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1:46:32 AM Rjri extend both pls Kappa
1:46:06 AM Rjri the GBA version of sky tower isn't extended like this one, why is that?
1:44:35 AM Rjri isn't the gba version shorter than this here?
1:43:28 AM Rjri yes OSsloth
1:43:08 AM Rjri I prefer the gba version for nostalgia reasons
9:44:16 PM Rjri this is tpp, walking in circles is our specialty
1:57:32 PM Rjri @Knuckles_3_and_Knuckles it appears next to the inputs during sidegame
1:56:49 PM Rjri they are visible
1:56:29 PM Rjri VoHiYo
12:15:56 AM Rjri enter
12:15:39 AM Rjri huh, glitching the sidegame went better than expected Kappa
11:24:09 PM Rjri doing the glitch.... good luck getting chat to perform hundreds of precise and unintuitive inputs in a row Kappa
6:12:59 PM Rjri Kappa /)*
6:12:35 PM Rjri BOBO PogChamp where's PIKU? Kappa
2:17:21 PM Rjri Kappa why don't we just get the PC potion
12:19:27 PM Rjri if only one of these mons was shedinja Kappa
9:36:43 AM Rjri tackle miss Jebaited
9:35:58 AM Rjri colors cmonBruh
8:38:00 AM Rjri should have gotten the PC potion then
8:37:32 AM Rjri oh we want to glitch, gotcha Kappa
8:37:10 AM Rjri we'll be going back through this way after delivering the parcel anyway
8:36:07 AM Rjri yes
8:35:49 AM Rjri wait, why are we going back without delivering oak's parcel
1:24:03 AM Rjri Ah! BORT
11:48:44 PM Rjri HOLE BORT
6:13:17 PM Rjri why is that codename so common Kappa
5:55:41 PM Rjri Dr. Aochider BORT
10:45:59 PM Rjri actually somewhat good loop Kappa
7:18:34 PM Rjri sDEFENCE
12:53:09 PM Rjri and let enemies approach and get free shots at us
12:52:50 PM Rjri during hours at night when noone would input, A was the default input which wastes turns inside a dungeon
12:52:16 PM Rjri a lot
12:51:30 PM Rjri wait was added to prevent the PMD sidegame to spam A in dungeons during hours when noone input during runs
12:43:12 PM Rjri HassaanChop
1:38:42 AM Rjri Kreygasm
1:28:34 AM Rjri TORTO BORT
12:32:25 AM Rjri this mixes normal, advanced and stadium 2 sets? not enough flying sets otherwise I guess Kappa
12:30:48 AM Rjri nice ground moves
11:41:45 PM Rjri How sly!
10:16:55 PM Rjri his ex MingLee
9:08:07 PM Rjri I'm shou BORT
7:15:22 PM Rjri bery dangerous BORT
7:12:05 PM Rjri PRChase
7:07:09 PM Rjri Aochider BORT
7:03:24 PM Rjri OneHand
6:40:34 PM Rjri select disabled means we can't change move order Kappa inb4 we always spam the top move
11:30:12 AM Rjri ResidentSleeper
2:13:33 AM Rjri Kappa
2:13:31 AM Rjri every crobat set?
2:11:19 AM Rjri that huge token pool font Kappa is it to say that the tokens are the most important part of the sidegame?
2:10:22 AM Rjri I miss whisper inputs :( no more stealth inputting
2:07:08 AM Rjri bozo Jebaited
2:00:52 AM Rjri RaccAttack
2:00:15 AM Rjri bribes even more cancer than before due to actually being visible now Kappa
1:59:17 AM Rjri what is that character in the bottom right cmonBruh
1:58:33 AM Rjri #HamHa
1:54:13 AM Rjri OneHand
1:50:56 AM Rjri WutFace
12:52:34 AM Rjri if we go for BOB I suspect an extra O will slip in there Kappa
12:43:37 AM Rjri 5 character name
12:28:42 AM Rjri BORT f this PET. That is all. BORT
12:19:00 AM Rjri f this PET. That is all. Kappa
12:18:48 AM Rjri f this PET.
