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1:20:45 PM Zecjala Pet it
1:18:56 PM Zecjala Even we couldn't screw up Aloan Muk
1:17:40 PM Zecjala @king_dedede_and_knuckles it won't last
1:17:11 PM Zecjala You actually evolved Poplio and saved it… well I lost that bet
1:15:29 PM Zecjala VoHiYo Didney is back
10:54:29 PM Zecjala That's… definitely not an eclipse
10:49:22 PM Zecjala Or not
10:49:16 PM Zecjala Y'all gonna hate Rotom after Akala
10:48:03 PM Zecjala I'm using a malamar acutally
10:47:20 PM Zecjala @elnewperuguy23 yes
10:41:06 PM Zecjala Is it bad I like those guys
10:40:37 PM Zecjala LILIE VoHiYo
10:38:34 PM Zecjala Even we can't lose to Hau
10:37:46 PM Zecjala Go lousy bird go
5:41:43 AM Zecjala TPP that is
5:41:36 AM Zecjala @lexalenka whisper the bot
5:40:00 AM Zecjala What's this from its good music
5:36:36 AM Zecjala Haven't thought about her in years
5:36:17 AM Zecjala I've had one using my own Blissey
5:35:53 AM Zecjala Mostly involving lost bets
5:35:41 AM Zecjala This brings back memories
5:35:23 AM Zecjala @pokemario6456 excatly stuff like that
5:34:16 AM Zecjala And they've all been extenuating circumstances
5:33:52 AM Zecjala Speaking from 20 years of Pokemon, I think I've ended up in struggle battle 5 times ever
5:33:11 AM Zecjala First time for everything
5:32:58 AM Zecjala Never have I been grateful for toxic
5:32:15 AM Zecjala Well this is cancer
5:28:23 AM Zecjala @ponjos I know the feeling
5:28:00 AM Zecjala Hax be cray
5:27:31 AM Zecjala I've been watching TPP on this for about 3 and a half years
5:26:52 AM Zecjala I'm not joking
5:26:46 AM Zecjala It's running fine on my iPhone 5
4:07:34 AM Zecjala Hello chat, what we doing?
4:02:49 PM Zecjala Good morning TPP
6:31:00 AM Zecjala Yes bot we need MOXIE
6:30:36 AM Zecjala Kappa
6:30:31 AM Zecjala Nobody wins VoHiYo
6:29:51 AM Zecjala Badge
6:29:24 AM Zecjala Catch
6:09:39 AM Zecjala Did we catch a sandsherw a bit ago?
4:17:13 AM Zecjala Thank you whoever for the Squirtle
4:01:55 AM Zecjala Catch
3:55:14 AM Zecjala What
3:53:14 AM Zecjala Thanks reddy
3:52:58 AM Zecjala We did it REDITT
3:52:50 AM Zecjala VoHiYo
3:48:10 AM Zecjala VoHiYo saved
3:46:13 AM Zecjala No heal like overheal
3:46:02 AM Zecjala VoHiYo
3:41:23 AM Zecjala Armlet
3:41:18 AM Zecjala Mega amulet
3:40:50 AM Zecjala We caught mon, where you been
3:37:07 AM Zecjala @etherealpuffin hi
3:34:46 AM Zecjala @khalifamane I feel your pain
3:34:18 AM Zecjala I have never gotten a run bage
3:25:40 AM Zecjala Double sword
3:25:34 AM Zecjala VoHiYo
3:25:11 AM Zecjala I like this monkey
3:24:21 AM Zecjala Well
3:23:50 AM Zecjala Crunch bae
3:22:41 AM Zecjala It's an Amphy, therefore I like it
3:20:21 AM Zecjala VoHiYo sword
2:27:13 AM Zecjala Actually ignore my last statement
2:27:02 AM Zecjala You are good bot
2:26:56 AM Zecjala No ideas are bad sim
2:26:31 AM Zecjala It's shit combee
2:26:24 AM Zecjala Oh nvm
2:26:20 AM Zecjala VoHiYo combee
2:24:57 AM Zecjala Also hi chat
2:24:49 AM Zecjala VoHiYo
2:24:46 AM Zecjala Yay fairy
2:16:52 AM Zecjala That said welcome, this is our intermission next run is September 30th
2:16:04 AM Zecjala @gaubu no we are not a thing
2:14:31 AM Zecjala best regi
2:14:16 AM Zecjala Go REGI
2:11:55 AM Zecjala What up
2:11:46 AM Zecjala Hey chat
9:38:43 PM Zecjala Thanks Obama
5:48:20 AM Zecjala @etherealpuffin good old memes
5:47:50 AM Zecjala @etherealpuffin we are meditating
5:46:35 AM Zecjala @sauzels_wra still my favorite book series
