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10:18:11 AM Espeeyawn PogChamp
10:18:11 AM Subscriber Hexate3 PogChamp WHOAAAAAA
10:18:10 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime seawolf035 YEAH
10:18:10 AM popcornman_rl LUL
10:18:09 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer PogChamp
10:18:07 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Murdim LUL
10:18:05 AM Moderator Subscriber 1in256Miss tppS
10:18:02 AM Moderator Subscriber 1in256Miss memento
10:17:59 AM pikachu8989 lol
10:17:54 AM Subscriber Hexate3 can we at least kill one poke please MingLee
10:17:53 AM BigCrunch22 LOST
10:17:53 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer blue rng BrokeBack
10:17:49 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer RitzMitz
10:17:44 AM Moderator Subscriber 1in256Miss RitzMitz
10:17:41 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer TriHard
10:17:41 AM GLaDtoHavApples rawr VoHiYo
10:17:39 AM 1-Year Subscriber Zawasculin RNG wants me to not be on leaderboards this season.
10:17:38 AM Subscriber Hexate3 DansGame DansGame DansGame
10:17:34 AM Subscriber Hexate3 oh come on DansGAme
10:17:34 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer flinch BrokeBack
10:17:27 AM 1-Year Subscriber Zawasculin Ofcourse ResidentSleeper
10:17:26 AM Subscriber Hexate3 we gon get swept by a darkrai
10:17:23 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer ho oh reverse BrokeBack
10:17:20 AM BigCrunch22 WOW POISON COMBO
10:17:16 AM Subscriber Hexate3 cool we lost Kappa
10:17:15 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 RagingPacquiao well we fucked
10:17:14 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer BrokeBack
10:17:13 AM Moderator Subscriber 1in256Miss really Kappa
10:17:10 AM Moderator Subscriber 1in256Miss gettied swept by the traitor Kappa
10:17:05 AM Subscriber Hexate3 now fissure Kappa
10:17:03 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer LUL
10:16:57 AM Moderator Subscriber 1in256Miss BigBrother
10:16:56 AM Subscriber Hexate3 @GLaDtoHavApples aww
10:16:55 AM Rinzler003 darkrai is using every physical attack of the game
10:16:54 AM BigCrunch22 POOR MEW
10:16:51 AM GLaDtoHavApples @Hexate3 I had to take a break cause too many throwers :(
10:16:48 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 RagingPacquiao damn
10:16:45 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer KAPOW
10:16:45 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime seawolf035 Rip mew
10:16:44 AM Subscriber Hexate3 BrokeBack
10:16:36 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer @SylphidFie OneHand
10:16:35 AM Subscriber Hexate3 @GLaDtoHavApples tired, stayed up too late on tpp MingLee
10:16:34 AM BigCrunch22 OUCH
10:16:34 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 RagingPacquiao fuck
10:16:28 AM Moderator tpp @SylphidFie won a #069 Bellsprout badge from pinball!
10:16:24 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer more setup DBstyle
10:16:22 AM GLaDtoHavApples @Hexate3 Hi R) How are you?
10:16:16 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 RagingPacquiao O.O
10:16:14 AM Subscriber Hexate3 @GLaDtoHavApples good morning!
10:16:12 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer TPFufun
10:16:10 AM Subscriber Hexate3 BrokeBack !!
10:16:10 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 RagingPacquiao rip
10:16:08 AM GLaDtoHavApples morning TPFufun
10:16:08 AM Rinzler003 too sweet
10:16:04 AM Subscriber Hexate3 this darkrai TriHard ...
