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6:40:32 PM CharmyBee99 always bet on bidoof Kappa
5:53:02 PM CharmyBee99 forgotten them all Kappa
10:18:37 AM CharmyBee99 you get a token and you get a token and yoy get a token AND EVERYONE GETS A TOKEN
10:17:44 AM CharmyBee99 @keksbaer we dokokashira'd it
10:16:00 AM CharmyBee99 sim doesn't know Kippa
10:15:33 AM CharmyBee99 so are we exploring the file or starting a new one
10:14:39 AM CharmyBee99 prepare your 12 hours of A presses Kappa
8:05:42 PM CharmyBee99 it crashed again Kappa
5:58:46 PM CharmyBee99 draw kappa
3:50:21 PM CharmyBee99 @M4_used_Rollout swap mon 1 with mon 2 again, but we can't enter battles
3:05:23 PM CharmyBee99 WutFace
2:54:37 PM CharmyBee99 WutFace SEIZURE WutFace
2:46:58 PM CharmyBee99 starting windows Pogchamp
2:46:24 PM CharmyBee99 classic motherboard Kappa
2:46:05 PM CharmyBee99 WutFace
1:14:41 PM CharmyBee99 now we need to go to the left door of the celadon departement store
1:14:27 PM CharmyBee99 nevermind
1:14:24 PM CharmyBee99 i forgot i had something still playing
1:13:59 PM CharmyBee99 no wait
1:13:53 PM CharmyBee99 double music WutFace
1:09:25 PM CharmyBee99 WutFace SEIZURE WurtFace
1:08:16 PM CharmyBee99 so what happened
7:07:21 PM CharmyBee99 @Zc230 option 1
7:06:19 PM CharmyBee99 @ChaosDukemon we can be 3 steps off btw
7:06:07 PM CharmyBee99 well how many steps did we take?
4:11:13 PM CharmyBee99 the menu opening is just to avoid a black out for some reason
4:10:59 PM CharmyBee99 then run
4:10:56 PM CharmyBee99 to get out
4:10:52 PM CharmyBee99 then spam B
2:37:25 PM CharmyBee99 >1998but it's still developed Kappa
2:37:02 PM CharmyBee99 i heard familiar music
2:23:45 PM CharmyBee99 wait no
2:07:14 PM CharmyBee99 just gonna say that
2:07:11 PM CharmyBee99 also the game saves after the credits sequence not after the hof sequence
6:42:34 PM CharmyBee99 inteligence Kappa
4:53:26 PM CharmyBee99 master ball is OMNIPOTIENT BALL Kappa
3:33:24 PM CharmyBee99 evergreen city Kappa
3:33:02 PM CharmyBee99 convinient prop shop Kappa
3:15:12 PM CharmyBee99 2 TriHard 5
9:45:28 AM CharmyBee99 FALLS DOWN Kappp
9:40:58 AM CharmyBee99 keep a
9:35:35 AM CharmyBee99 hit home Kappa
9:29:06 AM CharmyBee99 you guys know cradily can destroy blue?
1:36:07 PM CharmyBee99 LUL sim
12:32:13 PM CharmyBee99 IT'S BACK PogChamp
11:55:35 AM CharmyBee99 zubat*
11:55:32 AM CharmyBee99 my first shiny was a zibat
11:55:28 AM CharmyBee99 as here's a coincdence
11:55:10 AM CharmyBee99 was it your fisrt?
11:54:49 AM CharmyBee99 @NightRusticDawn what shiny
11:46:49 AM CharmyBee99 Twitch Listens To Hamtaro Music And Waits For The Stream To Go Back Up Kappa
11:34:35 AM CharmyBee99 it already was announced
11:34:23 AM CharmyBee99 @eyesoflotus nex run is Ultra Sun
11:31:22 AM CharmyBee99 well i'll be playing SM64O then
11:27:51 AM CharmyBee99 the one that's playing right now
11:27:44 AM CharmyBee99 @Czerwona_Latarnia this one
11:27:34 AM CharmyBee99 @Sandoz1 unique
11:27:18 AM CharmyBee99 so this is the stream for the next 10 hours right?
