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9:29:20 PM RommiCat So does our payout change depending on when we input? Cause the 30 doesn't equal the 54 I assure you
9:29:17 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 5 seconds.
9:29:12 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp Awakening - Persona 5 (warning) won the song bidding with T1 total from NotoriousN7!
9:29:12 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 10 seconds.
9:29:12 PM Zc230 GoHam FBpenalty
9:29:10 PM RomanoffBlitzer I AM THOU THOU ART I
9:29:10 PM nanami44 TriHard FOLKS !!!!!!!!
9:29:08 PM cheer 1 Shad0wseer persona WutFace
9:29:07 PM cheer 100 Random_Guy_In_Chat TriHard folks
9:29:06 PM pokemonfinesser @スベタ cyndaquil sweep
9:29:06 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo エリオット (metyoshi) How do I get a better bonus percentage?
9:29:06 PM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime DragoonXD BLUE FeelsBadMan
9:29:06 PM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia Just hope Gunk Shot kills and we can T-Wave Smoochum Kappa
9:29:03 PM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber Sandoz1 pandemoniall you mean chfoo's one? it looks like it works for me
9:29:02 PM 3-Month Subscriber fenris2142 OneHand
9:29:02 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 20 seconds.
9:29:01 PM HKBowser PogChamp
9:29:01 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa no
9:28:59 PM Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive DELELELELLE WOOOOOOOOOP
9:28:59 PM Subscriber Urfisloveurfislife btw i just realized red loses so
9:28:59 PM SaltyVinegar It hasn't been this active in a long time.
9:28:58 PM nanami44 OneHand !!
9:28:57 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper DLEELLELELEL WOOOP
9:28:56 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) how does red win
9:28:56 PM galaxy401 New emote PogChamp is it TPP sponsored?
9:28:54 PM Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive OneHand Wow
9:28:52 PM 쿠인스키 (koooinskiu) RED
9:28:52 PM MisterG0G0 RED
9:28:52 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 30 seconds.
9:28:52 PM 6-Month Subscriber Smileyshine RED
9:28:51 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa RED
9:28:51 PM Subscriber Bloons22 RED
9:28:51 PM Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive RED tppLUL
9:28:51 PM bannedfrom7rblx Hey anon
9:28:50 PM nanami44 RED
9:28:50 PM cheer 100 SpaceEV1 RED RED
9:28:50 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa REd
9:28:49 PM waniisan RED
9:28:49 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 LUL RED
9:28:48 PM HKBowser RED
9:28:48 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime klayrekky RED
9:28:48 PM galaxy401 RED
9:28:47 PM Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive RED
9:28:47 PM nanami44 WutFae
9:28:47 PM cheer 1 Shad0wseer RED
9:28:47 PM Moderator Nyam__ Anon BegWan
9:28:47 PM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime DragoonXD RED
9:28:47 PM luckyjiku LUL
9:28:46 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper RED tppLUL
9:28:46 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 RED
9:28:46 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa FrankerZ /
9:28:45 PM HKBowser WutFace
9:28:45 PM Subscriber TheShmish RED
9:28:44 PM BooLeaf1 70% is not good
9:28:44 PM Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive WutFace
9:28:44 PM MisterG0G0 WutFace
9:28:44 PM Subscriber Urfisloveurfislife RED
9:28:43 PM RomanoffBlitzer RED
9:28:42 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 40 seconds.
9:28:42 PM RommiCat RED
9:28:41 PM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) hey guys
9:28:41 PM Subscriber Ordsey I can't see who anyone is anymore :/
9:28:40 PM galaxy401 WutFace
9:28:39 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa WutFace
9:28:39 PM Vosjetheking RED ACTED
9:28:38 PM RommiCat Anon PogChamp //
9:28:37 PM bannedfrom7rblx KomodoHype KomodoHype KomodoHype KomodoHype KomodoHype
9:28:36 PM 1-Year Subscriber PhoenX goddamit
9:28:34 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime klayrekky anon VoHiYo
9:28:34 PM Wahisietel_and_Knuckles bet 1000 GREEN
9:28:33 PM SaltyVinegar I'm lame
9:28:33 PM 1-Year Subscriber PhoenX nvm focus sash
9:28:32 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 50 seconds.
