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3:45:04 AM xhodocto385 WutFace
3:45:01 AM xhodocto385 TOFU Wutface
3:44:13 AM xhodocto385 in where? Kappa
3:11:54 AM xhodocto385 ahh, the edgy neverpersian guy TriHard
3:11:21 AM xhodocto385 what dumb meme
3:11:17 AM xhodocto385 re-
3:08:17 AM xhodocto385 Kappa
3:06:40 AM xhodocto385 Tofu Kreygasm
3:06:18 AM xhodocto385 rw-
3:06:03 AM xhodocto385 ln-
3:05:55 AM xhodocto385 Kappa
3:05:52 AM xhodocto385 @CountRaposa more like free TriHard
3:05:30 AM xhodocto385 sim DansGame
2:59:07 AM xhodocto385 BigBrother *
2:59:03 AM xhodocto385 MAH CHOKE NigBrother
2:57:17 AM xhodocto385 WE DID IT RED IT PogChamp reddit
2:56:52 AM xhodocto385 PogChamp
2:56:41 AM xhodocto385 two flying lizards, i know who loses TriHard
2:35:45 AM xhodocto385 fucking commies ruin everything
2:35:40 AM xhodocto385 COMMIES DansGame
2:35:26 AM xhodocto385 VoHiYo MingLee
2:35:17 AM xhodocto385 WutFace oldenbat
2:35:12 AM xhodocto385 Oldenbat WutFace
2:34:56 AM xhodocto385 BR TriHard N TriHard
2:34:34 AM xhodocto385 TriHard
2:28:53 AM xhodocto385 BR TriHard N TriHard
2:24:32 AM xhodocto385 this music NotLikeThis for too long
2:01:13 AM xhodocto385 Kappa
2:01:11 AM xhodocto385 communists? DansGame
1:55:43 AM xhodocto385 pokemon red and blue had the worst pokemon battle sprites LUL
1:09:10 AM xhodocto385 clefable is fit? LUL
1:05:07 AM xhodocto385 wait this music is normal LUL i now realize
1:04:30 AM xhodocto385 WutFace OOOLDEN
1:04:26 AM xhodocto385 OLDEN WutFace
1:04:22 AM xhodocto385 OLDEN WutFace DUEL DUEL DUEL
12:58:43 AM xhodocto385 BigBrother mah choke
12:50:46 AM xhodocto385 are we at the ELITE FOUR PogChamp ???
12:50:19 AM xhodocto385 newsepisode 7 of Pop Team Epic just made another Pokemon reference LUL
12:28:53 AM xhodocto385 outspeed TriHard
8:18:32 PM xhodocto385 that was on 2015 the censorship
8:17:36 PM xhodocto385 which 3ds port
8:17:11 PM xhodocto385 what did Nintendo censorship do this time? DansGame
8:16:51 PM xhodocto385 hello zawascuLEEn MingLee
7:39:46 PM xhodocto385 see this in the next episode of this stream
7:39:37 PM xhodocto385 will the two universes fuse into one again Kappa ?
7:30:28 PM xhodocto385 R W B Y
7:30:17 PM xhodocto385 Kappa
7:07:07 PM xhodocto385 animated FailFish WutFace
7:06:45 PM xhodocto385 hello people of two universes HeyGuys
4:58:06 AM xhodocto385 the alakazam is so great it knows haitian VOODOO PogChamp
4:23:50 AM xhodocto385 looks like it Pyrolyze, you remember him with the pink hair and cute eevee-like eyes
4:22:56 AM xhodocto385 news gays i mean guys Kappa, Ilima is in the anime KappaPride
2:26:54 AM xhodocto385 Serena? more like SHITRENA DansGame
2:19:35 AM xhodocto385 Keepo
2:19:24 AM xhodocto385 when does the music switch to its blue side?
2:19:12 AM xhodocto385 whend oes the music switch to the blue side?
