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9:45:36 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) lose your easy money retard
9:45:35 PM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi if actually throwing Kappa
9:45:31 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 Kreygasm reasoning
9:45:29 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) xD
9:45:26 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) ecks de nice throw
9:45:26 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 ST crit DBstyle
9:45:25 PM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia With no moves commands so RNG bring them to win Kappa
9:45:24 PM BooLeaf1 Not forget it is commitment
9:45:23 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 jk
9:45:23 PMspaceev1 was timed out for 1 second.
9:45:23 PM 6-Month Subscriber Smileyshine Poison type SE against Flying Fairy DBstyle
9:45:23 PM cheer 100 SpaceEV1 !bet 192 bkue
9:45:18 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 red wins because lol thrown
9:45:17 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp Quilladin badge bought by @Shiny_Guzzlord for T42 from @Shiny_Guzzlord2
9:45:17 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp Quilladin badge put up for sale for T42 by @Shiny_Guzzlord2
9:45:15 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) seismic toss crit
9:45:10 PM galaxy401 Playing Danganronpa 2 right now Kreygasm
9:45:09 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp @Shiny_Guzzlord made an offer to buy 1 Quilladin badge at T42 each (expires in 1 day, 0:00:00)
9:45:05 PM 2-Year Subscriber greensoul257 Cuz Why not
9:45:04 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 wait Kappa how does blue win
9:45:02 PM Moderator Subscriber Big_Boyd Hustle tppTeiHard
9:45:00 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 LUL that works?
9:44:50 PMdarkness_guy was timed out for 1 second.
9:44:49 PM RommiCat I'm gonna make coffee fuck this round LUL
9:44:49 PM nanami44 this song is so good <3 <3 Kreygasm
9:44:43 PM cheer 100 Random_Guy_In_Chat im tempted to just throw DBstyle
9:44:41 PM RoyOurKing switching commitment O_o
9:44:40 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) red just sits a
9:44:39 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 Sleep boosted guts PogChamp
9:44:39 PMcalculix was timed out for 1 second.
9:44:37 PM pandemoniall @PhoenX DBstyle
9:44:29 PM 3-Month Subscriber fenris2142 PartyTime
9:44:29 PM nanami44 CLI Kreygasm MAX
9:44:29 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 Commitment LUL
9:44:28 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The Pokémon for the next match are Hippopotas (Standard), Nidoran♀ (Physical), Jigglypuff (Screens) and Swellow (Physical), Togekiss (Hustle), Wobbuffet (Attacker)!
9:44:28 PM Turbo Warchief_00 what is this ?
9:44:25 PM Subscriber Bloons22 no
9:44:25 PM Murdim Kreygasm DBstyle ing
9:44:25 PM 6-Month Subscriber Smileyshine Kreygasm Dangit Grandpa moosic
9:44:24 PM Subscriber Bloons22 commitment lol
9:44:23 PM 1-Year Subscriber PhoenX i'm going to be #1 this season for real DBstyle
9:44:22 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) BONDAGE MODE
9:44:22 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 gah
9:44:21 PM PKMNTrainerColress LUL commitment
9:44:21 PM Wahisietel_and_Knuckles climax Kreygasm
9:44:20 PM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) cya
9:44:19 PM nanami44 Kreygasm !!!
9:44:18 PM Enayet__ @pandemoniall VoHiYo
9:44:18 PM YaBoi_Brian Love this song Kreygasm
9:44:16 PM pandemoniall VoHiYo *
9:44:15 PM RommiCat Birb
9:44:14 PM 2-Year Subscriber ep1cnights Okay I’ll be back when the weekend end HeyGuys I’ve got a tournament to watch
9:44:14 PM galaxy401 Kreygasm
9:44:14 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp Climax Reasoning - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (betting) won the song bidding with T4 total from galaxy401!
