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1:38:27 AM MyRattata RitzMitz MEOW
1:38:24 AM waniisan diana BegWan
1:38:22 AM cheer 100 Random_Guy_In_Chat @1eamannan yes, why else did i give wailord beast boost via skill swap? Kappa
1:38:22 AM Twitch Prime terrabeck Yes daddy!
1:38:21 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 SeriousSloth
1:38:19 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) wanii BegWan
1:38:18 AM Subscriber Bloons22 KappaPride
1:38:13 AM waniisan RitzMitz ahahaha
1:38:12 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 NO DADDY DansGame
1:38:11 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp Team Blue won the match!
1:38:10 AM Fwostii w tpp balance
1:38:08 AM cheer 1 themindfuluxie RitzMitz
1:38:06 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) OneHand
1:38:06 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) KomodoHype tppTrumpet
1:38:02 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 Tiberius29 SourPls
1:38:02 AM Subscriber Bloons22 OneHand YES DADDY
1:38:01 AM Abcdefgeeee super mario 3d world theme - super mario 3d world OpieOP
1:37:57 AM turndown4hwut furry game RitzMitz
1:37:56 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 Tiberius29 PRChase 7
1:37:56 AM SSJCay KomodoHype 7
1:37:56 AM shadowpuppet97 AFTY x BLOONS OneHand KappaPride
1:37:56 AM Crazlikafox3 Milk duds will live. Kappa 7
1:37:54 AM Runiide Almost draw Kappa
1:37:52 AM 1eamannan Random_Guy_In_Chat are you a zhaituki alt? Kappa
1:37:49 AM MyRattata @SinR2014 So, where are you posting that from? Lugia's stomach alone Kappa
1:37:48 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 SeriousSloth 7
1:37:40 AM pandemoniall OneHand 7
1:37:39 AM Yacker2 DatSheffy 7
1:37:38 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Geforcefly #GeforceLuck legendarily bad again
1:37:37 AM Crazlikafox3 MVGame
1:37:36 AM Subscriber Bloons22 afty pls
1:37:35 AM cheer 100 Random_Guy_In_Chat you know what im gonna do a free battle royale because i feel like it, will post stupid stuff that happens
1:37:32 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 Tiberius29 tppTrumpet
1:37:32 AM gonewildnegev PogChamp
1:37:31 AM Twitch Prime MrWarrioox WutFace
1:37:31 AMafterwards was timed out for 120 seconds.
1:37:31 AM Afterwards memes
1:37:30 AM turndown4hwut no honor DansGame
1:37:28 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) lmoa
1:37:26 AM Afterwards PUT IT INSIDE ME
1:37:23 AM pandemoniall Don't jinx it
1:37:21 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) OneHand .
1:37:20 AM Afterwards PUT YOUR DICK IN ME RNG
1:37:18 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Geforcefly 30% loss chance per turn?
1:37:18 AM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 @myrattata LUBBY CHUDDER
1:37:18 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) OneHand
1:37:15 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) 1% OneHand
1:37:13 AM Yacker2 Sorry to say this, but some crappy DDoS troll took down nza's sprite dex. RIP FailFish
1:37:11 AM Subscriber Bloons22 OneHand
1:37:10 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime no_null_terminator BibleThump
1:37:05 AM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 OPFrog SeriousSloth KomodoHype
1:37:05 AM Afterwards who's hyped for thunder crit or fully paralyze OneHand
1:37:03 AM turndown4hwut rip sim's mom BibleThump
1:37:03 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 @tppsimulator WutFace
1:37:02 AM KenjiDraco sim BibleThump
1:37:00 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 Tiberius29 KomodoHype dattoHYPE
1:37:00 AM MyRattata I loooove~ Reshiyraaaaam LUBBY CHUDDER Kappa
1:37:00 AM logothedreamer OPFrog
1:36:59 AM 1eamannan ... Kappa
1:36:57 AM Abcdefgeeee all on c
1:36:53 AM Subscriber tppsimulator i got my mom's already dead! BibleThump
1:36:51 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) OPFrog why is the f capitalized
1:36:44 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 KomodoHype is hype
1:36:43 AM shadowpuppet97 @1eamannan Do it! OneHand
1:36:39 AM Afterwards my delay is so horrible right now LUL
1:36:34 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 OPFrog is OP now???
