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5:12:34 PM Glitcher_Red unless you play 1.0 version
5:12:23 PM Glitcher_Red there's no way to save TORTO
5:11:31 PM Glitcher_Red you're not in EDT for 5 months every year Kappa
5:10:35 PM Glitcher_Red hello but it's sunday TPFufun
5:10:05 PM Glitcher_Red do 123,456,78/90,12,34 next Kappa
5:09:04 PM Glitcher_Red ekans confirmed starter
5:08:44 PM Glitcher_Red how did you resist reading the sign Kappa
5:07:26 PM Glitcher_Red sidegame is fun right now (but could be more fun)
5:04:37 PM Glitcher_Red @evolem i don't see how going into pokemon center instead of the mansion is easier for tpp
5:01:48 PM Glitcher_Red for us it takes like 5 hours ingame time to beat this Kappa
5:00:26 PM Glitcher_Red we're "speedrunning" green now Kappa
5:00:13 PM Glitcher_Red chauzu here for glitches? Kappa
4:09:31 PM Glitcher_Red they need to introduce easy, normal, hard and lunatic mode
4:08:24 PM Glitcher_Red XY has trainers with mons that only have 1 move
4:04:42 PM Glitcher_Red @shadowpuppet97 rip us
4:04:29 PM Glitcher_Red Darth Digo
4:04:00 PM Glitcher_Red Darth Dependent EleGiggle
4:03:36 PM Glitcher_Red Darth Side
4:02:44 PM Glitcher_Red no way to save torto then
4:02:07 PM Glitcher_Red people only like gen 1 for glitches DatSheffy
4:01:42 PM Glitcher_Red we can still revert the save, do the glitch again to get to celadon, fix the glitch and get eevee Kappa
3:58:14 PM Glitcher_Red it's possible to fix the game after this, but TORTO will forever disappear
3:57:21 PM Glitcher_Red diamond and pearl are more fun with explorable void BloodTrail
3:56:28 PM Glitcher_Red m4 wants squirtle
3:56:06 PM Glitcher_Red it's hard to get both eevee and squirtle alive
3:53:59 PM Glitcher_Red we need to get TORTO back first
3:53:53 PM Glitcher_Red yes
3:52:43 PM Glitcher_Red but can chat do this complicated shit
3:52:27 PM Glitcher_Red it will work
3:52:00 PM Glitcher_Red fun fact: i've never played gen 1 normally Jebaited
3:51:24 PM Glitcher_Red playing gen 1 game normally again TriHard
3:50:55 PM Glitcher_Red get a third item, get eevee, and do the glitch with eevee
3:48:44 PM Glitcher_Red play gen 1 vanilla Jebaited
3:48:17 PM Glitcher_Red but we can't beat the game without the glitch Kappa
3:47:51 PM Glitcher_Red but NOW we can get TORTO back
3:47:41 PM Glitcher_Red once we reset TORTO is gone
3:44:18 PM Glitcher_Red why would people hate glitches BibleThump
3:43:49 PM Glitcher_Red it's playable
3:43:32 PM Glitcher_Red there are many glitches to try out
3:42:45 PM Glitcher_Red but front door is fine to go into
3:42:28 PM Glitcher_Red the mansion back door works too
3:42:17 PM Glitcher_Red not really one door
3:41:26 PM Glitcher_Red won't mess up the glitch at all
3:41:16 PM Glitcher_Red go into the mansion
3:40:13 PM Glitcher_Red sim DansGame
3:32:56 PM Glitcher_Red charizard 'M was all our 6 pokemon
3:31:54 PM Glitcher_Red half of the game thinks we have one and half of it thinks we have zero
3:31:40 PM Glitcher_Red it's half overflow menu
3:31:16 PM Glitcher_Red we have one
3:31:01 PM Glitcher_Red the non-PC HoF always shows the correct team unless you have more than 6 pokemon Kappa
3:30:04 PM Glitcher_Red we need to talk to oak in a mess not a room Kappa
3:29:48 PM Glitcher_Red that's a pretty normal HoF for me Kappa
3:28:11 PM Glitcher_Red or we would have
3:28:08 PM Glitcher_Red we don't have a rod
3:27:57 PM Glitcher_Red they successfully got into the pokemon center
3:26:58 PM Glitcher_Red chat would have failed going into a different building?
