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9:40:46 PM xhodocto385 DatSheffy
8:15:35 PM xhodocto385 Kappa
6:34:28 PM xhodocto385 i wonder if Nkekev will dislike USUM
6:34:03 PM xhodocto385 i feel sorry for them
6:33:58 PM xhodocto385 Jebaited today japanese gamers disliked USUM MingLee
5:04:39 PM xhodocto385 furry cutter with sharp paws RitzMitz
5:04:27 PM xhodocto385 DadsGame
5:03:55 PM xhodocto385 weebs DansGame
4:13:49 PM xhodocto385 BigBrother
4:13:47 PM xhodocto385 MansCame
4:13:39 PM xhodocto385 DansGame
4:12:58 PM xhodocto385 Popplio DansGame Primarina Kreygasm
4:12:35 PM xhodocto385 thanks Kappa sim
3:47:07 PM xhodocto385 Jebaited
3:47:02 PM xhodocto385 imagine Arceus in a Zoo Kappa zawasculin
3:46:27 PM xhodocto385 BibleThump
3:46:23 PM xhodocto385 MingLee zoo pokemon PETA DansGame
3:13:41 PM xhodocto385 Kappa
3:13:25 PM xhodocto385 tupe LUL typo
3:12:42 PM xhodocto385 @Zawasculin DEAL WITH IT
3:10:08 PM xhodocto385 TriHard sim what chu say cmonBruh
3:09:29 PM xhodocto385 @Zawasculin zawas there is no stopping the furfags TriHard
3:09:05 PM xhodocto385 Kreygasm
3:06:36 PM xhodocto385 KIPPO KIPPA
3:06:16 PM xhodocto385 SIM IS A GENWUNNER DansGame
3:05:47 PM xhodocto385 YamiDeku TriHard its not
3:05:11 PM xhodocto385 someone must have created it, it doesnt look natural
3:04:58 PM xhodocto385 what is the origin of the anistar sundial? Kappa
3:04:23 PM xhodocto385 both of you get in the bag DansGame
3:04:08 PM xhodocto385 battle, Nebby, Nebby and Neggrozma TriHard
3:03:16 PM xhodocto385 the third notable gender difference, first with nidos and second with tauros miltank
3:02:26 PM xhodocto385 but still....
3:02:23 PM xhodocto385 i know keks
3:02:03 PM xhodocto385 Black hippo TriHard
3:01:50 PM xhodocto385 Olden Sun WutFace
3:00:41 PM xhodocto385 WutFace *
3:00:27 PM xhodocto385 Light of Ruin WutFaceOLDEN LIGHT
3:00:05 PM xhodocto385 ahh i forgot
2:59:29 PM xhodocto385 AZ floette is just a recolor TriHard
2:58:48 PM xhodocto385 BibleThump * oops
2:58:43 PM xhodocto385 its Been 3000 years BibbleTramp
2:57:10 PM xhodocto385 to be fair the XY pokemon are great, the map and trainers on teh other hand TriHard
2:56:24 PM xhodocto385 Kippa 7
2:56:22 PM xhodocto385 Kippa7
2:56:02 PM xhodocto385 FUCKING BRASTO BARRNN
2:55:52 PM xhodocto385 i wonder if Clemont's and Alain's seiyuu is aware of the salt that occurred in the XYZ anime after THAT moment LUL
2:54:37 PM xhodocto385 except that nameless cuck who [DATA EXPUNGED] the frog.
