulator Care to repeat that little comment? SwiftRage Kappa
9:24:13 PM Lorekitten Also because our eggs currently have mail on.
9:23:54 PM Lorekitten So apparently rather than find a way to fix its moveset, we'd rather spend a PC trip to change eggs. Well, I can't judge that because we've had okay PC trips so far, but I wouldn't be surprised if things went differently than we egg-spected.
9:22:34 PM Lorekitten I'm not quite sure why that is, actually. It just is.
9:22:10 PM Lorekitten @Ordsey Well, when Red and Blue are discussed, no one ever says "Pokemon Blue and Red." They say "Pokemon Red and Blue."
9:20:36 PM Lorekitten @Ordsey Because Streamer always chooses the first game in a pair, unless there's a third game to choose. That's why we did Black, X, Omega Ruby, and then Sun before Moon.
9:19:37 PM Lorekitten Speaking of cute things:
9:18:11 PM Lorekitten @megazard That's fantastic
9:17:46 PM Lorekitten @Papper2k Okay, I didn't catch that
9:17:23 PM Lorekitten @Papper2k I never said to gas them, I just said to lock them up
9:16:29 PM Lorekitten However, I don't believe that civilians should encourage literally punching nazis. That is known as assault and is illegal.
9:16:04 PM Lorekitten Just to be clear, when I say nazis should be locked up, I mean the kind of nazis that gas people. I think it should be obvious that those kinds of people should be locked up.
9:14:48 PM Lorekitten I do empathize with black people and believe that they should be treated with equal decency. I just don't see what good this argument is doing for any of them.
9:14:10 PM Lorekitten Guys, I had to leave social media because politics is cancer, I don't want to get right back to politics on TPP
9:13:12 PM Lorekitten I don't think people should be allowed to punch people for disagreeing with them.
9:10:41 PM Lorekitten @Elnewperuguy23 What you just said
9:09:23 PM Lorekitten I don't care who started it, it doesn't mean others have to continue it
9:07:30 PM Lorekitten I don't want to punch nazis. I'd rather have nazis locked up where I couldn't punch them if I wanted to
9:05:20 PM Lorekitten @SnowWarning yep
6:37:16 PM Lorekitten A mankey 4U
6:37:10 PM Lorekitten 4U Kappa
4:50:17 PM Lorekitten I wouldn't be against Meowth because I like Meowth.
4:49:34 PM Lorekitten I'm all right with whatever everyone else wants. Although we've already pretty clearly determined that 'everyone else' don't always agree with each other
4:42:18 PM Lorekitten @megazard no, the egg was Smoochum. We swapped it for Magnemite
4:21:41 PM Lorekitten Honestly, I'm going to leave the stream for now because I feel like this argument will never end, I have better things to do with my time than argue, and I should be doing them right now
4:19:52 PM Lorekitten Well, I can't argue for people to like things they don't like. That's pretty counter-intuitive.
4:18:23 PM Lorekitten @Bloons22 WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING Kappa
4:18:04 PM Lorekitten @Ninjanitor Anni Crystal was over a year ago, though
4:17:19 PM Lorekitten @Bloons22 If there's no incentive for you to be here, then why are you here?
4:15:00 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 The issue is, a lot of people want to play the run the way they want to play it. And with the current group, the way they want to play it includes democracy houses and mail.
4:14:04 PM Lorekitten I think a part of the social experiment is the formation of chat leaders. Chat leaders are a social phenomenon, and trying to take them away would be interfering with the experiment
4:12:59 PM Lorekitten Chat does need to learn some manners.
4:12:46 PM Lorekitten I've been accused of 'throwing' in PBR when I made an honest mistake. That's not fun.
4:12:19 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 I do think people should stop accusing other people of being trolls just because they disagree.
4:11:33 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 Well, like I said, some people on Twitch chat are jerks. Doesn't mean that everyone on Twitch chat is a jerk.
4:11:06 PM Lorekitten I like runs and PBR both. And I wouldn't mind if people that disliked runs just wouldn't show up
4:10:21 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 But you could have still argued about it. You could have still tried.
4:09:19 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 If your side doesn't get representation, then isn't that a sign that your side is not the majority opinion?
4:08:53 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 Unfortunately, Twitch chat can be quite rude. It doesn't mean that chat leaders are evil.
