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9:08:10 AM Subscriber Xeogran slp :(
9:08:08 AM Subscriber estreIlita Kippa !!
9:08:08 AM cyi1341 gg
9:08:02 AM cheer 100 ChaosDukemon not anymore
9:08:00 AM Subscriber estreIlita Kippa ....
9:07:56 AM cheer 100 ChaosDukemon someone on mega...
9:07:56 AM Twitch Prime TheOnlyLeode The dream PogChamp
9:07:54 AM Subscriber estreIlita Kippa ...
9:07:51 AM Subscriber estreIlita 1 turn sleep
9:07:48 AM Bengineering fffff
9:07:45 AM Subscriber estreIlita Kippa
9:07:38 AM cheer 100 ChaosDukemon nvm spore saved
9:07:37 AM Nyam__ Get on B to win, blue Kippa
9:07:36 AM cheer 100 ChaosDukemon need spore t2 throw i guess
9:07:30 AM Nyam__ Vacuum Wave 2HKO Kippa
9:07:25 AM Subscriber Xeogran Ice Beam now SwiftRage
9:07:20 AM Moderator tpp @Johnnyfist won a #133 Eevee badge from pinball!
9:07:15 AM cheer 100 Scottobozo Blue max B BloodTrail
9:07:11 AM SkeleoRulez bullshit
9:07:07 AM Twitch Prime TheOnlyLeode PogChamp
9:07:04 AM Subscriber Xeogran EleGiggle
9:07:02 AM cheer 100 Scottobozo 10% lol
9:07:01 AM Halokingv8 EleGiggle
9:07:01 AM Subscriber estreIlita crit again
9:07:01 AM SkeleoRulez WOW
9:06:58 AM Subscriber Xeogran TriHard
9:06:54 AM Subscriber Xeogran crit LUL
9:06:54 AM Subscriber estreIlita ohh Kappa
9:06:48 AM Subscriber Shinyman11 @chaosdukemon Kappa
9:06:46 AM Twitch Prime TheOnlyLeode Time to sweep Kapp
9:06:44 AM Moderator tpp @xxmoonlotusxx made an offer to buy 50 Reuniclus badges at T1 each (expires in 90 days, 0:00:00)
9:06:43 AM Subscriber Xeogran rain dance spam plz
9:06:42 AM cheer 100 Scottobozo @estreIlita C H O I C E S C A R F
9:06:37 AM cheer 100 ChaosDukemon shiny please
9:06:33 AM Subscriber estreIlita scott wut Kappa
9:06:21 AM cheer 100 Scottobozo Do they know how to read???
9:06:17 AM Subscriber Shinyman11 "CHATOT USE CHATTER" .... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOUUUUUUU... "it's down" Kappa
9:06:10 AM cheer 100 Scottobozo Are these blue players idiots?
9:06:07 AM cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx @xeogran Kappa shh
9:05:57 AM Subscriber Xeogran tppFogChamp
9:05:55 AM Ordsey #HateChatot
9:05:55 AM Subscriber estreIlita Kippa b
9:05:53 AM Subscriber Xeogran @xxmoonlotusxx nice red table Kappa
9:05:50 AM cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx it ok Kippa
9:05:47 AM Subscriber estreIlita omg
9:05:28 AM cheer 100 ChaosDukemon k
9:05:27 AM Moderator tppsimulator anyone else use tppFogChamp with p1
9:05:26 AM 1eamannan k
9:05:20 AM cheer 100 ChaosDukemon i hate chatot
9:05:12 AM 1eamannan chatot emote is actually a nice design.... OMGScoots i just dont like chatot
9:05:11 AM Subscriber estreIlita 2m MikeHogu
9:05:01 AM 2-Year Subscriber wailordkip times they are-a changin
9:05:01 AM cheer 100 ChaosDukemon Kappa what
9:04:56 AM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 2,595,050 points (x0) on the red pinball table. xxmoonlotusxx participated.
9:04:50 AM cyi1341 hit
9:04:50 AM Subscriber Shinyman11 tppS tppLUL they replaced tppFogChamp with these lesbian emotes Kappa
9:04:44 AM Subscriber estreIlita that pinball Kappa
9:04:41 AM Twitch Prime TheOnlyLeode TriHard
9:04:41 AM Subscriber estreIlita Kippa ...
9:04:36 AM Moderator tpp JetBlackGoku, Halokingv8 and TheOnlyLeode started playing on the blue pinball table. Highest bet is T10 from JetBlackGoku.
