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6:45:22 PM CharmyBee99 TriHard *
6:45:17 PM CharmyBee99 TrHard
6:06:02 PM CharmyBee99 everyone A
6:05:58 PM CharmyBee99 no one B
6:05:24 PM CharmyBee99 printer not connected Kappa
6:05:05 PM CharmyBee99 listen to the music
5:11:27 PM CharmyBee99 @匿名者九九九九九九九九九 arbitrary code exec Kappa
4:45:26 PM CharmyBee99 what does that L where someone's badge would be stands for? I see a few people with an L instead if a badge
4:21:00 PM CharmyBee99 so, we're going to the gym again?
4:04:33 PM CharmyBee99 HEHE Kappa
3:44:34 PM CharmyBee99 ratta Kappa
3:13:44 PM CharmyBee99 Kappa
3:13:42 PM CharmyBee99 why are they asleep
2:53:18 PM CharmyBee99 1% encounter
2:53:13 PM CharmyBee99 guys it's a 1%
12:33:57 PM CharmyBee99 NEW
12:13:10 PM CharmyBee99 now B out of here
12:13:02 PM CharmyBee99 MAGMAR GET
12:12:26 PM CharmyBee99 also, croc and high are fine, you won't PC them any time soon
12:10:55 PM CharmyBee99 bike registered on everything Kappa
12:10:44 PM CharmyBee99 actually, in normal crystal, after getting morty's badge, you can go to pyrice right away, but you cannot head to blackthorn untill you beat jasmine, and finish the ocupation
12:08:48 PM CharmyBee99 best music PogChamp
12:07:59 PM CharmyBee99 milk deposited Kappa
12:07:42 PM CharmyBee99 milk deposit
12:02:05 PM CharmyBee99 get magmar then go to gym
11:59:08 AM CharmyBee99 e4 blocks the name Kappa
11:56:55 AM CharmyBee99 get to computer Kappa
11:55:36 AM CharmyBee99 deposit milk
11:54:14 AM CharmyBee99 is bike registered on select
11:54:02 AM CharmyBee99 is bike registered?
11:53:09 AM CharmyBee99 stream delay Kappa
11:52:30 AM CharmyBee99 inb4 release
11:51:58 AM CharmyBee99 but the free badge
11:51:44 AM CharmyBee99 now catch slugma Kappa
11:51:26 AM CharmyBee99 J;;)))tu::
11:50:32 AM CharmyBee99 PogChamp
11:49:35 AM CharmyBee99 Jebaited Kappa
11:49:01 AM CharmyBee99 B is safe
11:48:45 AM CharmyBee99 soon there will be circus cars driving around my house continously WutFace
11:48:18 AM CharmyBee99 please don't say there's another one wutFace
11:47:20 AM CharmyBee99 we have surf on all mons that can learn it Kappa
11:46:54 AM CharmyBee99 @Demyzio shinies are 1\256 so there might be a few Kappa
11:45:17 AM CharmyBee99 there was a goddamn circus car driving right next to my house and is annoying me WutFace
11:40:44 AM CharmyBee99 weedle Kappa
11:35:36 AM CharmyBee99 #PossiblyLucky
11:34:56 AM CharmyBee99 T0 Kappa
11:34:33 AM CharmyBee99 always go left
11:34:08 AM CharmyBee99 the e4 is probably like level 80
11:33:41 AM CharmyBee99 @FaithfulForce well i didn't play this nor check the evos so blame me for not knowing
11:32:54 AM CharmyBee99 remember to save up money and buy a leaf stone
11:31:56 AM CharmyBee99 not shiny, run Kappa
11:30:37 AM CharmyBee99 @tppsimulator you drunk again Kappa
11:29:04 AM CharmyBee99 hey, it's a free gen 2 badge
11:27:29 AM CharmyBee99 now catch
11:27:25 AM CharmyBee99 it's weak
11:27:10 AM CharmyBee99 now spam more balls
11:27:04 AM CharmyBee99 done
11:26:46 AM CharmyBee99 wait we must send out something
11:26:15 AM CharmyBee99 save us WutFace
11:24:40 AM CharmyBee99 QQQQQ KILLED Kappa
11:24:28 AM CharmyBee99 spam balls Kappa
10:47:47 AM CharmyBee99 but they are influenced by the burned tower Ka[[a
8:32:47 AM CharmyBee99 but we could try
8:32:23 AM CharmyBee99 @faithfulforce seel also can, with aurora beam
8:31:42 AM CharmyBee99 or aurora beam
8:31:28 AM CharmyBee99 switch fo milk
8:31:23 AM CharmyBee99 switch
8:30:55 AM CharmyBee99 we didn't het to morty yet? TriHard
8:21:50 PM CharmyBee99 @tppsimulator i don't know too Kappa
8:21:22 PM CharmyBee99 the other two shinies were ether rekt or killed us
8:20:51 PM CharmyBee99 @lukerbom12 we did catch the ekans
8:20:16 PM CharmyBee99 any plans to take out shiny ekans from the box?
