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10:54:55 AM ElderSchmidt spam a DBstyle
10:54:53 AM GirlyGirl__ Kappa . .. ... .... ...... ....... ........
10:54:49 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail This is stronger than fury cutter is in any game
10:54:48 AM Joycewu333 @faithfulforce hypnosis hax incoming Jebaited
10:54:38 AM ElderSchmidt furry cutter is op OpieOP
10:54:27 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail I think we can make it to champion this run
10:54:25 AM cheer 1 SnowWarning i guess we can use furry cutter
10:54:14 AM Joycewu333 b+Left and A OSsloth
10:54:12 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail b+left and a
10:53:59 AM MiniViolin which means ice is SE against our entire team PogChamp
10:53:59 AM 2-Year Subscriber Swaider RitzMitz furry cutter op
10:53:52 AM cheer 1 SnowWarning I remember when fury cutter started at 10 BP
10:53:52 AM zaytsu So, how far are we now ?
10:53:51 AM MiniViolin ice is SE against 4 legged pokemon PogChamp
10:53:45 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout use up not down in the switch menu please
10:53:40 AM MyRattata 3 2 0 WutFace
10:53:37 AM cheer 1 SnowWarning Wow so fury cutter isn good
10:53:32 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail Meaning it's OP
10:53:31 AM 2-Year Subscriber PyroFarukon Wow ! PogChamp
10:53:29 AM NFreak007 Ice SE on Pokemon DBstyle
10:53:23 AM 3-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) RitzMitz
10:53:23 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail Fury cutter starts at 40 and maxes at 320 in this hack
10:53:16 AM メガザード (megazard) FURY CUTTER Jebaited
10:53:16 AM reallydiana PogChamp
10:53:13 AM Ordsey L100 HuggyBug Kreygasm
10:53:11 AM Moderator tppsimulator @hyperjesus ice SE on pokemon come out on fours PogChamp
10:53:08 AM 2-Year Subscriber PyroFarukon That's still a long way to go
10:53:07 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail get on fury cutter
10:53:06 AM NFreak007 Skipped Samurott Jebaited
10:53:06 AM reallydiana quad squad DatSheffy 7
10:52:58 AM hyperjesus Kappa I meant as in that he used ice beam to predict a switch
10:52:56 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail I'm sure it'll OHKO at 100
10:52:53 AM Joycewu333 another full restore incoming? Kappa
10:52:44 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail Ok so basically when bug hits level 100 it will kill Milotic
10:52:42 AM ElderSchmidt hyperjesus Kappa ...
10:52:39 AM NFreak007 Ice SE on Bug DBstyle
10:52:35 AM hyperjesus Coverage ice beam PogChamp
10:52:32 AM 3-Month Subscriber Sauzels_WRA MikeHogu
10:52:31 AM cheer 1 SnowWarning se
10:52:30 AM KenjiDraco Ice is SE on Bug DBstyle
10:52:29 AM reallydiana oh Kappa
10:52:29 AM 3-Month Subscriber Sauzels_WRA tppCrit ?
10:52:28 AM ElderSchmidt se OneHand
10:52:27 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail @M4_used_Rollout At our current levels we can beat any single trainer in the game
10:52:22 AM cheer 1 SnowWarning cant we just ohko
10:52:21 AM reallydiana thank u
10:52:18 AM ElderSchmidt k RaccAttack
10:52:18 AM reallydiana pls
10:52:16 AM Joycewu333 RNG RitzMitz
10:52:15 AM buu__huu Kappa
10:52:13 AM ElderSchmidt k RaccAttack
10:52:11 AM StreamFalled TriHard !!!
10:52:11 AM ElderSchmidt k RaccAttack
10:52:09 AM reallydiana k OSsloth
10:52:08 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce Kappa
10:52:08 AM ElderSchmidt RaccAttack PogChamp Kappa
10:52:08 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @FaithfulForce we need to get to level 100 anyway for the fight with you-know-who, right? Even though it'll probably make all the Rankor gyms into pushovers MikeHogu
10:52:07 AM boombafunk k OSsloth
10:52:06 AM KenjiDraco OSsloth
10:52:06 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce PogChamp
10:52:05 AM 3-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) TriHard
10:51:57 AM reallydiana pls wake up
10:51:56 AM ElderSchmidt RaccAttack hax
10:51:55 AM KenjiDraco \ OSsloth / Sloth Chant WAKE UP! \ OSsloth /
10:51:54 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail Not teh urn but it's ok
10:51:53 AM ElderSchmidt RaccAttack WAKE UP MOTHERFUCKER!!!!
