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3:15:50 AM Lorekitten Welp, this has not been my match
3:05:35 AM Lorekitten Oh come ON
2:52:24 AM Lorekitten @CountRaposa why thank you
2:11:32 AM Lorekitten I don't see any trap here, but after yesterday's Trace trap I'm not betting on any suspicious matches
1:04:53 AM Lorekitten Sim is a bot, it doesn't have to have a gender
12:58:14 AM Lorekitten i t h i n k w e b r o k e t h e b o t
12:56:24 AM Lorekitten @Rayquaza1090 Thanks.
12:54:16 AM Lorekitten @Lorekitten @Lorekitten @Lorekitten
12:51:25 AM Lorekitten l e t s b r e a k s i m s o m e m o r e
12:44:06 AM Lorekitten t h i s s p e l l s d i s a s t e r
11:52:59 PM Lorekitten Maaaan, I bid wrong team, could've had payout
8:22:06 PM Lorekitten I have a hard enough time getting money, I don't need people to trick me out of it
8:21:52 PM Lorekitten Especially when I fall for the trap
8:21:44 PM Lorekitten I don't like trap matches
8:19:05 PM Lorekitten What is Curse gonna do to a special attacker?
8:18:27 PM Lorekitten Yawn is just delaying the inevitable
8:17:12 PM Lorekitten It can take damage from Sandstorm, but the sandstorm will subside before it gets KO'd (I'm pretty sure)
8:16:06 PM Lorekitten I'm not a fan of trap matches
8:15:33 PM Lorekitten We missed it because we thought Stunky was going to just Night Slash Shedinja
8:14:51 PM Lorekitten Oh wow
8:03:58 PM Lorekitten Dead Smashed
8:03:32 PM Lorekitten Ewe Turn
8:03:18 PM Lorekitten Poison STAB
7:30:01 PM Lorekitten @RoyOurKing Actually, only Chatty Yellow and next's year's anniversary run were secret. Anniversary Red and Anniversary Crystal weren't
7:29:28 PM Lorekitten @nintendogamemaster1 no we don't
7:28:47 PM Lorekitten Because we don't have Magic Coat, we have Mirror Coat
7:21:40 PM Lorekitten YEAH!
7:18:23 PM Lorekitten That's not good for us
7:14:27 PM Lorekitten It doesn't affect team Red's Sharpedo...
7:13:56 PM Lorekitten Actual legal move
7:13:24 PM Lorekitten Rapid Spin can't hit a Ghost-type
7:05:57 PM Lorekitten I'm in sim's top ten!
6:53:30 PM Lorekitten red team seems to be... cursed
6:51:12 PM Lorekitten Why do we want to speak to the seal?
3:19:28 AM Lorekitten @Darkness_guy That's only in Gen 6+. This is gen 4
3:10:49 AM Lorekitten wat
2:38:21 AM Lorekitten Hola
6:40:52 PM Lorekitten Does Counter work on Ghost-types in Gen 4?
6:16:12 PM Lorekitten @s_SoNick Nuke sounds like a Pokemon Uranium move
11:59:22 PM Lorekitten Never bet on Entei
11:11:13 PM Lorekitten I'm not toxic, I'm Lorekitten. And you are?
11:10:51 PM Lorekitten @shadowpuppet97 Don't be toxic by telling Bloons they're being toxic by telling you you're toxic Kappa
11:09:48 PM Lorekitten The run was rescheduled
11:09:14 PM Lorekitten Two months until the next run...
4:39:58 PM Lorekitten Fighting fire with fire?
2:08:36 AM Lorekitten This is physically painful to watch. Although that might be because I've been online for too long
2:07:34 AM Lorekitten You realize that the only way Wobbu can die is if Calm Mind ends, and when that happens, can Entei outspeed Raikou?
2:06:31 AM Lorekitten Are we SURE we want this Encore?
2:03:44 AM Lorekitten Who got us on Mirror Coat?
1:52:54 AM Lorekitten There's a link to the TPP discord in the right corner of the subreddit banner
1:52:23 AM Lorekitten tpp has a Discord, yes. I don't get on it because me and it are mutually incompatible, let's put it that way
1:27:59 AM Lorekitten GREED
1:25:12 AM Lorekitten KO'd just when its Minimize would have done something
1:24:10 AM Lorekitten Gravity makes Minimize pretty useless though
1:23:51 AM Lorekitten This chicken
1:23:26 AM Lorekitten YAY!
1:20:27 AM Lorekitten You especially never know what's gonna happen in a yolonome battle
1:14:34 AM Lorekitten Blame ZetsuTheFirst for that one
1:13:51 AM Lorekitten Of course I know what his Japanese name is.
