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6:43:02 PM Raaga28 #NoHeWont
6:42:36 PM Raaga28 Catch him SwiftRage
10:54:39 AM Raaga28 SwiftRage
10:54:33 AM Raaga28 We're not ready Swiftrage
10:52:24 AM Raaga28 Hi guys VoHiYo
6:59:37 PM Raaga28 dow
6:58:12 PM Raaga28 Hi guys btw VoHiYo
6:57:56 PM Raaga28 Anarchy SwiftRage
5:24:13 PM Raaga28 StoneLightning
5:24:02 PM Raaga28 Wait why do we have 2 Geodude StoneLighting ???
5:20:28 PM Raaga28 lag WutFace
5:19:16 PM Raaga28 I take then Kappa
5:18:52 PM Raaga28 Crit Jebaited
1:21:37 PM Raaga28 Hi guys RitzMitz
1:07:39 PM Raaga28 VoteYea
1:06:29 PM Raaga28 Lag WutFace
1:05:53 PM Raaga28 Hi guys VoHiYo
8:04:52 AM Raaga28 Where's everyone from last hours Jebaited ???
8:03:08 AM Raaga28 OH WELL Kappa
8:02:34 AM Raaga28 PogChamp
8:02:17 AM Raaga28 Hi guys VoHiYo
9:19:38 PM Raaga28 star
9:19:25 PM Raaga28 FIRST DEATH PogChamp
9:15:22 PM Raaga28 lef
9:14:58 PM Raaga28 LUL
9:11:42 PM Raaga28 6 PogChamp
9:10:44 PM Raaga28 WutFace
9:09:49 PM Raaga28 LUL SPLASH Jebaited
9:09:04 PM Raaga28 Kappa
9:07:19 PM Raaga28 rig
9:05:39 PM Raaga28 lef
9:04:09 PM Raaga28 RUDE
9:03:16 PM Raaga28 ledt
9:02:48 PM Raaga28 selec
9:01:46 PM Raaga28 righ
9:01:25 PM Raaga28 star
9:00:27 PM Raaga28 FailFish
8:59:53 PM Raaga28 lef
8:59:44 PM Raaga28 OneHand
8:58:52 PM Raaga28 Someone's actually gift a token to me PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
8:58:20 PM Raaga28 WHAT ???
8:56:56 PM Raaga28 Wut EntropyWins ???
8:56:24 PM Raaga28 @fenris2142 Can I get the badge for t6 pls TriHard
8:55:55 PM Raaga28 GG FENRIS PogChamp PogChamp
8:54:58 PM Raaga28 ahcjxbzkxjjehc6452ufiprjciofhviffhivujligfiuhwdfuuiz1iohyjezvkjc, jkn, hv fdtfesrfyhjjjvknffd, vbjverjbdzfkbgkerbgn n ygujreguniggaherujigerh
8:53:11 PM Raaga28 Only 7 minutes left guys PogChamp VoHiYo
8:52:45 PM Raaga28 PogChamp PogChamp
8:51:54 PM Raaga28 PogChamp
8:51:32 PM Raaga28 @rayquaza1090 Thanks man MingLee
8:51:01 PM Raaga28 trftjcgfxyjbk, bjyftrdu6yukvjgfesezs32qedfgchjvykt4344667687ihhv, nkhjyoik 6yi6668iplmlplokjuhuikbhbjgedtttegukvhbcgv g45e3lujmoyg6
8:47:16 PM Raaga28 WutFace
8:47:04 PM Raaga28 Lag
8:46:46 PM Raaga28 @megazard Sad for you and I can't do anything for ya EntropyWins
8:42:24 PM Raaga28 @yugnatzero Dude is that really you PogChamp
8:41:59 PM Raaga28 @yugnatzero IT CAN'T BE PogChamp
8:40:44 PM Raaga28 Everything's fine I've got my gen 2 badge EleGiggle
8:40:10 PM Raaga28 @ordsey oh... alright then Kappa
8:38:17 PM Raaga28 @ordsey Ninetails my only badge BibleThump
8:37:39 PM Raaga28 I want a noise maker too BibleThump
8:37:03 PM Raaga28 @ordsey I don't have any one of them BibleThump
8:35:53 PM Raaga28 #BibleThumpa
8:35:17 PM Raaga28 We still have to wait 25 minutes though ResidentSleeper
8:32:32 PM Raaga28 !balance
8:31:44 PM Raaga28 YAAAAAAAAAS \ MingLee /
8:31:08 PM Raaga28 I can't see anything WutFace
8:30:26 PM Raaga28 OMG
8:30:15 PM Raaga28 WutFace
8:30:06 PM Raaga28 Everyone are you ready for troll inputs ??? Kappa
8:28:09 PM Raaga28 Can we see how many time do we have left until the game begins ???