10:16:02 AM Moderator Subscriber 1in256Miss oh fuck
10:16:00 AM Moderator Subscriber 1in256Miss DBstyle aura sphere
10:16:00 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer jump kick TriHard
10:15:54 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 RagingPacquiao not nice
10:15:49 AM BigCrunch22 nice
10:15:47 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer 2 TriHard
10:15:38 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 RagingPacquiao nice
10:15:37 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer more setup Kreygasm
10:15:36 AM Subscriber Hexate3 125 base speed gyro ball TriHard
10:15:31 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer gyro when faster TriHard
10:15:24 AM Subscriber Hexate3 defense curl mattering DansGame
10:15:22 AM Moderator tpp @Espeeyawn won a #097 Hypno badge from pinball!
10:15:20 AM BigCrunch22 OUCH
10:15:12 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer why is this so laggy Jebaited? Jebaited
10:15:08 AM Moderator Subscriber 1in256Miss potato
10:15:01 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer setup WutFace
10:14:59 AM 1-Year Subscriber Zawasculin I always put this to play on my PC when i play Gigas in Tekken 7. DendiFace Because Deer head costume. Even in Tekken 7, F.O.E WutFace
10:14:52 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime seawolf035 Yeahhhhh
10:14:50 AM pikachu8989 lol
10:14:49 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer tacitcal PogChamp
10:14:49 AM Subscriber Hexate3 wtf mewtwo Kappa
10:14:48 AM BigCrunch22 OH
10:14:47 AM Yoryels so funny
10:14:36 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 RagingPacquiao predicted
10:14:32 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer revenge TriHard
10:14:28 AM BigCrunch22 YUMMY
10:14:27 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 RagingPacquiao that too O.O
10:14:25 AM Subscriber Hexate3 HEALS PogChamp
10:14:25 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime seawolf035 yeahhhh
10:14:25 AM BigCrunch22 Yummt
10:14:24 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer Kreygasm
10:14:20 AM Moderator Subscriber 1in256Miss 🥚
10:14:12 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 RagingPacquiao that's taxtical af
10:14:10 AM Subscriber Hexate3 go mewtwo go \ BabyRage /
10:14:09 AM Moderator Subscriber 1in256Miss dynamic punch Kippa
10:14:08 AM BigCrunch22 HUG
10:14:06 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer wrap OneHand
10:14:00 AM Subscriber Hexate3 darkrai's move WutFace
10:14:00 AM BigCrunch22 DARKRAI
10:13:48 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer DARKRAI TriHard
10:13:44 AM Subscriber Hexate3 i can't tell what's happening on this powerpoint mode Kappa
10:13:42 AM Rinzler003 god damn powerpoint
10:13:34 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer no low latency mode? Jebaited
10:13:28 AM Subscriber Hexate3 ~ Kreygasm ~
10:13:27 AM 1-Year Subscriber Zawasculin But apparently i'm good with Gigas. DendiFace
10:13:26 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer @1in256Miss RaccAttack
10:13:19 AM Moderator tpp Volcano 2nd - Tekken 7 (battle) won the song bidding with T1 total from RagingPacquiao!
10:13:19 AM Subscriber Hexate3 lost dankrai and got mew, not bad
10:13:17 AM Moderator Subscriber 1in256Miss RaccAttack
10:13:17 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 RagingPacquiao Give them the D!
10:13:14 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer darkrai vs mew TriHard
10:13:12 AM 1-Year Subscriber Zawasculin Just yesterday i played Tekken 7 against friends. Avoided using Katarina for more balanced matches DendiFace
10:13:05 AM Moderator tpp The battle between Darkrai-M (Metronome), Giratina-M (Metronome), Lugia-M (Metronome) and Mewtwo-M (Metronome), Mew-M (Metronome), Ho-Oh-M (Metronome) has just begun!
10:13:02 AM Moderator tpp @Kisox placed a P600 bet on blue.
10:13:02 AM 6-Month Subscriber Kisox !bet 100% blue
10:13:02 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer 9 sec delay again Jebaited
10:13:01 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime seawolf035 Tekken 7 Has some great songs lol
10:13:01 AM Moderator tpp @Yoryels placed a P893 bet on blue.