2:15:28 AM xhodocto385 ANELE tel elf ang music
10:21:20 PM xhodocto385 i prefer meowth, but still
10:21:08 PM xhodocto385 darklordhamlet is so edgy Kappa
9:35:14 PM xhodocto385 liek, you type with typo TriHard
9:35:01 PM xhodocto385 nintendo switch PogChamp a secret
5:06:31 AM xhodocto385 beetle PogChamp
5:05:35 AM xhodocto385 wrong track DansGame
5:05:21 AM xhodocto385 blown away TriHard
4:49:07 AM xhodocto385 who is sara
7:33:15 PM xhodocto385 Cats DansGame are mischevous assess
7:32:50 PM xhodocto385 BigBrother raxo
7:32:30 PM xhodocto385 i mean BARK THE CATS AWAY OhMyDog
7:32:13 PM xhodocto385 OhMyDog
7:32:09 PM xhodocto385 OhMyDog BARF THE CATS AWAY VoteYea
7:26:51 PM xhodocto385 OhMyDog too late sim
7:20:15 PM xhodocto385 TriHard
6:49:51 PM xhodocto385 Kappa
6:49:49 PM xhodocto385 Kreygasm sim that was random
6:26:52 PM xhodocto385 go to spoopy place and try to put that s.s music from XD BigBrother
6:10:48 PM xhodocto385 children BigBrother
6:10:03 PM xhodocto385 the chorus is great
6:00:35 PM xhodocto385 MUSIC DansGame DansGame DansGame
6:00:06 PM xhodocto385 no respect for missile BORT bomb
5:54:39 PM xhodocto385 bot WutFace
4:59:01 PM xhodocto385 type WutFace if this is OLDENBAT
4:58:48 PM xhodocto385 OLDENBAT WutFace
4:58:33 PM xhodocto385 WutFace
4:58:31 PM xhodocto385 Tongue Bat WetFace
4:58:21 PM xhodocto385 WutFace
4:58:19 PM xhodocto385 TONGUE BAT WetFace
5:33:10 AM xhodocto385 BibleThump * ooops
5:33:05 AM xhodocto385 this is sad BibbleTrump
2:09:20 AM xhodocto385 music system goign haywire Jebaited
2:07:13 AM xhodocto385 LOSORS BORT
2:07:08 AM xhodocto385 L TriHard S TriHard RS
1:59:23 AM xhodocto385 WutFace spooopy
1:58:54 AM xhodocto385 WutFace Olden
1:58:51 AM xhodocto385 Olden WuTface
1:58:46 AM xhodocto385 MrDestructoid robotic beats
1:58:24 AM xhodocto385 g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g--g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g- ghost WutFace
1:58:04 AM xhodocto385 g-g-g-g-g-g ghost WutFace
1:57:58 AM xhodocto385 g-g-g-g-g-g ghosts WutFace
1:57:52 AM xhodocto385 WutFace SPOOPY
1:56:27 AM xhodocto385 sim CoolCat
1:56:08 AM xhodocto385 CHARBOK
1:56:03 AM xhodocto385 re-
1:55:56 AM xhodocto385 elf monster says no time to use that LUL BORT
1:54:32 AM xhodocto385 OhMyDog i mean Bark
1:54:23 AM xhodocto385 OhMyDog BARF THE CATS AWAY
1:54:13 AM xhodocto385 WutFace LDEN
1:53:10 AM xhodocto385 le-
1:53:07 AM xhodocto385 G Olden WutFace rod
1:52:42 AM xhodocto385 VoteNay DansGame
1:52:30 AM xhodocto385 O WutFace LDEN
1:52:24 AM xhodocto385 WutFace
1:52:15 AM xhodocto385 OLDEN WutFace praise him and the error
1:52:04 AM xhodocto385 OLDEN
1:52:00 AM xhodocto385 OLDNE
1:51:57 AM xhodocto385 DansGame
12:20:07 AM xhodocto385 hello
2:24:35 AM xhodocto385 thanks streamer
12:54:58 AM xhodocto385 LORE says we fight for the universe to be reset again LUL
12:54:23 AM xhodocto385 #BadWolfEFGH
12:54:06 AM xhodocto385 #BadWolfEFGH
12:53:51 AM xhodocto385 #BadWolfEFGH
12:48:09 AM xhodocto385 inb4 we mess up to RESET LUL
12:47:31 AM xhodocto385 that Ultra Beast is Xena aka EFGH
12:47:20 AM xhodocto385 LORE: considering the lore on reddit, WE ARE CONTROLLING AN ULTRA BEAST WutFace
12:42:29 AM xhodocto385 Xena is rewinding time due to insanity by the voices WutFace , oldenne i didnt do anything Keepo
