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4:00:52 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp pokefan793 started playing on the red pinball table.
4:00:51 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev !!a
4:00:49 PM TaviTurnip There is an actual Duel mode, right?
4:00:48 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon ....
4:00:47 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon luxio or ghost
4:00:46 PM 3-Month Subscriber Keksbaer stomp can flinch too Kappa
4:00:45 PM Afterwards you will only cause a gumball LuL
4:00:37 PM TaviTurnip sim Kappa
4:00:37 PM BooLeaf1 Bite can flinch
4:00:36 PM 3-Month Subscriber Keksbaer no bite Kappa
4:00:36 PM Afterwards people inputting apart from 50ks LuL
4:00:36 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 LadyJasmineOfOlivine Kappa
4:00:34 PM turndown4hwut Kappa
4:00:30 PM Subscriber tppsimulator whats going to take red throws Kappa that
4:00:27 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper 0% Kappa
4:00:26 PM maiohneee !a2
4:00:11 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon wait what
4:00:10 PM ProbablyDeadInside APP so i got trash lag
4:00:07 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 GTChimp GTChimp GTChimp
4:00:06 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper That red inputing D, please stop inputing DBstyle
4:00:06 PM TaviTurnip Duel song SourPls
4:00:05 PM Shiny_Guzzlord2 ICY THEN biTE
4:00:03 PM pokefan793 any pinball
4:00:02 PM ProbablyDeadInside Using the twitchc desktop
4:00:00 PM Shiny_Guzzlord2 Icy then bite
3:59:57 PM Afterwards duel mode Kappa
3:59:53 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev I will definiitely lose Keepo
3:59:51 PM n3ptunea1rslash no input challenge TriHard
3:59:49 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev oh god no one is inputting TriHard
3:59:47 PM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime xiKittyx I will soon xD
3:59:41 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon oh ok duel
3:59:37 PM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi good luck
3:59:37 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 I‘m a sloth on mobile with bad delay SeriousSloth so no inputting from me ever SeriousSloth
3:59:36 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon OpieOP ?
3:59:35 PM Abcdefgeeee How does Chimecho use Rollout? How can it curl into a ball? LUL
3:59:33 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The battle between Exploud (Flinch), Butterfree (Physical), Heatran (Standard) and Chimecho (Physical), Banette (Physical), Luxio (Standard) has just begun!
3:59:29 PM 3-Month Subscriber Keksbaer @xiKittyx use rest Keepo
3:59:28 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 5 seconds.
3:59:27 PM Afterwards exploud also kinda OP here with stomp flinch LuL
3:59:23 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 10 seconds.
3:59:21 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev god I'm stupid
3:59:13 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 20 seconds.
3:59:13 PM turndown4hwut rollout Keepo
3:59:12 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon Kappa
3:59:11 PM Abcdefgeeee Odds very balanced.
3:59:11 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon makes sense
3:59:08 PM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime xiKittyx im blind and in bed at 3am so im not imputting LUL
3:59:06 PM Afterwards how does red beat heatran
3:59:06 PM Twitch Prime SmilingLight04_YT how do you check how much P you have
3:59:03 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon this was blind?
3:59:03 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 30 seconds.
3:59:03 PM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi not against exploud but
3:58:59 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper Renlev you must win BigBrother carry all of us
3:58:57 PM maiohneee i dont see how to win
3:58:56 PM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi rollout setup?
3:58:53 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 40 seconds.
3:58:52 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 ~ SeriousSloth ~
3:58:49 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev @ChaosDukemon you know me too well <3
3:58:43 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 50 seconds.
3:58:41 PM Shiny_Guzzlord2 x3 Kreygasm
3:58:41 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The last pinball game achieved 185,602,100 points (x3) on the blue pinball table. Shiny_Guzzlord2 participated.