3:26:34 PM Glitcher_Red now we go into a completely normal HoF ResidentSleeper
3:26:12 PM Glitcher_Red glitchy HoF is more scenic
3:25:15 PM Glitcher_Red i never use slow paths when a faster path exists NotLikeThis
3:23:42 PM Glitcher_Red go into the mansion if you want to save 10+ inputs
3:17:02 PM Glitcher_Red enter mansion to save inputs DBstyle
3:10:00 PM Glitcher_Red PC explodes soon KAPOW
3:08:05 PM Glitcher_Red PJSalt
3:07:03 PM Glitcher_Red we get vulpix
3:06:20 PM Glitcher_Red what's a pherosoma Kappa
3:06:05 PM Glitcher_Red !bet 100 RedTeam
3:05:50 PM Glitcher_Red RedTeam
3:00:11 PM Glitcher_Red GPU? does it stand for gigantic parallel universe? Kappa
2:45:30 PM Glitcher_Red well rip Kappa
2:45:01 PM Glitcher_Red but tpp is still alive Kappa
2:44:26 PM Glitcher_Red always bet on killfish
2:43:45 PM Glitcher_Red we're not trying to glitch it, but we end up in celadon regardless Kappa
2:37:29 PM Glitcher_Red the sim has spoken Kappa
2:34:41 PM Glitcher_Red bet on GreenTeam next
1:04:17 PM Glitcher_Red pinball tokens won't be consumed until it's over
1:03:20 PM Glitcher_Red playing ubuntu would be more fun than windows Kappa
1:02:41 PM Glitcher_Red i guess the API is rip too
1:02:29 PM Glitcher_Red twitch plays win- yeah basically that
1:01:37 PM Glitcher_Red with ACE
1:01:34 PM Glitcher_Red we secretly hijacked the computer
1:01:01 PM Glitcher_Red CorgiDerp 7
1:00:25 PM Glitcher_Red down DBstyle
1:00:08 PM Glitcher_Red and glitches are fun
1:00:00 PM Glitcher_Red this game is asking to be glitched
12:59:45 PM Glitcher_Red the other way to glitchy HoF is through item underflow
12:58:48 PM Glitcher_Red l m o a
12:57:49 PM Glitcher_Red japanese missingno front sprite crashes the game
12:57:41 PM Glitcher_Red the only way would be through ditto
12:57:26 PM Glitcher_Red missingno. crashes the game pls TriHard
12:56:54 PM Glitcher_Red can we try another glitch to get a glitchy HoF after this
12:56:18 PM Glitcher_Red also no glitchy HoF DansGame
12:55:14 PM Glitcher_Red not sure if the rival script will be broken at this state
12:54:20 PM Glitcher_Red if we have 2+ pokemon registered as caught
12:54:08 PM Glitcher_Red oak won't give us the dex
12:54:03 PM Glitcher_Red that won't work
12:53:35 PM Glitcher_Red that means no story-skipping
12:53:21 PM Glitcher_Red we have to beat the game "proper"
12:52:41 PM Glitcher_Red whatever you say here we won't be getting eevee
12:52:03 PM Glitcher_Red thanks sim DBstyle
12:51:56 PM Glitcher_Red why use the slowest way possible
12:51:29 PM Glitcher_Red and this route is boring ResidentSleeper
12:51:06 PM Glitcher_Red m4 is reverting the save after this
12:50:59 PM Glitcher_Red we won't be getting eevee
12:50:38 PM Glitcher_Red healing definitely crashes the game Kappa
12:50:21 PM Glitcher_Red down next, and go to mansion DBstyle
12:46:19 PM Glitcher_Red unworkable? we just had to walk
12:45:44 PM Glitcher_Red you already changed the plan
12:45:12 PM Glitcher_Red no one sticked to my plan DAnsGame
12:44:08 PM Glitcher_Red go left, save time
12:43:32 PM Glitcher_Red center route is no fun since there's no grape-kun
12:43:14 PM Glitcher_Red who doesn't like glitchy screens that don't crash the game?
12:42:19 PM Glitcher_Red entering route 16 instead of route 7 was the plan for a long time
12:42:00 PM Glitcher_Red DBstyle left
12:41:53 PM Glitcher_Red oh maybe i should add an emote
12:41:31 PM Glitcher_Red left, don't enter center
12:41:08 PM Glitcher_Red plan here
12:32:23 PM Glitcher_Red follow sim DBstyle
12:23:54 PM Glitcher_Red plan DBstyle
12:22:57 PM Glitcher_Red grape-kun won't be there
12:22:32 PM Glitcher_Red it's not like this run is over after we reach the HoF...
