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9:59:48 PM Zowayix #WutFace
9:59:23 PM Zowayix WutFace
9:53:04 PM Zowayix b PogChamp nus
9:52:55 PM Zowayix @TheShmish PogChamp
9:52:18 PM Zowayix @TheShmish that's a cool mechanic PogChamp
9:51:37 PM Zowayix what are the +30% next to the bets and how are they determined for each better?
9:49:38 PM Zowayix sim EleGiggle
9:49:35 PM Zowayix LUL sim
8:31:45 PM Zowayix #whosareoverKappa
7:43:25 PM Zowayix h Kappa cked
7:43:15 PM Zowayix don't get us banned from wifi DansGame
7:43:02 PM Zowayix it's not all Mythicals, just the event ones with certain ribbons
7:42:16 PM Zowayix I'm pretty sure you'll get a ban from Wi-Fi if you have any Zeraora data in your Pokedex at all
5:58:13 PM Zowayix duDudu
5:57:44 PM Zowayix colluding opponents DansGame
6:22:45 AM Zowayix league rematch NotLikeThis
7:59:11 PM Zowayix #BeepBeep
7:58:55 PM Zowayix @Wahisietel_and_Knuckles WutFace
7:58:43 PM Zowayix CoolCat !
7:58:16 PM Zowayix @DimitriPilot3 we even went back and forth between rooms and they didn't reset
7:57:44 PM Zowayix @DimitriPilot3 I remember us getting caught previously and the room didn't reset
7:56:52 PM Zowayix how did we reset everything?? WutFace
6:34:38 PM Zowayix @okperson Kappa /
6:34:28 PM Zowayix #IntruderAlert DatSheffy
6:34:18 PM Zowayix #BeepBeep
6:33:37 PM Zowayix #BeepBeep
6:33:00 PM Zowayix NotLikeThis
6:32:37 PM Zowayix #Clever
6:32:31 PM Zowayix cleverness PogChamp
6:31:53 PM Zowayix why doesn't B let you advance through this text DansGame DansGAme
6:31:12 PM Zowayix @okperson presumably turn on wifi and goof around for a few days before back to intermission
6:29:52 PM Zowayix #LetsPushIt
6:29:50 PM Zowayix PogChamp
6:27:24 PM Zowayix #Zzzad
6:26:56 PM Zowayix gl WutFace tch
6:26:30 PM Zowayix @xe_cute PogChamp
6:26:08 PM Zowayix if we're seen by 2 statues at the same time, do they cancel out? Kappa Kappa
6:25:15 PM Zowayix no battle DansGame
6:24:39 PM Zowayix Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa
6:24:19 PM Zowayix Kappa EleGiggle
6:23:43 PM Zowayix bot programmed to say it's not a bot programmed to say it's not a bot Kappa
6:23:03 PM Zowayix bot programmed to say it isn't a bot Kappa
6:22:53 PM Zowayix @desedab nope
6:22:08 PM Zowayix why is this puzzle harder than the wild ride WutFace
6:21:45 PM Zowayix oh no WutFace
6:21:32 PM Zowayix PogChamp
6:21:16 PM Zowayix DBstyle up is safe
6:20:03 PM Zowayix sim DansGame DansGame
6:19:55 PM Zowayix DBstyle aim for the top right corner, then keep pressing up
6:16:54 PM Zowayix wut
6:16:42 PM Zowayix TPFufun
6:15:45 PM Zowayix this is the new wild ride MingLee
6:15:34 PM Zowayix we're still stuck here LUL
4:04:26 PM Zowayix #BeNice VoHiYo
4:03:54 PM Zowayix no doxxing DatSheffy
4:02:49 PM Zowayix WutFace
4:00:37 PM Zowayix WutFace = M4 Face (no space)
4:00:02 PM Zowayix WutFace OLDEN
3:59:22 PM Zowayix PogChamp
3:58:04 PM Zowayix EleGiggle
3:57:04 PM Zowayix @random_guy_in_chat now Kappa
3:56:16 PM Zowayix PogChamp event exclusive
