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1:15:31 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx) shadow kick RitzMitz
1:15:30 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo shadowpuppet97 Ordsey !-
1:15:27 PM risitas_and_issou lock on extrasensory LUL
1:15:25 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx) RitzMitz spooky punch
1:15:22 PM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi Ordsey throwing
1:15:22 PM MeanRaccoon idiot lol
1:15:18 PM Wraithdagger12 cheaters on extrasensory BabyRage
1:15:16 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx) RitzMitz ghost blast
1:15:15 PM Subscriber dylanpoolside123 Lol red giving up on sheer cold
1:15:15 PM risitas_and_issou LUL
1:15:11 PM KyoZero Cheating DansGame
1:15:10 PM Twitch Prime WedgeAntillez BrokeBack
1:15:04 PM MeanRaccoon 5
1:15:02 PM MeanRaccoon do u realize we have 50 people inputting
1:15:00 PM Wraithdagger12 miss DansGame
1:14:56 PM MeanRaccoon ? try yolo strats and risk with alot of ppl inputting?/
1:14:56 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx) RitzMitz night kick
1:14:56 PM KyoZero FurryEmote
1:14:55 PM Snubb95 MISS EleGiggle
1:14:50 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo shadowpuppet97 !c !!
1:14:47 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx) dark punch RitzMitz
1:14:46 PM risitas_and_issou night slash RitzMitz
1:14:43 PM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k seriously tho, i dont like his stream, but im jealous that he has all the good emotes and stuff over there
1:14:36 PM Zc230 @bexxxxxxx I think @meanraccoon was talking about Ordsey
1:14:34 PM Wraithdagger12 shiron VoHiYo
1:14:31 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx) crunch RitzMitz
1:14:30 PM KyoZero KappaClaus
1:14:30 PM MeanRaccoon might as well just double extra
1:14:23 PM Snubb95 Badge get PogChamp
1:14:21 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx) night slash RitzMitz
1:14:20 PM 3-Month Subscriber Sauzels_WRA gnome* fuck
1:14:20 PM Subscriber dylanpoolside123 I mean idk what you thought would happen red tbh ...
1:14:16 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx) now shadow ball RitzMitz
1:14:15 PM 3-Month Subscriber Sauzels_WRA A gmone is sent out PRChase
1:14:15 PM Wraithdagger12 dark pulse BlessRNG
1:14:14 PM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k ausHug ausL ausGasm <3
1:14:02 PM Subscriber dylanpoolside123 Gg red idiots Kreygasm
1:14:00 PM Wraithdagger12 RitzMitz
1:13:59 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx) EVERYTHING GOING RIGHT FOR BLUE TEAM EleGiggle
1:13:58 PM risitas_and_issou red is pretty dead LUL
1:13:58 PM Ordsey Oh Fuck
1:13:57 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo shadowpuppet97 !A RED TO BREAK SUB
1:13:55 PM Snubb95 RNG NotLikeThi
1:13:55 PM Moderator tpp @Snubb95 won a #090 Shellder badge from pinball!
1:13:53 PM wiinttr fffffff
1:13:52 PM Twitch Prime WedgeAntillez 4Head
1:13:52 PM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi this is bad
1:13:51 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx) OH MY GOD
1:13:51 PM Subscriber Turbo iNFlatableThor coneyMEAT tppRng
1:13:51 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime HatiAndSkalli LOLOL
1:13:46 PM 3-Month Subscriber Sauzels_WRA omfg
1:13:46 PM risitas_and_issou 406% payout Kippa
1:13:45 PM 2-Year Subscriber Swaider BrokeBack
1:13:37 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx) @MeanRaccoon who has you on ignore because you corrected them
1:13:36 PM 2-Year Subscriber PyroFarukon Strats LUL
1:13:35 PM Zc230 So we ended up wasting a single or 2 rare candies because they forget Kappa
1:13:35 PM Wraithdagger12 EleGiggle
1:13:34 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime HatiAndSkalli LUL
1:13:33 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo shadowpuppet97 !A RED
1:13:32 PM Snubb95 OH GOF
1:13:30 PM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi LUL
1:13:30 PM KyoZero LUL
1:13:30 PM risitas_and_issou LUL
1:13:29 PM Subscriber Turbo iNFlatableThor PogChamp
1:13:27 PM AwesomeKuno what the hell
1:13:25 PM 3-Month Subscriber Sauzels_WRA OpieOP /
1:13:25 PM KyoZero OpieOP /
