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10:32:44 AM Varupikusu :////
10:32:42 AM caspersoong Before we lose the Solgaleo in our party
10:32:37 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) whatever :(
10:32:35 AM cheer 1000 Gameface252 I won't mess with your trading anymore.
10:32:33 AM caspersoong Let's get Cosmog!!!
10:32:29 AM YamiDeku Wonder Trade VoHiYo
10:32:23 AM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime DuplexBeGreat one sec
10:32:22 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) aw i had a team that would only be fun for tpp
10:32:20 AM 2-Year Subscriber wailordkip Jebaited
10:32:19 AM 6-Month Subscriber Papper2k yay finally
10:32:15 AM Varupikusu oh n o
10:32:07 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Shiny_Guzzlord Go back to trading Duplex!
10:32:06 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ Kappa ..
10:32:02 AM Enayet__ @M4_used_Rollout trade with us. BegWan
10:32:00 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp @TommyBoy25 won a #052 Meowth badge from pinball!
10:31:57 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ That was the best we've done on Battle Spot SeemsGood
10:31:56 AM YamiDeku Quit the battle spot
10:31:56 AM Twitch Prime andpet we tried
10:31:54 AM Twitch Prime andpet GG
10:31:52 AM Twitch Prime andpet thank you!
10:31:51 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) i wanna play
10:31:49 AM Twitch Prime andpet WHY is this guy taking so long?
10:31:45 AM Johuotar gg
10:31:42 AM caspersoong That was a good game :/
10:31:40 AM Twitch Prime andpet move2’
10:31:39 AM Ryason55 hard decision Kappa
10:31:30 AM caspersoong RIP
10:31:28 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ Kappa
10:31:16 AM Me10etta Just EQ Kappa
10:31:10 AM 3-Month Subscriber Keksbaer going off and getting feebas LUL
10:31:03 AM 3-Month Subscriber Keksbaer LUL
10:30:58 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) its over
10:30:56 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ Is he gonna fuck around
10:30:41 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) why is he thinking Kappa
10:30:34 AM 2-Year Subscriber wailordkip Extremely Harsh Sunlight
10:30:28 AM Twitch Prime andpet but, at least we mega evolved
10:30:21 AM Twitch Prime andpet Oops, forgot that T-tar doesn’t have a z-Move
10:30:14 AM 2-Year Subscriber wailordkip PRChase
10:30:14 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) lmao
10:30:12 AM Varupikusu RIGP
10:30:11 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ Not EQ? 🤔
10:30:07 AM Twitch Prime andpet zmove
10:30:07 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp easonchanfan started playing on the blue pinball table.
10:30:04 AM Twitch Prime andpet Zmove
10:30:02 AM Twitch Prime andpet zmove
10:30:00 AM Twitch Prime andpet Zmove
10:29:58 AM Twitch Prime andpet zmove
10:29:57 AM Johuotar PogCHamp
10:29:56 AM Twitch Prime andpet Zmove
10:29:52 AM Twitch Prime andpet zmove
10:29:50 AM Twitch Prime andpet Zmove
10:29:48 AM Twitch Prime andpet zmove
10:29:45 AM Johuotar zmove
10:29:44 AM Twitch Prime andpet Zmove
10:29:42 AM Twitch Prime andpet zmove
10:29:40 AM Twitch Prime andpet Zmove
10:29:37 AM Subscriber tppsimulator No more of machamp and again
10:29:36 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia ZMOVE
10:29:35 AM YaBoi_Brian move 1
10:29:33 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia zmove
10:29:16 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia 20
10:29:12 AM YaBoi_Brian crit mattered
10:29:08 AM Varupikusu rip nebby
10:29:07 AM caspersoong poKE3
10:29:06 AM Me10etta TriHard
10:29:05 AM caspersoong Poke3
10:29:04 AM Me10etta Crit LUL
10:29:03 AM caspersoong poke3
10:29:02 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ Kappa
10:29:02 AM easonchanfan pinball t1
10:28:50 AM Ryason55 why solgaleo Kappa
10:28:49 AMdanimg12 was timed out for 120 seconds.
10:28:48 AM DANIMG12 RaccAttack / me
10:28:41 AM Me10etta RIP Kappa
10:28:41 AM 2-Year Subscriber wailordkip nebby VoHiYo
10:28:32 AM Twitch Prime andpet Poke2
10:28:27 AM Twitch Prime andpet Thanks again for everything @DuplexBeGreat :>
10:28:26 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) Kappa
10:28:26 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The last pinball game achieved 289,853,000 points (x7) on the red pinball table. easonchanfan participated.