3:55:53 PM Zowayix @xhodocto385 DansGame
3:55:40 PM Zowayix Lillie VoHiYo gant
4:34:50 PM Zowayix VoHiYo
4:33:02 PM Zowayix b+e+s BORT
4:32:47 PM Zowayix North Korea DansGame DansGame DansGame
4:30:07 PM Zowayix #what
4:30:02 PM Zowayix VoHiYo
4:28:44 PM Zowayix Rainbow Rocket before enabling wifi? VoteYea VoteNay
4:27:27 PM Zowayix PAR WutFace
2:57:05 PM Zowayix VoteYea
2:56:43 PM Zowayix REDACTED WutFace sim what do you know
2:46:48 PM Zowayix free Max potions PogChamp
2:46:08 PM Zowayix @awesomelink234 yeah I think
2:45:44 PM Zowayix @thegeekachu EleGiggle
2:45:24 PM Zowayix :o
2:45:17 PM Zowayix Kappa //
2:44:47 PM Zowayix \ Kreygasm /
2:44:31 PM Zowayix PogChamp
2:43:52 PM Zowayix glitch Kappa
2:40:06 PM Zowayix @taviturnip DansGame
2:39:28 PM Zowayix @m4_used_rollout nope, thanks for the reminder OpieOP
2:38:56 PM Zowayix @m4_used_rollout ah
2:38:43 PM Zowayix TriHard
2:38:29 PM Zowayix VoHiYo
2:37:53 PM Zowayix @m4_used_rollout thought they were supposed to hold until the next input
2:36:57 PM Zowayix looks like held inputs aren't working NotLikeThis
3:35:04 AM Zowayix 863 BST opponent MingLee
3:32:50 AM Zowayix L LUL S E
3:31:20 AM Zowayix @zc230 it does
3:27:08 AM Zowayix PogChamp
3:26:01 AM Zowayix m FailFish s s
3:24:59 AM Zowayix @shonumi_ Nintendo doesn't develop the games
3:23:21 AM Zowayix #Sound
3:23:10 AM Zowayix @pokemario6456 why not just type Up then?
3:22:27 AM Zowayix what does N input do?
3:21:53 AM Zowayix Lillie VoHiYo
3:16:01 AM Zowayix did we ever pick up Lycanroc Dusk? BibleThump
3:13:51 AM Zowayix @smokemonster84 lousy pun alert Kappa
3:12:53 AM Zowayix PogChamp !!
3:12:43 AM Zowayix FailFish
3:12:08 AM Zowayix night crew will beat Ultra Necrozma at this rate
3:11:37 AM Zowayix @xhodocto385 I'm using mine to say no stereotypes Kappa DatSheffy
3:10:57 AM Zowayix @xhodocto385 DansGame no stereotypes DatSheffy
3:10:21 AM Zowayix MingLee
3:09:52 AM Zowayix @xhodocto385 use an OHKO move Kappa
3:08:45 AM Zowayix DBstyle x scossir
3:08:35 AM Zowayix whoops Kappa
3:08:03 AM Zowayix Riot then BabyRage
3:07:33 AM Zowayix Kappa
3:06:54 AM Zowayix BabyRage
3:06:08 AM Zowayix OLDEN WutFace
3:04:45 AM Zowayix @lorekitten MingLee
3:01:35 AM Zowayix PRChase 7
3:01:22 AM Zowayix PRChase
3:00:58 AM Zowayix @trappercap to let players blind run the game themselves without missing the run
3:00:02 AM Zowayix how do we type motion controls Kappa
2:59:18 AM Zowayix @masterlightx yup, over 1000 BST when you count the aura MingLee
2:58:40 AM Zowayix @cinnamonsnorter no
2:58:12 AM Zowayix Ultra Necrozma plus aura = over 1000 BST WutFace NotLikeThis
1:59:44 PM Zowayix Catch PogChamp
3:17:46 PM Zowayix @Estellax3 NotLikeThis
3:17:30 PM Zowayix #RotoLoto is misspelled in the hashtag FailFish
9:02:41 PM Zowayix KappaPride
9:02:20 PM Zowayix WutFace
9:01:53 PM Zowayix RESTART BabyRage
9:01:22 PM Zowayix NOOOOOOOOOOOO
9:01:13 PM Zowayix NOOOOOOO
9:00:47 PM Zowayix \ PogChamp / NEW RUN HYPE \ PogChamp /
9:00:33 PM Zowayix PogChamp
9:00:29 PM Zowayix Polish?