9:28:31 PM bannedfrom7rblx RalpherZ RalpherZ RalpherZ RalpherZ RalpherZ
9:28:30 PM SaltyVinegar Oh
9:28:30 PM Enayet__ @Zc230 I know. LUL
9:28:27 PM cheer 1 Shad0wseer @SaltyVinegar its just capital red
9:28:27 PM SaltyVinegar (Red)
9:28:26 PM pandemoniall @Sandoz1 is vizu not working ?
9:28:25 PM HKBowser RED
9:28:23 PM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia Sandoz1 Just wait 40 days Kappa
9:28:22 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 60 seconds.
9:28:21 PM Zc230 @enayet__ this is nothing compared to early PBR :/
9:28:20 PM Shiny_Guzzlord2 WHEN RED AND BLUE
9:28:16 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 wait does betting on RED actually work lol
9:28:15 PM nanami44 illegal song WutFace
9:28:15 PM RommiCat RED
9:28:15 PM waniisan not betting on BEST BORT = WORST BORT Kappa
9:28:15 PM Vosjetheking RED RED RED RED RED
9:28:12 PM SaltyVinegar How do you do the red thing
9:28:12 PM Abcdefgeeee bet heaven
9:28:09 PM nanami44 LUL
9:28:09 PM RommiCat I need a will to live.
9:28:08 PM HKBowser WutFace lyrics ban it
9:28:04 PM Subscriber TheShmish Everyone just betting on RED for the emote Kappa
9:28:03 PM nanami44 WutFace !
9:28:02 PM 1-Year Subscriber PhoenX whole match is roll
9:28:00 PM 3-Month Subscriber fenris2142 So many bets Kreygasm
9:28:00 PM luckyjiku WutFace
9:28:00 PM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber Sandoz1 so many bets PogChamp
9:28:00 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 PogChamp so many tokens
9:27:58 PM waniisan SourPls
9:27:57 PM Wahisietel_and_Knuckles lyrics WutFace
9:27:55 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp WhatAboutGamingLive added 2 tokens to the next token storm! 46 tokens total!
9:27:54 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 bIue or RED
9:27:54 PM bannedfrom7rblx Remember to counter Kippa
9:27:52 PM DemonOfRavens PogChamp TOKEN STORM
9:27:50 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 RED RED RED RED RED RED
9:27:47 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper We need BLUE emote
9:27:44 PM Enayet__ I'm not betting for a while. :/ too many people.
9:27:43 PMadrizel16 was timed out for 1 second.
9:27:43 PM Adrizel16 !bet 714
9:27:43 PM nanami44 RED
9:27:41 PM RommiCat Could it be? An intelligent server PogChamp
9:27:39 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp themindfuluxie added 1 token to the next token storm! 44 tokens total!
9:27:39 PM waniisan RED
9:27:39 PM MisterG0G0 25 music
9:27:37 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 WHY
9:27:35 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 THIS RED EMOTE SO DUMB
9:27:34 PMpogman999 was timed out for 1 second.
9:27:27 PM waniisan vineTommy
9:27:27 PM Adrizel16 !bey 714 blue
9:27:25 PMdesedab was timed out for 1 second.
9:27:25 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 match could go either way
9:27:25 PM desedab !bet 100 on red
9:27:25 PM waniisan the room LUL
9:27:22 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp KillerMapper added 1 token to the next token storm! 43 tokens total!
9:27:22 PM Shiny_Guzzlord2 OMG more thorm PogChamp
9:27:21 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 so anyway heres wonderwall
9:27:19 PM Zc230 I hope the balance bonus helps the bet issues
9:27:04 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper 2'40 we got first >30%
9:27:00 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp 1eamannan added 1 token to the next token storm! 42 tokens total!
