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12:46:53 AM Murdim Draw LUL
12:03:50 AM Murdim POLY PMSTwin BigBrother PMSTwin
5:45:47 PM Murdim exactly 100M in pinball
4:54:39 PM Murdim crit flinch
4:54:21 PM Murdim TriHard 2
4:54:10 PM Murdim TriHard 1
4:48:37 PM Murdim DBstyle smugness is every feelings humanly possible for nerds like us
11:20:39 PM Murdim BegWan ?
11:20:13 PM Murdim Great Wall DatSheffy
11:19:32 PM Murdim RaccAttack thank you pony
11:19:00 PM Murdim DBstyle finish it off
11:18:44 PM Murdim OneHand she's liking it
11:17:49 PM Murdim RaccAttack go pony, ride that Blaiken
11:17:23 PM Murdim RaccAttack good pony
11:16:41 PM Murdim LUL
11:16:13 PM Murdim @DeDaav Jesus is born in like -4 before himself anway, the Lord works in mysterious ways
11:15:06 PM Murdim It's the 100000th match RitzMitz in roughly the same way December 25th is Jesus' birthday
11:14:24 PM Murdim TriHard 3D
11:14:04 PM Murdim RitzMitz hi Vine, oh wait
11:13:19 PM Murdim it's the closest thing to an official 100000th match, who cares Kappa
11:11:23 PM Murdim DatSheffy Get ready for the Big Event
11:10:13 PM Murdim FIFO is a QUEUE MrDestructoid
11:09:47 PM Murdim that's LIFO
11:09:42 PM Murdim err no
11:09:37 PM Murdim FIFO MrDestructoid AKA STACK
11:09:20 PM Murdim LILY VoHiYo
11:08:07 PM Murdim OpieOP
11:02:27 PM Murdim so match 100k will be a token match RitzMitz
10:02:59 PM Murdim PRChase the damage from poison is slowy increasing!
9:22:26 PM Murdim trump literally nominated Pai LUL
9:17:20 PM Murdim Flaming KappaPride Wario
8:44:12 PM Murdim once the new statu quo and the new power dynamics are set, it might be very hard to go back where it was before
8:43:24 PM Murdim @TrialCaptainLana wait and see RitzMitz btw "wait and see" is also why I'm not optimistic about the dems reinstating net neutrality if/when they come back in power
8:41:44 PM Murdim @TrialCaptainLana LUL I live in the EU, work for a EU based company, and my literal boss made a speech a few days ago about the impending destruction of net neutrality in my country and how his company will benefit from it
7:11:12 PM Murdim trusting the Dems to restore net neutrality LUL
7:09:39 PM Murdim Non-americans are safe from the FCC, but not from their effective death blow to net neutrality RitzMitz the political implications will resonate through the entire world
6:59:58 PM Murdim Heatraaaaaaan! starts to attack PRChase JUDGMEEEEENT HAS BEEN DEALT
6:52:21 PM Murdim LUL berry
11:56:34 PM Murdim LUL matchmaker pls
10:38:20 PM Murdim @POISON_FROG_FULL_OF_ANGER Estuans interius ira vehementi, estuans interius ira vehementi, 4Head Toxicroaaak! 4Head Toxicroaaaak!
9:39:18 PM Murdim Sunkern Kreygasm godlike stat spread
7:57:42 PM Murdim @Ordsey of cours not I'm not an Alabaman RitzMitz
7:56:31 PM Murdim Girl Scout NomNom
7:47:32 PM Murdim Contact maybe is good BigBrother
6:58:55 PM Murdim RaccAttack / @CountRaposa
6:58:26 PM Murdim what about capping the money you can win from the early bet bonus?