10:51:48 AM mielastia hacker cheater avery thing no potions allowed
10:51:47 AM hyperjesus Probably ohko at 100 Kappa
10:51:43 AM reallydiana anon not yet RaccAttack ...
10:51:43 AM ElderSchmidt RaccAttack noooooooooooooooooooo
10:51:41 AM SalientScrotum not the urn I'm guessing
10:51:40 AM 3-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) nice call terri RaccAttack
10:51:40 AM ElderSchmidt RaccAttack wake up now!
10:51:36 AM ElderSchmidt RaccAttack this game sucks
10:51:32 AM fenris2142 BrokeBack
10:51:31 AM 3-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) diana go to bed
10:51:30 AM ElderSchmidt RaccAttack it will full restore
10:51:30 AM KenjiDraco Hypnomiss hit 2 times in row OSsloth
10:51:28 AM GirlyGirl__ hypnosis hits Kappa
10:51:28 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce bloodTrail Ok we can probably OHKO at level 100
10:51:28 AM Joycewu333 Wow RitzMitz
10:51:27 AM 3-Month Subscriber Sauzels_WRA Maybe too many caps or something
10:51:25 AM NFreak007 OLDEN is safe this gen Kappa
10:51:25 AM ssbthebiscuitking *** THIS ***
10:51:22 AM reallydiana Kappa
10:51:20 AM 3-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) ResidentSleeper
10:51:13 AM NFreak007 OLDEN WutFace
10:51:11 AM 3-Month Subscriber Sauzels_WRA Nope
10:51:08 AM NFreak007 Let me see
10:51:07 AM 3-Month Subscriber Sauzels_WRA OLDEN WutFace
10:51:05 AM hyperjesus @megazard what if the sandstorm got rid of terrains?
10:51:04 AM ElderSchmidt RitzMitz OMG! 180 base power! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD
10:51:04 AM 3-Month Subscriber Sauzels_WRA Let's test
10:51:03 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail If we didn't lose Salamence we actually might have a chance at urn
10:50:57 AM Joycewu333 PogChamp hugbug
10:50:55 AM Clow_eriol black out inminent
10:50:54 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout ha ha do people time out for olden now?
10:50:52 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail Let's see how bug can do
10:50:49 AM ElderSchmidt PogChamp
10:50:47 AM GirlyGirl__ bug is 93, not 99
10:50:46 AM KenjiDraco DatSheffy No OLDEN
10:50:43 AM ElderSchmidt good thing milotic is not fairy in this hack BlessRNG
10:50:42 AM cheer 1 SnowWarning And that people are trapped somewhere when flying on pokemon and planes are a thing is bs
10:50:34 AMguzzlord was timed out for 480 seconds.
10:50:34 AM Subscriber Guzzlord OLDEN WutFace
10:50:32 AM Subscriber Guzzlord BUG? WutFace
10:50:27 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout and ded
10:50:27 AM NFreak007 OhMyDog 7
10:50:26 AM Clow_eriol super effective!
10:50:25 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout oh, one more turn
10:50:25 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail Let's check damage data with bug
10:50:24 AM boombafunk upp
10:50:24 AM KenjiDraco k OSsloth
10:50:23 AM 3-Month Subscriber Sauzels_WRA So anyway @FaithfulForce unless Electivire has less than 13 Speed IV or a -Speed nature, then Torterra is never outspeeding it.
10:50:21 AM GirlyGirl__ sleep and faint Kappa
10:50:21 AM ElderSchmidt RaccAttack k
10:50:21 AM KenjiDraco OSsloth
10:50:20 AM cheer 1 SnowWarning Maybe @Joycewu333 but for everyone that doesn't know that it's still confusing, it's a mountain in the middle of other mountains, it just looks very regular
10:50:19 AM boombafunk k OSsloth
10:50:17 AM ElderSchmidt RaccAttack ...
