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1:57:52 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) tppPayout
1:57:52 AM Stupid_say_what !bal
1:57:50 AM shadowpuppet97 I accidently made a fake bet Kappa
1:57:47 AM boombafunk @cruplezone
1:57:44 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Geforcefly I'm hungry for pizza :pizza:
1:57:38 AM cruplezone !help
1:57:35 AM xenofeels @calvinma it’s magic
1:57:30 AM shadowpuppet97 1bet 694 red
1:57:27 AM Bubbled_Butter PraiseIt
1:57:25 AM Moderator tppvisualizer
1:57:24 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The Pokémon for the next match are Omanyte (Physical), Golduck (Standard), Kecleon (Mixed) and Hitmonchan (Punch), Marshtomp (Physical), Cacturne (Spikes)!
1:57:24 AM pandemoniall bet 946 red
1:57:24 AM Subscriber cheer 100 NSPanamera_ tppHelix tppPayout
1:57:19 AM Afterwards or 100% TriHard matchmaker
1:57:19 AM EtherealPuffin PraiseIt
1:57:15 AM diamondboy152 VaultBoy
1:57:13 AM CalvinMa wtf is this stream
1:57:12 AM Afterwards like the team that is 60% win
1:57:12 AM EtherealPuffin PraiseIT
1:57:11 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Geforcefly Domino's Pizza
1:57:11 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp Plizzanet - Yo! Noid II: Enter the Void (betting) won the song bidding with T1 total from murabito!
1:57:09 AM cruplezone What was the song playing right before kirby???
1:57:07 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) SourPls
1:57:07 AM Afterwards i mean "more likely" winner
1:57:06 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp Pikachu badge bought by @Chaos_lord2 for T1 from @SleepyNoctis
1:57:04 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp Pikachu badge put up for sale for T1 by @SleepyNoctis
1:57:02 AM Drewmatics with the right people
1:57:01 AM Subscriber Bloons22 im gonna like it much more when i just blind bet Kappa
1:56:57 AM Drewmatics in most matches either side can be a winner
1:56:55 AM cruplezone does anyone know?
1:56:54 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp New sidegame screenshot:
1:56:53 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp A new match is about to begin! It will start in 3m0s
1:56:52 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp xxmoonlotusxx transmuted #073 Tentacruel, #041 Zubat and #025 Pikachu, and the result is #036 Clefable!
1:56:52 AM cruplezone what was the song playing earlier?
1:56:44 AM Subscriber tppsimulator 200 IQ? must be back money with this DW-necrozma is tppriot
1:56:38 AM Afterwards it's quite stressful trying to work out a winner in like 10 seconds but it's way more fun than before Kappa
1:56:22 AM EtherealPuffin @村人 Both interfere with the- Whatever.
1:56:14 AM cruplezone !song
1:56:10 AM cruplezone !music
1:56:07 AM SSJCay kerbi
1:56:03 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp xxmoonlotusxx started transmuting badges!
1:56:02 AM Wahisietel_and_Knuckles SourPls
1:55:55 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) TekkenPanda
1:55:55 AM Abcdefgeeee Blame it on the RNG not me
1:55:55 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppTeiHard tppTeiHard cute emotes
1:55:51 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp Team Blue won the match!
1:55:48 AM Subscriber cheer 100 NSPanamera_ #Kirby
1:55:45 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) @EtherealPuffin vocals, not lyrics
1:55:44 AM diamondboy152 SwiftRage
1:55:44 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppTeiHard tppTeiHard GG blue
1:55:43 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) TekkenLili
1:55:42 AM EtherealPuffin It has vocals in it, despite the rules against that.
1:55:35 AM Twitch Prime terrabeck gg blue
1:55:31 AM Runiide Get rekt LUL
1:55:26 AM EtherealPuffin This song defies the rules, technically
1:55:23 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) nice rolls
1:55:22 AM SSJCay gg
1:55:19 AM shadowpuppet97 OneHand !!
