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11:41:19 PM Zowayix PogChamp
11:41:11 PM Zowayix @chili_suppliment censored to purple here
11:40:12 PM Zowayix Battling in demo mode DansGame
1:18:47 AM Zowayix @typohui it even knows to go for priority moves when one will KO
1:18:24 AM Zowayix @typohui AI's known that since stock Gen 2
1:18:03 AM Zowayix BibleThump
1:17:38 AM Zowayix what BrokeBack
1:14:46 AM Zowayix Morty still has 2 more team members after this NotLikeThis
1:14:27 AM Zowayix crit mattered WutFace NotLikeThis
1:14:02 AM Zowayix at least we resist a STAB 100 power move
1:13:25 AM Zowayix NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
1:12:33 AM Zowayix @Zauberer2014 Umbreon is known for really high defenses
1:11:16 AM Zowayix oh no NotLikeThis
1:10:55 AM Zowayix NotLikeThis
1:10:21 AM Zowayix evasion + confuse NotLikeThis
1:10:11 AM Zowayix uh oh NotLikeThis
1:09:29 AM Zowayix forced Set mode is useful for us KevinTurtle
1:08:56 AM Zowayix finally some luck on our side PogChamp
1:08:28 AM Zowayix PogChamp first hit
1:07:26 AM Zowayix PogChamp
1:06:08 AM Zowayix @Papper2k WutFace
1:05:24 AM Zowayix )) WutFace ((
1:04:46 AM Zowayix why are we doing boss battles in democracy mode SwiftRage
1:47:17 AM Zowayix damage BrokeBack
1:46:16 AM Zowayix gOLDEN Berry WutFace
1:46:03 AM Zowayix gOLDEN Berry
1:45:18 AM Zowayix WutFace
6:16:30 PM Zowayix @silversalamence10 Kappa Kappa //
6:16:17 PM Zowayix !
6:15:27 PM Zowayix Kappa
6:04:36 PM Zowayix Draw Kappa
6:04:28 PM Zowayix WutFace
3:48:59 AM Zowayix that's how far we get with 2 crits Jebaited
3:48:08 AM Zowayix blaargh NotLikeThis
3:47:41 AM Zowayix double skip Jebaited
3:46:48 AM Zowayix no Metronome even NotLikeThis
3:46:11 AM Zowayix @soundofchaos np VoHiYo
3:45:56 AM Zowayix @soundofchaos this mod does
3:45:42 AM Zowayix coverage WutFace
3:45:20 AM Zowayix gOLDEN Berry WutFace
3:45:00 AM Zowayix @soundofchaos badge level cap
3:44:40 AM Zowayix PogChamp PogChamp
9:02:03 PM Zowayix I see we've hit Bugsy's level cap already Keepo
4:45:50 PM Zowayix #EleGigle
4:44:55 PM Zowayix #Noisemaker
4:44:06 PM Zowayix #Noisemaker
4:43:54 PM Zowayix WutFace
4:43:35 PM Zowayix @elnewperuguy23 DansGame
4:07:46 PM Zowayix @nightrusticdawn TriHard
4:05:38 PM Zowayix maze WutFace
2:48:31 PM Zowayix @ultraspadez \\ MingLee
2:09:49 PM Zowayix @realityunhinged markov bot that randomly glues together words from TPP chat
2:09:21 PM Zowayix PogChamp
2:08:59 PM Zowayix sim RuleFive
2:08:33 PM Zowayix @dankbook we had the WR for ARed, ACrystal, and Prism at at least one point in time TriHard
2:07:59 PM Zowayix not bad SeemsGood
2:06:59 PM Zowayix overlay doesn't spoil eggs anymore SeemsGood but it still spoils steps to hatch TriHard
2:06:05 PM Zowayix OSsloth /
2:05:36 PM Zowayix @mokmoon123 Kappa Kappa
2:05:03 PM Zowayix @snowwarning or someone could play the game ahead of TPP and find out Kappa
11:32:19 AM Zowayix where are we going?
11:30:52 AM Zowayix l NotLikeThis dge
11:30:09 AM Zowayix Ruins VoteYea or Route 31 VoteNay ?
11:29:31 AM Zowayix why here? I thought Ruins
11:29:11 AM Zowayix #WaHaHa
11:28:47 AM Zowayix what was the wattson ranking again? 23 attempts?
