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11:58:05 AM Murdim RitzMitz * 27
11:56:32 AM Murdim DansGame we need to get prepared for the creepiness I guess
11:54:45 AM Murdim VoHiYo
11:54:33 AM Murdim WutFace works thanks
11:54:24 AM Murdim OneHand
11:54:09 AM Murdim aqua ring water absorb MingLee
11:53:44 AM Murdim BibleThump stop the fighting, it's a break song now
11:53:06 AM Murdim RitzMitz gg that was cancer
11:52:57 AM Murdim W PRChase W denied here
11:52:45 AM Murdim W PRChase W count : 4
11:51:57 AM Murdim W PRChase W count : 3
11:51:50 AM Murdim <3
11:51:43 AM Murdim it's foggy and Sunkern's eyes are bleeding from the effects of Flash
11:50:47 AM Murdim MikeHogu no struggle death
11:50:13 AM Murdim W PRChase W counter : 2
11:49:36 AM Murdim RitzMitz all in on sunkern struggling to death
11:48:29 AM Murdim TriHard and it just got worse
11:48:18 AM Murdim they're wasting all their attack move PP TriHard
11:48:08 AM Murdim TriHard blue lost I think
11:47:15 AM Murdim rng reall y wants Blissey to use Egg Bomb now that is has run out of PP
11:46:13 AM Murdim W PRChase W
11:45:12 AM Murdim +6 Kreygasm
11:45:00 AM Murdim +5
11:44:15 AM Murdim +4
11:43:57 AM Murdim PRZ Jebaited
11:43:47 AM Murdim flash finally hits MikeHogu
11:43:32 AM Murdim MingLee +3
11:42:50 AM Murdim Jebaited still no growth
11:41:53 AM Murdim not a single one
11:41:45 AM Murdim growth pls
11:40:17 AM Murdim 3/3 thunder in fog Jebaited
11:32:33 AM Murdim VoHiYo how to you cum on a PNG
11:32:03 AM Murdim RitzMitz lmoa token
11:30:51 AM Murdim Kappa nvm you can crash anytime you want
11:30:34 AM Murdim please do not crash!
11:30:31 AM Murdim please do not crash
11:30:26 AM Murdim WutFace
11:24:01 AM Murdim VoHiYo deserved underdog payout
11:20:55 AM Murdim crit Jebaited
11:16:15 AM Murdim MingLee isn't Wailord less dense than air or something like that
11:12:58 AM Murdim OneHand
11:04:13 AM Murdim NotLikeThis
10:56:47 AM Murdim Jebaited
10:54:59 AM Murdim @TaviTurnip I actually won a x9 payout 3 days ago, pretty sure I've lost them by now tho
10:53:46 AM Murdim @TaviTurnip MikeHogu well, pretty good for the past 16 hours or so
10:50:54 AM Murdim WutFace to be fair you have to have a pretty high iq to understand what's going on here WutFace
10:50:20 AM Murdim swanna VoHiYo
10:40:29 AM Murdim MikeHogu 6 in a row
10:31:00 AM Murdim MikeHogu
10:27:52 AM Murdim MikeHogu
10:27:38 AM Murdim BabyRage WTF
5:30:30 AM Murdim u
5:29:41 AM Murdim no crit no PRZ MikeHogu
5:28:31 AM Murdim is... is that the same nidorino and bellsprout from the previous match
2:46:49 AM Murdim KappaPride
2:03:50 AM Murdim RaccAttack OneHand
2:03:21 AM Murdim OneHand even when its tail gets a bit wet...
1:53:27 AM Murdim To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand the Simpsons. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of nuclear physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Homer’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance.
1:52:07 AM Murdim err 0.2
1:51:44 AM Murdim 8 is too much, 0.3 less is too much water
1:12:57 AM Murdim Kreygasm
12:21:05 AM Murdim TailRoom strats Jebaited
10:30:51 PM Murdim rught
7:33:54 PM Murdim WutFace
6:57:30 PM Murdim WutFace
6:58:19 AM Murdim everyone who voted up is going to get banned Kappa
6:19:01 AM Murdim dwon
6:13:11 AM Murdim Slifer no swiping! Slifer no swiping!