8:27:19 PM Raaga28 YES I AM SwiftRage
8:26:02 PM Raaga28 #BibleThumpa BibleThump
8:25:14 PM Raaga28 Who play Injustice in the tchat Kippa
8:24:10 PM Raaga28 @kilopoppy FOR REAL ??? PogChamp
8:23:43 PM Raaga28 Do you remember that time when I was in top 10 in PBR ??? T'was short but I enjoyed it Kappa
8:22:12 PM Raaga28 Don't talk bad fortune Sim WutFace
8:21:34 PM Raaga28 Everything will be okay
8:20:53 PM Raaga28 @xeogran There there stop crying mah boi *pat* *pat* Kappa
8:20:05 PM Raaga28 I still like you
8:19:51 PM Raaga28 @xeogran Hi my friend VoHiYo
8:18:41 PM Raaga28 @lucario814 Why spoiling man DansGame ???
8:17:30 PM Raaga28 @anon999999999999999999999 You're too impatient Anon Kappa
8:16:23 PM Raaga28 Did someone else have TPP will resume shortly message Kappa
8:15:46 PM Raaga28 HI GUYS VoHiYo
8:15:34 PM Raaga28 LEL
2:45:04 PM Raaga28 Snoopy OhMyDog
2:44:12 PM Raaga28 next
2:43:56 PM Raaga28 stay
2:42:07 PM Raaga28 Whoops Kappa
2:40:09 PM Raaga28 PogChamp
2:39:35 PM Raaga28 next
5:35:25 PM Raaga28 stay
5:35:09 PM Raaga28 SpongeBoB PogChamp
5:34:14 PM Raaga28 next
5:33:52 PM Raaga28 #HateChatot
5:33:25 PM Raaga28 #PASSWORLD TriHard
4:22:08 PM Raaga28 next
4:21:55 PM Raaga28 Did somone really expected a turtle winning a 100m run TriHard
4:19:57 PM Raaga28 WutFace
4:19:10 PM Raaga28 next
4:19:04 PM Raaga28 p
4:18:59 PM Raaga28 next
4:18:04 PM Raaga28 Next
4:17:34 PM Raaga28 Jebaited ???
12:39:49 PM Raaga28 Trolls input are so fuuuuun MingLee
12:38:48 PM Raaga28 I'm dying on the inside MingLee MingLee MingLee
12:37:45 PM Raaga28 LUL LUL LUL LUL
12:37:36 PM Raaga28 Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited
12:34:33 PM Raaga28 next
12:34:24 PM Raaga28 next
12:34:00 PM Raaga28 MingLee MingLee MingLee MingLee MingLee
12:33:12 PM Raaga28 next
12:29:45 PM Raaga28 stay
12:29:22 PM Raaga28 stay
12:23:26 PM Raaga28 Stay
8:53:53 AM Raaga28 Guess I have to come back tomorrow for Pyrite then bye guys VoHiYo
8:52:36 AM Raaga28 Okay this is sorta fun but can we came back to PBR now ??? 4Head
8:50:22 AM Raaga28 next
8:49:26 AM Raaga28 next
8:48:41 AM Raaga28 LUL MingLee
8:46:59 AM Raaga28 le
8:46:54 AM Raaga28 Ok can we get back PBR now EleGiggle ???