9:44:10 PM Moderator Subscriber Big_Boyd Kreygasm
9:44:10 PM pandemoniall @Enayet__ VoHiYO
9:44:08 PM Moderator Nyam__ 5k \ Kippa /
9:44:05 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 @ep1cnights thanks for token PogChamp
9:43:57 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp New sidegame screenshot:
9:43:56 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp A new match is about to begin! It will start in 3m0s
9:43:56 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 still #4 yay
9:43:55 PM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx :o rank 9
9:43:52 PM Wahisietel_and_Knuckles @匿名者九九九九九九九九九 timeout sim for toxic behaviour
9:43:51 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp @Ordsey cancels 1 offer to buy 1 Pichu badge(s) for T32
9:43:49 PM Moderator Subscriber Big_Boyd #12 PogChamp
9:43:47 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 @tppsimulator FBpenalty toxic
9:43:46 PM AirCutterGyarados @tppsimulator Don't be toxic
9:43:44 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime Darkness_guy @Smileyshine no prob
9:43:42 PM ピチュー (calcifiedlake) KKona fuckin roleplayer
9:43:37 PM FukoSan That's rude sim
9:43:37 PM Salesman259 !bribe t1 b
9:43:37 PM bannedfrom7rblx Ddlc oh no
9:43:36 PM cheer 1000 FoxDevil666 LUL sim
9:43:34 PM lewismcyoutube f
9:43:34 PM galaxy401 Sim MingLee
9:43:33 PM luckyjiku LUL
9:43:33 PM 6-Month Subscriber Smileyshine sim roleplaying LUL
9:43:33 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper tppLUL SIM
9:43:33 PM Enayet__ LUL
9:43:32 PM MisterG0G0 not that game WutFace
9:43:31 PM TrialCaptainLana You pleb
9:43:30 PM Murdim LUL bots insulting each other
9:43:30 PM cheer 1 FlyingJ138 sim LUL
9:43:30 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime klayrekky sim Kappa
9:43:29 PM RommiCat TPP is a bully
9:43:28 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 tpp: You pleb
9:43:27 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 WOW SIM
9:43:26 PM Subscriber Bloons22 You pleb
9:43:26 PM FukoSan You pleb
9:43:25 PM Skyjersey nice alt transfer Kappa
9:43:24 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) nyam doesnt bet early Kappa
9:43:21 PM Subscriber tppsimulator tpp: You pleb
9:43:20 PM cheer 1 themindfuluxie LaterSooner
9:43:19 PM pokemonfinesser @xxmoonlotusxx !!!!
9:43:17 PM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 Ninjanitor Alt transfer >(
9:43:17 PM 6-Month Subscriber Smileyshine @darkness_guy Thanks for Simipour btw VoHiYo
9:43:16 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) if its early
9:43:14 PM galaxy401 More Weeb game music DansGame
9:43:12 PM trexgabi83 \ 4Head /
9:43:12 PM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx @pokemonfinesser she
9:43:11 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) why would people bet with nyam
9:43:09 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp Tyrunt badge bought by @Shiny_Guzzlord for T42 from @Shiny_Guzzlord2
9:43:09 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp Tyrunt badge put up for sale for T42 by @Shiny_Guzzlord2
9:43:08 PM Murdim I wonder if we'll see epic throws like this happen more often between top players :
9:43:05 PM Moderator Subscriber Big_Boyd Jebaited
9:43:05 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp @Shiny_Guzzlord made an offer to buy 1 Tyrunt badge at T43 each (expires in 1 day, 0:00:00)
9:43:04 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 max is 5k still?
9:43:04 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 she*
9:43:04 PM AirCutterGyarados who added ddlc to the music list WutFace
9:43:02 PM Abcdefgeeee ~ 4Head ~ FUN IN THE SUN
9:43:00 PM SaltyVinegar I haven't lost yet this season. I'm proud of myself
9:42:58 PM pokemonfinesser Still, if nyam bets early, then everybody will bet with nyam, meaning he loses more than he gains from betting early.
9:42:58 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime Darkness_guy this isnt good for my gambling problem
9:42:54 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @Czerwona_Latarnia yh, i figured bonuses in token matches would be dumb, so they shouldn't exist
9:42:53 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp Team Red won the match!
9:42:53 PM cheer 1 FlyingJ138 ~ 4Head ~
9:42:51 PM galaxy401 \ 4Head /
9:42:51 PM Moderator Nyam__ It feels like so long since I played this game Kippa
9:42:49 PM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia Kappa
9:42:48 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 ~ 4Head ~ #MP247 ~ 4Head ~
9:42:47 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp Fun in the Sun - Mario Party 7 (result) won the song bidding with T1 total from Metyoshi!
