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1:40:11 PM tppsimulator if people Kippa So how do it is worth actually getting a space for a really needed
1:34:43 PM tppsimulator faz do that takes care of people. And static is it doesn't think it's not trivial
1:31:42 PM tppsimulator I just type on turn 1-2 may have a normal way?
1:24:14 PM tppsimulator can we need to the espresso, but a lot of reflect
1:17:58 PM tppsimulator Ignoring him if u can be nicer to me with a lot of stupid since Twis isn't boosted by phoenx right back
1:13:07 PM tppsimulator Thrown by RNG Kippa Pinpoint match to outspeed
1:10:01 PM tppsimulator It RitzMitz can't see that was it probably going to have gone wrong Kippa
1:06:51 PM tppsimulator Another coin flip lost a handful of Life Orb chip damage is one
1:03:50 PM tppsimulator Maybe Kippa I played that
12:59:34 PM tppsimulator Thrown so rigged up by an L badge with vileplume as well earlier
12:56:34 PM tppsimulator you got glitched out
12:53:33 PM tppsimulator Not like your throw
12:46:13 PM tppsimulator petaya Kippa We should be great
12:42:26 PM tppsimulator Shame I can thunder SwiftRage
12:38:36 PM tppsimulator So Kippa Switch didn't see the trap, apparently
12:31:55 PM tppsimulator more than you doing?
12:28:54 PM tppsimulator Dig up Kippa If I meant red top laner
12:25:54 PM tppsimulator @Nyam__ only missingno can just realised how useless this sounds more like a low chance
12:22:53 PM tppsimulator worst decision that 2k bet on GIGA IMPACT
12:14:52 PM tppsimulator blue got 1/2 Kippa
12:11:52 PM tppsimulator They got 1/2 Kippa That's debatable
12:08:51 PM tppsimulator told you are making them to TEAM easy win with Outrage WutFace
12:03:24 PM tppsimulator gg we have real animals exist, although i bet :)
12:00:23 PM tppsimulator @Zc230 booo that is magikarp were bined
11:52:00 AM tppsimulator nyam Kippa ..
11:49:00 AM tppsimulator but I suck at games like this...
11:45:34 AM tppsimulator yeah we never get the illustrated handbook as you think about 843
11:42:23 AM tppsimulator Oh, it with the pokedex
11:39:21 AM tppsimulator who do something against late odd nuking...
11:36:11 AM tppsimulator magical leaf was game Kappa
11:33:10 AM tppsimulator Time for the traitor gonna fuck this season
11:30:10 AM tppsimulator this was probably an OHKO-off
11:27:09 AM tppsimulator Kippa Still has a win there
11:24:09 AM tppsimulator we won't make it to bet limit relativ to be relevant
11:18:53 AM tppsimulator rip Kippa Time for goldeen
11:12:32 AM tppsimulator Quilava should be the pokedex BloodTrail
11:09:31 AM tppsimulator needed like 3 crits Kippa Of healing"
11:06:31 AM tppsimulator low% into sky attack crit was only chance i threw
11:01:19 AM tppsimulator Looks like easy red got Grotle and the ghost of their lives and OHKOs
10:58:18 AM tppsimulator Your side nyam token Kippa
10:55:16 AM tppsimulator @pandemoniall i see how it is stuck WutFace
10:50:00 AM tppsimulator Kippa i swear to see ?
10:47:00 AM tppsimulator what to kpop and you get a mobile game / Eevee Trick
10:42:23 AM tppsimulator why are real Kappa
10:38:27 AM tppsimulator really fuck you will probably be stuck in 100 club soon again Kappa
10:32:01 AM tppsimulator 2 token and yoy get Eevee; I bettet 2 token thorm incomming Kappa
10:29:00 AM tppsimulator Wait sim likes to use Dokokashira Door Glitch - potato quality
10:26:00 AM tppsimulator @Pokemario6456 maybe some puns can fix my game
10:22:59 AM tppsimulator @Kisox you will lose it, bc you will probably be stuck in the feck did pinball xD
10:19:59 AM tppsimulator If we dokokashira'd it to see what an amazing game crashed on mobile DansGame
10:15:48 AM tppsimulator Well ... Kippa
10:07:57 AM tppsimulator Was betted on 160p so what our Pokémon look at the void (potentially) or will someone's wallet crush them?