10:13:01 AM Yoryels !bet 100% blue
10:13:00 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 5 seconds.
10:12:59 AM Moderator tpp @popcornman_rl placed a P250 bet on red.
10:12:55 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 10 seconds.
10:12:48 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer inb4 lugia vs ho-oh DBstyle
10:12:47 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 RagingPacquiao @Zawasculin thanks for the links yesterday :D
10:12:45 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 20 seconds.
10:12:44 AM Moderator tpp KAZUMI's Theme - Tekken 7 (warning) won the song bidding with T1 total from RagingPacquiao!
10:12:43 AM Moderator tpp @Bravery_Yong placed a P5 bet on red.
10:12:42 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime seawolf035 This song is great
10:12:38 AM Moderator tpp @Ipader_119 placed a P400 bet on blue.
10:12:36 AM SylphidFie darkrai vs giratine FailFish
10:12:36 AM Moderator tpp @ViolentFlamez placed a P150 bet on blue.
10:12:36 AM Subscriber Hexate3 @RagingPacquiao Kreygasm <3
10:12:35 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 30 seconds.
10:12:32 AM 1-Year Subscriber Zawasculin @RagingPacquiao SeemsGood
10:12:29 AM BigCrunch22 I feel bad for pokemon that is 1 of a kind cuz if someone caught it, it is considered that pokemon is extinct.
10:12:26 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer @SylphidFie DBstyle
10:12:25 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 40 seconds.
10:12:23 AM Moderator tpp @Espeeyawn placed a P500 bet on red.
10:12:23 AM Moderator tpp @AladinsjustSayian won a #096 Drowzee badge from pinball!
10:12:22 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 RagingPacquiao @Hexate3 i got more tekken music requested for the song lists :D
10:12:22 AM 1-Year Subscriber Zawasculin LEEksbaer MingLee
10:12:21 AM Moderator tpp @SylphidFie placed a P4500 bet on red.
10:12:18 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer DBstyle
10:12:15 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 50 seconds.
10:12:13 AM Subscriber VerseQuencial Ice SE on dark DBstyle
10:12:12 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer ZawascuLEEn MingLee
10:12:05 AM Moderator tpp @justjosh__ placed a P200 bet on red.
10:12:05 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 60 seconds.
10:12:02 AM Moderator tpp @Cdara012 placed a P4444 bet on blue.
10:11:56 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 RagingPacquiao risiduall damage on those toxic orbs
10:11:56 AM Subscriber Hexate3 @RagingPacquiao i can't get over how good this song is BabyRage
10:11:56 AM 1-Year Subscriber Zawasculin inb4 mewtwo and mew are traitors
10:11:55 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer @tppsimulator Kippa
10:11:51 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer i bet red bc of mewtwo DansGame
10:11:49 AM Subscriber Hexate3 yes what pacquiao said
10:11:45 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 RagingPacquiao then we set
10:11:42 AM 6-Month Subscriber tppsimulator Magikarps vs Feebas is 5% hit Kippa
10:11:42 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 RagingPacquiao please take ho-oh and give us mew
10:11:40 AM 1-Year Subscriber Zawasculin Traitor though Kappa
10:11:40 AM Moderator tpp @Gameface252 placed a P335 bet on blue.
10:11:33 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 RagingPacquiao OI , I did not see traitor :")
10:11:32 AM 1-Year Subscriber Zawasculin 2 toxic orbs vs. non-increasing residual damage items... TriHard
10:11:24 AM Moderator tpp @joshthescorpion placed a P1187 bet on blue.
10:11:23 AM Twitch Prime Reaht and now all bet red----
10:11:21 AM Subscriber VerseQuencial ~ 🃏~
10:11:20 AM Moderator tpp @Espeeyawn placed a P199 bet on red.
10:11:19 AM Subscriber Hexate3 wait, traitor? i bet on my favorite mons DansGame
10:11:18 AM Moderator tpp @Rinzler003 placed a P100 bet on blue.
