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4:05:17 AM Zawasculin Star Wolf Kappa
3:54:32 AM Zawasculin tpp dark green again Kappa
3:47:44 AM Zawasculin War Thunder or Metroid Samus Returns Kappa
3:46:45 AM Zawasculin @SinR2014 Not feeling sleepy or tired as i overslept on my nap i took earlier. Keepo
3:46:02 AM Zawasculin bit over 2 hours until i have to go to work. Kappa Hmmm what to do...
3:45:29 AM Zawasculin \m/ SwiftRage \m/
3:44:47 AM Zawasculin Then again i don't use twitch beta nor mobile, so that's why i perhaps see color changes only on bots. Kappa
3:43:30 AM Zawasculin @bexxxxxxx Same Kappa
3:43:12 AM Zawasculin Teal tpp Kappa
3:40:26 AM Zawasculin SMT3 Nocturne was probs only on playstation because Nintendo didn't have console to run it back then. Kappa
3:39:39 AM Zawasculin Nintendo, the family friendly consoles LUL
3:39:20 AM Zawasculin The irony that Playstation side has Personas when it should have more mature gamers, while Nintendo seemingly gets mainline SMT games that are very dark games story and graphic wise. LUL
3:37:42 AM Zawasculin SourPls
3:36:11 AM Zawasculin Did anyone notice that stupid loop? Kappa
3:35:45 AM Zawasculin Loop Kappa
3:34:56 AM Zawasculin Am i a oddball for liking Days of Ruin the most from Advance Wars? Kappa
3:34:33 AM Zawasculin @DuplexBeGreat Uh yes Kappa
3:34:21 AM Zawasculin Dual Strike Kreygasm
3:33:46 AM Zawasculin I haven't seen color changes on my screen except for tpp and tppsim Kappa
3:33:26 AM Zawasculin Easy payout Keepo
3:32:10 AM Zawasculin It's pretty much GG unless misses
3:31:56 AM Zawasculin They not even trying to Endure. Kappa
3:30:27 AM Zawasculin Red LUL
3:30:17 AM Zawasculin @kbjhon It doesn't matter. Kappa
3:29:48 AM Zawasculin Red Kappa
3:28:23 AM Zawasculin Oh red is clever enough to protect. Kappa
3:27:02 AM Zawasculin Only way for blue to lose is miss like 5-10 times with moves. Kappa
3:26:04 AM Zawasculin I won't BigBrother I'll win.
3:25:38 AM Zawasculin LUL Easy Blue win here.
3:24:52 AM Zawasculin Breloom fight Kappa
3:24:22 AM Zawasculin @pokemonfinesser I do remember most people's colors yes. Keepo
3:23:44 AM Zawasculin @pokemonfinesser I've only seen tpp and sim do it. Kappa
3:23:03 AM Zawasculin I didn't see my name change color yet. Kappa
3:22:21 AM Zawasculin sim did change color to green yes wtf.
3:20:54 AM Zawasculin @SinR2014 On switch the controllers work for every game pro controller works on. Kappa
3:20:30 AM Zawasculin @kbjhon Yeah but on Wii U adapter makes the gamecube controllers only work for smash Kappa
3:19:51 AM Zawasculin But Gamecube adapter to work with Switch as a whole and not just for controlling smash made me curious. 🤔
3:18:22 AM Zawasculin Akuma WutFace
3:17:46 AM Zawasculin I saw tpp change color few times though to cyan. Kappa
3:17:16 AM Zawasculin Why do people have these apparent color change issues? I don't have any. Kappa
3:16:13 AM Zawasculin FISH BATTLE SabaPing
3:01:55 AM Zawasculin Okay time to get the adapter. Kappa
3:01:43 AM Zawasculin And apparently you can use gamecube controller to play Switch via that port. PogChamp
3:00:05 AM Zawasculin Switch 4.0 system update had a secret feature, it made gamecube adapter work with Switch. PogChamp Sm4sh for Switch?
2:56:40 AM Zawasculin sim MingLee
2:56:17 AM Zawasculin SourPls
2:55:59 AM Zawasculin SwiftRage : It's over 9000!
