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9:04:00 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 WutFace
2:55:56 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 PogChamp //
2:49:25 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Kappa //
4:04:52 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 FunRun
6:51:36 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 The rockets haven't suffocated yet? LUL
4:02:33 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 it was a good run Kappa
4:02:21 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 rip all mysteries Kappa
4:28:46 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Zmove
11:55:36 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Closest thing to a Pokémon MMO Game Freak will give us BrokeBack
11:55:13 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Gen 4 had the Underground, which was great to play with friends SeemsGood
11:54:20 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Where's my Mega Typhlosion, Game Freak BabyRage
11:51:56 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Gen 6 introduced digivolving into Pokémon canon. BrokeBack
11:48:14 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Yes, gen 5 is quite decent looking if you upscale it on an emulator
2:42:52 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Much famous. Such trolls. Wow Kappa
4:51:02 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 #DoctorWho Kappa
6:22:33 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 BrokeBack
6:21:38 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Kappa
2:55:37 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 BloodTrail moves mountains
4:05:16 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 280,30>160,120-
8:50:51 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 tppCursor
8:41:45 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Just casually go beat the e4, ok Kappa
8:40:27 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 catch
8:17:30 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 @Reddit Thank you! It is working again!
6:17:18 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 BibleThump
3:07:31 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 PraiseIt
5:19:08 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 KappaPride
5:11:23 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 @DarkAura64 Several
4:11:44 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 I think she used the Full Restore on the wrong pokemon LUL
12:14:01 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 WutFace quite
11:06:19 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 WutFace
10:56:30 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 WutFace PRChase
10:13:50 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 WutFace
10:13:33 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 fufufufu
7:39:01 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 WutFace
4:30:17 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 PraiseIt
6:28:31 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 I contributed a T to that name Kappa
4:48:53 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Oh, now it's Tell Tale games Kappa
4:48:41 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 rip Tin Tin Kappa
4:25:53 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 WutFace
3:36:24 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 That guy should have walked out onto the water to challenge us Kappa
3:25:41 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 PogChamp
5:12:26 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Kappa
3:25:56 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 DarkMode is a thing?
3:25:26 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 WutFace
2:06:20 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Jebaited
1:49:24 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 WutFace
12:44:20 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 awww, not shiny BibleThump Kappa
10:15:11 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 WutFace
8:19:07 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 WutFace
12:28:54 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 wat in the heck is this...? WutFace
5:02:32 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 @HornyMawile If you're interested, we'll be starting a new run in about a month. It's a gen 3 rom hack. Between then and now is PBR. The countdown will be on stream shortly.
5:01:02 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 @HornyMawile We just now finished a ROM Hack called Pokemon Pyrite, based on Crystal.
5:00:16 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 @HornyMawile You literally JUST MISSED the end of the last Pokemon game run Keepo
4:38:03 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Thank you for summing up the last several minutes, sim Kappa
4:36:10 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Kappa //
4:35:39 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 NotLikeThis
4:34:52 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Kappa
4:33:39 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 riPepperonis
4:30:59 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 rip Kappa
4:30:36 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 PogChamp
4:30:09 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 rip Kappa //
4:29:03 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 @FaithfulForce That means I'm past Mid-20s NotLikeThis
4:28:39 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 yes Keepo
4:27:51 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 @ep1cnights Don't worry, we'll move on after this and the next trial Keepo
4:26:34 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 and PRX of course Jebaited
4:24:45 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 FailFish
4:22:32 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 OF COURSE
4:22:09 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 BrokeBack
4:16:50 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Such damage Kappa
3:46:21 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 voteNay it's too late now
3:18:59 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 @M4_used_Rollout Oh, I agree. It doesn't make this less painful, or make me less disappointed.
3:17:03 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 I knew it was a trap OpieOP
3:16:45 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 @WorthlessKoridiann You don't know TPP well enough if you thought that people would all follow what they said they would do originally...
3:10:59 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 @M4_used_Rollout This stopped being a "social experiment" sometime in season one OpieOP
10:11:47 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 KAPOW
9:04:00 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 RUDE DansGame
8:51:51 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 PogChamp
8:47:18 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 WutFace
1:26:29 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 WutFace
2:58:51 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 WutFace
2:19:58 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 SOMEONE PRESS A SwiftRage
1:44:39 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Lard Helix actually Keepo / PraiseIt
1:43:45 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 PraiseIt
1:34:57 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Bees. My god. WutFace
1:34:30 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Bees WutFace
1:33:22 AM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Proably replacement for Dragon Assent Keepo
10:03:20 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 rip BibleThump
10:03:14 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Reuse
10:03:07 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 reuse
10:02:45 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Quilava <3
9:38:45 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 WutFace
4:18:53 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Quilava BibleThump
4:18:30 PM Twitch Prime Tustin2121 Quilava <3
2:07:32 AM Tustin2121 ah, ok, thanks
1:49:26 AM Tustin2121 It'll recover....
1:49:08 AM Tustin2121 @M4_used_Rollout Well, that explains why the bot is suddenly trying to update whole boxes at a time.... WutFace
1:48:13 AM Tustin2121 @M4_used_Rollout WTF did you do to the API just now?? The bot doesn't know what to do with the PC boxes suddenly! WutFace
9:11:57 PM Tustin2121 The Juxtoposition Kappa
9:10:28 PM Tustin2121 WutFace
9:07:03 PM Tustin2121 WutFace
8:57:40 PM Tustin2121 Thread the needle Kappa
8:24:12 PM Tustin2121 WutFace
8:15:29 PM Tustin2121 WutFace
4:26:14 PM Tustin2121 VoHiYo
4:13:49 AM Tustin2121 @M4_used_Rollout Why is the API taking 22 minutes to update boxed pokemon now? BabyRage
4:06:22 AM Tustin2121 #AwSnap Kappa /)*
6:49:25 PM Tustin2121 WutFace NotLikeThis is moving?!
6:37:23 PM Tustin2121 <3
6:27:01 PM Tustin2121 Music fits better in a pokemon gym in Goron Mountain Kappa
6:16:19 PM Tustin2121 Kappa
6:01:34 PM Tustin2121 Clay's been randomized to somewhere else entirely. All your maps are wrong. Kappa
5:56:34 PM Tustin2121 WutFace TOO CLOSE
5:56:22 PM Tustin2121 WutFace PERSONAL SPACE DUDE
5:45:07 PM Tustin2121 Weeeee \ Kappa /
4:26:34 AM Tustin2121 PogChamp
12:35:46 AM Tustin2121 CATCH!! <3
12:35:36 AM Tustin2121 Aaaaahhh <3
5:48:09 PM Tustin2121 WutFace
5:13:41 PM Tustin2121 OneHand
4:51:50 PM Tustin2121 Kappa
6:38:34 PM Tustin2121 PogChamp
4:39:43 PM Tustin2121 TriHard //
4:38:53 PM Tustin2121 PogChamp
2:05:11 PM Tustin2121 BibleThump
2:02:38 PM Tustin2121 PogChamp Avalanche Cyndaquil
2:02:06 PM Tustin2121 PogChamp CYNDAQUIL
10:21:48 PM Tustin2121 WutFace
2:15:33 AM Tustin2121 Future Join Avenue Keepo
2:11:41 AM Tustin2121 TO THE ELITE FLOOR! Kappa
2:10:58 AM Tustin2121 rip better resolution NotLikeThis
2:10:16 AM Tustin2121 If they're sold out, why are they all still standing there? OpieOP
1:18:34 AM Tustin2121 TriHard
4:40:31 AM Tustin2121 rip our balls Kappa
4:06:06 AM Tustin2121 DIGITIZE WutFace
4:05:56 AM Tustin2121 Is it Glinda? Or GAlinda? Kappa
4:05:08 AM Tustin2121 Focus Fire SeemsGood Kappa
3:56:24 AM Tustin2121 PogChamp
3:55:58 AM Tustin2121 Triad, and there's three of them Kappa
3:55:28 AM Tustin2121 Lusterous Kreygasm
3:52:45 AM Tustin2121 WutFace
3:45:30 AM Tustin2121 TTours
3:45:08 AM Tustin2121 Um....?
3:44:12 AM Tustin2121 Kappa // TTours
3:43:43 AM Tustin2121 TTours TTours
3:43:28 AM Tustin2121 TTours
3:41:00 AM Tustin2121 Because why not? Kappa
3:37:53 AM Tustin2121 SUDDEN SADNESS BibleThump
3:27:51 AM Tustin2121 Jebaited MOM IM HOME
1:50:55 AM Tustin2121 WutFace DIGITIZED
1:50:32 AM Tustin2121 It's shaking in anticipation Kappa
5:12:32 AM Tustin2121 WutFace
5:09:21 AM Tustin2121 Amazing hat DatSheffy
4:57:54 AM Tustin2121 Keepo //
2:44:44 AM Tustin2121 um, what?
2:28:31 AM Tustin2121 FailFish
2:28:18 AM Tustin2121 PogChamp
4:17:40 PM Tustin2121 PogChamp
3:01:17 AM Tustin2121 PogChamp
11:59:39 PM Tustin2121 WutFace
11:58:11 PM Tustin2121 @Gr33ninja TriHard
11:57:28 PM Tustin2121 We need to go deeper Kappa
10:54:38 PM Tustin2121 PogChamp
9:41:28 PM Tustin2121 a'up+a
5:23:40 PM Tustin2121 FailFish
5:21:47 PM Tustin2121 Kappa
5:21:45 PM Tustin2121 KAppa
5:02:38 PM Tustin2121 roight
3:14:25 PM Tustin2121 p
4:19:20 AM Tustin2121 PogChamp
3:45:56 AM Tustin2121 PogChamp
3:19:31 AM Tustin2121 They're all staring at us, judging us WutFace
3:18:58 AM Tustin2121 Why do the trees all have faces....? WutFace
3:09:22 AM Tustin2121 KAPOW FailFish
3:06:45 AM Tustin2121 Kappa
3:38:31 AM Tustin2121 FailFish
3:38:09 AM Tustin2121 TriHard
3:37:05 AM Tustin2121 TriHard
3:29:24 AM Tustin2121 CurseLit WutFace
3:29:16 AM Tustin2121 WutFace
4:51:28 AM Tustin2121 Box AAAyyye Kappa
4:50:15 AM Tustin2121 AAAAyyyyyye Jebaited
3:09:11 AM Tustin2121 Quilava <3
1:09:47 AM Tustin2121 How is getting between those trees even possible? OpieOP
1:09:22 AM Tustin2121 Um....?
4:16:29 PM Tustin2121 If you want animations, don't run right back into the E4! Do it outside! BabyRage
4:12:26 PM Tustin2121 rip
4:12:10 PM Tustin2121 BabyRage ANOUTHER
2:13:20 PM Tustin2121 Kappa
2:34:10 AM Tustin2121 WHY ARE YOU GOING DOW AND NOT UP?!
11:06:10 PM Tustin2121 BibleThump <3
11:02:32 PM Tustin2121 WutFace Camera lock
11:00:47 PM Tustin2121 OpieOP
10:15:57 PM Tustin2121 BrokeBack
10:15:23 PM Tustin2121 You're getting rid of our only special move when LickLicky is a thing? DansGame
11:14:24 PM Tustin2121 QUILAVA <3
4:34:07 AM Tustin2121 @lukerbom12 GO DO HOMEWORK SwiftRage
4:32:07 AM Tustin2121 Music Loop DansGame
3:50:44 AM Tustin2121 The hell happened to the sidebar? DansGame
3:11:36 AM Tustin2121 PogChamp Shiny!
1:23:21 AM Tustin2121 WutFace
1:17:12 AM Tustin2121 tactical healing Kappa
1:04:11 AM Tustin2121 OneHand
3:31:05 AM Tustin2121 I don't think we have the skis... Did you guys save after we got them? OpieOP
2:45:46 AM Tustin2121 @1in256Miss Well, he does have a lot of layers in him already. Doesn't need a coat. Kappa
2:40:49 AM Tustin2121 I like Power Rangers Turbo BibleThump
1:13:57 AM Tustin2121 Since when was .exe a valid top level domain? DansGame
9:01:30 PM Tustin2121 WutFace
12:48:39 AM Tustin2121 They probably had ancient pokemon, dude. Kappa
5:48:23 AM Tustin2121 Jebated WutFace
3:49:06 AM Tustin2121 I helped PogChamp
3:42:27 AM Tustin2121 TriHard
2:01:11 AM Tustin2121 PraiseIt
10:35:44 PM Tustin2121 WutFace
3:19:05 PM Tustin2121 BabyRage
3:18:47 PM Tustin2121 WutFace
3:16:58 PM Tustin2121 ResidentSleeper
3:16:04 PM Tustin2121 PogChamp
4:24:47 PM Tustin2121 WutFace
3:20:53 PM Tustin2121 TriHard
3:08:37 PM Tustin2121 oligarchy Kappa
3:07:06 PM Tustin2121 "Help! These hearts have taken over my eyeballs!" WutFace
6:26:02 PM Tustin2121 Kappa
6:03:18 PM Tustin2121 WutFace works
5:40:01 PM Tustin2121 WutFace
4:18:13 AM Tustin2121 Don't tell your hair. Kappa
5:07:51 PM Tustin2121 AND W WAHT?! WutFace
3:36:00 PM Tustin2121 TriHard
3:30:48 PM Tustin2121 nice music Keepo
3:30:23 PM Tustin2121 Order up Kappa
3:25:52 PM Tustin2121 WutFace
3:08:00 PM Tustin2121 PraiseIt
3:07:40 PM Tustin2121 WutFace
3:03:18 PM Tustin2121 PraiseIt
2:55:03 PM Tustin2121 Critical Kappa
12:30:51 AM Tustin2121 ResidentSleeper
10:43:06 PM Tustin2121 BibleThump
10:43:01 PM Tustin2121 Biblethump
10:15:06 PM Tustin2121 KappaPride
9:46:50 PM Tustin2121 4Head EleGiggle
9:13:25 PM Tustin2121 WutFace works
9:11:58 PM Tustin2121 Kappa
9:07:55 PM Tustin2121 WutFace
8:59:51 PM Tustin2121 a\
6:11:27 PM Tustin2121 Kappa
10:09:38 PM Tustin2121 dat booty Kappa
10:06:37 PM Tustin2121 The ship isn't moving, the camera is Kappa
9:47:45 PM Tustin2121 this guy Keepo
5:16:31 AM Tustin2121 Can't hide from us, kid Kappa
5:16:19 AM Tustin2121 hiding Kappa
5:10:25 AM Tustin2121 Kreygasm