6:56:29 PM Murdim DBstyle we can win with some crits and a few Ice Beam misses
6:52:48 PM Murdim LUL RIP
6:52:27 PM Murdim VoHiYo
6:51:44 PM Murdim wait why do i have so much money
1:23:54 AM Murdim KappaWealth
1:22:47 AM Murdim tactical
10:15:41 PM Murdim Kappa but Megarchomp is slower and easier to kill
10:15:00 PM Murdim use both gimmicks, so Cynthia has both a Mega Lucario and a Z-move Garchomp
10:13:49 PM Murdim W PRChase W
10:13:17 PM Murdim let them make a Gen8 game on the Switch
10:12:02 PM Murdim why would you want sinnoh remakes for the 3ds
10:09:52 PM Murdim that, or Sylph co. which was later taken over by TR, so either way TR knows of and is linked to Mewtwo
10:09:00 PM Murdim tbf mewtwo was implied to have been created for Team Rocket even in the games
10:08:01 PM Murdim TriHard Ground-type Entei
8:20:55 PM Murdim LUL
5:18:54 PM Murdim there is several layers of immaturity in play here
5:18:07 PM Murdim OneHand !!!
5:17:59 PM Murdim duDudu OneHand duDudu
5:17:49 PM Murdim OneHand Blaziken doesn't fear Gunk Shot
5:17:22 PM Murdim minglee
5:16:59 PM Murdim LUL again
5:16:54 PM Murdim no drop LUL
5:16:25 PM Murdim LUL
5:16:05 PM Murdim Cosmic Power Kreygasm May the horse be with us
1:58:02 PM Murdim wait, I'm actually hearing GHECHIS in this version KappaRoss close enough I guess
1:54:19 PM Murdim Dennis WutFace IN 3D
1:40:34 PM Murdim PRChase not so good
1:20:13 PM Murdim we need to make her UNIDE wet OneHand
8:10:44 AM Murdim TPFufun @TsunderEuphonium
8:10:34 AM Murdim OneHand
8:10:32 AM Murdim SQUIRT on UNDIE ONeHand
8:09:16 AM Murdim more typing SeriousSloth
12:16:08 AM Murdim OneHand sniff sniff
12:15:38 AM Murdim DBstyle
11:55:35 PM Murdim PraiseIt PraiseIt PraiseIt MingLee
11:53:42 PM Murdim I'll be your 1-up girl OneHand please bounce on me repeatedly
11:31:28 PM Murdim VoHiYo @TsunderEuphonium
11:25:44 PM Murdim don't SD
11:25:39 PM Murdim RitzMitz focus sash on Zubat
11:03:24 PM Murdim LUL almost doubled
10:59:11 PM Murdim bashing OneHand 's boulders
10:37:19 PM Murdim VoHiYo
10:36:32 PM Murdim LUL
10:36:27 PM Murdim 2%
10:32:02 PM Murdim DBstyle don't listen to @dingdingboom Super Fang is only a 3HKO on Dratini
10:26:38 PM Murdim this was basically the worst possible traitor switch for blue RitzMitz
10:23:57 PM Murdim DBstyle nope @lukerbom12 the pedo perverts have tainted the character for everyone
10:22:22 PM Murdim VoHiYo
10:22:16 PM Murdim TriHard token
10:17:51 PM Murdim RaccAttack vs BORT
10:13:46 PM Murdim RaccAttack entertain us pony
10:12:37 PM Murdim KAPOW
9:56:48 PM Murdim DBstyle
9:54:00 PM Murdim dual screens PogChamp
9:50:36 PM Murdim 7 curs ethen die like a female arcanine
9:50:10 PM Murdim 0% on revenge tho
9:47:19 PM Murdim TriHard IN 3D
9:44:25 PM Murdim Kreygasm DBstyle ing
9:43:30 PM Murdim LUL bots insulting each other
