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1:52:13 AM Lorekitten Wish I'd bet more, but I've already lost too much making huge bets. I was so, so briefly at number 8 on the leaderboards, and a bunch of Relicanth took it all away from me
1:51:33 AM Lorekitten Aaaand I only get 11 Pokeyen from this because I only bet 1
1:47:05 AM Lorekitten This is why I only bet 1
1:29:05 AM Lorekitten !-\
1:27:40 AM Lorekitten But if we revert to a savestate with the glitch still active, how will we know how many steps in we are?
1:25:37 AM Lorekitten So where does this glitch stand on the Henderson Scale of Plot DErailment?
1:24:01 AM Lorekitten But on the other hand, Hugh never had a badass FRankenstein pooch
1:23:24 AM Lorekitten I actually named Hugh "Gladion" in my recent playthrough because they both have sisters and they both want to protect their sisters' Pokemon
7:07:02 PM Lorekitten @bexxxxxxx I'd guess so
7:06:21 PM Lorekitten @TheGeekachu They find it entertaining
7:00:26 PM Lorekitten This is the most dramatic glitch ever
6:59:58 PM Lorekitten The heat cooked her
6:57:55 PM Lorekitten WOOOW not much happened this turn!
6:56:25 PM Lorekitten Rollout battle!
5:14:25 PM Lorekitten "Rare" line again
5:12:03 PM Lorekitten Flying chicken
5:05:11 PM Lorekitten I wish inverse battles were given more of a chance. It'd be neat if, say, a psychic gym used inverse battles to add more of an edge
5:04:02 PM Lorekitten If it's an Inverse Battle you can cause SE damage on Rock with a Fire move
5:00:40 PM Lorekitten RIP my money
5:00:17 PM Lorekitten But, then, Blastoise is the Shellfish Pokemon, so you never know
5:00:03 PM Lorekitten Bidoof is the Plump Mouse Pokemon
4:53:22 PM Lorekitten Because Eviolite is Gen 5
4:52:28 PM Lorekitten Shiny Chansey!
4:52:11 PM Lorekitten @memeentropy We broke the game, devs fixed it, and now I guess we get to see if we break it again
4:36:36 PM Lorekitten Pokemon Battle REvolution
4:31:59 PM Lorekitten Two Chameleon matches in a row?
4:27:18 PM Lorekitten I just want to know who the hell wants the veteranarian dead
4:27:08 PM Lorekitten Because carrying that thing around for so long is making me kind of nervous
4:26:54 PM Lorekitten I hope we do
4:26:25 PM Lorekitten Are we ever actually going to deliver the package bomb to Aochider so he can defuse it?
4:25:40 PM Lorekitten You're a wizard, Larry
4:25:13 PM Lorekitten It's gonna be fun watching chat bond with Rotom, take pictures of our Pokemon, journey through Ultra Space, and drown ourselves surfing on Mantine
4:22:45 PM Lorekitten And I wanted a chance at a free token TriHard
4:22:30 PM Lorekitten Hey, an advertisement was on the screen, I couldn't see what was going on
4:09:56 PM Lorekitten @pandemoniall We did Red Rescue Team for the sidegame a long while ago
4:06:02 PM Lorekitten Maaaaan, now I wish I'd gone for odds
3:58:26 PM Lorekitten Hi Bex
3:58:11 PM Lorekitten Rainbex Kappa
9:59:04 PM Lorekitten @supergabe64 You input, and it randomly selects an user that inputted to win a token
9:58:43 PM Lorekitten @TheGeekachu Like Scrooge McDuck's money bin?