2:54:47 AM Zawasculin Kappa *
2:54:44 AM Zawasculin Nappa
2:50:50 AM Zawasculin This match is total mess LUL
2:50:10 AM Zawasculin Will-o-stalling wobbuffet when it can't hit ghost with counter. Kappa
2:49:12 AM Zawasculin TriHard
2:49:11 AM Zawasculin @galaxy401 threw so hard they have no chance to win except with 5x stone edge misses.
2:48:29 AM Zawasculin Bluetards LUL LUL LUL
2:48:09 AM Zawasculin Oh wait.... Blue what are you doing LUL
2:47:54 AM Zawasculin Thinking Counter can hit on Shedinja TriHard
2:46:52 AM Zawasculin Forced to explode on dragonite TriHard
2:45:50 AM Zawasculin DatSheffy
2:44:27 AM Zawasculin @c0sm0g No red t-waved lum berry shedinja LUL
2:43:59 AM Zawasculin Red should've just flown. Kappa
2:43:35 AM Zawasculin Why t-wave? Kappa
2:41:59 AM Zawasculin Filter supposed to simulate Multiscale??? Kappa
2:41:04 AM Zawasculin This Shedinja is literally a fodder. Kappa
2:31:47 AM Zawasculin @MrNyanUniverse Zhaituki's Houndooms are always the best yes. DatSheffy
2:28:36 AM Zawasculin GG LUL
2:28:00 AM Zawasculin Nidoran is like "what double team? Kappa "
2:27:26 AM Zawasculin HUUUURLED PRChase
2:26:42 AM Zawasculin ResidentSleeper
2:26:23 AM Zawasculin LUL
2:24:15 AM Zawasculin Damage Kappa
2:23:49 AM Zawasculin Kreygasm My favorite version of favorite trainer battle theme of all time Kreygasm
2:23:34 AM Zawasculin @pokemonfinesser You underestimate Dick Pinch's power. Kappa
2:22:32 AM Zawasculin On the other hand, Electrode buffed. Keepo Swift being special.
2:21:34 AM Zawasculin @Mobotropolis Useless LUL
2:20:55 AM Zawasculin Unown in Stadium 2 mode... TriHard
2:20:22 AM Zawasculin MiniscuLEECello MingLee
2:20:09 AM Zawasculin lavendar town remix to play from abra? cmonBruh
2:19:35 AM Zawasculin @SinR2014 Pizza is unhealthy. Kappa
2:16:31 AM Zawasculin @Pokemario6456 I also have Witch hat Pikachu and Witch hat Raichu. Keepo
2:15:54 AM Zawasculin @Pokemario6456 I already have their evolutions + much extra candy. TriHard Also 2x Houndooms thanks to event. 5x Sableyes too.
2:14:48 AM Zawasculin So many fucking shuppets around. LUL Whole radar is filled with shuppets apart from abra, 2x Misdreavus and Marowak. Kappa
2:13:35 AM Zawasculin @FragleCrackle
2:13:18 AM Zawasculin @FragleCrackle Apparently MingLee
2:12:42 AM Zawasculin Omg this Lavender town remix music in Pokemon GO MingLee Just now realized as i usually don't have sounds on in Pokemon GO.
2:11:10 AM Zawasculin @Mobotropolis Raid boss music is AMAZING! Kreygasm
2:10:38 AM Zawasculin @Mobotropolis Yeah the bad old ones. Kappa
1:34:56 AM Zawasculin vinejoelDio KONO DIO DA!!!
1:28:49 AM Zawasculin What's with this VRAINS thing? Is it because of the Yugioh season? Keepo
12:32:51 AM Zawasculin Also XCX turned me away with combat system that bores me to death.
12:32:14 AM Zawasculin That slow battle system turned me away from FF14 for a reason.
12:31:56 AM Zawasculin Xenoblade Chronicles 2 combat system looks too MMORPG'ish to me. ResidentSleeper
12:25:34 AM Zawasculin @Zc230 Nope. Kappa
12:24:56 AM Zawasculin @Zc230 Ofcourse. Keepo
12:24:41 AM Zawasculin CountLEEposa MingLee
12:24:03 AM Zawasculin USUM Steelbook editions pre-ordered now, both versions. Keepo
12:18:51 AM Zawasculin @king_dedede_and_knuckles Dat name change Kappa
12:18:16 AM Zawasculin @pokemonfinesser too hard LUL Start is rough yes but it becomes much easier after a while.
