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6:30:23 AM Elnewperuguy23 but idk
6:30:23 AM tppvisualizer
6:30:23 AM whoismahli we never got out of the fire :Z
6:30:22 AM Moderator tpp The Pokémon for the next match are Mudkip (Physical), Cacnea (Physical), Shellos West (West Special) and Chingling (Flinch), Persian (Pay Day), Empoleon (Special)!
6:30:17 AM ソコプァ (plcx) Sonic 4 TriHard
6:30:12 AM Ordsey @elnewperuguy23 :( see you tomorrow
6:30:12 AM Elnewperuguy23 in which case i don't quit
6:30:08 AM Subscriber CrimsonReaper021 @pachirisuboss Stay on Water pulse for Solrock, then Dark Pulse for Chikorita. plus, was hoping for that confuse.
6:30:08 AM whoismahli hopefully Kappa ......
6:30:07 AM Subscriber Xeogran @Elnewperuguy23 Just come back already Kappa
6:30:06 AM Elnewperuguy23 tomorrow*
6:29:58 AM whoismahli it should come back Kappa
6:29:56 AM Elnewperuguy23 unless i feel better about this tommorot
6:29:55 AM ソコプァ (plcx) RaccAttack
6:29:55 AM Subscriber Xeogran @lukerbom12 I want all the people who care about the sidegame ( 0 ) see this Kappa
6:29:54 AM Moderator tpp @Papper2k made an offer to buy 1 Electrode badge at T3 each (expires in 0:02:00)
6:29:53 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 ZacharyStorch okay
6:29:51 AM Moderator tpp New sidegame screenshot:
6:29:51 AM ソコプァ (plcx) PogChamp
6:29:50 AM Moderator tpp A new match is about to begin! It will start in 3m0s
6:29:48 AM Elnewperuguy23 but i still quit anyways
6:29:47 AM cheer 100 Scottobozo EleGiggle
6:29:43 AM Elnewperuguy23 hey guys, i just wanted to say that i don't think this stream has been a cancer to my life
6:29:42 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 ZacharyStorch collect all the badgers!
6:29:42 AM Subscriber Xeogran EleGiggle
6:29:36 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 I still can't get over how we lost 3 months of progress EleGiggle
6:29:36 AM cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx randomly*
6:29:32 AM Twitch Prime Jacquaid keep spamming a BabyRage
6:29:28 AM Ordsey @crimsonreaper021 everyone's stream is behind 10-15 seconds, that's just how it is
6:29:28 AM ソコプァ (plcx) nocturnal 🤔
6:29:26 AM cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx @supajoofly you win then randomlyrics just for being in chat
6:29:26 AM Fairytale__ It didn't looked helpful Kappa
6:29:24 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 strung lights up Kappa
6:29:18 AM Supajoofly My friend hosts and I think it giving me badgers lol
6:29:18 AM HugeHarp im just trying to help BabyRage
6:28:59 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 I think they were just trying to help
6:28:59 AM cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx @supajoofly if you are in stream you win badges
6:28:58 AM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k @Supajoofly oh you can just whisper him and write sellbadge (name of the pokemon it said) t1 and it will stop
6:28:55 AM PachirisuBoss @CrimsonReaper021 Dark Pulse: Flinch Chance, hits super effective, is stronger, and hits neutral to chikorita, why stay on water pulse?
6:28:52 AM Moderator tpp Team Blue won the match!
6:28:50 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 @Fairytale__ nobody said that
6:28:46 AM Subscriber Xeogran @Fairytale__ I don't care, he has no influence now Jebaited
6:28:46 AM Subscriber CrimsonReaper021 Welp, if my stream wasnt behind, I could be won
6:28:46 AM cheer 100 Scottobozo was that even english
6:28:45 AM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 23,154,350 points (x0) on the red pinball table. xxmoonlotusxx and Coneizard participated.
6:28:41 AM Supajoofly what are badges why is tpp whispering me when I don't play
6:28:35 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 ZacharyStorch you get them for free!
6:28:32 AM Subscriber Xeogran atleast top red is now poor TriHard
6:28:29 AM Fairytale__ I don't know why you have to yell to top red how he does wrong choises and should stop playing. Like anyone would play this if there was only 4 people playing because only 4 is good enough to allowed to play.
6:28:25 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 in that situation
6:28:24 AM Ordsey @crimsonreaper021 good effort, well done for trying :)
6:28:21 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 flinch is better than confuse though
6:28:21 AM Subscriber Xeogran gg
6:28:18 AM Supajoofly I don't even play this why does tpp keep whispering me with badgers wtf
6:28:14 AM Subscriber Xeogran imagine if cnf now
6:28:13 AM cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx rng is being gey
6:28:06 AM Moderator tpp @Jayno_ won a #021 Spearow badge from pinball!