11:26:02 AM CharmyBee99 @Chaos_lord2 what even happened
11:19:28 AM CharmyBee99 what happened WutFace
11:19:20 AM CharmyBee99 WutFace
11:18:43 AM CharmyBee99 then go to PC
10:44:17 AM CharmyBee99 late Kappa
10:37:05 AM CharmyBee99 time to go out for a walk Kappa
10:19:50 AM CharmyBee99 the sidegame will continue until the end of the PBR season or the whole season itself
10:19:10 AM CharmyBee99 @TaviTurnip nah
10:13:30 AM CharmyBee99 i tried select on this bootleg and i broke the game so it works
10:10:48 AM CharmyBee99 @Glitcher_Red 1.0 most likely
10:10:37 AM CharmyBee99 @kattheswift possible
10:10:22 AM CharmyBee99 @TaviTurnip it wasnt
10:08:01 AM CharmyBee99 operating a computer BORT
9:39:28 AM CharmyBee99 @TaviTurnip better than AAAAA
8:32:05 AM CharmyBee99 gibe moneh Kappa
8:31:32 AM CharmyBee99 MrDestructoid CPU NAME MrDestructoid
8:31:08 AM CharmyBee99 yeah i encountered it myself on my playthrough @taviturnip
8:30:28 AM CharmyBee99 @taviturnip similar thing happens in theta emerald ex as well if you use a multi target move with just 1PP
8:26:36 AM CharmyBee99 waterfall TriHard
6:13:01 AM CharmyBee99 trying to chose move 0000 Kappa
6:12:40 AM CharmyBee99 unown's - is disabled WutFace
6:09:04 AM CharmyBee99 plot twist: the old man's drunk in this game Kappa
6:07:46 AM CharmyBee99 7:50 minute ad WutFace
6:06:20 AM CharmyBee99 Kippa
6:03:13 AM CharmyBee99 massive damage Kappa
6:00:03 AM CharmyBee99 then avalanche on gloom
5:59:27 AM CharmyBee99 then aqua tail when ziggy comes out
5:57:23 AM CharmyBee99 inb4 caterpie destroys us
5:56:22 AM CharmyBee99 bed Kappa
5:56:06 AM CharmyBee99 well i don't have to do anything Kappa
5:55:40 AM CharmyBee99 !bid 100 blue
5:54:13 AM CharmyBee99 name him OLDEN WutFace
5:49:59 AM CharmyBee99 wait... how do i do it again
5:49:46 AM CharmyBee99 !left
5:48:40 AM CharmyBee99 waiy how do i input in sidegame again? i forgot since theta emerald ex began Kappa
4:47:57 PM CharmyBee99 battle tent WutFace
4:28:24 PM CharmyBee99 atch
4:28:22 PM CharmyBee99 wait did we catch reshiram
4:21:03 PM CharmyBee99 overlay froze Kappa
4:20:41 PM CharmyBee99 catCH
3:13:04 PM CharmyBee99 @fenris2142 what are we trying to do even
3:12:23 PM CharmyBee99 league rematch?
3:12:18 PM CharmyBee99 umm what are we doing then?
2:50:46 PM CharmyBee99 WutFace
2:21:34 PM CharmyBee99 so are we going for E4 rematch or what?
11:36:29 AM CharmyBee99 cherubi fainted but it gained experience... Kappa
11:03:22 AM CharmyBee99 sim Kappa
10:56:59 AM CharmyBee99 gold deerling Kappa
10:52:38 AM CharmyBee99 aand PC can't crash us
10:52:28 AM CharmyBee99 and wilds are fine
10:52:20 AM CharmyBee99 @ordsey no but we're far away from trainer battles
10:51:38 AM CharmyBee99 as wild battles are fine
10:51:23 AM CharmyBee99 @for_elisa we can't soft reset anyway and the game can't crash at this point
10:51:00 AM CharmyBee99 @monnick switch team ordee
10:46:35 AM CharmyBee99 Reddy finaly not spamming a WutFace
10:45:57 AM CharmyBee99 2 ups to get to pokemon menu
10:45:25 AM CharmyBee99 switch cherubi with mantine
10:41:34 AM CharmyBee99 421 is close enough to 420
10:40:08 AM CharmyBee99 quick evo
10:40:04 AM CharmyBee99 what about you get electrike as well
10:38:54 AM CharmyBee99 @fenris2142 so what we don't have
10:38:42 AM CharmyBee99 sim's self aware Kappa
10:38:19 AM CharmyBee99 get pooch? get noibat at least (or do we have noivern already)
10:36:42 AM CharmyBee99 deposit talonflame and phione
11:53:56 PM CharmyBee99 @wingedonetaro sell?