10:03:02 AM tppsimulator look at all the metronome mons again?
10:00:01 AM tppsimulator 3hp clutch in the first turn, then tried to victory
9:57:00 AM tppsimulator sim is fuck it was a FFZ emote ?
9:54:00 AM tppsimulator 4 in left+up
9:50:59 AM tppsimulator wow we know, Sim EleGiggle
9:47:58 AM tppsimulator i'm getting constant buffering on the credits Kappa
9:43:18 AM tppsimulator credits starting
9:39:57 AM tppsimulator @notoriousn7 how is rebelling to the Pony sweeps everything
9:36:40 AM tppsimulator I feel like no payout
9:33:39 AM tppsimulator Might need A game
9:30:39 AM tppsimulator Kippa Okay, internet is a floating ring DansGame
9:27:38 AM tppsimulator my favorite pokemon here is the fuck...
9:24:38 AM tppsimulator LOL i didnt knew about back where I believe in Chicken?
9:21:32 AM tppsimulator watch the fuck? This track route 111 DansGame
9:11:17 AM tppsimulator prob sucker loses I didnt knew about me, I'm way too scared to somehow get rewards just like the music (With only more cringey but yeah most of them is it got my risky bets just Jet and we need A game
9:08:16 AM tppsimulator Looks like i found good ambient music disk songs I didnt knew about back then #FellsAshamedMan
9:02:16 AM tppsimulator yup that usually need a while in the top 10 blue
8:59:15 AM tppsimulator @nyam__ It on A while in the OST names this sneasel and I've said to somehow get me started on A SINGLE song from all the game?
8:56:09 AM tppsimulator it's casting lol
8:53:09 AM tppsimulator I think? Kippa Don't bother using Sleep powder again Kippa And with about me, I'm way it working on #11 with BDrum can someone had to be enjoyable
8:47:22 AM tppsimulator And other top 10"ers often bet on a mon with egg without harvest ewww
8:44:21 AM tppsimulator rock slide + ice shard
8:41:20 AM tppsimulator Could still a leaderboard in 2 matches per season 0 and there any pidgeot badge(s) available, cheapest is power rangers PogChamp
8:33:24 AM tppsimulator we sin then result time was about 11k and other top 10"ers often bet 1 on TPP so even if u go finish a team
8:29:07 AM tppsimulator too late for the amount of red's revealed pokes are incredibly soft ausL
8:24:52 AM tppsimulator This IS tiny
8:20:56 AM tppsimulator Aww, no
8:16:50 AM tppsimulator Blue can I didn't realize mewtwo so far is power Rangers? 4Head
8:13:50 AM tppsimulator the 99% move that could kill
8:07:21 AM tppsimulator @feltlands No rng randomness to work with an iron Ball WutFace
8:04:21 AM tppsimulator it reddit Kappa
8:01:18 AM tppsimulator I am I am I didn't realize mewtwo was on d
7:57:32 AM tppsimulator slash has a rick and PET actually
7:54:32 AM tppsimulator Where'd that power of our life Kappa /
7:50:15 AM tppsimulator I can only 20%
7:46:30 AM tppsimulator Kippa / - - - - - - - - - TPFufun
7:43:29 AM tppsimulator Oh boy
7:40:28 AM tppsimulator @Thetasaur Are you Toxic orb...
7:37:26 AM tppsimulator We may have NO switches nyam Kippa This originally had Return 75/80, I won that would be inb
7:34:26 AM tppsimulator Oh lol
7:31:25 AM tppsimulator I mess up SeemsGood
7:28:24 AM tppsimulator kinda does sound like that was nuts Kippa There was trying to cheer some ponies on my sub just want rat in chaos
7:23:29 AM tppsimulator who made this is tpp
7:20:28 AM tppsimulator Rock Slide =/= Reversal Kippa Can you inputted again
7:17:28 AM tppsimulator It had zero sweep potential there was blind Kippa How did I admit i do regret hushigumochan just misclicked lol
7:14:27 AM tppsimulator didnt take so it's a 64% acc move on sucker hmm
7:11:17 AM tppsimulator that a good tech
7:01:40 AM tppsimulator LARRY!
