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10:43:15 AM YamiDeku RaccAttack coward mode
10:42:54 AM YamiDeku RaccAttack
10:17:58 AM YamiDeku Choiced LUL
10:17:11 AM YamiDeku OhMyCat
6:57:01 AM YamiDeku @xxmoonlotusxx MerryPurple HB
6:51:08 AM YamiDeku FBfirst
6:47:02 AM YamiDeku I'm not Kippa
6:44:55 AM YamiDeku RaccAttack 7
6:43:13 AM YamiDeku Calm Throw Kippa
6:41:42 AM YamiDeku Tsundere TPFufun
6:41:25 AM YamiDeku SeriousSloth / Hi
8:42:45 PM YamiDeku RitzMitz
8:42:34 PM YamiDeku GrotLEE MingLee
8:41:32 PM YamiDeku Nice Baba badge TehePelo
8:41:09 PM YamiDeku RedTeam TehePelo
8:39:48 PM YamiDeku TehePelo
8:38:41 PM YamiDeku You live VoHiYo
8:37:27 PM YamiDeku Sim LUL
8:35:36 PM YamiDeku Type RitzMitz for skill
8:35:17 PM YamiDeku InuyoFace
8:35:09 PM YamiDeku DxCat
8:34:38 PM YamiDeku TehePelo ......
8:34:15 PM YamiDeku Kippa
8:33:04 PM YamiDeku BEST BORT
8:32:48 PM YamiDeku Kippa not sleeping
6:36:10 PM YamiDeku KonCha TehePelo
6:35:32 PM YamiDeku BabyRage
6:35:18 PM YamiDeku Kippa
6:34:43 PM YamiDeku @Wahisietel_and_Knuckles MerryPurple
6:33:52 PM YamiDeku FBfirst new emote ResidentSleeper
5:48:28 PM YamiDeku You lsoe Kippa
5:47:32 PM YamiDeku Here comes RapidTrash TriHard
5:46:29 PM YamiDeku StantLUL LUL
5:42:44 PM YamiDeku Lanal OhMyDog
5:41:53 PM YamiDeku RapidTrash TriHard
5:38:29 PM YamiDeku Fair RNG OMGScoots
12:49:36 PM YamiDeku Kippa
12:48:23 PM YamiDeku RaccAttack
12:45:27 PM YamiDeku Sim :)
12:28:11 PM YamiDeku Kippa b
12:06:40 PM YamiDeku Sim Kappa
12:05:17 PM YamiDeku Pico? Whats that?
11:58:36 AM YamiDeku Kippa
11:48:01 AM YamiDeku I like this match Kippa b
11:46:21 AM YamiDeku Still cant pull of a move PRChase
11:43:40 AM YamiDeku LUL
11:26:24 AM YamiDeku Kippa
11:20:26 AM YamiDeku LUL
11:06:14 AM YamiDeku Tauros is dumb PRChase
11:05:01 AM YamiDeku Kappa
11:03:50 AM YamiDeku Welcome back Tppsimulator VoHiYo
11:00:07 AM YamiDeku Tsundere token TPFufun
10:36:18 AM YamiDeku MerryPurple MerryPurple MerryPurple
9:59:32 AM YamiDeku I got this emote out of nowhere MerryPurple
9:59:10 AM YamiDeku MerryPurple
9:38:01 AM YamiDeku Inb4 Magnitude 4 LUL
9:36:44 AM YamiDeku Smoking too Kippa
9:35:48 AM YamiDeku It is Keks Keepo
9:29:04 AM YamiDeku danSad
9:21:42 AM YamiDeku Kappa
9:13:48 AM YamiDeku PBR isnt fun DendiFace
9:08:36 AM YamiDeku Krabs RaccAttack
9:06:54 AM YamiDeku Kappa
9:06:07 AM YamiDeku You lsoe Kippa
4:24:21 PM YamiDeku What? Your Kappa is evolvng! Kappa Keepo Kippa , Congrats your Kappa evolve into Furry! Kippa
4:10:58 PM YamiDeku 10 tokens PogChamp
3:42:28 PM YamiDeku ~ PartyTime ~
3:37:09 PM YamiDeku Why AI in USUM keeps using Sky Drop on my Hawlucha? It doesn't affect it TriHard
3:20:03 PM YamiDeku WishiTrashi TriHard
2:28:58 PM YamiDeku I got 2
2:27:11 PM YamiDeku Shiny Mew is legal in Japan OMGScoots
2:24:39 PM YamiDeku @trialcaptainlana I like "Suuuhmashed by acrush Grip" more Kappa
2:22:09 PM YamiDeku Kippa
2:20:35 PM YamiDeku Kappa
2:19:33 PM YamiDeku @trialcaptainlana twitch stream still have a recording with chat
2:17:25 PM YamiDeku What happens if both team have defiance in Synchronize mode?