6:28:03 AM cheer 10000 1in256Miss both 2hko
6:28:01 AM Twitch Prime Jacquaid what a comeback BabyRage
6:28:00 AM cheer 10000 1in256Miss just 20% flinch vs confuse
6:27:57 AM PachirisuBoss nibba
6:27:56 AM cheer 10000 1in256Miss i mean they're both fine
6:27:55 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 ZacharyStorch TPP is competitive gaming BabyRage
6:27:53 AM ソコプァ (plcx) I can see why RitzMitz
6:27:49 AM Subscriber Xeogran Jebaited wow
6:27:42 AM Subscriber CrimsonReaper021 @xeogran I could care less about Pokeyen
6:27:42 AM Subscriber Xeogran nah he's busy thinking of new insults
6:27:40 AM cheer 100 Scottobozo not listening to 1256 FailFish crimson
6:27:25 AM cheer 10000 1in256Miss !a red BabyRage
6:27:21 AM cheer 10000 1in256Miss get on a
6:27:19 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 just realized that we all have ancient power Kappa
6:27:18 AM Subscriber Xeogran " Look at me I talk big but can't play and I'm in 500 club forever RitzMitz "
6:27:17 AM cheer 10000 1in256Miss red can still win
6:27:13 AM cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx VoHiYo
6:27:06 AM Subscriber CrimsonReaper021 and I cant even type.Xd
6:27:06 AM Subscriber Xeogran Jebaited
6:27:05 AM cheer 100 Scottobozo what's a kijes
6:27:03 AM Nyam__ Kappa Crimson is the new Zachary
6:27:03 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 now we have #lotusluck VoHiYo
6:27:00 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 ZacharyStorch @crimsonreaper021 you know combustken is out, right?
6:27:00 AM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k FogChamp
6:26:59 AM Twitch Prime Jacquaid stream delay is why I don't generally input and let top players carry Jebaited
6:26:57 AM Subscriber CrimsonReaper021 no one kijes to hear you speak
6:26:52 AM Subscriber Xeogran Then stop throwing underdog RitzMitz
6:26:51 AM cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx PunOko pinball please
6:26:45 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 yeah
6:26:44 AM Subscriber Xeogran LUL
6:26:41 AM Subscriber CrimsonReaper021 Shut the fuck up Xeo
6:26:41 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 ZacharyStorch @crimsonreaper021
6:26:39 AM Nyam__ Sit on A now?
6:26:37 AM Twitch Prime Jacquaid dark pulse Kreygasm
6:26:33 AM Subscriber Xeogran so don't play then? OpieOP
6:26:20 AM Subscriber CrimsonReaper021 I hate how my stream is behind.
6:26:13 AM ソコプァ (plcx) DBstyle so fast
6:26:08 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 damn my stream was behind that whole time
6:26:07 AM Nyam__ DBstyle one mor
6:26:02 AM Subscriber CrimsonReaper021 God dammit
6:25:59 AM Subscriber Xeogran DBstyle spam agility
6:25:58 AM cheer 100 Scottobozo smart plays by the red team
6:25:44 AM Twitch Prime Jacquaid dat damage
6:25:43 AM cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx nice kick
6:25:36 AM Nyam__ TriHard Triple Kick in fog
6:25:28 AM cheer 100 Scottobozo 1 Kappa
6:25:25 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 right now we have #lukerluck Kappa
6:25:06 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 ZacharyStorch BabyRage play the way I want you to BabyRage
6:25:03 AM malkavian0o oi
6:24:50 AM Subscriber Xeogran Jebaited
6:24:33 AM cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx BlessRNG LotusLuck for blue team
6:24:31 AM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k Kippa tppsim
6:24:28 AM Twitch Prime Jacquaid swift dodging Kreygasm
6:24:24 AM Subscriber Xeogran but no Spam Pursuit LUL
6:24:22 AM Subscriber Xeogran we could have Agility'd
6:24:18 AM Subscriber CrimsonReaper021 Xeo, at least I'm not bitching about 11k
6:24:17 AM whoismahli Kippa
6:24:16 AM Subscriber Xeogran DBstyle spam pursuit
6:24:13 AM ソコプァ (plcx) Kippa
6:24:08 AM Moderator tppsimulator @whoismahli I think Kippa ok
6:24:03 AM Subscriber Xeogran Three, this is why you will always be poor 4Head
6:23:59 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 ZacharyStorch tppSlowpoke hey guys i love this sidegame now! it is going the speed I'm processing it at. I feel smart now tppSlowpoke
6:23:59 AM Subscriber CrimsonReaper021 Xeo*
6:23:56 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 BlessRNG thank you #lotusluck
6:23:50 AM Subscriber CrimsonReaper021 Two, shut the fuck up
6:23:46 AM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 106,279,500 points (x2) on the blue pinball table. xxmoonlotusxx participated.