3:58:39 PM Afterwards but blue has a huge advantage
3:58:36 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon yes you will if you play stupid
3:58:34 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev if i get one though TriHard
3:58:33 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 60 seconds.
3:58:32 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 PogChamp !
3:58:32 PM Afterwards i'll let the 1v1 blind play out
3:58:29 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev I'll probably lose Keepo
3:58:29 PM Abcdefgeeee LUL vs LOL vs LEL vs KEK
3:58:26 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 LadyJasmineOfOlivine Ren new #1 PogChamp
3:58:25 PM Afterwards but blue is favoured really strong here
3:58:21 PM Abcdefgeeee LUL vs LOL
3:58:19 PM Afterwards ok i wont input then Kappa
3:58:17 PM shadowpuppet97 okay I kind of see what we need to do
3:58:14 PM n3ptunea1rslash this will be close game SeemsGood
3:58:13 PM turndown4hwut DEATH BATTLE: LUL vs LuL
3:58:11 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon Lol you gonna make him#1...
3:58:11 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa and sam, twi twi, roy, and adda weren't even on yesterday.
3:58:05 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon im scared lol
3:58:02 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp @Logear won a #077 Ponyta badge from pinball!
3:58:01 PM Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx Crunch is neutral vs steel this gen DBstyle
3:57:59 PM Matsouya LUL LUL
3:57:55 PM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) @PeterSteves read the description
3:57:51 PM 3-Month Subscriber Keksbaer @CountRaposa bc you are bad Kappa
3:57:48 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon butred has player davantage
3:57:48 PM PeterSteves guys what do badges do
3:57:47 PM turndown4hwut we use rollout Kappa
3:57:46 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon ahhh blue has pokemon advantage
3:57:45 PM Abcdefgeeee Banette is feeling determined! Kappa
3:57:44 PMkrenshinn was timed out for 1 second.
3:57:44 PM TaviTurnip Discharge and pray Kappa
3:57:44 PM krenshinn !bet 100 bkue
3:57:37 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev @maiohneee don't worry as long as I don't get good betters you win Keepo
3:57:34 PM Afterwards how to beat heatran LuL
3:57:32 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa I go to bed and I move down 10 ranks BrokeBack
3:57:32 PM 6-Month Subscriber qedron Agree
3:57:29 PM waniisan RitzMitz sim
3:57:29 PM turndown4hwut RitzMitz sim
3:57:29 PM 3-Month Subscriber Keksbaer @xiKittyx kitty BegWan
3:57:28 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper RitzMitz
3:57:25 PM Subscriber tppsimulator the name of endure on this season I still win this a crit GUYZ RitzMitz
3:57:17 PM maiohneee how do i kill heatran smh
3:57:16 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev @xiKittyx but makes it more fun to play Keepo
3:57:15 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom betting on underdog matches most likely
3:57:14 PM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber Sandoz1 good luck renley
3:57:12 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev @xiKittyx it creates crazy inflation
3:57:12 PM turndown4hwut magma entei... TriHard
3:57:10 PM Wahisietel_and_Knuckles ,!bet 100 red
3:57:07 PMwaniisan was timed out for 1 second.
3:57:06 PM Moderator tppvisualizer
3:57:05 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The Pokémon for the next match are Exploud (Flinch), Butterfree (Physical), Heatran (Standard) and Chimecho (Physical), Banette (Physical), Luxio (Standard)!
3:57:03 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev @xiKittyx early bet rewards
3:57:00 PM Abcdefgeeee I wanted a Pinpoint match
3:57:00 PM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 キュウコン (aissurtievos) reminds me of smash betting Kappa
3:56:54 PM Afterwards time to leech
3:56:53 PM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime xiKittyx How are you guys so rich already sheesh lol
3:56:51 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 LadyJasmineOfOlivine Jebaited
3:56:49 PM Starscream_Forsenboyz WutFace
3:56:43 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa the season just started and already people have too much money.