10:50:16 AM reallydiana k OSsloth
10:50:16 AM NFreak007 LUL
10:50:16 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce ResidentSleeper
10:50:15 AM ElderSchmidt RaccAttack NO EARLY BIRD
10:50:13 AM ssbthebiscuitking *** this milotic
10:50:12 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout about to wake up
10:50:08 AM ElderSchmidt RaccAttack omg
10:50:08 AM reallydiana pls wake up
10:50:04 AM ElderSchmidt ATTA GIRL DBstyle
10:50:03 AM メガザード (megazard) rip
10:49:59 AM ElderSchmidt infernal... Kappa
10:49:59 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout 3 turn sleep tho
10:49:57 AM MyRattata @M4_used_Rollout Gee I wish my snail was faster Kappa
10:49:57 AM ElderSchmidt RaccAttack
10:49:55 AM KenjiDraco @FaithfulForce Probably Timid nature + 31 Speed IV
10:49:55 AM インファナルボイド (infernalvoid) And Recover urgh Kappa
10:49:55 AM ElderSchmidt LUL RECOVER
10:49:53 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail If we execute properly we should get to Eusine almost every time now
10:49:53 AM boombafunk a a
10:49:52 AM ElderSchmidt RaccAttac
10:49:51 AM hyperjesus MingLee we still havent beaten this?
10:49:49 AM ElderSchmidt infernal urgh Kappa ...
10:49:49 AM Me10etta OSsloth RIP EleGiggle
10:49:46 AM fenris2142 ResidentSleeper
10:49:46 AM GirlyGirl__ hypnosis PogChamp
10:49:44 AM インファナルボイド (infernalvoid) Another Milotic with Hypnosis ugh Kappa
10:49:44 AM Joycewu333 LUL disrespect
10:49:42 AM 2-Year Subscriber Swaider ResidentSleeper
10:49:41 AM reallydiana OhMyDog 7
10:49:41 AM hyperjesus Your mom is too hot
10:49:40 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @reallydiana HeyGuys
10:49:38 AM ElderSchmidt LUL it hit
10:49:34 AM fenris2142 OhMyDog
10:49:34 AM メガザード (megazard) @M4_used_Rollout we outsped rotom but not milotic tho
10:49:34 AM SalientScrotum SHIET
10:49:33 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce Bad switch OSsloth
10:49:33 AM ElderSchmidt OSsloth
10:49:32 AM reallydiana rip
10:49:31 AM KenjiDraco OSsloth
10:49:30 AM GirlyGirl__ @M4_used_Rollout lol
10:49:29 AM ssbthebiscuitking THE WORST ONE
10:49:27 AM reallydiana m4_used_rollout HeyGuys
10:49:26 AM boombafunk OSsloth
10:49:25 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout that's like complaining that your heater is too hot
10:49:22 AM メガザード (megazard) !m4
10:49:18 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail How are we faster than Rotom was but slower than Milotic
10:49:18 AM ElderSchmidt dont seent dog OMFG TriHard
10:49:15 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout it's a turtle and you're complaining that it's slow
10:49:11 AM SalientScrotum SEND OUT THE BUG BabyRage
10:49:05 AM GirlyGirl__ tortera is too slow FailFish
10:49:04 AM ElderSchmidt RaccAttack
10:49:04 AM 얏호 (ifc1850) how are we slower than milotic
10:49:03 AM reallydiana megahorn milotic ez
10:49:02 AM ElderSchmidt RitzMitz swaider badge !
10:48:59 AM Bluetepig5 rip
10:48:58 AM 3-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) turtle sucks
10:48:57 AM Joycewu333 WutFace RIP
10:48:57 AM ElderSchmidt RitzMitz lmao
10:48:55 AM ElderSchmidt RitzMitz wow
10:48:54 AM mielastia rip
10:48:54 AM NFreak007 Aye aye Cap'n Terri sir DBstyle 7
10:48:54 AM fenris2142 WutFace
10:48:53 AM ssbthebiscuitking NUUUU
10:48:51 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail ok so milotic is faster
10:48:51 AM ElderSchmidt faster RitzMitz
10:48:51 AM 3-Month Subscriber imuknown Kappa
10:48:50 AM reallydiana BabyRage
10:48:49 AM 3-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) slow OSsloth
10:48:48 AM 얏호 (ifc1850) ?! wtf
10:48:47 AM KenjiDraco Faster OSsloth
10:48:46 AM boombafunk OSsloth 7
10:48:42 AM The_Zeldafan PogChamp
10:48:42 AM Joycewu333 @snowwarning Mt silver is based on Mt. Fuji IRL OpieOP that's a volcano
10:48:41 AM boombafunk o nvm
10:48:37 AM reallydiana PogChamp
10:48:36 AM 3-Month Subscriber Sauzels_WRA nice PogChamp
10:48:36 AM boombafunk get bacj?