10:11:12 AM Moderator tpp @vegasgamerboy_ placed a P1607 bet on blue.
10:11:11 AM Moderator tpp @Keksbaer placed a P3000 bet on red.
10:11:11 AM BigCrunch22 Gemeration vs Generation
10:11:08 AM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 44,935,300 points (x1) on the red pinball table. richfairhall participated.
10:11:05 AM Moderator tpp @richfairhall placed a P500 bet on red.
10:11:02 AM Moderator tpp @Zawasculin placed a P1162 bet on red.
10:11:02 AM 1-Year Subscriber Zawasculin !bet 100% red
10:11:00 AM Moderator tpp @pikachu8989 placed a P1000 bet on red.
10:10:59 AM Moderator tpp 1in256Miss and nanami44 started playing on the blue pinball table. Highest bet is T10 from 1in256Miss.
10:10:57 AM Moderator tpp @worst_dragon placed a P1 bet on blue.
10:10:56 AM Moderator tpp @kbjhon placed a P500 bet on blue.
10:10:55 AM Moderator tpp @RagingPacquiao placed a P5000 bet on red.
10:10:52 AM Moderator tpp @Rocangus placed a P200 bet on blue.
10:10:50 AM Moderator tpp @seawolf035 placed a P1376 bet on red.
10:10:50 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime seawolf035 !bet 10% red
10:10:50 AM Moderator tpp @Hexate3 placed a P5000 bet on red.
10:10:49 AM Moderator tpp @VerseQuencial placed a P1213 bet on blue.
10:10:49 AM Subscriber VerseQuencial !bet 100% blue
10:10:46 AM Moderator tpp @BigCrunch22 placed a P200 bet on red.
10:10:46 AM Moderator tpp @NightRusticDawn placed a P100 bet on red.
10:10:45 AM Moderator tpp @MistyOfCerulean placed a P1000 bet on red.
10:10:45 AM Moderator tpp @Reaht placed a P2663 bet on red.
10:10:44 AM Moderator tpp @Kingkoen17 placed a P200 bet on red.
10:10:42 AM Moderator tpp @Rukkia94290 placed a P200 bet on blue.
10:10:42 AM Rukkia94290 !bet 100% blue
10:10:40 AM Subscriber VerseQuencial We're reaching a glitch part in the game btw, but i do not have enough tokens to execute it MikeHogu
10:10:39 AM Moderator tpp @AssassinsGuild placed a P100 bet on blue.
10:10:39 AM AssassinsGuild !bet 100% blue
10:10:36 AM Moderator tpp @belualoop placed a P200 bet on red.
10:10:36 AM Subscriber Hexate3 TRIHARD YOLONOME PogChamp <3
10:10:36 AM belualoop !bet 100% red
10:10:32 AM BigCrunch22 Interesting
10:10:32 AM Moderator tpp @TheIrishKevin placed a P1000 bet on blue.
10:10:31 AM TheIrishKevin !bet 100% blue
10:10:31 AM 1-Year Subscriber Zawasculin SourPls
10:10:28 AM 1-Year Subscriber Zawasculin rattatard MingLee
10:10:26 AM Moderator tppvisualizer
10:10:25 AM Moderator tpp The Pokémon for the next match are Mew-M (Metronome), Giratina-M (Metronome), Lugia-M (Metronome) and Mewtwo-M (Metronome), Darkrai-M (Metronome), Ho-Oh-M (Metronome)!
10:10:25 AM Subscriber Hexate3 ~ Kreygasm ~
10:10:22 AM Subscriber Hexate3 @BigCrunch22 buy badges/items, bid music, gamble for more tokens
10:10:19 AM Subscriber MiniVioLass ew rattatart again
10:10:18 AM Moderator tpp @R3d_Ltd placed a P11631 bet on blue.