7:09:19 PM CharmyBee99 rip monkey TriHard
10:40:01 AM CharmyBee99 the advertisement i got is bullshit Kappa
6:05:55 PM CharmyBee99 @ForbiddenIronHammer let me just whisper you the link
6:05:09 PM CharmyBee99 @ForbiddenIronHammer maybe because it isn't linked anywhere here?
6:04:49 PM CharmyBee99 KAPOW
6:04:00 PM CharmyBee99 @ForbiddenIronHammer also, you know the dev is on the official TPP discord
6:03:29 PM CharmyBee99 and you can see how well it's going
6:03:15 PM CharmyBee99 @ForbiddenIronHammer it's a difficulity hack
6:02:50 PM CharmyBee99 viet crystal flashbacks everywhere
6:02:39 PM CharmyBee99 GO AWAY Kappa
6:00:17 PM CharmyBee99 throw balls Kappa
5:54:38 PM CharmyBee99 miniskirt to compete Kappa
5:52:46 PM CharmyBee99 it's a TRAP WutFace
5:51:33 PM CharmyBee99 @tppsimulator but we don't have a bank subscription Kappa
5:50:49 PM CharmyBee99 (goddamn it why don't i have any noisemakers this could be the perfect opportunity)
5:50:06 PM CharmyBee99 TEDDY FALL
5:49:01 PM CharmyBee99 send out croc
5:48:49 PM CharmyBee99 HAX
5:48:33 PM CharmyBee99 @tppsimulator good luck evolving Kappa
5:47:44 PM CharmyBee99 TrtiHard
5:46:55 PM CharmyBee99 wrappa
5:46:37 PM CharmyBee99 EVASION
5:46:26 PM CharmyBee99 crit Kappa
5:45:50 PM CharmyBee99 togepi's cursed we knew it WutFace
5:45:35 PM CharmyBee99 Kappa nome
5:43:46 PM CharmyBee99 beware the bear Kappa
5:42:50 PM CharmyBee99 not so beauty dog Kappa
5:40:26 PM CharmyBee99 the clefairy is confusing WutFace
5:39:37 PM CharmyBee99 guys this is a dead end Kappa
12:52:37 PM CharmyBee99 @faithfulforce i meant, did we pass ilex forest already and we did
12:52:03 PM CharmyBee99 talk to the girl Kappa
12:51:37 PM CharmyBee99 did we do it?
