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9:43:36 PM NFreak007 I can't take the Yi-Gi-Oh marathon stream seriously because every time they say Yugi I think of HassaanChop
9:41:09 PM NFreak007 :(
9:40:11 PM NFreak007 Kreygasm FIVE Kreygasm BEAUTIFUL Kreygasm KILODONGERS Kreygasm
9:39:55 PM NFreak007 Just realised I'm over 5k Kreygasm
4:43:15 PM NFreak007 BEST BORT
4:42:58 PM NFreak007 tppsimulator is silly Kappa
4:41:18 PM NFreak007 CrreamAwk
4:39:20 PM NFreak007 PRChase My nun is sent out
1:42:13 PM NFreak007 ... WutFace
1:42:05 PM NFreak007 WutFace HECK
1:46:09 PM NFreak007 PRChase My nun starts to attack
1:45:52 PM NFreak007 Pokémon feel love for one another, but we force them to breed against their will BibleThump
1:44:57 PM NFreak007 wat Jebaited
1:44:09 PM NFreak007 PRChase Oh <3
8:46:00 AM NFreak007 Boing 4Head
8:44:14 AM NFreak007 CrreamAwk
8:36:27 AM NFreak007 We wanna do this GivePLZ
8:35:57 AM NFreak007 RuleFive Somewhat unsettling
8:35:24 AM NFreak007 LUL
8:35:18 AM NFreak007 Jebaited
8:34:25 AM NFreak007 Bad Dreams WutFace
8:30:32 AM NFreak007 löl
8:30:13 AM NFreak007 Ninjask confirmed Legendary PogChamp
8:22:50 AM NFreak007 What if we end Bootleg Green early and they bring back Ash Gray? Kappa
8:21:54 AM NFreak007 Skeleton Lords GivePLZ 💀 TakeNRG
8:21:14 AM NFreak007 Wait, have we glitched the sidegame? Jebaited
7:38:34 PM NFreak007 WutFace It's flashing
7:36:08 PM NFreak007 Deku has hacked the stream OneHand
7:35:38 PM NFreak007 WOW OneHand
7:35:11 PM NFreak007 Stream PC is dying BibleThump
7:34:35 PM NFreak007 a Kappa
7:34:26 PM NFreak007 Start Windows Normally DBstyle
7:33:57 PM NFreak007 WutFace BSoD
7:33:45 PM NFreak007 GivePLZ panicBasket TakeNRG
7:33:10 PM NFreak007 WutFace
7:29:20 PM NFreak007 Somehow BibleThump turned into Miifoto
7:29:11 PM NFreak007 BibleThump *
7:29:05 PM NFreak007 Miifoto
7:26:10 PM NFreak007 Kippa ................................
7:25:02 PM NFreak007 Please respect penguins 🐧 TakeNRG
7:22:49 PM NFreak007 "wonderful person in chat nudes" OneHand
7:21:00 PM NFreak007 \ OSsloth / Cheerful Sloths \ OSsloth /
7:17:45 PM NFreak007 Distortion WutFace
7:13:27 PM NFreak007 Over 4.5k BegWan
7:12:48 PM NFreak007 P A Y PogChamp U T
7:11:09 PM NFreak007 @shadowpuppet97 It's ok, I'd only lose anyway Kappa
7:10:49 PM NFreak007 Anyone want to buy a Spearow badge? Kappa
7:10:37 PM NFreak007 Oh, a Spearow badge Jebaited
7:10:23 PM NFreak007 Having a Showdown tournament at midnight UK time when I have work tomorrow morning UWot
7:04:58 PM NFreak007 NACE BORT
7:02:46 PM NFreak007 Celebratory Yolonome? Jebaited
7:01:54 PM NFreak007 GivePLZ panicBasket TakeNRG
7:01:39 PM NFreak007 WutFace
6:59:40 PM NFreak007 I clipped it but I'm on mobile so I can't link it right now
6:51:21 PM NFreak007 Why is Oak there? WutFace
2:22:49 PM NFreak007 CrreamAwk
2:21:13 PM NFreak007 Rayquaza's over-dramatic fainting animation MingLee
2:12:38 PM NFreak007 @geometry_dasher322 "/w tpp balance" tells you your Pokeyen and Tokens
2:12:06 PM NFreak007 LUL RNG is winning
2:11:25 PM NFreak007 I was seriously considering betting Blue, but this is funnier Kappa
2:11:09 PM NFreak007 LUL
2:10:05 PM NFreak007 This is a real mindgames match Jebaited
2:09:44 PM NFreak007 @geometry_dasher322 "/w tpp badges"
2:09:04 PM NFreak007 Punching and dancing MingLee
2:05:26 PM NFreak007 Trollonome Kappa
2:05:19 PM NFreak007 SIXA BORT
10:07:16 AM NFreak007 Jebaited
9:50:26 AM NFreak007 WutFace Sidegame is out of useable Pokemon! Sidegame whited out!
