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3:28:28 PM Moderator tpp Krabby badge put up for sale for T2 by @Chaos_lord2
3:28:13 PM Moderator tpp Dragonair badge put up for sale for T11 by @Phiratina
3:28:11 PM Moderator tpp Clefairy badge put up for sale for T2 by @Chaos_lord2
3:28:07 PM Moderator tpp @Phiratina's Dragonair badge no longer for sale (was T15)
3:28:04 PM Moderator tpp Abra badge put up for sale for T2 by @Chaos_lord2
3:28:01 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 LadyJasmineOfOlivine mods are lore BegWan
3:27:59 PM Moderator tpp Geodude badge put up for sale for T2 by @Chaos_lord2
3:27:58 PM xhodocto385 agreed sim LORE
3:27:57 PM waniisan LORE BegWan
3:27:54 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom LORE
3:27:51 PM Moderator tpp Eevee badge put up for sale for T4 by @Chaos_lord2
3:27:49 PM tppsimulator catch what mod is in LORE
3:27:35 PM xhodocto385 new tv dorama: the drama of my precious badges Kappa in japanaese
3:27:33 PM Lorekitten Personally, I think we should cross that bridge when we come to it. I also think that chat should enforce rules on drama, and Streamer needs to wake up and realize drama is killing TPP
3:27:24 PM SleazyDrake1 Whirlpool EleGiggle
3:27:23 PM Ryodragon7 With6
3:27:20 PM Ryodragon7 with6
3:27:17 PM Ryodragon7 With6
3:27:16 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina That's cheap
3:27:14 PM Ryodragon7 with6
3:27:10 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 LadyJasmineOfOlivine is tpp really tnt because we know drama Kappa LUL
3:27:07 PM Moderator tpp 2 Hypno badges put up for sale for T6 each by @Chaos_lord2
3:27:04 PM Moderator tpp Jumpluff badge put up for sale for T38 by @Phiratina
3:27:02 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom Kappa
3:26:57 PM Moderator tpp @Phiratina's Jumpluff badge no longer for sale (was T40)
3:26:53 PM xhodocto385 zc230 is the next Nkekev complaining about a gen 7 game MingLee
3:26:47 PM Zc230 @countraposa yes I'm complaining about it, because I'm concerned for the state of TPP considering the drama in this run
3:26:46 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 LadyJasmineOfOlivine DonBiki
3:26:39 PM Moderator tpp Tentacool badge put up for sale for T3 by @Chaos_lord2
3:26:34 PM CountRaposa You've been complaining for about an hour now
3:26:33 PM SleazyDrake1 Not if a Pokémon use Explosion Kappa
3:26:30 PM Lorekitten Guys, everyone has the right to talk about their opinions. But I'd rather not see anyone insult each other over it.
3:26:28 PM Moderator tpp Nidoran♀ badge put up for sale for T3 by @Chaos_lord2
3:26:22 PM C0SM0G Mini TehePelo
3:26:21 PM Moderator tpp Goldeen badge put up for sale for T2 by @Chaos_lord2
3:26:20 PM 2-Year Subscriber Dayrunner79 It's all fun and games until someone blasts a hole in the hull SabaPing
3:26:19 PM waniisan lunala BegWan
3:26:17 PM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 121,163,050 points (x2) on the blue pinball table. waniisan participated.
3:26:16 PM Moderator tpp Weedle badge put up for sale for T2 by @Chaos_lord2
3:26:09 PM DANIMG12 leftovers
3:26:08 PM MinisculeCello cosmoen TehePelo
3:26:03 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom that's about it Kappa
3:26:03 PM CountRaposa you're complaining about it
3:26:00 PM cheer 1 chfoo BegWan /
3:25:58 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom olden Kappa
3:25:57 PM C0SM0G PHI RaccAttack
3:25:53 PM Zc230 @countraposa so I can't talk about how ultra sun can't have improvements to make it good for TPP?
3:25:50 PM xhodocto385 so what are the ultra beasts in tpp lore?, just nothing Kappa
3:25:49 PM waniisan and chfoo RaccAttack
3:25:47 PM C0SM0G waii BegWan
3:25:42 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina RaccAttack NEBBY
3:25:38 PM cheer 1 chfoo RaccAttack
3:25:35 PM waniisan diana BegWan
3:25:33 PM CountRaposa trash can has leftovers right?
3:25:28 PM C0SM0G RaccAttack
3:25:25 PM Lorekitten @Zc230 Well, lore did wrap up the OLDEN storyline in Prism.
