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3:18:52 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Cade_Raid #150 Mewtwo badges existing: 76, logarithmic inverse rarity: 9.1, higher is better
3:18:52 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid !checkbadge Mewtwo
3:18:51 AM 2-Year Subscriber waiIordkip woop woop
3:18:49 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback can bee learn cut
3:18:48 AM OGDux w-n+
3:18:47 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Cade_Raid couldn't parse that command. error: Invalid Pokémon: meteor
3:18:47 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid !checkbadge meteor
3:18:41 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 scatbutthole ... . . . ...
3:18:35 AM Twitch Prime vandrenth deposit vileplume and get Beedrill back, we need hyperbee
3:18:34 AM natedogmemer Luckiest sign placement ever
3:18:30 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 SinR2014 maybe i'm just gettnig old
3:18:29 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 scatbutthole .. . . . . . .
3:18:24 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 SinR2014 I just don't remember that sign being there
3:18:15 AM fatsos1 we might as well keep vileplume since it has cut, and pc is too dangerous
3:18:11 AM OGDux CHAT
3:18:08 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Desmond253 Successfully enqueued for next pinball game on the red table! Leave queue with /w tpp pinball leave
3:18:07 AM Subscriber Desmond253 !pinball t10
3:18:02 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp lunarplastic has grown to level 17!
3:18:00 AM SparTonberry @SinR2014 Gen 1 Gyms always had signs near them
3:17:56 AM Saavtheduck south
3:17:50 AM Saavtheduck that sign is actually really helpful for this
3:17:48 AM floralfeel this is so stressful
3:17:46 AM Twitch Prime vandrenth rat king survive
3:17:46 AM Gorrior Keep trying until its gen 3 again!
3:17:43 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 SinR2014 ... was that sign always there?
3:17:41 AM natedogmemer Shenanigans
3:17:35 AM Nixonbap ???wtf
3:17:34 AM Me10etta Jebaited ?
3:17:21 AM elnewperuguy2300 Guys I think we should deposit the vileplume and catch something
3:17:21 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid Let’s do gen 3 gym
3:17:20 AM 3-Month Subscriber wwWizzy @Cade_Raid Uhh, well like, right now this is a run. I know that the channel is known for runs, aka playing the game you're seeing. But usually runs last like, a few days, a week, then there's like a month of playing Pokemon Battle Royal
3:17:17 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 scatbutthole tppRng tppHax
3:17:14 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback that was p funny tbh
3:17:13 AM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime crimsonburn27 Jebaited
3:17:10 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 SinR2014 we got Jebaited boys
3:17:09 AM waiIordkip what'd i miss
3:17:06 AM Saavtheduck south
3:17:05 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 scatbutthole tppLUL tppLUL tppLUL
3:17:01 AM Sallyroses Jebaited
3:17:00 AM 3-Month Subscriber TheSerperiorEnd Jebaited
3:17:00 AM OGDux LuL
3:16:59 AM fatsos1 Jebaited
3:16:56 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback MikeHogu
3:16:56 AM cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive LUL
3:16:56 AM natedogmemer Time travel?
3:16:55 AM elnewperuguy2300 we have the gen 1 badge
3:16:54 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 SinR2014 Jebaited
3:16:53 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 SinR2014 ROFL
3:16:52 AM lunarplastic LUL
3:16:51 AM Saavtheduck LUL
3:16:51 AM Joker0792 AGGH
3:16:50 AM elnewperuguy2300 Jebaited
3:16:46 AM Saavtheduck @Cade_Raid briefly on occasion, but only for maintenance fixes and the like
3:16:45 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 scatbutthole PogChamp Get the Badge
3:16:44 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 SinR2014 @Cade_Raid Not really. it'll go down from time to time but never truly died
3:16:43 AM AWanderingTerrarian wrong input
3:16:42 AM Nixonbap huh why did it become coloured
3:16:28 AM Gorrior PogChamp
3:16:25 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback wow this feels so much less claustrophobic than gen 1
3:16:24 AM Gorrior woop
3:16:21 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 scatbutthole PogChamp we did it
3:16:21 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid Has the stream ever ended?
3:16:17 AM Joker0792 double Helix has spoken
3:16:16 AM Saavtheduck Nice and easy!