9:49:07 AM NFreak007 Overkill LUL
9:49:04 AM NFreak007 MikeHogu
9:48:47 AM NFreak007 LUL
9:48:21 AM NFreak007 BegWan
9:43:29 AM NFreak007 ~ KappaRoss ~
9:42:41 AM NFreak007 Kappa
9:42:17 AM NFreak007 2 curs ethen defens crul DBstyle
12:23:40 AM NFreak007 GivePLZ panicBasket TakeNRG
11:00:32 PM NFreak007 ~ 4Head ~
10:57:07 PM NFreak007 Says the guy who bet on Blue Jebaited
10:56:58 PM NFreak007 Time for Losecario TriHard
10:55:15 PM NFreak007 ~ KevinTurtle ~ Bump to the bump to the bump to the boom-boom,Bump to the bump to the bump to the bass-as-as-ase! ~ KevinTurtle ~
10:52:47 PM NFreak007 CrreamAwk
10:43:59 AM NFreak007 #HamHa
10:43:36 AM NFreak007 PRChase Oh no...
10:39:15 AM NFreak007 Snorlax has eyes WutFace
10:37:35 AM NFreak007 I wasn't paying attention OSsloth
10:37:27 AM NFreak007 CrreamAwk
10:34:44 AM NFreak007 RichChan token VoHiYo
10:32:58 AM NFreak007 PogChamp
10:29:11 AM NFreak007 Jebaited Welp, we ded
10:27:02 AM NFreak007 Ok, I'll stop Kappa
10:26:50 AM NFreak007 As a consequence people who dislikeAdvanced Mode truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in TPP’s existencial catchphrase “Wow Deku OneHand ,” which itself is a cryptic reference to e621’s finest naughty Blaziken pics.
10:26:41 AM NFreak007 There's also TPPSim’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his programming - his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these matches, to realize that they're not just complex - they say something deep about LIFE
10:25:49 AM NFreak007 To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Advanced Mode. The move sets are extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the strategies will go over a typical viewer's head.
10:25:38 AM NFreak007 Copypasta mode Kappa
10:24:48 AM NFreak007 I'm in the top 50 again BegWan
10:23:36 AM NFreak007 PogChamp
10:22:32 AM NFreak007 WutFace
10:22:13 AM NFreak007 GivePLZ Kill Blastoise for Bloons
10:20:59 AM NFreak007 AZ BORT ELF
10:19:36 AM NFreak007 Strats PogChamp
10:18:44 AM NFreak007 DansGame
10:18:05 AM NFreak007 D WutFace WutFace M
10:17:39 AM NFreak007 How did T50 turn into TP? BrokeBack
10:17:30 AM NFreak007 T50*
10:17:24 AM NFreak007 TP pinball WutFace
10:17:16 AM NFreak007 LUL
10:16:56 AM NFreak007 KAPOW
10:16:50 AM NFreak007 Woah, this is heavy Kappa
10:16:06 AM NFreak007 PRChase D'oh!
10:15:57 AM NFreak007 Kappa //
10:15:20 AM NFreak007 OneHand Blaziken gets dirty
10:14:38 AM NFreak007 I always seem to lose on Metronome matches where I've bid the music, so enjoy your victory Red Kappa
10:13:52 AM NFreak007 SLAP BAGEL MingLee
10:13:14 AM NFreak007 Sim BabyRage
10:13:08 AM NFreak007 DatSheffy It's a tough, but somebody's gotta do it
10:12:20 AM NFreak007 WutFace Wut wut WutFace
10:11:43 AM NFreak007 Wag tail to assail 4Head
10:10:49 AM NFreak007 OhMyDog
10:10:34 AM NFreak007 I spent a token for this BabyRage
10:10:04 AM NFreak007 You're all suppodes to join in DansGame
10:09:50 AM NFreak007 ... cmonBruh
10:09:39 AM NFreak007 BabyRage 3, 2, 1...