12:43:59 PM CharmyBee99 TriHard cheese Kappa
12:42:23 PM CharmyBee99 TM TriHard
12:38:57 PM CharmyBee99 Jebaited
12:38:36 PM CharmyBee99 kakuna badge where are you Kappa
5:27:58 AM CharmyBee99 grind better frame Kappa
4:45:34 AM CharmyBee99 self KAPOW
4:36:09 AM CharmyBee99 we must encounter garbage
4:34:50 AM CharmyBee99 good effect Kappa
4:33:57 AM CharmyBee99 30 second unskippable ad WutFace
11:01:09 PM CharmyBee99 Jr Jii wants death Kappa
10:56:44 PM CharmyBee99 @tppsimulator you're right sim
10:50:34 PM CharmyBee99 no escape Kappa
10:50:07 PM CharmyBee99 so escape Kappa
10:44:45 PM CharmyBee99 Kappa
10:44:42 PM CharmyBee99 #BabyOLDEN
8:18:40 PM CharmyBee99 L TriHard S E
7:36:04 PM CharmyBee99 no effect TriHard
7:31:00 PM CharmyBee99 JRJII.. wants death Kappa
7:25:20 PM CharmyBee99 inb4 geodude on the final team Kappa
7:24:06 PM CharmyBee99 guys, take off the everstone from XXYYY WWP
7:23:56 PM CharmyBee99 guys
7:23:29 PM CharmyBee99 pass Kappa
7:16:36 PM CharmyBee99 wait4babatoselect
7:14:15 PM CharmyBee99 difficult books TirHard
7:12:52 PM CharmyBee99 demonarchy Kappa
7:12:20 PM CharmyBee99 @lukerbom12 kurt will teleport us
7:11:04 PM CharmyBee99 no pp Kappa
7:09:05 PM CharmyBee99 CoolCat
7:07:49 PM CharmyBee99 we want money Kappa
7:06:49 PM CharmyBee99 acooltent Kappa
7:03:28 PM CharmyBee99 no rat Kappa
6:58:55 PM CharmyBee99 ded TriHard
6:58:30 PM CharmyBee99 catch Kappa
6:56:18 PM CharmyBee99 no badge TriHard
6:55:11 PM CharmyBee99 1 HP Kappa
6:54:45 PM CharmyBee99 TriHard
6:53:11 PM CharmyBee99 give us rat
6:52:38 PM CharmyBee99 okay we can't run Kappa
6:52:29 PM CharmyBee99 ummmm
6:51:59 PM CharmyBee99 wild caml come out Kappa
6:46:12 PM CharmyBee99 sleep Kappa
6:18:10 PM CharmyBee99 CoolCat
6:08:33 PM CharmyBee99 missle bomb group Kappa
6:06:27 PM CharmyBee99 NO MAIL TriHard
5:59:29 PM CharmyBee99 togepi has yolonome Kappa
5:56:41 PM CharmyBee99 go to the slowpoke well Kappa
5:44:02 PM CharmyBee99 Egg Home TOGAY Kappa
5:43:55 PM CharmyBee99 EGG
5:34:23 PM CharmyBee99 QTK Kappa
5:18:50 PM CharmyBee99 i see no one B'd the todo
3:59:06 PM CharmyBee99 tppsim sub to us Kappa
3:58:36 PM CharmyBee99 I only people of your old account Kappa
3:55:40 PM CharmyBee99 we fixed the berries Kappa
3:54:56 PM CharmyBee99 keep and place all on A when pbr comes bacc Kappa
3:54:20 PM CharmyBee99 @kisox or keep them Kappa
3:52:34 PM CharmyBee99 @tppsimulator Kappa good job sim
3:50:46 PM CharmyBee99 @kisox Kappa
3:49:44 PM CharmyBee99 persian in the evolution level limit Kappa
3:48:23 PM CharmyBee99 @nanami44 I already have a meowth badge Kappa
3:47:38 PM CharmyBee99 The blue corner claimed the victory Kappa
3:47:20 PM CharmyBee99 The match is now over!
3:47:02 PM CharmyBee99 TriHard
3:45:59 PM CharmyBee99 @kaizertube naah it's just a hack, and todo evolves at 26
3:44:08 PM CharmyBee99 topgepi Kappa
3:38:47 PM CharmyBee99 double input TriHard
3:38:20 PM CharmyBee99 send out egg Kappa
3:37:38 PM CharmyBee99 u0
3:37:17 PM CharmyBee99 because our CROC was KILLED Kappa
3:36:03 PM CharmyBee99 CROC KILLED Kappa
3:34:56 PM CharmyBee99 the colloseum WutFace
3:34:39 PM CharmyBee99 okay let mr try again
3:34:33 PM CharmyBee99 ...