6:05:58 AM Murdim FlailCrustacean
12:15:39 AM Murdim WutFace blue screen
12:00:55 AM Murdim Kappa nvm
12:00:40 AM Murdim Kappa pause denied
11:59:39 PM Murdim @Calculix MikeHogu
11:59:21 PM Murdim one evo away from mewtwo Jebaited
11:58:58 PM Murdim Jebaited
11:57:24 PM Murdim moment of truth in Pinball
11:55:06 PM Murdim MikeHogu not Mewtw
7:11:01 PM Murdim Inside OneHand Deku
6:48:48 PM Murdim Tackle / Tail Whip is advanced, you never know for sure whether you should attack or drop the enemy's defense further
6:46:47 PM Murdim *and swarm
6:46:37 PM Murdim endure/berry is advanced
6:44:52 PM Murdim all-in of exactly 1k probably means it's their first bet this season
6:33:45 PM Murdim awww
6:33:38 PM Murdim TriHard evohole with no Pokémon to evolve count: 1
6:07:07 PM Murdim Aaaand that's about as much of the song as the average player will hear during normal gameplay MingLee GAME OVER - PRESS 'R' TO TRY AGAIN
6:04:29 PM Murdim OneHand BLOW
5:40:38 AM Murdim A-spec Lugia MingLee
11:06:43 PM Murdim JOFO YOFO
9:44:04 PM Murdim yay, nine whole tokens VoHiYo
9:43:36 PM Murdim Jebaited T1
9:43:33 PM Murdim VoHiYo
9:01:05 PM Murdim BabyRage cheater
9:00:35 PM Murdim WutFace
8:20:43 PM Murdim TriHard KAPOW
6:17:32 PM Murdim Mr. Mime is a Mrs tho
6:17:11 PM Murdim Jebaited Female Glaceon
6:15:44 PM Murdim can't write LUL more than 6 times anymore MikeHogu
6:14:00 PM Murdim OneHand Glaceon is feminine-looking and 87.5% male, so...
6:13:11 PM Murdim OneHand another futa?
6:06:45 AM Murdim 1G PogChamp
10:14:07 PM Murdim Rats! LUL
10:13:49 PM Murdim WebGL HF Jebaited
9:56:03 PM Murdim TriHard more travel mode
9:54:55 PM Murdim W PRChase W
9:50:44 PM Murdim TPP does not sleep nor rest
9:48:39 PM Murdim t5 SeemsGood
9:39:33 PM Murdim OneHand Unown H moveset should be something like Gunk Shot, Constrict, Double Team, Milk Drink
9:30:21 PM Murdim Kappa this doesn't happen very often
9:22:23 PM Murdim Bouncy female Blaziken OneHand
9:21:26 PM Murdim PRChase very rare
9:11:10 PM Murdim WutFace
8:22:13 PM Murdim VoHiYo
8:20:18 PM Murdim DBstyle SE mattered
8:19:01 PM Murdim so many OneHand moves
8:18:42 PM Murdim PJSalt
8:18:34 PM Murdim OneHand lick blaziken's megahorn
8:18:11 PM Murdim DatSheffy Make Azelf great again
8:17:42 PM Murdim OneHand
8:16:38 PM Murdim WutFace
8:16:29 PM Murdim BORT vs OneHand
8:15:26 PM Murdim OneHand
8:14:58 PM Murdim MingLee that prediction
8:14:25 PM Murdim DatSheffy no berry
8:14:14 PM Murdim 2 turns MikeHogu
8:13:23 PM Murdim best f******* move in this mode
8:12:24 PM Murdim MingLee SE
7:45:37 PM Murdim a$
7:45:04 PM Murdim biggest flaw in ORAS: no Mega Flygon MikeHogu
7:44:30 PM Murdim EleGiggle
7:27:09 PM Murdim TriHard that firs tball
6:22:55 PM Murdim minglee
6:22:42 PM Murdim Steel now Kappa
6:20:49 PM Murdim both yes
6:20:25 PM Murdim Jebaited LET IT BEGIN
6:19:01 PM Murdim PogChamp gravity vs fah
6:17:06 PM Murdim Ice attacks are doubly awesome with Color Change MingLee it's one of the best offensive types AND the worst defensive type
6:15:32 PM Murdim It's ya boy Deep Fah PRChase
6:57:42 AM Murdim VoHiYo @MinisculeCello
6:57:30 AM Murdim VoHiYo PET
6:53:24 AM Murdim ghosts*
6:53:18 AM Murdim MingLee crit saving them from Cross Chop on hosts?