10:09:25 AM NFreak007 BabyRage Get ready...
10:08:22 AM NFreak007 Not yet though BabyRage
10:08:11 AM NFreak007 Everyone ready? BabyRage
10:07:57 AM NFreak007 BabuRage BabyRage
10:07:51 AM NFreak007 BABU BORT
10:06:43 AM NFreak007 DatSheffy Don't be a Thief
10:04:10 AM NFreak007 Good start Jebaited
10:00:41 AM NFreak007 More skill RitzMitz
10:00:34 AM NFreak007 OneHand
10:00:26 AM NFreak007 WAG TAIL BORT
9:58:44 AM NFreak007 Kappa // Yes, please use that near-fatal move on me again
9:57:46 AM NFreak007 Crit overkill Jebaited
9:55:39 AM NFreak007 DatSheffy no healing
9:55:25 AM NFreak007 time to do LUL
9:54:52 AM NFreak007 TriHard !!!!!
9:54:35 AM NFreak007 inb4 Beldum picks Earthquake TriHard
9:54:25 AM NFreak007 SwiftRage
9:49:59 AM NFreak007 Skill mode RitzMitz
9:49:45 AM NFreak007 But the attack of of PEThasn't hit home MikeHogu
10:31:33 PM NFreak007 Kippa
10:28:29 PM NFreak007 OneHand
10:26:41 PM NFreak007 HSWP ArgieB8
10:26:21 PM NFreak007 PogChamp
10:22:59 PM NFreak007 WutFace
10:22:27 PM NFreak007 PRChase May Neck Trick
10:20:49 PM NFreak007 did we need to sleep ResidentSleeper
10:19:11 PM NFreak007 WORST BORT
10:17:40 PM NFreak007 Sim MingLee
10:14:19 PM NFreak007 WutFace
10:09:42 PM NFreak007 I'm still on the leaderboard BegWan ...for now TriHard
10:09:25 PM NFreak007 WINO BORT
7:44:20 PM NFreak007 How does Sim get rare badges?
7:44:06 PM NFreak007 !ber 100 red
7:42:50 PM NFreak007 Helix vs Root BlessRNG
4:54:10 PM NFreak007 TotinosRing
3:21:25 PM NFreak007 PRChase In Soviet Union, song sings you.
3:20:47 PM NFreak007 PRChase 7 #BUMBUMBUM
3:20:15 PM NFreak007 Time to lose it all in the space of an hour again Kappa
3:20:04 PM NFreak007 I'm back baby ArgieB8
3:19:32 PM NFreak007 PRChase 7
3:19:27 PM NFreak007 First all-in Yolonome I've won in I don't know how long PogChamp
3:18:59 PM NFreak007 \ PogChamp /
3:18:30 PM NFreak007 TriHard Attack
3:17:52 PM NFreak007 That was close CrreamAwk
3:17:16 PM NFreak007 1v1 BegWan
3:17:03 PM NFreak007 Win speed tie pls BegWan
3:16:56 PM NFreak007 2hp clutch OneHand
3:16:43 PM NFreak007 BlessRNG
3:16:26 PM NFreak007 SwiftRage
3:15:35 PM NFreak007 Blaziken is Rock hard OneHand
3:15:24 PM NFreak007 WutFace
3:14:52 PM NFreak007 2v2 BegWan
3:14:27 PM NFreak007 Wow Blaziken OneHand
3:14:10 PM NFreak007 OneHand )))))))) ResidentSleeper
3:14:01 PM NFreak007 OneHand
3:11:59 PM NFreak007 <3
3:11:49 PM NFreak007 CrreamAwk Acc drop
3:10:07 PM NFreak007 Color Change triggers after the 1st hit of a multi-hit move DansGame
3:09:40 PM NFreak007 Jebaited
3:09:29 PM NFreak007 Time for me to go back to the 100 Club and fail to get out for the rest of the season Jebaited Just like every season
3:08:28 PM NFreak007 Now we pray for good RNG BlessRNG
3:06:32 PM NFreak007 Should I go all in...? Jebaited
3:06:08 PM NFreak007 OneHand
3:05:18 PM NFreak007 Sidegame colour has changed PogChamp
3:05:09 PM NFreak007 WORST BORT
3:04:44 PM NFreak007 LEYI BORT