6:57:59 AM tppsimulator lucky u guys can stay on kitty maybe Kippa ..
6:54:49 AM tppsimulator to do they removed and 25% experimental acc move
6:51:44 AM tppsimulator @Final4Life Yeah. It's been pretty impressive that mode again
6:48:44 AM tppsimulator verlisify RitzMitz ?
6:38:40 AM tppsimulator nasty is too lol
6:35:36 AM tppsimulator nyam
6:32:36 AM tppsimulator w/ pinball sucks at Garchomping his Garchomp 1v1 espy
6:27:20 AM tppsimulator Dragonair sweep denied
6:24:20 AM tppsimulator In the trainer like magic coat? More time in Pokemon Ruby and gastrodon in my delay on red table in but I thought that good advice
6:21:19 AM tppsimulator Kippa I thought that can burn a mustache!"
6:18:18 AM tppsimulator Jebaited how did you can click on mobile Screen ......
6:15:07 AM tppsimulator hm this could fail
6:09:11 AM tppsimulator @videogamemastervgm /w tpp have fun game
6:06:08 AM tppsimulator it's a little more than this is the planet
6:03:07 AM tppsimulator Kappa now what?
6:00:07 AM tppsimulator Oh yeah B a
5:57:05 AM tppsimulator Now kill it would immune the screen black for c k l e T h a Lotad
5:50:30 AM tppsimulator PET of any1 like 90% b a split inputs really strong
5:46:59 AM tppsimulator At the richest guy in a bug and its not flying mon would immune the hall of fame
5:43:59 AM tppsimulator it would win.
5:40:58 AM tppsimulator i hate you have it was thinking of betting 1000 but psn is red should I meant
5:36:50 AM tppsimulator nvm lol wasting all wish I said earlier in work
5:33:49 AM tppsimulator Bloons manipulating RNG slow switching Kappa
5:28:58 AM tppsimulator probably not Magnet rise was better in work
5:24:23 AM tppsimulator fish for this?
5:19:20 AM tppsimulator clutch
5:16:00 AM tppsimulator come on! kill i didnt look at the best!
5:12:59 AM tppsimulator sack deoxys, ditto transforms entei vs tank
5:06:58 AM tppsimulator RaccAttack Hey! Congratulations, congratulations Kappa
5:03:57 AM tppsimulator "ubers" Kappa then that's more like mario party 2 hours worth of 2 is off
4:59:44 AM tppsimulator RaccAttack Do i want to understand the GO update? RaccAttack
4:56:43 AM tppsimulator wtf TriHard ~ TriHard s dead in Uber's LUL
4:53:42 AM tppsimulator deserved loss youre an extra whale
4:50:42 AM tppsimulator RaccAttack .. . .. . ..
4:40:51 AM tppsimulator @BridgeGamer97 They added Shuppet, Duskull, and luigi Keepo
4:37:50 AM tppsimulator Dynamic Punch for the crit chance we not grass knot Kappa
4:34:49 AM tppsimulator COME ON This looks fairly winnable for disrespect OneHand pr z on sweeper Kappa //
4:31:48 AM tppsimulator now @R3FLEX4 A nice trap
4:28:48 AM tppsimulator u NEED burn now
4:17:37 AM tppsimulator snorunt and can't find the ball is why scary?
4:14:36 AM tppsimulator sheer cold
4:10:41 AM tppsimulator tstop it use Hail is gonna fuck yourself in
4:02:10 AM tppsimulator ILL GET here playing against each other or sweep
3:56:33 AM tppsimulator oh it runs out Kreygasm
3:53:33 AM tppsimulator @kurlyq2g you did you have a tipped-over lawnmower that lol
3:50:32 AM tppsimulator I!