1:36:34 AM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 i wish i knew who these people were ausGrump
1:36:33 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 Tiberius29 LUL OPFrog
1:36:31 AM turndown4hwut and OSkomodo is now KomodoHype
1:36:25 AM 1eamannan no matt Kappa
1:36:23 AM Fwostii slow switchers LUL
1:36:21 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Geforcefly RitzMitz
1:36:19 AM MyRattata Not just staying on 1 move? This is some incomprehensible multiverse WutFace
1:36:18 AM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi not sure why that would be but i would rather not throw
1:36:18 AM shadowpuppet97 @1eamannan SELL ME RESHIRAM OneHand
1:36:15 AM cheer 100 Random_Guy_In_Chat look its a shiny drapion Kappa
1:36:15 AM Subscriber tppTrumpet @SinR2014 we also have tppLUL
1:36:15 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 So serious SeriousSloth
1:36:15 AM turndown4hwut OSFrog is now OPFrog
1:36:10 AM Twitch Prime MrWarrioox idk what im doing now
1:36:08 AM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi because you made it seem like you didnt want drapion
1:36:07 AM turndown4hwut OSsloth is SeriousSloth
1:36:07 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Geforcefly tppTrumpet has been around forever
1:36:06 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 Geforce SeriousSloth
1:36:05 AM 1eamannan murabito theres a lot wrong with that command Kappa
1:35:55 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Geforcefly OSsloth has been renamed
1:35:55 AM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 now we have tppTeiHard and tppTrumpet
1:35:55 AM Twitch Prime MrWarrioox !ca
1:35:51 AM Runiide titties Kreygasm
1:35:48 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) @Masnateah whisper tpp "selectbadge swirlix
1:35:48 AM Subscriber tppTrumpet milftank OneHand
1:35:47 AM 1eamannan eating pokemon cmonBruh savage
1:35:46 AM maskedali @Wahisietel_and_Knuckles :)
1:35:45 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 Milk the Miltank OneHand
1:35:38 AM cheer 1 themindfuluxie ~ KappaPride ~
1:35:38 AM pandemoniall what
1:35:37 AM turndown4hwut setups PogChamp
1:35:37 AM Afterwards Why did you cancel OSsloth
1:35:36 AM vectri gotem123
1:35:35 AM pandemoniall wow
1:35:34 AM Wahisietel_and_Knuckles @maskedali eat it it's pretty much cotton candy
1:35:33 AM SSJCay rip porygon
1:35:29 AM Subscriber tppTrumpet OneHand !!
1:35:28 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The last pinball game achieved 39,474,950 points (x0) on the blue pinball table. Mobotropolis participated.
1:35:25 AM Abcdefgeeee s p i k e s
1:35:23 AM Drewmatics if you sell it though make sure you do your research
1:35:22 AM Wahisietel_and_Knuckles WutFace Stadium 1 battle music
1:35:22 AM FckYouJoey thorm
1:35:21 AM Twitch Prime terrabeck 200 IQ? must understand rick and morty
1:35:21 AM gonewildnegev Not overkill Kappa
1:35:21 AM Afterwards
1:35:18 AM shadowpuppet97 OneHand !!
1:35:17 AM turndown4hwut PRChase leaf thorm
1:35:16 AM Subscriber SleepyNoctis LUL
1:35:15 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 @tpptrumpet legendary dissapears after you catch it
1:35:14 AM shadowpuppet97 EVERYONE, SHOW ME YOUR OneHand 's!!!!!!
1:35:12 AM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 ANELE shareef dont like it
1:35:12 AM pandemoniall leaf storm lmao
1:35:09 AM Subscriber Bloons22 @maskedali sell it or keep it to use
1:35:09 AM turndown4hwut if you have any
1:35:08 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp NotoriousN7 and turndown4hwut started playing on the red pinball table. Highest bet is T3 from NotoriousN7.
1:35:06 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 Tiberius29 200 IQ LUL
1:35:04 AM turndown4hwut open crates?
1:34:57 AM maskedali what should I do with it?