1:05:27 PM NFreak007 D WutFace M E
1:02:26 PM NFreak007 LUNY BORT
1:02:15 PM NFreak007 You're the Number One MVGame
1:01:40 PM NFreak007 jee jee Kappa
1:01:35 PM NFreak007 PogChamp
1:00:56 PM NFreak007 And now it dies Kappa
1:00:52 PM NFreak007 1hp clutch PogChamp
1:00:30 PM NFreak007 LUL
12:58:03 PM NFreak007 If switching was off I'd be a lot more confident about this :/
12:55:35 PM NFreak007 Ice Beam 4x SE on Mothim PogChamp
12:54:10 PM NFreak007 5k is hard to get if you're as bad as me MikeHogu
10:44:15 AM NFreak007 @TheFrozenGlaceon PogChamp / <3 <3
10:44:03 AM NFreak007 Me token 4Head
10:42:21 AM NFreak007 MikeHogu
10:42:06 AM NFreak007 BegWan
10:41:55 AM NFreak007 WutFace
10:41:23 AM NFreak007 So anyway, here's Waterfall Kappa
10:41:03 AM NFreak007 DBstyle Natural Gift has lots of PP so be sure to use it as many times as possible
10:40:37 AM NFreak007 PUMPED BigBrother
10:39:55 AM NFreak007 Use Toxic twice to make it even more poisoned DBstyle
10:38:50 AM NFreak007 CrreamAwk
10:35:18 AM NFreak007 To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Advanced Mode. The move sets are extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the strategies will go over a typical viewer's head.
10:27:56 AM NFreak007 Countdown to Ultra Sun is along the botton of the stream
10:25:23 AM NFreak007 ~ 4Head ~
10:25:08 AM NFreak007 Jebaited
10:25:05 AM NFreak007 Jebiated
10:24:34 AM NFreak007 WutFace
10:20:15 AM NFreak007 JORSUUUUUUUUUN SwiftRage
10:19:38 AM NFreak007 GivePLZ I D Y G U P O W H A TakeNRG
10:16:00 AM NFreak007 Terri is teaching Sim bad habits again RaccAttack
10:15:47 AM NFreak007 RaccAttack
10:15:35 AM NFreak007 duDudu
10:15:07 AM NFreak007 So brave BibleThump
10:09:53 AM NFreak007 this is a bad RaccAttack
10:09:16 AM NFreak007 OK, so what's the trap that's going to make blue lose? Keepo
10:08:26 AM NFreak007 This room is now in RaccAttack mode.
10:05:59 AM NFreak007 Well, that's certainly a match Jebaited
10:05:44 AM NFreak007 FAYU BORT
10:04:45 AM NFreak007 Oh boy, time for Yolonome PogChamp Kappa
8:22:17 PM NFreak007 VoHiYo
8:20:34 PM NFreak007 #DekusWang compels Blaziken to victory OneHand
8:20:19 PM NFreak007 rip MikeHogu
8:19:49 PM NFreak007 BEES WutFace
8:19:06 PM NFreak007 Blaziken is into Roleplay OneHand
8:18:41 PM NFreak007 Licking Blaziken is Deku's job OneHand
8:18:22 PM NFreak007 CrreamAwk
8:18:08 PM NFreak007 LUL
8:17:54 PM NFreak007 Blaziken is Mega-horny OneHand
8:16:41 PM NFreak007 D WutFace WutFace M
8:15:52 PM NFreak007 Blaziken dances for Deku OneHand
8:15:38 PM NFreak007 OneHand
8:15:12 PM NFreak007 Overkill WutFace
8:14:40 PM NFreak007 Smogon PogChamp
8:14:26 PM NFreak007 DatSheffy no items
8:12:16 PM NFreak007 Rapidash's mouth WutFace
8:09:33 PM NFreak007 Wow OneHand
8:05:27 PM NFreak007 Wow autocorrect Jebaited OneHand = Obama apparently
8:05:15 PM NFreak007 OneHand *
8:05:12 PM NFreak007 stupid idiots Obama a
8:04:13 PM NFreak007 WOFY OhMyDog