1:13:24 PM risitas_and_issou psychic RitzMitz
1:13:21 PM Moderator tppsimulator I wonder why does a run OpieOP /
1:13:18 PM 2-Year Subscriber PyroFarukon MorphinTime tppHax
1:13:17 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo shadowpuppet97 Terri i'm nervous :/
1:13:17 PM Zc230 @t3ddiursa well clearly they lost interest because they spammed B out of the menu
1:13:14 PM Wraithdagger12 the moves MingLee
1:13:14 PM Subscriber dylanpoolside123 EagleEye Kreygasm
1:13:12 PM Ordsey C not B
1:13:10 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime HatiAndSkalli lolol
1:13:09 PM KyoZero #PrzFace
1:13:07 PM Snubb95 WutFace
1:13:02 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo shadowpuppet97 :/
1:12:52 PM ZeronesZG Going back to pokemon Black TriHard A shame I didn't watch most of the season 1 runs 4Head
1:12:51 PM 2-Year Subscriber PyroFarukon Ground Triple Headbutt Kappa
1:12:48 PM Wraithdagger12 fly BlessRNG
1:12:46 PM risitas_and_issou DICKTRIO Kippa
1:12:43 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx) oops
1:12:40 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx) Kippa ==> aisCite
1:12:38 PM KyoZero What tail... WHAT AQUA? Kappa
1:12:37 PM MeanRaccoon oopsa
1:12:34 PM risitas_and_issou LUL
1:12:20 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx) @MeanRaccoon who
1:12:17 PM MeanRaccoon tell to him the right moves to do
1:12:14 PM Twitch Prime WedgeAntillez Magmar literally decapitated
1:12:14 PM MeanRaccoon because i corrected him
1:12:12 PM Ordsey !!d
1:12:11 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx) Kippa CorgiDerp >( ausCute
1:12:10 PM MeanRaccoon this guy has me on ignore
1:12:08 PM wiinttr caterpie PraiseIt
1:12:07 PM Wraithdagger12 eventually
1:12:05 PM MeanRaccoon please
1:12:04 PM Rexoblob PogChamp
1:12:04 PM Snubb95 MASSIVE DAMAGE PogChamp
1:12:04 PM T3ddiursa @zc230 My guess is that we were gonna use candies on the starters and used them on butterfree instead
1:12:03 PM MeanRaccoon string
1:12:03 PM Wraithdagger12 well it will die
1:12:02 PM Subscriber Turbo iNFlatableThor @risitas_and_issou I need like 40k more for that loool
1:12:00 PM MeanRaccoon @딜리버드 Kippa quite
1:11:57 PM Twitch Prime WedgeAntillez RIP
1:11:56 PM Snubb95 nice burn Kappa
1:11:55 PM Subscriber dylanpoolside123 DansGame
1:11:54 PM 2-Year Subscriber PyroFarukon SE Kappa
1:11:54 PM KyoZero Kappa no yolo does 1/2 damage Kappa
1:11:52 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx) terri are you doing well today? :)
1:11:51 PM ZeronesZG TriHard
1:11:50 PM Ordsey d
1:11:48 PM AwesomeKuno fire move BrokeBack
1:11:47 PM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi ok
1:11:46 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo shadowpuppet97 that's fine
1:11:43 PM risitas_and_issou thor in the top 10 RitzMitz
1:11:38 PM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi now swords dance greed
1:11:37 PM Twitch Prime WedgeAntillez OpieOP
1:11:35 PM MeanRaccoon Kappa ...
1:11:32 PM MeanRaccoon WHOA CALM DOWN MATE EleGiggle
1:11:32 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx) pls
1:11:29 PM KyoZero I ain't even mad Kappa
1:11:28 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx) LUL
1:11:28 PM Snubb95 OH COME ON
1:11:28 PM MeanRaccoon whoa...
1:11:28 PM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k That crit PogChamp
1:11:24 PM risitas_and_issou LUL
1:11:24 PM 3-Month Subscriber Sauzels_WRA oh wow
1:11:23 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo shadowpuppet97 >(
1:11:18 PM 3-Month Subscriber Sauzels_WRA mmm didn't factor in potention throwers
1:11:08 PM TinyFlute PapperPiano VoHiYo
1:11:05 PM risitas_and_issou burasto bahn RitzMitz
1:11:03 PM Twitch Prime WedgeAntillez PogChamp
1:11:01 PM Zc230 Sorry for being so annoyed it's just that chat did something pointless and I don't know why they were in the menu in the first place? I guess Z33k33 or somebody told us to get on start? Maybe Renlev bribed start to get us to save?
1:11:01 PM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k @shadowpuppet97 \ 4Head
1:10:56 PM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 106,927,750 points (x2) on the blue pinball table. Ordsey participated.