3:25:21 PM CountRaposa but reddy and zc are getting on my nerves
3:25:17 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina RaccAttack
3:25:11 PM C0SM0G n
3:25:06 PM C0SM0G BegWan
3:25:03 PM CountRaposa I'll try :)
3:24:57 PM Lorekitten @CountRaposa be nice
3:24:53 PM Me10etta PogChamp Lv.101
3:24:51 PM Zc230 @lorekitten like that line about sentient glitch is alive right now in LORE
3:24:50 PM Lorekitten Because if you joke about a meme, that in and of itself keeps the meme alive
3:24:47 PM CountRaposa there's so many retards on today
3:24:46 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 LadyJasmineOfOlivine PUTIN WutFace
3:24:37 PM Gorpudge 101
3:24:35 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom PogChamp get 102
3:24:34 PM xhodocto385 newden or currentden shall be the new glitches, or why not ALIENS WutFace BrainSlug vs Trump again DatSheffy
3:24:28 PM Lorekitten What's the difference between spreading an OLDEN meme in 'jest' and spreading it 'seriously'?
3:24:18 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina Yeah nightcrew will power through it
3:24:17 PM Masterlightx 101 WutFace
3:24:17 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 LadyJasmineOfOlivine goatden WutFace
3:24:16 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom PogChamp 101
3:24:06 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer strong goat WutFace
3:24:03 PM Zc230 I want to enjoy it, but I fear the night crew will beat the game johto style during the night
3:23:53 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina WutFace
3:23:46 PM Masterlightx 2017DEN WutFace
3:23:38 PM Zc230 Enjoy ultra sun for the time it lasts, I don't see it being that long of a run even with badge drama
3:23:34 PM Moderator tpp @RichChanLikesTacos won a #011 Metapod badge from pinball!
3:23:34 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 LadyJasmineOfOlivine CURRENTDEN WutFace
3:23:32 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina I just inputted for the participation badge
3:23:30 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom Kappa
3:23:24 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom NEWDEN WutFace
3:23:22 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina I didn't watch the first Alola run due to spoilers Kappa
3:23:17 PM SleazyDrake1 With6
3:23:13 PM xhodocto385 if olden is dead, what sentient glitch is alive right now in LORE
3:23:13 PM SleazyDrake1 with6
3:23:07 PM waniisan TPP x Rotom BegWan
3:23:07 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 LadyJasmineOfOlivine is milhouse a meme? Kappa
3:22:50 PM CountRaposa WitH6
3:22:50 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom PogChamp and make more bad eggs
3:22:37 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom PogChamp we can kill our PC
3:22:36 PM Zc230 * beating
3:22:32 PM Me10etta PogChamp Bad egg!
3:22:30 PM CountRaposa WItH6
3:22:30 PM Zc230 @xhodocto385 the meme is dead, you are literally the only person who spams it 100 times, others bring It up in jest, you just spam it to the point of besting a dead horse
3:22:27 PM CountRaposa WitH6
3:22:26 PM Lorekitten Honestly, I enjoyed the Alola runs and expect to enjoy Ultra Sun as well. Although the Sun run, as our first time in Alola's mechanics, did have a good deal of problems.
3:22:24 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom PogChamp bad egg?
3:22:23 PM Enayet__ :/
3:22:12 PM SleazyDrake1 @enayet__ I think we'll get Bad Egg again
3:22:07 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom PogChamp
3:22:03 PM CountRaposa WITH6
3:21:59 PM CountRaposa With6
3:21:44 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina Olden never dies
3:21:37 PM Enayet__ We had Bad Egg in this run.
3:21:37 PM xhodocto385 Olden is not dead when it comes to the truly alien Ultra Beasts, chat will freak out anyway
3:21:22 PM SleazyDrake1 I expect a Bad Egg in our future
3:21:20 PM xhodocto385 its same thing, complaining about how OLDEN is a dead meme Kappa
3:21:17 PM Twitch Prime Masnateah catch
3:21:13 PM Twitch Prime Masnateah Catch
3:21:12 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina OMGScoots
3:21:11 PM Moderator tpp @CinderellaAmber won a #010 Caterpie badge from pinball!
3:21:09 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom BibleThump you monster
3:21:05 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina :^)
3:21:04 PM Moderator tpp Castform badge put up for sale for T200 by @1eamannan
3:21:01 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina We could just be a dick to rotom
3:20:57 PM Moderator tpp @1eamannan's Castform badge no longer for sale (was T200)
3:20:56 PM Zc230 @countraposa I wasn't complaining, I was just pointing out the problems with this run will happen in Ultra sun
3:20:49 PM Lorekitten I'm kind of looking forward to seeing TPP bond with Rotom. Or not, depending on whether bonding with Rotom requires Pokemon Refresh
3:20:43 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina nuzlozcke pls
3:20:38 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom that's a new rule? Kappa
3:20:35 PM Enayet__ LUL
3:20:32 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina Kappa yes
3:20:28 PM CountRaposa You've been complaining about USUM for quite a while now.