9:27:00 PM Murdim Blast processing LUL Sega does what Nintenwouldn't touch with a ten foot pole today
9:26:59 PM Nocypher "Your Pokeyen have been adjusted by -743 due to match #61327, which occured at 2017-12-09 21:13:28.425000, being manually reverted." BabyRage
9:26:58 PM Wahisietel_and_Knuckles always bet taillow
9:26:55 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 Kappa
9:26:53 PM cheer 100 Random_Guy_In_Chat DansGame this octillery set is trash, real men use sniper + focus energy + scope lens
9:26:53 PMdesedab was timed out for 1 second.
9:26:52 PM desedab !bet 100 on red
9:26:51 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper +30% for now
9:26:51 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 seed bomb colloseum please
9:26:49 PMczerwona_latarnia was timed out for 1 second.
9:26:43 PM 3-Month Subscriber fenris2142 OneHand
9:26:43 PMyaboi_brian was timed out for 1 second.
9:26:43 PM MisterG0G0 FBtouchdown its good
9:26:41 PM cheer 1 FlyingJ138 ~ Kappa ~ This song
9:26:36 PM waniisan always bet on BEST BORT
9:26:36 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp Shad0wseer added 1 token to the next token storm! 41 tokens total!
9:26:34 PM galaxy401 Did I miss anything? PogChamp
9:26:33 PM Abcdefgeeee I cant even beat polargeist why this
9:26:31 PM RosebudTheGamer Geometry Dash Kappa
9:26:29 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The Pokémon for the next match are Sunflora (Physical), Smoochum (Standard), Taillow (Physical) and Octillery (Standard), Cyndaquil (Special), Unown S (Search)!
9:26:27 PM lewismcyoutube uh
9:26:27 PM bregrif19 cant' remember what he was the overlay LUI
9:26:24 PM Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive BLAST PROCESSING PogChamp
9:26:22 PM SaltyVinegar What
9:26:20 PM HKBowser LUL T7 song
9:26:20 PM nanami44 BEST BORT
9:26:20 PM Subscriber Ryodragon7 SourPls
9:26:20 PM TrialCaptainLana BEST BORT
9:26:18 PM RommiCat Uhhhh
9:26:17 PM MisterG0G0 SourPls
9:26:16 PM RomanoffBlitzer BEST BORT
9:26:15 PM waniisan SourPls
9:26:15 PM cheer 1 Shad0wseer epic monkaS
9:26:14 PM 6-Month Subscriber Smileyshine tppSlowpoke tppSlowpoke tppSlowpoke tppSlowpoke
9:26:13 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp Blast Processing - Geometry Dash (betting) won the song bidding with T7 total from Piratezrobo!
9:26:13 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp Nidoran♂ badge bought by @Chaos_lord2 for T1 from @klayrekky
9:26:12 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa PogChamp wow
9:26:12 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp Nidoran♂ badge put up for sale for T1 by @klayrekky
9:26:12 PM waniisan BegWan help i fell and i can't get up
9:26:12 PM RomanoffBlitzer MrDestructoid
9:26:09 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp ep1cnights added 40 tokens to the next token storm! 40 tokens total!
9:26:09 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa LUl
9:26:08 PM 2-Year Subscriber PyroFarukon Oh jeez, it's Luffy's turn in the Capcom Cup NotLikeThis Can't miss it
9:26:07 PM 6-Month Subscriber Smileyshine Slow mode gone?
9:26:07 PM GlitchyP1kachu Right, I'm gonna watch anime.