1:56:31 PM YamiDeku Kakuna 4Head Matata
1:43:11 PM YamiDeku @abcdefgeeee maybe PartyTime
1:41:17 PM YamiDeku Mute Mute Mute 4Head
1:32:03 PM YamiDeku Sim why half of your text not colored? Kappa
1:31:43 PM YamiDeku Sim WTF Kappa
1:29:24 PM YamiDeku Kappa
1:28:56 PM YamiDeku Me too Anon
12:53:48 PM YamiDeku Kippa
12:14:47 PM YamiDeku @anaklusmos42 indeed OMGScoots
12:14:12 PM YamiDeku Kippa
12:13:48 PM YamiDeku WORST JR BORT
10:55:09 AM YamiDeku Battle Armor is best ability for TPP Kappa
10:53:53 AM YamiDeku Purr Ugly Kippa
10:50:20 AM YamiDeku I like this match Kippa b
10:31:46 AM YamiDeku ~ Jebaited ~
10:31:20 AM YamiDeku Nice Spore Kappa
10:19:41 AM YamiDeku TehePelo
10:19:29 AM YamiDeku SeriousSloth ....
10:18:27 AM YamiDeku 🔫 TakeNRG
10:08:30 AM YamiDeku Cheerful Slots are now Serious Slots SeriousSloth
10:01:12 AM YamiDeku Sim WutFace
9:57:26 AM YamiDeku UnseriousSloth SeriousSloth
7:03:40 AM YamiDeku Furryeon RitzMitz
7:02:49 AM YamiDeku Sim Kappa
7:01:48 AM YamiDeku twitchRaid
6:23:58 AM YamiDeku Kippa
6:19:34 AM YamiDeku Go Laziken SeriousSloth
6:17:32 AM YamiDeku RapidTrash TriHard
7:40:27 PM YamiDeku New overlay when? Kappa
7:35:44 PM YamiDeku ManTYke KonCha
7:34:21 PM YamiDeku SeriousSloth
7:33:59 PM YamiDeku LuL
7:32:28 PM YamiDeku WutFace
7:30:15 PM YamiDeku Mantykes Kippa
7:29:35 PM YamiDeku HappySloth
7:28:23 PM YamiDeku Stealth Rock mattered? Kippa
7:27:20 PM YamiDeku #HateChatot
7:26:35 PM YamiDeku ausUgly
7:26:16 PM YamiDeku TriSoft TehePelo
7:25:23 PM YamiDeku Smogon Rocks Kippa
7:24:35 PM YamiDeku Sucker Punch? Kippa
7:06:02 PM YamiDeku TehePelo
7:05:17 PM YamiDeku Kappa
7:04:18 PM YamiDeku I remember Wonder Guard Elektross EleGiggle
7:03:17 PM YamiDeku KomodoHype
7:02:17 PM YamiDeku Kappa
7:01:37 PM YamiDeku @abcdefgeeee I remember Water Stone meme
7:01:01 PM YamiDeku Kappa
7:00:23 PM YamiDeku DxCat
6:59:19 PM YamiDeku Kreepa WutFace
6:57:28 PM YamiDeku WutFace
6:57:21 PM YamiDeku Sleep clause Kippa
6:56:50 PM YamiDeku Kippa
6:56:35 PM YamiDeku TehePelo ....
