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8:24:06 PM zobblewobble WutFace
2:30:00 AM zobblewobble Not a one shot :(
2:28:58 AM zobblewobble @GlaceonMyst the furret
12:50:33 PM zobblewobble HOLD STILL WOMAN SwiftRage Kappa
8:02:09 AM zobblewobble You know, pokemon leagues could give us trouble even without level cap in previous games. If bugsy his giving this much trouble, I don't even wan't to think aobut what Lance is going to be like NotLikeThis
8:00:06 AM zobblewobble Time to heal
7:59:39 AM zobblewobble KAPOW
6:49:47 AM zobblewobble TO THE FOREST SwiftRage
6:49:18 AM zobblewobble KAPOW
6:48:13 AM zobblewobble Maybe we need to grind pidgey until it can outspeed heracross OMGscoots
6:47:43 AM zobblewobble Kappa
6:47:06 AM zobblewobble Kappa
6:47:01 AM zobblewobble PogChamp
6:45:35 AM zobblewobble at least its slot 4 Kappa
6:44:01 AM zobblewobble Teh Urn?
6:43:27 AM zobblewobble PogChamp
6:33:32 AM zobblewobble @EtherealPuffin True, though the shock of Abby leaving was so great that it spread around the internet (was actually how I discovered TPP after I saw the meme world light up with anti-False Prophet stuff)
6:31:10 AM zobblewobble @EtherealPuffin Releasing Abby
6:30:08 AM zobblewobble CHEATER BabyRage
6:28:26 AM zobblewobble KAPOW
6:27:52 AM zobblewobble SwiftRage
6:25:00 AM zobblewobble Level PogChamp
6:18:29 AM zobblewobble @lukerbom12 Ah TPP, one of the only places you'll see someone actually use fury cutter to its full potential Kappa
6:17:35 AM zobblewobble FailFish
6:15:21 AM zobblewobble exp PogChamp
12:55:43 AM zobblewobble Too bad everything's going to get curb stomped by Chikorita now BrokeBack
12:55:12 AM zobblewobble EleGiggle
10:15:13 PM zobblewobble @shadowpuppet97 there's a level cap at 30 for now
10:14:10 PM zobblewobble @ThatGuyBerry Oh and there's level caps so we can't get above lvl 30 until we beat bugsy
10:13:33 PM zobblewobble @ThatGuyBerry I don't no much about it except that items are not usable in battles, Gym Leaders all have 6 pokemon, and there is slightly different wild pokemon distribution I think
10:12:11 PM zobblewobble @ThatGuyBerry Pyrite Hack
10:11:58 PM zobblewobble BrokeBack
10:10:34 PM zobblewobble Catch PogChamp
10:04:40 PM zobblewobble Let's go to the forest after this SeemsGood
10:03:43 PM zobblewobble So we just need Chikorita to miss and Yxxwvvn to land a Metronome Fissure to win guys DBstyle Kappa
10:02:56 PM zobblewobble RIP
9:59:56 PM zobblewobble Kappa
8:29:53 PM zobblewobble double level up PogChamp
8:29:41 PM zobblewobble xp PogChamp
8:29:28 PM zobblewobble @AhstTraotee Nope, apparently a Pyrite thing
8:26:40 PM zobblewobble WutFace
8:14:55 PM zobblewobble ResidentSleeper
9:28:42 AM zobblewobble Kappa
9:27:40 AM zobblewobble Kappa
9:27:38 AM zobblewobble bKapp
9:20:36 AM zobblewobble Possible Tactical Defense Curl Setup? OMGscoots
9:19:23 AM zobblewobble What did I do NotLikeThis
9:18:45 AM zobblewobble TriHard
9:16:05 AM zobblewobble therefore falkner= KappaWealth
9:15:52 AM zobblewobble So the gym layout is the shape of $
9:12:09 AM zobblewobble Don't worry we can sweep this with !! since he's a rock type DBStyle Kappa
9:11:41 AM zobblewobble !!
