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10:11:43 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive what the fuck are these bots even trying to accomplish
10:11:42 PM TaviTurnip monkaS
10:11:38 PM 2-Year Subscriber epicnights Ninja you jest but I saw chaos gun down 3 people today
10:11:25 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Skunkadomin Noisemaker played
10:11:25 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin !useitem 3
10:11:23 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Skunkadomin Noisemaker played
10:11:22 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin !useitem 3 Kappa
10:11:21 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 10000 卞回几呂凵ヨ (ninjanitor) TPP mods banning people, that's a good one Jebaited
10:11:18 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive @SolarisLumos there's two Kappa
10:11:18 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Skunkadomin Noisemaker played
10:11:17 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin !useitem 3
10:11:17 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 theyre 2 lol
10:11:16 PM 2-Year Subscriber epicnights ones
10:11:16 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Skunkadomin Noisemaker played
10:11:16 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin !useitem 3 Kappa
10:11:14 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Skunkadomin Noisemaker played
10:11:13 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin !useitem 3
10:11:10 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos just whisped chaos about the new one
10:11:06 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 kill RaccAttack
10:11:04 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive I see
10:11:03 PM coyotesfrontier @pokeafanxd say "MLP Vore" to prove you aren't a bot Kappa
10:11:02 PM デンリュウ (nkekev) kill kill kill
10:11:01 PM Subscriber InfernalVoid Yes wagl Kappa
10:10:59 PM 2-Year Subscriber epicnights yeah
10:10:57 PM 3-Month Subscriber CatOnQuilts wowee moar bots OhMyDog
10:10:55 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive Were the previus bots banned tho Kappa
10:10:50 PM Quetzacotlchu musharna unmailed led to chaos Kappa
10:10:47 PM Teddie musharna lost its mail melia. help us release it PogChamp
10:10:47 PM 3-Month Subscriber Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo Musharna unmailed again PunOko
10:10:40 PM Subscriber InfernalVoid Not you DansGame Kappa
10:10:40 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin LUL
10:10:37 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive Sim LUL
10:10:36 PM 2-Year Subscriber epicnights and he gets off on banning people
10:10:34 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 Yes let us do our thing Kippa
10:10:32 PM 1-Year Subscriber tppsimulator HOLY shit anyway
10:10:30 PM 3-Month Subscriber Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo Huh? I was watching the showcase how did you get down here?
10:10:28 PM 2-Year Subscriber epicnights I mean my brother knows twitch staff
10:10:23 PM Subscriber InfernalVoid Well I'll er just let them do their thing Kappa
10:10:16 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive were the previous bots banned?
10:10:10 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin Jebatied
10:09:59 PM coyotesfrontier @theamazingpoyo hahahah, no.
10:09:56 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 tanuki RaccAttack
10:09:54 PM Subscriber InfernalVoid Oh that bunny person made more bots Kappa
10:09:53 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin RaccAttack TriHard
10:09:51 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive Jebaited
10:09:49 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive Who is the retard owner of these bots that all they do is spam x,y and left Jebatied
10:09:48 PM TheAmazingPoyo did we beat e4 yet?
10:09:43 PM 2-Year Subscriber epicnights now all I remember is stuff I need to pass my college classes DansGame
10:09:38 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Skunkadomin Chatter played
10:09:38 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin !useitem 16 Kappa
10:09:34 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 Kappa yeah they are those bots lol
10:09:29 PM 2-Year Subscriber epicnights Man I remember when I'd be able to remember the coords I'd need to do things off the top of my head
10:09:26 PM tranzi72 fuck dicks TehePelo
10:09:24 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Skunkadomin Chatter played
10:09:24 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin !useitem 16
10:09:23 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos just being honest DansGame
10:09:20 PM Teddie so the bots are back Kappa
10:09:20 PM coyotesfrontier #FutaDick
10:09:15 PM Quetzacotlchu goodness
10:09:13 PM tranzi72 @SolarisLumos BibleThump noooo
10:09:13 PM coyotesfrontier @nanami44 yes
10:09:00 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin RaccAttack
10:09:00 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos kev sucks DansGame
10:08:58 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 futa dick RaccAttack
10:08:56 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Skunkadomin Chatter played
10:08:56 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin !useitem 16
10:08:54 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Skunkadomin Chatter played
10:08:54 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive @ArmynLuceo ?