3:20:27 PM Twitch Prime Masnateah Kappa
3:20:25 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 LadyJasmineOfOlivine new rule for usum after every gym we must dump our team except for our weakest mon Kappa
3:20:24 PM SleazyDrake1 #TrainerBattles
3:20:23 PM Twitch Prime Masnateah catch
3:20:20 PM Zc230 I'm giving my opinion
3:20:19 PM Twitch Prime Masnateah Catch
3:20:18 PM xhodocto385 zc, enough, revo will find a way to handle this for TPP players
3:20:14 PM Zc230 @countraposa I'm not complaining
3:20:05 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom um where are we going? Kappa
3:20:02 PM CountRaposa zc stop complaining.
3:20:00 PM SleazyDrake1 No-one likes the "Return to PBR" timer WutFace
3:19:53 PM Zc230 And when Ultra sun has a literal cheat menu, the ability to use Z moves twice, and the easiest difficulty level out of all runs this season........... The drama will be increased tenfold
3:19:42 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 LadyJasmineOfOlivine dog-tired CorgiDerp
3:19:40 PM xhodocto385 badge drama? why not eldrithc abomination drama Kappa
3:19:38 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina "cleaning"
3:19:17 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina WutFace
3:19:14 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 LadyJasmineOfOlivine RitzMitz
3:19:12 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina why is he running
3:19:06 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina Badge drama RitzMitz
3:18:53 PM CountRaposa b+right-
3:18:51 PM Zc230 But a lot of the drama revolved around badges and party members, not game play content
3:18:49 PM Moderator tpp @LadyJasmineOfOlivine made an offer to buy 1 Swirlix badge at T92 each (expires in 7 days, 0:00:00)
3:18:46 PM CountRaposa right-
3:18:45 PM xhodocto385 @Zc230 you will be not fun at parties when USUM run begins Kappa
3:18:34 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina oh no just noticed the timer WutFace
3:18:26 PM Zc230 Yeah I know it's basic Emerald Kappa
3:18:17 PM SleazyDrake1 Let's go to the S S Anne Kappa
3:18:14 PM CountRaposa after we come back upstairs we will clear the remaining rooms and then sleep in our bed
3:18:12 PM Zc230 @xhodocto385 I don't think many people care considering how people didn't really care for this game's plot
3:17:58 PM CountRaposa follow me
3:17:55 PM xhodocto385 PogChamp i agree
3:17:51 PM CountRaposa now let's go downstairs
3:17:48 PM xhodocto385 a loss is to be accepted without TriHard ding
3:17:47 PM Twitch Prime Toagac Lol at this game EleGiggle
3:17:45 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 LadyJasmineOfOlivine lol
3:17:38 PM Glitcher_Red sim TriHard
3:17:35 PM Glitcher_Red b-
3:17:33 PM tppsimulator omg I'm broke though lol at the game
3:17:10 PM Moderator tpp @GOLDDOOM9 won a #019 Rattata badge from pinball!
3:17:10 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina Oh yeah they look really op
3:16:53 PM xhodocto385 WutFace the z-moves WutFace lul tra space and a supernova attack
3:16:32 PM SleazyDrake1 Glowing SwiftRage
3:16:20 PM CountRaposa GOD BIRD WutFace
3:16:02 PM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 6,474,300 points (x0) on the red pinball table. Phiratina participated.
3:15:44 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer hurricane DansGame
3:15:42 PM Moderator tpp waniisan started playing on the blue pinball table.
3:14:49 PM Twitch Prime Toagac TriHard
3:14:40 PM CountRaposa I thought we would be slower
3:14:37 PM SleazyDrake1 Thrash Poooound
3:14:33 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer why no psycho cut? Jebaited
3:14:33 PM tppsimulator Its fir thundorus and it was drama filled
3:14:27 PM Twitch Prime Toagac Gentleman Kappa m/
3:14:12 PM Twitch Prime Toagac WutFace
3:14:11 PM CountRaposa LUL
3:14:09 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 Swaider DatSheffy 7
3:14:00 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 Swaider DatCheffy 7
3:13:47 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 LadyJasmineOfOlivine DatSheffy 7
3:13:43 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom let me beat you up
3:13:37 PM SleazyDrake1 Child
3:13:36 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom Kappa
3:13:35 PM CountRaposa after this head downstairs
3:13:29 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina CHILD
3:13:23 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina There's vomit in all the bins WutFace
3:13:20 PM CountRaposa your spam is not helpful.
