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10:12:47 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot Please buy my new CD Kappa
8:40:52 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot SwiftRage Sleep is for the weak! ResidentSleeper I'll go be weak now
8:39:07 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot PARTY
8:38:59 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot PI KAPOW ER PSRTY
8:38:37 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot DansGame
8:37:52 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot #Fwo!
8:33:02 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot TPFufun
8:32:22 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot tpYGOcreepy
8:31:51 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot EleGiggle MingLee tpKaibalolz riffLUL
8:31:12 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot EleGiggle VoteYea EleGiggle
8:30:45 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot EleGiggle EleGiggle EleGiggle
8:18:59 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot LUL #DoughnutSteel
8:17:02 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot SourPls
8:16:23 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot WutFace Run before he tells you about his Sonic OC
8:13:24 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot VoHiYo VoHiYo
8:10:58 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot Kreygasm Breeder
8:07:46 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot #Roto-R
8:06:47 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot #Roto-r
8:06:19 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot CorgiDerp
8:05:42 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot FeelsBadMan
8:05:05 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot NotLikeThis
8:04:25 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot NA EXCLUSICE PogChamp
8:03:52 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot DUPLEX VoHiYo SIM VoHiYo
8:02:39 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot PogChamp I just realized that all we'll need for Pokemon Switch is a capture card and one of those raspberry pi things people use to simulate a controller for Splatoon 2 art
7:57:37 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot OhMyDog
7:56:28 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot Kreygasm
7:52:42 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot Old lady wants to fight WutFace
7:48:55 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot That's us voices Kappa
7:47:47 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot VoteYea
7:46:23 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot Left for coffee MindManners
7:45:22 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot @caspersoong Free money for balls
7:44:33 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot What level is Pay Day? Might actually be good holding off since I heard Persian doesn't learn it.
7:43:59 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot NotLikeThis
7:43:44 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot #TriHau TriHard
7:43:11 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot VoHiYo
7:41:32 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot BORT Pi KAPOW er BORT
7:39:11 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot TriHau TriHard
8:38:24 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot riffScream
8:34:15 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot RIP URN
8:32:26 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot riffScream riffGasp
8:06:31 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot DansGame No name
8:06:08 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot PogChamp Rick Gastly GET
8:04:52 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot PogChamp Rick Gastly
7:57:26 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot FeelsBadMan I'm sad.
7:55:11 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot #Kyukyu
7:48:16 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot riffScream
7:36:43 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot riffScream
6:40:55 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot FINAL TEAM PogChamp
6:16:04 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot OSkomodo
6:15:04 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot LUL
6:14:34 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot No cosby LUL
6:13:40 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot riffScream (((( OhMyDog
6:11:33 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot Bee! VoHiYo
6:08:43 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot WutFace
6:04:48 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot BabyRage
6:04:07 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot PogChamp
6:03:47 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot ResidentSleeper
6:03:23 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot PogChamp PartyPopper Go see Wat Didney
6:02:35 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot ResidentSleeper OH WAIT WE BACK Jebaited
6:01:53 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot Jebaited
5:41:19 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot Jebaited Jebaited
5:35:16 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot poKe4
5:34:55 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot poke4
11:51:13 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot Kreygasm
11:47:09 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot PogChamp //
11:45:46 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot Jebaited #Awkward
11:45:21 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot Jebaited Awkward
11:44:22 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot tpYGOobliterated I don't know tpYGOobliterated
11:41:18 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot tpYGOcreepy I love Didney Worl tpYGOcreepy
11:40:44 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot HeyGuys
11:35:50 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot \ Jebaited / I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE \ Jebaited /
11:34:28 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot PartyPopper Jebaited PartyPopper
11:08:59 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot CoolCat
11:01:06 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot right+_b
1:42:10 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot Robinhood waifu Kreygasm
1:39:15 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot SourPls
1:36:59 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot tpYGOobliterated My money! NOOOO!
1:36:07 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot tpYGOobliteratedCRIT NOOOOOO
1:29:58 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot tpYGOobliterated
1:28:09 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot ALL IN BECAUSE tpYGOpotofgreed
1:25:38 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot RIP sim LUL
1:24:54 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot tpYGOpotofgreed Thanks Red Team!