10:08:54 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin !useitem 16 Kappa
10:08:52 PM coyotesfrontier i suck feminine dick, so i'm not gay RaccAttack
10:08:52 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Skunkadomin Chatter played
10:08:51 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin !useitem 16
10:08:50 PM tranzi72 nkekev is cute and anime, everyone should love him BegWan
10:08:44 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp Skunkadomin bought 1 pack(s) of 5 Chatters. 1 for t4 from T3ddiursa,
10:08:44 PM ArmynLuceo did you glitched your way out of the map, chat?
10:08:34 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 RaccAttack .......
10:08:27 PM 2-Year Subscriber epicnights not gay tho
10:08:26 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 Was too lazy to open a twitch account RaccAttack
10:08:22 PM 2-Year Subscriber epicnights Ha jokes on you Nkekev I suck dick
10:08:15 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 RaccAttack
10:08:11 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 @nanami44 I've known TPP since the first run, I didn't input until Pyrite RaccAttack
10:08:05 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 LUL
10:08:03 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Skunkadomin Whisper played
10:08:02 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin !useitem 4
10:08:01 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Skunkadomin Whisper played
10:08:01 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin !useitem 4 Kappa
10:08:00 PM デンリュウ (nkekev) LIJI32 epicnights wants to date you
10:07:59 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Skunkadomin Whisper played
10:07:59 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin !useitem 4
10:07:52 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Skunkadomin Emote rain sent
10:07:52 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin !useitem 2
10:07:45 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin tppS
10:07:38 PM 2-Year Subscriber epicnights @LIJI32 Just wondering, I don't know much besides you hating gen 5 and being a somewhat organized inputter
10:07:35 PM 2-Year Subscriber Zawasuraptor @SolarisLumos Sounds about right when TPP runs started losing quality tbh.
10:07:33 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 @epicnights 26 in a few days Kippa
10:07:31 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Skunkadomin Chatter played
10:07:31 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin !useitem 16
10:07:28 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Skunkadomin Chatter played
10:07:28 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin !useitem 16 Kappa
10:07:25 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Skunkadomin Chatter played
10:07:25 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin !useitem 16
10:07:22 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 DothMyNugsBequeathMe RaccAttack
10:07:21 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 how did u find tpp liji RaccAttack
10:07:18 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin RaccAttack
10:07:14 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive this chatter Kappa
10:07:13 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 liji RaccAttack
10:07:10 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin chatter url Kappa
10:07:08 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos since Pyrite MingLee
10:07:06 PM 2-Year Subscriber epicnights dang started in Pyrite
10:07:04 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 @epicnights RaccAttack
10:06:59 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 Switch
10:06:58 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @epicnights LIJI32 has participated in the following runs: #25 (Pyrite), #26 (Theta Emerald EX), #27 (Ultra Sun), #28 (Dual Red Blue), #29 (Storm Silver), #30 (Bronze), #31 (Randomized Y), #32 (Flora Sky), #33 (Fused Crystal), #34 (Burning Red), #35 (Volt White)
10:06:58 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 switch
10:06:58 PM 2-Year Subscriber epicnights !participation Liji32
10:06:56 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 SWITCH
10:06:55 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 switch
10:06:49 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Skunkadomin Chatter played
10:06:48 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin !useitem 16
10:06:47 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Skunkadomin Chatter played
10:06:46 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin !useitem 16 Kappa
10:06:45 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 @LIJI32 RaccAttack
10:06:45 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Skunkadomin Chatter played
10:06:44 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin !useitem 16
10:06:34 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos now i have like 3 Wowee
10:06:34 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 RaccAttack !
10:06:28 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos breaker again Wowee
10:06:27 PM 2-Year Subscriber epicnights Liji how old are you
10:06:24 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 Switch
10:06:22 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp SolarisLumos opened a Small Fun Crate, and the content was 1 Breaker (split a badge into 2 more common badges)!