1:10:52 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo shadowpuppet97 @Papper2k Hi Fapper2k :) /
1:10:47 PM risitas_and_issou odds doesnt worth Kippa
1:10:47 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx) funny thing is Mr. Game and Watch wasn't able to be selected Jebaited i could never bet on my main
1:10:45 PM MeanRaccoon desperate to make thor #10
1:10:44 PM KyoZero Fapper Kappa
1:10:43 PM Wraithdagger12 why does a caterpie have intimidate Jebaited
1:10:37 PM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k Roy called me Fapper earlier Jebaited
1:10:37 PM Moderator tpp BEXXXXXXX and Ordsey started playing on the red pinball table. Highest bet is T5 from BEXXXXXXX.
1:10:36 PM MeanRaccoon TehePelo
1:10:34 PM AwesomeKuno I dont want anyone to notice me I want to lose my money like an idiot in peace
1:10:34 PM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi PipeHype
1:10:34 PM Subscriber Turbo iNFlatableThor You guys are about to feel the sting of tppRng !!
1:10:31 PM Moderator tpp The battle between Magmar-M (Metronome), Dugtrio-M (Metronome), Electrode-M (Metronome) and Caterpie (Standard), Weedle (Standard), Unown S (Search) has just begun!
1:10:28 PM wiinttr oh sh1t i meant for blue
1:10:26 PM Moderator tpp The match starts in 5 seconds.
1:10:24 PM Twitch Prime WedgeAntillez At least only RNG can throw the game this way 4Head
1:10:24 PM Subscriber dylanpoolside123 @sauzels_wra ah well still
1:10:23 PM KyoZero I like 3 money Kappa
1:10:21 PM Moderator tpp The match starts in 10 seconds.
1:10:21 PM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi intimidate will matter
1:10:18 PM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k boy
1:10:16 PM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k our
1:10:14 PM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k is
1:10:13 PM 3-Month Subscriber Sauzels_WRA @dylanpoolside123 That's just gen 1
1:10:13 PM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k Roy
1:10:12 PM 2-Year Subscriber PyroFarukon If I recall correctly Lucario had a huge losing streak when the first CPU Level "patch" appeared Kappa
1:10:11 PM Moderator tpp The match starts in 20 seconds.
1:10:09 PM MeanRaccoon I SEE MONEY :D
1:10:07 PM mizulessia Are there other ways to get tokens?
1:10:01 PM Moderator tpp The match starts in 30 seconds.
1:10:01 PM Moderator tpp @Wahisietel_the_Cake won a #037 Vulpix badge from pinball!
1:09:58 PM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k Bex do you think we could bother streamer to add Smash better if reduced or something? Kappa
1:09:53 PM MeanRaccoon Kappa
1:09:53 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo shadowpuppet97 I never got to play it :/
1:09:51 PM Moderator tpp The match starts in 40 seconds.
1:09:49 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 딜리버드 (bexxxxxxx) @MeanRaccoon i want roy to notice me ausCute
1:09:47 PM KyoZero friendo Kappa
1:09:47 PM MeanRaccoon OhMyDog
1:09:46 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo shadowpuppet97 I wish they'd bring smash betting back for an intermission :)
1:09:46 PM Subscriber dylanpoolside123 No cuz blue is faster which makes OHKO useless I believe.
1:09:43 PM risitas_and_issou OhMyDog
1:09:43 PM Zc230 I would token bribe to get us back on start, but there's no point now since we need to lose to surge now, so you will have to live with that waste of time Kappa
1:09:42 PM 3-Month Subscriber Sauzels_WRA I mean blue wins if they get like any attacking moves but
1:09:41 PM Moderator tpp The match starts in 50 seconds.
1:09:37 PM MeanRaccoon bex using CorgiDerp LUL
1:09:36 PM Moderator tppsimulator refund for MORE after pink either friendo Kappa
1:09:36 PM KyoZero That wasn't fun cmonBruh
1:09:32 PM risitas_and_issou so sad DBstyle
1:09:31 PM Moderator tpp The match starts in 60 seconds.
1:09:24 PM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k couldnt you have put last blue mon as Frosslass?
1:09:10 PM Snubb95 so isn't red just better lol
1:09:09 PM Subscriber Turbo iNFlatableThor This looks more fun than regular OHKO vs metronome
1:09:09 PM TinyFlute @KyoZero MingLee
1:09:02 PM Snubb95 metronome is so likely to get duds
1:09:01 PM KyoZero @TinyFlute does more than most real mods Kappa
1:08:54 PMhawk231241 was timed out for 1 second.