9:26:07 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa Lul
9:26:05 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 FALLED BORT
9:26:05 PM RommiCat What a time to be alive
9:26:05 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper LUl
9:26:05 PM BooLeaf1 3m25 LUL
9:26:03 PM Skyjersey Spam mode now PogChamp
9:26:02 PM Subscriber tppsimulator cant' remember what he was the overlay LUl
9:26:02 PM Abcdefgeeee no slow mode PogChamp
9:26:02 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 Kreygasm
9:26:01 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa Romni cat CoolCat
9:26:00 PM koopa712 LUL Just had to ask
9:26:00 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 fast mode PRChase
9:25:59 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper :)
9:25:58 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp New sidegame screenshot:
9:25:57 PM waniisan FREEDOM PogChamp
9:25:57 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp A new match is about to begin! It will start in 3m25s
9:25:56 PM RommiCat No slow mode Kreygasm
9:25:55 PM RomanoffBlitzer PogChamp
9:25:54 PM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber Sandoz1 no more slow mode
9:25:53 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo エリオット (metyoshi) Finally
9:25:52 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa PogChamp
9:25:49 PM Subscriber Ryodragon7 WAN WAN BegWan
9:25:49 PM 6-Month Subscriber Smileyshine no storm :(
9:25:46 PM waniisan BegWan
9:25:41 PM RommiCat Active stream Kreygasm
9:25:41 PM Abcdefgeeee 1 token OpieOP
9:25:40 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper DansGame slowmode still on
9:25:40 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The last pinball game achieved 111,653,250 points (x2) on the blue pinball table. Mobotropolis, Shiny_Guzzlord, szejn44 and 2 other(s) participated.
9:25:39 PM Moderator Subscriber Big_Boyd no Kippa it's just math. you're crazy
9:25:39 PM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) i see .. Kappa
9:25:38 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 welp, not doing that anymore
9:25:38 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 wan BegWan li MingLee
9:25:37 PM cheer 1 themindfuluxie BegWan LI
9:25:35 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 so raising by even 1 yen kills bonus
9:25:30 PM FukoSan WANLI
9:25:27 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 did someone say maths Kippa
9:25:26 PM waniisan BegWan rip i fainted
9:25:23 PM Shiny_Guzzlord2 Token Thorm PogChamp
9:25:22 PM RomanoffBlitzer q
9:25:22 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime Darkness_guy my color tho
9:25:21 PM Subscriber Bloons22 easiest 2 second read match ever, ez +30% payout lol
9:25:21 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp CoreyXP, Phiarra, lukerbom12 and 4 other(s) started playing on the red pinball table. Highest bet is T5 from CoreyXP.
9:25:19 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper 1862+800=1800 Kappa
9:25:17 PM Moderator Nyam__ Oh Kippa I'm bad at maths
9:25:17 PM Subscriber TheShmish @AirCutterGyarados Early bet bonus
9:25:15 PM 6-Month Subscriber Smileyshine Chatter is so quiet over music
9:25:15 PM BooLeaf1 $-743 GG
9:25:14 PM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) murabito RaccAttack
9:25:12 PM Murdim ok so we literally win an extra ~20% payout from one-sided matches
9:25:11 PM AirCutterGyarados what do the percents mean?
9:25:10 PM HKBowser Jebaited yay
9:25:08 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) LOL Blah Blah Blah
9:25:03 PM Wahisietel_and_Knuckles I went from 100 to 1000 despite losing Jebaited
9:25:02 PM 6-Month Subscriber Smileyshine WutFace WutFace
9:25:00 PM Subscriber Ordsey LOL Blah Blah Blah
9:25:00 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 Jebaited Didney!
9:24:59 PM RommiCat All those on red LUL
9:24:59 PM YaBoi_Brian ResidentSleeper
9:24:58 PM waniisan WATT DIDNEY Jebaited
9:24:57 PM lewismcyoutube Jebaited
9:24:56 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp @klayrekky won a #032 Nidoran♂ badge from pinball!
9:24:56 PM 쿠인스키 (koooinskiu) Jebaited
9:24:55 PM koopa712 WutFace Jebaited
9:24:55 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper hey Kappa
9:24:55 PM cheer 1 thelostamberfossil Jebaited
9:24:53 PM Abcdefgeeee Jebaited
9:24:53 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 ... well 1322 yen
9:24:53 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) 4a
9:24:53 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp Team Red won the match!
9:24:52 PM Shiny_Guzzlord2 Jebaited I have less now than what I would have won not betting
9:24:51 PM 6-Month Subscriber Smileyshine WutFace
9:24:51 PM RosebudTheGamer Jebaited
9:24:51 PM nanami44 Jebaited /////