9:04:36 AM 1eamannan Shinyman11 that emote isnt worth subbing to this place tbh Kappa
9:04:32 AM 2-Year Subscriber wailordkip anyone else use tppFogChamp to denote something is fast
9:04:28 AM map0w 🎶
9:04:25 AM Subscriber estreIlita mud slap
9:04:22 AM Sularis20 Sky Sanctuary omg
9:04:21 AM cheer 100 Scottobozo no fog Kippa
9:04:20 AM Subscriber Xeogran no fog :(
9:04:14 AM Subscriber Xeogran tppFogChamp
9:04:12 AM Nyam__ Kippa I don't feel like inputting right now
9:04:11 AM Subscriber estreIlita Kappa
9:04:10 AM 2-Year Subscriber wailordkip #Volcania
9:04:10 AM 6-Month Subscriber PhoenX67 gunk shot miss
9:04:07 AM TinyFlute at least I can admit it MikeHogu
9:04:06 AM Subscriber Xeogran with fog Kappa
9:04:06 AM Subscriber Shinyman11 FUCKING hell.... their only good emote Kappa I subbed only to get that emote!!!! TriHard
9:04:01 AM Subscriber estreIlita idk how red wins this
9:04:00 AM 1eamannan u cmonBruh
9:03:59 AM Subscriber Xeogran this wasn't late :(
9:03:57 AM 1eamannan no cmonBruh
9:03:57 AM TinyFlute as well Kappa
9:03:54 AM Subscriber estreIlita tppS
9:03:53 AM cheer 100 ChaosDukemon Kappa
9:03:51 AM Subscriber Xeogran DansGame ...
9:03:50 AM Subscriber Xeogran DansGame
9:03:49 AM TinyFlute you're ugly dizzyCrappy
9:03:48 AMxeogran was timed out for 1 second.
9:03:48 AM Moderator tpp The battle between Swalot (Sticky Hold), Pachirisu (Special), Breloom (Special) and Chikorita (Special), Cleffa (Physical), Buneary (Special) has just begun!
9:03:43 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 5 seconds.
9:03:38 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 10 seconds.
9:03:37 AM Twitch Prime TheOnlyLeode Kreygasm
9:03:35 AM 2-Year Subscriber wailordkip tppFogChamp
9:03:33 AM 1eamannan new chatot and ugly frog emote FailFish
9:03:32 AM Subscriber Shinyman11 @nyam__ Kappa
9:03:31 AM Nyam__ Kippa
9:03:28 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 20 seconds.
9:03:26 AM Subscriber fenris2142 tppFogChamp
9:03:21 AM TinyFlute now
9:03:20 AM TinyFlute tppFogChamp is FFZ
9:03:20 AM Subscriber estreIlita twitch has been having problems for the past couple of days OSsloth idgi
9:03:18 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 30 seconds.
9:03:13 AMskeleorulez was timed out for 1 second.
9:03:12 AM Nyam__ @Shinyman11 It works for me Kippa
9:03:12 AM 1eamannan yes and shitty emotes remain lul
9:03:08 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 40 seconds.
9:03:01 AM Subscriber Shinyman11 They did... TearGlove
9:02:58 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 50 seconds.
9:02:54 AM Subscriber estreIlita yes
9:02:54 AM pokemonking1984 !tpp balance
9:02:53 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 whisps are being a derp again
9:02:48 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 60 seconds.
9:02:47 AM Subscriber Shinyman11 Yo did they take away Tpp Fog champ?!?!!?
9:02:32 AM Subscriber estreIlita "/w tpp pinball t#"
9:02:25 AM Subscriber Shinyman11 DaFuk?
9:02:14 AM Subscriber Shinyman11 tppFogChamp
9:02:09 AM Subscriber estreIlita BegWan
9:01:58 AMpokemonking1984 was timed out for 1 second.
9:01:52 AM Twitch Prime TheOnlyLeode How do i gamble on pinball again? BigBrother
9:01:31 AM Halokingv8 Kippa
9:01:29 AM 1eamannan ssbthebiscuitking indeed it has OMGScoots less people more cancer
9:01:28 AM Twitch Prime thekittenkazoo ! bet 200 blue
9:01:28 AM Subscriber estreIlita Kippa !
9:01:20 AM tppvisualizer
9:01:20 AM Moderator tpp The Pokémon for the next match are Swalot (Sticky Hold), Pachirisu (Special), Breloom (Special) and Chikorita (Special), Cleffa (Physical), Buneary (Special)!
