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9:18:33 AM Jpsnivy3 ITS BROKEN
9:18:33 AM SilentTrtlDragon WutFace
9:18:31 AM clawisawsome NotLikeThis
9:18:30 AM Jpsnivy3 DOWN A JUST DOES A
9:18:23 AM HermesTheGod2 FailFish
9:18:21 AM SilentTrtlDragon Wutface
9:18:17 AM Advencik home
9:18:15 AM Advencik home
9:18:12 AM SilentTrtlDragon Plowed by diglet WatFace
9:18:11 AM Advencik home
9:18:10 AM Advencik Change the game EleGiggle
9:18:10 AM isolemnly CHANDELURE PLS
9:18:10 AM Subscriber Awec4 "lucky" don't lie game, this was a pity bonus wasn't it Kappa
9:17:59 AM luisalbertoespiritu Let's pick Charizard!
9:17:58 AM IFeelIcky PAYOUT TriHard
9:17:57 AM zeando PogChamp
9:17:56 AM Subscriber minami91 yatta TriHard
9:17:54 AM clawisawsome 20k bonus PogChamp
9:17:48 AM Altoshiku Let's pick Chandelure!!!
9:17:40 AM HermesTheGod2 FUCING TROLLED BY A CPU EleGiggle
9:17:33 AM luisalbertoespiritu \ NotLikeThis /
9:17:30 AM zeando time up EleGiggle
9:17:29 AM Subscriber minami91 L TriHard S E
9:17:27 AM clawisawsome BibleThump
9:17:25 AM Subscriber Awec4 EleGiggle the disrespect
9:17:23 AM Serraseit Yes
9:17:19 AM IFeelIcky WHAT IS THIS WutFace
9:17:18 AM lutopi WutFace
9:17:17 AM Jpsnivy3 WutFace
9:17:16 AM Agentgaryoak ...
9:17:13 AM zeando EleGiggle
9:17:12 AM HermesTheGod2 LMAOOOOO EleGiggle
9:17:12 AM PKMNTrainerColress Kappa
9:17:01 AM zeando roll roll roll TriHard
9:16:58 AM HermesTheGod2 This CPU EleGiggle
9:16:51 AM gingersassy 7
9:16:51 AM Subscriber minami91 EleGiggle
9:16:47 AM Subscriber Awec4 EleGiggle
9:16:45 AM zeando diglet WutFace
9:16:43 AM Agentgaryoak Block
9:16:38 AM Jpsnivy3 GET BACK GARD
9:16:36 AM HermesTheGod2 THIS IS TEH URN PogChamp
9:16:29 AM Advencik I KNOW WHAT WE NEED PogChamp ! DIFFERENT *** GAME EleGiggle
9:16:26 AM SilentTrtlDragon We need a special attaker so we can spam MingLee
9:16:25 AM Jpsnivy3 PERFECT DENID
9:16:22 AM IFeelIcky CPU IS TAUNTING US WutFace
9:16:07 AM Blackstriped guys we need some direction input
9:16:04 AM Jpsnivy3 PERFECTED BY A CPU? MingLee
9:16:00 AM Altoshiku We need to be Chandelure so we can safely spam NotLikeThis
9:15:49 AM luisalbertoespiritu NotLikeThis
9:15:47 AM Jpsnivy3 PERFECT mINGlEE
9:15:40 AM Blackstriped MOVE IT
9:15:33 AM HermesTheGod2 *** spamming from long range Kappa
9:15:32 AM PKMNTrainerColress Lose to CPU? Are you serious EleGiggle
9:15:25 AM isolemnly CHANDELURE
9:15:17 AM zeando ranged suicune BrokeBack
9:15:15 AM IFeelIcky Beamspam WutFace
9:15:15 AM Advencik Why not just make Pokemon Mystery Dungeon run between DansGame
9:14:50 AM PKMNTrainerColress Yeah ppl plays the game less frequiently after a few days release because they started to feel bored ResidentSleeper
9:14:48 AM Advencik This_room_is_now_in MrDestructoid Sniperrifle2004 MrDestructoid Luisalbertoespiritu MrDestructoid
9:14:27 AM Subscriber minami91 81% Kappa
9:14:24 AM IFeelIcky CPU face-off, as in CPU tearing our face off TriHard
9:14:23 AM HermesTheGod2 TriHard
9:14:21 AM Advencik This_room_is_now_in MrDestructoid
9:14:20 AM Jpsnivy3 woah we went pure attack? did we re arrange points in demo or have we just been clean with machamps skill points?