1:34:57 AM 1eamannan matt is being toxic rn Kappa
1:34:53 AM waniisan wow OneHand
1:34:49 AM SSJCay OneHand
1:34:48 AM maskedali So guys, I have a swirlix badge
1:34:47 AM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 block the cat box
1:34:42 AM Drewmatics was there a reason why they didnt np
1:34:40 AM shadowpuppet97 ~ OneHand ~
1:34:39 AM Twitch Prime MrWarrioox Shrug
1:34:38 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) pain spl
1:34:36 AM Subscriber Bloons22 good badge OneHand
1:34:35 AM shadowpuppet97 OneHand OneHand OneHand SHAREEF DONT LIKE IT!!!!!!! ROCKIN' THE CASBAH! ROCK THE CASBAH!!! OneHand OneHand OneHand
1:34:35 AM Wahisietel_and_Knuckles okay fine
1:34:32 AM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 OneHand ?
1:34:28 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 OneHand
1:34:26 AM Abcdefgeeee or mimic?
1:34:25 AM Abcdefgeeee wouldnt it be better to use ember?
1:34:21 AM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx OneHand
1:34:20 AM Subscriber Bloons22 OneHand
1:34:15 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp @Bloons22 won a #069 Bellsprout badge from pinball!
1:34:05 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) epic tpp1 meme
1:34:04 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 TriHard harder
1:34:00 AM Wahisietel_and_Knuckles wild ride WutFAce
1:33:46 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 TriHard attack
1:33:45 AM RoyOurKing O_o wild ride remix :o
1:33:44 AM Subscriber tppTrumpet can i leave a ultra wormhole with a legendary and not lose the legendary?
1:33:42 AM Subscriber Bloons22 FailFish
1:33:41 AM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx @shadowpuppet97 Kappa
1:33:41 AM Afterwards paralyze DBstyle
1:33:37 AM turndown4hwut Gay Pride Missile Bomb WutFace
1:33:32 AM shadowpuppet97 @xxmoonlotusxx *FAP OneHand
1:33:31 AM 1eamannan ok matt Kappa this is the perfect place to do that
1:33:26 AM Masterlightx Team Rainbow Rocket Leader Gayovanni KappaPride
1:33:23 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 Missile Bomb WutFace
1:33:22 AM gonewildnegev Music PogChamp
1:33:20 AM Abcdefgeeee missile bomb
1:33:17 AM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx @shadowpuppet97 nap
1:33:16 AM cheer 1 themindfuluxie KappaPride
1:33:11 AM cheer 1 FlyingJ138 WutFace Giovanni
1:33:08 AM 2-Year Subscriber wailordkip SourPls
1:33:06 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp Battle! (Team Rocket Boss Giovanni) - Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon (battle) won the song bidding with T1 total from wailordkip!
1:33:06 AM Abcdefgeeee team WutFace ket
1:33:05 AM shadowpuppet97 @1eamannan I WANT TO GET LIT!! OneHand CurseLit
1:33:03 AM logothedreamer WutFace
1:33:03 AM waniisan SourPls
1:33:03 AM pandemoniall KappaPride !
1:33:02 AM cheer 1 themindfuluxie @masterlightx guzzlord ruind sm
1:33:02 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) SourPls
1:33:02 AM SSJCay WutFace WutFace WutFace
1:33:02 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Geforcefly SourPls
1:33:00 AM Masterlightx Kreygasm
1:32:58 AM Afterwards WutFace
1:32:58 AM Bubbled_Butter WutFace
1:32:55 AM Abcdefgeeee WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace
1:32:50 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 Guzzlord theme WutFace SeriousSloth
1:32:50 AM SSJCay HAUOLI
1:32:44 AM Abcdefgeeee Great, let's make tppsimulator say WutFace
1:32:43 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Geforcefly Gitatina-ish
1:32:41 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The battle between Porygon (a-Special Mix), Miltank (a-Thick Fat), Drapion (a-Physical) and Houndoom (a-Special), Roselia (a-Special), Voltorb (a-Special) has just begun!
1:32:41 AM Masterlightx HAU'OLI CITY RUINS WutFace
1:32:41 AM shadowpuppet97 @xxmoonlotusxx OneHand !!
1:32:40 AM Subscriber Bloons22 @shadowpuppet97 dont use that emote at me DansGame
1:32:39 AM Twitch Prime MrWarrioox WutFace WutFace WutFace
1:32:39 AM cheer 1 themindfuluxie WutFace OpieOP
1:32:39 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) this new extra payout % is the best way to stimulate the economy Kreygasm
1:32:38 AM Subscriber tppTrumpet if i leave a ultra wormhole with a legendary in it will i lose the legendary?
