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11:58:43 PM coolkingler1 sold all badges, 104 tokens :(
11:47:44 PM coolkingler1 @mathfreak231 ?
11:44:34 PM coolkingler1 ty
11:44:18 PM coolkingler1 how much are badges worth, any chart?
11:42:52 PM coolkingler1 shit
11:42:39 PM coolkingler1 how do you stop a sale of a badge
11:41:27 PM coolkingler1 Hi!
11:41:23 PM coolkingler1 @CountRaposa I had like 80 badges :/
11:41:10 PM coolkingler1 @CountRaposa what
11:37:43 PM coolkingler1 I see
11:36:59 PM coolkingler1 sell is an unsupported command
11:36:09 PM coolkingler1 @bregrif19 ty !
11:35:31 PM coolkingler1 I have wayyyy too many badges, how do i sell them?
11:34:01 PM coolkingler1 hello famsquad Kappa
11:50:25 PM coolkingler1 told you, my man Kingler Kappa
11:49:34 PM coolkingler1 told you Kappa\
11:48:52 PM coolkingler1 kingler will wiiin
11:47:01 PM coolkingler1 kingler or kingler's team always win
11:46:38 PM coolkingler1 Kingleeeer
8:16:16 PM coolkingler1 what
8:16:07 PM coolkingler1 @michaelgno1 yeah but THAT heavy? :P
8:15:06 PM coolkingler1 @michaelgno1 it's weight make sit even more weird Kappa
8:11:25 PM coolkingler1 @DragoonXD you the mvp
8:10:59 PM coolkingler1 YES MUSIC
8:08:31 PM coolkingler1 @Bloons22 Yeah I did this same match some days ago but I swapped 2 pokemon around Kappa
8:05:36 PM coolkingler1 DIDE Kappa
8:04:12 PM coolkingler1 cynthia team
8:04:08 PM coolkingler1 yeahh my match Kappa
5:09:56 AM coolkingler1 Holy. shit. the Pokémon subreddit is total cancer
6:10:24 PM coolkingler1 what, theme of Baba? LMAO
6:09:49 PM coolkingler1 this music MingLee
6:01:55 PM coolkingler1 BibleThump
11:16:19 PM coolkingler1 I should have organized the teams better :(
11:15:44 PM coolkingler1 it is readable
11:14:53 PM coolkingler1 uh wow
11:13:49 PM coolkingler1 I should have organized the teams better :(
11:11:24 PM coolkingler1 shikamaru ability WutFace
11:09:48 PM coolkingler1 @xxmoonlotusxx just in time for cynthia team battle Kappa
11:08:31 PM coolkingler1 @Yacker2 would if I knew how
11:07:08 PM coolkingler1 cynthia plat team
11:04:32 PM coolkingler1 fam
11:03:36 PM coolkingler1 cynthia team in platinum :D
11:02:25 PM coolkingler1 s team
11:02:22 PM coolkingler1 yeahhh, my match now, Cynthia
10:59:03 PM coolkingler1 oh caste crashers music
10:58:57 PM coolkingler1 WutFace
10:56:21 PM coolkingler1 avoid concussion WutFace
10:54:40 PM coolkingler1 Pounded Kappa
3:17:40 AM coolkingler1 yooooooooo
1:59:52 AM coolkingler1 @SSJCay yeah I wasn't on much while US was played :D am super drunk now as well
1:58:51 AM coolkingler1 we're back to PBR?
8:19:04 PM coolkingler1 @CharmyBee99 oh weird thought they did :x
8:18:29 PM coolkingler1 why's they get rid of mega evo's in gen 7 btw?
8:09:09 PM coolkingler1 hot diggity
8:01:25 PM coolkingler1 We're still trading?
2:46:30 AM coolkingler1 'muscle packed power' didn't know kicks had other sources for their power
2:42:54 AM coolkingler1 what's wrong with gen 1?
2:41:16 AM coolkingler1 normal Pinsir entry is wholesome in Ultra Sun: It gets into territorial disputes with Vikavolt. For some reason, it apparently gets along well with Heracross in Alola.
2:37:25 AM coolkingler1 Houndoom: Its red claws and the tips of its tail are melting from high internal temperatures that are painful to Houndoom itself.
2:36:38 AM coolkingler1 Glalie: The excess energy from Mega Evolution spilled over from its mouth, breaking its jaw. It spews endless blizzards.