11:53:45 PM Rjri oh wow
11:25:06 PM Rjri lbet 100 purple
11:24:41 PM Rjri PETwas BORT
10:44:34 PM Rjri I actually have to input in chat now instead of whispering cmonBruh no stealth inputting
10:42:48 PM Rjri alive creatures SeemsGood
10:23:20 PM Rjri Dr. PET was love BORT
10:14:07 PM Rjri Dr PET BORT
10:08:34 PM Rjri no curs wtf Jebaited
10:07:47 PM Rjri primal groudon and kyogre? Kappa
10:06:33 PM Rjri r I was called BORT
10:05:23 PM Rjri BORT Aochide BORT
10:05:06 PM Rjri Jebaited new exciting token matches
9:54:23 PM Rjri Kreygasm pmd
9:54:13 PM Rjri Aochide BORT
9:36:20 PM Rjri I remember someone who wanted to bid a full bidoof match years ago Jebaited I wonder if he's still around
9:35:04 PM Rjri doof Jebaited
9:34:51 PM Rjri the world of p BORT
9:33:59 PM Rjri m BORT eeting! Welcome t BORT
9:26:43 PM Rjri wait, it's still not balanced so each team has 50% influence? Kappa
9:24:35 PM Rjri DansGame I can no longer whisper sidegame inputs cmonBruh muh stealth inputting
9:23:32 PM Rjri three
9:16:35 PM Rjri maybe people will actually make an effort to see what's happening in the sidegame now Kappa probably not tho
9:16:04 PM Rjri oh, that's cool
9:14:34 PM Rjri I won a token already Jebaited
9:14:05 PM Rjri basically confirming that tokens are the most important part of sidegame Kappa
9:13:36 PM Rjri green SeemsGood
9:04:37 PM Rjri ikr, that's my 3rd one Kappa
9:04:11 PM Rjri duosion, machoke, xerneas, treecko SeemsGood
9:01:24 PM Rjri new sidegame hype? Kappa
9:00:36 PM Rjri olden weedle WutFace lore
8:59:56 PM Rjri left+b-
8:59:50 PM Rjri left+b-
8:59:44 PM Rjri left+b-
8:59:30 PM Rjri Kreygasm
8:58:55 PM Rjri get in brendan's bed OneHand
8:58:27 PM Rjri WartortLee
8:58:21 PM Rjri left+b-
8:58:18 PM Rjri b+left-
8:58:11 PM Rjri b+left-
8:58:05 PM Rjri b+left-
8:56:50 PM Rjri #SquirtLee
8:56:23 PM Rjri Firm / Very Hard OneHand
8:55:20 PM Rjri end the game in brendan's bed OneHand
8:54:14 PM Rjri oh wait Kappa
8:54:10 PM Rjri THE CLOCK FROZE PogChamp NO PBR Kappa
8:53:32 PM Rjri on1
8:53:29 PM Rjri catch
8:52:25 PM Rjri I guess devs are too busy with pbr prep to notice the inputs broke Kappa
8:43:47 PM Rjri WutFace
8:34:17 PM Rjri oh yeah is there a new sidegame today?
8:30:44 PM Rjri k
8:30:07 PM Rjri Play Pokemon Channel on GC DBstyle
8:29:05 PM Rjri gambling Jebaited
8:26:28 PM Rjri gamecube? PogChamp quick, let's resume pokemon channel
8:25:27 PM Rjri set the clock PogChamp Kappa
8:22:56 PM Rjri aw man this nostalgic music
8:21:47 PM Rjri OhMyDog
8:20:10 PM Rjri Kappa gotta finish every run at home
8:19:17 PM Rjri what are we doing now and how is it better than fighting steven
8:16:55 PM Rjri Kappa
8:01:28 PM Rjri RitzMitz
8:01:18 PM Rjri gg RitzMitz steven too skilled
8:00:43 PM Rjri Kappa frz
7:51:56 PM Rjri b+uo
7:05:55 PM Rjri nice revives Kappa
7:05:19 PM Rjri With4
7:05:17 PM Rjri with4
7:05:03 PM Rjri With4
7:05:00 PM Rjri with4
7:04:58 PM Rjri With4
7:04:55 PM Rjri with4
7:04:51 PM Rjri With4
7:04:49 PM Rjri with4
7:03:41 PM Rjri With4
7:03:39 PM Rjri with4