9:14:18 AM zeando CPU DansGame
9:14:10 AM HazeWasTaken t
9:13:54 AM Serraseit @agentgaryoak democracy will take to long for the inputs
9:13:51 AM zeando more attack for NotLikeThis
9:13:50 AM IFeelIcky The Machamp complements our meido character perfectly SeemsGood
9:13:48 AM lutopi i think we need mor attack OpieOP
9:13:45 AM SilentTrtlDragon NotLikeThis
9:13:44 AM HermesTheGod2 This game needs to be completed in anarchy guys TriHard
9:13:38 AM Agentgaryoak YAY NOW THERE IS A WAR
9:13:36 AM luisalbertoespiritu \ NotLikeThis /
9:13:25 AM Advencik democracy EleGiggle
9:13:23 AM Subscriber minami91 OpieOP
9:13:13 AM Serraseit @agentgaryoak anarchy!
9:13:10 AM Altoshiku PogChamp good counter at least
9:13:05 AM luisalbertoespiritu Lol
9:13:00 AM HermesTheGod2 And using your animals to fight other animals OpieOP
9:12:54 AM lutopi bully BibleThump
9:12:53 AM Advencik Newfags enjoying 350 loses EleGiggle
9:12:46 AM Serraseit @agentgaryoak screw that, anarchy
9:12:45 AM HermesTheGod2 Because you all suck at games that aren't consisting of you walking around and throwing balls at animals Kappa
9:12:44 AM Subscriber Sneakywafflex Machamp's moveset garbage tier BabyRage Kappa
9:12:38 AM Pinedapple x-y
9:12:32 AM Jpsnivy3 DansGame
9:12:29 AM Agentgaryoak WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER
9:12:28 AM Jpsnivy3 DansGam
9:12:20 AM Advencik 2 ppl playing the game EleGiggle
9:12:14 AM luisalbertoespiritu WutFace
9:12:13 AM lutopi fighting type lose to a ice+dark type 4Head
9:11:58 AM SilentTrtlDragon Why we the only animals that speak different languages DansGame
9:11:36 AM Renlev dup+X+a
9:11:29 AM Renlev dup
9:11:26 AM Advencik EleGiggle forsenGun VoHiYo
9:11:26 AM zeando just die silently? Kappa never
9:11:18 AM HermesTheGod2 "Narcissist" Kappa
9:11:11 AM Advencik Don't spam imputs, *** it and riot EleGiggle
9:11:04 AM Subscriber minami91 * VoHiYo
9:11:01 AM coola16 Zank u
9:10:58 AM HermesTheGod2 More Attack. Genius Kappa
9:10:54 AM Subscriber minami91 otsukaresama~~~VoHiYo
9:10:52 AM luisalbertoespiritu \ NotLikeThis /
9:10:51 AM Altoshiku Frigggin Charizard
9:10:43 AM Subscriber Sneakywafflex Poor machamp NotLikeThis
9:10:42 AM zeando now enough commands spam Kappa
9:10:37 AM coola16 just spam command grab BibleThump
9:10:36 AM luisalbertoespiritu NotLikeThis
9:10:29 AM Subscriber minami91 NotLikeThis
9:10:13 AM HermesTheGod2 BibleThump
9:10:09 AM coola16 GOTTEM
9:09:49 AM luisalbertoespiritu More grab! PogChamp
9:09:34 AM zeando grab works PogChamp
9:09:32 AM SilentTrtlDragon @Ifeelicky I was just thinking that lol
