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2:14:20 PM 3-Month Subscriber tppsimulator ln-
2:14:19 PM bladetypeking Dumb AI is MVP
2:14:19 PM datpokeguy We're back in the lead red
2:14:18 PM Duskjumper @Byron_Springhill Same FeelsGoodMan
2:14:13 PM mesamus R:a
2:14:12 PM Zauberer2014 The AI
2:14:10 PM cheer 1000 Byron_Springhill I LOVE GEN 4!
2:14:05 PM Nikelao123 LEVEL PIKACHU PLEASE
2:14:05 PM GRShredder #TeamREd
2:14:04 PM cheer 1000 Byron_Springhill Kreygasm More Gen 4!
2:14:03 PM 6-Month Subscriber Zawasculin @M4_used_Rollout When season rewards get distributed? Kappa
2:14:03 PM yukiyam PogChamp
2:14:02 PM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail We won how we always won in gen 1
2:14:01 PM DeadAirX We did it reddit!
2:13:58 PM Zauberer2014 First win, wooooooo.
2:13:57 PM sergiiiii24 rdoen
2:13:56 PM Joycewu333 We PogChamp did it
2:13:53 PM datpokeguy GG EZ Kappa //
2:13:52 PM bladetypeking Red trainer's first win against blue
2:13:52 PM Subscriber nanami44 BloodTrail we did it
2:13:52 PM Joycewu333 I can't believe we won PogChamp because of bad AI
2:13:51 PM Hitmantom Getting swept by horsea LUL
2:13:50 PM mesamus r:a
2:13:45 PM datpokeguy PogChamp
2:13:44 PM Zauberer2014 Nice FaithfulForce
2:13:39 PM Joycewu333 PogChamp GG
2:13:39 PM Subscriber nanami44 LUL underleveled
2:13:36 PM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail GG EZ
2:13:34 PM Zauberer2014 Clefairy ~~
2:13:33 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @Byron_Springhill we'll have a poll up during the run once we collect all the data from the people trying out various romhacks
2:13:32 PM dolaar >a
2:13:32 PM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail LEVEL 4 LUL
2:13:31 PM Mariosyoshi lol
2:13:28 PM mesamus l:up
2:13:27 PM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce PogChampP{{og
2:13:19 PM republicofcongo clefairy, use POUND ;)
2:13:19 PM mesamus l:a
2:13:15 PM dolaar growl LUL
2:13:15 PM Twitch Prime Rspring02 r:a
2:13:09 PM Hitmantom no exp for pika NotLikeThis
2:13:06 PM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 57,869,150 points (x1) on the blue pinball table. Allycat826 participated.
2:13:05 PM GRShredder I feel like Red's A needs to get leveled up so it can rival Blue's A
2:13:05 PM mesamus l:up
2:13:04 PM 6-Month Subscriber Zawasculin "it has announced that a Shiny Poipole is to be distributed in Japan to Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon from March 2nd through April 9th via a Serial Code." GG now everyone is gonna run Bee Dragon in VGC. Keepo
2:13:03 PM cheer 1000 Byron_Springhill Can the next playthrough be Gen 4?
2:13:03 PM 2-Year Subscriber epicnights Nice Pikachu blue LUL
2:13:00 PM bladetypeking electric dose not resist water
2:12:59 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @FaithfulForce they lored around Squirtle well enough MingLee
2:12:54 PM 1-Year Subscriber KipTheFlareon >a
2:12:54 PM HelixAmber Rip.
2:12:54 PM Zauberer2014 Freaking Horsea
2:12:53 PM 1-Year Subscriber KipTheFlareon <a
2:12:52 PM mesamus l:a
2:12:47 PM Mariosyoshi lupo
2:12:46 PM Moderator tpp Ordsey, zfhoudai and pooping_forever started playing on the red pinball table. Highest bet is T18 from Ordsey.
2:12:46 PM dolaar rip
2:12:42 PM mesamus ll:A
2:12:39 PM Zauberer2014 Why does Bubble do more damage?