11:26:26 AM Zowayix @met_yoshi exactly, it's in part a test to make sure the input system works
11:25:39 AM Zowayix Ruins? Undertale confirmed Kappa Kappa
11:25:09 AM Zowayix WutFace
11:24:52 AM Zowayix even if we have six Lv 20's I think this will be hard NotLikeThis good run choice SeemsGood
11:24:01 AM Zowayix VoteYea
11:22:20 AM Zowayix @judestar619 level cap in hack based on # of badges
11:21:56 AM Zowayix doubled inputs have saved us twice this battle Jebaited
11:20:52 AM Zowayix this run is glorious already MingLee
11:19:57 AM Zowayix @kami050895 Pyrite, mod of Crystal
11:19:20 AM Zowayix MingLee
11:18:50 AM Zowayix #MurkrOP
11:18:37 AM Zowayix wtf one hit NotLikeThis
11:17:33 AM Zowayix 2KHO NotLikeThis
11:14:17 AM Zowayix evo stones cost ~$15,000 WutFace
11:13:38 AM Zowayix @elnewperuguy23 I thought that was blocked until after Falkner
11:12:35 AM Zowayix @derpyok yup
2:38:57 AM Zowayix @M4_used_Rollout oh
2:38:44 AM Zowayix sim is not an Entei TriHard
2:38:36 AM Zowayix @M4_used_Rollout what's an "item format"?
2:34:57 AM Zowayix @M4_used_Rollout can't unthink WutFace
2:34:12 AM Zowayix black out on purpose to give our other mons a chance at EXP? VoteYea Or grind later VoteNay
2:33:43 AM Zowayix NOOOOOOO
2:33:38 AM Zowayix WutFace
2:33:22 AM Zowayix Sand-Attack + PSN strats PogChamp
2:33:03 AM Zowayix PogChamp
2:32:56 AM Zowayix chance we might actually lose this whole battle NotLikeThis
2:32:35 AM Zowayix we're screwed NotLikeThis
2:32:15 AM Zowayix @Person31415 the context it usually comes up in is something like "I'll ficks it" vs "I'll fix it"
2:31:41 AM Zowayix @Person31415 pleasure to introduce it to you VoHiYo
2:31:28 AM Zowayix we're fscked NotLikeThis
2:31:08 AM Zowayix I don't remember who first joked to me that "ficks" meant "to fix in a bad way" but it's stuck with me ever since MingLee
2:30:18 AM Zowayix ficksed MingLee
2:29:19 AM Zowayix Curse SwiftRage @#$%
2:29:00 AM Zowayix #MingLKee
2:28:35 AM Zowayix NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
2:27:46 AM Zowayix people said the same about moves and then ORAS happened OpieOP
2:27:28 AM Zowayix VoteNay
2:27:12 AM Zowayix @Rendable mod of crystal
2:27:08 AM Zowayix @Rendable Pyrite
2:25:40 AM Zowayix @xhodocto385 Pokemon's website has always called "new forms" as "new pokemon" OpieOP
2:25:16 AM Zowayix @ディルピクルス is Ash Greninja considered an Entei? TriHard
2:24:12 AM Zowayix @Flyhntini crystal
2:23:15 AM Zowayix 0 xp WutFace
2:22:59 AM Zowayix @Sauzels_WRA kæpə
2:22:07 AM Zowayix @Sauzels_WRA fellow IPA reader VoHiYo
2:21:54 AM Zowayix @LawyerRed scream really loud Kappa
2:21:16 AM Zowayix TheIlluminati saved by select buffer
2:21:10 AM Zowayix TheIllluminati select buffer saved
2:19:54 AM Zowayix OH CRAP I forgot Falkner has a full team NotLikeThis
2:19:10 AM Zowayix @luckytyphlosion run and cry Kappa
2:18:12 AM Zowayix @DeathZelta Pyrite, mod of crystal
2:17:48 AM Zowayix that's not an USUM trailer MingLee
2:17:18 AM Zowayix @sk8torchic AR, I remember since there's 10 runs in season 1
2:16:12 AM Zowayix @Byron_Springhill oh is that the trailer I already saw yesterday? MingLee
2:14:58 AM Zowayix @Byron_Springhill I don't dare click on that DansGame
2:14:29 AM Zowayix I basically don't trust Nintendo's content policies at all anymore; their opinion of what's "okay" vs "not okay" is stupidly strict (in some places and OK in other places). so I have the right to stop buying and paying attention to their stuff *shrug*
2:12:28 AM Zowayix @xhodocto385 what really ticks me off is that since Item Abuse 3 was not just Lunar Magic but also TASing, Nintendo went after TASes too, including Pokemon TASes, which are very explicitly NOT copyright infringement (lengthy explanation on TASvideos' site)
2:11:35 AM Zowayix @xhodocto385 look up the old viral "Asshole Mario Stage 1" from like a decade ago, there's an explanation in the description (if the uploader hasn't changed it since I last saw it). Then look up PangaeaPanga, the million-view "Item Abuse 3" video, and a search for an article along the lines of "Nintendo gutted my Youtube channel"
2:09:54 AM Zowayix @lukerbom12 I said Lunar Magic TriHard