6:52:23 AM Murdim MingLee Chameleon is too advanced
5:20:51 AM Murdim BigBrother
5:20:41 AM Murdim Ice Jebaited
5:12:23 AM Murdim OneHand it's difficult to me to get pet from grandpa
9:05:48 PM Murdim BibleThump hamsters are too poor to buy an actual soundtrack, they have to take their music from the public domain
9:03:50 PM Murdim TriHard MISS
9:02:21 PM Murdim Ghost is neutral against Fairy/Flying, why don't you use Shadow Ball? Kappa
9:01:17 PM Murdim VoHiYo Togetic's ability is... completely superfluous!
9:00:56 PM Murdim can't even take a hit against Togecheat
9:00:41 PM Murdim MingLee
8:58:56 PM Murdim RitzMitz missed 3% payout
8:57:31 PM Murdim baltoy vs Togetic or Doduo TriHard
8:56:43 PM Murdim RitzMitz FAIR
8:56:02 PM Murdim Kappa = typical viewer's head (no unfair Bulbasaur)
8:47:42 PM Murdim In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god’s blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my intelligence.
8:19:57 PM Murdim follow me! Volcania Set me free! Trust me and we will take the road to Viridian City!
8:10:13 PM Murdim Kappa Slowking is not quick to anger
8:08:19 PM Murdim Resume the fighting BibleThump that pause is way too long
8:06:06 PM Murdim Kappa
8:05:46 PM Murdim and there's your high roll MingLee
8:04:24 PM Murdim RitzMitz get on protect
8:02:19 PM Murdim t*
8:02:16 PM Murdim RitzMitz you heard the bo
7:38:24 PM Murdim You c... SwiftRage
7:37:46 PM Murdim -6 Acc Thunder on +6 Eva in fog is still 100% hit
7:37:20 PM Murdim Thunder bypasses the accuracy check in rain
7:36:20 PM Murdim TriHard vs TriHard
7:34:59 PM Murdim TriHard
7:31:25 PM Murdim except the racist way thankfully
7:31:16 PM Murdim this is TriHard in every way
7:30:20 PM Murdim TriHard the most powerful pokemon
7:30:08 PM Murdim TriHard double troublle
7:29:57 PM Murdim TriHard
7:28:20 PM Murdim RitzMitz I have a strange feeling of déjà vu
7:27:14 PM Murdim MikeHogu the church of Emacs strikes again
7:23:32 PM Murdim RaccAttack kek
7:22:29 PM Murdim x12 Jebaited
7:22:12 PM Murdim BibleThump 7 brave mouse
7:21:50 PM Murdim PRChase not so good
7:20:59 PM Murdim MingLee ok
7:19:34 PM Murdim WutFace Sonic fall back!
7:17:58 PM Murdim retired people are also NEETs Kappa
7:17:15 PM Murdim think about this, most statesmen are NEETs
7:16:15 PM Murdim It's bery dangerous to go alone! Take this! PraiseIt
7:15:31 PM Murdim Bery Jus = Berry Juice PogChamp
7:15:21 PM Murdim It was bery dangerous
7:14:34 PM Murdim TriHard
7:14:19 PM Murdim To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand SP/FP/SD matches. The tactics extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of game theory most of the dongers will go over a typical viewer’s head.