9:11:14 AM zobblewobble Kappa
9:09:05 AM zobblewobble DOOT DOOT
9:06:21 AM zobblewobble Level up hype PogChamp
9:04:34 AM zobblewobble This will go well Kappa
9:43:25 PM zobblewobble FailFish
9:42:59 PM zobblewobble Actual appropriate use of healing items? This isn't TPP DansGame
9:42:27 PM zobblewobble PogChamp
9:42:11 PM zobblewobble PogChamp
9:42:07 PM zobblewobble We're going to black out to pidgey again arent NotLIkeThis
9:40:40 PM zobblewobble Don't you dare push up
9:32:58 PM zobblewobble PogChamp
9:31:53 PM zobblewobble PogChamp
9:22:57 PM zobblewobble SwiftRage
9:22:44 PM zobblewobble Cheater BabyRage
9:21:29 PM zobblewobble Son of Lazorgator vs Son of Olden WutFace
9:21:05 PM zobblewobble WutFace
9:18:58 PM zobblewobble NotLikeThis
9:18:42 PM zobblewobble WutFace
9:14:57 PM zobblewobble NotLIkeThis
9:10:44 PM zobblewobble WutFace
9:10:11 PM zobblewobble Splash+synthesis = cancer match BabyRage
9:09:02 PM zobblewobble Kappa
9:08:18 PM zobblewobble Lazorgator 2: Lazor with Vengeance
9:07:10 PM zobblewobble I knew we should have gone for the Chikorita :(
9:06:05 PM zobblewobble Noooooooooooooooooooo
9:05:36 PM zobblewobble upo+a
9:04:26 PM zobblewobble Color PogChamp
9:04:12 PM zobblewobble Eww is a masochist Kappa
9:03:38 PM zobblewobble TriHard alert
6:20:32 AM zobblewobble RIP
6:20:13 AM zobblewobble NotLikeThis not again
6:18:55 AM zobblewobble @Lady_Mon1ta Better than bulk up with a special set
6:18:32 AM zobblewobble SeemsGood
6:18:21 AM zobblewobble PogChamp exp
6:18:03 AM zobblewobble 3rd time's the charm
6:17:23 AM zobblewobble EleGiggle
3:18:11 AM zobblewobble CATCH PogChamp Kappa
3:17:13 AM zobblewobble RIP Kappa
3:16:25 AM zobblewobble WE'RE MANKING A WIND CHIME BOYS SwiftRage
3:15:48 AM zobblewobble Jebaited
3:15:10 AM zobblewobble Gobble MingLee
3:14:27 AM zobblewobble reuse
3:13:51 AM zobblewobble reuse
3:12:31 AM zobblewobble @MarchStar There is a butt ton of great moves that are exlusive to one species (Fiery Dance with Volcarona fore example), Statistically there are actually more good moves than bad moves
3:10:28 AM zobblewobble reuse
3:07:05 AM zobblewobble throw
3:05:26 AM zobblewobble Just Remembered its post game :(
3:05:03 AM zobblewobble PogChamp
3:03:50 AM zobblewobble @returnofMCH I mean, this is the game were Zekrom/Reshiram and Kyurem fuse Kappa
3:01:17 AM zobblewobble PogChamp
3:00:39 AM zobblewobble Reuse
3:00:35 AM zobblewobble BabyRage
3:00:15 AM zobblewobble I'm now starting to understand how Anakin Skywalker felt about sand Kappa
2:58:01 AM zobblewobble Throw
2:57:45 AM zobblewobble Kappa
2:57:37 AM zobblewobble PogChamp
2:56:25 AM zobblewobble Isn't the namerater in castelia city? OMGScoots
2:55:37 AM zobblewobble Now we use the burn heal BrokeBack
2:53:52 AM zobblewobble Quick use the Ice heal on they burn BrokeBack
2:52:45 AM zobblewobble @lukerbom12 We can grind sandile and bonsly atleast :)
2:51:58 AM zobblewobble TriHard
2:49:55 AM zobblewobble HeyGuys
7:50:21 AM zobblewobble WutFace
7:49:55 AM zobblewobble Let's do Double Battle Guys EleGiggle
7:47:33 AM zobblewobble @master_evil_penguin yes