3:45:26 AM tppsimulator why is gonna teach you got a good transmute
3:42:26 AM tppsimulator Sanic furfag trash music RitzMitz LUL
3:38:43 AM tppsimulator Yolonome into Lunar Dance/Memento, pls MEMENTO BlessRNG
3:33:42 AM tppsimulator RaccAttack go pony
3:30:01 AM tppsimulator dang i LOSE else i wonder which will eat my dick ain't safe tho
3:27:00 AM tppsimulator Roserade is eusine and silverpowder signal beam RaccAttack go pony
3:24:00 AM tppsimulator @Jkrexx I just lost Kappa
3:20:58 AM tppsimulator Likely winners undog Jebaited grills have dicks?
3:17:57 AM tppsimulator RaccAttack go #TeamYolo BegWan
3:11:00 AM tppsimulator OneHand lol Kippa come out
3:06:14 AM tppsimulator banned cards OneHand gg
3:03:12 AM tppsimulator omg I'm Izayoi Kappa
3:00:12 AM tppsimulator \\ PogChamp
2:54:39 AM tppsimulator I have a DOUBLE
2:51:38 AM tppsimulator omg I'm rich GivePLZ
2:48:38 AM tppsimulator lets get the pe OneHand
2:45:37 AM tppsimulator Sweepu ended BibleThump rip BrokeBack WE supposed to flinch moves MingLee
2:42:36 AM tppsimulator oh whoops 90 Jebaited RNG is rank 30 uses every season mahli? OMGScoots ...
2:39:36 AM tppsimulator And break the fight us at this game? PogChamp Kappa
2:36:35 AM tppsimulator Sim BegWan lol gonna waste drain punch BegWan geforce
2:33:35 AM tppsimulator I mean e found one to be reloaded so you didnt charles Kappa
2:30:34 AM tppsimulator I had the strongest trainer in chat SeemsGood
2:26:59 AM tppsimulator Why is fine I created them so you say it's me GivePLZ
2:21:08 AM tppsimulator Focus Sash, but I need this season mahli? OMGScoots
2:17:32 AM tppsimulator All in chat
2:12:22 AM tppsimulator spinda its kind of that taviturnip on tpp lul
2:09:21 AM tppsimulator i think once I mean, blue still have 8 second stream YEME
2:05:51 AM tppsimulator RaccAttack somethings you fear spoilers for USUM is fine I have 8 second stream
2:02:10 AM tppsimulator @Sandoz1 I can wait let me simultaneously feel like 10 matches in chat
1:59:09 AM tppsimulator Skill money RitzMitz time you say hi to come out for sinnoh remakes as we get
1:54:29 AM tppsimulator @1eamannan how do commentary, but I still have 8 second stream
1:49:23 AM tppsimulator hi to grape was earlier but entei,raikou and yeah fight him
1:46:23 AM tppsimulator joyce in on
1:43:18 AM tppsimulator RaccAttack somethings you Kappa i won PogChamp
1:40:17 AM tppsimulator RaccAttacks ynop og RaccAttack go pony!
1:36:17 AM tppsimulator RaccAttack go PONY
1:33:06 AM tppsimulator @Bloons22 okay, cool. I'll be on Marshstomp Kappa i LOST good spacing
1:29:16 AM tppsimulator original matches involve no te creo dani
1:26:14 AM tppsimulator it's night where do commentary, but most importantly, he collec BORT
1:23:14 AM tppsimulator he attacc RaccAttack g Kippa lol
1:20:13 AM tppsimulator @Lorekitten its night where do commentary, but we outspeee
1:17:13 AM tppsimulator this is gof match so idc OhMyDog
1:09:17 AM tppsimulator amazing lmao wtf just have to win
1:04:21 AM tppsimulator rock polish counter might've cost blue def throw
12:58:34 AM tppsimulator Sim, that's too weaktowin
12:54:13 AM tppsimulator As an hour is me, i'm to 10k Kreygasm
12:51:11 AM tppsimulator why would NEVER drink and play
12:48:11 AM tppsimulator the STORM brain matt?
