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9:15:40 AM datpokeguy #PreposterousWork
9:10:46 AM datpokeguy Sim Kreygasm
9:10:34 AM datpokeguy @heiligemakkaroni We just arrived
9:08:23 AM datpokeguy Explore Dave OneHand
9:07:20 AM datpokeguy @isma_dlr yup
9:06:58 AM datpokeguy WutFace
9:06:06 AM datpokeguy PogChamp
8:40:45 AM datpokeguy No animations? DansGame
8:40:05 AM datpokeguy Music Kreygasm
8:39:01 AM datpokeguy Saved KappaRoss
8:38:23 AM datpokeguy DBstyle Buy 10 paper
8:37:39 AM datpokeguy Grab his balls BigBrother
8:35:54 AM datpokeguy BigBrother Balls?
5:27:46 PM datpokeguy Life's a beach! RitzMitz
8:16:19 PM datpokeguy Sandoz tried his best BORT
8:14:46 PM datpokeguy DBstyle X scossir would have killed by now if 2 curse
8:13:37 PM datpokeguy DBstyle Set up with curse you noobs
8:13:22 PM datpokeguy DBstyle People not on D are throwing
8:11:06 PM datpokeguy I T A super power? Kappa
8:09:57 PM datpokeguy @papper2k 1% throws RitzMitz
8:09:37 PM datpokeguy RIP red chances MikeHogu
8:08:32 PM datpokeguy PogChamp
8:08:19 PM datpokeguy TriHard 2
8:07:46 PM datpokeguy 2% D PogChamp
8:06:46 PM datpokeguy Save your bets till last second for red ez win RitzMitz
8:06:05 PM datpokeguy Sim FailFish
12:22:12 PM datpokeguy Kappa
11:25:00 AM datpokeguy Objectification? Triggered Kappa
11:24:47 AM datpokeguy An ok body? Kappa
11:23:37 AM datpokeguy Rip
11:22:49 AM datpokeguy @m4_used_rollout I think so yes
11:22:18 AM datpokeguy Boomba is doing something and it looks right PogChamp
11:21:45 AM datpokeguy ? WutFace
11:21:02 AM datpokeguy @magnusthev Rather than a new game?
11:19:39 AM datpokeguy Hamtaro was fun but we beat it
11:18:53 AM datpokeguy PogChamp
11:18:27 AM datpokeguy What just happened? Kappa
11:17:47 AM datpokeguy @knuckles_3_and_knuckles Cave Noir
11:17:14 AM datpokeguy pokemon green wins PogChamp Kappa
11:17:03 AM datpokeguy Cloak looks like a ring Kappa
11:16:10 AM datpokeguy Is this like PMD? OMGScoots
11:15:25 AM datpokeguy When Konami didn't just kill franchises and turn them into pachinko machines Kappa
11:14:48 AM datpokeguy Thanks Chaos PogChamp
11:14:38 AM datpokeguy M4 slacking Kappa
11:13:13 AM datpokeguy WutFace
11:12:36 AM datpokeguy DBstyle Enter Konami code to skip start menu
11:11:48 AM datpokeguy Konami game but not Yu Gi Oh MikeHogu
11:10:47 AM datpokeguy WutFace
11:10:34 AM datpokeguy PogChamp
11:10:29 AM datpokeguy Terri and logic TriHard
11:09:54 AM datpokeguy I thought so Kappa
11:09:32 AM datpokeguy Mini changed name again? OMGScoots
11:08:27 AM datpokeguy Sim Kappa
11:07:31 AM datpokeguy Wait4BABA BORT
11:05:30 AM datpokeguy Sim Kappa
11:03:55 AM datpokeguy Anything is good Chaos SeemsGood
11:02:51 AM datpokeguy I want Yu Gi Oh PogChamp
11:02:42 AM datpokeguy Yu Gi Oh PogChamp
11:02:17 AM datpokeguy Sim Kappa
11:01:30 AM datpokeguy There was a Madagascar game for GBA I used to play Kippa
11:00:50 AM datpokeguy Yu Gi Oh PogChamp
11:00:07 AM datpokeguy Pokemon Green Bootleg Kippa
10:59:52 AM datpokeguy shut up you robot MrDestructoid
10:58:35 AM datpokeguy VoteNay EleGiggle Sim
10:57:56 AM datpokeguy Pokemon Green bootleg OMGScoots
10:56:36 AM datpokeguy The bag contains the Noobow badges because they are non-existant Kappa
10:55:34 AM datpokeguy what the bag Kappa
10:52:45 AM datpokeguy Sis? WutFace
10:52:33 AM datpokeguy sim Kappa
10:33:42 AM datpokeguy Noobow
10:33:13 AM datpokeguy WutFace WTF LUL sim
10:31:16 AM datpokeguy website SeemsGood