1:08:54 PM Hawk231241 !bet 100 erd
1:08:45 PM TinyFlute my favourite mod is tpp, it gives you information about what pokemon will appear for the next battle, how long until battle starts etc Kappa
1:08:40 PM Subscriber dylanpoolside123 Well tbh, red has OHKO EagleEye
1:08:38 PM Zc230 Because we weren't done with the menu Kappa
1:08:35 PM 2-Year Subscriber PyroFarukon Metronome-mons have 2 turns to kill Kappa
1:08:30 PM 2-Year Subscriber Swaider hmm... this match gives me an idea Kappa
1:08:25 PM wiinttr WutFace
1:08:23 PM Zc230 CoolStoryBob so who told us to go into the menu in the first place?
1:08:22 PM Snubb95 oh god wtf is this
1:08:21 PM Subscriber Turbo iNFlatableThor Hm. Let's examine this match...
1:08:18 PM Wahisietel_the_Cake Oh boy this match Kappa
1:08:17 PM KyoZero v
1:08:17 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo shadowpuppet97 WHAT IS THIS? Kappa
1:08:14 PM Subscriber dylanpoolside123 ^
1:08:12 PM KyoZero Can we have non shit matches please? Kappa
1:08:10 PM risitas_and_issou fair and balanced match
1:08:03 PM Moderator tpp The Pokémon for the next match are Magmar-M (Metronome), Dugtrio-M (Metronome), Electrode-M (Metronome) and Caterpie (Standard), Weedle (Standard), Unown S (Search)!
1:07:59 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo shadowpuppet97 @PyroFarukon thx
1:07:53 PM 3-Month Subscriber Sauzels_WRA Zc token :o
1:07:52 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo shadowpuppet97 @PyroFarukon oh :/
1:07:51 PM Moderator tpp Magmar-M, Dugtrio-M, Electrode-M vs. Caterpie, Weedle, Unown S won the match bidding with T1 total from risitas_and_issou!
1:07:38 PM 2-Year Subscriber PyroFarukon @shadowpuppet97 When someone doesn't bet during a certaiin amount of time then he doesn't appear on leaderboard anymore
1:07:38 PM Me10etta OneHand
1:07:36 PM RoyOurKing my chat has never been that black cmonBruh
1:07:34 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime HatiAndSkalli @RoyOurKing Hi roy
1:07:33 PM MeanRaccoon Wow Me10etta OneHand
1:07:32 PM Moderator tpp New sidegame screenshot:
1:07:31 PM Moderator tpp A new match is about to begin! It will start in 3m0s
1:07:29 PM KyoZero @Papper2k the worst part is you're not wrong Kappa
1:07:23 PM Me10etta Wow MeanRaccoon OneHand
1:07:22 PM Zc230 Why did we even go into the menu in the first place Kappa
1:07:20 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo shadowpuppet97 Addy is my fav mod \ :D /
1:07:18 PM Ordsey Expecting LUL
1:07:14 PM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k Best mod is tppsimulator, he's here all day every day Keepo
1:07:14 PM risitas_and_issou mods on tpp ? Kippa
1:07:13 PM Zc230 Get on A please,
1:07:13 PM MeanRaccoon @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing @RoyOurKing CorgiDerp HI ROY CorgiDerp
1:07:04 PM KyoZero Expecting mods LUL
1:07:02 PM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k actually second best mod*
1:06:57 PM MeanRaccoon ALSO ROYOURKING... CorgiDerp
1:06:56 PM Ordsey Expecting mods to moderate LUL
1:06:56 PM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k Chaos is the best mod, i see him almost daily
1:06:47 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo shadowpuppet97 I mean he's #8 but leaderboard isnt showing that
1:06:46 PM Moderator tpp The break is over! Stand by for token match bidding results...
1:06:44 PM Subscriber dylanpoolside123 Where's the Jew song ::?
1:06:35 PM Zc230 I'm guess Z33k33 said to open the menu or something and you guys ended up messing up Kappa
1:06:34 PM MeanRaccoon no he has work CorgiDerp
1:06:31 PM KyoZero Expecting mods to be online LUL
1:06:30 PM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k ever since the massive alt loss he had in TTT i havent seen him
1:06:28 PM Ordsey @shadowpuppet97 Wolfy has just not been around to play, same as Sandy
1:06:27 PM 3-Month Subscriber Turbo shadowpuppet97 @MeanRaccoon Did he KAPOW ?
1:06:24 PM 3-Month Subscriber Sauzels_WRA Sableye
1:06:17 PM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k Where is Aissurtiervos