1:13:40 AM Lorekitten You're talking to the Bill fangirl here.
1:13:30 AM Lorekitten @SparTonberry Yeah, it is.
1:12:13 AM Lorekitten So, do we pronounce it Ma-sa-chee, or Ma-sac-ee?
12:40:32 AM Lorekitten I liked the animation in the teaser trailer. Ash looks so kawaii. However, I have no idea what is actually happening in this movie, so in that regard the trailer fails to get me excited.
12:39:52 AM Lorekitten Crit swarm sp def drop = PAYOUUUUUUT
12:22:13 AM Lorekitten Token drizzle
12:10:47 AM Lorekitten Who watches the watchers?
12:10:34 AM Lorekitten Massive payouts are always fun
12:10:29 AM Lorekitten Well, I'm disappointed that I didn't get in on the massive payout, but at least it was fun to watch
12:03:26 AM Lorekitten Blastoise is dreaming confusing dreams
12:02:50 AM Lorekitten @Yacker2 Ah
12:02:46 AM Lorekitten @J34nC4r4puc3
12:02:21 AM Lorekitten @Yacker2 The way you capitalized that it sounded like "Lost my Friend Bow." That's a terrible bow to wear
11:24:25 PM Lorekitten I would have bet more money on Red if I hadn't remembered the Relicanth clone match that cost me my spot as #8
11:21:20 PM Lorekitten Slurpluff is when it gets really fat
11:21:04 PM Lorekitten I like Swirlix
11:16:22 PM Lorekitten @딜리버드 my background is sort of off-white and I can read your name just fine
11:08:57 PM Lorekitten @derpcritic There's no need to yell about it
11:08:03 PM Lorekitten Civil War: Sinnoh Edition
10:58:41 PM Lorekitten @WolfRageXX type /w tpp balance
10:57:50 PM Lorekitten @딜리버드 That's a good attitude to have
10:56:54 PM Lorekitten In terms of gameplay only, Ultra is superior. In terms of story, Ultra is poorly rewritten
10:55:20 PM Lorekitten I just finished Rainbow Rocket this afternoon. Now I'm going for dex completion
10:52:18 PM Lorekitten @딜리버드 That's awful
10:50:51 PM Lorekitten @딜리버드 That's terrible. What happened?
10:49:20 PM Lorekitten @michaelgno1 How much is it? Sadly I have only 24 tokens and probably can't afford it
7:11:38 PM Lorekitten It might be possible to glitch the fossil out of existence, but I wouldn't know
7:11:08 PM Lorekitten I thought it wasn't possible for us to toss the fossil in Gen 1 games
7:01:57 PM Lorekitten There is only one pure Flying Pokemon, and that is Tornadus
7:01:36 PM Lorekitten @Shiny_Guzzlord2 Pidgeot is Normal/Flying. Normal is weak to Fighting, but Flying resists Fighting, so it breaks even
7:00:37 PM Lorekitten People called me the fanatic PET!
6:42:27 PM Lorekitten Masachy!
6:25:43 PM Lorekitten The inputs don't look syncronized to me
6:20:45 PM Lorekitten Blaziken saw that we had no future
6:20:15 PM Lorekitten This Blaziken though
6:19:02 PM Lorekitten Dancing chicken
6:18:48 PM Lorekitten Fling is a Dark-type move, and Sharpedo was already Dark-type
6:18:28 PM Lorekitten Sharpedo is a dead weeaboo
6:18:19 PM Lorekitten That was impressive
6:17:23 PM Lorekitten Food fight!
6:17:06 PM Lorekitten Kick without legs
6:15:43 PM Lorekitten Thanks for the token @RoyOurKing
6:10:34 PM Lorekitten #49. Not bad
5:58:50 PM Lorekitten Always bet on Wobbuffet
5:58:01 PM Lorekitten Well, now I've got 3K instead of 500
5:57:27 PM Lorekitten I knew that Wobbuffet was tanky enough to win this
5:54:43 PM Lorekitten Yep, grass knot crit did it
5:52:28 PM Lorekitten I personally think penalizing people for certain inputs is a bad idea.
5:48:55 PM Lorekitten I just have not been doing well today
5:41:59 PM Lorekitten Bootleg Green
5:39:53 PM Lorekitten That was hilarious
5:39:36 PM Lorekitten Too late for Toxic now
5:38:38 PM Lorekitten This Ledyba
5:37:34 PM Lorekitten And Fly is useless thanks to Endure
5:37:26 PM Lorekitten Can't Endeavor when we both have the name number of HP
5:31:20 PM Lorekitten Bootleg Green
5:28:22 PM Lorekitten TPPsim said a sentence that actually makes sense!