6:55:21 PM YamiDeku WutFace
6:52:36 PM YamiDeku King Konga Kappa
6:50:24 PM YamiDeku @s_sonick what? Kappa
6:23:36 PM YamiDeku WutFace
6:23:23 PM YamiDeku KappaPride
6:22:58 PM YamiDeku WutFace
6:21:38 PM YamiDeku RED emote is gone but you still have this emote RedTeam Kappa
6:19:00 PM YamiDeku Kappa
6:06:35 PM YamiDeku Muk? PRChase
6:05:18 PM YamiDeku InuyoFace InuyoFace InuyoFace
6:05:05 PM YamiDeku DxCat
6:04:44 PM YamiDeku Kappa
6:04:31 PM YamiDeku Uuuh OneHand
6:04:07 PM YamiDeku LUL
6:02:16 PM YamiDeku Dragon Ball GTChimp
5:45:17 PM YamiDeku RaccAttack Racc
5:44:37 PM YamiDeku PogChamp
5:43:21 PM YamiDeku Duke LUL
5:43:06 PM YamiDeku RitzTitz RitzMitz
5:42:49 PM YamiDeku Thorm Kippa
4:14:06 PM YamiDeku AnimeDog
4:09:57 PM YamiDeku Kappa ?
2:58:56 PM YamiDeku BegWan
2:58:29 PM YamiDeku You lsoe Kippa
2:57:26 PM YamiDeku Pooper SeriousSloth
2:19:05 PM YamiDeku Mono Bug Kappa
12:37:13 PM YamiDeku LUL
12:34:49 PM YamiDeku Inb4 red wins VoHiYo
12:29:51 PM YamiDeku Igglybuff sucks SeriousSloth
12:27:11 PM YamiDeku Kappa
12:27:08 PM YamiDeku I wouldve chosen McDonalds RaccAttack
12:15:05 PM YamiDeku DatSheffy
12:07:59 PM YamiDeku Trhow your money away mode PogChamp
12:04:32 PM YamiDeku I see L Badges on leaderboard :O
12:02:37 PM YamiDeku Fair Kippa
12:01:55 PM YamiDeku Skilled red team RitzMitz
11:58:13 AM YamiDeku TPFufun
11:57:33 AM YamiDeku ~ 4Head ~
11:52:43 AM YamiDeku VoHiYo
11:40:27 AM YamiDeku Kippa
11:39:12 AM YamiDeku RaccAttack
10:13:02 AM YamiDeku Jebaited
10:10:31 AM YamiDeku Jebaited
9:25:26 AM YamiDeku Now I'm ranked Kippa don't need to bet anymore LuL
9:24:36 AM YamiDeku Kippa gg
9:23:40 AM YamiDeku Kippa good
9:23:07 AM YamiDeku Kippa b
9:22:55 AM YamiDeku Kippa
9:22:43 AM YamiDeku Switch to Fearow? Kippa
9:21:19 AM YamiDeku DansGame
9:21:10 AM YamiDeku pls
9:21:08 AM YamiDeku No fog
9:20:07 AM YamiDeku If Red wins Kippa ..................................