1:55:18 AM FckYouJoey ouch
1:55:18 AM pandemoniall oh well
1:55:17 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Darkness_guy bad strats gg
1:55:16 AM Abcdefgeeee well forget it
1:55:15 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) whoever's alt owns "tppSlowpoke" will pay
1:55:14 AM Subscriber SleepyNoctis LUL
1:55:14 AM Abcdefgeeee oh wait we missed
1:55:10 AM gonewildnegev LUL
1:55:09 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppTeiHard tppTeiHard red loses because entei is on red
1:55:03 AM Afterwards supersonic for 12.5% hit and double self hit Jebaited I guess it's better than crit
1:54:59 AM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa VoHiYo
1:54:55 AM Abcdefgeeee after that do bug buzz
1:54:54 AM EtherealPuffin We're back \ PogChamp /
1:54:44 AM shadowpuppet97 God forbid that ever happen VoHiYo
1:54:38 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppTeiHard tppTeiHard no one can be entei now
1:54:35 AM Masterlightx Naming yourself after sinking emotes :thinking:
1:54:33 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) ngl i wish i didnt change my username last month Kappa
1:54:22 AM Twitch Prime terrabeck kappa
1:54:22 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 LadyJasmineOfOlivine i'll change my name if we get a tpp jasmine emote VoHiYo
1:54:11 AM Drewmatics oh okie
1:54:10 AM Afterwards Only dark pulse
1:54:08 AM Drewmatics ok so whats the plan are we just sitting on a
1:54:06 AM Afterwards just dark pulse
1:54:06 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppTeiHard more tpp emotes tppTeiHard
1:54:03 AM Abcdefgeeee If we switch to vibrava, use supersonic first
1:54:02 AM Afterwards that roll is significantly better than the first one Kappa
1:54:01 AM shadowpuppet97 i'm scared :/
1:53:54 AM 1eamannan new name change is tppriot
1:53:50 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) tppRiot
1:53:49 AM Masterlightx CurseLit
1:53:47 AM Subscriber cheer 100 NSPanamera_ tppRiot
1:53:46 AM xenofeels Swift swim with lagging tail LuL
1:53:46 AM 1eamannan what? Kappa
1:53:43 AM Subscriber tppsimulator tppRiot
1:53:39 AM Subscriber Bloons22 nah
1:53:38 AM Masterlightx I said it before you @1eamannan Kappa
1:53:33 AM Afterwards We might lose actually
1:53:32 AM Subscriber Bloons22 i thought people would help input OpieOP
1:53:29 AM Abcdefgeeee Lag tail of lag
1:53:28 AM Afterwards wow this seviper is bad
1:53:28 AM 1eamannan they do have the same chord progression though... OMGScoots so...
1:53:24 AM Moderator Nyam__ Swift Swim + Lagging Tail Kippa ...
1:53:15 AM 1eamannan masterlight pls Kappa i was waiting for someone to say that
1:53:12 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The last pinball game achieved 1,651,000 points (x0) on the red pinball table. turndown4hwut and SenateKill participated.
1:53:08 AM pandemoniall message not sent NotLikeThis
1:53:07 AM Subscriber Bloons22 0% bonus leeches
1:53:03 AM Abcdefgeeee lagging tail
1:52:58 AM Afterwards people helping by going afk on a SoBayed
1:52:57 AM FckYouJoey what the hell is wrong with sevipers body
1:52:57 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) i forgot to bet sorry Kappa
1:52:56 AM Masterlightx Kappa
1:52:54 AM Masterlightx @1eamannan Elder Scrolls 5*
1:52:44 AM Subscriber Bloons22 ppl not helping? ok
1:52:40 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp Darkness_guy transmuted #073 Tentacruel, #039 Jigglypuff and #021 Spearow, and the result is #113 Chansey!
1:52:31 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) @Amorgankuhlmann "good game no rematch"
1:52:26 AM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx @amorgankuhlmann Google
1:52:23 AM 1eamannan ffxv ost Kreygasm <3
1:52:22 AM Abcdefgeeee gg means good game, idk about the rest
1:52:16 AM Masterlightx Skyrim music Kappa
1:52:10 AM Amorgankuhlmann So what does "gg no re" mean?
1:52:05 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) trick room for epic meme lol!
1:52:02 AM pandemoniall !3!d
1:51:53 AM cheer 100 Random_Guy_In_Chat PRChase trick room for something strange
1:51:51 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp Darkness_guy started transmuting badges!
1:51:47 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp xxmoonlotusxx transmuted #017 Pidgeotto, #035 Clefairy and #023 Ekans, and the result is #084 Doduo!
