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7:26:44 PM Murdim PogChamp
7:24:35 PM Murdim BORT WORST
6:16:17 PM Murdim U
6:14:14 PM Murdim Jebaited
6:11:36 PM Murdim @1eamannan DansGame Perfide Albion
6:11:03 PM Murdim ResidentSleeper please build a wall around the USA, all of it
6:07:03 PM Murdim Vegan Milk PogChamp
5:42:12 PM Murdim OpieOP
5:41:03 PM Murdim +6 Swift Sweep Kappa
5:40:34 PM Murdim at least for the one? turn we get with Reflect after waking up
5:40:12 PM Murdim Kappa now TB is much better
5:39:51 PM Murdim ResidentSleeper
5:39:08 PM Murdim Jebaited
5:16:07 PM Murdim ResidentSleeper
5:15:31 PM Murdim ResidentSleeper just let him play alone
5:14:16 PM Murdim ResidentSleeper it's not "day crew"
5:13:25 PM Murdim ResidentSleeper
5:10:52 PM Murdim Jebaited
5:10:29 PM Murdim b A
5:09:12 PM Murdim VoHiYo Sky HIGH attack
5:08:20 PM Murdim that was the last turn of sleep
5:07:43 PM Murdim FailFish
12:51:16 AM Murdim Jebaited
12:42:32 AM Murdim 69 + spooning Kreygasm
12:41:26 AM Murdim Jebaited more caverns Jebaited more bats
12:39:22 AM Murdim TriHard
12:39:11 AM Murdim err PRChase I mean
12:39:02 AM Murdim DBstyle ya never now what will happen in a Pokémon battle
12:38:40 AM Murdim 4Head happy
12:38:11 AM Murdim Jebaited OFC
12:38:08 AM Murdim no PRZ is KO
12:37:48 AM Murdim Jebaited
12:37:20 AM Murdim Jebaited 1
12:36:13 AM Murdim this works too
12:36:05 AM Murdim BlessRNG one more miss
12:35:26 AM Murdim PogChamp
12:12:53 AM Murdim caught/seen/total
12:12:03 AM Murdim Jebaited so many PRZ so many Zap Cannon hits
12:11:25 AM Murdim DBstyle Ditto => Mew => Mewtwo is obviously an evolutionary line
12:10:42 AM Murdim Jebaited
12:10:25 AM Murdim Jebaited
12:10:15 AM Murdim blackout is a kind of heal after all
12:09:37 AM Murdim Jebaited OF COURSE
12:09:26 AM Murdim Purple magnets WutFace
12:06:42 AM Murdim err from what it was ofc
12:06:29 AM Murdim surf = 2HKO
12:06:03 AM Murdim we lose anyway
12:05:33 AM Murdim triple A
12:05:24 AM Murdim Jebaited
12:02:53 AM Murdim GL dealing with that Kappa
12:02:35 AM Murdim 5 WutFace
12:01:29 AM Murdim DansGame
12:01:25 AM Murdim FAKE MEWS DanGame
12:01:13 AM Murdim WutFace spoilers guys
12:00:18 AM Murdim PogChamp sweep
11:59:50 PM Murdim FailFish
11:59:28 PM Murdim 86 VoHiYo our strongest Pokémon
11:59:12 PM Murdim PogChamp
11:59:00 PM Murdim nope
11:58:18 PM Murdim just let her die to Cross chop or w/e we can't switch anything rn
11:57:52 PM Murdim everything is weak to Fighting Jebaited
11:57:42 PM Murdim Jebaited another berserk gene
11:57:22 PM Murdim PogChamp clutch
11:56:32 PM Murdim Jebaited OMG
11:56:20 PM Murdim Jebaited Berserk gene
11:52:50 PM Murdim SeemsGood fire 3x against Gas
11:51:32 PM Murdim clutch Kappa
11:50:46 PM Murdim 6 turns Jebaited
11:50:39 PM Murdim Jebaited of course
11:49:35 PM Murdim Jebaited
11:47:59 PM Murdim nope Jebaited
11:47:53 PM Murdim but I don't think so
11:47:46 PM Murdim NVM Jebaited let's get to EQ if we can
11:47:26 PM Murdim Jebaited Crunch I guess
11:47:15 PM Murdim EQ?