2:12:39 PM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce @M4_used_Rollout Yeah I was thinking people could lore around it
2:12:35 PM Mariosyoshi ofc no prz Kappa
2:12:29 PM mesamus l:a
2:12:27 PM DeadAirX lo
2:12:27 PM Twitch Prime Beaglepuke R:n
2:12:27 PM Moderator tpp @Violet_Crystal won a #019 Rattata badge from pinball!
2:12:23 PM Subscriber nanami44 TriHard AI TriHard
2:12:20 PM mesamus L:A
2:12:18 PM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail Too bad we leveled Spearow in a recent battle Kappa
2:12:12 PM 2-Year Subscriber epicnights AI OMEGALUL
2:12:11 PM Subscriber nanami44 rip Kappa
2:12:09 PM Subscriber Turbo pooping_forever Hi IQ
2:12:08 PM Javijandro__ la-
2:12:07 PM Glennsweden PogChamp PogChamp
2:12:06 PM Zauberer2014 Spearow LUL
2:12:05 PM datpokeguy Exp PogChamp
2:12:05 PM WintherMaw Levels PogChamp
2:12:03 PM mesamus l:a
2:12:03 PM cheer 1 RefreshAzure L:a
2:11:57 PM cheer 100 Ketchup_Raptor PogChamp
2:11:57 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @FaithfulForce honestly we kinda expected lore to take a different route so that it wouldn't be odd if the rivals desynced for a bit
2:11:57 PM ディルピクルス (dillpickle141) PogChamp
2:11:56 PM Frogonastix PogChamp
2:11:54 PM Twitch Prime Beaglepuke R;a
2:11:53 PM Joycewu333 TriHard AI !!
2:11:53 PM mesamus L:a
2:11:53 PM Subscriber nanami44 TriHard
2:11:51 PM Zauberer2014 Red is pretty much winning because of the AI
2:11:50 PM dolaar l:a
2:11:50 PM republicofcongo woot
2:11:50 PM Joycewu333 PogChamp wow
2:11:48 PM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce TriHard
2:11:48 PM Hydrokape AI TriHard
2:11:46 PM Subscriber nanami44 PogChamp gj
2:11:45 PM dolaar l>a
2:11:42 PM mesamus l:a
2:11:41 PM Moderator tpp @o7904's 2 Squirtle badges no longer for sale (was T6, T6)
2:11:41 PM bladetypeking wow this Ai is actually pretty dumb
2:11:40 PM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail #EXPForParas
2:11:37 PM sjgriffiths24 ld
2:11:35 PM Glennsweden TACTICS PogChamp
2:11:35 PM HelixAmber La-
2:11:35 PM republicofcongo omg lets go DM!!!!!
2:11:33 PM cheer 1 RefreshAzure L:a
2:11:32 PM Twitch Prime Beaglepuke R:A
2:11:27 PM Zauberer2014 Growl TriHard
2:11:22 PM cheer 1 RefreshAzure l:right
2:11:22 PM republicofcongo r:a
2:11:19 PM GRShredder Dance Music Paras
2:11:10 PM cheer 1 RefreshAzure l:up
2:11:05 PM Subscriber nanami44 @Rjri 2 Kappa
2:10:59 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 wow we lived
2:10:56 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 bug Kappa
2:10:54 PM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail Not really a tactical switch considering gen 1 mechanics doesn't apply poison or leech seed if it ko's a pokemon
2:10:50 PM Rjri missed 3 badges already, nice Kappa
2:10:49 PM Zauberer2014 Wrap + Leech Seed + Poison
2:10:44 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout a very manly female Spearow
2:10:42 PM KuroRyuuHime r:up
2:10:42 PM raetah there's no will to fight!
2:10:41 PM GRShredder R:Down
2:10:38 PM 1-Year Subscriber KipTheFlareon >a
2:10:37 PM Zauberer2014 Ekans for Wrap!