3:56:41 PM turndown4hwut Kappa m/
3:56:34 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp New sidegame screenshot:
3:56:34 PM PeterSteves yes a badge
3:56:34 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa people have too much money for me to catch up.
3:56:33 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp A new match is about to begin! It will start in 3m0s
3:56:33 PM n3ptunea1rslash KappaPride yolo
3:56:22 PM waniisan keks Wowee
3:56:19 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp @PeterSteves won a #020 Raticate badge from pinball!
3:56:18 PM Abcdefgeeee I need wowemee to save my own
3:56:16 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev @maiohneee I'll take blue SeemsGood
3:56:13 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper Go all in on one sided match and get money with 30% Kappa
3:56:13 PM TaviTurnip No really, are you on television or something Kappa
3:56:13 PM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) raposa Kappa
3:56:11 PM 3-Month Subscriber Keksbaer @CountRaposa but you cant Kappa
3:56:11 PM Abcdefgeeee Buriwkow, I cry Wowee
3:56:10 PM maiohneee i take red
3:56:05 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa I said it before anyone else
3:56:05 PM Abcdefgeeee Wowey dreams came undone
3:56:04 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 LadyJasmineOfOlivine so what will it take to be top 10 this season? LUL
3:56:03 PM Afterwards 50k blind PogChamp making 15k for free
3:56:01 PM maiohneee sure
3:55:59 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa I said I have to be number 1
3:55:56 PM turndown4hwut Wowee
3:55:52 PM Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx The balance gap is already too big for you to be number one if you bet 100 per game LUL
3:55:52 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa that's not my problem
3:55:51 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev @maiohneee you want to do a 50k bind bet?
3:55:50 PM turndown4hwut D:
3:55:50 PM 3-Month Subscriber Keksbaer @匿名者九九九九九九九九九 who wants to be number 1?
3:55:44 PM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber Sandoz1 D:
3:55:43 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon @Renlev i would if i had more balance than now
3:55:40 PM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) you have to earn it
3:55:39 PM maiohneee D: i am so happy to see betting alive again D:
3:55:34 PM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) nobody is going to let you be no 1
3:55:33 PM ProbablyDeadInside RED absolutely deleted yall
3:55:32 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp Team Red won the match!
3:55:28 PM PeterSteves skill link tbh
3:55:28 PM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber Sandoz1 good luck with that
3:55:27 PM TaviTurnip Is this some kind of social experiment
3:55:27 PM Subscriber cheer 1 xn1ght it was all a dream
3:55:26 PM 6-Month Subscriber qedron If you want to be no1 you got catch a hero on the run
3:55:25 PM Subscriber Ordsey @Keksbaer shut up, I'm just shit okay :(
3:55:24 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev @ChaosDukemon want to do a 50k blind bet?
3:55:23 PM Afterwards Getting to #2 off the back of a huge stadium 2 upset Kappa that happened in other seasons
3:55:22 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa simple as that
3:55:18 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa last season I said I had to be in top 5 but nobody let me be so now I have to be number 1.
3:55:17 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon tppPokeyen
3:55:10 PM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime xiKittyx WTF RED BETS !?
3:54:59 PM n3ptunea1rslash way to go reds SeemsGood
3:54:57 PM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) if you want to be no 1 you need to take risks
3:54:56 PM Matsouya LUL
3:54:56 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev @ChaosDukemon I know, but still Keepo
3:54:51 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa and I expect people to let me be
3:54:50 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon @Renlev not for long
3:54:49 PM Abcdefgeeee Iron 4 Head 4Head
3:54:49 PM 3-Month Subscriber Keksbaer @Ordsey whos alt are you? Keepo
3:54:44 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa I said I have to be number 1
3:54:43 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev @CountRaposa I got to #2 with just 3 hours of playing TriHard
3:54:40 PM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) or do you mean before that
3:54:40 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon tppPokeyen <3 <3 <3
3:54:37 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa I am not taking risks
3:54:35 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon MONEY <3
3:54:35 PM Afterwards you better start betting a bit more then raposa Kappa
3:54:28 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev @CountRaposa also if you want to be number one take risks
3:54:26 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon OhMyDog + tppPokeyen = <3
3:54:26 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa why what?