6:23:42 AM Subscriber Xeogran stop inputting you idiot LUL
6:23:34 AM Subscriber Xeogran ResidentSleeper
6:23:27 AM Moderator tpp xxmoonlotusxx and Coneizard started playing on the red pinball table. Highest bet is T2 from xxmoonlotusxx.
6:23:24 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 speed boost I guess Kappa
6:23:23 AM Subscriber Xeogran top's throwing wow who'd have thought
6:23:21 AM Twitch Prime Jacquaid rest but why Jebaited
6:23:09 AM Moderator tpp @JamJamX3 won a #090 Shellder badge from pinball!
6:23:01 AM Subscriber Xeogran why Rest Kappa
6:22:58 AM ソコプァ (plcx) fog skill time RitzMitz
6:22:53 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 F O G TriHard
6:22:51 AM cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx BlessRNG I give luker LotusLuck
6:22:50 AM Nyam__ RitzMitz
6:22:50 AM Subscriber Xeogran ThunBeast
6:22:50 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 pink is friendly VoHiYo
6:22:49 AM whoismahli fog Kappa
6:22:49 AM ソコプァ (plcx) FogChamp
6:22:49 AM Subscriber Xeogran thunBeast
6:22:47 AM Subscriber Xeogran FOG
6:22:44 AM cheer 10000 1in256Miss oh boy Kappa
6:22:41 AM cheer 10000 1in256Miss yes
6:22:34 AM whoismahli ty ordsey VoHiYo it is munna color
6:22:33 AM Fairytale__ 1in256miss you believe we use taunt? Kappa
6:22:23 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 then take the odds Kippa on the other side
6:22:18 AM ソコプァ (plcx) Purple names on red VoHiYo
6:22:17 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 ZacharyStorch pls throw
6:22:15 AM Ordsey @whoismahli I like you colour, it's friendly VoHiYo
6:22:14 AM Moderator tpp The battle between Aerodactyl (Special), Solrock (Special), Chikorita (Special) and Combusken (RestTalk), Hitmontop (Standard), Sharpedo (Standard) has just begun!
6:22:13 AM cheer 10000 1in256Miss the problem is they can stop kings rock
6:22:08 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 5 seconds.
6:22:06 AM Twitch Prime Jacquaid pls no throw Kappa
6:22:03 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 10 seconds.
6:21:58 AM whoismahli BlessRNG
6:21:56 AM Fairytale__ odds aren't worth. They needs just some dark pulse/ king's rock flinches
6:21:55 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 I think Kippa
6:21:53 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 20 seconds.
6:21:53 AM cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx BabyRage win the money
6:21:51 AM Subscriber Xeogran watch this be thrown Kappa
6:21:51 AM whoismahli I hope it ok Kippa
6:21:45 AM Nyam__ You know what to do, right? Kippa
6:21:43 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 30 seconds.
6:21:41 AM ソコプァ (plcx) luker DBstyle
6:21:37 AM PachirisuBoss wanna keep it all on 25%? Kappa
6:21:37 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 it ok guys Kippa
6:21:33 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 40 seconds.
6:21:29 AM whoismahli luker WutFace
6:21:24 AM Fairytale__ Cancel bet NotLikeTHis
6:21:23 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 50 seconds.
6:21:23 AM cheer 1 Ketchup_Raptor Praise amber
6:21:22 AM Subscriber Xeogran @ZacharyStorch same Kappa
6:21:18 AM cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx WutFace luker
6:21:16 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 ZacharyStorch I miss emoticons being popular
6:21:14 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 60 seconds.
6:21:10 AM cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx Kappa
6:21:02 AM ソコプァ (plcx) tppsim TheThing
6:20:53 AM Moderator tppsimulator It WOULD not quitting because of metronome rng for red
6:20:34 AM whoismahli 🤔 me too
6:20:21 AMplcx was timed out for 1 second.