9:09:31 AM IFeelIcky Crotch fire WutFace
9:09:26 AM Altoshiku GOOD GRAB
9:09:24 AM luisalbertoespiritu PogChamp
9:09:21 AM Sepelii Last time it was narrated in english tho Kappa
9:09:20 AM coola16 SPAM GRABS PogChamp
9:09:19 AM zeando PogChamp
9:09:07 AM Jpsnivy3
9:09:07 AM Renlev x_a
9:09:06 AM coola16 a + b
9:08:59 AM matgamer2811 y + z
9:08:56 AM zeando mach punch PogChamp
9:08:51 AM HermesTheGod2 It's incredible we actually managed to get 27 TriHard
9:08:50 AM matgamer2811 x + a
9:08:48 AM luisalbertoespiritu PRChase but this is not a favorable machamp
9:08:46 AM zeando Pogchamp
9:08:39 AM Technature 1/10, Not Earthbound
9:08:37 AM Sepelii @asdf14396 yeah that's what I meant, thank you
9:08:32 AM Advencik 347 battles, 27 wins Ele *** giggle EleGiggle
9:08:32 AM SilentTrtlDragon rematch Kappa
9:08:28 AM IFeelIcky A FAVORABLE MACHAMP TriHard
9:08:21 AM luisalbertoespiritu AGAIN MingLee
9:08:20 AM asdf14396 again the same person?
9:08:18 AM matgamer2811 x + a
9:08:18 AM lutopi MingLee
9:08:18 AM asdf14396 @Sepelii as in, start again? Today
9:08:18 AM HermesTheGod2 Same guy Kappa
9:08:18 AM zeando spam commands
9:08:18 AM Sepelii When did this start? PogChamp
9:08:18 AM SilentTrtlDragon Emo beat us NotLikeThis
9:08:18 AM coola16 How does this work NotLikeThis
9:08:18 AM luisalbertoespiritu NotLikeThis
9:08:18 AM Altoshiku NotLikeThis
9:08:18 AM zeando NotLikeThis machamp
9:08:18 AM exsces hacker
9:08:18 AM Technature Just owning the competition right now I see.
9:08:18 AM lutopi cheat ! BabyRage
9:08:18 AM exsces rip
9:08:18 AM joshymano 12
9:08:18 AM luisalbertoespiritu PogChamp /
9:08:18 AM exsces left x
9:08:18 AM TheFrozenGlaceon Greetings people of TPP~ PogChamp / <3 <3 <3 <3
9:08:17 AM HermesTheGod2 What Block? Kappa
9:08:17 AM Advencik Juz *** surrender EleGiggle
9:08:17 AM lutopi cheat ! BabyRage
9:08:17 AM Technature .........touche...
9:08:17 AM zeando a+z
9:08:17 AM zeando 4Head
9:08:17 AM HermesTheGod2 PogChamp
9:08:17 AM zeando a+z
9:08:17 AM asdf14396 @Technature when have we not been Kappa
9:08:17 AM zeando right+az
9:08:17 AM Technature We're a japanese girl now?
9:08:17 AM Advencik NIA IS A WEEB DansGame forsenGun VoHiYo
9:08:17 AM HermesTheGod2 democracy Kappa
9:08:17 AM SilentTrtlDragon Why not Machoke?
9:08:17 AM zeando lance? WutFace
9:08:17 AM HermesTheGod2 Welp Kappa
9:08:17 AM bladetypeking Beast attack
9:08:17 AM zeando burst attack Kappa
9:08:17 AM Altoshiku Holy shat the attack PogChamp
9:08:17 AM HermesTheGod2 Literally no defense Kappa
9:08:17 AM bladetypeking not a favorable Machamp
9:08:17 AM sniperrifle2004 Like a baba out of water....