8:45:56 AM Raaga28 lef
8:45:00 AM Raaga28 SourPls SourPls SourPls
8:44:19 AM Raaga28 5 lives okay CarlSmile
8:43:19 AM Raaga28 How many lives do we have for this game Jebaited
8:40:39 AM Raaga28 Where's the pokemon game MingLee
8:40:18 AM Raaga28 Wut ??? Kappa
3:30:06 PM Raaga28 Hi guys VoHiYo
11:58:07 AM Raaga28 LUL GG BLUE MingLee
11:57:37 AM Raaga28 BrokeBack MingLee OSfrog EntropyWins KonCha VoHiYo
9:03:07 AM Raaga28 If only I made the ! instead of : NotLikeThis
9:01:11 AM Raaga28 BabyRage BabyRage BabyRage BabyRage BabyRage BabyRage
9:00:09 AM Raaga28 :c
8:53:31 AM Raaga28 Crit TriHard
8:52:56 AM Raaga28 Lum berry BrokeBack
8:51:59 AM Raaga28 Jebaited
8:51:53 AM Raaga28 Jebaitded
6:23:18 PM Raaga28 Windows 7 LUL BrokeBack BrokeBack BrokeBack BrokeBack BrokeBack
6:22:00 PM Raaga28 WutFace WutFace
4:48:53 PM Raaga28 Cooked Kappa
4:48:35 PM Raaga28 LUUUUUL MingLee
4:47:27 PM Raaga28 Mis Jebaited
4:44:36 PM Raaga28 Music Kreygasm
9:10:10 PM Raaga28 KAPOW
9:08:21 PM Raaga28 Nein more metronomes SwiftRage
9:06:13 PM Raaga28 GREED TriHard
9:04:47 PM Raaga28 LUL
9:03:27 PM Raaga28 Hi guys VoHiYo
10:52:30 AM Raaga28 Screw this DansGame
10:34:40 AM Raaga28 How's everyone day so far :) ?
10:33:44 AM Raaga28 Hi everyone btw VoHiYo
10:33:16 AM Raaga28 Nice throw Xeo CarlSmile
6:33:31 PM Raaga28 KAPOW
6:32:21 PM Raaga28 LUL USELESS SWITCH MingLee MingLee
2:21:39 PM Raaga28 NOOOOOHOHOOOO MingLee
2:20:35 PM Raaga28 BegWan
2:19:08 PM Raaga28 KappaPride mattered OMG OhMyDog
2:17:56 PM Raaga28 TearGlove
2:15:43 PM Raaga28 WutFace
2:14:41 PM Raaga28 <3
2:12:43 PM Raaga28 Holy shit DBstyle
2:09:46 PM Raaga28 I will bet where the odds are favorable CarlSmile
2:07:29 PM Raaga28 LUL TIME RitzMitz
2:06:44 PM Raaga28 GivePLZ SabaPing TakeNRG
2:06:18 PM Raaga28 CrreamAwk CrreamAwk CrreamAwk CrreamAwk
2:05:18 PM Raaga28 I've already reach the top 20 so I don't care Kappa
2:03:06 PM Raaga28 !voteban
2:02:17 PM Raaga28 Goddamnit sim MingLee
1:57:24 PM Raaga28 I've already touch the top 20 Kappa
1:56:40 PM Raaga28 when bex luck strike whilenis not in the game Kappa
1:55:03 PM Raaga28 WHHHHHHAT PogChamp ????