9:42:46 PM Masterlightx 4Head
9:42:46 PM RommiCat Cause payout
9:42:46 PM 2-Year Subscriber ep1cnights Good going
9:42:46 PM YaBoi_Brian gg
9:42:45 PM waniisan 4Head
9:42:43 PM 2-Year Subscriber ep1cnights Yeah whoever switched us to munchlax when we needed it for muk
9:42:38 PM Abcdefgeeee Why does it feel so satisfying to win on pbr?
9:42:36 PM RommiCat Starting the season right. GG me <3
9:42:35 PM 쿠인스키 (koooinskiu) HSWP
9:42:32 PM Moderator Subscriber Big_Boyd SoonerLaughter
9:42:32 PM 6-Month Subscriber Smileyshine That flinch + sleep killed blue's odds
9:42:29 PM bannedfrom7rblx Gg
9:42:28 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa SoonerLater
9:42:27 PM waniisan LaterSooner
9:42:27 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 HSWP
9:42:26 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa LaterSooner
9:42:23 PM luckyjiku PogChamp
9:42:22 PM ディルピクルス (dillpickle141) LaterSooner
9:42:21 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper LaterSooner
9:42:21 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime klayrekky RED
9:42:21 PM 쿠인스키 (koooinskiu) *clap*
9:42:21 PM RommiCat Rip
9:42:20 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) G G
9:42:20 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 gg
9:42:19 PM galaxy401 No low % throw OpieOP
9:42:16 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 @Murdim more rewarding though
9:42:11 PM Moderator Subscriber Big_Boyd it sure is
9:42:10 PM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia Chaos_lord2 I'm taking about (lack of) bonus in token matches - if every hour someone donated one sided matches you could get 15000$ after 10 matches if you have 5000$ at the start Kappa
9:42:09 PM nanami44 PRChase
9:42:06 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) noo
9:42:06 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 then fullprz
9:42:06 PM waniisan PRChase *cough*
9:42:05 PM Murdim all inning is still as dangerous as ever RitzMitz
9:42:04 PM 쿠인스키 (koooinskiu) PogChamp
9:42:04 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 inb4 prz
9:42:03 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) psn
9:41:59 PM Subscriber Bloons22 acid armor OneHand
9:41:58 PM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi not hopefull at all though Kappa
9:41:57 PM FukoSan 2,387,550 LUL
9:41:53 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 prz
9:41:53 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper tppRng tppPokeball tppSlowpoke
9:41:51 PM nanami44 BigBrother
9:41:48 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) all in blind
9:41:48 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 22% on thunder DansGame
9:41:48 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The last pinball game achieved 2,387,550 points (x0) on the red pinball table. Czerwona_Latarnia, szejn44, FukoSan and 2 other(s) participated.
9:41:47 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 use Thunder DBstyle
9:41:47 PM galaxy401 Muk is sent out BigBrother
9:41:46 PM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi red some throw inputs too
9:41:46 PM 6-Month Subscriber Smileyshine Muk vs babby BibleThump
9:41:41 PM bannedfrom7rblx Oh
9:41:40 PM 1-Year Subscriber PhoenX wait does that mean all inning is now even more OP than before? LUL LUL LUL
9:41:39 PM cheer 1 themindfuluxie BlessRNG
9:41:39 PM lewismcyoutube side by side it's
9:41:38 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) omg red teammmmm
9:41:37 PM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi just paralyse this
9:41:34 PM Subscriber Bloons22 prz hax ftw
9:41:30 PM RoyOurKing calculated that timing with Lagrange functions GrammarKing
9:41:29 PM Moderator Subscriber Big_Boyd same with going to bulbapedia
9:41:28 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp Mobotropolis, FukoSan and szejn44 started playing on the blue pinball table. Highest bet is T2 from Mobotropolis.
9:41:23 PM Moderator Subscriber Big_Boyd Also it's more fun to ask chat about new features than a web page
9:41:20 PM Subscriber Bloons22 DONT BE TOXIC CHAT RitzMitz
9:41:16 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @Czerwona_Latarnia it scales to your bet, so it would be 30% of your balance...