3:34:27 PM CharmyBee99 the c9
3:33:43 PM CharmyBee99 Poison Kappa 'd us
3:32:24 PM CharmyBee99 egg is close to hatch Kappa
3:31:59 PM CharmyBee99 great emulator there boys
3:31:42 PM CharmyBee99 LAG WutFace
3:31:37 PM CharmyBee99 in battle, yes
3:30:56 PM CharmyBee99 run from anything thst isn't machop or onix or a shiny
3:29:49 PM CharmyBee99 inb4 shiny onix Kappa
3:28:56 PM CharmyBee99 kill for experience Kappa
3:27:59 PM CharmyBee99 x defend Kappa
3:26:48 PM CharmyBee99 kill it for experience Kappa
3:25:50 PM CharmyBee99 oh wait yoyre trying to get the ball
3:24:28 PM CharmyBee99 catch kappa
3:18:46 PM CharmyBee99 @wahisietel_the_cake Rock throw ≠ defense curl Kappa
3:17:47 PM CharmyBee99 no troll switch Kappa
3:15:43 PM CharmyBee99 so one level away from evo
3:15:31 PM CharmyBee99 Croconaw at level 26 btw
3:13:41 PM CharmyBee99 @inputtrolljadon weedle was freed Kappa
3:12:50 PM CharmyBee99 what a surprise Kappa
3:10:56 PM CharmyBee99 @blazecam romhack
3:10:17 PM CharmyBee99 MORE ADVERTISING WutFace
10:43:00 AM CharmyBee99 Jebaited
10:42:41 AM CharmyBee99 #FuckedByFalkener
10:42:15 AM CharmyBee99 L TriHard S E
10:40:56 AM CharmyBee99 grade 12 Kappa
10:40:27 AM CharmyBee99 Jebaited
10:38:58 AM CharmyBee99 PogChamp
10:36:14 AM CharmyBee99 HIT HOME
10:35:51 AM CharmyBee99 so we're doing good i see
10:32:32 AM CharmyBee99 there is no escape...
10:32:23 AM CharmyBee99 @alrysu There is no door...
10:31:56 AM CharmyBee99 ***gets a Caterpie badge*** 🤔 Kappa
10:29:49 AM CharmyBee99 Yellow is true weed Kappa
10:28:43 AM CharmyBee99 you're out late - IT'S LIKE 12 PM
10:26:35 AM CharmyBee99 go to the center
10:26:18 AM CharmyBee99 actually, the pre-TH/MM PBR intermission is where i began
10:24:42 AM CharmyBee99 @sauzels_wra technically I was watching since the touhoumon/moemon dual run but i didn't grt around to making a twitch account untill now
10:23:56 AM CharmyBee99 @linkirto i also want to know
10:21:56 AM CharmyBee99 ball to grasp PogChamp
10:20:34 AM CharmyBee99 okay go heal
10:20:21 AM CharmyBee99 no democracy Kappa
10:19:05 AM CharmyBee99 that worked Kappa
10:18:03 AM CharmyBee99 conpete with bird man Kappa
10:17:06 AM CharmyBee99 move switch PogChamp
10:14:57 AM CharmyBee99 @etherealpuffin and I think if kilometer Kappa
10:14:41 AM CharmyBee99 learn quicc attac Kappa
10:14:35 AM CharmyBee99 jebus le
10:14:24 AM CharmyBee99 TriHard
10:14:02 AM CharmyBee99 catcc
10:13:33 AM CharmyBee99 stream froze for ms Kappa
10:11:57 AM CharmyBee99 we don't have thiz
10:11:51 AM CharmyBee99 catch Kappa
10:11:28 AM CharmyBee99 and surf
10:11:07 AM CharmyBee99 @hell_brynger_johnny yes you did
10:10:42 AM CharmyBee99 kilometer Kappa
10:09:59 AM CharmyBee99 ORGY GRASED
10:09:50 AM CharmyBee99 ball thrown PogChamp
10:08:55 AM CharmyBee99 @snowwarning green is common, blue is uncommon, purple is rare, yellow is 1% encounter
10:07:53 AM CharmyBee99 i want the budge Kappa
10:07:13 AM CharmyBee99 @snowwarning nah just an uncommon
10:06:58 AM CharmyBee99 catcc
10:06:25 AM CharmyBee99 raise to grade12 TriHard
10:06:06 AM CharmyBee99 KAPOW
10:05:57 AM CharmyBee99 shrekzone Kappa
10:04:47 AM CharmyBee99 and the input still gets through
10:04:37 AM CharmyBee99 that seems to bypass twitch's spam restrictions for some reason
10:04:21 AM CharmyBee99 @moonplayer333 alternate capital letters
10:03:55 AM CharmyBee99 M I TriHard S S
10:03:38 AM CharmyBee99 now go to centre of mon
10:03:19 AM CharmyBee99 @dankbook i was on YouTube since the first hour was uploaded Kappa
10:02:41 AM CharmyBee99 @dankbook we already were on YouTube Kappa
10:01:55 AM CharmyBee99 PogChamp
9:59:16 AM CharmyBee99 budges
9:58:07 AM CharmyBee99 get to the ball poccet