12:03:34 AM Zawasculin WutFace
11:01:43 PM Zawasculin I just read up that Arvis i'm currently building up in FE heroes is a sister fucker just to summon a dark god in game he's from. DansGame
9:51:38 PM Zawasculin DEFIANCE RitzMitz
9:47:51 PM Zawasculin @Zc230 You should've heard a yugioh player boy that appeared yesterday at VGC tournament place as we were chilling and waiting for our bus to come... Kappa My god
9:46:01 PM Zawasculin vinejoelDio ZA WAARUDOOOO!!!!
6:14:09 PM Zawasculin @DANIMG12 2+ Defense Kappa
6:13:28 PM Zawasculin OpieOP
6:11:07 PM Zawasculin Oooh OneHand
6:10:47 PM Zawasculin vinejoelDio *
6:10:43 PM Zawasculin WRYYYYYYNG vinejoelDin
6:10:08 PM Zawasculin Wailord and Skorupi confirmed gen 2 Kappa
6:09:37 PM Zawasculin @TaviTurnip Right order in defiance Kappa
6:08:41 PM Zawasculin I bet on rolling whale. BigBrother
6:07:40 PM Zawasculin DEFIANCE RitzMitz
6:04:24 PM Zawasculin More exciting than PBR but chat is way less lively. Kappa
6:04:05 PM Zawasculin Saltybet Kreygasm
6:01:45 PM Zawasculin @Abcdefgeeee Implying it's not dead already. TriHard
6:00:25 PM Zawasculin Just sayin' that current biggest spammer in this channel was perma'd for crazy spam before. Keepo
5:59:23 PM Zawasculin FailFish
5:57:56 PM Zawasculin WutFace
5:57:41 PM Zawasculin @FUTUNDERDOG Hello vinejoelDio /
5:57:08 PM Zawasculin @Sandoz1 Yeah i know. OpieOP What i said was stop the spanish... in finnish
5:55:27 PM Zawasculin @ChaosDukemon Täällä ei puhuta espanjaa perkele. DatSheffy
5:48:10 PM Zawasculin @TheGeekachu Yeah, RNG wins battles. MikeHogu
5:46:48 PM Zawasculin WRYYYYYYNG vinejoelDio
5:46:22 PM Zawasculin Pokken is shit. PunOko Especially with the scam they pulled on us Wii U owners.
5:43:52 PM Zawasculin @DragoonXD Outbidding 8-bit Sanic DansGame
5:39:41 PM Zawasculin @Chaos_lord2 Still sucks. Kappa
5:39:02 PM Zawasculin Bravely Default: Where the Airy Lies. Kappa
5:30:54 PM Zawasculin This mode is still dumb.
5:01:07 PM Zawasculin Never trust Fetus Entei TriHard
5:00:31 PM Zawasculin ParaFlinch LUL
4:58:42 PM Zawasculin OneHand
4:58:25 PM Zawasculin Why so many bet fetus entei? TriHard
4:58:16 PM Zawasculin Always bet burd TriHard
4:58:02 PM Zawasculin Crit LUL
4:57:56 PM Zawasculin TriHard
4:57:44 PM Zawasculin Kappa
4:45:39 PM Zawasculin @bexxxxxxx Just now realized chat is dumb? MingLee
4:38:57 PM Zawasculin @xxmoonlotusxx Like spray works on flies. TriHard
4:37:51 PM Zawasculin @xxmoonlotusxx From neighbours around 12 flies already appeared this month in my house uninvited, killed them all with my trusty swatter. DatSheffy
4:37:01 PM Zawasculin @xxmoonlotusxx Kill it DatSheffy
4:30:46 PM Zawasculin 35€ Season Pass for Dragon Ball Z FighterZ LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL Most expensive Season Pass to date?