3:13:09 PM mas_agil_que_una_tortuga cap Britney PogChamp
3:13:08 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 Swaider @LadyJasmineOfOlivine Kappa 7
3:13:00 PM CountRaposa reddy please stop.
3:12:54 PM SleazyDrake1 No TM? CrreamAwk
3:12:45 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 LadyJasmineOfOlivine im honorary captain of the S.S. diarrhea
3:12:32 PM Moderator tpp Marowak badge put up for sale for T9 by @Drewmatics
3:12:30 PM Twitch Prime I_want_dan_inside_me bag
3:12:28 PM Moderator tpp @Drewmatics's Marowak badge no longer for sale (was T11)
3:12:04 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina lool
3:12:04 PM Enayet__ MikeHogu
3:12:03 PM Twitch Prime Toagac DatSheffy
3:11:58 PMhypermuteki was timed out for 120 seconds.
3:11:58 PM Subscriber cheer 100 HyperMuteki I sexually Identify as Dongerヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of raising myself all over the twitch chat and ruining everyone's chat experience. People say to me that a person being a donger ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ is Impossible and I'm fucking retarded but I don't care, I'm beautiful. I'm having a plastic surgeon install unicode, emotes and lots of dongs on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me "Dongerino" and respect my right to raise my dongersヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ whenever I need to.
3:11:54 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina pinball already died ffs
3:11:44 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina Catch what sim? The ship?
3:11:38 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina Thank you RaccAttack / <3
3:11:32 PM tppsimulator Catch
3:11:23 PM Therawyna Up+b-
3:11:14 PM Twitch Prime I_want_dan_inside_me im down]
3:11:13 PM Twitch Prime shadowpuppet97 @Phiratina good luck bingBad
3:11:05 PM CountRaposa @I_want_dan_inside_me stop spamming the wrong directions.
3:11:03 PM Zc230 Again, That's why I hope the party option to swap members is permanently turned on and cannot be disabled
3:10:53 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina x10 or riot
3:10:53 PM Therawyna Up+b-
3:10:46 PM Moderator tpp Phiratina started playing on the red pinball table.
3:10:44 PM Therawyna Up+b-
3:10:35 PM Therawyna Up+b-
3:10:32 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom Kappa
3:10:29 PM Therawyna Up+b-
3:10:28 PM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 returnofMCH @enayet__ yes I was talking about vespiqueen
3:10:26 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phiratina omg I'm rich
3:10:25 PM Therawyna Up+b-
3:10:15 PM Enayet__ Oh, you were talking about Vespiquen. LUL
3:10:15 PM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 returnofMCH and I say this with gen 4 being my fave
3:10:13 PM SleazyDrake1 Oh, She only had 1 Pokémon Kappa
3:10:09 PM Moderator tpp Squirtle badge bought by @Chaos_lord2 for T2 from @Phiratina
3:10:08 PM Moderator tpp Squirtle badge put up for sale for T2 by @Phiratina
3:10:05 PM Enayet__ Gogoat is Gen 6. OpieOP
3:09:57 PM Zc230 Listen if you want to care so much about rebuilding the party and struggling against leaders, just use the literal Rotom cheat menu and use Z-Rotom moves. There is no need to be scared of not having a consistent party especially in a game that's a difficult as a standard gamefreak game
3:09:50 PM SleazyDrake1 With6
3:09:48 PM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 returnofMCH rigggggght, because pokken needs another gen 4 Jebaited
3:09:46 PM SleazyDrake1 with6
3:09:45 PM Twitch Prime Toagac Psycho cut HotPokket
3:09:42 PM SleazyDrake1 With6
3:09:38 PM SleazyDrake1 with6
3:09:36 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom TPFufun
3:09:35 PM SleazyDrake1 With6
3:09:32 PM SleazyDrake1 with6
3:09:31 PM Twitch Prime Toagac TPFufun
3:09:29 PM SleazyDrake1 With6
3:09:26 PM SleazyDrake1 with6
3:09:26 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom VoteNay vespiqueen
3:09:23 PM SleazyDrake1 With6
3:09:20 PM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 returnofMCH VoteYea
3:09:20 PM SleazyDrake1 with6
3:09:18 PM Twitch Prime Masnateah TPFufun
3:09:17 PM CountRaposa VoteNay
3:09:14 PM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 196,025,050 points (x3) on the blue pinball table. DJ_54 participated.
3:09:11 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom I too want to have a portable PC Kappa