1:51:39 AM Pogman999 Aw, no crit
1:51:34 AM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx :o
1:51:32 AM waniisan LUL
1:51:16 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The Hydraean's Wrath - Final Fantasy XV (battle) won the song bidding with T1 total from SleepyNoctis!
1:51:08 AM Subscriber Bloons22 those people who bet blue late with no bonuses LUL !!!!!!!!!
1:51:07 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppTeiHard tppTeiHard nyam now its your turn to become a tpp emote
1:51:02 AM shadowpuppet97 follow bettors!! Kippa
1:50:58 AMwhitewolf9595 was timed out for 1 second.
1:50:57 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp xxmoonlotusxx started transmuting badges!
1:50:56 AM Afterwards blue is not this favoured Kappa
1:50:54 AM Subscriber Bloons22 odds LUL
1:50:54 AM Moderator Nyam__ Kippa Salty overbet
1:50:52 AMterrabeck was timed out for 1 second.
1:50:51 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The battle between Ralts (Trick Room), Seviper (Tail), Murkrow (Special) and Riolu (Special), Huntail (Special), Vibrava (Special) has just begun!
1:50:51 AM Subscriber SleepyNoctis Jebaited
1:50:49 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) The best way to lose
1:50:47 AM cheer 1 NintendoRPGamer SeriousSloth
1:50:46 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Geforcefly Deadinsky's game
1:50:46 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 5 seconds.
1:50:43 AM Subscriber tppsimulator The best way to lose
1:50:41 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 10 seconds.
1:50:39 AM Abcdefgeeee Squid1 Squid2 KomodoHype <----- HUNTAIL
1:50:39 AM Subscriber Bloons22 confuse something :)
1:50:31 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 20 seconds.
1:50:30 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) KomodoHype
1:50:30 AM Abcdefgeeee Oh ok
1:50:28 AM Abcdefgeeee KomodoHype
1:50:23 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) Komodo Hype
1:50:21 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 30 seconds.
1:50:17 AM Abcdefgeeee What did they turn OSkomodo into?
1:50:14 AM Subscriber Bloons22 this is easier for red than it looks i think
1:50:11 AM Drewmatics easier to gain back money with this new bonus bet system :)
1:50:11 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 40 seconds.
1:50:11 AMmayor192 was timed out for 1 second.
1:50:11 AM Mayor192 !bet 100
1:50:06 AM TPPMissingno why not
1:50:02 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp @1eamannan's Spoink badge no longer for sale (was T70)
1:50:01 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 50 seconds.
1:49:57 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) tpTeiHard
1:49:53 AM Afterwards TriHard )))
1:49:51 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 60 seconds.
1:49:51 AM diamondboy152 Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 Squid2 Squid4
1:49:48 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppTeiHard tppTeiHard ))))
1:49:41 AM Afterwards Red can definitely win this tbh LUL
1:49:36 AM SSJCay special riolu sux
1:49:26 AM TPPMissingno riolose
1:49:25 AM Subscriber Bloons22 triW
1:49:19 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The last pinball game achieved 50,882,300 points (x0) on the blue pinball table. Mobotropolis participated.
1:49:12 AM Afterwards Just don't trick room LUL
1:49:03 AM cheer 100 Random_Guy_In_Chat ok surprisingly this battle royale had competent players in it
1:49:02 AM Subscriber Bloons22 i dont like this match really
1:48:59 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp turndown4hwut and SenateKill started playing on the red pinball table. Highest bet is T1 from turndown4hwut.
1:48:54 AMthemindfuluxie was timed out for 1 second.
1:48:51 AM Abcdefgeeee Kappa
1:48:50 AM Abcdefgeeee and riolu is faster
1:48:49 AM Afterwards Sure
1:48:38 AM diamondboy152 Bet on my boy Riolu!
1:48:36 AM cheer 1 themindfuluxie !vet 400 blue
1:48:33 AM Abcdefgeeee hp dark Kappa
1:48:24 AM logothedreamer Kappa m/
1:48:23 AM Moderator tppvisualizer
1:48:23 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The Pokémon for the next match are Ralts (Trick Room), Seviper (Tail), Murkrow (Special) and Riolu (Special), Huntail (Special), Vibrava (Special)!