9:58:27 PM Lorekitten @supergabe64 The amount of tokens given out in this round of the sidegame
9:21:43 PM Lorekitten Tickle sherk
9:20:28 PM Lorekitten Well, I take it that Color Change Yolonome is popular
8:21:53 PM Lorekitten @JaredAsphyxia Wait for it to give you 100 Pokeyen
8:20:19 PM Lorekitten RIP my dongers
8:19:27 PM Lorekitten No more Color Change
8:15:11 PM Lorekitten OVERKILL
8:15:07 PM Lorekitten Yeah, they are pretty big
8:14:25 PM Lorekitten I AM A LOTAD LOTAD
8:12:34 PM Lorekitten Color Change replaces all types
7:34:58 PM Lorekitten @HolyPichy23 As a main run, Ultra Sun
7:34:20 PM Lorekitten Look, people can like what they like without having to justify it to others.
7:21:08 PM Lorekitten @diebenacht I think they were trying to recapture the joys of Viet Crystal, the original sidegame
7:20:28 PM Lorekitten @diebenacht bootleg green, with a poor translation patch
6:52:55 PM Lorekitten I would probably have to say Sylveon
6:30:09 PM Lorekitten @Jerboe Yup, Bootleg Green
6:29:48 PM Lorekitten Beware the KELAR rat
6:29:39 PM Lorekitten He has the eyes of a KELAR
6:28:41 PM Lorekitten Angry Chicken
6:26:45 PM Lorekitten Thanks for the free healing LuL
6:25:58 PM Lorekitten The move that finally hits through the fog is FRIGGIN HYDRO PUMP
6:25:42 PM Lorekitten FINALLY
6:24:07 PM Lorekitten Dark chicken
6:23:02 PM Lorekitten Magnet Bomb skips past fog, but Ingrain will just get that damage back
6:21:08 PM Lorekitten Now we go back to missing all the time
6:20:51 PM Lorekitten @SparTonberry yup
6:20:30 PM Lorekitten Tactical roots
6:20:15 PM Lorekitten sherk
6:20:11 PM Lorekitten Noisy shark
6:19:49 PM Lorekitten NVE
6:19:26 PM Lorekitten Camouflage wasn't quire so tactical there
6:19:10 PM Lorekitten Horse was finally fed up with Shark's dodge
6:18:55 PM Lorekitten Okay, Gravity should help negate the fog
6:18:40 PM Lorekitten Meditate stolen
6:18:31 PM Lorekitten What happens if we go the entire game without Shark being hit once?
6:17:51 PM Lorekitten This shark be untouchable
6:16:46 PM Lorekitten @SparTonberry Ah
6:16:09 PM Lorekitten Has ANYTHING hit yet?
6:15:29 PM Lorekitten Hey, yeah, Team Skull needs a rap like the DK Rap
6:15:10 PM Lorekitten We're going to be listening to The Guzma Rap forever
6:14:49 PM Lorekitten Oh dear, yolofog
6:11:26 PM Lorekitten Wild rat!
6:11:17 PM Lorekitten @bexxxxxxx Yup, and just in time for us to step back into the tall grass too. Yay me!
6:10:52 PM Lorekitten Great, I'm here just in time for yolonome
5:30:21 PM Lorekitten Every fandom has its immatures
5:28:53 PM Lorekitten I was in the Sonic fandom for a while, can confirm there's a dumpster fire happening there
5:28:29 PM Lorekitten You forgot to mention the Sonic fandom
5:26:38 PM Lorekitten Hey @DuplexBeGreat
5:22:29 PM Lorekitten But sadly the Dream World is no longer with us
5:22:22 PM Lorekitten Lunatone learns Moonlight in the Dream World in Gen 5
5:20:16 PM Lorekitten please let us get a wild battle soon
5:13:18 PM Lorekitten cress no Guard, hit blue is 1
4:53:47 PM Lorekitten CRESSSSSSSS!