4:07:17 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 Please, just let the PC block go. M4 already apologized and promised to never do it again. It's irrelevant to this run
4:06:17 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 You're once again trying to impress your own opinion of what TPP should be onto us. I don't agree. A number of people on this stream either don't agree or don't care
4:05:28 PM Lorekitten Look at other Twitch Plays streams and you'll see that the majority of them have barely any members. We may be 'dead,' but we're more alive than other streams. People think this stream is fun.
4:04:38 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 You mean it isn't fun for YOU. It's fun for other people, or else they wouldn't be here and we'd never finish the game.
4:04:04 PM Lorekitten @Egobuff That is true
4:03:16 PM Lorekitten @Egobuff Technically, people that didn't want that to happen could try to stop people from doing that, but since nobody's trying, nobody's trying to stop them
4:02:11 PM Lorekitten @Chaos_lord2 and @M4_used_Rollout really nailed it
4:00:16 PM Lorekitten So I felt good seeing Solgaleo and Zygarde on the team because it meant my ideas were helpful
3:59:52 PM Lorekitten It also got Solgaleo on the team
3:59:43 PM Lorekitten That failed, but we had another chance with Solgaleo, and that succeeded
3:59:31 PM Lorekitten One thing I like about Sun was when we had two Fearow, and someone didn't like us having two FEarow, and I convinced them to not go to the PC, but to get Zygarde to replace one Fearow
3:58:56 PM Lorekitten I didn't mind Sun. It was hard to lore for Sun because we couldn't hold on to most of our team members, but later in the game, around the time of the Mimikyu trial, we actually managed to get attached to our team
3:58:15 PM Lorekitten You can't generalize troll behavior, any more than you can generalize any group's behavior.
3:57:45 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 That's not true of all trolls. Some trolls just want to watch the world burn and get enjoyment from messing us up
3:57:16 PM Lorekitten In Waning Moon, chat considered at one point dumping the entire team and choosing something else.
3:53:49 PM Lorekitten I don't know what gender shadow is
3:53:40 PM Lorekitten Or hers
3:53:36 PM Lorekitten @Lipoke Can you respect that my opinion is that his opinion is wrong?
3:53:16 PM Lorekitten And I don't have a problem with it, myself. Sure, the idea of the Quad Squad seemed 'meh' to me, but I didn't have issues with it.
3:52:48 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 That wasn't planned "from the beginning," though. It just sort of evolved in chat.
3:51:56 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 I've never seen ANY run 'planned out from the beginning.'
3:51:36 PM Lorekitten Different people like different things, and every chat member is different.
3:51:12 PM Lorekitten The problem with trying to change TPP for the better is that 'better' is often a matter of opinion.
3:49:57 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 What happened in Randomized White 2 is irrelevant to the current issue.
3:49:23 PM Lorekitten @maiohneee You'd be surprised. In Randomized Platinum, we were walled by an unbeatable trainer, all our 'Mons were in the PC, and people STILL complained because DEmocracy was enabled.
3:48:45 PM Lorekitten @Tenspore12 one Geodude is in the PC, the other is in the daycare
3:48:33 PM Lorekitten I'm okay with other people disliking Democracy. But right now it feels like two people are trying to shove total anarchy down our throats by saying it's the 'majority' when said majority is clearly not present at the moment.
3:47:10 PM Lorekitten @maiohneee But if they don't care enough about the game to keep arguing, then they aren't part of the game anymore.
3:46:07 PM Lorekitten @Aashnod I'm not all that angry. I am stressed however, because I've somehow wound up arguing about something when I don't care either way what we do, I just want people to stop being salty that different people want to play the game different ways.
3:44:29 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 I feel the pain of being labelled a troll. I get that too often.
3:44:06 PM Lorekitten @maiohneee Well, the people who choose to play should be the ones to decide whether we get demo or not
3:43:29 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 And is it wrong to have chat leaders? No; the chat CHOOSES who they follow.
3:42:56 PM Lorekitten The issue is that the people who are ACTUALLY PLAYING are the ones that get to vote on the stream at the time.
3:42:24 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 You said people didn't want DEmocracy in early game, and we voted to have DEmocracy in early game. I think it's clear that enough people wanted Democracy in early game to prove you wrong
3:41:11 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 The 'compromise' is that we get to VOTE ON Democracy. And when the majority DOES WANT DEmocracy, then it's the minority that complains
3:40:17 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 Still, it was so evenly split that you are very clearly NOT in the majority. There is a portion of LESS THAN 25 PERCENT saying no Democracy
3:39:36 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 Hmm, I guess the never and the early game were too similar colors
3:38:34 PM Lorekitten But the largest piece of the pie chart is for EARLY GAME
3:37:56 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 This is the poll on how early Democracy should be enabled:P As you can see, it is VERY evenly split
3:36:39 PM Lorekitten @M4_used_Rollout That is how it's coming across
3:36:07 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 Different people answered different things. You're just interpreted it as a 'consensus' because you wanted to. And I'm sick of listening to this.