3:16:09 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback oh nice
3:16:08 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 SinR2014 There we go
3:16:07 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp TheSerperiorEnd opened a Small Fun Crate, and the content was 6 Reformers (change an item into a different item)!
3:16:07 AM 3-Month Subscriber TheSerperiorEnd !useitem 7
3:16:06 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback yeah
3:16:04 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @safasga won a #021 Spearow badge from pinball!
3:16:01 AM 3-Month Subscriber wwWizzy can we go in and out of the gym door till gen3?
3:16:00 AM fatsos1 we already beat gen 1 koga
3:15:59 AM Joker0792 out the door!
3:15:47 AM Joker0792 dont we need gen 3
3:15:47 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback yeah we need gen 3
3:15:44 AM SparTonberry We already beat Gen 1 Gym. It's Gen 3 Gym we need.
3:15:43 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 SinR2014 I think
3:15:42 AM 3-Month Subscriber wwWizzy aw we aren't gonna talk to the ref?
3:15:41 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback didn't we win gen 1 already
3:15:41 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 SinR2014 guys we need Gen3 Koga
3:15:37 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 scatbutthole PogChamp
3:15:35 AM Saavtheduck rigt
3:15:35 AM 3-Month Subscriber wwWizzy YO CHAMP IN THE MAKING
3:15:24 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback tppLUL ledge
3:15:04 AM natedogmemer Hype
3:14:48 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 scatbutthole ...
3:14:44 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 scatbutthole upf
3:14:32 AM Saavtheduck rihgt
3:14:32 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 scatbutthole bah !
3:14:24 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 scatbutthole WutFave brace yourselves
3:14:18 AM Saavtheduck south
3:14:06 AM cheer 1 Nadeemo d
3:14:02 AM Saavtheduck d
3:14:00 AM SparTonberry sim's testing something WutFace
3:13:53 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback what are you testing sim
3:13:42 AM AWanderingTerrarian and i succeeded
3:13:39 AM AWanderingTerrarian i was trying to save the game
3:13:37 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppsimulator we catch new people who play, and it'll kick your tokens getting them (95% of town and lose them is pretty much just through inputting, i'm testing something.
3:13:26 AM Gorrior We saved the game!
3:13:24 AM 3-Month Subscriber wwWizzy I wish we could trade inventory and badges, like sendbadge or something
3:13:08 AM AWanderingTerrarian a a
3:13:07 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback good question
3:13:06 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @sn0w75 won a #019 Rattata badge from pinball!
3:12:54 AM AWanderingTerrarian left left
3:12:53 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 scatbutthole can we gift badges to people?
3:12:50 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp Wingull badge bought by @ggp0647 for T15 from @fenris2142
3:12:44 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback exp all PogChamp
3:12:42 AM AWanderingTerrarian i swear
3:12:41 AM AWanderingTerrarian it was an accident
3:12:39 AM gobango18 exit
3:12:33 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout 5 more pokemon and we can go to the other side of town and get the Exp All GivePLZ
3:12:32 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @wwWizzy you are level 16 and have 143758 exp, you need 16242 exp to level up
3:12:32 AM 3-Month Subscriber wwWizzy !xp
3:12:30 AM gobango18 ring
3:12:20 AM AWanderingTerrarian left left
3:12:08 AM 3-Month Subscriber wwWizzy oh no
3:12:06 AM OGDux s+
3:11:57 AM gobango18 arriva
3:11:52 AM cheer 1 Nadeemo k
3:11:48 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid When was the last time this went into moderated chat?
3:11:48 AM AWanderingTerrarian up up
3:11:47 AM Me10etta Slow ResidentSleeper
3:11:39 AM lunarplastic Kappa
3:11:38 AM 3-Month Subscriber TheSerperiorEnd its also uses by speedrunners
3:11:22 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback tppLUL
3:11:17 AM 3-Month Subscriber wwWizzy @TheSerperiorEnd Ohs
3:11:06 AM 3-Month Subscriber TheSerperiorEnd @wwwizzy its a Bike Skip glitch
3:11:01 AM natedogmemer The start9 riots
3:10:45 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid Subscribe to PewDiePie for free badges
3:10:27 AM AWanderingTerrarian up up
3:10:27 AM 3-Month Subscriber wwWizzy WE GOT A BIKE!? :O
3:10:26 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback we all want badge MikeHogu
3:10:13 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid I want badges too shortOUCH
3:09:44 AM 3-Month Subscriber wwWizzy Poor sim just wants badges
3:09:42 AM SparTonberry sim wants more badges
3:09:40 AM cheer 1 Nadeemo k
3:09:28 AM 3-Month Subscriber wwWizzy @Cade_Raid :)
3:09:26 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppsimulator @Masnateah can give badges ?