2:35:31 AM coolkingler1 @dingdingboom yeah Glalie has it's jaw broken
2:34:57 AM coolkingler1 @Shiny_Guzzlord2 no, these are actual dex entries for mega evolutions, they are exceedingly cruel, that one is from this very game MingLee
2:34:28 AM coolkingler1 @1eamannan actually most mega evolutions are exceedingly cruel
2:33:49 AM coolkingler1 mega tyranitar pokedex entry: Due to the colossal power poured into it, this Pokémon's back split right open. Its destructive instincts are the only thing keeping it moving..... well then
2:22:05 AM coolkingler1 I always wondered why some sort of super glamorous transfer was needed to trade, instead of just handing over Pokeballs
2:01:02 AM coolkingler1 @BoyBeast ultra sun
2:00:40 AM coolkingler1 intense stand off
2:00:30 AM coolkingler1 rowlett be like: O_O
1:59:29 AM coolkingler1 nice animations
1:53:28 AM coolkingler1 that caterpie was wiped from existence
10:55:11 AM coolkingler1 I like how all pokemon are roughly the same levels, good
10:54:53 AM coolkingler1 wow didn't get an ad after refreshing for once
7:43:26 PM coolkingler1 Is it me or are there far more people than for other runs?
1:07:28 PM coolkingler1 yeah we did sim Kappa
1:06:30 PM coolkingler1 @Glitchy89 true, lol
1:05:58 PM coolkingler1 hahahaha, I like the name Makuhita444
1:05:16 PM coolkingler1 is that grimer an Alolan form one?
11:28:40 PM coolkingler1 how did you guys manage to name that one GmYung0?
9:04:07 PM coolkingler1 is that a fucking Switch?
9:01:37 PM coolkingler1 Roark WutFace
8:59:35 PM coolkingler1 RaccAttack
8:59:30 PM coolkingler1 RacAttACK
8:58:00 PM coolkingler1 almost 500 viewers
8:56:44 PM coolkingler1 @1hlixed that's Deutchs, not Dutch, it's German
8:53:48 PM coolkingler1 countdown stopped WutFace
8:50:11 PM coolkingler1 10 min WutFace
8:19:14 PM coolkingler1 @Sandoz1 is Litten.... lit? CoolCat
8:18:53 PM coolkingler1 since it's 40 minutes imma play a LoL aram game
8:18:07 PM coolkingler1 I remember when ti said 40 days until USUM, time flies BibleThump
8:16:48 PM coolkingler1 suddenly viewership rose tremendously
8:08:24 PM coolkingler1 guys, I'm eating an apple, this game makes it hard not to choke on it through laughter
8:03:18 PM coolkingler1 babba likes fishdicks Kappa
8:00:15 PM coolkingler1 1 hour until USUM WutFace
7:26:32 PM coolkingler1 I'm dying
7:26:22 PM coolkingler1 :o
7:25:00 PM coolkingler1 OH my fucking god LUL LUL LUL
7:10:25 PM coolkingler1 fuuuck
7:08:08 PM coolkingler1 christ almighty
7:02:30 PM coolkingler1 Are you seriously not going to buy ANYTHING? SwiftRage
7:01:39 PM coolkingler1 what's with these fucking voices
6:59:08 PM coolkingler1 that voice is truly satan
6:53:26 PM coolkingler1 BibleThump
6:52:42 PM coolkingler1 @CountRaposa PogChamp
6:52:14 PM coolkingler1 this music LUL
10:22:03 AM coolkingler1 LUL
10:22:01 AM coolkingler1 LULU
10:21:40 AM coolkingler1 I go offline several days and leadership changes and shit kappa
10:19:51 AM coolkingler1 Sim Keepo
10:17:40 AM coolkingler1 what LUL
10:17:03 AM coolkingler1 :O so we don't have to deal with owner anymore?
10:16:28 AM coolkingler1 what is this? under new management?
10:17:56 PM coolkingler1 is a jynx badge rare?
8:10:07 AM coolkingler1 holy fuck updated channel inf
8:09:42 AM coolkingler1 idk..
8:09:41 AM coolkingler1 or did we?
8:09:32 AM coolkingler1 oh nvm
8:09:21 AM coolkingler1 we started USUM?!