10:28:25 AM Ryason55 poke3
10:28:23 AM szejn44 is this pokemon 4x week to steel fighting and ground ?? MingLee
10:28:16 AM caspersoong poke2
10:28:14 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ Make them think you have something up your sleeve
10:28:06 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ Intimidation strats
10:28:00 AM Twitch Prime andpet well... Duplex, your Amaura might do well...
10:27:59 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) Slola OSsloth
10:27:53 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) slow
10:27:44 AM YaBoi_Brian primal gblLUL
10:27:42 AM Ryason55 gogo amaura VoHiYo
10:27:42 AM DANIMG12 fair
10:27:37 AM 2-Year Subscriber wailordkip cheater BabyRage
10:27:34 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) Jebaited
10:27:31 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) mobe2
10:27:29 AM Me10etta Groundonger Kappa
10:27:24 AM 2-Year Subscriber wailordkip yunata is a weird name
10:27:20 AM Twitch Prime andpet wow
10:27:19 AM szejn44 zmove
10:27:18 AM Twitch Prime andpet A full team of legends
10:27:15 AM szejn44 zmove
10:27:11 AM 2-Year Subscriber wailordkip i was KIDDING
10:27:10 AM Ryason55 PogChamp ?
10:27:06 AM caspersoong nice
10:26:54 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia poke1
10:26:45 AM cheer 1000 Gameface252 sim Keepo
10:26:40 AM Ryason55 Poke1
10:26:37 AM Ryason55 poke5
10:26:37 AM Subscriber tppsimulator i swear we been faster but i was KIDDING
10:26:33 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia Poke1
10:26:32 AM Ryason55 Poke5
10:26:16 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) cowmog GivePLZ
10:26:12 AM DANIMG12 we will win this time
10:26:08 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia poke1
10:26:02 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia poke6
10:25:57 AM Johuotar poke5
10:25:56 AM Zaphimu UBERS TriHard
10:25:55 AM DANIMG12 we got another chance
10:25:54 AM Varupikusu even more rip
10:25:49 AM Ryason55 poke5
10:25:49 AM cheer 1000 Gameface252 Nice team of tryhards TriHard
10:25:47 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia Poke6
10:25:46 AM YamiDeku Look at this team TriHard
10:25:43 AM Ryason55 riiiiip Kappa
10:25:39 AM Varupikusu Jp player hel o
10:25:37 AM Twitch Prime andpet @Papper2k Kappa
10:25:36 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia poke6
10:25:36 AM Me10etta TriHard s
10:25:36 AM caspersoong poke1
10:25:34 AM Ryason55 we almost had Solgaleo in there, but we withdrew it at the last second Kappa
10:25:28 AM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime DuplexBeGreat Kappa not me
10:25:27 AM Twitch Prime andpet Well... atleast we tried!
10:25:25 AM 6-Month Subscriber Papper2k i didnt think losing meant fighting again
10:25:21 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) OSsloth
10:25:16 AM 6-Month Subscriber Papper2k oh fuck Kappa
10:25:13 AM YamiDeku Trade pls Kappa
10:25:13 AM RoyOurKing if Tirtouga learned Endeavor, it'd be the best Fear user Kappa
10:25:08 AM 2-Year Subscriber wailordkip this korean guy is probably like "what the fuck"
10:25:07 AM Me10etta G EleGiggle G
10:25:06 AM Ryason55 We had Sturdy
10:25:02 AM cheer 1000 Gameface252 Sturdy
10:24:59 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ Boring
10:24:59 AM YamiDeku B-
10:24:58 AM Subscriber Ordsey a L1 tanked?
10:24:56 AM YamiDeku b-
10:24:55 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ Why isn't this guy just messing around with us
10:24:55 AM Ryason55 Kappa //
10:24:52 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) a-
10:24:51 AM caspersoong Good game
10:24:51 AM 2-Year Subscriber wailordkip Kappa //
10:24:50 AM Johuotar deuDudu
10:24:48 AM caspersoong RIP
10:24:43 AM YamiDeku B-
10:24:40 AM cheer 1000 Gameface252 We're trying to kill it with Sand damage Kappa
10:24:39 AM Me10etta LUL More Like WithDrawn
10:24:34 AM Ryason55 oh Kappa
10:24:29 AM Johuotar LUL withdraw
10:24:28 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia LUL
10:24:27 AM Ryason55 PogChamp
10:24:22 AM caspersoong Sturdy!!