10:30:12 AM datpokeguy Is that a clock on the wall or a framed cross? #BlackAndBlueDress Kappa
10:28:32 AM datpokeguy I would be the body in the bag Kappa
10:26:57 AM datpokeguy Praise Boomba \ OSsloth /
10:26:21 AM datpokeguy This screen is misrepresentation, I'm going to sue now Kappa
10:25:24 AM datpokeguy Ditto is just the foetus of blob people OMGScoots
10:24:59 AM datpokeguy @streamfalled L PogChamp R E
10:24:42 AM datpokeguy @egobuff Kappa
10:24:05 AM datpokeguy Azure is our prize OneHand
10:23:11 AM datpokeguy OSsloth Plays Pokemon
10:22:58 AM datpokeguy @1eamannan WutFace
10:22:45 AM datpokeguy Done Kappa
10:21:37 AM datpokeguy I'm going to fill the demo screen because I'm so bored Kappa
10:20:06 AM datpokeguy that rock! SwiftRage
10:19:02 AM datpokeguy @takoouh We do like 4 runs a year with PBR in between
10:18:12 AM datpokeguy VoteYea break the monopoly Kappa
10:17:48 AM datpokeguy penis bosses OneHand
10:16:58 AM datpokeguy NotLikeThis
10:15:53 AM datpokeguy Night
10:15:19 AM datpokeguy This musical loop doesn't make it sound like the end tbh Kappa
10:14:05 AM datpokeguy whatever you say sim Kappa
10:13:17 AM datpokeguy alt+F4 Kappa
10:13:01 AM datpokeguy What a great end screen Kappa //
10:12:09 AM datpokeguy why does it look like nothing is happening in the game? Kappa
3:04:28 PM datpokeguy We just need to counter spam Kappa
3:02:44 PM datpokeguy @adrizel16 We need to finish TPP Animal Crossing DS first Kappa
2:33:26 PM datpokeguy The let's face it thing is just a meme btw Kappa
2:32:56 PM datpokeguy Let's face it, we're just a meme Kappa
2:31:39 PM datpokeguy Sim EleGiggle
2:29:38 PM datpokeguy Hit PogChamp
2:29:01 PM datpokeguy DBstyle Don't worry, Magneton levitates obv
2:27:37 PM datpokeguy We need some left spam? OMGScoots
2:26:58 PM datpokeguy RIP urn Kappa
2:26:43 PM datpokeguy PogChamp ?
2:26:18 PM datpokeguy WuyFace ?
2:25:41 PM datpokeguy GG Urn ruined already Kappa //
2:21:31 PM datpokeguy K, that passes then Kappa
2:20:40 PM datpokeguy 1ea changed colours... WutFace
2:19:55 PM datpokeguy I have trained myself to still see the OMGScoots face Kappa
2:19:03 PM datpokeguy Spam a level 100 yolodrill mon... OMGScoots
2:16:37 PM datpokeguy @lunard8128 Smogon Kappa
2:13:23 PM datpokeguy Kippa Sim is right, we should have a rest and play PBR till Z33k33 comes back Kappa
2:12:46 PM datpokeguy Kippa Sim
2:12:01 PM datpokeguy Love the Lirik emotes Shadow SeemsGood
2:23:43 PM datpokeguy Raikou is lame? DansGame
8:27:43 AM datpokeguy PogChamp
8:27:17 AM datpokeguy Sim Kappa
8:26:35 AM datpokeguy RitzMitz Should've kept Furret alive for Lance
8:25:51 AM datpokeguy RitzMitz
8:25:45 AM datpokeguy GG Jebaited
8:25:16 AM datpokeguy Furret MVP PogChamp
8:25:00 AM datpokeguy PogChamp
8:24:44 AM datpokeguy RIP that down
8:23:29 AM datpokeguy DBstyle Flinch hax inc
8:22:09 AM datpokeguy TriHard test
8:21:22 AM datpokeguy DBstyle Intiate Furret flinch hax now
8:20:37 AM datpokeguy DBstyle Sim says Furret OHKOs
8:20:20 AM datpokeguy GG Rip teh urn Kappa // Sim stole it
8:19:07 AM datpokeguy BabyRage
8:19:02 AM datpokeguy CANCER BabyRagw
8:17:33 AM datpokeguy ResidentSleeper again
8:16:56 AM datpokeguy Sim PogChamp
8:15:31 AM datpokeguy ResidentSleeper
8:15:01 AM datpokeguy Hit PogChamp
8:14:08 AM datpokeguy @curti2594 Level caps in this romhack at certain stages of progress
8:12:21 AM datpokeguy DBstyle High will sweep E4 with headbut flinches
8:39:04 AM datpokeguy TriHard Entei...
