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9:15:53 PM Enayet__ This should be cancelled. :/
9:15:53 PM Subscriber tppsimulator OHGOD HOPE you sure looks great Kappa
9:15:52 PM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 FBpenalty THROWING, TOP BETTOR BLUE TEAM. Five yard penalty and loss of payout, FIRST DOWN
9:15:50 PM BooLeaf1 3 turns
9:15:49 PM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 returnofMCH DBstyle
9:15:49 PM TrialCaptainLana Nice way to start LuL
9:15:48 PM pokemonfinesser d blue
9:15:46 PM nanami44 CURS DBstyle
9:15:46 PM 쿠인스키 (koooinskiu) PogChamp !
9:15:45 PM Wahisietel_and_Knuckles WHy has nobody cancelled this BrokeBack
9:15:43 PM x42bn6 DBstyle This wouldn't have happened if you used 2 curs
9:15:43 PM koopa712 LUL
9:15:43 PM HKBowser PRChase that goes to show ya
9:15:42 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) DBstyle oh fuck meme time
9:15:42 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 RitzMitz we lose
9:15:41 PM Subscriber TheShmish DBstyle 1 more curs
9:15:40 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime Darkness_guy LUL
9:15:40 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 curse was actually optimal
9:15:37 PM luckyjiku Kappa
9:15:36 PM YaBoi_Brian throwing LUL
9:15:36 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo エリオット (metyoshi) WE WIN PogChamp
9:15:36 PM Subscriber Urfisloveurfislife cancel match BabyRage
9:15:36 PM 2-Year Subscriber PyroFarukon 2 CURS THEN X SCOSSIR DBstyle
9:15:35 PM BooLeaf1 LUL
9:15:35 PM Twitch Prime Masnateah Kappa
9:15:34 PM Twitch Prime thebisonllama LUL
9:15:34 PM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia Jebaited
9:15:32 PM Nocypher PartyTime
9:15:32 PM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx MikeHogu
9:15:32 PM Moderator Nyam__ DBstyle
9:15:31 PM HKBowser DBstyle
9:15:31 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 Jebaited
9:15:31 PM pokemonfinesser USE D BLUE
9:15:30 PM 1-Year Subscriber PhoenX LUL
9:15:30 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 LUL
9:15:30 PM pandemoniall KAPOW
9:15:29 PM TrialCaptainLana THROW LuL
9:15:27 PM Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx 2 curs DBstyle
9:15:27 PM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 rip
9:15:27 PM MisterG0G0 Kappa 7
9:15:27 PM Shiny_Guzzlord2 DBstyle
9:15:26 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo エリオット (metyoshi) LuL
9:15:26 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 RitzMitz 2 CURS
9:15:26 PM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx um
9:15:26 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 BERRY Kreygasm
9:15:24 PM x42bn6 DBstyle One more
9:15:23 PM Enayet__ I didn't know the chat would break. :/
9:15:23 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa DBstyle
9:15:22 PM Nocypher PRChase 7 *
9:15:21 PM Zc230 @lukerbom12 there's only a single mario odyssey song, my guess is a bystander effect happened, everyone thought someone else was going to submit songs for it Jebaited
9:15:18 PM YamiDeku @ordsey thanks for TwoHands OneHand b
9:15:18 PM Nocypher PRCHASE 7
9:15:17 PM 1-Year Subscriber Turbo Leonys2 RitzMits DON'T BE TOXIC
9:15:15 PM Subscriber Bloons22 CAN I GET A TIMEOUT FOR LATIAS PLS? RitzMitz
9:15:14 PM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 well at least the welcome back thing is fixed
9:15:13 PM pokemonfinesser BLUE USE C
9:15:12 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 @Wahisietel_and_Knuckles which one?
9:15:11 PM Wahisietel_and_Knuckles cancel match pls :Z
9:15:11 PM BooLeaf1 Not good
9:15:08 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 Spiritomb WutFace
9:15:05 PM BooLeaf1 We can't switch LUL
9:15:03 PM Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx RitzMitz DON'T BE TOXIC LATIAS
9:15:02 PM pokemonfinesser C
9:15:02 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa PRChase <3
9:14:59 PM PKMNTrainerColress we lost Kappa team blue
9:14:59 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa no
9:14:59 PM Subscriber Bloons22 CHAT DONT BE TOXIC RitzMitz
9:14:58 PM FukoSan Cancel my life
9:14:58 PM nanami44 I MISSED YOU TOO PRChase <3
9:14:53 PM 6-Month Subscriber Smileyshine layout WutFace
9:14:53 PM Wahisietel_and_Knuckles can someone cancel this Kappa
9:14:52 PM pokemonfinesser USE D
9:14:51 PM Subscriber Ordsey @mathfreak231 I'm on b
9:14:51 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 ok we choiced now
9:14:50 PM Nocypher I missed you TPP PRChase
9:14:47 PM Subscriber Bloons22 NO TOXICITY CHAT RitzMitz
9:14:46 PM TrialCaptainLana TriHard Chat not working TriHard
9:14:45 PM PKMNTrainerColress LUL LUL
9:14:45 PM koopa712 LUL
9:14:45 PM 1-Year Subscriber PhoenX d red
9:14:45 PM Subscriber Urfisloveurfislife DansGame no corrosion>
9:14:44 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 d pls
9:14:44 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa DendiFace /
9:14:43 PM nanami44 LUL
9:14:42 PM luckyjiku LUL
9:14:42 PM Wahisietel_and_Knuckles i think they added like 1 odyssey song
9:14:42 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 ordsey is toxic
9:14:42 PM pandemoniall Kippa soul dew
9:14:40 PM Moderator Subscriber Big_Boyd DendiFace /
9:14:40 PM FukoSan LUL
9:14:39 PM Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx TOXIC LUL
9:14:39 PM Shiny_Guzzlord2 Kappa
9:14:39 PM 1-Year Subscriber PhoenX LUL
9:14:39 PM pokemonfinesser FailFish USE B
9:14:37 PM Subscriber Turbo Ryodragon7 #(◕‿◕✿)
9:14:37 PM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 PRChase vacations over time to get back to work
9:14:34 PM Subscriber Bloons22 Kippa that killed?