11:51:17 PM CharmyBee99 i still can be salt though
11:48:59 PM CharmyBee99 alter akapap
11:47:11 PM CharmyBee99 well that's a way to save a presses
11:46:28 PM CharmyBee99 with2
11:44:57 PM CharmyBee99 ariados confirmed fused with turtwig Kappa
11:43:18 PM CharmyBee99 that turtwig
11:41:52 PM CharmyBee99 @phiarra same
11:41:41 PM CharmyBee99 @toagac spray that magic on me i need it
11:35:05 PM CharmyBee99 Kappa
11:35:02 PM CharmyBee99 before stream delays
11:32:22 PM CharmyBee99 @m4_used_rollout we did once
11:31:12 PM CharmyBee99 so is it a stone evo?
11:30:18 PM CharmyBee99 but still gen 1s aren't really worth it
11:29:27 PM CharmyBee99 or get bagon
11:29:13 PM CharmyBee99 as magby's a happiness evo
11:28:56 PM CharmyBee99 now exchange magby for larvitar
11:27:42 PM CharmyBee99 wait do we have larvitar evos yet
11:26:41 PM CharmyBee99 get bagon as well
11:24:44 PM CharmyBee99 @chaosdukemon I want anything
11:24:21 PM CharmyBee99 get bagon as well
11:23:50 PM CharmyBee99 get turtwig
11:18:57 PM CharmyBee99 sim we don't speak Janelle
11:17:38 PM CharmyBee99 that's my life in 1 word
11:17:30 PM CharmyBee99 @snowball721 salt
11:16:36 PM CharmyBee99 spaghetti*
11:16:32 PM CharmyBee99 @shadowpuppet97 sorry but I'm not spagr
11:14:05 PM CharmyBee99 you guys know magby is a happiness Evo
11:12:50 PM CharmyBee99 I didn't input b
11:07:21 PM CharmyBee99 @shadowpuppet97 sorry we don't speak pepperoni
11:04:45 PM CharmyBee99 #salt
11:03:31 PM CharmyBee99 #salt
11:01:52 PM CharmyBee99 @countraposa VoteYea
11:01:33 PM CharmyBee99 but i ain't a who
11:01:02 PM CharmyBee99 #who
11:00:44 PM CharmyBee99 AH IS EVOLVING Kappa
10:58:26 PM CharmyBee99 BlessRNG
10:56:58 PM CharmyBee99 @chaosdukemon but it has megahorn in prism at least
10:56:07 PM CharmyBee99 no wait
10:55:12 PM CharmyBee99 so rhydon doesn't need to hold the protector?
10:54:47 PM CharmyBee99 moonstone skitty first
10:54:37 PM CharmyBee99 wait with th3 cable
10:53:16 PM CharmyBee99 @evolem well skitty via moon i think
10:51:33 PM CharmyBee99 give rhydon thr protector and link cable it
10:25:54 PM CharmyBee99 you there! WutFace
10:25:20 PM CharmyBee99 evolve
10:23:50 PM CharmyBee99 #saltysalt
10:23:09 PM CharmyBee99 #salt
10:22:15 PM CharmyBee99 #salt
7:36:43 PM CharmyBee99 #who
7:16:27 PM CharmyBee99 stream delay Kappa
6:22:12 PM CharmyBee99 rejuveneate Kappa
3:07:49 PM CharmyBee99 #how
3:07:11 PM CharmyBee99 PogChamp
3:01:41 PM CharmyBee99 tppsim's just a boat that's it
2:59:03 PM CharmyBee99 when does larvesta evolve
2:46:51 PM CharmyBee99 #who
12:48:16 PM CharmyBee99 @bannedfrom7rblx one
12:48:05 PM CharmyBee99 what about we evo larvitar
12:47:45 PM CharmyBee99 wait do we have salamance yet
12:47:05 PM CharmyBee99 but i know that exploud was received not by a #who but someone known at least to some of us
12:46:29 PM CharmyBee99 @shadowpuppet97 I don't remember
12:44:38 PM CharmyBee99 wait is heilioisk fully evolved