9:41:15 PM BooLeaf1 *85%
9:41:14 PM TwitchDrawz damn
9:41:13 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) focus sash set up
9:41:10 PM BooLeaf1 It's 100% vs 70%
9:41:08 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) yawn protect
9:41:08 PM TwitchDrawz :o
9:41:08 PM 6-Month Subscriber Smileyshine overkill cooked WutFace
9:41:05 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 @Bloons22 im tabbing in and out of chat
9:41:03 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 perfect timing roy holy shit
9:40:59 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) focus sash
9:40:59 PM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi in theory
9:40:58 PM cheer 1 NintendoRPGamer To everyone who worked on this: Thank you very much! :D VoHiYo
9:40:58 PM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi can still win
9:40:52 PM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) dont be rude
9:40:52 PM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia Chaos_lord2 More like one sided token matches are getting OP because it's basically 1500$ for free Kappa
9:40:51 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 was about to suggest that, glad a lot of thought went into this
9:40:50 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 anon BegWan
9:40:47 PM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi typical for thrower to cancel input when its too late
9:40:47 PM Subscriber Bloons22 can people not read RitzMitz TOKEN MATCHES DONT GET BONUSES
9:40:46 PM Moderator Nyam__ Slow switch Kippa
9:40:45 PM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) doesnt work in token matches
9:40:41 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 good good
9:40:37 PM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) @Person31415 chaos said it doesnt
9:40:37 PM Adrizel16 !3 .
9:40:36 PM Abcdefgeeee RED RED RED RED RED RED
9:40:35 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @Ordsey as nessercary as people think it is
9:40:34 PM pandemoniall actually
9:40:32 PM MisterG0G0 RED
9:40:30 PM luckyjiku PogChamp
9:40:30 PM AirCutterGyarados 123456 = easy money
9:40:28 PM RommiCat No duh sim
9:40:27 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 tbh i'm worried about how this bonus will affect token matches?
9:40:27 PM Moderator Subscriber Big_Boyd just realized red PogChamp
9:40:25 PM pokemonfinesser cacnea's hax are like haxnea
9:40:25 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 RitzMitz inflatio
9:40:21 PM Subscriber tppsimulator The matches just realized red
9:40:19 PM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) FrankerZ //
9:40:18 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) this wont kill
9:40:17 PM Subscriber Ordsey @Chaos_lord2 awesome. How necessary is the decimal for odds bonus on overlay. Names too squashed imo
9:40:16 PM 6-Month Subscriber Smileyshine blue is gone
9:40:14 PM Murdim RitzMitz watch as people bid completely one sided matches just for the easy 30% boost
9:40:12 PM galaxy401 Red keeps getting the right % moves FailFish
9:40:11 PM Enayet__ @xxmoonlotusxx VoHiYo
9:40:10 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa FrankerZ /
9:40:08 PM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber Sandoz1 FrankerZ /
9:40:07 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 otherwise yolonome gets OP lUL
9:40:05 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 speaking of 30% bonuses Keepo
9:40:04 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa FrankerZ ./
9:40:03 PM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx @enayet__ VoHiYo enjoy
9:40:03 PM Moderator Subscriber Big_Boyd isn't it rocks evo
9:40:01 PM 6-Month Subscriber Smileyshine tppRng
9:40:00 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp Deoxys badge bought by @Shiny_Guzzlord2 for T170 from @Shiny_Guzzlord
9:40:00 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp Deoxys badge put up for sale for T170 by @Shiny_Guzzlord
9:39:59 PM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) cya
9:39:59 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 @bregrif19 feel like i haven't seen you in awhile, how you been
9:39:57 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp @Shiny_Guzzlord2 made an offer to buy 1 Deoxys badge at T170 each (expires in 7 days, 0:00:00)
9:39:57 PM Moderator Chaos_lord2 oh, right, token matches have no bonus
9:39:57 PM 1-Year Subscriber PhoenX wait the bonus is 30% of what you win or what you betted?
9:39:56 PM Abcdefgeeee ResidentSleeper
9:39:55 PM Enayet__ I'm going to eat. VoHiYo I'll be back alter.
9:39:54 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) i forgot this nature power
9:39:52 PM luckyjiku LUL
9:39:50 PM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx @big_boyd OneHand
9:39:50 PM 6-Month Subscriber Smileyshine tppHax tppHax tppHax
9:39:50 PM koopa712 LUL
9:39:49 PM RommiCat Shit lost LUL
9:39:48 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 FailFish gg