9:14:30 PM Subscriber Bloons22 Kippa lol
9:14:30 PM 2-Year Subscriber PyroFarukon Every first PBR match is broken Kappa
9:14:28 PM pokemonfinesser USE B
9:14:27 PM Subscriber cheer 1 chfoo #(◕‿◕✿)
9:14:26 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 uturn is lose
9:14:24 PM Moderator Nyam__ High roll Kippa
9:14:24 PM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 returnofMCH Kappa
9:14:23 PM nanami44 PRChase !!!!!!!!
9:14:23 PM Masterlightx PRChase 7
9:14:22 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 No Mario Odyssey or Hat in Time music still Jebaited
9:14:21 PM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 returnofMCH I demand a refund with this broken overlay Kapp
9:14:20 PM MisterG0G0 new mode Kappa
9:14:20 PM CoreyXP lul
9:14:20 PM pokemonfinesser BLUE
9:14:18 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 please be D or we lose
9:14:17 PM pokemonfinesser USE B NOW RED
9:14:16 PM Zc230 PRChase
9:14:16 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 SoBayed
9:14:15 PM Moderator Subscriber Big_Boyd DatSheffy
9:14:15 PM x42bn6 PRChase Praise be to Putin that I have a job again
9:14:15 PM lewismcyoutube !up
9:14:14 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 use D now red
9:14:14 PM MisterG0G0 LUL
9:14:14 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout I warned ya
9:14:13 PM BooLeaf1 No layout
9:14:12 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 WAT
9:14:12 PM Moderator Subscriber Big_Boyd don't revert this OpieOP
9:14:11 PM 2-Year Subscriber PyroFarukon tppRiot This is fine tppRit
9:14:11 PM waniisan PRChase IN DA HOUSE
9:14:11 PM Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx Ahhhh typpical PBR as usual LUL
9:14:11 PM Nocypher First quote PRChase
9:14:10 PM Therawyna This is the new overlay Kappa
9:14:08 PM nanami44 PRChase I MISSED YOU <3 <3 <3
9:14:08 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper New mode: no HUD DBstyle
9:14:08 PM HKBowser PRChase hey there
9:14:08 PM 쿠인스키 (koooinskiu) PRChase ....
9:14:07 PM Subscriber Urfisloveurfislife blind mode tppSlowpoke
9:14:06 PM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 PRChase 7
9:14:06 PM waniisan PRChase MAKE WAY FCKERS
9:14:06 PM Subscriber Turbo Ryodragon7 PRChase
9:14:05 PM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 returnofMCH PRChase
9:14:05 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 um uu kill with souldew Kappa
9:14:04 PM Subscriber TheShmish PBR working as intended LUL
9:14:03 PM luckyjiku PRChase
9:14:02 PM Enayet__ Blind mode? LUL
9:14:02 PM Moderator Subscriber Big_Boyd oh it's fine Jebaited
9:14:02 PM Subscriber Bloons22 people betting on early matches TriHard
9:14:01 PM nanami44 LUL
9:14:01 PM x42bn6 PRChase I'm back
9:14:01 PM waniisan PRChase
9:14:00 PM X_Slyice_X :)
9:13:59 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 AVGN LUL
9:13:59 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa PRChase
9:13:58 PM cheer 1 themindfuluxie PRChase
9:13:58 PM koopa712 Broken as always LUL
9:13:57 PM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx LUL
9:13:57 PM cheer 100 Piratezrobo Blind mode Jebaited
9:13:57 PM HKBowser PogChamp layout
9:13:57 PM 2-Year Subscriber NinjaZero126 GTChimp
9:13:56 PM pokemonfinesser A THEN B
9:13:56 PM Masterlightx NICE FIRST MATCH MingLee
9:13:56 PM Nocypher LUL
9:13:56 PM x42bn6 PRChase
9:13:55 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 LUL
9:13:55 PM Enayet__ Of course it breaks during the 1st match. LUL
9:13:53 PM 2-Year Subscriber PyroFarukon AVGN music PogChamp
9:13:53 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp Virtual Insanity - Angry Video Game Nerd II: ASSimilation (battle) won the song bidding with T9 total from returnofMCH!