9:43:08 PM Murdim I wonder if we'll see epic throws like this happen more often between top players :
9:42:05 PM Murdim all inning is still as dangerous as ever RitzMitz
9:40:14 PM Murdim RitzMitz watch as people bid completely one sided matches just for the easy 30% boost
9:37:10 PM Murdim ERROR
9:34:47 PM Murdim VoHiYo @ep1cnights
9:34:40 PM Murdim PRChase as they say in my country, bet early and bet often
9:34:27 PM Murdim PogChamp
9:33:05 PM Murdim @Nyam__ because people were trying out !bet xxx RED I supposed
9:32:18 PM Murdim LUL
9:31:46 PM Murdim LUL not going for brn
9:30:00 PM Murdim RitzMitz
9:27:00 PM Murdim Blast processing LUL Sega does what Nintenwouldn't touch with a ten foot pole today
9:25:12 PM Murdim ok so we literally win an extra ~20% payout from one-sided matches
9:24:42 PM Murdim Jebaited easy payout
9:24:10 PM Murdim wait NVM LUL throw
9:23:37 PM Murdim prepare your switch folks
9:22:15 PM Murdim S L WutFace W
9:20:55 PM Murdim waith is that a 130 SpA LUL NVM it wasn't worth
9:20:03 PM Murdim crazy*
9:20:00 PM Murdim let's go crazi
9:19:06 PM Murdim thanks again @PhoenX VoHiYo
9:18:56 PM Murdim PogChamp and Jebaited
9:13:47 PM Murdim LUL
9:12:34 PM Murdim BloodTrail
9:10:58 PM Murdim VoHiYo @PhoenX
9:10:34 PM Murdim VoHiYo everyone lucky
9:09:56 PM Murdim WutFace
9:09:47 PM Murdim LUL
9:09:22 PM Murdim Wanli WutFace Manly's evil cousin
9:07:59 PM Murdim If you want to hear more of this song VoHiYo
9:06:36 PM Murdim NotLikeThis
9:04:53 PM Murdim PogChamp green screen-senpai
9:03:44 PM Murdim VoHiYo
9:03:01 PM Murdim VoHiYo
9:02:38 PM Murdim PRChase
9:02:35 PM Murdim PRChaseSide by side it's Pichu and Pichu-uuu
9:01:05 PM Murdim Jesus turns 32 LUL I'm sure he still has a long life before him
9:00:23 PM Murdim Kappa
9:00:15 PM Murdim BibleThump /
9:00:06 PM Murdim nooo
8:59:39 PM Murdim 40s with Iwata BibleThump
8:59:19 PM Murdim Kappa
8:58:34 PM Murdim Entei is being nervous about his PBR comeback
8:57:59 PM Murdim Hey Entei TriHard /
8:54:23 PM Murdim BibleThump
8:51:05 PM Murdim looking so mad
8:48:01 PM Murdim OneHand
8:47:15 PM Murdim DBstyle TriHard
8:46:31 PM Murdim KappaPride Fish sticks, really?
8:45:59 PM Murdim DBstyle
8:45:47 PM Murdim LUL
8:45:07 PM Murdim PogChamp Super Mario Super Fan Club Fan
8:22:21 PM Murdim LUL
8:13:02 PM Murdim PRChase too many Speed matches in a row, mouth's full of blood
8:12:32 PM Murdim PRChase
8:11:18 PM Murdim LUL
8:08:27 PM Murdim B) :O
8:07:40 PM Murdim wooooweeeee
8:06:26 PM Murdim o_o
8:05:37 PM Murdim TriHard //
8:04:36 PM Murdim TriHard PogChamp
7:08:32 PM Murdim BibleThump
7:08:21 PM Murdim 0 TriHard
7:07:50 PM Murdim PogChamp TriHard
7:06:50 PM Murdim PRChase
6:57:37 PM Murdim LUL
9:59:52 PM Murdim Fairy/Grass VoHiYo
9:58:40 PM Murdim LUL