2:10:36 PM 1-Year Subscriber KipTheFlareon >A
2:10:35 PM cheer 1 RefreshAzure ya pikachu
2:10:34 PM GRShredder Manly Bird
2:10:34 PM 1-Year Subscriber KipTheFlareon >a
2:10:32 PM the_mad_mac130 Thank god it’s over
2:10:31 PM 1-Year Subscriber KipTheFlareon >A
2:10:30 PM cheer 1000 twitchplayssadness l:a
2:10:30 PM 1-Year Subscriber KipTheFlareon >a
2:10:28 PM Subscriber cheer 100 Timbob01 Jebaited
2:10:25 PM republicofcongo that's a very manly spearow
2:10:25 PM cheer 1000 twitchplayssadness l:left
2:10:22 PM Zc230 What a fight on red! How did we get paralyzed? Pikachu?
2:10:22 PM HelixAmber #BeatMisty!
2:10:22 PM Subscriber nanami44 TACTICAL SWITCH PogChamp
2:10:20 PM Zauberer2014 :(
2:10:17 PM Joycewu333 Jebaited
2:10:16 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 ow
2:10:14 PM Zauberer2014 The Strats Kreygasm
2:10:07 PM Mariosyoshi why up on blue its a dead end
2:10:03 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @Kurtbusch22 good, I'm glad!
2:10:02 PM Hitmantom whats the plan stan? are we winging the gym?
2:10:02 PM cheer 1000 twitchplayssadness :(
2:10:00 PM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce @M4_used_Rollout Yeah maybe
2:09:58 PM KuroRyuuHime r:up
2:09:56 PM HelixAmber Guys we need to beat misty!
2:09:54 PM cheer 1000 twitchplayssadness l:rleft
2:09:54 PM Subscriber nanami44 m4 :(
2:09:53 PM GRShredder R:Up+A
2:09:52 PM Kurtbusch22 @m4_used_rollout I for 1 love this system
2:09:45 PM GRShredder R:Up
2:09:42 PM cheer 1 RefreshAzure L:up
2:09:42 PM Moderator tpp 2 Spearow badges put up for sale for T4 each by @o7904
2:09:33 PM cheer 1 RefreshAzure l:right
2:09:33 PM Zauberer2014 REast
2:09:31 PM Zauberer2014 Reast
2:09:30 PM bladetypeking gym despite having no chance of winning
2:09:30 PM Moderator tpp @Panda_XV won a #019 Rattata badge from pinball!
2:09:30 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 eh? should we be able to beat the rest of blue
2:09:29 PM Mariosyoshi if you want to do gym then whatever
2:09:27 PM Zauberer2014 rEast
2:09:24 PM Zauberer2014 Reast
2:09:23 PM GRShredder R:Right
2:09:23 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @FaithfulForce we hoped that it'd be an acceptable compromise... and we also hope that if some great disaster does happen like losing A, fighting A again would remind us of those we had lost and remind us that we haven't overcome our past selves yet and maybe give us a goal? I dunno
2:09:21 PM sjgriffiths24 lu
2:09:17 PM GRShredder R:B
2:09:16 PM Subscriber nanami44 if we get lucky with no embers next run as well we might win
2:09:12 PM Zauberer2014 What is Blue-chan trying to do anyway?
2:09:08 PM Kurtbusch22 #LordAntidote
2:09:05 PM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail we need mostly a
2:09:00 PM HelixAmber L:N-
2:08:57 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 i sincerely doubt it
2:08:56 PM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce Antidote for paralysis Kappa
2:08:55 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime tyupmojo le l
2:08:55 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 this down spam on blue
2:08:52 PM bladetypeking red might actually win this
2:08:49 PM galvantulaman lu
2:08:47 PM GRShredder R:Right
2:08:44 PM InSaNePuRe lu
2:08:41 PM Allycat826 @M4_used_Rollout its ok it an elivetor chat right now
2:08:39 PM Hydrokape lw-
2:08:34 PM datpokeguy @Person31415 YES
2:08:31 PM Zauberer2014 Will Red finally prevail?
2:08:30 PM Mariosyoshi omg
2:08:25 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 so did blue win rival yet?