12:41:59 AM xhodocto385 Xena is rewinding time WutFace LORE
12:41:48 AM xhodocto385 LORE time: Xena is rewinding time due to insanity by the voices WutFace
12:41:18 AM xhodocto385 LUL inb4 reset and then DansGame
12:41:07 AM xhodocto385 inb4 reset LUL
12:38:20 AM xhodocto385 CH LUL KE
12:38:15 AM xhodocto385 CH OMEGALUL KE
12:38:08 AM xhodocto385 RESET LUL RESET LUL
12:38:04 AM xhodocto385 RESET LUL
12:37:54 AM xhodocto385 oh come one lets trade SwiftRage
12:19:34 AM xhodocto385 trade or progress TriHard
12:18:55 AM xhodocto385 bill is crazy OneHand
12:18:11 AM xhodocto385 rs-
12:18:06 AM xhodocto385 rn-
12:18:00 AM xhodocto385 rs-
12:17:53 AM xhodocto385 jealous of bill LUL
12:12:45 AM xhodocto385 elf monster lab BORT
12:12:36 AM xhodocto385 robopon music DansGame
9:03:29 PM xhodocto385 LUK the salt on the serena x ash ship today on Valentine LUL
6:55:33 PM xhodocto385 i missed the raid? was it a TPP raid? Kappa
6:53:32 PM xhodocto385 lb-
6:43:24 PM xhodocto385 only two Keepo s DansGame
6:37:16 PM xhodocto385 PartyTime PARTY TIME
6:35:00 PM xhodocto385 PartyTime this is party tyme
6:31:43 PM xhodocto385 that ching chong music MingLee
6:31:29 PM xhodocto385 MingLee
6:23:37 PM xhodocto385 tofu music Kreygasm
5:46:37 PM xhodocto385 this music NotLikeThis
5:17:51 PM xhodocto385 rw by Kappa
5:17:47 PM xhodocto385 rw by
5:17:10 PM xhodocto385 the audio seems to change volume when it comes to the in game sound effects? why?
4:31:55 PM xhodocto385 why no Zeraora in the lastest corocoro? DansGame
4:31:38 PM xhodocto385 hello
4:48:43 AM xhodocto385 #EFGH
4:43:24 AM xhodocto385 #EFGH
4:14:43 AM xhodocto385 wrong music TriHard
4:13:33 AM xhodocto385 praise EFGH WutFace
4:13:26 AM xhodocto385 i mean EFGH WutFace
4:13:20 AM xhodocto385 OLDEN WutFace
4:13:05 AM xhodocto385 yes PogChamp nuked
4:12:46 AM xhodocto385 NUKE CANCERMARI BARF PUKE DansGame
4:12:39 AM xhodocto385 CANCERMARI DansGame
4:11:50 AM xhodocto385 Lwaxana troi the woman trainer Kappa
4:11:18 AM xhodocto385 everyone speak for the E F G H
4:11:08 AM xhodocto385 #EFGH
4:09:46 AM xhodocto385 Pikachu is an EFGH? WutFace LORO
4:09:32 AM xhodocto385 #EFGH
4:09:28 AM xhodocto385 @YandoTriangl it spoke to everyone in teh same red and blue universes
4:09:01 AM xhodocto385 #EFGH
4:08:55 AM xhodocto385 praise the new olden god EFGH
4:08:38 AM xhodocto385 #EFGH
4:08:23 AM xhodocto385 DatSheffy
4:08:17 AM xhodocto385 lore time, Xena is the human form of EFGH Kappa the new outsider
4:07:58 AM xhodocto385 #EFGH
1:18:37 AM xhodocto385 still on ss anne
12:32:58 AM xhodocto385 lizard?, more like fire salamander LUL
12:32:37 AM xhodocto385 EFGH do we still sense it
12:24:59 AM xhodocto385 what does that mean
12:24:56 AM xhodocto385 there is a new menace called EFGH WutFace
12:17:05 AM xhodocto385 how does outside game music connect with the events on the game?
12:13:43 AM xhodocto385 VoteYea
12:07:01 AM xhodocto385 heretics tossing helix DansGame
12:06:23 AM xhodocto385 you mean Thugtrio zawas MingLee
12:06:01 AM xhodocto385 WETFACE
12:05:45 AM xhodocto385 WutFace OLDEN ROD
12:05:40 AM xhodocto385 OLDEN ROD WutFace
12:05:12 AM xhodocto385 No TriHard
9:10:08 PM xhodocto385 name of the music?