10:06:21 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos !useitem #6
10:06:21 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 switch
10:06:19 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 Encounter rate Kappa
10:06:18 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @SolarisLumos Your items: Chatter x10 (#1), Breaker x2 (#2), Badgerain x1 (#3), Mail x1 (#4), Reformer x1 (#5), Small Fun Crate x1 (#6)
10:06:18 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos !inventory
10:06:04 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp SolarisLumos has grown to level 39!
10:05:56 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 switch
10:05:55 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive AWOOOOOOOOOO OhMyDog
10:05:54 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 SWITCH
10:05:51 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 switch
10:05:51 PM Subscriber InfernalVoid Ru
10:05:35 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp Skunkadomin bought 7 Emoterain(s). 7 for t6 from Chaos_lord2,
10:05:25 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp Skunkadomin bought 4 Emoterain(s). 4 for t5 from fenris2142,
10:05:22 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos @MegaZard how about you Wowee
10:05:21 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp nanami44 has grown to level 528!
10:05:17 PM 2-Year Subscriber epicnights Never forget, chat. Complacency = Chaos.
10:05:17 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive Reuse RaccAttack
10:05:16 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos @Melia_Antiqua hey you here Wowee
10:05:08 PM coyotesfrontier RaccAttack RaccAttack more raccs RaccAttack RaccAttack
10:05:01 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 its fine RaccAttack
10:05:00 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive but yeah I agree with zawa Kappa
10:04:56 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 Ok faiting will take a while Kappa
10:04:54 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 catch RaccAttack
10:04:52 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 RaccAttack
10:04:49 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive reuse RaccAttack
10:04:45 PM 2-Year Subscriber howlback RaccAttack
10:04:31 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 RaccAttack
10:04:31 PM 1-Year Subscriber tppsimulator Gen 7 and white and Bianca's characters much. I never
10:04:26 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 Nanami RaccAttack
10:04:12 PM Teddie you try flying during this Kappa
10:04:01 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 v
10:04:01 PM coyotesfrontier we can always fly back you know
10:03:56 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin RaccAttack RaccAttack RaccAttack RaccAttack RaccAttack
10:03:54 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 RaccAttack / tppPc
10:03:54 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin RaccAttack RaccAttack RaccAttack RaccAttack
10:03:50 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin RaccAttack RaccAttack RaccAttack RaccAttack RaccAttack
10:03:47 PM Teddie and then release again Kappa
10:03:43 PM Quetzacotlchu nah go in cave
10:03:39 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 Kappa
10:03:34 PM Teddie now we just walk back to the next city Kappa
10:03:31 PM Lorekitten Wow, did we just slide all the way down the mountain?
10:03:21 PM urgotfanboy1 LUL
10:03:19 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos so yayyy this was worth it LUL
10:03:19 PM 2-Year Subscriber Welkin_Gunther_EC90 @zawasuraptor I agree LUL
10:03:18 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin I so would have
10:03:16 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive @Zawasuraptor That's a legit good point Kappa
10:03:14 PM cheer 1 icenite RaccAttack
10:03:14 PM TurboGhast There's still the time pressure of having limited resources before a blackout, but that's still a decent while.
10:03:12 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos as you 100% know they would've thrown E4 too LUL
10:03:04 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 RaccAttack
10:03:00 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos tbf now we don't have to waste money during thrown E4 runs now
10:02:59 PM デンリュウ (nkekev) @Zawasuraptor RaccAttack @Zawasuraptor RaccAttack @Zawasuraptor RaccAttack @Zawasuraptor RaccAttack @Zawasuraptor RaccAttack
10:02:55 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp The last pinball game achieved 31,225,000 points (x0) on the blue pinball table. Palu_1u participated.
10:02:44 PM 2-Year Subscriber Zawasuraptor It's no wonder if someone would actually truly start hating on raccoons because the fetishists are so fucking annoying during runs.