10:24:19 AM YamiDeku B-
10:24:17 AM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime DuplexBeGreat LUL
10:24:17 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ No Bide strats
10:24:15 AM YamiDeku b-
10:24:14 AM 2-Year Subscriber wailordkip yeah withdraw, that'll do something Kippa
10:24:13 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ That down
10:24:10 AM 1eamannan wtf rng so rigged against me Kappa
10:24:09 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ wtf
10:24:06 AM Johuotar :D level 1
10:24:03 AM DANIMG12 ez tank
10:24:02 AM caspersoong This is awesome
10:24:02 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) tppppp
10:24:00 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) i wanna fite tpp
10:23:54 AM Me10etta @DuplexBeGreat Totally a RIP LUL
10:23:52 AM Ryason55 rip Kappa 7
10:23:41 AM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime DuplexBeGreat LUL 4 of our team members have 4x weaknesses
10:23:41 AM caspersoong poke3
10:23:39 AM Ryason55 you can do it amura VoHiYo
10:23:36 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ Sand lets us live OMGScoots
10:23:36 AM Subscriber tppsimulator I'm sure give me too quickly
10:23:27 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) u threw
10:23:24 AM szejn44 another x4 from Fighting LUL
10:23:22 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp @ObstKhanisar won a #124 Jynx badge from pinball!
10:23:21 AM cheer 1000 Byron_Springhill Poke2
10:23:20 AM Ryason55 level 1s Kappa
10:23:16 AM Me10etta RIP Kappa
10:23:12 AM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime DuplexBeGreat Kappa
10:23:10 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ No fight it out
10:23:10 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) we can win
10:23:08 AM caspersoong Why YamiDeku?
10:23:07 AM Subscriber cheer 100 ChaosDukemon CorgiDerp omg so fun
10:23:05 AM cheer 1000 Byron_Springhill FailFish
10:23:00 AM caspersoong Stayed in again
10:23:00 AM YamiDeku Pls run Kappa
10:22:59 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ poke2
10:22:58 AM DANIMG12 Nice chip damage
10:22:50 AM Ryason55 PogChamp
10:22:48 AM Me10etta Tanked PogChamp
10:22:46 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ Brick Braek Kappa
10:22:37 AM KenjiDraco Tyranitar tank Aura Sphere
10:22:35 AM YamiDeku RuN-
10:22:31 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ Stayed in 🤔
10:22:30 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) aura sphere
10:22:28 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia Zmove
10:22:27 AM 6-Month Subscriber Papper2k lol
10:22:26 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) gg
10:22:25 AM 6-Month Subscriber Papper2k mega yep
10:22:25 AM Me10etta OSsloth TriHard
10:22:22 AM YamiDeku Run-
10:22:21 AM KenjiDraco OSsloth
10:22:21 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp @Younggaawwd won a #043 Oddish badge from pinball!
10:22:18 AM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime DuplexBeGreat Kappa
10:22:17 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia ZMove
10:22:12 AM Me10etta M2 OpieOP
10:22:12 AM YamiDeku Run-
10:22:11 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia zmove
10:22:08 AM YamiDeku run-
10:22:06 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia Zmove
10:22:04 AM YamiDeku RuN-
10:22:02 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia zmove
10:22:00 AM YamiDeku run-
10:21:58 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) i wanna try tpp
10:21:55 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia tpKaibalolz
10:21:52 AM caspersoong poke1
10:21:50 AM nanami44 LUL
10:21:46 AM YamiDeku RUN-
10:21:45 AM Ryason55 Kappa
10:21:45 AM Twitch Prime andpet Random trainer, it’s time to duel! tpYGOddduel
10:21:41 AM Varupikusu The Korean must be pretty confused
10:21:40 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia POKe1
10:21:39 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) Kappa
10:21:38 AM KenjiDraco Kappa
10:21:38 AM Ryason55 poke1
10:21:34 AM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime DuplexBeGreat Kappa
10:21:34 AM KenjiDraco poke4
10:21:30 AM YamiDeku RUn-
10:21:30 AM Subscriber ホシグモチャン (ultracosmog) OSsloth
10:21:26 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia poke1
10:21:23 AM Ryason55 poke5
10:21:14 AM YamiDeku Run-
10:21:12 AM Ryason55 Poke4
10:21:12 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia poke6
10:21:11 AM Twitch Prime andpet We can do this! Kappa
10:21:09 AM szejn44 We have 3 rock Type Pokemon, Set up Sandstorm PogChamp
10:21:09 AM YamiDeku run-
10:21:09 AM Ryason55 Poke5
10:21:07 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia poke4
10:21:06 AM YamiDeku RuN-
10:20:59 AM TrainPro49 LUL
10:20:53 AM cheer 1000 Gameface252 DBstyle
10:20:52 AM Ryason55 POKe5
10:20:52 AM Subscriber Czerwona_Latarnia poke6