5:25:31 AM zobblewobble Kappa
5:24:25 AM zobblewobble b+poke5
5:24:07 AM zobblewobble poke5
5:23:36 AM zobblewobble Poke6
5:22:56 AM zobblewobble PogChamp
5:22:23 AM zobblewobble Unown with more than 1 move WutFace BabyRage
5:21:39 AM zobblewobble b+poke5
5:21:16 AM zobblewobble poke5
5:21:05 AM zobblewobble poke5
5:20:49 AM zobblewobble poke5
5:20:15 AM zobblewobble Burn BabyRage
5:19:56 AM zobblewobble WutFace
5:17:54 AM zobblewobble Dance Riot it is then
5:17:37 AM zobblewobble VoteNay
5:17:31 AM zobblewobble VoteYea for Dance Riot VoteNay for Catching more Pokemon
5:16:10 AM zobblewobble New grass down and left from here SeemsGood
5:15:14 AM zobblewobble Catch pokes first then Gym SeemsGood
5:11:34 AM zobblewobble Checkpoint first DBstyle then catch
5:10:40 AM zobblewobble Axew PogChamp
5:09:22 AM zobblewobble HeyGuys Hey Mom
5:08:59 AM zobblewobble PogChamp
5:07:34 AM zobblewobble Oh sweet we caught a snivy
2:33:13 AM zobblewobble WutFace
2:07:12 AM zobblewobble b+192,96
2:06:31 AM zobblewobble WutFace
1:59:38 AM zobblewobble So the normal gym leader still had normal pokemon even in the randomizer OMGScoots
1:58:28 AM zobblewobble SwiftRage
1:57:48 AM zobblewobble Music PogChampo
1:56:53 AM zobblewobble poke6
1:56:08 AM zobblewobble poke6
1:55:50 AM zobblewobble poke6
1:55:23 AM zobblewobble WutFace
11:03:56 PM zobblewobble Clutch PogChamp
11:01:29 PM zobblewobble @Agustreet You can actually sell it to the guy before the post game, its just you can't normally get the items until post game
10:58:16 PM zobblewobble @Robbieh0102 No prob SeemsGood
10:57:36 PM zobblewobble @Robbieh0102 look below the party/badges on the display to see how many balls we have
10:57:02 PM zobblewobble @Robbieh0102 no
10:56:34 PM zobblewobble Kappa
10:52:28 PM zobblewobble Pichu's outline in the dexnav makes in look quadrapedal,
10:50:03 PM zobblewobble RIP money
10:49:54 PM zobblewobble Kappa
10:46:55 PM zobblewobble KappaWealth
10:44:25 PM zobblewobble no balls BabyRage
10:43:57 PM zobblewobble RIP ITEM
10:41:55 PM zobblewobble DexNav WutFace
10:41:13 PM zobblewobble CATCH PogChamp Kappa
10:39:03 PM zobblewobble b+down+30,130
10:38:17 PM zobblewobble no balls :(
10:37:17 PM zobblewobble u
10:36:25 PM zobblewobble R = SwiftRage
10:35:20 PM zobblewobble Jebaited
10:32:54 PM zobblewobble Namerater in castelia city guys DBstyle
9:56:50 PM zobblewobble PogChamp
9:51:23 PM zobblewobble Kappa
9:50:31 PM zobblewobble Wingull to Stronk, plz nerf
9:49:58 PM zobblewobble WutFace
9:49:35 PM zobblewobble ONE PUNCH BIRD
9:49:29 PM zobblewobble WutFace
9:44:52 PM zobblewobble Failed Suicide Attempt Kappa
9:43:48 PM zobblewobble Spit up Final Gambit combo Guys DBStyle
9:42:51 PM zobblewobble PogChamp
9:38:33 PM zobblewobble TriHart attack
9:38:22 PM zobblewobble reuse
9:38:04 PM zobblewobble BabyRage
9:37:53 PM zobblewobble reuse
9:36:28 PM zobblewobble reuse
9:36:11 PM zobblewobble b+2,189
9:35:51 PM zobblewobble Substitute PogChamp
9:35:11 PM zobblewobble PogChamp
9:27:46 PM zobblewobble Kappa
9:09:25 PM zobblewobble Tomboy MudKip
9:09:12 PM zobblewobble I herd you liek memes Kappa