7:11:57 PM Murdim TriHard
7:11:36 PM Murdim Jebaited low%
7:11:00 PM Murdim MingLee SEE?
7:10:43 PM Murdim LUL outplayed by Defiance
7:09:46 PM Murdim James VoHiYo
7:09:26 PM Murdim oh and CoolCat has +2 Atk and +1 Def bc of course he does
7:09:06 PM Murdim Everyone is 260/240/137/211 except that shitty cat MingLee
7:08:10 PM Murdim MingLee why is delcatty trash
7:07:18 PM Murdim HeyGuys wait me
7:06:17 PM Murdim MikeHogu we won't know if traps are gay
7:05:14 PM Murdim please don't bid for #2, it's a trap match
7:03:20 PM Murdim OneHand FUTA BLAZIKEN
6:47:40 PM Murdim Vigoroth PogChamp Bibarel PogChamp
6:26:03 PM Murdim OneHand
6:25:15 PM Murdim LUL
6:23:24 PM Murdim OneHand STAB
6:21:52 PM Murdim OneHand I'm coming!
6:20:59 PM Murdim err Kappa // BORT
6:20:55 PM Murdim BORT //
6:18:31 PM Murdim WOW OneHand
6:18:14 PM Murdim @galaxy401 it was mostly intentional OneHand I'm a gutless coward
6:17:27 PM Murdim Blaziken breasts OneHand
5:50:57 PM Murdim Green is green, and Pallet town is a color palette of mostly red Kappa
5:49:47 PM Murdim Blaz OneHand eon VoHiYo
5:48:03 PM Murdim TriHard 0/3
5:47:21 PM Murdim oh look Jebaited Double Team
5:46:43 PM Murdim RitzMitz 0/5 Guillotine is basically like missing one Fire Blast or Hydro Pump
5:45:25 PM Murdim 0/5 TriHard not affected by acc modifiers TriHard
5:18:07 AM Murdim Jebaited literally nothing
5:17:36 AM Murdim OneHand
5:09:55 AM Murdim VoHiYo thanks
5:09:36 AM Murdim PogChamp everyone lucky
5:08:39 AM Murdim Kappa we already told you it's LARRY
12:01:11 AM Murdim #who BabyRage
11:34:56 PM Murdim PET was treated as a pet MingLee
11:18:58 PM Murdim DatSheffy BigBrother
11:16:50 PM Murdim you need to add a "Smogon vs Advanced" mode RitzMitz
11:16:10 PM Murdim BabyRage sometimes lucky but not this time
11:15:51 PM Murdim Kippa <= not affected by throwing
11:15:23 PM Murdim monsters live in every corner WutFace BigBrother
11:14:13 PM Murdim MingLee SEE?
11:14:06 PM Murdim MingLee people not knowing Gen4 Sheer Cold is objectively the best OHKO move
11:13:26 PM Murdim OneHand
11:13:20 PM Murdim OhMyDog so loud, my poor sensitive ears
11:13:05 PM Murdim OhMyDog I'm scared of all caps
11:09:47 PM Murdim Kappa now OHKO moves can't crit
10:46:52 PM Murdim @ChaosDukemon it lets you draw two warning for excessive caps
10:45:50 PM Murdim Fling + Flame orb is pretty advanced tbh
10:45:02 PM Murdim DBstyle alive creature called as pocke is my name
10:43:50 PM Murdim err paws
10:43:46 PM Murdim RitzMitz I just can't wait to inherit the kingdom from my dead father's hands
10:42:45 PM Murdim the alive creatures BORT
10:42:25 PM Murdim RitzMitz we'll see soon enough who is being silly and who's actually serious
10:41:47 PM Murdim only Mensa members should be able to input in Advanced mode
10:39:24 PM Murdim OhMyDog Levitate is too advanced
10:38:45 PM Murdim OhMyDog spam Natural Gift
10:36:32 PM Murdim KappaPride !!!
10:36:27 PM Murdim Kappa .......
10:36:21 PM Murdim Kappa ......
10:36:16 PM Murdim Kappa ...