5:45:44 AM Zecjala @1eamannan I love you for that reference
5:37:18 AM Zecjala Does that mean I'm lore
5:37:10 AM Zecjala I own a prism
5:36:59 AM Zecjala Everything is lore
3:23:57 AM Zecjala @kattheswift oh the monsters we could make
3:22:42 AM Zecjala Twitch plays showdown would be amazing
3:22:12 AM Zecjala @tppsimulator yes
3:19:27 AM Zecjala Didn't know the bot could copy links
3:18:13 AM Zecjala Nice frog
3:17:47 AM Zecjala Your welcome
3:17:38 AM Zecjala Yes
3:17:23 AM Zecjala Theta Emerald
3:17:12 AM Zecjala @linkmaster1306 actually we have a run 30 of September
3:16:29 AM Zecjala Has a sequel too
3:16:23 AM Zecjala It's actually good
3:16:14 AM Zecjala @sinr2014 it's called Alpha and Omega, pairing is Shinji and Aria T Loak
3:15:15 AM Zecjala That would be an amazing 3 way
3:14:58 AM Zecjala @sinr2014 I ever tell you about the Evengelion X Mass Effect fic I found?
3:13:51 AM Zecjala @flinxgaming hamtaro
3:13:21 AM Zecjala Sounds like crossover fanfiction at its finest
3:12:57 AM Zecjala Also a hamtaro with die for me
3:12:16 AM Zecjala So thank you very much for the reminder
3:12:03 AM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 I actually knew about that and had totally forgotten it
3:07:37 AM Zecjala Yeah I actually did plan on trying that just because I wanted to see the reaper
3:07:10 AM Zecjala Deathly Wail I believe
3:06:35 AM Zecjala Yeah and use the fear kill thing
3:06:17 AM Zecjala Oh right this
3:06:09 AM Zecjala Each has common result and a rare one
3:05:19 AM Zecjala They actually work off a set list for each persona
3:04:55 AM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 There not
3:03:19 AM Zecjala Lovely moonspeak there
3:02:25 AM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 couldn't hurt, I can tell you how network fusion works in return of you don't already know.
3:00:35 AM Zecjala @tppsimulator no but thank you
3:00:12 AM Zecjala Not to mention that network fusion thing?
2:59:47 AM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 I tend to overgrind as it is
2:59:11 AM Zecjala Along with some method to heal the bosses just incase
2:58:49 AM Zecjala I actually found it using that one confusion attack, aliment boost is also a must
2:58:07 AM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 yeah
2:57:21 AM Zecjala Couldn't remember the name
2:57:07 AM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 yes thank you
2:56:39 AM Zecjala The ones you fight during requests
2:56:22 AM Zecjala Actually do you know the method for getting tons of money out of those lybrinth bosses
2:55:37 AM Zecjala Not too mention scarfices
2:55:16 AM Zecjala Yes, When I do fuse Alice she's likely to be overpowered due too the max death, which you need to fuse her anyway
2:53:54 AM Zecjala I'd say it might actually be a 1% or lower chance
2:53:32 AM Zecjala And given that I habitually fuse anything new
2:53:05 AM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 I have read the chance is extremely rare
2:52:32 AM Zecjala But I know when I do it will probably when I'm doing something important
2:52:08 AM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 haven't seen a single one yet
2:51:36 AM Zecjala Then they eat your face
2:51:28 AM Zecjala Good idea
2:50:54 AM Zecjala I don't want to go outside
2:50:34 AM Zecjala Yes
2:50:22 AM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 definitely
2:49:48 AM Zecjala I haven't looked at Virgo in years
2:49:00 AM Zecjala @sinr2014 wanna see your horoscope?