1:48:18 AM Subscriber Bloons22 cuz i will yolo it away
1:48:14 AM waniisan waltz SourPls
1:48:14 AM Subscriber Bloons22 investment in me
1:48:14 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) @tppTeiHard do you get highlighted whenever people use tppTeiHard ?
1:48:06 AM turndown4hwut normal DansGame
1:48:06 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp Starlit Waltz - Final Fantasy XV (betting) won the song bidding with T1 total from SleepyNoctis!
1:48:03 AM Afterwards investment was if i won LUL
1:48:01 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) token :o
1:47:57 AM pandemoniall Kappa *
1:47:57 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 Tiberius29 tppTeiHard
1:47:56 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Geforcefly ENTEI ENTEI TriHard
1:47:55 AM pandemoniall @Afterwards investement ? kappa
1:47:51 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp A new match is about to begin! It will start in 3m0s
1:47:51 AM turndown4hwut sim FunRun
1:47:50 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp New sidegame screenshot:
1:47:49 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) FunRun ~
1:47:48 AM KenjiDraco HAU FunRun
1:47:48 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppTeiHard tppTeiHard // nebby
1:47:42 AM Subscriber tppsimulator HAU FunRun ~
1:47:40 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) @ tppTeiHard tppTeiHard //
1:47:33 AM Afterwards the overdog winning creates more money I guess :thinking:
1:47:18 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) tppTeiHard
1:47:17 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppTeiHard a tppTeiHard
1:47:09 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppTeiHard tppTeiHard a
1:47:02 AM Subscriber Bloons22 i love bonuses
1:47:00 AM Afterwards not sure about the rest of blue
1:46:58 AM Subscriber Bloons22 LUL
1:46:57 AM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx OneHand matt
1:46:54 AM Afterwards my odds are fine LUL I had 50%
1:46:51 AM diamondboy152 MAGIKARP FAILED US YouWHY
1:46:49 AM Subscriber Bloons22 Kappa
1:46:48 AM shadowpuppet97 Moon OneHand
1:46:48 AM Subscriber Bloons22 not really
1:46:47 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 TriHard ...
1:46:45 AM KenjiDraco Entei's presence mattered TriHard
1:46:44 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp Team Red won the match!
1:46:44 AM turndown4hwut pbr is over back to ultra sun Kappa
1:46:42 AM Subscriber Bloons22 Kappa odds are good then
1:46:42 AM twistedfatezzz get owned n00bs
1:46:40 AM Abcdefgeeee We fought the champion and won Kappa
1:46:38 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp Welcome to the Hall of Fame! - Pokémon Sun/Moon (result) won the song bidding with T1 total from map0w!
1:46:38 AM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx \ OneHand
1:46:38 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime AceOfSpades135 @SinR2014 30 min north of SF
1:46:38 AM waniisan TEH URN PogChamp
1:46:33 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp @Fwostii won a #090 Shellder badge from pinball!
1:46:31 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppTeiHard tppTeiHard there is no luck when entei is around
1:46:31 AM Afterwards I guess this always was just 30% psn game Kappa
1:46:30 AM Subscriber Bloons22 BegWan /
1:46:28 AM Twitch Prime Primal1nstincts dam, and I thought Magikarp was going to carry team
1:46:25 AM 6-Month Subscriber qedron BegWan /
1:46:25 AM Crazlikafox3 Absol couldn't carry Magikarp. KevinTurtle
1:46:24 AM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 @aceofspades135 you out of California?
1:46:24 AM Subscriber Bloons22 OneHand /
1:46:23 AM Subscriber cheer 100 NSPanamera_ DendiFace bel gioco
1:46:22 AM Fwostii never bet on magikarp LUL
1:46:22 AM gonewildnegev LUL
1:46:20 AM shadowpuppet97 WELL PLAYED BLOONSY OneHand
1:46:19 AM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx :D
1:46:18 AM Fwostii LUL
1:46:18 AM SSJCay YES GG
1:46:16 AM TPPMissingno LUL
1:46:16 AM FckYouJoey howwwwww
1:46:15 AM Twitch Prime terrabeck gg
1:46:15 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Geforcefly #GeforceLuck strikes again
1:46:14 AM FukoSan gg blue