11:46:50 PM Murdim this is fin
11:45:46 PM Murdim ResidentSleeper 2 turns tho
11:33:24 PM Murdim White out to Hypno WutFace
11:32:37 PM Murdim Kappa this is why little kids should leave grown-ups alone
11:32:15 PM Murdim ResidentSleeper
11:31:31 PM Murdim yes you di
11:31:18 PM Murdim nice matchups
11:26:08 PM Murdim ResidentSleeper
11:26:03 PM Murdim Resident oh, another Electrode, how unexpected
11:25:32 PM Murdim Kappa no need for Quick Claw anymore
10:41:54 PM Murdim but clutch PogChamp
10:41:48 PM Murdim DBstyle nope
10:41:37 PM Murdim DBstyle 2 curs ethen faint like a greedy idiot pls
10:39:45 PM Murdim LaterSooner
10:39:12 PM Murdim Kappa headbutt flinch could work
10:38:20 PM Murdim PogChamp
10:36:47 PM Murdim BibleThump SAAAVE EEEGGS
10:36:26 PM Murdim SwiftRage Can't wake up
10:36:06 PM Murdim ResidentSleeper 5 turns, RIP
10:34:26 PM Murdim Raticate? JOEY? :O
10:34:00 PM Murdim no
10:32:24 PM Murdim TriHard Faint Attack is the best STAB move Sneasel learns naturally in gen2
10:31:48 PM Murdim it's just as legal as Ice Punch
10:31:40 PM Murdim MikeHogu TM move
10:29:04 PM Murdim nvm throw TriHard
10:28:59 PM Murdim BibleThump not High
10:28:31 PM Murdim now get eggs and span seeds Kappa
10:28:23 PM Murdim BibleThump 7
10:28:12 PM Murdim PogChamp
10:25:44 PM Murdim @Big_Boyd I was saying that Steel walls Shadow Ball ofc Kappa
10:25:21 PM Murdim oh wait nvm Kappa
10:25:10 PM Murdim Kappa Steel walls it
10:24:33 PM Murdim TriHard somehow I don't think 65 SpD Eggs would like a STAB SE Ice Punch anyway
10:23:44 PM Murdim Jebaited
10:23:39 PM Murdim WutFace he's trying to kill us
10:22:56 PM Murdim MingLee you lost to the league champion wtf
10:22:31 PM Murdim 3edgy5us CoolCat
10:22:17 PM Murdim KAPOW it saves PP Kappa
10:21:50 PM Murdim Jebaited
10:21:26 PM Murdim CoolCat perfect emote for an edgy cat CoolCat
10:21:08 PM Murdim ow WutFace
10:21:01 PM Murdim CoolCat
10:20:44 PM Murdim @Avernail now now, don't be silly, some Pokémon have Thunderbolt instead
10:20:17 PM Murdim miss TriHard
10:20:06 PM Murdim PRZ Jebaited
10:19:52 PM Murdim Wee 4Head Zing 4Head
10:19:21 PM Murdim S??UUM
10:18:36 PM Murdim DansGame see? It didn't take us that long
10:18:25 PM Murdim DansGame shut up, we want the badge
10:17:16 PM Murdim Jebaited
10:17:11 PM Murdim Jebaited again
9:33:55 PM Murdim JJJJJJJJJJ- Jebaited
9:33:31 PM Murdim PogChamp
9:33:03 PM Murdim RitzMitz 3
9:22:55 PM Murdim Kappa we should play Randomized Touhoumon, 100% unique badges
9:21:27 PM Murdim sd roost toxic bullet punch DBstyle this is our final moveset
9:19:54 PM Murdim BigBrother don't litter
9:19:37 PM Murdim randomized was Alpha Sapphire
9:18:08 PM Murdim EleGiggle perfect fight
9:17:34 PM Murdim Jebaited CONFUSION NOW
9:17:12 PM Murdim almost full health tho Kreygasm the succ is strong
9:16:52 PM Murdim Hikers so predictable Kappa
9:16:28 PM Murdim S U C C Kreygasm
9:15:41 PM Murdim uB
9:14:21 PM Murdim Ohhhh! Kreygasm
9:14:01 PM Murdim VoHiYo 85
9:12:37 PM Murdim <3
9:11:53 PM Murdim VoHiYo
9:09:49 PM Murdim Jebaited RIP
9:09:24 PM Murdim TriHard
9:08:54 PM Murdim ResidentSleeper COME ON, 2 turns tho
9:08:37 PM Murdim go
9:08:33 PM Murdim last turn ResidentSleeper
9:08:12 PM Murdim good thing Jumpluff has terrible Atk
9:07:40 PM Murdim err 6 turns FailFish
9:07:34 PM Murdim 4 turns ResidentSleeper
9:07:25 PM Murdim nice one... nvm ResidentSleeper
9:07:08 PM Murdim Jebaited
9:06:48 PM Murdim Kappa saved a PP
9:06:32 PM Murdim FailFish
9:05:49 PM Murdim crit Kappa
7:38:17 PM Murdim Teta BibleThump 7 never forget, fuck Algus
7:36:58 PM Murdim Kappa maybe he'll give us a second Nugget if we go talk to him again
7:36:26 PM Murdim P TriHard TriHard R
7:35:59 PM Murdim Kappa it was ded anyway
7:34:10 PM Murdim NotLikeThis hit
7:32:14 PM Murdim Jebaited
6:08:12 PM Murdim Allow me to introduce myself I am a man of wealth and taste I've been around for a long, long year. Stole many a man's urn to waste
6:05:54 PM Murdim MISS EleGiggle
6:02:53 PM Murdim exp share
6:02:47 PM Murdim @tppsimulator Kreygasm
6:02:28 PM Murdim @Renlev 23388... oh come on, it's 64 years Kappa
6:01:39 PM Murdim @Renlev 561316
6:00:51 PM Murdim VoHiYo total eclipse in 33678959 minutes for me...