12:19:11 PM Glitcher_Red entering pokecenter or not doesn't really matter if we enter mansion Kappa
12:18:45 PM Glitcher_Red i'll lead that
12:18:27 PM Glitcher_Red enter mansion, quit it, go straight to mart
12:18:09 PM Glitcher_Red graphical glitches are the best since they don't harm the game
12:17:18 PM Glitcher_Red non-glitchy is boring
12:16:50 PM Glitcher_Red grape-kun won't be there anyway
12:16:04 PM Glitcher_Red don't go in the center go in mansion instead BabyRage
12:07:29 PM Glitcher_Red we can bet on GreenTeam now PogChamp
9:15:26 AM Glitcher_Red let's surf on the water tiles Kappa
9:06:17 AM Glitcher_Red go up next
9:06:14 AM Glitcher_Red token again PogChamp
8:55:17 AM Glitcher_Red token PogChamp
8:51:28 AM Glitcher_Red so all the 100 clubs
8:46:51 AM Glitcher_Red bet on green
8:45:48 AM Glitcher_Red OSsloth /
8:41:47 AM Glitcher_Red poo
8:41:04 AM Glitcher_Red bronzong is floating must have levitate always Kappa
8:39:38 AM Glitcher_Red sim Jebaited
8:37:01 AM Glitcher_Red every pokemon that floats has to have levitate Kappa
8:36:17 AM Glitcher_Red yes sim
8:34:56 AM Glitcher_Red how strong are those wings
8:34:49 AM Glitcher_Red it weighs 199kg
8:34:10 AM Glitcher_Red how can ho-oh fly in the first place
8:33:47 AM Glitcher_Red *magic
8:32:41 AM Glitcher_Red gen 7 event moves Keepo
8:31:52 AM Glitcher_Red i don't play gen 4
8:31:12 AM Glitcher_Red but aren't we pretending this thing to be gen 7 as always
8:31:00 AM Glitcher_Red nope Kappa
8:30:45 AM Glitcher_Red baton pass is banned from ubers tho Kappa
8:29:19 AM Glitcher_Red btw path doesn't matter until we enter mansion
8:28:30 AM Glitcher_Red LOL OMG
8:27:31 AM Glitcher_Red sim Kappa
8:26:41 AM Glitcher_Red 30 seconds later: we win
8:26:37 AM Glitcher_Red 30 seconds ago: we lose
8:24:52 AM Glitcher_Red like how she changed the plan while i was asleep Kappa
8:24:28 AM Glitcher_Red evolem is asleep she doesn't matter Kappa
8:23:33 AM Glitcher_Red that probably doesn't mean we can't glitch ourselves a level 100 mon tho Keepo
8:23:09 AM Glitcher_Red we still have to beat the game in the "normal" way according to m4 Kappa
8:22:48 AM Glitcher_Red exiting from celadon mansion and get into the mart in a shortest path brings us straight into HoF instead of lance's room
8:22:11 AM Glitcher_Red slow and old path is ResidentSleeper
8:21:27 AM Glitcher_Red save lots of steps
8:21:17 AM Glitcher_Red not pokecenter get into celadon mansion instead
7:19:55 AM Glitcher_Red left next ResidentSleeper
7:12:47 AM Glitcher_Red down next
7:12:24 AM Glitcher_Red front door
7:12:19 AM Glitcher_Red enter celadon mansion
5:00:22 AM Glitcher_Red we'll be in route 10 if we enter the door now Kappa
4:58:21 AM Glitcher_Red move away from the door or people are going to enter it early again BrokeBack
4:02:02 AM Glitcher_Red @bloons22 alt confirmed
3:54:19 AM Glitcher_Red you can't get stuck in route 16 either
3:53:32 AM Glitcher_Red i was asleep and i already made a plan long before you did TriHard
3:52:54 AM Glitcher_Red route 16 is way faster than route 7
3:51:59 AM Glitcher_Red but now let's go the slow path ResidentSleeper
3:51:47 AM Glitcher_Red an easier fix is to just go into our house and back out and count again BloodTrail
3:51:04 AM Glitcher_Red @M4_used_Rollout won't you wait for a whole day before resetting it Kappa
3:50:43 AM Glitcher_Red more steps = harder to execute for tpp
3:50:30 AM Glitcher_Red not easier at all
3:50:13 AM Glitcher_Red no this is the slow path
3:49:50 AM Glitcher_Red we missed the chance to do the fast path BibleThump
4:52:47 PM Glitcher_Red shiny shiny PogChamp
4:17:02 PM Glitcher_Red incoming dragonite Kappa
3:45:09 PM Glitcher_Red up next
2:42:19 PM Glitcher_Red so many levitates Kappa
11:43:31 AM Glitcher_Red Kippa // nice
11:38:29 AM Glitcher_Red 395 inputs aren't enough
11:37:48 AM Glitcher_Red too poor for bribes
11:37:11 AM Glitcher_Red we're not trying to break the game, just beating
11:36:52 AM Glitcher_Red too many random inputs BabyRage
11:29:35 AM Glitcher_Red or the map boundary
11:29:12 AM Glitcher_Red don't go near any door/sign/NPC this time
11:28:15 AM Glitcher_Red and saved TORTO from the void only to sacrifice it again
11:27:57 AM Glitcher_Red we time traveled Kappa
11:27:13 AM Glitcher_Red do that on discord so i won't miss that Kappa
11:26:42 AM Glitcher_Red tppsimulator? more like tppslowulator
11:26:05 AM Glitcher_Red but that doesn't matter whether it's whispers or not
11:25:38 AM Glitcher_Red you can still input on chat randomly
11:24:53 AM Glitcher_Red what makes whisper inputs more lazy than inputting on chat 🤔
11:23:51 AM Glitcher_Red i'm not sure if we really can't continue the game after this...