9:00:20 PM Zowayix YESS PogChamp
8:59:50 PM Zowayix WutFace
8:59:45 PM Zowayix PogChamp
8:59:30 PM Zowayix PogChamp
8:09:16 PM Zowayix #NEWSNEWSNEWS TriHard
8:09:04 PM Zowayix #NEWSNEWSNEWS
8:08:54 PM Zowayix arrfjirrrw? WutFace
8:08:22 PM Zowayix #NEWSNEWSNEWS Kappa
8:07:59 PM Zowayix Kappa
8:07:43 PM Zowayix 1 hour hype PogChamp
7:08:18 PM Zowayix @CoreyXP DansGame
7:08:11 PM Zowayix WutFace voice
7:08:08 PM Zowayix WutFace
7:07:30 PM Zowayix ACTUALLY Kappa
7:07:26 PM Zowayix VoteNay
7:07:23 PM Zowayix less than 2 hours hype PogChamp
3:02:38 AM Zowayix WutFace
3:02:13 AM Zowayix which game is this? not familiar with 3DS games
3:01:58 AM Zowayix WutFace voice
3:01:41 AM Zowayix Smeargle LUL
3:00:54 AM Zowayix VoteYea
3:00:51 AM Zowayix how did we even input that? WutFace
3:00:46 AM Zowayix creator WutFace
3:00:28 AM Zowayix this is our Mii? WutFace
2:59:47 AM Zowayix I didn't realize the next run was tomorrow PogChamp
2:59:01 AM Zowayix NotLikeTh Island Kappa
2:58:08 AM Zowayix FDR had four terms Kappa
2:57:50 AM Zowayix this name DansGame
2:57:36 AM Zowayix @galaxy401 WutFace WutFace
2:57:16 AM Zowayix solar eclipse year PogChamp
2:57:00 AM Zowayix I t ' s a v o i c e y o u h a v e n e v e r h e a r d b e f o r e . WutFace
3:55:15 AM Zowayix @Pikafan01 Missingno. says otherwise Kappa
3:54:42 AM Zowayix ok sim Kappa
3:54:21 AM Zowayix music reminds me of Runescape music
3:53:33 AM Zowayix )))) WutFace ((((
3:51:25 AM Zowayix just saw the bottom screen WutFace wow is this floor huge
3:50:18 AM Zowayix BibleThump
3:47:51 AM Zowayix ItsBoshyTime Under new management WutFace
3:47:42 AM Zowayix ItsBoshyTime
3:47:30 AM Zowayix Kappa NotLikeThis BlessRNG
3:47:17 AM Zowayix never played this before and now I finally have the chance Kappa
3:47:08 AM Zowayix Super Mystery Dungeon PogChamp PogChamp
12:10:30 AM Zowayix @KillerMapper DansGame
12:10:14 AM Zowayix that looks like vomit WutFace
12:10:02 AM Zowayix @Papper2k DansGame
12:09:55 AM Zowayix secret ingredient Kappa Kappa
12:09:31 AM Zowayix CAKE? WutFace
12:09:22 AM Zowayix that looks like vomit Jebaited
12:08:58 AM Zowayix WutFace
12:08:57 AM Zowayix WutFAce
12:08:16 AM Zowayix OFFLINE WutFace WutFace
12:08:07 AM Zowayix @LightningXCE wow, thanks for the trivia
12:07:46 AM Zowayix we've been using an Old 3DS for all of X/OR/AS/Sun/Moon? WutFace
12:06:51 AM Zowayix panicBasket RIOT panicBasket
12:06:42 AM Zowayix 46 token reward WutFace
12:06:23 AM Zowayix no millionaires Kappa
4:05:06 PM Zowayix my stream delay is huge DansGame
4:03:26 PM Zowayix Windows WutFace
4:03:20 PM Zowayix Kappa
4:02:57 PM Zowayix @s_SoNick MingLee
4:02:49 PM Zowayix @Pokemario6456 MingLee
4:02:26 PM Zowayix @s_SoNick type sudo rm -rf / --no-preserve-root Kappa
3:59:38 PM Zowayix gl MingLee tch
2:33:31 AM Zowayix @ホシグモチャン I just blind bet on blue about 8 times in a row with a 600+ balance and finally got to 2000+ by winning 3 matches in a row \ Keepo /
2:32:18 AM Zowayix @ホシグモチャン PogChamp I can finally get on the leaderboard
2:31:53 AM Zowayix are all balances reset after this event?