2:48:30 AM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 that's one of things I love about persona, all that small attention to detail
2:46:37 AM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 it's also just plain stylistic likely as well
2:46:08 AM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 not the true reason but if I had to guess its to fit with the vague French theme
2:44:35 AM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 and yeah I just found my set of the cards actually
2:43:35 AM Zecjala People just call it death
2:43:25 AM Zecjala It's because the Arcana doesn't actually have a name
2:43:03 AM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 also there's a reason the death arcana in p5 doesn't have its name on it
2:42:19 AM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 I have a set of persona 4 themed cards actually
2:40:42 AM Zecjala I could actually go for horoscopes
2:38:23 AM Zecjala Thank you sim bot
2:37:06 AM Zecjala And a rather pretty bit of necromancy
2:36:38 AM Zecjala @mid_life_god yes that was something
2:07:29 AM Zecjala Praise Virgo
11:33:01 PM Zecjala Or in 1-2 days
11:32:54 PM Zecjala @michaelgno1 yes
11:31:14 PM Zecjala Love that bot
11:28:45 PM Zecjala Could swear we've had the Regis
11:28:30 PM Zecjala @m4_used_rollout really?
11:23:50 PM Zecjala Hi Chat VoHiYo
6:03:30 PM Zecjala @mooseofsplendor hamster rabbit fusion
6:02:52 PM Zecjala I love that bot
6:02:12 PM Zecjala Yes sim bot, Ham Ha VoHiYo
6:00:30 PM Zecjala This is why we should never be let near children's games
5:59:47 PM Zecjala VoHiYo
4:32:04 PM Zecjala Bye chat
4:31:41 PM Zecjala I'll probably be back later
4:31:33 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 I've actually gotta jet, was awesome talking to you
4:30:46 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 mostly came from going though 3 playthoughs and a Lot of fusion experimention
4:28:20 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 in Shin Megami 4 I actually had her for 3 playthoughs and maxed her stats
4:27:34 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 which is normal for her really, you can give her whatever set of magic and werck everything
4:26:38 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 and in general she's just awesome
4:26:05 PM Zecjala I'm done
4:25:04 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 I'm still waiting to be able to fuse Alice
4:24:30 PM Zecjala @deanmcguire ITS NOT? We must investigate posthaste
4:23:56 PM Zecjala @durg3 no ones hit the beehive yet
4:23:24 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 I just read the encyclopedia entries and the shin megami wiki a lot
4:22:19 PM Zecjala Her ultimate is the wife of Baal in Caaninte mythology
4:21:31 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 yup
4:20:56 PM Zecjala @big_boyd I recommend it
4:20:18 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 Makoto's persona is actually a personification of a semi mythical female pope
4:19:30 PM Zecjala @big_boyd not really
4:18:58 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 the descriptions are always interesting
4:18:43 PM Zecjala How did the bot get Futaba anyway
4:18:08 PM Zecjala Her persona just happens to be the Necronomicon from Lovecraft's writing
4:17:12 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 she is
4:16:47 PM Zecjala No seriously the base one is Necronomicon
4:16:27 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 her persona is Lovecarftian too
4:15:21 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 I like Futaba
4:14:55 PM Zecjala @tppsimulator I'm totally okay with that
4:13:33 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 just don't send Adcachi
4:12:33 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 how else… weed
4:11:46 PM Zecjala @annnnnaplz hamtaro
4:11:22 PM Zecjala Madoka Magica
4:10:50 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 can't say much on her considering I've not started Empress yet, but yeah she's cool
4:09:53 PM Zecjala @sinr2014 fill it up BigBrother
4:09:19 PM Zecjala Didney? Jebaited
4:08:20 PM Zecjala @sinr2014 that's what you always say
4:07:11 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 it's good for a ringtone Kappa, best P5 girl?