6:00:04 PM Murdim @Bubbled_Butter Kreygasm so majestic
5:58:09 PM Murdim Psychic is in Kanto Jebaited
5:57:57 PM Murdim TriHard better get used to it TriHard
5:37:36 PM Murdim Jebaited that was our chance
5:35:43 PM Murdim at least to minimize Wrap stall dmg
5:35:30 PM Murdim MikeHogu I wonder if Leech Seed could work
5:34:07 PM Murdim and now Rest Kappa
5:33:57 PM Murdim PogChamp
5:30:34 PM Murdim Jebaited
5:18:30 PM Murdim 600k PogChamp
7:04:38 AM Murdim ResidentSleeper
6:36:08 AM Murdim now hypnosis throw Kappa
6:35:58 AM Murdim PogChamp
6:19:02 AM Murdim Jebaited
6:18:16 AM Murdim Jebaited
6:13:14 AM Murdim PogChamp
6:12:13 AM Murdim 4Head damage
6:10:42 AM Murdim Jebaited
6:07:38 AM Murdim crunch is SE DBstyle
6:07:26 AM Murdim Jebaited
6:05:20 AM Murdim Jebaited
6:01:48 AM Murdim Jebaited
5:58:52 AM Murdim OneHand
10:50:38 PM Murdim I was wondering what happened since we beat Clair, thanks a lot @M4_used_Rollout
10:42:32 PM Murdim Jebaited entering VR just as the VGC finals conclude
10:32:47 PM Murdim Jebaited losing to Prankster nerf
9:52:43 PM Murdim I can still feel its presence WutFace
9:51:58 PM Murdim FailFish HEAL HOUSE
9:50:59 PM Murdim TriHard er
9:50:27 PM Murdim XP BAG Kreygasm
9:50:13 PM Murdim Jebaited Finally
9:49:53 PM Murdim Jebaited
9:47:32 PM Murdim Jebaited
9:46:56 PM Murdim special crunch Jebaited
9:18:02 PM Murdim OhMyDog 7
8:47:46 PM Murdim VoHiYo
8:34:24 PM Murdim TriHard outplayed
8:33:36 PM Murdim DBstyle dammit
8:30:10 PM Murdim BrokeBack flinch RNG pls
4:44:13 PM Murdim people who DansGame for no specific reason DansGame
12:16:57 PM Murdim PogChamp 777
12:16:25 PM Murdim PI KAPOW ER
10:54:52 AM Murdim TriHard
9:30:59 AM Murdim Furret killed two Kingdras Kreygasm
9:25:59 AM Murdim electric = light > dark Kappa
9:05:30 AM Murdim Jebaited
9:05:25 AM Murdim PogChamp Dratini VoHiYo
9:04:39 AM Murdim BloodTrail WE BEAT 4E
9:03:32 AM Murdim TriHard we're going to lose, so, SO many times
9:03:07 AM Murdim What Claire lacks and that EWWYPPP has = 150 nerds dictating her every move
9:02:03 AM Murdim PogChamp
9:01:58 AM Murdim HotPokket Triggered
9:01:42 AM Murdim PJSalt
9:01:36 AM Murdim TriHard
8:53:23 AM Murdim VoHiYo
8:35:39 AM Murdim level 57 Dratini Jebaited
8:34:31 AM Murdim VoHiYo does this look like the face of mercy? VoHiYo
8:33:51 AM Murdim PogChamp the clutch flinches
8:24:09 AM Murdim PogChamp TEH URN
8:22:44 AM Murdim OpieOP Remember, it's a resttalk set
8:22:00 AM Murdim no confusehax NotLikeThis
8:21:51 AM Murdim CRIT Jebaited
8:21:04 AM Murdim oh well it went through
8:20:56 AM Murdim Jebaited
8:20:06 AM Murdim Jebaited
8:19:30 AM Murdim sac gator?
8:19:18 AM Murdim TriHard
8:19:13 AM Murdim WutFace
8:18:30 AM Murdim Jebaited
8:16:47 AM Murdim PRChase TORCHED
8:15:29 AM Murdim Kappa as long as Beam goes through
8:14:48 AM Murdim DBstyle you heard tppsim, don't TBolt on Gyarados, just sack magnets
8:00:27 AM Murdim no wa to deal with lizard
8:00:19 AM Murdim Jebaited RIP
7:59:35 AM Murdim ok we got the start
7:59:25 AM Murdim PogChamp
7:58:55 AM Murdim Jebaited
7:57:48 AM Murdim err b works
7:57:42 AM Murdim Jebaited lots of a
7:56:15 AM Murdim N
7:45:40 AM Murdim BibleThump