12:52:11 PM coolkingler1 woah, if you go to reddit right now the front page is filled with net neutrality threads. rightly so though
7:15:03 PM coolkingler1 never knew this existed, lmao
4:29:34 PM coolkingler1 sim LUL
8:12:51 AM coolkingler1 ads :(
3:24:06 PM coolkingler1 sim LUL
8:48:34 AM coolkingler1 I hope to encounter one, one day. (just no fucking bidoof or whatever I hope)
8:48:19 AM coolkingler1 lucky
8:47:03 AM coolkingler1 to this day I never encountered a shiny in any pokemon game :( besides red gyara of course
8:46:19 AM coolkingler1 unown is raping
8:45:42 AM coolkingler1 I want a nyam token too BabyRage
8:43:05 AM coolkingler1 Unown W is like: \ RaccAttack /
8:41:19 AM coolkingler1 o ra lot*
8:41:08 AM coolkingler1 most legendaries have it
8:41:04 AM coolkingler1 I guess there is 1 strat that revolves around it though
8:40:56 AM coolkingler1 yep, but it's basically hoping they run out of moves :P
8:40:31 AM coolkingler1 so an icefang would could 2 PP, not 1, for example. for mamo
8:40:19 AM coolkingler1 no, on the enemy pokemon
8:40:00 AM coolkingler1 useS*
8:39:56 AM coolkingler1 @twistedfatezzz used 2 PP instead of 1 on the enemy pokemon
8:39:23 AM coolkingler1 is it me or is Pressure just not a good ability mostly
8:38:47 AM coolkingler1 yes rip you
8:38:37 AM coolkingler1 finally
8:36:16 AM coolkingler1 it would mean 20100 profit right?
8:35:51 AM coolkingler1 I hope red wins, I want Nyam to get that payout
8:34:38 AM coolkingler1 rare line PogChamp\
8:33:57 AM coolkingler1 dat payout MingLee
8:33:45 AM coolkingler1 Entei TriHard
7:58:38 AM coolkingler1 BRR Kappa
6:49:29 AM coolkingler1 holy fck Sim LUL
6:43:39 AM coolkingler1 oh, metapod...... Harden Kappa
12:17:56 PM coolkingler1 is this defiance or something?
12:16:10 PM coolkingler1 try hyper meme maybe
12:15:43 PM coolkingler1 pooo Kappa
12:14:09 PM coolkingler1 what if announcer says that while machop is fighing MingLee
12:13:48 PM coolkingler1 this is not a favourable Machop! Kappa
12:12:16 PM coolkingler1 golden sun music PogChamp
11:19:43 AM coolkingler1 is altaria good for a platinum playthrough btw?
11:17:10 AM coolkingler1 that ground has been teared open so many times I am surprised that city still exists Kippa
7:44:58 AM coolkingler1 porygon is a digital pokemon isn't it? how does it manifest physically anyway in the games?..
12:49:34 AM coolkingler1 PogChamp
12:48:04 AM coolkingler1 mmurkrow put in some good work :o
12:46:45 AM coolkingler1 7 sec here
12:46:26 AM coolkingler1 refresh then
12:44:15 AM coolkingler1 Centre PET 4Head
12:41:23 AM coolkingler1 maximum lagg
12:41:15 AM coolkingler1 not even a little
10:29:04 AM coolkingler1 @Optipotamus cool, will do, didn't think of it :)
10:28:34 AM coolkingler1 anyone got more suggestions for a Platinum playthrough to add to my pokemon team? Already have a Gabite,starter and luxray
10:27:04 AM coolkingler1 new starting game question: Are you a weeb or are you a trap? Kappa
10:15:33 AM coolkingler1 god I remember when it was 40 days until Ultra Sun in the countdown, really vividly. Time flies
9:39:01 AM coolkingler1 I sometimes wonder who people talk to, then I remember I blocked 2 ppl here Kappa
9:37:39 AM coolkingler1 same, blue thing
9:37:15 AM coolkingler1 I like that I said it first Kappa
9:36:49 AM coolkingler1 @bregrif19 really?
9:36:19 AM coolkingler1 sim MingLee third time already
9:34:06 AM coolkingler1 sprinkle sand Keepo
9:32:46 AM coolkingler1 again sim Kappa
9:31:00 AM coolkingler1 Flygon looks more original than Salamence imo so I find it unfortunate that he is worse :(
9:29:12 AM coolkingler1 sim agrees Kappa
9:28:51 AM coolkingler1 kind of a bummer that Flygon is significantly worse than Salamence
9:27:25 AM coolkingler1 I think Salamances team will win Kappa
9:21:45 AM coolkingler1 that series is golden, badumtish
9:21:33 AM coolkingler1 @YamiDeku one of the best fucking games I ever played Kappa
9:20:57 AM coolkingler1 Golden Sun PogChamp
8:56:47 AM coolkingler1 squirrel, pig and rock vs monkey, ball and depressed looking water critter Kappa
8:34:25 AM coolkingler1 IMM0LATED PRChase
8:25:06 AM coolkingler1 the way he says shadow force, christ MingLee
8:12:36 AM coolkingler1 this it not yolo DansGame
8:10:18 AM coolkingler1 normal porygon? DasnGame how
8:08:55 AM coolkingler1 @ChurchofShuckle seems you're already there Kappa drunk
8:07:29 AM coolkingler1 A-MIBO Kappa
5:30:44 AM coolkingler1 going to the gym in a bit so Kappa
5:28:10 AM coolkingler1 2+2=4. quik mafs
5:27:39 AM coolkingler1 man's not hot Kappa
11:10:07 PM coolkingler1 ZOVI Kappa
10:43:52 PM coolkingler1 lolwhat, gamecorner in pokemon platinum, that soundtrack is so hype MingLee
10:40:55 PM coolkingler1 as I am buying tm's
10:40:50 PM coolkingler1 no, honestly just a random thought
10:39:42 PM coolkingler1 true that, no STAB though but whatever. Or just wait until it gets ice beam
10:39:04 PM coolkingler1 @Big_Boyd not sure
10:38:53 PM coolkingler1 @Big_Boyd just to beat the game really, yeah as a move lol
10:38:16 PM coolkingler1 would blizzard be okay on empoleon? idk..