11:22:29 AM Glitcher_Red now i can request music Kippa
11:22:22 AM Glitcher_Red API fixed PogChamp
11:21:35 AM Glitcher_Red when was this savestate made?
11:20:37 AM Glitcher_Red why would we need whisper inputs
11:20:15 AM Glitcher_Red right next DBstyle
11:19:54 AM Glitcher_Red try not to die again = try not to get trolled again Kappa
11:18:39 AM Glitcher_Red or maybe just stay clear of any interactable objects/warps
11:18:09 AM Glitcher_Red need bribes on the correct inputs next time FailFish
11:14:54 AM Glitcher_Red draw Kappa
11:13:10 AM Glitcher_Red @M4_used_Rollout can you ban whoever went through the door Kappa
11:07:07 AM Glitcher_Red weird? more like always round down
9:07:30 AM Glitcher_Red omg this quiet music?
9:06:05 AM Glitcher_Red not if you enter the door early Kappa
9:05:25 AM Glitcher_Red ask whoever inputted up at the door
9:04:59 AM Glitcher_Red c r u k
8:54:12 AM Glitcher_Red Kappa /
8:52:39 AM Glitcher_Red anyone clipped that
8:24:17 AM Glitcher_Red crash in 1 move PogChamp
8:18:20 AM Glitcher_Red game crash in 2 moves Kippa
8:16:35 AM Glitcher_Red grape can't possibly be here so fast Kappa
8:15:23 AM Glitcher_Red you can't break what's already broken
8:13:27 AM Glitcher_Red blame those who didn't follow orders
8:12:49 AM Glitcher_Red it's not like we can save the game now
8:07:37 AM Glitcher_Red because eon flute?
8:07:09 AM Glitcher_Red they're obviously eeveelutions Kappa
8:06:57 AM Glitcher_Red and kecleon
8:06:55 AM Glitcher_Red and charmeleon
8:06:45 AM Glitcher_Red like empoleon
8:06:32 AM Glitcher_Red eeveelution mode with only mons that end with -eon
8:06:03 AM Glitcher_Red you all don't input and let me play Kappa
8:05:22 AM Glitcher_Red #AlwaysEnableSelect
8:05:13 AM Glitcher_Red noo
7:55:16 AM Glitcher_Red oh wait 4
7:55:08 AM Glitcher_Red 3 moves until crash Kappa
7:51:32 AM Glitcher_Red don't they often include screams Kappa
7:51:13 AM Glitcher_Red japanese crashes tho
7:50:32 AM Glitcher_Red the best scenario is if it just resets the game instead of crashing
7:43:07 AM Glitcher_Red possible if this is the v1.0 version
7:42:34 AM Glitcher_Red we can get TORTO back Kappa
7:42:22 AM Glitcher_Red check if we can swap potion with mon first
7:41:55 AM Glitcher_Red it swaps 2nd pokemon with 1st
7:41:42 AM Glitcher_Red the swap didn't change items
7:41:10 AM Glitcher_Red hey guys we should take the time to check if we can swap the potion with the glitchmon without entering a battle DBstyle
7:40:24 AM Glitcher_Red it can't be worse can it Kappa
7:32:13 AM Glitcher_Red probably nothing happens
7:32:05 AM Glitcher_Red try B next
7:31:17 AM Glitcher_Red it won't but let's check out our glitchmon anyway Kappa
7:30:49 AM Glitcher_Red so what now Kappa
6:40:44 AM Glitcher_Red 4Head ~
6:38:43 AM Glitcher_Red new route is more fun BabyRage
6:38:05 AM Glitcher_Red use the faster path BabyRage
6:37:30 AM Glitcher_Red you're supposed to ride on a rhydon not a skiddo Kappa