5:21:27 PM Lorekitten Porygon-Z is judging your rude jokes
5:20:00 PM Lorekitten Chat is unsurprisingly immature today Kappa
5:18:24 PM Lorekitten This is the most immature maturity I've ever seen
5:18:02 PM Lorekitten Finally the fog is gone
5:17:23 PM Lorekitten @Abcdefgeeee Chat does that. I'm not thrilled that chat does that, but it's a thing here
5:16:17 PM Lorekitten Oh, THAT hits
5:15:57 PM Lorekitten This horse
5:14:24 PM Lorekitten Clever horse
5:10:08 PM Lorekitten PASSIMIAN
5:09:22 PM Lorekitten I win a token from the bank at the same time I pay one token for this match. #RIGGED
5:08:16 PM Lorekitten BILLLLLLLL!
5:07:41 PM Lorekitten I don't know... there were about 200 people online during the run and right now there's about 175 people online
3:28:55 PM Lorekitten I see Duplex nicknamed his Swanna "From Duplex." That's subtle.
3:27:16 PM Lorekitten No Regirock BibleThump
3:27:09 PM Lorekitten REGIROCK!
3:26:44 PM Lorekitten CRESSSSSS!
3:26:26 PM Lorekitten "Hip? No" is a funny nickname for the world's worst Pokemon
3:25:59 PM Lorekitten @TheShmish Ah, that makes sense
3:25:41 PM Lorekitten I'm surprised we still have our Tyranitar
3:25:13 PM Lorekitten So we're basically badge trading right now?
8:14:10 PM Lorekitten I can believe we didn't survive that
8:14:01 PM Lorekitten I can't believe we survived that
8:13:23 PM Lorekitten @EtherealPuffin Ah, yes. the claws
8:12:59 PM Lorekitten @EtherealPuffin That doesn't sound so bad, unless you have to pee
8:12:50 PM Lorekitten @Enayet__ Then we'll keep trying over and over until we do
8:12:38 PM Lorekitten Of course it has Sturdy
8:11:52 PM Lorekitten So, we're trying to beat the Elite Four rematch to get wi-fi enabled?
5:24:05 PM Lorekitten It never ends
5:23:57 PM Lorekitten Pika-Boo!
5:23:03 PM Lorekitten Aren't we getting dizzy yet? I'm getting dizzy just watching them
5:21:06 PM Lorekitten *multiply
5:20:48 PM Lorekitten @Daredevilseb Like real mice, they multiple rapidly
5:20:22 PM Lorekitten How many Pikachu are inside this trailer anyway? It's like a clown car.
5:19:35 PM Lorekitten Somewhere to the east, if you look in the distance long enough, you'll see a Mimikyu go by
5:18:42 PM Lorekitten Crisis on Infinite Pikachu
5:16:08 PM Lorekitten We received a Pikachu with a hat!
5:14:30 PM Lorekitten Rick is among his own kind
5:13:58 PM Lorekitten Especially if chat are idiots and wander back to Route One and catch something uber weak
5:13:42 PM Lorekitten And it also means more grinding to do
5:13:31 PM Lorekitten Manual Mode simply adds a new wrinkle to the gameplay, because if it's on, it's like a PC shuffle because you risk losing your older, higher-leveled Pokemon.
5:12:37 PM Lorekitten Personally, for a randomized run with randomized evolutions, I'd actually prefer manual mode to be activatable so we could catch new Pokemon more easily and evolve them more easily.
5:11:54 PM Lorekitten We've done three Alola runs so far. If the devs were going to alter the manual/automatic settings, they would have by now
5:11:29 PM Lorekitten So I think discussing it is a moot point that won't change anything. We have our different opinions, but ultimately it's up to the devs
5:10:55 PM Lorekitten But I really don't believe the devs are going to alter manual/automatic in any way.
5:10:08 PM Lorekitten @Wahisietel_and_Knuckles Yes, but it also makes depositing old Pokemon too easy, which sometimes leads to PC pushes to get them back
5:09:42 PM Lorekitten Hey, yeah, randomizing the GameCube games would be interesting
5:09:18 PM Lorekitten @Wahisietel_and_Knuckles Everything here causes unneeded drama. If the devs disabled Manual Mode, THAT would cause unnedded drama. PC trips cause unneeded drama. Et cetera.