4:51:07 PM Lorekitten @SCHIETZZZE Type "/w tpp balance"
4:25:49 PM Lorekitten Well, honestly at this point, I'm not sure I want to try to think too hard of how it's going to work, because I'd kind of like to be surprised
4:24:27 PM Lorekitten Not for so long that it gets frustrating, but at least for long enough for us to write memes about it
4:24:04 PM Lorekitten Because I would find it quite amusing to see us stumbling around in Ultra Space
4:23:42 PM Lorekitten I'm not hoping they're easy
4:23:36 PM Lorekitten I'm hoping the controls for navigating Ultra Space are doable for TPP, but I'm not hoping they
2:33:13 AM Lorekitten I'm gonna have to go offline for the night. Bye!
2:32:52 AM Lorekitten Sorry about those losses, Red team.
2:32:28 AM Lorekitten s late and I'm tired and I apparently can't even type properly, let alone bet properly
2:32:11 AM Lorekitten it
2:32:09 AM Lorekitten Well, all things considered, it was nice briefly being #8, but it
2:29:54 AM Lorekitten From #8 to 100 club... in two matches
2:29:37 AM Lorekitten Well, rip my balance
2:28:12 AM Lorekitten Kind of late now
2:27:42 AM Lorekitten So, punch or mash on lass?
2:27:09 AM Lorekitten !!c
2:26:45 AM Lorekitten Red outspeeds Blue anyway -- oh wow
2:23:14 AM Lorekitten @evolem Good luck finding me I'm behind seven proxies
2:22:48 AM Lorekitten In before Totem Smeargle
2:22:16 AM Lorekitten Well, I dropped from #8 to #56, easy come easy go. Shouldn't have bet 5K on that one match
2:21:24 AM Lorekitten @smeargle_used_dark_void Don't pay attention to them
2:19:34 AM Lorekitten Maybe I should've gotten on Meditate, but I was afraid of sleep powder
2:18:44 AM Lorekitten RIP my 5K
2:18:28 AM Lorekitten Well, there goes my place on the leaderboards
2:17:40 AM Lorekitten Wow, I should keep praying I guess
2:16:21 AM Lorekitten Praying for good RNG
2:15:55 AM Lorekitten It has Sleep Powder, we might want to paralyze it to keep it from happening
2:15:14 AM Lorekitten Thunder Punch or Hammer Arm?
2:14:35 AM Lorekitten Wow, BOTH survived
2:14:27 AM Lorekitten HA HA HA HA HA
2:13:12 AM Lorekitten I have 5K staking on this match, and it feels like I'm about to stay up all night if this doesn't end somehow
2:10:38 AM Lorekitten !a!d
2:09:20 AM Lorekitten This match will last longer than Rellicanth has been around
2:07:03 AM Lorekitten Good point, Flash Cannon can lower Sp. Def, can't it?
2:05:33 AM Lorekitten Now on D for rainbow
2:05:06 AM Lorekitten DROP
2:03:21 AM Lorekitten If we keep spamming Earth Power maybe it'll lose more Sp. Def
2:02:35 AM Lorekitten The Sp. Def drop is good for us though
2:02:26 AM Lorekitten Hmm... this could be tougher than we thought
2:01:50 AM Lorekitten Not a bad payout for a one-sided match
1:59:39 AM Lorekitten I could be wrong, but I do believe the advantage is to the red side
1:58:51 AM Lorekitten It's Butler of the Gods time
1:57:58 AM Lorekitten Sorry about that one, but glad we pulled through anyway
1:57:46 AM Lorekitten Yeah, about the only misplay was my missing Swords Dance on Zigzagoon's Protect
1:56:48 AM Lorekitten Thanks guys
1:56:35 AM Lorekitten Oh wait it is
1:56:28 AM Lorekitten Might not be enough to save us though
1:56:13 AM Lorekitten Thanks guys
1:55:42 AM Lorekitten We'll try that then
1:54:32 AM Lorekitten If you want swords you can use swords
1:54:14 AM Lorekitten @PikachusKiller Pokemon Battle REvolution
1:48:08 AM Lorekitten Well, I probably lost my place on the leaderboards with that, but there's always the next time
1:47:16 AM Lorekitten Yeah, that's what I figured
1:46:37 AM Lorekitten Hmm, sorry, I missed Hammer Arm
1:44:50 AM Lorekitten Now on A for accuracy
1:43:07 AM Lorekitten Squirtle hasn't been quite as well-known as a starter than the others, because it was mainly in sidegames
1:42:09 AM Lorekitten @returnofMCH I know, I'm on team Squirtle
1:41:55 AM Lorekitten We've had all three starters multiple times: Charmander was in Red, Anni Red, and Moemon, while Bulbasaur was in Anni Crystal and Brown
1:41:12 AM Lorekitten We also had Squirtle in Red Rescue Team
1:40:58 AM Lorekitten Squirt LuL
1:40:16 AM Lorekitten Technically we picked Squirtle in Ultra, but it didn't even look like a Squirtle
1:31:26 AM Lorekitten I gotta eat
1:31:10 AM Lorekitten Okay, I need to be afk for now. Don't throw while I'm gone, okay?