4:05:51 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 oh sweet Homura that thing, I actually have that things theme bookmarked on YouTube
4:04:55 PM Zecjala @choccobo_hero yes there is
4:04:45 PM Zecjala I'm bad at choices
4:04:32 PM Zecjala Or Rise
4:04:23 PM Zecjala Yukikio good but how about Chie
4:02:54 PM Zecjala Persona 5
4:02:47 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 oh I can get that, I'm probably going to do the same thing
4:00:54 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 I figured
4:00:45 PM Zecjala I believe I'm about level 45 or so
4:00:08 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 that does tend to make things easy
3:58:23 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 yeah
3:57:29 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 how hard are the velvet room guardians btw
3:56:24 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 that was original plan, but I'm pretty sure I actually have enough time left to get them all
3:55:47 PM Zecjala @markusdcsd we did win a few times
3:54:55 PM Zecjala I'm going with Futaba cause I couldn't decide on anything else
3:54:25 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 yeah, I think I have 4 confidents to finish too, not counting Haru
3:53:20 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 working on it, I'm sitting on the end of the corporate guys dungeon and have to go back for the boss
3:51:59 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 I'll play it, still have to finish P5 though
3:51:11 PM Zecjala PraiseIt
3:50:27 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 used to hate her… can't atucally remember why I hated her now
3:49:37 PM Zecjala @thisisblank__ yeah that happens a lot
3:49:20 PM Zecjala Freaking Love Arcana, not forgetting that anytime soon
3:48:39 PM Zecjala Or am I losing it again
3:48:29 PM Zecjala @welkin_gunther_ec90 was that a persona 3 joke
3:46:22 PM Zecjala And PBR
3:46:15 PM Zecjala @big_boyd true
3:45:50 PM Zecjala @big_boyd is there any other reason to be here
3:44:47 PM Zecjala Nothing like having the first day of school on your birthday
3:44:26 PM Zecjala Though here we actually start around the 26-30th of August
3:43:54 PM Zecjala @inputtrolljadon all too well
3:42:21 PM Zecjala I've really got to stop spending my birthday here
3:42:02 PM Zecjala So tomorrow
3:41:55 PM Zecjala Of August that is
3:41:31 PM Zecjala @frequently_used_questions while my birthday is the 28th so yeah I'll probably get gifts
3:40:10 PM Zecjala @big_boyd yeah it seems like it
3:39:09 PM Zecjala Till the 30th of Spetember
3:38:57 PM Zecjala @thisisblank__ that's the most interesting variant of my name I've seen yet
3:37:59 PM Zecjala Also VoHiYo Hamtaro
3:37:36 PM Zecjala Or that
3:37:31 PM Zecjala @thisisblank__ go to the Reddit
8:03:47 AM Zecjala @twistedfatezzz your brother has an interesting vocabulary
8:01:20 AM Zecjala Thanks Tavi
8:00:48 AM Zecjala Hey Tavi
8:00:42 AM Zecjala @whittaar we won
6:13:53 AM Zecjala Just let Boomba input
6:13:45 AM Zecjala Reminds me of the SS Libra
6:13:00 AM Zecjala Or cause it sounds dumb
6:12:49 AM Zecjala @markusdcsd possiblely cause streamer isn't American
6:11:34 AM Zecjala Yeah what
6:11:11 AM Zecjala Getting chat to fight is easy
6:10:50 AM Zecjala @hexonius congratulations
6:10:02 AM Zecjala Are we still a thing?
6:09:08 AM Zecjala Go sim
6:08:11 AM Zecjala @shadevial stress relief
6:06:56 AM Zecjala Anyone know Japanesse?