2:09:37 AM Zowayix @xhodocto385 Nintendo did a huge ridiculous crackdown of basically all Lunar Magic hacks on Youtube right when Super Mario Maker came out
2:08:45 AM Zowayix I legitimately started hating all Mario games after the copyright bullsh*t fiasco with Super Mario Maker and Lunar Magic, every Mario game leaves a bad taste now
2:07:28 AM Zowayix @M4_used_Rollout creepypasta incoming WutFace
2:06:58 AM Zowayix @lukerbom12 same with "noroi" meaning both Curse and dull/slow (hence the move Curse, its two effects, and why Slowpoke and Snorlax can learn it. Translations had no choice but to trash the pun)
2:06:02 AM Zowayix @lukerbom12 iirc "suzu" can mean both "tin" and a type of bell, or something along those lines, since Japanese has a heck of a lot of words that are pronounced the same
2:04:58 AM Zowayix @lukerbom12 or homonyms or whatever the correct term is
2:04:47 AM Zowayix @lukerbom12 no it's a pun, the Japanese words are homophones
2:04:31 AM Zowayix a speedgamer would have won by now MingLee
2:03:55 AM Zowayix #Kapppa
2:02:41 AM Zowayix @ソコプァ lol no MingLee
2:02:15 AM Zowayix @Person31415 no, totodile only evolves at 26 in this hack
2:01:59 AM Zowayix Kippa is a stereotype?? WutFace
2:01:35 AM Zowayix @Joycewu333 oh DansGame time to buckle in then
2:01:20 AM Zowayix @Joycewu333 how is it not skippable?
2:00:50 AM Zowayix someone familiar with this game please let me know: does Sprout Tower still give nothing but Flash in this mod? Is it skippable?
2:00:11 AM Zowayix \_ WutFace _/ PUZZLE
2:00:02 AM Zowayix PUZZLE WutFace
1:59:56 AM Zowayix @Byron_Springhill you got me fair and square DansGame
1:59:39 AM Zowayix newly discovered glitches between TPP Red's first and second visits MingLee
1:59:22 AM Zowayix our Gen 1 revisit was MingLee MingLee
1:59:12 AM Zowayix I love Gen 1 because of all the reality-demolishing glitches MingLee
1:58:55 AM Zowayix @GNRParker get a save dumper and a legit backup and you're good to go
1:58:31 AM Zowayix @GNRParker sounds like the cart is fine and only the console is broken
1:58:08 AM Zowayix there's a new puzzle here??? WutFace
1:58:01 AM Zowayix there's a puzzle here??? WutFace
1:57:43 AM Zowayix @ShinyTotodiIe epic music Kreygasm Kappa
1:57:27 AM Zowayix @GNRParker but the save file is safe and that's the most important part Keepo
1:56:54 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 yup
1:56:38 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 ? I don't understand
1:56:16 AM Zowayix @GNRParker get revenge with an emulator...unsmashable Kappa
1:55:59 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 unlegit is a far cry from calling a decision 'beyond stupid'
1:55:10 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 if it helps the person cope with the tragedy then it's fine
1:54:45 AM Zowayix @GNRParker WutFace BibleThump
1:53:37 AM Zowayix @Nyam__ Kappa Kappa
1:53:19 AM Zowayix Nebby VoHiYo
1:52:27 AM Zowayix @ChaosDukemon convinces Lusamine is a thing
1:51:54 AM Zowayix @NinjaZero126 fixed in HGSS to "please come back again any time" SeemsGood
1:51:31 AM Zowayix no second floor DansGame DansGame
1:50:54 AM Zowayix PogChamp violet city
1:50:51 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 person X does annoying thing != person X does thing that harms others, big difference esp. when /ignore is a thing @Lorekitten my point exactly
1:49:45 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 and if it doesn't, then that's the point I'm trying to make
1:49:26 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 just an explanation of how someone repeatedly saying "I hate Gen 5" causes any harm
1:48:14 AM Zowayix VoteNay but BibleThump
1:47:58 AM Zowayix @choccobo_hero it's an item as a reward for stream participation earlier
1:47:39 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 cuz the response the first time didn't answer the question
1:46:37 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 not an argument @returnofMCH /ignore is a thing
1:46:09 AM Zowayix @choccobo_hero item as a reward for stream participation?
1:45:57 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 so how does that hurt you?
1:45:05 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 how does it hurt you?