3:09:20 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Nixonbap Use /w tpp pinball T1 (or more) to join the next pinball game on the red pinball table!
3:09:20 AM Nixonbap !pinball
3:09:15 AM WaniiZ OhMyDog
3:09:04 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid @wwwizzy That makes much more sense now, thanks for clearing it up.
3:08:56 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 Monochrome_Burglar It's the reason why I loathe pinball.
3:08:48 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 scatbutthole online gambleing Kappa
3:08:46 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 Monochrome_Burglar Scoring x0 isn't good.
3:08:39 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid @howlback I mean thanks to you
3:08:39 AM OGDux >
3:08:32 AM 3-Month Subscriber wwWizzy @Cade_Raid you enter the queue, it takes tokens from you. It plays a game (like a slot machine). If the random game scores high enough, you can get 1, 2, or 3x your tokens back. or lose them (95% of the time)
3:08:31 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid @countraposa Thanks!
3:08:30 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Monochrome_Burglar you are level 378 and have 143654 exp, you need 16346 exp to level up
3:08:30 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 Monochrome_Burglar !xp
3:08:27 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback @Cade_Raid you can also score 0 and lose them, though
3:08:25 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Anonspace won a #021 Spearow badge from pinball!
3:08:15 AM cheer 1 Nadeemo h
3:08:08 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback @Cade_Raid if you get good points it can multiply the tokens you put into it
3:07:46 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid @wwwizzy So what does it do for me when I enter a queue?
3:07:21 AM 3-Month Subscriber wwWizzy @Cade_Raid No, the flippers move randomly
3:07:03 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid @howlback Do I control it?
3:06:49 AM stmpiiiiiii A.
3:06:48 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback @Cade_Raid you see the pinball game in the bottom left corner? you're playing that
3:06:43 AM 3-Month Subscriber wwWizzy @Cade_Raid takes tokens from the people who play, and maybe once every few hours, gives 1 badge to a completely random person in chat
3:06:28 AM natedogmemer tac parlyz
3:06:13 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid What does pinball even do?
3:05:58 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp elnewperuguy2300 sold 1 Mail(s) for t4. 1 for t4 to Chaos_lord2.
3:05:57 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp The last pinball game achieved 24,660,000 points (x0) on the gold pinball table. xxmoonlotusxx, elnewperuguy2300, LatersWolf and 1 other(s) participated.
3:05:53 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid I’m very mature
3:05:52 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 scatbutthole #yes
3:05:49 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp xxmoonlotusxx and LatersWolf started playing on the silver pinball table. Highest bet is T25 from xxmoonlotusxx.
3:05:17 AM OGDux s+a+s+s+a+r+n+a+b+b+b
3:05:08 AM 3-Month Subscriber wwWizzy showlove1 H showlove1 E showlove1 L showlove1 L showlove1 O showlove1 F showlove1 R showlove1 I showlove1 E showlove1 N showlove1 D showlove1 S showlove1
3:04:59 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Cade_Raid you have P1000 pokeyen T8 tokens (T1 reserved)
3:04:59 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid !tokens
3:04:56 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 SinR2014 !No
3:04:42 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Cade_Raid Successfully enqueued for next pinball game on the silver table! Leave queue with /w tpp pinball leave
3:04:41 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid !pinball T1
3:04:25 AM Twitch Prime hi_im_jg lest
3:04:23 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @hypzap won a #170 Chinchou badge from pinball!
3:04:15 AM OGDux s+
3:03:43 AM OGDux n + n
3:03:15 AM WaniiZ BegWan
3:03:11 AM sarahmonz dpwm
3:03:09 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @fearingemu1 you are level 1 and have 105122 exp, you need 54878 exp to level up
3:03:09 AM fearingemu1 !xp
3:02:35 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp Sallyroses opened a Small Fun Crate, and the content was 1 Emote Rain (emotes of your choice rain down on stream)!
3:02:32 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Cade_Raid Valid inputs are a, b, up, down, left, right, start and select. Directions can be replaced with cardinal directions (n, s, w, e). Up to 3 buttons can be pressed simultaneously: b+up+right. End your input with "-" to hold the buttons down.