9:56:33 PM Murdim oh and also Charm KappaPride pedo lesbian
9:56:16 PM Murdim SE LUL
8:08:28 PM Murdim wrong TriHard
8:08:10 PM Murdim VoHiYo
8:07:38 PM Murdim tiny Wailord TriHard
8:07:11 PM Murdim ~ BrainSlug ~
8:03:50 PM Murdim +3 SpA Kappa
8:03:32 PM Murdim DansGame
8:02:54 PM Murdim DansGame crit
8:02:36 PM Murdim togepi is Fairy, just like Deer God
8:02:20 PM Murdim VoHiYo SHINY
8:02:14 PM Murdim wrong target DansGame
8:02:01 PM Murdim -2 Atk tho
8:01:18 PM Murdim VoHiYo
8:00:31 PM Murdim LUL
8:00:14 PM Murdim we're helping the real pikaclones win
7:59:34 PM Murdim Fake Pikaclone WutFace
7:59:12 PM Murdim DansGame
7:58:59 PM Murdim DBstyle tactical sub
7:58:07 PM Murdim LUL crit
7:57:25 PM Murdim PogChamp
7:57:07 PM Murdim togepi ruling supreme
7:56:50 PM Murdim LUL
7:56:16 PM Murdim PogChamp
7:55:39 PM Murdim Clefairy actually did the most damage last round
7:55:13 PM Murdim LUL frustration crit
7:52:31 PM Murdim No Pikachu LUL
7:51:48 PM Murdim Tony is a true TriHard
7:51:05 PM Murdim LUL thanks RNG
7:50:32 PM Murdim A B
7:49:21 PM Murdim OpieOP
7:47:59 PM Murdim LUL damage
7:47:43 PM Murdim DansGame
7:46:45 PM Murdim wrong target
7:44:49 PM Murdim LUL
7:44:08 PM Murdim free kill RitzMitz
7:43:00 PM Murdim WutFace Cyrus
8:02:36 AM Murdim 7 LUL
8:02:18 AM Murdim PogChamp clutch
7:54:53 AM Murdim +4 rly
7:53:58 AM Murdim rollout might actually do some damage in turn 5
7:52:27 AM Murdim LUL
7:51:57 AM Murdim oh wait nvm
7:51:52 AM Murdim PogChamp predicted
7:51:41 AM Murdim Kappa //
7:51:26 AM Murdim LUL Tapu Bulu vs dragons and flying
7:47:57 AM Murdim not letting the shitmon team win MikeHogu
7:45:09 AM Murdim LUL
7:43:45 AM Murdim LUL miss
7:43:35 AM Murdim double kill PogChamp
7:42:29 AM Murdim OneHand !!
7:42:03 AM Murdim Normal Hidden Power on Unown LUL Smogon disapproves
7:41:32 AM Murdim LUL NORMAL
7:41:26 AM Murdim LUL
7:28:39 AM Murdim cheater DansGame
7:27:32 AM Murdim PogChamp
6:32:09 AM Murdim TriHard
6:27:05 AM Murdim LUL
6:24:02 AM Murdim OneHand
11:56:14 PM Murdim VoHiYo @TheShmish Thanks a lot for the first and last full dex badge giveaway in TPP history
11:51:52 PM Murdim VoHiYo M4
11:36:20 PM Murdim WORST BORT
11:35:48 PM Murdim RitzMitz
11:21:52 PM Murdim LUL Magmar
11:21:32 PM Murdim into Smogon pls LUL
11:21:17 PM Murdim LUL transmutation
11:14:26 PM Murdim 666 CAUGHT WutFace
11:12:49 PM Murdim er RaccAttack
11:12:43 PM Murdim @ReddyLion RitzMitz !!!
11:11:51 PM Murdim @Jkrexx We don't get fooled again RitzMitz Don't get fooled again RitzMitz No no
11:10:48 PM Murdim :O @Sauzels_
11:10:29 PM Murdim Go goat! VoHiYo
11:10:19 PM Murdim VoHiYo
11:04:25 PM Murdim LUL
11:03:19 PM Murdim Inputs have been reading as YAAAAAAAAAAY for most of the last few hours
11:02:07 PM Murdim Lord of the Butterflies WutFace
11:01:55 PM Murdim Butterfly of the Beast WutFace