1:44:33 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 doesn't hurt anyone else so it's fine by me
1:43:43 AM Zowayix might help against Falkner??? BrokeBack
1:43:32 AM Zowayix FailFish
1:43:26 AM Zowayix nooooooooo
1:43:15 AM Zowayix WutFace
1:43:11 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 no, which is my point
1:42:49 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 special as in something that specifically makes a decision worse than bad
1:40:34 AM Zowayix MOM BibleThump
1:40:22 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 not in this game, 26 iirc
1:40:12 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 you have a right to call a decision stupid but calling a decision "beyond stupid" takes something special
1:38:47 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 hating a game is way different from hating a person OpieOP
1:38:29 AM Zowayix is emote drip new? haven't seen it before this run
1:38:11 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 big difference between hating on people who like Gen 5 and hating on Gen 5
1:37:13 AM Zowayix <3
1:37:06 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 emotions are a complex thing
1:36:24 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 "unshared but understandable" maybe?
1:35:40 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 something a lot less strong than "beyond stupid"
1:34:52 AM Zowayix MikeHogu
1:34:49 AM Zowayix PogChamp level+++
1:34:43 AM Zowayix PogChamp 3 levels
1:34:37 AM Zowayix PogChamp +++
1:34:13 AM Zowayix s
1:34:00 AM Zowayix PI KAPOW ER
1:33:40 AM Zowayix @returnofMCH "beyond stupid" is a rather strong statement to make
1:33:09 AM Zowayix whose cry is that WutFace
1:32:47 AM Zowayix @村人 Gen 2 Sturdy aka no abilities MingLee
1:31:56 AM Zowayix @08Juan80 not necessarily
1:31:47 AM Zowayix WutFace
1:31:40 AM Zowayix @returnofMCH BibleThump
1:31:17 AM Zowayix Gen 8 Kappa
1:30:29 AM Zowayix SE WutFace
1:30:12 AM Zowayix WutFace
1:29:47 AM Zowayix @Vivami "PogChamp"
1:29:37 AM Zowayix PogChamp
1:29:27 AM Zowayix voting bar fixed PogChamp
1:29:16 AM Zowayix OLDEN WutFace
1:29:09 AM Zowayix kiss the overlay? Kappa
1:27:50 AM Zowayix )) WutFace ((
1:26:38 AM Zowayix @returnofMCH where number is from "inventory"
1:26:29 AM Zowayix @returnofMCH useitem <number>
1:26:20 AM Zowayix @M4_used_Rollout SeemsGood
1:25:52 AM Zowayix that was a bit of a spike though
1:25:46 AM Zowayix we got to like 680 viewers at the most I think?
1:25:06 AM Zowayix whose cry is that WutFace
1:24:57 AM Zowayix @M4_used_Rollout oh
1:24:40 AM Zowayix @M4_used_Rollout SeemsGood just don't use first past the post polls
1:24:15 AM Zowayix what cry was that WutFace
1:23:50 AM Zowayix @lukerbom12 exactly, that's the biggest problem with the first-past-the-post voting system and why it's broken
1:23:15 AM Zowayix DansGame
1:22:38 AM Zowayix wait why is there an anarchy democracy bar DansGame
12:41:35 AM Zowayix @lukerbom12 cap is 20
10:20:47 PM Zowayix no message DansGame
10:20:32 PM Zowayix how WutFace
10:20:25 PM Zowayix OLDEN WutFace
10:13:02 PM Zowayix WutFace abomasnow?
10:12:54 PM Zowayix @SilverSongMsp intentionally offensive rom hack from 4chan
10:12:37 PM Zowayix @Mariosyoshi colored kappas are a sub emote
10:12:29 PM Zowayix @diebenacht end of this run in a couple of weeks
10:12:05 PM Zowayix OLDEN WutFace
10:11:57 PM Zowayix @Cyberk999 we already grinded for literal days in ARed; we can do it again Kappa
10:11:34 PM Zowayix Limited WutFace
10:11:10 PM Zowayix VoHiYo `
10:10:53 PM Zowayix VoHiYo
10:10:42 PM Zowayix @Cyberk999 Vega PogChamp
10:10:03 PM Zowayix offensive rom hacks DansGame
10:08:57 PM Zowayix WTF sim WutFace
10:08:29 PM Zowayix @Cyberk999 clover?
10:08:21 PM Zowayix VoteNay
10:08:10 PM Zowayix time to traverse Route 29 two more times MingLee
10:07:56 PM Zowayix BiersDerp
10:07:43 PM Zowayix DendiFace
10:07:33 PM Zowayix WutFace
10:07:21 PM Zowayix textbox overflow glitch WutFace
10:06:56 PM Zowayix @Cyberk999 Pyrite (Crystal mod)
10:06:20 PM Zowayix !
10:06:02 PM Zowayix @Big_Boyd MingLee