9:01:17 AM Moderator tppsimulator Lugia flock luck Kippa Need to where r u Kippa No not X0
9:01:17 AM Twitch Prime TheOnlyLeode mangoBANGER mangoBANGER mangoBANGER
9:01:14 AM ssbthebiscuitking woah twitch plays pok3mon has become different
9:01:10 AM Subscriber estreIlita Kippa
9:01:09 AM Moderator tpp Spearow badge bought by @Bloons22 for T1 from @TheOnlyLeode
9:01:09 AM Moderator tpp Spearow badge put up for sale for T1 by @TheOnlyLeode
9:01:07 AM 1eamannan hackers
9:01:06 AM Moderator tpp Main Title Theme - Catz (betting) won the song bidding with T1 total from Zawasculin!
9:01:03 AM 2-Year Subscriber wailordkip Kippa
9:01:01 AM 3-Month Subscriber Zawasculin ausPotato MEOW MEOW MEOW ausPotato
9:00:57 AM Subscriber estreIlita x3 PogChamp
9:00:50 AM Moderator tpp Meowth badge put up for sale for T2 by @TheOnlyLeode
9:00:50 AM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 183,405,850 points (x3) on the blue pinball table. estreIlita participated.
9:00:49 AM Moderator tpp New sidegame screenshot:
9:00:48 AM Moderator tpp A new match is about to begin! It will start in 3m0s
9:00:39 AM 1eamannan Bengineering PogChamp i love that name
9:00:30 AM Moderator tpp xxmoonlotusxx started playing on the red pinball table.
9:00:18 AM 1eamannan you could say... Kappa kind of
9:00:05 AM Subscriber Xeogran this one FutureMan
9:00:03 AM Subscriber Xeogran yes it's Godot
9:00:01 AM Subscriber Xeogran or this one
8:59:59 AM Subscriber Xeogran no not this one
8:59:59 AM pokemonking1984 yeah
8:59:57 AM Subscriber Xeogran FutureMan
8:59:55 AM TinyFlute Kappa
8:59:53 AM 3-Month Subscriber Zawasculin I want Kyoko's coffee! TriHard c[_]
8:59:51 AM Subscriber Xeogran what was it Kappa
8:59:51 AM Moderator tpp Team Red won the match!
8:59:50 AM Subscriber Xeogran uhh
8:59:49 AM Subscriber Xeogran CafeMan
8:59:47 AM Moderator tpp The Ending has Lots of Coffee - Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (result) won the song bidding with T1 total from Zawasculin!
8:59:46 AM Subscriber Xeogran CoffeMan
8:59:43 AM Subscriber Xeogran What was the Coffee Emote again? Kappa
8:59:42 AM Subscriber Shinyman11 @1eamannan really?? CONGRATS DIANA ON GETTING YOU BADGE BACK VoHiYo Kappa
8:59:33 AM 6-Month Subscriber PhoenX67 nevermind what i said about moltres Kappa
8:59:29 AM Nyam__ Kippa At least Terri got payout
8:59:29 AM pokemonking1984 yess
8:59:28 AM Subscriber Kisox that was close
8:59:26 AM Subscriber Xeogran Kippa
8:59:25 AM 1eamannan i was holding it for diana OMGScoots
8:59:25 AM Subscriber Kisox wow
8:59:23 AM Subscriber estreIlita NOOOOO BabyRage
8:59:23 AM cheer 100 ChaosDukemon Kippa ............never more
8:59:19 AM Nyam__ Really now Kippa
8:59:19 AM cheer 100 ChaosDukemon Kippa .........this was close
8:59:19 AM Subscriber Xeogran LUL
8:59:18 AM cyi1341 gg
8:59:18 AM Bengineering YES
8:59:16 AM map0w PunOko
8:59:15 AM cheer 100 Scottobozo LOL Kippa
8:59:14 AM 6-Month Subscriber PhoenX67 gg
8:59:14 AM Subscriber fenris2142 tppLUL
8:59:14 AM cheer 100 ChaosDukemon Kippa WOW
8:59:13 AM Nyam__ Kippa ...
8:59:13 AM 3-Month Subscriber Zawasculin FailFish
8:59:12 AM 1eamannan there is no scam Shinyman11 Kappa it belonged to her originally
8:59:09 AM Bengineering Hahahahaha
8:59:08 AM Rebeekiko nice
8:59:07 AM cheer 100 ChaosDukemon Kippa ........................................