1:32:38 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 WutFace
1:32:36 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 5 seconds.
1:32:36 AM 1eamannan ok matt Kappa youre feeling like 90& of the people on the internet/on tpp rn
1:32:35 AM SSJCay WutFace
1:32:33 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 LadyJasmineOfOlivine WutFace
1:32:31 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp Ultra Ruin Theme (Guzzlord) - Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon (warning) won the song bidding with T1 total from Wahisietel_and_Knuckles!
1:32:31 AM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx Matt FUNgineer no
1:32:31 AM Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive WutFace
1:32:31 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 10 seconds.
1:32:31 AM Twitch Prime MrWarrioox WutFace
1:32:30 AM Masterlightx WutFace !!!
1:32:30 AM turndown4hwut WutFace
1:32:29 AM Twitch Prime Masnateah Hi friends! VoHiYo
1:32:29 AM shadowpuppet97 @Bloons22 OneHand !!
1:32:28 AM Abcdefgeeee WutFace
1:32:28 AM 2-Year Subscriber wailordkip WutFace
1:32:27 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) WutFace
1:32:27 AM Afterwards i got unlucky last game, therefore i will get lucky in this game Kappa
1:32:25 AMmayor192 was timed out for 1 second.
1:32:22 AM Subscriber tppsimulator @Wahisietel_and_Knuckles I would outgain the z
1:32:21 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 20 seconds.
1:32:20 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 Boomba where??? SeriousSloth
1:32:17 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) bloons22 that was a typo Kappa
1:32:15 AMterrabeck was timed out for 1 second.
1:32:14 AM Subscriber Bloons22 FailFish
1:32:14 AM Subscriber SleepyNoctis Jebaited
1:32:11 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 30 seconds.
1:32:10 AM shadowpuppet97 I'm feeling WILD AF OneHand !!
1:32:07 AM pandemoniall @ホシグモチャン Noivern => Bruyverne
1:32:04 AM Subscriber Bloons22 ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog): boombafunk cosmogTAT ??
1:32:01 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 40 seconds.
1:31:58 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp Krabby badge put up for sale for T2 by @Drewmatics
1:31:57 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 Tiberius29 SourPls
1:31:51 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 50 seconds.
1:31:51 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp Krabby badge bought by @Drewmatics for T1 from @SleepyNoctis
1:31:51 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 ~ Jebaited ~
1:31:49 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp Krabby badge put up for sale for T1 by @SleepyNoctis
1:31:49 AM RoyOurKing Muppet... BigBrother
1:31:49 AM shadowpuppet97 OneHand /
1:31:46 AM 2-Year Subscriber wailordkip OneHand hey
1:31:44 AM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx go to sleep matt
1:31:44 AM Subscriber Bloons22 shut up matt
1:31:43 AM waniisan OneHand 7
1:31:43 AMmayor192 was timed out for 1 second.
1:31:42 AM Abcdefgeeee mm2wooded kingdom
1:31:41 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 60 seconds.
1:31:41 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) MATT OneHand
1:31:41 AM Moderator Nyam__ Shupp Kippa /
1:31:40 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) OneHand /
1:31:40 AM 1eamannan matt pls
1:31:34 AM shadowpuppet97 OneHand OneHand OneHand HEY GUYS!! HOW'S EVERYONE DOING TONIGHT? OneHand OneHand OneHand
1:31:34 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) bloons Kippa no
1:31:27 AM cheer 1 themindfuluxie Kreygasm ALERT:WOODEN KINGDOM MUSIC IS HERE
1:31:27 AM MyRattata @Random_Guy_In_Chat They don't want you to look up strategies on your iPhone Kappa
1:31:24 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) pandemoniall Kappa havent asked anyone for cosmog badge and i probably wont Kappa
1:31:19 AM Crazlikafox3 I believe in milks duds.
1:31:17 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) SourPls
1:31:08 AM Subscriber Bloons22 diana wants a cosmog tattoo?
1:31:06 AM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo エリオット (metyoshi) Well, Splash does nothing, and Teleport can be used to get to the latest Pokemon Center *cough* Fly *cough* Charizard *cough*
1:31:04 AM boombafunk @akechi_goro HeyGuys