1:29:19 AM Lorekitten Yeah, I knew that because I watched a video about it on YouTube
1:28:59 AM Lorekitten Borto Kappa
1:27:14 AM Lorekitten @evovae I didn't get to be #8 by being an idiot, after all
1:25:06 AM Lorekitten Should have used Leech Seed on Chimecho
1:20:57 AM Lorekitten Yeah, didn't realize Steel was weak against Water, changing my input now
1:20:19 AM Lorekitten Magic Coat is not Mirror Coat, there's no reason to be on it
1:18:59 AM Lorekitten @Smileyshine yea
1:17:41 AM Lorekitten @pokemonfinesser Congrats
1:17:33 AM Lorekitten From left to right: Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur
1:16:36 AM Lorekitten I planned to get Squirtle anyway
1:16:18 AM Lorekitten Still, it was a long shot, which is why I only bid 100 towards it
1:16:02 AM Lorekitten Although given that it was one hit we die anyway, maybe I should've
1:15:33 AM Lorekitten Not risking Swagger on this one
1:15:11 AM Lorekitten You can paralyze Rotom in Gen 4
1:14:04 AM Lorekitten What does blue do?
1:08:22 AM Lorekitten The only time we actually got a Squirtle for a Kanto starter was in Ultra, and that looked nothing like a Squirtle anyway. (Still my favorite TPP starter -- I love our pet blob LuL )
1:07:04 AM Lorekitten @Sandoz1 Yes, according to the video I saw
1:06:02 AM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 Thanks!
1:05:48 AM Lorekitten @bregrif19 I agree, go to center and pick Squirtle
1:05:29 AM Lorekitten So, anyone manage to catch where I am in the rankings currently?
1:04:11 AM Lorekitten So why are we going to Bulbasaur?
11:35:08 PM Lorekitten The original glitchy mess that is Pokemon Green, poorly translated by a bootleg
11:34:30 PM Lorekitten @Shad0wseer Bootleg Green
11:33:53 PM Lorekitten @ChaosDukemon Wait, what?
11:33:29 PM Lorekitten @kbjhon Oh, okay, that makes sense
11:32:38 PM Lorekitten But I didn't actually say it
11:32:30 PM Lorekitten I was ABOUT to say that at the rate we're going, we don't need Rain Dance, which was true
11:32:02 PM Lorekitten I didn't say anything
11:19:29 PM Lorekitten VoteNay I seriously doubt it
11:18:30 PM Lorekitten Defense shark
11:16:55 PM Lorekitten Misstribell
11:15:11 PM Lorekitten He's as smart as a small potater
11:06:05 PM Lorekitten Man, that crit came out of nowhere
11:04:54 PM Lorekitten I'm not on D
11:04:42 PM Lorekitten Pls what?
11:02:31 PM Lorekitten So, once we finish Acu, do we X-Scissor or Cross Poison?