2:08:25 PM GRShredder R:B
2:08:25 PM HelixAmber Redbar intensifies
2:08:23 PM cheer 1 RefreshAzure l:up
2:08:19 PM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce PogChamp THE PLAYS
2:08:18 PM Subscriber nanami44 DBstyle
2:08:15 PM cheer 1 RefreshAzure l:eft
2:08:13 PM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce Stall DBstyle
2:08:06 PM DeadAirX r: RUN!!!
2:08:05 PM Zauberer2014 Ivysaur!
2:08:02 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 okay we're good
2:07:58 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 these fullprz
2:07:55 PM Subscriber nanami44 stop spamming a Kappa
2:07:54 PM cheer 1000 twitchplayssadness l:b
2:07:53 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @Allycat826 sorry, I didn't see it
2:07:53 PM Kurtbusch22 After badges we #CATCHEMALL
2:07:51 PM Subscriber nanami44 Kappa
2:07:48 PM cheer 1000 twitchplayssadness l:right
2:07:46 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime tyupmojo ldowb
2:07:45 PM Zauberer2014 Leech Seed + Poison Kreygasm
2:07:43 PM Allycat826 @M4_used_Rollout thanks i tryed to ask earlyer
2:07:42 PM Nikelao123 l:e-
2:07:32 PM Javijandro__ le-
2:07:30 PM cheer 1000 twitchplayssadness l:up
2:07:27 PM Nikelao123 l:b
2:07:24 PM Theparadoxmuse L: B
2:07:22 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @Allycat826 we're getting one set of pokemon badges from both games
2:07:22 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 tbh i doubt there will be many releases this run. there so very rarely are these days. still, its neat to have that in place
2:07:20 PM Nikelao123 l:e-
2:07:20 PM cheer 1 RefreshAzure GO A
2:07:18 PM Zauberer2014 Leech Seed now
2:07:16 PM HelixAmber L:Start
2:07:15 PM Theparadoxmuse there it is
2:07:14 PM datpokeguy Now leech
2:07:03 PM Allycat826 @M4_used_Rollout are we geting badges from both runs are only the one we input
2:06:59 PM Theparadoxmuse L: a
2:06:55 PM bladetypeking not using ember weird
2:06:54 PM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail It has scratch because Charmeleon was stronger when it had scratch instead of rage
2:06:53 PM Zauberer2014 Scratch TriHard
2:06:49 PM 2-Year Subscriber epicnights @theparadoxmuse input a for me a few times? Maybe your name is too dark.
2:06:49 PM Theparadoxmuse L: up
2:06:48 PM cheer 1000 twitchplayssadness l:up
2:06:48 PM Nikelao123 l:up-
2:06:46 PM Moderator tpp @Pugorilla won a #025 Pikachu badge from pinball!
2:06:44 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 how we doin
2:06:39 PM cheer 1000 twitchplayssadness l:left
2:06:37 PM Mariosyoshi how does that work
2:06:30 PM Subscriber nanami44 SIM Kappa ..
2:06:24 PM Duskjumper Kappa 99
2:06:24 PM Nikelao123 l:w-
2:06:22 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @FaithfulForce it was a concern the dev team kept coming back to, so we figured "ok, we'll create some value that will prevent the team from backsliding."
2:06:21 PM datpokeguy Leech it
2:06:20 PM Joycewu333 Wait is vine whip normal effectiveness?
2:06:19 PM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail I bet this charmeleon has scratch
2:06:19 PM Subscriber nanami44 SwiftRage ))))
2:06:19 PM 3-Month Subscriber tppsimulator Pikachu is not ready yet for Bloody Tuesday? Kappa 99
2:06:17 PM HelixAmber #PCwantsBlood
2:06:15 PM Mariosyoshi inb4 rage
2:06:09 PM Zauberer2014 Ember Time Keepo
2:06:06 PM Theparadoxmuse Im not seeing my i doing something wrong
2:06:05 PM Subscriber nanami44 rip Kappa
2:06:02 PM Kurtbusch22 #Bill
2:05:55 PM Zauberer2014 That Bill! DansGame
2:05:40 PM HelixAmber The PC demands Blood
2:05:35 PM dolaar WutFace
2:05:34 PM cheer 1000 twitchplayssadness L:left
2:05:33 PM Subscriber nanami44 tppPc