5:08:39 PM Lorekitten Different people have different ideas of what's 'fun' and what wasn't
5:08:25 PM Lorekitten I'd prefer if the devs stayed out of whether Manual Mode is enabled or not. Leave it up to the stream to decide
5:07:31 PM Lorekitten We don't really get democracy in 3DS games
5:07:18 PM Lorekitten There was no democracy in this run, so there likely won't be any democracy in an Randomized Ultra Moon if we have one
5:06:28 PM Lorekitten I would like to see Randomized Ultra Moon. Hopefully it would be more of a challenge than Ultra Sun has been
3:38:31 PM Lorekitten Anyway, sorry I can't hang around. Maybe later
3:36:43 PM Lorekitten But if it was rude, I'm glad I missed it
3:36:32 PM Lorekitten Sorry, I was playing my own Ultra Sun game, I missed it
3:36:16 PM Lorekitten What's the occasion?
3:35:58 PM Lorekitten @okperson present
2:21:34 PM Lorekitten Poor host is gonna hurl
2:19:32 PM Lorekitten Okay, thanks
2:19:16 PM Lorekitten So, have we defeated any bosses in Rainbow Rocket yet?
3:35:59 AM Lorekitten Well, I'm going off for the night. ttyl!
3:32:29 AM Lorekitten What we really needed was a Max Potion AFTER that hit
3:32:15 AM Lorekitten That was the most pathetic healing ever
3:30:12 AM Lorekitten Remember, Stream broke AshGray by evolving everything they could evolve and getting the series cancelled
3:29:11 AM Lorekitten But will TPP ever intentionally make a Flareon in Democracy?
3:28:51 AM Lorekitten I love it when Sim spouts a whole lot of L O R E
3:27:11 AM Lorekitten Which is arguably a better opening than "This is my grandson, what was his name again?"
3:26:56 AM Lorekitten The one where the rival tried to cut the main character's head off, and the MC woke up in the hospital of Dr. Grey, who asked for the rival's name so he could call the police on him
3:26:02 AM Lorekitten @GlaceonMyst Yep
3:25:23 AM Lorekitten Ultra's sprites might have been poorly drawn, but I liked the designs of the ones we caught
3:24:54 AM Lorekitten I do want to see us play Randomized Ultra Moon at some point
3:24:34 AM Lorekitten @SirKeaton
3:24:07 AM Lorekitten It was a legendarily bad romhack.
3:23:53 AM Lorekitten @GlaceonMyst We played Pokemon Ultra (not Ultra Sun, just Ultra) because PokemonGod and Jayare really wanted us to play it. And yes, someone made it before SuMo got made
3:23:10 AM Lorekitten @GlaceonMyst No, Pokemon Ultra was a romhack. A famously bad romhack
3:22:43 AM Lorekitten *Dusk
3:22:29 AM Lorekitten @GlaceonMyst No, it was the villain of Pokemon Ultra. It used masks to control people, similar to how usk Mane and Dawn Wings Necrozma look like they're wearing Necrozma masks
3:21:29 AM Lorekitten @DuplexBeGreat Kelcyus interpreted Lum to be short for Lumen, which means light
3:20:30 AM Lorekitten @DuplexBeGreat Yes, he was the villain that controlled the rival with masks
3:19:04 AM Lorekitten I may be one of the few people that enjoyed Ultra
3:17:26 AM Lorekitten Yeah, let's stop reminiscizing and start inputting
3:16:07 AM Lorekitten I guess when he evolved he lost his tail too Keepo
3:15:55 AM Lorekitten @Pokemario6456 oh yes
3:15:25 AM Lorekitten FOX was fantastic because by sheer luck we named him a word that was a real word that described what he looked like
3:13:03 AM Lorekitten Well, different people prefer different runs.
3:11:04 AM Lorekitten The story has holes in it you could fit Trump's ego through
3:10:28 AM Lorekitten @DuplexBeGreat I will never nuzlocke Ultra Sun because that's asking for trouble
3:10:02 AM Lorekitten @DuplexBeGreat sim expects you to fix it
3:09:44 AM Lorekitten I wouldn't say LEAST effort. Programming-wise, they added quite a few new side quests that previous third games didn't have equivalents of
3:08:22 AM Lorekitten I don't think USUM really tried to be B2W2. If they did, they clearly didn't try hard enough.
3:07:49 AM Lorekitten Basically the two of them get bitch-slapped, yes.
3:07:34 AM Lorekitten Sometime maybe tomorrow or the next couple of days, I'm going to write what happened when Lusamine and Guzma tried to fight Necrozma. It will be very, very short.