3:35:35 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 No, that was NOT a consensus.
3:34:32 PM Lorekitten *opinions
3:34:13 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 No, the poll showed that people had WILDLY VARYING OPINOINS on democracy. You're just trying to bend us all to your will by claiming you're in the 'majority' without proof.
3:32:41 PM Lorekitten @Zauberer2014 I used to. I don't really have that many anymore, but I have to sleep with a light on in the other room.
3:32:14 PM Lorekitten @maiohneee It's not greedy to try to avoid risk.
3:31:54 PM Lorekitten And to be honest, seeing people type in all caps scares me. I don't like being yelled at.
3:31:17 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 If you're totally calm, then you should type as if you're totally calm. Typing as if you're angry makes people think you're angry
3:30:24 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 That wasn't how you were coming across to me.
3:29:50 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 "Fun" is relative to the player. And I'm with Snow on this, you need to go calm down
3:29:21 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 I'm having fun. Just because you aren't having fun doesn't mean I'm not having fun.
3:28:50 PM Lorekitten And by 'love,' I mean 'you're this close to being on my ignore list'
3:28:11 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 I love playing a game where I get yelled at by the minority opinion
3:27:26 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 "Authentically"? You mean "the way I want it, regardless of what other people want"
3:26:33 PM Lorekitten @tppsimulator has it right
3:26:27 PM Lorekitten There is no objective argument for or against early party democracy at this point.
3:25:49 PM Lorekitten I don't personally care one way or another. But whether we should have democracy this early or not is merely a matter of personal preference.
3:24:41 PM Lorekitten If the chat decides that a certain mon is not good in practice and we don't want to keep it, we can just take the mail off.
2:43:01 PM Lorekitten Dragonite used Waterfall in Crystal
2:30:19 PM Lorekitten Urkio, not Eusine
2:29:35 PM Lorekitten Thank you for the token Anonymous
2:16:46 PM Lorekitten Yeah, even the PC shuffles haven't really been bad
2:12:24 PM Lorekitten @Chaos_lord2 I honestly wouldn't be against it
2:25:42 AM Lorekitten @SnowWarning Chikorita sucks but it kept walling us anyway
1:28:54 AM Lorekitten @W2daERN A cowgirl, I think
1:28:28 AM Lorekitten @AjentVee altered evolution levels, altered wild Pokemon, all Gym Leaders have six Pokemon, level cap before getting badges
1:27:01 AM Lorekitten @AjentVee yup
1:24:23 AM Lorekitten I would help input if I knew what I wanted, but right now what I want is to watch what everyone else does... so I don't really have much to contribute besides interest
1:23:19 AM Lorekitten At this point, I'm happy whether we get a Heracross or not, just so long as we get SOMETHING.
1:18:19 AM Lorekitten Okay, this is the wrong tree
1:17:56 AM Lorekitten Maaaaaan...
1:17:49 AM Lorekitten We've got a Fighting-type Mankey right here, we should catch this one
1:17:33 AM Lorekitten MANKEY!
1:01:48 AM Lorekitten @tppsimulator has a point, we probably injured the trees and they need to go heal Kappa
12:58:56 AM Lorekitten @B1tt3rBuffal0 we visited the Goldenrod name rater
12:56:44 AM Lorekitten @B1tt3rBuffal0 Pidgeot and Togepi are in the PC, and Geodude is at the daycare
12:48:00 AM Lorekitten People, please get along with each other here
12:47:03 AM Lorekitten @coolanybody Deposited birb and egg in PC, put rock in daycare
12:46:43 AM Lorekitten @coolanybody They wanted a Heracross. Stuff happened.
12:46:23 AM Lorekitten @Ghostieniija That does look something like an individually wrapped chocolate
12:37:56 AM Lorekitten @trey0328 PC trip deposited Pidgeotto and Togepi, Daycare deposited Geodude
12:37:14 AM Lorekitten @Ghostieniija WutFace
12:36:45 AM Lorekitten This is so weird:
12:35:54 AM Lorekitten @Ghostieniija Yes. Shiny Xatu in Randomized HeartGold, shiny Gyarados in Viet Crystal, and shiny Plusle in Randomized Platinum
12:35:09 AM Lorekitten @Celerity910 Togepi and Pidgeotto are in the PC currently
12:33:45 AM Lorekitten Snek
12:33:34 AM Lorekitten Ekans tree! This one does NOT have Heracross!