2:53:57 PM xhodocto385 XY so bad, yet anime arc was better.. for you shonen fans Kappa
2:53:14 PM xhodocto385 TriHard TOO FEW KALOSMONS
2:53:07 PM xhodocto385 TriHard KALOS LUL
2:51:53 PM xhodocto385 yes so why ask TriHard
2:51:03 PM xhodocto385 gg
2:50:03 PM xhodocto385 even the groudonfags of 4chan know USUM IS FUCKING NOTHING
2:49:16 PM xhodocto385 USUM IS JUST DLC LUL
2:48:56 PM xhodocto385 im glad
2:48:47 PM xhodocto385 Kippa
2:48:23 PM xhodocto385 @MrRay190 and you think EA is better? LUL TriHard der
2:47:53 PM xhodocto385 Ultra Megalopolis should be a large city NOT A SHORT HALLWAY WAAAAAH BabyRage
2:46:57 PM xhodocto385 mr ray i agree in some way
2:46:25 PM xhodocto385 @Zawasculin then the japs must wait for gen 8 with pokken models and new unique mons that are not furrybaits, then it would be better TriHard
2:44:30 PM xhodocto385 Beasts* oops
2:44:02 PM xhodocto385 @BeaterGG it sucks LUL game is suck forever
2:43:34 PM xhodocto385 next music.... Secret of Mana remake coming 2018 PogChamp
2:41:01 PM xhodocto385 L TriHard S TriHard R
2:40:06 PM xhodocto385 you know what else is 10000000 light years away? the Mario universe Kappa if Ultra Space is interuniversal
2:39:22 PM xhodocto385 PogChamp yes sim
2:39:13 PM xhodocto385 LUL
2:37:59 PM xhodocto385 @Zawasculin yes, but it doesn't look ectoplasmic or having even shadows, its just an stilt archer owl Kappa
2:36:58 PM xhodocto385 O-O-O-O OLDEN WutFace ? Kappa
2:35:10 PM xhodocto385 @Zawasculin yet decidueye doesn't even look like a ghost Kappa
2:34:17 PM xhodocto385 DansGame * oops
2:34:12 PM xhodocto385 now Get in the Bag BagsGame
2:33:49 PM xhodocto385 Nebby dont eat it
2:33:44 PM xhodocto385 fast food DansGame is unhealthy
2:33:08 PM xhodocto385 Feeb ASS BigBrother
2:30:06 PM xhodocto385 do i sense drama DansGame
2:29:09 PM xhodocto385 @Zc230 WutFace i bet the pokemon models would be like pokken in gen 8 Kappa
2:28:31 PM xhodocto385 WutFace
2:28:28 PM xhodocto385 ride sharp pedo? BigBrother
2:26:45 PM xhodocto385 all wrong Kappa
2:25:56 PM xhodocto385 @ultracosmog your name PogChamp still get in the bag Kappa
2:25:10 PM xhodocto385 Kappa LUL zawas, to be fair the ultra spaces are just hallways Kappa
2:24:16 PM xhodocto385 WAKE UP PEOPLE and dont USUM run MingLee Kappa
2:22:57 PM xhodocto385 hi
6:02:53 AM xhodocto385 im sorry
6:02:31 AM xhodocto385 my body is Reggie TriHard Nigga
6:02:18 AM xhodocto385 Reggie TriHard Gigga
5:56:56 AM xhodocto385 "It uses its wings to adjust its body temperature. Otherwise, its metal body would become too hot and melt in the heat of battle" SCIZOR MELTS OFF WutFace
5:55:37 AM xhodocto385 Krookodile and Flygon are friends Kappa according to USUM
5:54:14 AM xhodocto385 also Carracosta eats helix
5:53:52 AM xhodocto385 Game Freak is aware of us Masterlightx WutFace
5:53:23 AM xhodocto385 what if its BigBrother furries
5:53:13 AM xhodocto385 guys, Lucario's USUM pokedex entry says that it detects things and it doesn't wanna know about those things WutFace
5:49:47 AM xhodocto385 Kappa how empty this chat is now, rate it from 1 to 10 Kappa
4:48:58 AM xhodocto385 its the same game as i found out Kappa
4:48:43 AM xhodocto385 scrubs are the people who buy USUM TriHard
3:46:06 AM xhodocto385 looked at the link
3:45:32 AM xhodocto385 worst game Keepo
3:00:21 AM xhodocto385 yes look it up
2:59:56 AM xhodocto385 no really
2:59:50 AM xhodocto385 people, USUM are the worst reviewed pokemon games in japan now MingLee
1:08:03 AM xhodocto385 HERE MingLee YOU DONT SAY
1:07:51 AM xhodocto385 Mee Lee Thicc MingLee
1:06:57 AM xhodocto385 everyone go to bed DansGame Kappa
1:06:43 AM xhodocto385 then why we are using it Kappa if it sucks
1:06:07 AM xhodocto385 Toads as minions Keepo
1:05:34 AM xhodocto385 keep in mind that the Minions are very popular in Japan too Kappa
1:04:45 AM xhodocto385 because it predicted Mario Odyssey with the realistic dinosaur yoshi MingLee
1:04:21 AM xhodocto385 now call me weird, but i still enjoy the cheesy live action mario film from's the 90's