3:02:32 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid !commands
3:02:28 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid Thanks
3:02:25 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @fearingemu1 you are level 1 and have 105122 exp, you need 54878 exp to level up
3:02:24 AM fearingemu1 !xp
3:02:22 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 Monochrome_Burglar @Cade_Raid Input
3:02:16 AM sarahmonz RIGHT +a
3:02:15 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid How do I get crates?
3:02:05 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @scatbutthole you are level 14 and have 66850 exp, you need 93150 exp to level up
3:02:05 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 scatbutthole !xp
3:02:01 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Nixonbap Your items: Mail x1 (#1)
3:02:01 AM Nixonbap !inventory
3:02:00 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Cade_Raid You don't have any items
3:01:59 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid !inventory
3:01:57 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 scatbutthole !ep
3:01:53 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp Nixonbap opened a Small Fun Crate, and the content was 1 Mail (text message shown on stream)!
3:01:53 AM Nixonbap !useitem #1
3:01:49 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @frogman302 you are level 0 and have 3000 exp, you need 157000 exp to level up
3:01:49 AM frogman302 !xp
3:01:46 AM natedogmemer Spanky mankey
3:01:43 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Nixonbap Your items: Small Fun Crate x1 (#1)
3:01:42 AM Nixonbap !inventory
3:01:22 AM sarahmonz to lv it up
3:01:20 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Monochrome_Burglar you are level 378 and have 141604 exp, you need 18396 exp to level up
3:01:20 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 Monochrome_Burglar !xp
3:01:17 AM sarahmonz switch to charmeleon
3:01:06 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp Nixonbap has grown to level 1!
3:00:56 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid Wtf @ggp0647
3:00:45 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Cade_Raid #004 Charmander badges existing: 2190, logarithmic inverse rarity: 5.0, higher is better
3:00:45 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid !checkbadge charmander
3:00:41 AM owentertainment Not another battle
3:00:39 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback mank
3:00:37 AM Sidnoea so what's new in this hack?
3:00:36 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 SinR2014 that Codpiece
3:00:29 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp Charmander badge put up for sale for T10 by @ggp0647
2:59:57 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback no
2:59:28 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 scatbutthole Good Luck with Muk and its Poison Gas! Make one wrong move and it'll kick your Grass!
2:59:24 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 Masnateah @me10etta BabyRage You didn’t answer me!
2:59:21 AM Nixonbap WE DID IT CHAT
2:59:15 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 Monochrome_Burglar @Masnateah It worked :)
2:59:01 AM sarahmonz up[
2:58:54 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 Masnateah rooThink Burglar
2:58:51 AM Sidnoea burglar
2:58:47 AM Twitch Prime Cyberchao_X Well, team is still the same as it was when I left. Why do we have three Pokémon with only Normal-type moves? Kappa
2:58:47 AM Lorekitten @Monochrome_Burglar Hi!
2:58:43 AM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid Kim
2:58:40 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 Monochrome_Burglar @Lorekitten rooHug
2:58:40 AM GentlemanLocke isn't a minimized muk just grimer?
2:58:39 AM owentertainment AAAAAAAAAAAA
2:58:36 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 Monochrome_Burglar @Masnateah Say burglar again I'm testing something.
2:58:33 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 Masnateah MiniK
2:58:19 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback tppLUL
2:58:16 AM Nixonbap LUL
2:58:08 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppsimulator @Wahi could do I hope there's strength stones and a
2:58:04 AM 2-Year Subscriber howlback nerf mini muk
2:57:50 AM natedogmemer Muk spelled backwards
2:57:36 AM owentertainment God trainer battles suck
2:57:00 AM frogman302 a
2:56:34 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 Masnateah rooNya Burglar
2:56:27 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 Masnateah rooPog
2:56:27 AM owentertainment just spam cut. The ultimate plan
2:56:26 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 Monochrome_Burglar rooNya Masna?
2:56:22 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp Masnateah has grown to level 127!
2:56:18 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 Masnateah rooPog one or two more inputs.
2:56:16 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Cade_Raid you are level 0 and have 53750 exp, you need 106250 exp to level up
2:56:15 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @kajzorr you are level 0 and have 32862 exp, you need 127138 exp to level up