12:32:57 AM Lorekitten @Rjri You're welcome!
12:32:30 AM Lorekitten @Rjri That's part of the difficulty hack: you can't use healing items in battle
12:31:30 AM Lorekitten Check this out:
12:24:26 AM Lorekitten My random shinies have been: Silcoon in HG, Dedenne in X, Spritzee in Y, Magikarp in SS, Stufful in Moon, and... Tonemy in Uranium
12:23:14 AM Lorekitten Mine was a Silcoon in the Bug-Catching Contest in HeartGold. I got SECOND place
12:19:23 AM Lorekitten Oh, okay, thanks
12:19:10 AM Lorekitten What shiny was that?
12:16:10 AM Lorekitten @GNRParker Deposited
12:15:33 AM Lorekitten I don't mind the use of mail, personally. I've been pretty accepting of whatever people do this run
12:13:53 AM Lorekitten Yeah, Shiny Plusle Democracy was a brilliant moment, even if the mon itself wasn't all that special (in looks or power)
12:13:17 AM Lorekitten @TaviTurnip I seem to remember we found more than two in Prism, although one of them was a glitch that turned our Azumarill into a shiny, genderbent, different ability mon
12:08:35 AM Lorekitten From Ilex Forest, Goldenrod is up
12:04:12 AM Lorekitten @Wahisietel_the_Cake Which Geodude are we talking about here?
12:03:48 AM Lorekitten @Wahisietel_the_Cake Geodude is in the daycare, not the PC (I heard)
12:01:45 AM Lorekitten @Wahisietel_the_Cake I think we randomly caught it. I wasn't on at the time
12:01:13 AM Lorekitten GRanted, we caught another Sandile in White 2 after we killed the first one...
12:00:42 AM Lorekitten Why are we trying to catch a Weedle? We already killed one
11:59:37 PM Lorekitten @Miracle_Seed
11:57:25 PM Lorekitten @megazard Well, I'm impressed no one got released. I'm not quite sure if I'm impressed with the deposits because I don't yet know if the gamble will pay off well with whatever we get next
11:56:09 PM Lorekitten I don't think we can take on the gym with only four Pokemon, although if we manage to win with only four Pokemon I will be officially impressed
11:49:12 PM Lorekitten Personally, I'm just glad we can grind for experience.
11:45:40 PM Lorekitten I now have a mental image of a Metapod on a bike
11:42:04 PM Lorekitten We can't fight Whitney with only four mons, can we?
11:40:33 PM Lorekitten I guess no matter what, Eunice still wants a birb
11:33:36 PM Lorekitten I think if chat wants a Heracross this badly, we should at least try one out
11:32:38 PM Lorekitten Go! High! We're going high!
11:29:58 PM Lorekitten I'm not against the team trying to get Heracross. If it turns out bad, then we'll know about it.
11:28:04 PM Lorekitten @Rambo_Mk2M Three. Geodude in Daycare, Pidgeotto and Togepi deposited. Spearow caught to fill the void.
11:19:22 PM Lorekitten Okay, thanks
11:19:03 PM Lorekitten Okay, what happened to our team? Where's half our old team?
9:30:03 PM Lorekitten It looks like the democracy threshhold has been lowered
9:25:08 PM Lorekitten Jigglypuff doesn't look THAT much like an Azumarill.
9:24:16 PM Lorekitten I'm officially impressed
9:24:11 PM Lorekitten You guys actually managed to get the eggs and deposit the rock
9:16:43 PM Lorekitten Z is the letter
9:16:24 PM Lorekitten Guys, shouldn't we not catch the eggs until we have an empty spot in our party?
9:15:42 PM Lorekitten Remember when Ultra Tux used Fury Cutter against Will in Anniversary Crystal?
9:14:57 PM Lorekitten Not much good trying to catch eggs without an empty spot in our party IMO
9:14:16 PM Lorekitten Seriously, eggs in a nest in a tree is pretty natural. Tree seeds in a tree is even more natural
9:13:54 PM Lorekitten @Morgoth271 When, when two birds love each other very very much...
9:13:07 PM Lorekitten @tppsimulator is piling on the snark here