8:59:06 AM Subscriber estreIlita YANMA is at full health holy
8:59:05 AM cyi1341 ffffffff
8:59:03 AM cheer 100 ChaosDukemon Kippa ...................................
8:59:00 AM cheer 100 ChaosDukemon Kippa ......................
8:58:59 AM Subscriber Xeogran @Zawasculin rich PogChamp
8:58:58 AM Subscriber estreIlita wait omg
8:58:57 AM 6-Month Subscriber PhoenX67 FUCK MOLTRES SO HARD
8:58:56 AM map0w PogChamp
8:58:56 AM pokemonking1984 wtf
8:58:55 AM cheer 100 ChaosDukemon Kippa ............................
8:58:53 AM 3-Month Subscriber Zawasculin TriHard
8:58:53 AM Moderator tpp @Rebeekiko won a #054 Psyduck badge from pinball!
8:58:52 AM Subscriber estreIlita Kippa !
8:58:51 AM Bengineering :O
8:58:51 AM cyi1341 noooooo
8:58:50 AM Subscriber Xeogran LULLLLL
8:58:50 AM cheer 100 Scottobozo crit flinch Kippa
8:58:49 AM Subscriber Xeogran LUL
8:58:47 AM cheer 100 ChaosDukemon Kippa OMG
8:58:47 AM Subscriber Xeogran crit :o
8:58:44 AM cheer 100 ChaosDukemon manny scammed by girl Jebaited
8:58:43 AM Nyam__ Kippa And then Air Slash flinch
8:58:37 AM cyi1341 pls dont spam safeg
8:58:37 AM pokemonking1984 noooo
8:58:36 AM Nyam__ Kippa Heat Wave miss into Safeguard
8:58:32 AM Subscriber Xeogran gg Keepo
8:58:24 AM Bengineering this nidoran PogChamp
8:58:23 AM Subscriber Shinyman11 @1eamannan Kappa so you legit got scammed
8:58:22 AM cyi1341 that flying thing is a mass
8:58:17 AM Moderator tppsimulator sorry i think i hope moltres won't solve anything
8:58:13 AM Nyam__ Kippa RNG isn't throwing my money away?
8:58:10 AM Subscriber Shinyman11 @1eamannan then what??
8:58:08 AM Subscriber fenris2142 LaterSooner
8:58:08 AM 1eamannan i didnt trade for anything
8:58:04 AM Nyam__ Kippa ?
8:58:00 AM Nyam__ Kippa Miss now
8:58:00 AM 1eamannan Shinyman11 no
8:57:53 AM Moderator tpp @1eamannan made an offer to buy 1 Machamp badge at T11 each (expires in 90 days, 0:00:00)
8:57:53 AM Subscriber Shinyman11 @1eamannan did you trade for her lugia Kappa
8:57:51 AM TinyFlute mannydawg
8:57:49 AM cyi1341 gg
8:57:40 AM Nyam__ Kippa No poison
8:57:36 AM 1eamannan bounsweet ill miss you BabyRage Kappa
8:57:30 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 @TheOnlyLeode /w tpp sellbadge (badge) t(price) quantity
8:57:23 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) stands
8:57:23 AM Bengineering Gg blue
8:57:21 AM pokemonking1984 ice beam
8:57:20 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) d satds for days
8:57:11 AM Nyam__ Stun Spore Blizzard miss
8:57:08 AM Twitch Prime TheOnlyLeode PogChamp
8:57:03 AM Subscriber estreIlita WutFace horn drill
8:57:01 AM Subscriber Xeogran Jebaited
8:57:00 AM cyi1341 lul
8:57:00 AM 6-Month Subscriber PhoenX67 there we go
8:56:58 AM map0w PunOko
8:56:58 AM Subscriber estreIlita yeah OSsloth
8:56:57 AM Subscriber Shinyman11 @anon999999999999999999999 I'm crying LUL
8:56:57 AM 6-Month Subscriber PhoenX67 LUL
8:56:57 AM Subscriber fenris2142 Jebaited
8:56:57 AM Subscriber Xeogran LUL
8:56:56 AM cyi1341 ...
8:56:56 AM cheer 100 ChaosDukemon mods OneHand
8:56:53 AM cheer 100 Scottobozo :o
8:56:53 AM Nyam__ Kippa ...
8:56:50 AM Twitch Prime TheOnlyLeode How do i sell badges again?
8:56:48 AM Moderator Chaos_lord2 probably a trade OSsloth
8:56:46 AM cyi1341 god is to op
8:56:45 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) @Shinyman11 TriHard