1:49:53 AM Zowayix OLDEN WutFace
1:49:43 AM Zowayix Phancero WutFace
1:39:44 AM Zowayix !balance
1:38:40 AM Zowayix 70%
1:29:06 AM Zowayix DansGame hashtags
1:28:41 AM Zowayix never lucky even betting on overdog BabyRage
1:27:49 AM Zowayix 25% heal
1:27:36 AM Zowayix sim DansGame
1:24:39 AM Zowayix WutFace
1:23:36 AM Zowayix who made these sets?
1:22:47 AM Zowayix lef
12:29:08 AM Zowayix BibleThump
9:15:22 PM Zowayix !balance
9:14:59 PM Zowayix Sonic music sucks DansGame
9:14:43 PM Zowayix match Kappa
9:14:07 PM Zowayix O_o
9:14:02 PM Zowayix WutFace
9:13:40 PM Zowayix free token PogChamp
9:12:54 PM Zowayix it's working Kappa
9:12:46 PM Zowayix Kappa //
9:12:27 PM Zowayix WutFace wrong music
9:12:21 PM Zowayix PogChamp
9:12:02 PM Zowayix OLDEN WutFace Kappa
9:11:07 PM Zowayix cr Kappa sh
9:10:16 PM Zowayix TheIlluminati ل͜ TheIlluminati
9:09:48 PM Zowayix @スベタ arg?
9:09:16 PM Zowayix ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ CALM RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
9:08:42 PM Zowayix 120 seconds PogChamp
9:08:15 PM Zowayix what other game has scripted crashes? Undertale Kappa
9:07:59 PM Zowayix gl Kappa tch
9:07:10 PM Zowayix WutFace
9:07:03 PM Zowayix @FelkCraft WutFace
9:06:39 PM Zowayix WutFace NotLikeThis
9:06:00 PM Zowayix WutFace
9:03:30 PM Zowayix USUM intermission game is USUM Kappa
9:02:33 PM Zowayix Five day intermission confirmed PogChamp PogChamp
9:01:58 PM Zowayix music WutFace
9:01:20 PM Zowayix Undertale > Hamtaro MingLee
9:00:44 PM Zowayix WutFace
9:00:30 PM Zowayix ResidentSleeper
8:59:59 PM Zowayix WutFace
8:58:41 PM Zowayix LUL
8:57:26 PM Zowayix I thought we were doing Undertale Kappa
8:56:25 PM Zowayix stall SwiftRage
8:55:56 PM Zowayix @lorekitten or team members are randomized but their best sets are picked?
8:55:35 PM Zowayix @Lorekitten as in Uber sets?
8:55:20 PM Zowayix at the bottom right
8:55:15 PM Zowayix what does the Master Ball symbol mean?
8:54:44 PM Zowayix @DANIMG12 almost got me there Kappa
8:53:42 PM Zowayix @lorekitten in Gen 3+
8:53:36 PM Zowayix @Lorekitten I think so
8:52:25 PM Zowayix Blue will flinch 10 times in a row Kappa