9:08:17 AM HazeWasTaken i just palyed hi m
9:08:17 AM zeando NotLikeThis
9:08:17 AM HazeWasTaken LOL
9:08:17 AM Altoshiku NotLikeThis
9:08:17 AM lutopi bad machop Kappa
9:08:17 AM bregrif19 NotLikeThis
9:04:16 AM exsces shouldn't we at least move? xD
9:04:16 AM Subscriber minami91 NotLikeThis
9:04:14 AM Subscriber Sneakywafflex Dat down tilt Kappa
9:04:13 AM lutopi PogChamp
9:04:13 AM HermesTheGod2 OMG *** my Keyboard BrokeBack
9:04:04 AM HermesTheGod2 Clutch Guard Kapp
9:03:45 AM Altoshiku For a sec there it looked like the inputs were being read faster
9:03:41 AM HermesTheGod2 PogChamp
9:03:23 AM matgamer2811 x + a
9:03:15 AM Onimushu_kage Lmao so many scrubs spamming X+A
9:03:13 AM goodvibe1993 how'd we do that spin attack OMGScoots
9:03:12 AM Altoshiku In
9:03:06 AM exsces x10
9:03:04 AM Advencik forsenSleeper
9:03:01 AM Subscriber minami91 i only know x+a OpieOP
9:02:58 AM HermesTheGod2 CATCH PogChamp
9:02:53 AM zeando PogChamp hit
9:02:52 AM PKMNTrainerColress Not enough input BrainSlug
9:02:43 AM goodvibe1993 ddown+A
9:02:40 AM goodvibe1993 DDOWn+A
9:02:37 AM HermesTheGod2 viewers WutFace
9:02:31 AM HermesTheGod2 Under 200 viewersWutFace
9:02:27 AM PKMNTrainerColress 7.92% 4Head
9:02:25 AM matgamer2811 x + a
9:02:12 AM Subscriber minami91 26% TriHard
9:02:11 AM Altoshiku Rip us
9:02:04 AM zeando start spamming BabyRage
9:01:59 AM goodvibe1993 well OpieOP *** that idea
9:01:55 AM Altoshiku YEEEEE
9:01:48 AM Subscriber minami91 OpieOP
9:01:47 AM zeando go ranked BabyRage
9:01:45 AM goodvibe1993 perfect time to change hair color Kreygasm
9:01:29 AM Subscriber minami91 DansGame
9:01:25 AM Altoshiku Dammit Not
9:01:21 AM PKMNTrainerColress Lv74 EleGiggle
9:01:16 AM Subscriber minami91 Kreygasm
9:01:15 AM goodvibe1993 change that awful red hair BrokeBack
9:01:06 AM zeando did we change the avatar? DansGame
9:01:03 AM HermesTheGod2 Just eyes and fingers telling us to Ingest Feces BigBrother
9:01:02 AM CptnRSM back to trap waifu DatSheffy
9:00:55 AM goodvibe1993 oh yeah he hates me now i forgot i cant talk about him anymore DansGame
9:00:52 AM Advencik Pokken forsenSleeper
9:00:51 AM mythology92 Waifu Nia Kreygasm
9:00:48 AM goodvibe1993 like that of a slowpoke Keepo
9:00:45 AM CptnRSM @Hermesthegod2 yeesh Kappa
9:00:44 AM goodvibe1993 his face is pink
9:00:36 AM HermesTheGod2 Streamer has no face Kappa
9:00:31 AM OshaisdaBest we are saved by god
9:00:31 AM exsces I get to play 1/206 of poker without owning a wii u this is awesome xDDd
9:00:29 AM goodvibe1993 it's a white guy with blonde hair and a white shirt Keepo
9:00:26 AM lightningxce neither
9:00:25 AM bregrif19 @cptnrsm No
9:00:25 AM OshaisdaBest they saw us suffering
9:00:20 AM CptnRSM or dekus?
9:00:17 AM CptnRSM did we see streamers face?!
9:00:08 AM bladetypeking Buy pokemon yellow Kappa
9:00:07 AM bregrif19 HeyGuys hi god
9:00:05 AM Subscriber minami91 PogChamp
9:00:05 AM goodvibe1993 NotLikeThis god please