10:59:39 PM Lorekitten So, what are we gonna get in Bootleg Green? I vote Squirtle because we barely ever have Squirtle
10:19:57 PM Lorekitten Hmm, wish I'd realized the one electric-type move was Natural gift before I bet
9:47:24 PM Lorekitten @diebenacht Thanks for trying
9:47:01 PM Lorekitten Seriously, why can't Blue just pull out another Pokemon and beat us that way?
9:42:55 PM Lorekitten Welp, we lose
9:41:14 PM Lorekitten Who just pressed Healing Wish?
9:40:44 PM Lorekitten Somebody please sing the DuckTales theme song next <3
9:40:20 PM Lorekitten Is this Song Hour for TPP?
9:38:44 PM Lorekitten @KhalifaMane I pretty much just came to that conclusion independently
9:34:45 PM Lorekitten Real bug killed fake bug
9:34:16 PM Lorekitten We'd better get on B before it wakes up
9:33:36 PM Lorekitten BLUE ON C NOW
9:33:27 PM Lorekitten If we swords dance then Ditto will get Swords Danbce when it transforms, right?
9:32:09 PM Lorekitten Dug our own graves Kappa
9:20:15 PM Lorekitten Sim use selfdestruct Kappa
9:19:12 PM Lorekitten This video shows the text we'll get if we select each PET:
9:16:23 PM Lorekitten Didn't honestly expect Blue to win, that's why I bid so low
9:15:48 PM Lorekitten IT SURVIVED
9:14:06 PM Lorekitten Oh, okay then
9:13:53 PM Lorekitten What IS it, though?
9:13:28 PM Lorekitten What is Duel Mode?
9:09:15 PM Lorekitten What this about duel?
7:38:31 PM Lorekitten @cresun7 bootleg Green
7:36:17 PM Lorekitten Not mine certainly
7:35:13 PM Lorekitten That poor bell couldn't hit a thing
7:34:53 PM Lorekitten STILL ALIIIIIVE
7:28:51 PM Lorekitten Well, that was so fast I missed it
7:14:17 PM Lorekitten MONIES!
7:13:26 PM Lorekitten @MrReb3l I was actually thinking of that as well
7:12:53 PM Lorekitten I'm curious. Who came up with this concept?
7:07:14 PM Lorekitten "Hey! Wait me!"
6:53:46 PM Lorekitten That was incredible RNG
6:52:53 PM Lorekitten Sing won't work on Toxicfied Bibarel
6:51:24 PM Lorekitten Cat fight!
6:50:52 PM Lorekitten This is Smogon-level RNG
6:50:19 PM Lorekitten Impressive
6:27:53 PM Lorekitten Glad to see us heading UP to see how Aochider reacts to us living dangerously
6:26:59 PM Lorekitten So, how did you enjoy color change yolo?
6:26:40 PM Lorekitten Deku in SPAAAAAAACE!
6:25:37 PM Lorekitten Because no one wants to eat poison chicken
6:23:24 PM Lorekitten STAB
6:22:51 PM Lorekitten third Supersonic this match
6:22:42 PM Lorekitten Fried chicken smells REALLY sweet
6:20:13 PM Lorekitten Porygon threw
6:18:53 PM Lorekitten No more speed tie
6:17:48 PM Lorekitten Kentucky Fried Combusken
6:16:51 PM Lorekitten Dragon pony
6:12:56 PM Lorekitten Guys, I made the suggestion to give all yolonome mons color change; let's see how well it works out
6:12:41 PM Lorekitten FINALLY
6:12:33 PM Lorekitten @Sandoz1 Because we haven't been able to bid Metronome up until now due to a glitch?
6:12:07 PM Lorekitten I missed seeing who won the bidding war. Yes, we named rival Grape.
5:56:29 PM Lorekitten Wish I'd bet Red now
5:49:39 PM Lorekitten Congrats @bexxxxxxx
5:49:22 PM Lorekitten Hustle activated in the end because +attack and -accuracy
5:49:05 PM Lorekitten Thanks for the attak boost sucka