9:15:23 AM YamiDeku LUL
9:14:29 AM YamiDeku Where is ChaosDukemon? Kippa
8:26:50 AM YamiDeku An "Impressive" Kappa
7:37:24 AM YamiDeku Fiend theme PogChamp
7:11:59 AM YamiDeku Tsundere token TPFufun
7:07:06 AM YamiDeku Idk Kippa
7:06:33 AM YamiDeku Did some emotes got removed? SeriousSloth
7:00:36 AM YamiDeku Gen 1 LUL
6:46:58 AM YamiDeku Oran Berry TriHard worst berry
6:45:15 AM YamiDeku Not fast enough? Kippa
6:42:05 AM YamiDeku Pls win Nyam Kippa
8:20:40 PM YamiDeku I'm not the one who throwed Kippa
8:20:25 PM YamiDeku I typed !b Kippa
8:17:03 PM YamiDeku Kippa ///////
8:16:57 PM YamiDeku Gg Kippa //
8:14:39 PM YamiDeku Red loses, odds says so Kippa
8:07:44 PM YamiDeku Is this a trap? OpieOP
8:07:06 PM YamiDeku @tppteihard I love your name because bots use it as emote TriHard
8:06:29 PM YamiDeku LuL tpp bot
8:04:11 PM YamiDeku Kippa ??? Sim said something funny?
5:36:45 PM YamiDeku Why people copy sim massages? Kippa
5:34:16 PM YamiDeku Damage Kappa
5:33:19 PM YamiDeku OpieOP
4:09:45 PM YamiDeku Steel type negates Fire type resistance DBstyle
4:06:24 PM YamiDeku Kippa ..
4:01:15 PM YamiDeku Recharge turn Kippa
3:59:17 PM YamiDeku Jebaited
3:58:48 PM YamiDeku WutFace
3:58:12 PM YamiDeku Kippa
3:53:53 PM YamiDeku \ Kippa / "Big" Payout Kappa
3:53:20 PM YamiDeku LUL
3:50:37 PM YamiDeku Kappa
3:50:02 PM YamiDeku Use Curs DBstyle
3:49:32 PM YamiDeku LUL
3:48:46 PM YamiDeku 6 Curs ethen curs DBstyle
3:47:00 PM YamiDeku Kippa LuL
3:45:57 PM YamiDeku No thanks Kappa I hate defiance
3:42:07 PM YamiDeku TriHard
3:36:48 PM YamiDeku 2 dongers \ Kippa /
3:35:55 PM YamiDeku Not like it matter or anything Kappa
3:35:37 PM YamiDeku Barely any damage Kappa
3:34:15 PM YamiDeku Crit Kippa //
3:31:38 PM YamiDeku Kippa
3:29:39 PM YamiDeku #HateChatot
2:59:00 PM YamiDeku Switching is on tho TriHard
2:58:15 PM YamiDeku OP Defense can tank Hi Jump Kick OpieOP
2:57:26 PM YamiDeku Kappa
2:56:54 PM YamiDeku RitzMitz Bribe
2:23:44 PM YamiDeku @abcdefgeeee but 2 curs ethen X Scossir won't work then DBstyle
2:22:46 PM YamiDeku There was ??? type Arceus that crashes the game Kappa
2:16:19 PM YamiDeku Burrmee PRChase
12:30:12 PM YamiDeku Rampardos ability isnt Rock Head DansGame Kappa
12:27:41 PM YamiDeku BabyRage
12:05:21 PM YamiDeku Binacle is cute too VoHiYo Kappa
12:03:53 PM YamiDeku RitzMitz
12:01:30 PM YamiDeku Pls no BegWan
11:59:49 AM YamiDeku @Keksbaer Kippa /
11:59:15 AM YamiDeku Kippa
11:54:50 AM YamiDeku I like Zeraora
11:54:15 AM YamiDeku @Pyrolyze thatos not even Electric/Fighting TriHard
11:46:05 AM YamiDeku I dont like gen 3 and especially 1 Kippa
11:45:24 AM YamiDeku I like gen 6 too
11:33:07 AM YamiDeku Physical Gardevoir TriHard !!!!!!!!!!
11:27:48 AM YamiDeku I like this match TriHard
11:27:18 AM YamiDeku DarkMode
11:27:02 AM YamiDeku Kippa
10:53:52 AM YamiDeku BEAN WORL Jebaited