12:40:09 PM CharmyBee99 EVOVLE RIOLU NOW PogChamp Kappa
12:39:22 PM CharmyBee99 get phanphy ubless we already have it's evo
12:38:45 PM CharmyBee99 #salt
12:35:38 PM CharmyBee99 gg
12:34:53 PM CharmyBee99 probably
12:34:49 PM CharmyBee99 @qcft it is working
12:34:40 PM CharmyBee99 OLDEN CAME FOR US WutFace
12:34:05 PM CharmyBee99 font WutFace
12:33:46 PM CharmyBee99 riolu evolves via happiness on day i think
12:33:19 PM CharmyBee99 not fixed Kappa
8:16:07 AM CharmyBee99 catCh
8:15:37 AM CharmyBee99 Catch
8:15:06 AM CharmyBee99 catch
8:14:47 AM CharmyBee99 wait if it'll struggle then it kills itself
8:14:14 AM CharmyBee99 @duplexbegreat but still, i always keep myself at 480p so i can actually see
8:13:36 AM CharmyBee99 because ads
8:13:30 AM CharmyBee99 I always have delay though
8:13:14 AM CharmyBee99 @duplexbegreat like how long ago
8:12:53 AM CharmyBee99 @duplexbegreat i know about the delay
8:12:33 AM CharmyBee99 no as please
8:12:12 AM CharmyBee99 Kappa
8:12:08 AM CharmyBee99 @thesuperfox63 because may's a fish
8:11:11 AM CharmyBee99 spam A with reddy Kappa
8:10:48 AM CharmyBee99 @duplexbegreat well if we don't change maps after time runs out then we can keep
8:09:51 AM CharmyBee99 we must go down from here
8:09:42 AM CharmyBee99 128?
8:09:01 AM CharmyBee99 left-
8:07:58 AM CharmyBee99 rematch Kappa
8:07:14 AM CharmyBee99 @pandemoniall Kappa
8:07:03 AM CharmyBee99 left-
8:06:50 AM CharmyBee99 up-
8:06:38 AM CharmyBee99 reddy building up a presses for 12 hours Kapp
8:04:37 AM CharmyBee99 nice strats Kappa
8:03:58 AM CharmyBee99 sim stop catching Kappa
8:03:25 AM CharmyBee99 closer to ever grande than pacidifilog
8:02:46 AM CharmyBee99 let me check
8:02:31 AM CharmyBee99 at least we did it
8:01:22 AM CharmyBee99 up+b-
8:00:03 AM CharmyBee99 pass
7:58:37 AM CharmyBee99 late sim Kappa
7:57:35 AM CharmyBee99 shopping with reddy Kappa
7:56:56 AM CharmyBee99 @sauzels_ thry probably will
7:56:23 AM CharmyBee99 b+left-
7:55:32 AM CharmyBee99 b+down-
7:55:01 AM CharmyBee99 b+down-
7:54:40 AM CharmyBee99 b+left-
7:54:29 AM CharmyBee99 SeemsGood
7:54:12 AM CharmyBee99 PogChamp
7:53:33 AM CharmyBee99 we're trying to get to fortree DansGame
7:51:03 AM CharmyBee99 we messed up
7:50:35 AM CharmyBee99 okay then
7:50:08 AM CharmyBee99 @sauzels_ wait i thought we must go to thr weather institute first
7:49:29 AM CharmyBee99 (and I'm still PJSalt ing myself Kappa)
7:48:50 AM CharmyBee99 late sim Kappa LUL
7:48:32 AM CharmyBee99 yeah
7:48:16 AM CharmyBee99 we're trying to set up for the regi puzzle we already did?
7:47:16 AM CharmyBee99 so onto Kyogre then
7:47:09 AM CharmyBee99 @duplexbegreat oh
7:47:01 AM CharmyBee99 but okay, go get kyogre
7:46:44 AM CharmyBee99 like, a blackout doesn't count as running away nor killing it
7:46:22 AM CharmyBee99 hey at least we can try again can't we?
7:44:04 AM CharmyBee99 Catch
7:44:01 AM CharmyBee99 catch
7:43:56 AM CharmyBee99 catcH
7:42:58 AM CharmyBee99 catch