10:10:18 AM R3d_Ltd !bet 100% blue
10:10:15 AM Moderator tpp The early bet bonus is 0%.
10:10:14 AM Moderator tpp Volcano 1st - Tekken 7 (betting) won the song bidding with T1 total from RagingPacquiao!
10:10:14 AM Moderator tpp Mew-Metronome, Giratina-Metronome, Lugia-Metronome / Mewtwo-Metronome, Darkrai-Metronome, Ho-Oh-Metronome won the match bidding with T3 total from seawolf035, R3d_Ltd!
10:10:07 AM Moderator tpp @Its_Reyn_Time placed a P1000 bet on blue.
10:10:06 AM Moderator tpp New sidegame screenshot:
10:10:05 AM Moderator tpp A new match is about to begin! It will start in 3m0s
10:09:50 AM BigCrunch22 What are tokens for?
10:09:49 AM Dekurai Wait TPcrunchyroll Sect
10:09:46 AM Subscriber VerseQuencial The urn
10:09:43 AM Subscriber MiniVioLass KonCha nanami
10:09:26 AM BigCrunch22 YAY HOPPIP
10:09:15 AM Nicioreon Kappa / \ Kappa
10:09:14 AM BigCrunch22 "EDUCATION"
10:09:14 AM Moderator tpp The break is over! Stand by for token match bidding results...
10:09:02 AM Nicioreon Kappa Kappa
10:08:54 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 RagingPacquiao Edumacational tings
10:08:45 AM Moderator tpp @Burnout_300 won a #098 Krabby badge from pinball!
10:08:44 AM Subscriber Hexate3 @VerseQuencial thanks for telling me Kappa Kappa
10:08:37 AM 6-Month Subscriber tppsimulator carvanha looks annoying Kappa Kappa
10:08:33 AM Subscriber VerseQuencial @hexate3 it's tekken btw Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kapoa
10:08:26 AM Subscriber Hexate3 @RagingPacquiao thanks thanks OhMyDog <3
10:08:23 AM Turbo StubbornSteve ah yeah, thanks mate
10:08:12 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 RagingPacquiao @Hexate3 you're welcome Kappa Kappa
10:08:00 AM Subscriber Hexate3 @RagingPacquiao i know it's from tekken Kappa
10:07:54 AM Subscriber Hexate3 @StubbornSteve strad/minecraft
10:07:53 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 RagingPacquiao @Hexate3 Tekken Kappa
10:07:52 AM 3-Month Subscriber MistyOfCerulean Gela is a south italy city Keepo
10:07:49 AM BigCrunch22 Magikarps vs Feebas is a good battle right?
10:07:43 AM Subscriber Hexate3 volcano first incomingggggg PogChamp
10:07:29 AM 3-Month Subscriber MistyOfCerulean KEDDO RaccAttack
10:07:23 AM BigCrunch22 XOMA
10:07:22 AM Nicioreon Minecraft WutFace
10:07:17 AM Moderator tpp MistyOfCerulean opened a 'Small Fun Crate' crate, and the content was: 5 Noisemaker(s) (play the cry of your equipped badge)!
10:07:16 AM popcornman_rl get one of zapdos's mindgame duels with this lag Kappa
10:07:09 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime seawolf035 drifloom
10:07:07 AM Subscriber MiniVioLass cook pokepuffs RaccAttack
10:06:52 AM BigCrunch22 HOPPIP!
10:06:48 AM Subscriber VerseQuencial PunchTrees
10:06:47 AM Turbo StubbornSteve what is this song again
10:06:47 AM 3-Month Subscriber MistyOfCerulean Uhm...time to go to cook something RaccAttack
10:06:46 AM lucariomastergaming Hello
10:06:42 AM Moderator tpp @Wonderfulwiener won a #021 Spearow badge from pinball!
10:06:33 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime seawolf035 drifbloom
10:06:27 AM Subscriber Hexate3 this season is so short