10:32:24 PM coolkingler1 oh well
10:32:22 PM coolkingler1 man, so far the pokemon I have in platinum really learn lackluster moves by leveling
10:30:33 PM coolkingler1 seems I will need TM's for it more
10:30:25 PM coolkingler1 @RommiCat like only dragon rush maybe :(\
10:29:22 PM coolkingler1 @RommiCat alright, good, which ones mainly?
10:28:53 PM coolkingler1 hey guys, does Gabite/garchomp learn good moves on it's own?
10:06:52 PM coolkingler1 BOFO
10:04:28 PM coolkingler1 thanks!
10:03:58 PM coolkingler1 where can you see your chat history?
10:02:19 PM coolkingler1 man I am playing a gen 4 (nonremake) game for the first time, platinum, pretty damn nice so far, but I miss the pokemon following you around though like in HGSS
9:47:34 PM coolkingler1 you're sorry sim? :( too late
9:03:36 PM coolkingler1 the pokemon... BibleThump
8:55:11 PM coolkingler1 literally? Kappa
8:54:39 PM coolkingler1 oh my sleeping schedule is so messed up...
8:54:01 PM coolkingler1 rip
8:53:59 PM coolkingler1 clerk :(
8:37:26 PM coolkingler1 @dylanpoolside123 this might interest you
8:36:21 PM coolkingler1 yeah that I know
8:35:36 PM coolkingler1 what MingLee LUL
8:34:33 PM coolkingler1 clerk? MingLee
8:26:38 PM coolkingler1 sim MingLee
10:13:18 AM coolkingler1 what alignment?
10:11:42 AM coolkingler1 golden ziggy
10:10:14 AM coolkingler1 oh gtfo, with your unending yolonome DansGame
10:09:44 AM coolkingler1 yep
10:09:18 AM coolkingler1 BabyRage
10:07:43 AM coolkingler1 no they are rodents Kappa all brown incidentally
10:05:23 AM coolkingler1 probaby tpp /w-ed that
10:05:09 AM coolkingler1 of course I have no clue what their sets are going to be exactly
10:04:50 AM coolkingler1 no trap
10:04:14 AM coolkingler1 battle*
10:04:09 AM coolkingler1 rodent battld
10:03:53 AM coolkingler1 4Head
10:02:59 AM coolkingler1 I want to bid but not Yolonome
9:57:23 AM coolkingler1 @スベタ
9:56:55 AM coolkingler1 it's vegeta's ssj theme
9:56:37 AM coolkingler1 Vegeta theme PogChamp
9:56:28 AM coolkingler1 DBZ!!!! PogChamp
9:50:49 AM coolkingler1 YOUXIEEE!!
9:41:25 AM coolkingler1 Who's Victor and why do they want to be him Kappa
9:22:45 AM coolkingler1 ugh, stop with that terrorist shit
9:22:21 AM coolkingler1 nice steak Kappa
9:21:55 AM coolkingler1 needs no mention, that's just a given
9:20:57 AM coolkingler1 yeah sim, the student is just toying with us PRChase
9:20:43 AM coolkingler1 @DANIMG12 what is the investment return value?
9:19:56 AM coolkingler1 @DANIMG12 I would but am broke as fuck
9:16:17 AM coolkingler1 @raVAGedsins literally. Judgement being the Pokemon god move Kappa
9:15:46 AM coolkingler1 WOW
9:15:34 AM coolkingler1 woah
9:14:51 AM coolkingler1 @DANIMG12 what did you mean? I know what that means but in a different language
9:14:13 AM coolkingler1 @DANIMG12 what now?