1:03:45 AM xhodocto385 just hope the mario movie will be real, an Animated one i mean
12:36:36 AM xhodocto385 time for the super serious awkward justice boss music PogChamp
12:33:56 AM xhodocto385 SWEEP
12:33:37 AM xhodocto385 he was really a TriHard monkey
12:33:17 AM xhodocto385 butt fire monkey TriHard
12:32:25 AM xhodocto385 christian server? ARCEUS is dead TriHard
12:31:51 AM xhodocto385 furfag trash rock DansGame
12:31:09 AM xhodocto385 blame zawas cu leen MingLee
12:30:19 AM xhodocto385 next is legit sonic furfag trash music RitzMitz
12:29:31 AM xhodocto385 dad 144 DansGame SUPERCENTENARIANS
12:29:12 AM xhodocto385 oh its Rock Golem entei TriHard
12:28:41 AM xhodocto385 right inputter has an offensive part of the name, niggo TriHard
12:26:45 AM xhodocto385 Brave pitcher plant MingLee
12:26:33 AM xhodocto385 Olden grudge WutFace
12:25:21 AM xhodocto385 BigBrother *
12:25:14 AM xhodocto385 @tppsimulator we must nuke it together DansGame BigBrothe rnow
12:24:34 AM xhodocto385 DansGame YES DO IT
12:23:52 AM xhodocto385 Puke DansGame
12:23:16 AM xhodocto385 DansGame BARF
12:22:52 AM xhodocto385 undertail DansGame nuke that futa shit too
12:22:28 AM xhodocto385 VoteYea DansGame
12:21:33 AM xhodocto385 DansGame AGREED SIM NUKE UNDERTALE
12:18:58 AM xhodocto385 DansGame you all stay in the fucking bag
12:18:46 AM xhodocto385 GET IN THE BAG DansGame
12:18:23 AM xhodocto385 nice custom loop
12:17:45 AM xhodocto385 :D
12:16:15 AM xhodocto385 NUKE UNDERTALE DansGame
12:16:07 AM xhodocto385 UNDERTALE DansGame
12:15:20 AM xhodocto385 here it comes prepare your DansGame s
12:13:13 AM xhodocto385 not undertale hour please
12:12:49 AM xhodocto385 next is song...... DansGame OUTBIDD IT
12:12:32 AM xhodocto385 NACA TriHard
12:09:13 AM xhodocto385 chat will be crowded when usum begins Kappa reyn time
11:54:55 PM xhodocto385 BarfsCame
11:54:41 PM xhodocto385 DansGame SIM
11:53:29 PM xhodocto385 BORT
11:53:20 PM xhodocto385 TriHard
11:53:02 PM xhodocto385 daddy issues DansGame
11:52:49 PM xhodocto385 Kappa
11:52:28 PM xhodocto385 DadsGame
11:52:21 PM xhodocto385 DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame this is the max
11:52:05 PM xhodocto385 DansGame
9:22:11 PM xhodocto385 gringo green ghost Kappa a made a pun
9:21:54 PM xhodocto385 spoopy green ghost WutFace
9:21:13 PM xhodocto385 WutFace sim
9:21:01 PM xhodocto385 Metagod BigBrother
9:19:40 PM xhodocto385 MONEY LOST
9:19:35 PM xhodocto385 DansGame NOOOO
9:18:26 PM xhodocto385 no space
9:18:08 PM xhodocto385 Wet Face WutFace
9:17:20 PM xhodocto385 WutFace OLDEN
9:16:34 PM xhodocto385 sim wut
9:13:07 PM xhodocto385 sim TriHard
8:36:34 PM xhodocto385 LUL spoilers
8:36:30 PM xhodocto385 masked royal is Kukui BORT
8:36:10 PM xhodocto385 ANELE ated
8:36:02 PM xhodocto385 this song Kreygasm TriHard
8:35:54 PM xhodocto385 TriHard
7:47:14 PM xhodocto385 MingLee sim
7:46:26 PM xhodocto385 looks like someone voted my headcanon for ultra megalopolis on reddit PogChamp
7:46:01 PM xhodocto385 oops
7:39:32 PM xhodocto385 lum
7:39:01 PM xhodocto385 imagine Necrozma just ate another star somewhere
7:38:31 PM xhodocto385 we hope, or else all lore will fail
7:38:21 PM xhodocto385 153 views will skyrocket once the necrozma game comes Kappa
7:22:53 PM xhodocto385 i have read the pre-usum lore on reddit WutFace there is a darkness coming
7:22:31 PM xhodocto385 hi
9:49:44 PM xhodocto385 yes futunder
9:48:55 PM xhodocto385 leave the dogs alone
9:48:30 PM xhodocto385 futadog? DansGame BARF PUKE
9:20:45 PM xhodocto385 and yugioh Kappa
9:20:38 PM xhodocto385 its digimon Keepo
8:46:32 PM xhodocto385 BigBrother
8:46:14 PM xhodocto385 speed * typo
8:46:10 PM xhodocto385 speedo boost LUL
8:13:15 PM xhodocto385 we should be forced? DansGame
8:13:08 PM xhodocto385 Kappa yes sim
8:05:59 PM xhodocto385 and humanoids
8:05:38 PM xhodocto385 they would look like cliche monsters
8:05:25 PM xhodocto385 dedaav dont say such things DansGame
7:57:30 PM xhodocto385 PogChamp
7:57:26 PM xhodocto385 WutFace final boss music hour?