7:03:03 PM Rjri Kappa rip
7:01:44 PM Rjri with6
7:01:38 PM Rjri With6
7:01:35 PM Rjri with6
6:59:40 PM Rjri With2
6:59:35 PM Rjri with2
6:59:18 PM Rjri Kappa
6:57:45 PM Rjri DansGame
6:56:56 PM Rjri with3
6:56:52 PM Rjri With3
6:56:50 PM Rjri with3
6:56:19 PM Rjri cheats Kappa
6:54:59 PM Rjri PogChamp
6:54:15 PM Rjri DatSheffy
6:54:12 PM Rjri steven datSheffy
6:53:00 PM Rjri steven is right
6:52:34 PM Rjri up+b-
6:52:07 PM Rjri up+b-
6:50:48 PM Rjri b+left-
6:50:45 PM Rjri left+b-
6:50:38 PM Rjri b+left-
6:50:34 PM Rjri b+down-
6:50:31 PM Rjri down+b-
6:50:25 PM Rjri down then left from here SeemsGood
6:50:12 PM Rjri down+b-
6:50:03 PM Rjri b+down-
6:49:47 PM Rjri b+right-
6:49:43 PM Rjri right+b-
6:49:22 PM Rjri right+b-
6:49:19 PM Rjri take that ladder
6:49:09 PM Rjri down+b-
6:49:05 PM Rjri @Ordsey steven is down
6:48:57 PM Rjri b+down-
6:48:52 PM Rjri down+b-
6:48:49 PM Rjri b+down-
6:48:33 PM Rjri go down from here
6:48:24 PM Rjri this is the wrong ladder guys, steven is the other way OpieOP
6:48:08 PM Rjri down+b-
6:48:03 PM Rjri b+down-
6:47:25 PM Rjri wrong ladder, go back
6:47:04 PM Rjri yeah this is the wrong way
6:43:31 PM Rjri up+b-
6:43:26 PM Rjri b+up-
6:43:23 PM Rjri up+b-
6:24:14 PM Rjri up+b-
6:23:52 PM Rjri we stole steven's beldum and now we're gonna kill him Kappa
6:22:56 PM Rjri goat will sweep DBstyle
6:22:44 PM Rjri we flew here to fight steven
6:22:12 PM Rjri rustboro
6:21:33 PM Rjri ok, now go north to fight steven finally
6:19:28 PM Rjri left-9 pls
6:19:18 PM Rjri left-9
6:19:12 PM Rjri use left-9
6:18:57 PM Rjri left-9
6:18:43 PM Rjri down3asowna
6:18:05 PM Rjri fly to rustboro
6:16:44 PM Rjri use demohouse to fly to steven if we can
6:16:15 PM Rjri ''''''''''
6:14:42 PM Rjri demo for naming Jebaited
6:14:06 PM Rjri finally Kappa
6:11:40 PM Rjri grab that ball
6:11:34 PM Rjri b+up-
6:11:30 PM Rjri up+b-
6:11:21 PM Rjri b+up-
6:11:14 PM Rjri up+b-
6:11:11 PM Rjri b+up-
6:11:09 PM Rjri left+b-
6:11:06 PM Rjri b+left-
6:11:01 PM Rjri left+b-
6:10:55 PM Rjri cance inputs
6:10:49 PM Rjri b+up-
6:10:45 PM Rjri up+b-
6:10:43 PM Rjri b+up-
6:10:40 PM Rjri b+left-
6:10:36 PM Rjri b+up-up+b-
6:10:28 PM Rjri b+left-
6:10:19 PM Rjri b+up-
6:10:15 PM Rjri b+left-
6:10:12 PM Rjri b+çeft-
6:10:10 PM Rjri b+up-
6:10:08 PM Rjri b+left-
6:10:04 PM Rjri up+b-
6:10:00 PM Rjri b+up-
6:09:56 PM Rjri up+b-
6:09:52 PM Rjri b+up-
6:09:49 PM Rjri up+b-
6:09:46 PM Rjri b+left-
6:09:40 PM Rjri b+up-
6:09:35 PM Rjri left+b-
6:09:32 PM Rjri b+left-
6:09:27 PM Rjri people not inputting BrokeBack
6:09:19 PM Rjri up+b-
6:09:14 PM Rjri get to steven's house above BrokeBack
6:09:03 PM Rjri up+b-
6:08:58 PM Rjri b+up-
6:08:54 PM Rjri up+b-
6:08:50 PM Rjri b+up-
6:08:44 PM Rjri b+left-
6:08:39 PM Rjri up+b-
6:08:36 PM Rjri b+up-
6:08:30 PM Rjri b+left-
6:08:26 PM Rjri b+up-
6:08:23 PM Rjri up+b-
6:08:20 PM Rjri @EtherealPuffin we didn't
6:08:14 PM Rjri up+b-
6:08:07 PM Rjri b+left-
6:08:03 PM Rjri up+b-
6:08:00 PM Rjri b+left-
6:07:56 PM Rjri b+up-
6:07:52 PM Rjri b+left-
6:07:49 PM Rjri b+up-