12:44:45 AM tppsimulator Igglybuff should hav etaken that fucker is me, i'm to be inside whilst it's bad poison but resets
12:41:34 AM tppsimulator we are you guys OneHand
12:38:32 AM tppsimulator ZAWA DONT growth
12:35:32 AM tppsimulator what is important yes Glare pony
12:31:56 AM tppsimulator its not an atk move it's bad RaccAttack go pony
12:28:14 AM tppsimulator GivePLZ 🍰 evolem (T1) OneHand /
12:24:33 AM tppsimulator RaccAttack yo te protejo
12:20:08 AM tppsimulator ok ty RaccAttack he racc
12:17:07 AM tppsimulator So do we enter from Evolem 🔫 @Zawasculin take this is ez
12:14:06 AM tppsimulator fire fang + flame not have a
12:10:06 AM tppsimulator it's DANGEROUS!
12:07:05 AM tppsimulator RaccAttack Go RIGHT top FailFish i thundered Keepo Elsewhere i learned today
12:04:04 AM tppsimulator When u bribe
11:59:01 PM tppsimulator Pichu omgscoots ban
11:56:00 PM tppsimulator i know gen1
11:52:58 PM tppsimulator Oh wait xd
11:45:27 PM tppsimulator Cherubi just noticed
11:42:26 PM tppsimulator So idk, seems fake for a correct pokemon League is basically volcarona
11:39:26 PM tppsimulator even be a hive of hint to whatever gamefreak does Switch PBR being bug free than there
11:36:25 PM tppsimulator Taking it please SWITCH PBR GAME freak)
11:33:04 PM tppsimulator @jkrexx it was a troool
11:30:04 PM tppsimulator EleGiggle only if they would have people decide to bet, get qwerty Kappa
11:25:43 PM tppsimulator They have all in the current team everyone
11:21:08 PM tppsimulator @Ninjanitor of euphemisms in USUM?
11:18:07 PM tppsimulator Soy idota
11:15:06 PM tppsimulator Most evil kecleon.
11:08:59 PM tppsimulator @ホシグモチャン hes not allowed to do something that Diana bingBad
11:05:53 PM tppsimulator RaccAttack dumb things before ultra sun LOL
11:02:51 PM tppsimulator Cyrus Kreygasm I love sim 🤔 Garchomp?
10:58:30 PM tppsimulator use goat against the aether foundation FailFish
10:52:34 PM tppsimulator ZC link it wont hurt her
10:49:34 PM tppsimulator Tactical scary face WutFace
10:46:33 PM tppsimulator tpp balance to pee do it mean make sure to icys and moon to A long time for this music.
10:43:31 PM tppsimulator 90% accuracy sky attack rains down
10:40:31 PM tppsimulator i forgot this shit if true because then and oak if it's broken?
10:37:05 PM tppsimulator COME just trust me
10:31:44 PM tppsimulator melia icon TriHard /
10:28:44 PM tppsimulator ITS not give back Challenge and Easy modes then I don't remember, but oh there's pinball Kapppa
10:25:11 PM tppsimulator Back again
10:22:10 PM tppsimulator Hardware being worn down from my tokens too
10:19:09 PM tppsimulator @Zc230 Normally that isn't possible hardware issue. When WebGL crashes it
10:07:21 PM tppsimulator B R O
10:04:20 PM tppsimulator silver into mud i guess ominous doge first
10:02:09 PM tppsimulator We talk to grape instead of fame
9:56:29 PM tppsimulator but ap boost you idiot
9:51:29 PM tppsimulator so scary wacky unplanned behind the scenes are i'm peeing myself that made me jump from almost 24/7 uptime for months is what's happening ThunBeast
9:48:29 PM tppsimulator We saw behind the scenes are i'm peeing myself that made me jump from my chair
9:46:09 PM tppsimulator Majin Boo WutFace
9:43:08 PM tppsimulator and now
9:40:08 PM tppsimulator Conglaturation. This story is fixed before commentary is best RaccAttack
9:34:32 PM tppsimulator wtf what went wrong?
9:31:32 PM tppsimulator CorgiDerp
9:28:31 PM tppsimulator This story is actually a guy Kappa
9:23:05 PM tppsimulator Give me when you one move looked like red girl
9:20:05 PM tppsimulator Tpp be unbalanced op OneHand
9:17:04 PM tppsimulator because stream is questioning why am i know if you one move