3:54:22 PM Subscriber Ordsey @xiKittyx <3
3:54:21 PM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) i see the c in the chat
3:54:21 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev @CountRaposa why Keepo
3:54:17 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon tppPokeyen <3
3:54:14 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa remember that I still have to be number 1 this season
3:54:14 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon tppPokeyen
3:54:11 PM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime xiKittyx Ordsey <3
3:54:08 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon give money
3:54:06 PM ProbablyDeadInside C R I T FeelsAmazingMan
3:54:05 PM maiohneee no idea
3:54:03 PM pandemoniall OpieOP
3:54:01 PM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) did you lag or something
3:53:58 PM cheer 1 Matt_Frostpaws oj mu
3:53:52 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 LadyJasmineOfOlivine LUL
3:53:52 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa sludge bomb would ohko jumpluff and we win
3:53:47 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon FUTA PLEASE
3:53:47 PM pandemoniall Because raposa is smarter than everyone here you dumbasses
3:53:44 PM turndown4hwut Kappa
3:53:44 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon wtf FUTA
3:53:44 PM maiohneee wtf why did it not type my c
3:53:43 PM Starscream_Forsenboyz BabyRage play the game right
3:53:41 PM Subscriber tppsimulator did something different right? Kappa
3:53:41 PM cheer 1 gamerdudemanguy BabyRage SwidtRage
3:53:37 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper Then you're just throwing money to other team Kappa
3:53:36 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa I was predicting a sludge bomb sweep
3:53:31 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp @Slippy2Toad won a #019 Rattata badge from pinball!
3:53:30 PM Matsouya BabyRage
3:53:27 PM n3ptunea1rslash LUL
3:53:26 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa sludge bomb
3:53:19 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon LuL
3:53:18 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa I'm not betting more if people intend on throwing
3:53:18 PM ProbablyDeadInside BEldum will save you
3:53:17 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon Lol
3:53:14 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon why do you think everyone went red?
3:53:11 PM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx hmm
3:53:07 PM 3-Month Subscriber Keksbaer who is top blue? TriHard
3:53:00 PM n3ptunea1rslash blue team TriHard
3:52:57 PM Afterwards beldum is scary
3:52:57 PM PeterSteves !balance
3:52:57 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa this was a guaranteed sweep
3:52:57 PM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) you need to bet more then raposa
3:52:51 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon @ProbablyDeadInside OhMyDog // hi
3:52:50 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev yeah easy win now
3:52:49 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa and instead ordsey throws
3:52:47 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon its over
3:52:46 PM ProbablyDeadInside OneHand @ChaosDukemon
3:52:45 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon we won
3:52:45 PM pandemoniall MINDBLOW KAPOW
3:52:44 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon gg
3:52:38 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa I said "blue team follow me" MikeHogu
3:52:23 PM n3ptunea1rslash i forget the ability but it saved us SeemsGood
3:52:19 PM cheer 1 gamerdudemanguy OneHand
3:52:12 PM BooLeaf1 Kappa
3:52:08 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon we win
3:52:04 PM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) 🍆
3:51:53 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon just let futanari do it
3:51:47 PM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon stay quiet
3:51:43 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa I know that
3:51:43 PM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi im convinced that blue will mass throw
3:51:40 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev you realize that
3:51:38 PM 1-Year Subscriber Renlev ordsey is staying in
3:51:37 PM turndown4hwut SwiftRage \m/
3:51:27 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa blue follow me
3:51:22 PM Afterwards ok nevermind
3:51:20 PM Afterwards I like staying in i think
3:51:19 PM 6-Month Subscriber qedron danS