6:20:21 AM ソコプァ (plcx) !bet 1 red DansGame
6:20:20 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 SinR2014 @whoismahli I wonder that too sometimes
6:20:02 AM Me10etta OneHand
6:20:01 AM cheer 10000 1in256Miss this looks a little one sided 🤔
6:20:00 AM whoismahli hi ordsey KonCha
6:19:59 AM Twitch Prime Jacquaid 🤔
6:19:52 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 ZacharyStorch mahli did a name change
6:19:51 AM Ordsey Hi mahli VoHiYo
6:19:51 AM Subscriber Xeogran deku spotted OneHand
6:19:50 AM whoismahli 🤔 who is mahli ?
6:19:46 AM tppvisualizer
6:19:45 AM Moderator tpp The Pokémon for the next match are Aerodactyl (Special), Solrock (Special), Chikorita (Special) and Combusken (RestTalk), Hitmontop (Standard), Sharpedo (Standard)!
6:19:43 AM Subscriber Xeogran OneHand
6:19:38 AM ソコプァ (plcx) RitzMitz
6:19:37 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 ZacharyStorch it is a sign
6:19:34 AM Ordsey Who is whoismahli? is she a mahlidawg alt? Kappa
6:19:34 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 SinR2014 Penis Chicken
6:19:34 AM Subscriber Xeogran VoHiYo
6:19:31 AM Coneizard @xeogran good job
6:19:31 AM Nyam__ Token Kippa //
6:19:27 AM cheer 10000 1in256Miss it's back Jebaited
6:19:25 AM Subscriber Xeogran I ASK FOR ATTENTION AND GET A TOKEN PogChamp
6:19:23 AM Subscriber Xeogran PogChamp
6:19:18 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 ZacharyStorch it's okay @xeogran
6:19:16 AM Me10etta Kappa
6:19:15 AM Moderator tpp New sidegame screenshot:
6:19:13 AM Moderator tpp A new match is about to begin! It will start in 3m0s
6:19:06 AM Nyam__ @Xeogran Kippa That was a simple win for red after that throw
6:19:04 AM Subscriber Xeogran if I was dumb I'd finish off Probopass with Spheal Kappa
6:18:55 AM Moderator tpp @Anjun2591 won a #021 Spearow badge from pinball!
6:18:54 AM Subscriber Xeogran @Nyam__ but I played well too Kappa
6:18:48 AM Nyam__ @Xeogran Congrats on Elnew's throw Kippa ?
6:18:46 AM Subscriber Xeogran All I want is some attention :(
6:18:41 AM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k evolem x papper <3
6:18:38 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 x x
6:18:36 AM whoismahli evolem x papper <3
6:18:33 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 just type x a lot and see who sim ships Kippa
6:18:26 AM whoismahli I'll ask anon when she gets on Kippa
6:18:22 AM Subscriber Xeogran @Nyam__ Just congratulate me for winning the Spheal vs Probopass match BabyRage
6:18:20 AM Coneizard this match sucked balls
6:18:18 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) evolem x papper <3
6:18:17 AM Moderator tpp Team Blue won the match!
6:18:12 AM Subscriber Xeogran @Nyam__ Kappa
6:18:11 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime kappaisbaka 2 much rng for me
6:18:09 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) !ban xeogran reason: getting in the way of ships
6:18:09 AM whoismahli sim just say it BabyRage
6:18:06 AM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k evolem x papper <3
6:18:00 AM Twitch Prime Jacquaid Jebaited
6:18:00 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 Kappa that was dumb
6:17:59 AM Nyam__ @Xeogran Kippa Last two matches were RNG, the two before that were thrown
6:17:58 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) >(
6:17:57 AM cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx :o
6:17:55 AM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k BabyRage
6:17:51 AM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k XEO
6:17:50 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 I didn't see this Jebaited
6:17:49 AM 3-Month Subscriber Papper2k not yet :*
6:17:47 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 wait it's a SPEED TIE
6:17:46 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) NO
6:17:43 AM Subscriber Xeogran evolem xeo papper BigBrother
6:17:41 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 SinR2014 that speedtie
6:17:41 AM Nyam__ Jebaited Blue wins
6:17:38 AM Subscriber Xeogran @Nyam__ You seem to have a bad betting day today Kappa
6:17:38 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime スベタ (evolem) evolem x papper <3
6:17:37 AM cheer 10000 1in256Miss red winning bad speed ties
6:17:30 AM Nyam__ Kippa That's bad
6:17:09 AM Moderator tpp @Jcfalcone won a #027 Sandshrew badge from pinball!
6:17:07 AM whoismahli did tppsim ever say evolem x papper Kippa
6:17:06 AM Nyam__ Need to dodge one here
6:16:44 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 except I don't think Lord Amber was a girl Kippa
6:16:43 AM Subscriber Xeogran @SinR2014 no I mean Stadium 2 Kappa