8:37:08 AM datpokeguy KKK WutFace
8:36:52 AM datpokeguy PogChamp
1:43:48 PM datpokeguy MrDestructoid sure sim
1:40:48 PM datpokeguy Ice meme PogChamp
1:37:21 PM datpokeguy @returnofmch Why else do all the Z33k33 alts exist? TheIlluminati
1:36:30 PM datpokeguy Z33k33 is Dio DBstyle
1:35:31 PM datpokeguy PogChamp
1:32:28 PM datpokeguy Wow sim Kippa
1:31:18 PM datpokeguy AGAIN Jebaited
1:31:02 PM datpokeguy Went past 7 DansGame
1:27:31 PM datpokeguy Sim Kappa
1:21:03 PM datpokeguy Kappa // Sim
1:20:03 PM datpokeguy DansGame Rigged
1:19:06 PM datpokeguy @armyelitevoltz Pyrite
1:18:56 PM datpokeguy Kappa //
1:18:08 PM datpokeguy BloodTrail sure sim
1:16:17 PM datpokeguy PogChamp
1:16:12 PM datpokeguy WutFace
1:14:41 PM datpokeguy Faith is going up Kappa
3:55:20 PM datpokeguy DBstyle Surf is 4x SE
3:55:08 PM datpokeguy Not headbut DansGame
3:49:32 PM datpokeguy #TrimErikasBush Kappa
3:48:43 PM datpokeguy #CancerousClair DansGame
3:46:34 PM datpokeguy Sim Kappa
3:45:26 PM datpokeguy Kappa
3:45:15 PM datpokeguy NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE TYPED "FRZ PogChamp " FailFish
3:44:50 PM datpokeguy FRZ PogChamp
3:44:34 PM datpokeguy PogChamp
3:43:44 PM datpokeguy DBstyle Just a reminder that surf is 4x SE on Nidoqueen because water neutralizes poison and erodes the ground.
3:41:38 PM datpokeguy PogChamp
3:41:03 PM datpokeguy Bye lipoke MikeHogu
3:40:12 PM datpokeguy Do 25$ sub only mode Kappa
3:38:21 PM datpokeguy DBstyle SE moves are always correct Lipoke
3:37:34 PM datpokeguy PogChamp still will RIP
3:36:27 PM datpokeguy DBstyle Headbut flinch to victory
3:35:07 PM datpokeguy Jebaited
3:33:17 PM datpokeguy Kappa //
12:50:10 PM datpokeguy lipoke is magneton Kappa
4:04:46 PM datpokeguy TriHard
4:02:36 PM datpokeguy RNG PogChamp
4:02:26 PM datpokeguy PogChamp
3:59:47 PM datpokeguy PpgChamp
3:59:37 PM datpokeguy Sim Kappa
3:59:23 PM datpokeguy DBstyle Use exp share in battle to steal exp that Pryce gets
3:58:26 PM datpokeguy DBstyle Flinch hax to win
3:58:14 PM datpokeguy Hit DansGame
3:58:06 PM datpokeguy TriHard 2
3:56:00 PM datpokeguy 911 TheIlluminati
3:55:33 PM datpokeguy GG Kappa
3:53:52 PM datpokeguy We got Jynxed Jebaited
3:53:40 PM datpokeguy Jebaited
3:52:35 PM datpokeguy Everytime I try to type select sect I typo sext OneHand TheIlluminati
3:51:34 PM datpokeguy @bubbled_butter Orange OneHand
3:50:50 PM datpokeguy TheIlluminati select sect
3:50:25 PM datpokeguy DBstyle Select buffer
3:46:58 PM datpokeguy No all inning Cyrus Jebaited
3:46:01 PM datpokeguy @xeogran With nothing to spend it on PogChamp
3:45:25 PM datpokeguy @08juan80 Ah ok then, I know how it felt being token poor MikeHogu