10:02:43 PM Lorekitten Not gonna input in either direction, just gonna watch the show
10:02:29 PM Lorekitten I'm just going to watch and see how far down we manage to slide
10:02:13 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive @coyotesfrontier fair enough LUL
10:02:07 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos i guess
10:02:05 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos get Musharna some levels
10:02:03 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 fucking troles
10:02:02 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive is that bot still around? Kappa
10:02:02 PM coyotesfrontier @whataboutgaminglive I've been on this stream for more then 3 years, and I still don't know half of what goes on in chat
10:02:00 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 Time to trash the mail PRChase
10:01:58 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo zOmgItsSoup SOUP TROLL cirREE cirREE cirREE
10:01:57 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos yeah we just grind now
10:01:54 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo zOmgItsSoup cirREE cirREE cirREE
10:01:53 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo zOmgItsSoup BAN THE TROLLS
10:01:52 PM Lorekitten Well, on the plus side, we've now got plenty of time to remail Musharna
10:01:49 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo zOmgItsSoup cirREE cirREE cirREE cirREE cirREE
10:01:46 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 BabyRage
10:01:46 PM 2-Year Subscriber epicnights See, now we can take our time doing things.
10:01:45 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 monkaS damn trolls!!!!!!!!!!
10:01:44 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo zOmgItsSoup BabyRage
10:01:40 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos Kappa
10:01:35 PM Subscriber InfernalVoid So glad they fixed that in the sequels Kappa (I think Kappa )
10:01:35 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos totally part of the plan yeahhhhh
10:01:31 PM Teddie i hate trolls monkaS
10:01:30 PM 1-Year Subscriber tppsimulator Armor evos are stupid, please don't really hate gen 5 started pokemon down this dude
10:01:28 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive @nanami44 tppS
10:01:24 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos NOW YOU CAN'T PC Wowee
10:01:23 PM Quetzacotlchu this is fine
10:01:21 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 @WhatAboutGamingLive trolls are taking us away from league monkaS counter input now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10:01:20 PM Quetzacotlchu forgot you could slide there LUL
10:01:18 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos oh whoops Wowe
10:01:17 PM 2-Year Subscriber epicnights SKRRt
10:01:16 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 Rip RaccAttack
10:01:15 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
10:01:08 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @Eklectic won a #025 Pikachu badge from pinball!
10:01:05 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive I dont even know what's going on anymore
10:01:00 PM coyotesfrontier grind in victory road RaccAttack
10:00:58 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos B=s-
10:00:58 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 RaccAttack 📣 COWARDS
10:00:50 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 Kappa
10:00:46 PM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive why this b+s spam Kappa
10:00:41 PM 2-Year Subscriber Zawasuraptor FailFish
10:00:35 PM 2-Year Subscriber Zawasuraptor @SolarisLumos I know what i'm doing
10:00:33 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 Leave to Virtual Reality? Kippa
10:00:27 PM JaydenRocks0 STOP w
10:00:25 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin ZAMORAK
10:00:22 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos NO N SPAM
10:00:20 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 RaccAttack !
10:00:19 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos ZAWA LEAVE TO VR
10:00:15 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 liji the creator of the universe RaccAttack He creates chaos and order
9:59:52 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 move4 RaccAttack
9:59:50 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 RaccAttack //
9:59:45 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 liji RaccAttack
9:59:44 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 I created chaos RaccAttack
9:59:40 PM 6-Month Subscriber LIJI32 nanami RaccAttack
9:59:07 PM Quetzacotlchu stuck in E4 is fine too
9:59:00 PM 1-Year Subscriber nanami44 RaccAttack booooooring
9:58:54 PM Twitch Prime Cade_Raid So where are we at now?
9:58:53 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp @JaydenRocks0 Correct usage is whispering this account, or in chat via "!command".
9:58:53 PM JaydenRocks0 !w tpp pinball t1
9:58:49 PM 3-Month Subscriber Skunkadomin Kappa
9:58:48 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos just stall for hours Wowee
9:58:46 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp The last pinball game achieved 64,830,000 points (x2) on the red pinball table. pokesonic6, NRPGamer and CountRaposa participated.
9:58:44 PM HKBowser RaccAttack well good luck everyone
9:58:44 PM Lorekitten Maybe we should just stay here until we get the mail back on Musharna
9:58:43 PM Subscriber SolarisLumos @epicnights not worth the risk
9:58:38 PM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber tpp Palu_1u started playing on the blue pinball table.
9:58:35 PM 6-Month Subscriber TheSerperiorEnd fight this troll im gone eatting + cooldown