4:19:59 PM Zawasculin Is this Cresselia a Chauzu set? cmonBruh
4:11:13 PM Zawasculin #DigimonLatte TriHard
4:10:26 PM Zawasculin KappaPride
4:10:11 PM Zawasculin @Czerwona_Latarnia Pleb. Kappa
4:08:30 PM Zawasculin FE Heroes Kappa Thanks for reminding i need to build my Arvis more. Kappa
4:07:46 PM Zawasculin Those that make top 10 deserves top 10, RNG or not. Don't whine and git luckier. Kippa
3:49:43 PM Zawasculin @Abcdefgeeee No, sim is a demon. DarkMode
3:47:45 PM Zawasculin Wii U does get Fawful's M&L games if you are clever person. Keepo
3:47:04 PM Zawasculin sim ausRage
3:41:16 PM Zawasculin Kappa *
3:41:14 PM Zawasculin sim actually made sense? Kapap
3:40:37 PM Zawasculin sim Kappa
3:37:47 PM Zawasculin sim is rich too? PogChamp
3:28:35 PM Zawasculin Despite having the money, still not feeling like getting a car. OSsloth
3:27:52 PM Zawasculin WutFace sim
3:26:49 PM Zawasculin @DANIMG12 Kappa
3:26:21 PM Zawasculin Set: Furry RitzMitz
3:25:52 PM Zawasculin @shadowpuppet97 Train well Kippa /
3:25:13 PM Zawasculin sim has a wife. VoHiYo
3:23:43 PM Zawasculin @Bloons22 Well currently i could afford like 100 Switch consoles at same time with my current money amount. TriHard
3:22:02 PM Zawasculin sim LUL
3:21:42 PM Zawasculin @Bloons22 Someone that didn't have parents buying old consoles for you? Kappa I pretty much bought everything i have with my own earned money. Keepo
3:19:24 PM Zawasculin @Zc230 And that's exact reason i don't support Pokemon on switch. Kappa
3:18:38 PM Zawasculin @Bloons22 So when can Switch have all the N64, DS, Snes, Nes and etc. games? TriHard Oh wait never because Nintendo is slower at releasing their Virtual Console roms than Niantic is releasing new gens. TriHard
3:17:10 PM Zawasculin @Bloons22 Wii U had some awesome games. cmonBruh
3:15:46 PM Zawasculin @Bloons22 Still better machine than Switch. TriHard I have at least 10x more games on my Wii U alone than any Switch owner
3:14:54 PM Zawasculin mk8 deluxe. DansGame Supporting expansions.
3:13:53 PM Zawasculin @ep1cnights How to scare away newcomers away even harder the movie. RitzMitz
3:12:44 PM Zawasculin Boobs22 please. Kappa
3:11:14 PM Zawasculin PS4 at least still has some bloody good exclusives.
3:10:43 PM Zawasculin Xbone and exclusives don't fit in same sentence TriHard
3:10:13 PM Zawasculin @Zc230 It could still be limited time exclusive. Always can hope for multiport. That's what happened with bunch of other recent games. TriHard
3:08:32 PM Zawasculin @Zc230 But well at least it can be played anywhere. Keepo
3:07:55 PM Zawasculin @Zc230 Blame the 25th anniversary website for listing it as HD project. Kappa
3:07:11 PM Zawasculin I guess i have to buy the thing then as Atlus fan. Kappa
3:06:53 PM Zawasculin BabyRage REEEEEEEEEE SMT5 is Switch exclusive.
2:44:34 PM Zawasculin I tend to use a lot of gimmick. But after Seaking failure i defo test gimmick vgc teams out.
2:43:50 PM Zawasculin Showdown. Kappa Good for testing teams without rating suffering in Battle Spot.
2:42:04 PM Zawasculin Switching: SPECIAL. CoolStoryBob
2:40:44 PM Zawasculin Finally decided to raid and catch Suicune in Pokemon GO. LUL Stayed in first ball i hit.
2:40:02 PM Zawasculin MiniscuLEECello MingLee
2:39:46 PM Zawasculin HELLO TPP! vinejoelDio /
6:02:25 AM Zawasculin MiniscuLEECello MingLee
6:01:52 AM Zawasculin "alts" LUL
8:49:52 PM Zawasculin Stadium 2 RitzMitz
8:48:17 PM Zawasculin @shadowpuppet97 Don't blame FISH, blame the pleb who kept spamming chat. Kappa
8:47:55 PM Zawasculin GG TriHard
8:46:21 PM Zawasculin @ChaosDukemon Shut up. selloutXd
8:45:10 PM Zawasculin Miss Edge Kappa
8:43:02 PM Zawasculin RitzMitz
6:23:11 PM Zawasculin @Lorekitten winner had meta rain team but with sets i was not prepared for. Keepo
6:22:34 PM Zawasculin @Lorekitten Placed 2nd. 4Head
6:21:56 PM Zawasculin HELLO TPP! vinejoelDio I'm back from the VGC tournament.