3:06:47 AM Lorekitten Only in that case it was a self-fulfilling prophecy because it kicked her back to where she came from and then ate Nebby
3:06:26 AM Lorekitten Lusamine tried to make up for letting Ultra Beasts into Alola by... going to beat up an Ultra Beast that planned to invade Alola
3:06:02 AM Lorekitten Well, my headcanon in TPP lore (since we've already played Sun and Waning Moon) is that Lusamine trying to stop Necrozma is her trying to redeem herself
3:05:07 AM Lorekitten The Necrozma plot should have been handled better. Even if they had only a year to make it, they could have still handled it better than just cutting and pasting half of SM and trying to fit Necrozma in the gaps.
3:03:44 AM Lorekitten @GlaceonMyst No, Rainbow Rocket doesn't kick in until post-Champion
2:59:46 AM Lorekitten I do kind of miss the days of battling the Elite Four for a week, but this was not an Elite Four situation, this was a corner
2:59:01 AM Lorekitten But, then, I guess that's me saying it's not how you play the game, it's whether you win or lose. Kappa
2:58:36 AM Lorekitten I do count it as a win because we literally met the win condition. To me, it doesn't matter if it's anarchy or democracy.
2:58:11 AM Lorekitten And there were four legendaries on Azure's team. Under those circumstances, I honestly can't blame the stream for using Democracy
2:57:33 AM Lorekitten @Pokemario6456 That was because both teams were level 100 and it was literally impossible to overlevel
2:57:00 AM Lorekitten @M4_used_Rollout I don't believe so
2:56:52 AM Lorekitten Pity I'll probably miss the end credits
2:56:41 AM Lorekitten Typical TPP: our solution to almost everything is to throw ourselves at it until we FORCE ourselves to be strong enough
2:55:42 AM Lorekitten Kartana is my favorite Ultra Beast because it's a freaking monster. Pity about its low Sp. Def though, it makes it a glass cannon
2:14:49 AM Lorekitten But I wouldn't feel comfortable on a stream where I could get kicked for inputting something other people don't like
2:14:18 AM Lorekitten If you're using bots to alter the stream's progress, you get kicked.
2:13:54 AM Lorekitten I personally think that input moderation should be restricted to botting
2:12:21 AM Lorekitten Sim says TPP is dead
2:12:09 AM Lorekitten I have never really understood why one or three trolls can completely stymy progress of a greater number of people than trolls
2:10:37 AM Lorekitten @Zc230 You go to war with the army you have
2:09:15 AM Lorekitten @1eamannan He wasn't back when he first came on. I can't speak for what he was like afterwards, so I don't know whether you're joking or not
2:08:16 AM Lorekitten I set toxidurus to ignore way back in the beginning and never looked back. I don't miss him in the slightest
2:06:12 AM Lorekitten Not that I dislike that or anything, I'm just observing.
2:05:46 AM Lorekitten So I see that after all that, we're still on Automatic and we still have no swolesquito
1:59:15 AM Lorekitten I had to restart my computer and we're STILL here
1:36:32 AM Lorekitten I know a Pokemon being a repeat is a lousy argument when we're trying to catch a Buzzwole. I'm only bringing it up because some people (not me) feel that way.
1:35:54 AM Lorekitten If we want to replace something, we do have two Rock-types and one of them is a repeat, and we also have a traded Pokemon that won't listen to us
1:35:08 AM Lorekitten I want us to keep Primarina on the team personally
1:34:49 AM Lorekitten Well, if we had to have an options war somewhere, let it be here. The music is awesome.
1:33:49 AM Lorekitten If we're trying to replace the repeat on our team with Buzzwole then I'm afraid I have some bad news for you...
7:39:22 PM Lorekitten Nope nope nope
7:39:18 PM Lorekitten I show up and see what smells like drama
5:02:08 PM Lorekitten @Pokemario6456 yup
5:01:36 PM Lorekitten Not this gen
5:01:30 PM Lorekitten We have 269 Poke Balls, and they don't get used up when wasted on trainers
4:54:10 PM Lorekitten @Wahisietel_and_Knuckles never bet on entei
4:50:16 PM Lorekitten No, we want the Black Sludge on Muk
4:45:18 PM Lorekitten Anyone else notice how the paths look like Honedge when lit up?
4:43:19 PM Lorekitten Too late
4:43:13 PM Lorekitten Can we please stop the menu hopping for two minutes so I can see what Rotom dreamed about?
4:42:46 PM Lorekitten PLEASE
4:42:36 PM Lorekitten Let me see what Rotom is saying please