9:13:53 PM X_Slyice_X LUL
9:13:53 PM Subscriber Ordsey they have leftovers and wish we need toxic
9:13:53 PM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx Jebaited
9:13:52 PM waniisan SourPls
9:13:51 PM Shiny_Guzzlord2 Defog now
9:13:51 PM 2-Year Subscriber NinjaZero126 DansGame
9:13:50 PM Masterlightx Uhhhh MingLee
9:13:50 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1 村人 (murabito) welp LUL
9:13:50 PMdesedab was timed out for 1 second.
9:13:49 PM Subscriber Turbo Ryodragon7 SourPls
9:13:49 PM desedab !bet 100 on blue
9:13:49 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 Blind LUL
9:13:49 PM Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx EleGiggle
9:13:49 PMaircuttergyarados was timed out for 1 second.
9:13:48 PM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx LUL
9:13:47 PM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber Sandoz1 :)
9:13:47 PM Murdim LUL
9:13:47 PM koopa712 LUL
9:13:47 PM Moderator Subscriber Big_Boyd TPP is "loading"
9:13:45 PM luckyjiku LUL
9:13:44 PM Enayet__ LUL
9:13:44 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime Darkness_guy everything is offset
9:13:44 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 PogChamp WHERE DOIN IT
9:13:43 PM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx tppLUL
9:13:42 PM 쿠인스키 (koooinskiu) WutFace
9:13:42 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 LETS GOOO
9:13:42 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa Jebaited
9:13:42 PM waniisan LUL
9:13:42 PM BooLeaf1 The number of people
9:13:41 PM Subscriber Urfisloveurfislife tppLUL
9:13:41 PM PKMNTrainerColress LUL
9:13:41 PM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 returnofMCH Bet the music I submitted PogChamp
9:13:41 PM Subscriber cheer 1 KillerMapper Kappa actual PBR
9:13:41 PM Abcdefgeeee Kappa
9:13:40 PM HKBowser LUL
9:13:39 PM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx Jebaited
9:13:39 PM TrialCaptainLana Jebaited
9:13:39 PM Shiny_Guzzlord2 Kappa
9:13:39 PM Masterlightx LUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9:13:39 PM waniisan are we going to hear PRChase ? PogChamp
9:13:38 PM FukoSan PogChamp
9:13:38 PM Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx Um Kappa
9:13:37 PM cheer 100 mathfreak231 LUL
9:13:37 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa LUL
9:13:37 PM x42bn6 Kappa
9:13:35 PM FukoSan WutFace
9:13:35 PM Moderator Subscriber Big_Boyd PogChamp
9:13:33 PMdesedab was timed out for 1 second.
9:13:32 PM desedab !bet 100 on blie
9:13:32 PM CharmyBee99 i like how the stream name is offset Kappa
9:13:31 PM 1-Year Subscriber PhoenX :a
9:13:30 PM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 FBtouchdown SLAM DUNK
9:13:29 PM lewismcyoutube WutFace
9:13:28 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The battle between Latias (Tank), Spiritomb (Curse), Cresselia (CalmMind) and Salamence (Defensive), Scizor (Band), Gengar (Substitute) has just begun!
9:13:26 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 good warning song
9:13:25 PM MechaMudkip Never actually bet before, wonder how this will go
9:13:23 PM Nocypher WutFace
9:13:23 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 5 seconds.
9:13:21 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 WutFace
9:13:21 PM waniisan SourPls
9:13:20 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 DBstyle *
9:13:20 PM ReddyLion RaccAttack ...
9:13:19 PM Moderator Subscriber Big_Boyd Oh it's THAT song Kappa
9:13:19 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa WutFace omg wtfahutrjuerwhw
9:13:19 PM koopa712 WutFace
9:13:18 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp Nervous Tension - Mario Party: The Top 100 (warning) won the song bidding with T1 total from FlyingJ138!
9:13:18 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 10 seconds.
9:13:18 PM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 returnofMCH WutFace
9:13:17 PM nanami44 WutFace
9:13:17 PM 1-Year Subscriber lukerbom12 yeah I'll blind bet every time DansGame
9:13:16 PM HKBowser WutFace
9:13:15 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa WutFace wtf is happening
9:13:13 PM Masterlightx ausLurk )))))
9:13:13 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 hoo boy
9:13:13 PM Abcdefgeeee #SMA
9:13:12 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa WutFace omg wtf
9:13:11 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Person31415 no overlay?
9:13:10 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp Binacle badge bought by @YamiDeku for T68 from @Ordsey
9:13:09 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100000 michaelgno1 I’ll do blind betting then cause live life to the edge SeriousSloth
9:13:09 PM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber Sandoz1 Enayet__ it's the new bet bonus feature
9:13:08 PM Nocypher I have the color of sim Jebaited
9:13:08 PM Subscriber cheer 100 CountRaposa omg WutFace
9:13:08 PM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 20 seconds.
9:13:07 PM x42bn6 TriHard Regigigas
9:13:07 PM Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx Rewarding early bets Kreygasm