5:40:11 AM Zawasculin ~ 4Head ~
5:34:38 AM Zawasculin Commitment... Kappa
5:34:26 AM Zawasculin DuckerZ
5:32:53 AM Zawasculin SKILL MONEY RitzMitz
5:32:34 AM Zawasculin GG Kappa
5:31:51 AM Zawasculin Calm Mind Keepo
5:30:43 AM Zawasculin More Iron Defense Kappa
5:30:34 AM Zawasculin Ooooh OneHand
5:29:33 AM Zawasculin High Potential for cancer here Kappa
5:27:59 AM Zawasculin Poison Tail TriHard
5:27:42 AM Zawasculin Beldum BrokeBack
5:27:22 AM Zawasculin Clear Body TriHard
5:27:15 AM Zawasculin Omfg BrokeBack
5:26:50 AM Zawasculin 5 TriHard
5:26:45 AM Zawasculin 4 times TriHard
5:24:30 AM Zawasculin SabaPing sim
5:24:12 AM Zawasculin Rain Dance makes it speed tie with Skiploom. Kappa
5:23:20 AM Zawasculin DatSheffy STOP
5:22:25 AM Zawasculin Blue is more clear choice, but Memento can happen. Kappa
5:21:54 AM Zawasculin AGAIN RitzMitz
5:20:05 AM Zawasculin FAIL DUCK BabyRage
5:19:18 AM Zawasculin RNG BrokeBack
5:18:32 AM Zawasculin Psyduck please. FailFish
5:18:15 AM Zawasculin Finish it with False Swipe DBstyle
5:17:11 AM Zawasculin @kbjhon Also PS4 * Kappa
5:16:33 AM Zawasculin TriHard Attack
5:16:24 AM Zawasculin Holy payout cmonBruh Why is red such overdoge in defiance?
5:16:05 AM Zawasculin Ow the Edge TriHard
5:14:39 AM Zawasculin At Quick glance, blue is more likely to win as this is defiance... But well it's defiance TriHard
5:13:15 AM Zawasculin DEFIANCE RitzMitz
5:13:07 AM Zawasculin sim TriHard
5:12:33 AM Zawasculin Alliance? SMOrc FOR THE HORDE!
5:09:45 AM Zawasculin @videogamemastervgm They good because some things like Metagross or Seaking simply don't want to attack with special attack so they go with nature that drops special attack but increases either attack or speed. Keepo
5:06:31 AM Zawasculin I'll be in VGC tournament today. I'll start going there in one hour. Kappa
5:02:44 AM Zawasculin Good morning TPP! vinejoelDio /
5:02:25 AM Zawasculin R)
12:43:17 AM Zawasculin MiniscuLEECello MingLee
12:40:01 AM Zawasculin Well now to sleep. Kappa
12:39:16 AM Zawasculin @mathfreak231 less effort than cloners put into cloning them. Kappa
12:38:42 AM Zawasculin sim cmonBruh
12:38:32 AM Zawasculin Don't waste clones. Send them forward if you don't like them. Kappa
12:37:14 AM Zawasculin @mathfreak231 What? Why? cmonBruh Are you a verlisifag?
12:36:28 AM Zawasculin Okay off to sleep so i wake up to win a VGC tournament. Good night! vinejoelDio /
12:31:56 AM Zawasculin @mathfreak231 Who? Kappa
12:30:42 AM Zawasculin Yeah i wonder where's Addarash. Kappa
12:27:00 AM Zawasculin Solar Beam LUL
12:23:30 AM Zawasculin Yolonome is too advanced for me. selloutSmart
12:19:37 AM Zawasculin @Pokemario6456 Thanks, now i looked it up and are listening to it. Kappa
12:17:16 AM Zawasculin sim WutFace
12:17:05 AM Zawasculin WutFace
12:15:16 AM Zawasculin What is so complex about this Sharpedo? Kappa
12:14:30 AM Zawasculin OneHand WOW GRAPE
12:14:12 AM Zawasculin bribe wars Kappa
12:12:51 AM Zawasculin Dat Hydro Throw Kappa
12:11:55 AM Zawasculin @ChaosDukemon Hyper Beam misses are also a thing. Kippa But didn't happen this time.
12:10:37 AM Zawasculin BRN LUL