9:03:44 PM zobblewobble up+rihgt
9:03:16 PM zobblewobble Player Choice Kappa
9:02:27 PM zobblewobble HeyGuys Hey Juniper
9:01:36 PM zobblewobble We are friends with a pirate PogChamp
9:01:07 PM zobblewobble Hurt PogChamp
9:00:58 PM zobblewobble AAALK
11:52:43 AM zobblewobble Another ATM KappaWealth
11:51:41 AM zobblewobble PogChamp
11:50:38 AM zobblewobble Thx Lairon SeemsGood
11:47:24 AM zobblewobble PogChamp
11:46:09 AM zobblewobble ResidentSleeper
11:20:58 AM zobblewobble Heracross' animation looks like its from a bad 3d movie Kappa
11:20:18 AM zobblewobble Kappa
11:14:32 AM zobblewobble ATM KappaWealth
11:14:24 AM zobblewobble KappaWealth
11:14:14 AM zobblewobble PogChamp
11:11:21 AM zobblewobble PogChamp
9:02:06 PM zobblewobble BrokeBack
8:58:10 PM zobblewobble Time to evolve Salamence to Fly SwiftRage
9:37:01 PM zobblewobble Wait do we get an Eevee Everytime OMGScoots
9:34:54 PM zobblewobble MingLee
9:31:45 PM zobblewobble DOME WutFace
9:27:20 PM zobblewobble PogChamp
9:26:53 PM zobblewobble TriHard
9:22:43 PM zobblewobble I left at 3:00 am last night and we're still here BabyRage
10:38:29 AM zobblewobble @sentreeman It's Anniversary Crystal all over again NotLikeThis
10:09:29 PM zobblewobble Thanks for the taunt EleGiggle
10:07:58 PM zobblewobble up+rigtht
8:36:16 AM zobblewobble WutFace
8:35:19 AM zobblewobble @cresun7 she must be related to Briney Kappa
8:31:08 AM zobblewobble I have no idea where were going BrokeBack
1:32:08 AM zobblewobble Loop inputs for pokeballs Guys DBStyle
1:30:16 AM zobblewobble Rollout WutFace
1:29:31 AM zobblewobble This gym is chill MingLee
1:28:28 AM zobblewobble @GameMasterKyro We "Deillusioned" it
1:27:56 AM zobblewobble up+
9:07:56 PM zobblewobble Pikachu<Water types MingLee
9:07:26 PM zobblewobble EleGiggle
9:06:57 PM zobblewobble TriHard Chu
9:06:37 PM zobblewobble WutFace
9:05:33 PM zobblewobble Pikachu PogChamp
9:03:55 PM zobblewobble I left for 10 minutes, what the crap happened here WutFace
8:49:07 PM zobblewobble Team Fusion grunts look like they bought their outfit at the local thrift store MingLee
8:47:45 PM zobblewobble HEAL
8:42:19 PM zobblewobble Bloodstained hands WutFace Kappa
9:43:58 AM zobblewobble BabyRage
9:41:30 AM zobblewobble Magnum
9:39:55 AM zobblewobble Badger badger badge
9:39:48 AM zobblewobble AAAAAAAAAAAA a Snake, Ooooohh a Snake,
9:36:30 AM zobblewobble PogChamp
9:36:03 AM zobblewobble @maninblack290 Then we curse the name of whoever programmed the RNG in this game
9:35:13 AM zobblewobble EleGiggle
9:34:37 AM zobblewobble Kappa
9:34:34 AM zobblewobble CATCH PogChamp
9:34:17 AM zobblewobble MingLee
9:30:09 AM zobblewobble right=up
9:29:40 AM zobblewobble Not worthwile MingLee
9:28:42 AM zobblewobble Professor Willow? Twitch Plays Pokemon Go PogChamp
9:22:56 AM zobblewobble @FaithfulForce because he killed them, and a statue was made in their memory Kappa
9:20:29 AM zobblewobble Ever tried Nuzlock with Chikorita? It's bulk and access to reflect/light screen can be a godsend
9:19:17 AM zobblewobble @Bloons22 Chiko is the best starter DansGame