10:48:34 AM メガザード (megazard) swampert Kappa
10:48:33 AM ElderSchmidt SPAM A RaccAttack
10:48:29 AM ElderSchmidt SPAM A Dbstyle
10:48:27 AM 얏호 (ifc1850) yesssssssssss
10:48:26 AM reallydiana 🐢
10:48:25 AM ElderSchmidt TriHard swameprt lmao
10:48:22 AM ElderSchmidt TriHard swampert
10:48:21 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @SnowWarning like Mt. St. Helens
10:48:20 AM ElderSchmidt TriHard
10:48:17 AM ElderSchmidt swampert TriHard
10:48:10 AM ssbthebiscuitking WHY DID THEY CHoosE the SLOWEST GAME
10:48:07 AM ElderSchmidt LUL SWAMPERT TriHard
10:48:06 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail Damn Torterra is actually good now
10:48:06 AM cheer 1 SnowWarning Mountains can't erupt, Volcanos erupt
10:48:04 AM 2-Year Subscriber Swaider WutFace bomb tiime? KAPOW
10:47:57 AM ElderSchmidt swampert LUL
10:47:55 AM GirlyGirl__ ok
10:47:51 AM Ordsey @GirlyGirl__ :(
10:47:50 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail ok seed bomb time
10:47:49 AM Subscriber Guzzlord Eusine TriHard
10:47:49 AM cheer 1 SnowWarning lol
10:47:48 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @SnowWarning no no it's a requirement. If you make a fan region that connects to Johto, a natural disaster has to strike Johto. OpieOP
10:47:47 AM cheer 1 SnowWarning Also it makes zero sense, pokemon can fly from johto to kanto...also since when it mt. silver a volcano? It never was
10:47:47 AM Bluetepig5 bad
10:47:46 AM 3-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) we need to get on speedbomb next
10:47:46 AM 얏호 (ifc1850) SEEED BMOB
10:47:44 AM fenris2142 Eusine TriHard
10:47:43 AM Bluetepig5 baf
10:47:41 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail i don't know if earthquake will ohko
10:47:40 AM 3-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) dont spam a
10:47:39 AM Joycewu333 Righr
10:47:39 AM 3-Month Subscriber Sauzels_WRA -Speed 0 EV Rotom underspeeds our Torterra by 1 point
10:47:38 AM Clow_eriol got it
10:47:35 AM ElderSchmidt Guzzlord Kappa
10:47:33 AM Ordsey @Ordsey apparently :(
10:47:31 AM Subscriber Guzzlord HE HAS A SUICUNE PogChamp
10:47:29 AM Subscriber Guzzlord EUSINE IS IN THIS GAME PogChamp OMG
10:47:27 AM 3-Month Subscriber imuknown PogChamp
10:47:27 AM Bluetepig5 save
10:47:25 AM Joycewu333 righr
10:47:22 AM 3-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) Kreygasm
10:47:21 AM Subscriber Guzzlord EUSINE PogChamp
10:47:20 AM GirlyGirl__ @Ordsey you are a troll
10:47:20 AM ElderSchmidt SPAM A DBstyle RitzMitz RaccAttack OhMyDog BloodTrail Kappa
10:47:19 AM 3-Month Subscriber Sauzels_WRA Lol Rotom has a -Speed nature then
10:47:19 AM Subscriber Guzzlord EUSINE LOL
10:47:16 AM boombafunk down+a down+a
10:47:14 AM 2-Year Subscriber Swaider .. ... .... OSsloth .... ........ .....
10:47:10 AM Ordsey not Right Ordsey LEFT ya pillock
10:47:06 AM 3-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) rip