1:54:24 PM Raaga28 Draw ? Kappa
1:52:53 PM Raaga28 Wat ??? PogChamp
1:51:26 PM Raaga28 Thanks team for throw switch Kippa
1:51:02 PM Raaga28 Yeah we lose Kippa
1:50:10 PM Raaga28 PunOko
1:49:49 PM Raaga28 JJBA Kreygasm
1:46:07 PM Raaga28 not so long ago
1:45:55 PM Raaga28 TearGlove I was ranked nor
1:44:44 PM Raaga28 CrreamAwk LUCK
1:42:38 PM Raaga28 OSblob Squid1 Squid2 VaultBoy
1:41:39 PM Raaga28 TehePelo TBTacoProps CarlSmile
1:40:45 PM Raaga28 GivePLZ Kappu BegWan
1:39:44 PM Raaga28 Poooound Poooound Poooound Poooound Poooound Poooound
1:39:28 PM Raaga28 BlargNaut
1:38:20 PM Raaga28 GivePLZ copyThis pastaThat TakeNRG
1:37:47 PM Raaga28 TakeNRG
1:37:44 PM Raaga28 GivePLZ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
1:37:04 PM Raaga28 Jebaited
1:34:43 PM Raaga28 \ PogChamp /
1:33:26 PM Raaga28 Switch wars Kippa
1:30:13 PM Raaga28 I want the monies Kippa
1:30:01 PM Raaga28 more betting on red pls Kippa
1:29:38 PM Raaga28 No one will bet on red ??? Kippa
1:27:11 PM Raaga28 Assume your creation Nyam Kippa
12:06:24 PM Raaga28 Squid1 Squid2 Squid2 Squid4
12:06:06 PM Raaga28 TheIlluminati MorphinTime TheIlluminati
12:05:25 PM Raaga28 MiniKappa
12:04:02 PM Raaga28 KAPOW
12:03:40 PM Raaga28 BOOM KAPOW
11:58:14 AM Raaga28 KAPOW
11:56:11 AM Raaga28 RitzMitz RitzMitz RitzMitz
11:56:08 AM Raaga28 HassaanChop
11:55:43 AM Raaga28 KAPOW
11:39:25 AM Raaga28 Yay money \ 4Head /
11:36:59 AM Raaga28 Why sim ??? NotLikeThis
11:36:13 AM Raaga28 Oh Kappa
11:36:01 AM Raaga28 Why no clamp 4Head ?
11:35:11 AM Raaga28 Keepo
11:34:33 AM Raaga28 Go heal OSkomodo
11:31:28 AM Raaga28 PERSONAAA OSkomodo
11:29:59 AM Raaga28 Hi Xeo VoHiYo
11:25:30 AM Raaga28 #HateChatot
11:16:37 AM Raaga28 MikeHogu /
11:16:24 AM Raaga28 MikeHogu
11:16:02 AM Raaga28 \ MikeHogu \
11:14:24 AM Raaga28 Yesterday I've got the chance to see Valerian at the cinéma Kappa
11:13:11 AM Raaga28 LUUUUUL MingLee
11:12:58 AM Raaga28 Stupid smiley DansGame
11:11:13 AM Raaga28 Hi guys VoHiYo
8:47:49 AM Raaga28 SourPls
8:46:18 AM Raaga28 Boo night fever Keepo
8:41:35 AM Raaga28 I'm more pirate than you R)
8:40:59 AM Raaga28 Hi guys VoHiYo
6:05:58 PM Raaga28 Fenris pls Kappa
6:02:51 PM Raaga28 tppRiot
6:02:32 PM Raaga28 WutFace
5:52:46 PM Raaga28 Payout VoHiYo
5:52:20 PM Raaga28 Crit MingLee
5:52:10 PM Raaga28 Victory FunRun
5:49:38 PM Raaga28 DBstyle
5:41:41 PM Raaga28 bye anon VoHiYo
5:16:01 PM Raaga28 Bye commentators PogChamp TriHard
5:15:18 PM Raaga28 GG Idiotas TriHard
5:14:34 PM Raaga28 Kappa
5:14:30 PM Raaga28 #HateChatot
5:14:03 PM Raaga28 The battle his getting kntense PogChamp
5:07:42 PM Raaga28 Not bad SeemsGood
5:02:34 PM Raaga28 Nice throw team TriHard
5:01:30 PM Raaga28 GG IDIOTAS TriHard TriHard TriHard
4:59:42 PM Raaga28 REGIS MingLee
4:58:35 PM Raaga28 Voices WutFace
4:51:00 PM Raaga28 LUL
4:46:32 PM Raaga28 Music Kreygasm
4:45:48 PM Raaga28 Jebaited FAKE DESTINY WORLD
4:45:22 PM Raaga28 Jebaited
4:44:42 PM Raaga28 LUL HAX EleGiggle
4:43:44 PM Raaga28 G R TriHard TriHard D
4:39:15 PM Raaga28 CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit