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10:15:50 PM NFreak007 OneHand
3:48:24 PM NFreak007 Kappa = Grey Face (no space)
3:48:03 PM NFreak007 #FuckGlasses OneHand
3:47:20 PM NFreak007 Missard NotLikeThis
3:47:07 PM NFreak007 Bad order CrreamAwk
3:44:22 PM NFreak007 More Stadium 2 NotLikeThis
3:43:27 PM NFreak007 Sim RitzMitz
3:40:20 PM NFreak007 Kappa
3:39:09 PM NFreak007 PRZ NotLikeThis Acc drop NotLikeThis
3:38:53 PM NFreak007 Now 25% chance of Parish Song every turn NotLikeThis
3:38:19 PM NFreak007 FailFish
3:37:40 PM NFreak007 Acc drop NotLikeThis
3:36:37 PM NFreak007 Jebaited
3:36:14 PM NFreak007 Rawr Keepo
3:35:07 PM NFreak007 BabyRage lalalalalalalala
3:30:09 PM NFreak007 Music by John Cage PogChamp
3:27:30 PM NFreak007 LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BabyRage
11:22:56 AM NFreak007 Sim is obsessed with Secret Power TriHard
11:21:38 AM NFreak007 MikeHogu
11:18:41 AM NFreak007 TriHard
10:23:44 AM NFreak007 tpp: You won T1 from fortytrees_'s donation! VoHiYo
10:23:31 AM NFreak007 Finally Kreygasm
10:23:18 AM NFreak007 ShadyLulu
10:23:15 AM NFreak007 Kippa ShanyLulu
10:22:29 AM NFreak007 "Rages on" Kappa
10:20:33 AM NFreak007 inb4 #NeverLucky BabyRage
10:20:01 AM NFreak007 duDudu
10:19:44 AM NFreak007 Jebaited
10:16:53 AM NFreak007 Thorm PogChamp
10:06:31 AM NFreak007 TPFufun
10:00:27 AM NFreak007 NIRI BORT
9:59:50 AM NFreak007 Optimal RNG Kreygasm
9:59:39 AM NFreak007 Skill money RitzMitz
9:58:29 AM NFreak007 THIS MATCH LUL
9:57:59 AM NFreak007 LUL
9:57:20 AM NFreak007 inb4 Diglett uses Memento turn 1 Kappa
9:55:03 AM NFreak007 Now actual Defiance RitzMitz
9:54:20 AM NFreak007 Keepo
9:52:50 AM NFreak007 OpieOP
9:52:22 AM NFreak007 Jebaited Seriously
9:51:13 AM NFreak007 These crits CrreamAwk
9:50:48 AM NFreak007 Deku also likes to "idle" with certain Fire types OneHand
9:50:33 AM NFreak007 Defiance playing better than most humans Jebaited
9:50:17 AM NFreak007 Jebaited
9:47:14 AM NFreak007 WutFace
1:23:03 PM NFreak007 Entei again TriHard
1:21:57 PM NFreak007 lest
1:21:06 PM NFreak007 #BrnFace
1:20:52 PM NFreak007 Jebaited
1:19:51 PM NFreak007 Bone Rush OneHand
1:19:33 PM NFreak007 LUL
1:18:45 PM NFreak007 BegWan
1:17:59 PM NFreak007 Pocket Sand SwiftRage
1:17:06 PM NFreak007 Jebaited
1:15:54 PM NFreak007 LUL
8:23:50 AM NFreak007 Sim WutFace
8:16:37 AM NFreak007 So what's the trap that there clearly is but I can't spot SeriousSloth
8:11:43 AM NFreak007 JUTE BORT
8:10:34 AM NFreak007 MingLee What a match
12:33:32 AM NFreak007 Music by John Cage Kreygasm
12:33:02 AM NFreak007 Music? WutFace
12:29:50 AM NFreak007 ~ CoolCat ~
12:20:15 AM NFreak007 Happy Time 4Head
12:19:44 AM NFreak007 @meenamii And only before match starts
12:19:32 AM NFreak007 @meenamii You can increase it, but not decrease or change team
12:17:47 AM NFreak007 SE STAB WutFace
12:17:14 AM NFreak007 Smokescreen mattered Kappa
12:17:06 AM NFreak007 PogChaml
12:16:57 AM NFreak007 CrreamAwk
12:16:36 AM NFreak007 Rawr Keepo
12:09:25 AM NFreak007 Well this looks like a good match Jebaited
12:09:05 AM NFreak007 TehePELA TehePelo
12:08:44 AM NFreak007 Wooo ooo 4Head
12:08:11 AM NFreak007 GivePLZ PRAISE DOOF TakeNRG
12:06:54 AM NFreak007 Bidoof is hackers WutFace
12:04:59 AM NFreak007 GivePLZ Praise Lord Doof TakeNRG
12:03:49 AM NFreak007 KAPOW
11:59:10 PM NFreak007 50% iirc
11:58:24 PM NFreak007 LUL
11:57:40 PM NFreak007 MingLee
11:57:33 PM NFreak007 Cup of cardboard piano MinLee
11:55:37 PM NFreak007 Bouncing Spider WutFace
11:54:11 PM NFreak007 I'm just happy the IR camera is being used for something other than eating sandwiches MingLee
11:52:21 PM NFreak007 Don't lie, you know you want to build a cute cardboard piano for your Switch
11:51:04 PM NFreak007 Sim MingLee
11:49:12 PM NFreak007 MingLee
11:48:44 PM NFreak007 SoonerLater
11:47:28 PM NFreak007 OpieOP
11:46:59 PM NFreak007 2 PogChamp
11:46:45 PM NFreak007 Thunder hitting through Double Team PogChamp
11:46:09 PM NFreak007 Z33k33 lives on in our hearts DBstyle
11:45:04 PM NFreak007 WutFace
11:44:45 PM NFreak007 OneHand
11:44:29 PM NFreak007 TPP hasn't been a thing since March 2014 Keepo
11:40:17 PM NFreak007 Shaymin VoHiYo
11:39:05 PM NFreak007 Substitoot PRChase 🎺
7:50:54 PM NFreak007 @booleaf1 That came out in 2003 iirc
7:50:15 PM NFreak007 Last F-Zero game was almost 15 years ago :(
7:49:31 PM NFreak007 To be fair I can never remember what Mold Breaker does SeriousSloth
7:48:06 PM NFreak007 For a second I thought this song was called Marsa's Theme NotATK
7:42:24 PM NFreak007 ArgieB8
7:40:02 PM NFreak007 Sim LUL
7:38:25 PM NFreak007 Now x scossir DBstyle
7:29:14 PM NFreak007 LUL
3:02:34 PM NFreak007 Jebaited
3:01:44 PM NFreak007 CrreamAwk
10:26:20 AM NFreak007 ResidentSleeper
10:20:14 AM NFreak007 Blaziken is A N G E R Y PunOko
10:19:25 AM NFreak007 GivePLZ Pony take my energy GivePLZ
10:17:35 AM NFreak007 Pony VoHiYo
10:16:05 AM NFreak007 WutFace Distortion
10:08:25 AM NFreak007 Yes TakeNRG
10:08:13 AM NFreak007 2 badges in one day 4Head
10:08:01 AM NFreak007 Badge PogChamp
10:07:39 AM NFreak007 Chat is quiet today ResidentSleeper
10:04:46 AM NFreak007 COVU BORT
8:27:40 AM NFreak007 Won't somebody think of us small bettors and our odds? BibleThump
8:25:51 AM NFreak007 ! PogChamp
8:25:34 AM NFreak007 Skill Machine RitzMitz
8:25:22 AM NFreak007 LARRYHaving foun SKILL MACHINE07 PogChamp
8:24:09 AM NFreak007 Payout Kreygasm
8:15:15 AM NFreak007 Aerial Machine07 Kreygasm
8:11:42 AM NFreak007 Jebaited Why
8:10:44 AM NFreak007 More Flonch CrreamAwk
8:10:25 AM NFreak007 Jebaited
8:09:31 AM NFreak007 Invisible Fog Kappa
8:09:21 AM NFreak007 Jebaited
8:07:23 AM NFreak007 KonCha
8:00:36 AM NFreak007 \ OneHand /
9:35:38 PM NFreak007 BibleThump
9:32:31 PM NFreak007 Mole trays PRChase
9:30:07 PM NFreak007 Touhou Hour DansGame
9:27:51 PM NFreak007 GivePLZ PraiseIt TakeNRG
9:25:43 PM NFreak007 End of match synced perfectly with the music though MingLee
9:25:29 PM NFreak007 CrreamAwk This losing streak
9:13:49 PM NFreak007 This seems unfair MingLee
9:00:01 PM NFreak007 Red can win if Blue gets scared of the bees WutFace
8:58:56 PM NFreak007 @Khalawarrior The rightmost one
12:49:10 PM NFreak007 Wait, why did I just bet on Entei TriHard and Losecario TriHard ? Jebaited
11:16:57 AM NFreak007 Sim using sub emotes DansGame
11:15:50 AM NFreak007 #TitzMitz OneHand
11:15:21 AM NFreak007 ArgieB8
11:14:09 AM NFreak007 Crit mattered Kappa
11:14:00 AM NFreak007 It's Porygon Zed actually Kappa
11:12:16 AM NFreak007 LUL
11:11:21 AM NFreak007 Go Pony VoHiYo
11:10:41 AM NFreak007 WutFace
11:09:39 AM NFreak007 EleGiggle
11:08:22 AM NFreak007 Pocket sand PogChamp
11:06:36 AM NFreak007 Sim can help VoHiYo
11:02:07 AM NFreak007 Oh that makes more sense
11:01:58 AM NFreak007 Does Lickitung live in water?
11:01:41 AM NFreak007 What is clue 1?
11:00:47 AM NFreak007 VoHiJi VoHiYo
11:00:39 AM NFreak007 HIJI BORT
10:59:33 AM NFreak007 MikeHogu
10:58:55 AM NFreak007 Jebaited
10:58:45 AM NFreak007 :)
10:57:14 AM NFreak007 Always bet on crits DBstyle
10:57:00 AM NFreak007 Crit again PogChamp
10:55:47 AM NFreak007 RaccAttack = Raccoon Attackoon (no space)
10:55:03 AM NFreak007 RaccAttack
10:54:54 AM NFreak007 ZigzaggAttagg RaccAttacc
10:53:40 AM NFreak007 This Wormadam is not TRASHY BORT
10:52:32 AM NFreak007 Kappa
10:51:12 AM NFreak007 Crit PogChamp
10:49:28 AM NFreak007 Sim is gonna do Arceus? OneHand
10:47:51 AM NFreak007 Chatot's Nasty Plot OneHand
10:47:14 AM NFreak007 \ PermaSmug /
10:46:56 AM NFreak007 PermaSmug
10:43:21 AM NFreak007 #NeverLucky BabyRage
10:41:20 AM NFreak007 Jebaited
10:36:28 AM NFreak007 Thorm PogChamp
9:21:39 AM NFreak007 WutFace Spooky music
9:21:08 AM NFreak007 But that's the best way to get rich Keepo
9:17:36 AM NFreak007 KonCha
6:38:07 PM NFreak007 Is tpp bot not responding to anyone else or just me?
6:35:32 PM NFreak007 `1bet 31 red
6:30:17 PM NFreak007 KAPOW
2:32:44 PM NFreak007 Sim EleGiggle
2:29:55 PM NFreak007 Sim doesn't understand MikeHogu
2:20:19 PM NFreak007 I've not been on TPP for a few days and I've already forgotten how to type emotes Jebaited
2:19:59 PM NFreak007 CrreamAwk
2:19:54 PM NFreak007 crreamAwk
2:14:37 PM NFreak007 tppsim is a bot that makes random messages out of things chat says
2:13:03 PM NFreak007 GivePLZ pastaThat
2:12:53 PM NFreak007 GivePlz pastaThat
2:12:22 PM NFreak007 We need to grab food DBstyle
2:10:12 PM NFreak007 WADY BORT
2:09:06 PM NFreak007 LUL
2:01:23 PM NFreak007 Sim :(
1:53:32 PM NFreak007 GDQ is killed? WutFace
1:47:47 PM NFreak007 Truly moving BibleThump
1:47:12 PM NFreak007 Bass SourPls
1:46:38 PM NFreak007 Oh hey, now that GDQ is over I can go back to that other Twitch thing I go on sometimes KonCha Hi again TPP!
12:53:13 PM NFreak007 DOGARS? FALLED BORT
12:52:34 PM NFreak007 720,000% LUL
12:52:08 PM NFreak007 OhMyDog TakeNRG
12:51:35 PM NFreak007 Dog Arse OhMyDog
12:50:58 PM NFreak007 D PogChamp O PogChamp G PogChamp A PogChamp R PogChamp S
12:49:46 PM NFreak007 Squirt OneHand
12:49:04 PM NFreak007 Me bet good very not at all BrokeBack
12:48:52 PM NFreak007 Jebaited
12:47:39 PM NFreak007 riPepperonis
12:46:51 PM NFreak007 FunRun
12:42:06 PM NFreak007 x7 PogChamp
12:38:43 PM NFreak007 PogChamp
12:37:39 PM NFreak007 OneHand *
12:37:33 PM NFreak007 69% odds O'Brien's
12:37:02 PM NFreak007 I'm 100% sure there's a trap here that I haven't spotted but oh well Jebaited
12:41:43 PM NFreak007 @phahnax You need tokens first. You gamble tokens on it
12:39:39 PM NFreak007 Skill money yo! RitzMitz
12:39:03 PM NFreak007 Ice is SE on Bug DBstyle
12:38:35 PM NFreak007 BEES WutFace
12:37:02 PM NFreak007 You get a sense of pride and accomplishment Kappa
12:35:46 PM NFreak007 Sim is a real boy BibleThump
12:35:06 PM NFreak007 Yes sim Kappa
12:33:34 PM NFreak007 Defiance SoBayed
12:28:39 PM NFreak007 :O
10:26:46 AM NFreak007 OLDEN WutFace
10:26:04 AM NFreak007 rught
10:26:38 PM NFreak007 Put a bribe on Up and I'll press it Keepo
10:25:42 PM NFreak007 ArgieB8
10:25:22 PM NFreak007 Moth sweep PogChamp
10:23:11 PM NFreak007 Sim's name is Black Kyurem MingLee
10:22:07 PM NFreak007 It's never too late for wishes VoHiYo
10:21:52 PM NFreak007 Healing match Jebaited
10:21:21 PM NFreak007 OneHand + OneHand + OneHand + OneHand = 4Head
10:19:15 PM NFreak007 Subliminal capitalist messages cmonBruh
10:19:06 PM NFreak007 Go shopping HeyGuys
10:18:56 PM NFreak007 Lyrics PogChamp
10:14:57 PM NFreak007 Choo choo 4Head
10:14:50 PM NFreak007 ~ 4Head ~
10:14:29 PM NFreak007 WutFace
10:10:04 PM NFreak007 duDudu
10:09:56 PM NFreak007 Pony VoHiYo
10:09:24 PM NFreak007 Kreygasm AAAAAaaahhhh
10:07:42 PM NFreak007 BlessRNG Give us this day our daily pizza
10:07:09 PM NFreak007 Sim BlessRNG
10:06:31 PM NFreak007 Kreygasm
10:05:42 PM NFreak007 DatSheffy No NSFW URLs pls
10:04:54 PM NFreak007 @The_Chef1337 WutFace
10:04:43 PM NFreak007 Is it my balance? MikeHogu
10:04:27 PM NFreak007 `
10:02:38 PM NFreak007 HOVA BORT
10:00:51 PM NFreak007 Lose streak continuing MikeHogu
10:00:04 PM NFreak007 Furry Cutter? RitzMitz
9:52:55 PM NFreak007 1bet 500 blue
9:46:50 PM NFreak007 BegWan
9:46:27 PM NFreak007 To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand unfunny copypasta. The repetetive humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the pasta will go over a typical viewer's head.