1:22:11 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot tpKaibasurp
1:20:15 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot tpYGOcreepy ALLLL INNNN AGAIIIIIIN
1:19:23 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot tpYGOobliterated
1:18:00 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot tpYGOkuriboh
1:17:15 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot BabyRage Someone press the Any Button
1:16:41 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot tpYGOobliterated tpYGOobliterated
1:15:15 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot tpYGOcreepy AAAAAAAAALL IIIIIIIIN
12:52:47 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot HSWP tpYGOcreepy
12:51:34 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot tpExodiaarmL tpYGOcreepy tpExodiaarmR
12:50:42 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot tpYGOobliterated
12:49:20 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot tpYGOcreepy
11:24:55 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot WutFace Nightmares
8:11:32 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot up-
8:11:08 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot left-
8:10:52 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot PogChamp
8:10:19 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot right-
8:09:51 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot up-
8:09:37 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot right-
8:09:17 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot down-
8:07:52 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot up-
8:06:37 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot down-
8:05:56 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot left-
8:05:31 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot BabyRage Back in the bag Nebby!
8:04:32 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot up-
8:03:51 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot left-
8:01:47 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot SabaPing
7:56:19 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot MingLee Wahahaha
7:53:57 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot left-
6:55:32 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot SourPls
10:57:19 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot DemoCRAZY BatChest
10:56:31 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot WutFace we're talking
10:50:52 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Purge Surge DBstyle
10:48:27 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot We missed three LUL
10:47:04 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot tppTrumpet
8:15:52 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot BatChest
8:09:54 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot NotLikeThis Pinball
8:07:58 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot WutFace not death
7:44:58 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Zappa
9:53:38 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot LUL
9:46:38 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot PogChamp
9:33:14 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot My eyes! WutFace
9:29:59 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot DansGame
9:28:20 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot PogChamp
9:23:46 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot BibleThump 7
9:23:16 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Diglet DIG Diglet DIG TRIO TRIO TRIO
9:21:47 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot NotLikeThis
9:19:02 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Night crew forever! MingLee
9:18:17 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Wait... the sun is always trying to kill me DansGame STAY GONE
9:17:37 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot WutFace 🌚 Come back MR sun!
9:14:07 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot WutFace KAPOW
9:13:19 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Betting things LUL
12:39:36 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot PogChamp 7 7 7
7:08:44 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Beautiful BibleThump
3:12:01 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot One AWESOME gator #HugTime
3:02:27 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot PogChamp USB 25.0
2:52:05 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Kippa
11:47:29 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot why the select spam DansGame
11:32:46 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot PogChamp
10:22:05 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot DemoCRAZY FeelsAmazingMan
10:21:35 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot BattleNetwork was my Megaman FeelsBadMan
10:20:17 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot DansGame #SourPlas
10:19:58 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot 🚲 SourPlas
10:18:45 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot NotLikeThis
10:17:46 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot tppMiss NotLikeThis
10:45:41 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot I'm in a win PogChamp
10:23:38 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot FeelsAmazingMan
10:23:07 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot PogChamp
10:19:57 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Kreygasm I put 10t in that pinball
10:19:24 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Kreygasm this pinball payout
10:05:56 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot PogChamp This pinball run is making me so happy right now
8:59:18 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot DBstyle tppsim new chat leader
8:57:59 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Advanced BrokeBack AI
8:56:43 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot tppDome
8:56:14 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot UncleNox DewGONG
8:55:58 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot PraiseIt tppHelix
8:55:40 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot R I P
8:54:23 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot tppCrit
8:52:58 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot tppHelix PraiseIt
8:28:18 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Jebaited
8:27:46 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Penetrate Kreygasm
8:26:18 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Life exists outside America? I don't believe it. Kappa
8:23:12 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot tppRobored All over
8:21:52 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot MorphinTime
8:19:03 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Palu!
8:18:25 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot VoHiYo
8:17:56 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot I stepped a way for a bit, did the bots ever show up? MrDestructoid
8:12:07 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Still love that fuzzbutt though
8:11:47 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Some cats are pricks, my cat likes to prick me with her claws from time to time while stretching Kappa
8:09:14 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Oh boy now the fun can start FeelsAmazingMan
8:07:48 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Pretty sure Drew has crossed the line on bannable at this point Kappa
8:03:27 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot If you guys don't progress I'll overclock my PC so I see the stream faster before it even happens Kappa
8:01:46 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot tppRobored No bots
7:55:47 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot So the moment bots start Drew is getting smashed LUL
7:53:34 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot DansGame I just noticed we're missing a badge in the middle
6:00:49 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot NotLikeThis #NotLIkeThis
6:00:16 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot WutFace
5:41:04 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot WutFace
4:56:46 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Smol slots
4:55:14 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Welcome back VoHiYo
4:52:48 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot BSOD WutFace
4:52:04 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot tppRiot tppHappy tppRiot This is fine
4:51:47 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot tppRiot tppRiot tppHappy This is fine
4:51:24 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot INB4 mini tppRiot
1:47:51 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Whoever did the blue pinball table is gonna get a nice payout
1:59:32 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot SourPls
1:57:19 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot #SonicBoom
3:53:29 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot DEFENSE CURL BORT CRITS
11:17:25 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot NotLikeThis 0 tppPokeyen
11:16:37 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Weedle in the sky, Sentret is twice as high.
11:08:24 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot We need to plau Magikarp Jump Kappa
11:05:38 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot R.I.P.
11:05:09 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot PoleDoge
5:00:17 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Move Toto to back
4:52:49 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot WE MOVED SOMETHING PogChamp
4:51:56 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot VoHiYo
4:50:21 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot 9gag has stale memes after other sites have worn them out
4:48:08 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot I swear to the house
4:44:57 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot WutFace
4:44:05 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot @ant_ant3 What you want is going to lead to more grinding. You don't seem to get how this works do you? NotLikeThis
4:42:41 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot Keep !! I like his happy feet
4:40:10 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot SIM SAYS PC = BORDUM
4:39:26 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot @ant_ant3 spend an hour or so switching mons here or lose everything to PC and spend hours grinding new stuff up only to run into this same problem when the first spot mon outlevels the rest and do it all over again.
4:37:02 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot The hard FeelsBadMan
4:33:58 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot I wonder if we do other things FeelsBadMan
4:31:40 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot Swap Toto to the back and XXYYY to the top then get ghastly
3:51:48 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot Rock out with the crock out
3:49:27 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot Trying to move Toto down the party
3:48:16 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot Put Tot in Sun MingLee
3:45:12 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot InuyoFace I'll be new chat leader! Everyone do your own thing! InuyoFace
3:44:03 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot democrazy Kappa
3:40:20 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot SwiftRage BOOOOO
3:37:32 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot PC or it didn't happen Kappa
3:34:01 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot Why does that geodude had footprints for a name LUL
1:15:19 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot VoHiYo SHOPPING
1:09:57 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot tppPc #NoName tppPc
1:09:29 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot NO tppPc NAME
1:03:04 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot Democrazy
1:01:39 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot Personal Kappa Use
1:00:32 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot tppCursor
1:00:25 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot WutFace
12:51:46 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot Democrazy
12:49:05 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot 🐊 💦 🌚
12:41:30 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot OSkomodo BITE
12:39:49 AM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot NO tppPc NAME
10:35:03 PM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot BORT
10:30:40 PM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot FeelsBadMan No PKMN
10:25:07 PM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot #OldenFace
10:23:42 PM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot PunOko No Tick tock kill the crock
10:20:38 PM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot #OldenFace
10:12:35 PM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot #OldenFace
10:11:16 PM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot VoHiYo RAINS FROM ABOVE
9:28:05 PM Subscriber cheer 1 DonSerrot PogChamp Guys! We need to beat PIDGEY
9:23:53 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot 5
9:06:03 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot WOOO
9:04:05 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot TableHere FlipThis
9:03:16 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot Gotta save
9:01:14 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot DansGame Ewwwwy
8:43:57 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot WutFace
8:36:18 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot tppPc
8:33:40 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime DonSerrot TPP opening tppHappy
8:31:34 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot WutFace PogChamp WutFace
12:12:44 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot SourPls
12:05:50 AM Twitch Prime DonSerrot SwiftRage MUSIC ON
11:53:48 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot Don't START unbelieving! Never don't not feel your feelings!
11:50:35 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot *wiimotes
11:50:28 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot Patent trolls are always going after anything even remotely successful. Miimotes and DS saw lawsuits too.
11:41:46 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot NO ITEM NO ITEM
11:10:35 PM Twitch Prime DonSerrot WutFace