3:44:10 PM datpokeguy @08juan80 I could loan you my tokens by buying a badge of yours and give it back once you can pay me back. OMGScoots
3:41:01 PM datpokeguy @08juan80 100 tokens for what? OMGScoots
3:19:19 PM datpokeguy \ RaccAttack ~ Reddy cheer squad
3:18:39 PM datpokeguy rip sun TriHard
3:16:21 PM datpokeguy ~ RaccAttack ~ Master Reddy will solo this
4:50:59 PM datpokeguy wow sim DansGame
4:34:26 PM datpokeguy DBstyle 2 curs
6:32:43 PM datpokeguy Switch grind PogChamp
6:32:14 PM datpokeguy RIP
6:31:27 PM datpokeguy Have a what? OMGScoots
6:29:58 PM datpokeguy WutFace
6:29:53 PM datpokeguy PHANCERO OVERLAY PTSD WutFacw
6:29:31 PM datpokeguy WutFace
6:27:44 PM datpokeguy @bidage Real hiiiiigh VapeNation
6:27:02 PM datpokeguy FIRE AT WILL DBstyle
6:26:42 PM datpokeguy ENTER WILL DBstyle
6:22:24 PM datpokeguy Sim Kappa
6:21:40 PM datpokeguy DBstyle Togepi will carry guys
6:17:08 PM datpokeguy Select buffer helped for turbo no? TheIlluminati
6:16:17 PM datpokeguy Select buffer TheIlluminati
6:14:53 PM datpokeguy PogChamp Sim
6:14:15 PM datpokeguy WutFace
6:13:46 PM datpokeguy @pioxys Yup Kappa
6:13:25 PM datpokeguy Kappa
6:13:21 PM datpokeguy PohChamp A shame that Z33k33 will release this togepi later
6:12:50 PM datpokeguy PogChamp
6:08:59 PM datpokeguy TriHard s Play Pokemon Kappa
2:29:23 PM datpokeguy DBstyle The egg will hatch to a togepi which will awaken Z33k33 from his slumber so that he can release it #Lore
2:28:24 PM datpokeguy PogChap
2:28:02 PM datpokeguy Egg will be eggstraordinary Kappa
2:27:10 PM datpokeguy @dankbook All games we played basically yes
2:25:09 PM datpokeguy BigBrother Sim
2:17:29 PM datpokeguy @dankbook yes #TrAsh
2:13:44 PM datpokeguy Will real Z33k33 please stand up? DBstyle
2:13:12 PM datpokeguy OpieOP
2:12:47 PM datpokeguy DBstyle Egg (in egg form) for final team VoteYea / VoteNay
2:10:15 PM datpokeguy VoteYea TriHard
2:10:03 PM datpokeguy MikeHogu we are all going to die to nuclear war Kappa
2:09:24 PM datpokeguy PogChamp
2:01:58 PM datpokeguy Kappa :Z
2:01:43 PM datpokeguy @chaos_lord2 #TransLore KappaPride
2:01:04 PM datpokeguy * Kappa
2:01:00 PM datpokeguy Kappq
2:00:57 PM datpokeguy TTP the new TPPP? Kappq
2:00:31 PM datpokeguy P Kappa
2:00:00 PM datpokeguy Jebaited
1:59:27 PM datpokeguy DBstyle Teach cut so we can do some logging and create a shortcut to that cave
1:56:53 PM datpokeguy It seems fitting we have a pokemon called High and a Weedle in the same party VapeNation
1:56:00 PM datpokeguy Sim Kappa
1:54:26 PM datpokeguy I think by now TPP could qualify as a synonym for memes Kappa
1:39:59 PM datpokeguy DBstyle Sim says remove E4
11:10:28 AM datpokeguy Sim WutFace
11:09:35 AM datpokeguy Yeah Falkner grind looks good
11:08:04 AM datpokeguy damage Kappa