7:54:31 PM xhodocto385 SPACE A BRA OneHand
7:54:24 PM xhodocto385 A BRA OneHand
7:54:01 PM xhodocto385 let is evolve into KADA BRA BigBrother
7:53:29 PM xhodocto385 we have an A BRA BigBrother ?
7:52:52 PM xhodocto385 657
7:52:38 PM xhodocto385 650 now
7:51:20 PM xhodocto385 abby? BibleThump prevo
7:51:00 PM xhodocto385 what is with the biblethumps WutFace
7:50:27 PM xhodocto385 closer to 666 viewers WutFace
7:50:04 PM xhodocto385 669 WutFace
7:49:34 PM xhodocto385 we are playing genwunner crap again Kappa do we PBR NOW
7:49:12 PM xhodocto385 outspeeding rattata WutFace
7:48:59 PM xhodocto385 outspeeding trainers DansGame
7:47:21 PM xhodocto385 666 viewers WutFace
5:42:39 AM xhodocto385 eun
5:09:12 AM xhodocto385 PRAISE OLDEN WutFace
5:08:57 AM xhodocto385 OLDEN OLDEN WutFace
5:08:52 AM xhodocto385 OLDEN
4:53:17 AM xhodocto385 WHAT HAPPENED TO SIM
4:53:12 AM xhodocto385 Praise OLDEN WutFace
4:53:06 AM xhodocto385 OLDEN WutFace
2:55:41 AM xhodocto385 Lee MingLee dges
2:51:44 AM xhodocto385 and coincidence, Xion is female Kappa
2:51:20 AM xhodocto385 Kappa Xion is beyond a replica Kappa
2:51:09 AM xhodocto385 Xion is a faulty replica Kappa
2:50:58 AM xhodocto385 Kappa xion is a nobody
2:50:50 AM xhodocto385 XION IS A NOBODY Kappa
2:49:47 AM xhodocto385 Xion is winning PogChamp
2:49:05 AM xhodocto385 R TriHard TT TriHard T TriHard
2:48:07 AM xhodocto385 XION WINNIPEGS, XION XION XION, Kingdom Hearts 3 confirmed VoteYea VoteNay
2:47:45 AM xhodocto385 LORE WutFace time the name is XION, kingdom hearts flashbacks WutFace
2:45:29 AM xhodocto385 gotta go fast chat PartyTime
2:22:17 AM xhodocto385 ultra moon after this VoteYea VoteNay
2:21:43 AM xhodocto385 chat is too fast no one will ever know i love boys love yaoi KappaPride
2:21:04 AM xhodocto385 another genwunnersgame DansGame
11:50:22 PM xhodocto385 you guess it, now trump reigns
11:50:13 PM xhodocto385 sim WutFace
8:54:41 PM xhodocto385 misspell sim MingLee its You
8:38:54 PM xhodocto385 any cat will become an entei TriHard because lions are big cats
8:38:41 PM xhodocto385 they will become tigers and roar TriHard
8:37:58 PM xhodocto385 Kappa
8:37:51 PM xhodocto385 VoteNay DansGame ANNONYING CATS
8:37:42 PM xhodocto385 CorgiDerp this is the year of the dog after all
8:37:31 PM xhodocto385 VoteYea
6:55:33 PM xhodocto385 this day what
6:26:42 PM xhodocto385 cmonBruh ok that is too much sex jokes this day
6:26:17 PM xhodocto385 cmonBruh virgin vaginas
6:25:55 PM xhodocto385 Virgin*
6:25:50 PM xhodocto385 Vigina is a Virgina Vaginna WutFace
6:25:12 PM xhodocto385 its over.... OVERRATED MEME DansGame
6:24:48 PM xhodocto385 Vulgina OneHand the jap name of Mandibuzz
6:24:37 PM xhodocto385 teddiursa that is a nice idea so compensate for the lack of sentret's patagia
6:23:51 PM xhodocto385 deep web WutFace
6:23:33 PM xhodocto385 ResidentSleeper * oops
6:23:27 PM xhodocto385 im so bored PresidentSleeper
5:33:47 PM xhodocto385 unless you summon the banhammers, but its my opinion when it comes to hating katamari
5:33:22 PM xhodocto385 LUL defying physics