7:22:20 PM xhodocto385 CLONECEPTION
6:16:56 PM xhodocto385 i want rex in smash bros 5
6:16:26 PM xhodocto385 how is an alien a keyboard DansGame
6:15:16 PM xhodocto385 dont drain the fun of ridleys
6:14:33 PM xhodocto385 UB Adhesive is not spoiler, its officially shown on website
6:14:16 PM xhodocto385 extradimensional space dragons Kreygasm
6:13:41 PM xhodocto385 Kappa not too big for smash this time
6:13:27 PM xhodocto385 will you nickname your Poipole Ridley? Kappa because you know...
5:37:06 PM xhodocto385 SIM WutFace is bleeding
5:36:41 PM xhodocto385 with the ultra wormholes, its rick and morty time Kappa
5:30:53 PM xhodocto385 nebby time
5:29:31 PM xhodocto385 USUM time? PogChamp
5:29:22 PM xhodocto385 hiya
5:27:34 AM xhodocto385 LUL
5:18:30 AM xhodocto385 the triggered fish MingLee zaawas
5:05:03 AM xhodocto385 unown
5:04:45 AM xhodocto385 but we are humans
4:59:56 AM xhodocto385 the new donk city day music is just pure jazz Kreygasm
4:59:43 AM xhodocto385 i hope they add mario odyssey music after usum
4:52:05 AM xhodocto385 no one here
4:51:44 AM xhodocto385 BabyRage
4:50:54 AM xhodocto385 is there any The Idolmaster SideM fan here?
4:46:26 AM xhodocto385 no sim
4:42:53 AM xhodocto385 TriHard
4:36:21 AM xhodocto385 it has the za warudo thing Keepo
4:35:11 AM xhodocto385 what image is it
4:34:01 AM xhodocto385 the Time Eater wasn't generic
4:32:31 AM xhodocto385 but the final boss is too generic and easy
4:32:17 AM xhodocto385 Sonic Forces ruined Persona 5 TriHard
4:31:54 AM xhodocto385 decent? TriHard not for you zawas, PARADOX
4:29:25 AM xhodocto385 where
4:28:00 AM xhodocto385 next song is furfag trash RitzMitz
4:27:37 AM xhodocto385 admadam wait until match ends LUL
4:27:29 AM xhodocto385 YES
4:20:40 AM xhodocto385 FART DansGame
4:18:14 AM xhodocto385 EleGiggle * oops
4:18:08 AM xhodocto385 MELO ELE NIGGLE
4:11:48 AM xhodocto385 KappaPride love
4:09:14 AM xhodocto385 not as scary TriHard
4:07:13 AM xhodocto385 SWALOT has no teeth, so what it eats, it swallows whole, no matter what. Its cavernous mouth yawns widely. An automobile tire could easily fit inside this POKéMON’s mouth. WutFace
4:05:59 AM xhodocto385 i think Giratina was rebelling against Arceus, Giratina wanted to control the Universe
4:05:14 AM xhodocto385 "It was banished for its violence. It silently gazed upon the old world from the Distortion World." WutFace what kind of violence did the Giratina do?
4:02:35 AM xhodocto385 WutFace OLDEN WutFace
4:02:24 AM xhodocto385 WutFace OLDEN
4:02:13 AM xhodocto385 OLDEN WutFace
4:02:10 AM xhodocto385 OLDEN
4:01:45 AM xhodocto385 Kappa traveling
3:57:01 AM xhodocto385 PRChase someone give me chipmunks voice
3:56:36 AM xhodocto385 SPOOPY WutFace
3:56:25 AM xhodocto385 WutFace zawas
3:51:08 AM xhodocto385 zawas they were once humans WutFace LIKE US
3:50:41 AM xhodocto385 @Dayrunner79 not when zawas is here DansGame FURFAG TRASH CRAP
3:49:40 AM xhodocto385 SHIT SPLASH
3:49:32 AM xhodocto385 paper mario color shit incoming DansGame NUKE NUKE NUKE
3:49:18 AM xhodocto385 kirby Kreygasm better than cancermari
3:47:55 AM xhodocto385 its ruined TriHard
3:47:11 AM xhodocto385 eww gen 5 WutFace, sonic furfag trash music DansGame, cancermari damashit DansGame , splatoon cancer DansGame
3:46:15 AM xhodocto385 PUKEPUKEPUKE DansGame