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4:10:42 AM Moderator tpp @Iknowmyberries #713 Avalugg badges existing: 12, logarithmic inverse rarity: 11.4, higher is better
4:10:42 AM Iknowmyberries !checkbadge avalugg
4:10:41 AM gregage DansGame
4:10:41 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 finally Kreygasm
4:10:39 AM cheer 100 dingdingboom :O
4:10:38 AM Moderator tpp @shinyraichu94 Successfully enqueued for next pinball game on the gold table! Leave queue with /w tpp pinball leave
4:10:37 AM shinyraichu94 !pinball t14
4:10:36 AM Twitch Prime lmaochantal PogChamp
4:10:22 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime poolside123 IT. CANNOT. BE. ALLOWED!
4:10:06 AM KenjiDraco B+C
4:10:03 AM mehhhhblehhhh the poor tauros
4:09:49 AM Iknowmyberries C+n-
4:09:46 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime poolside123 Az#
4:09:43 AM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 18,730,000 points (x0) on the red pinball table. Birdywoo and digit333z participated.
4:09:39 AM Iknowmyberries c+n
4:09:35 AM Moderator tpp boombafunk and Birdywoo started playing on the blue pinball table. Highest bet is T5 from boombafunk.
4:09:35 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime poolside123 IT. CANNOT. BE. ALLOWED!
4:09:21 AM 2-Year Subscriber ZacharyStorch @poolside123 what is this meme
4:09:18 AM 6-Month Subscriber WhatAboutGamingLive bUrself
4:09:04 AM mehhhhblehhhh really funny guys
4:09:03 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime poolside123 IT. CANNOT. BE. ALLOWED!
4:09:02 AM Iknowmyberries You Cannot fly here mere mortal PowerUpL OhMyDog PowerUpR
4:08:59 AM Twitch Prime lmaochantal Kappa
4:08:54 AM Twitch Prime lmaochantal who pressed y LUL
4:08:52 AM cheer 100 dingdingboom IT CANNOT BE ALLOWED
4:08:49 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppsimulator @卞回几呂凵ヨ honestly that
4:08:38 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime poolside123 C
4:08:34 AM Twitch Prime lmaochantal WutFace
4:08:33 AM 5hitposts WutFace
4:08:25 AM 5hitposts TriHard !!!!!
4:08:24 AM Iknowmyberries is weird that I want to be carried like this by a female machamp Kappa
4:08:23 AM Twitch Prime Bruzzlkoenig C
4:08:07 AM 2-Year Subscriber 村人 (murabito) a burn heal
4:08:04 AM cheer 100 dingdingboom PogChamp BURN HEAL
4:07:58 AM 6-Month Subscriber WhatAboutGamingLive stop fucking pressing b Kappa
4:07:57 AM Twitch Prime lmaochantal rotom fuck OFF
4:07:52 AM mehhhhblehhhh STOP PRESSING THE Y BUTTON
4:07:41 AM 5hitposts oh my god
4:07:38 AM mehhhhblehhhh yes a nugget
4:07:18 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber boombafunk ce=
4:07:13 AM mehhhhblehhhh oh mo gosh why
4:07:02 AM Twitch Prime lmaochantal WutFace
4:06:58 AM Iknowmyberries I reconm
4:06:56 AM Iknowmyberries lmaochantal I smell with me own two eyes
4:06:55 AM Moderator tpp Zephiles opened a Probably Empty Crate, and the content was nothing!
4:06:54 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 CN_
4:06:51 AM Cyndakip05 Y=A
4:06:48 AM mehhhhblehhhh no one bloody press Y
4:06:46 AM Twitch Prime lmaochantal you smell Kappa
4:06:43 AM Moderator tpp @shinyraichu94 Your buy order costs T60, you only have T44
4:06:43 AM shinyraichu94 !buybadge 1 steenee t60
4:06:42 AM 5hitposts V
4:06:41 AM Moderator tpp Bruzzlkoenig has grown to level 41!
4:06:39 AM Moderator tpp Hoothoot badge bought by @MichenSneeuwhart for T3 from @Zephiles
4:06:39 AM Moderator tpp Hoothoot badge put up for sale for T3 by @Zephiles
4:06:38 AM cheer 100 dingdingboom DBstyle WE SHOULD FLY
4:06:36 AM Iknowmyberries I smell a prinplup around here bous
4:06:27 AM 5hitposts v
4:06:18 AM Moderator tpp @shinyraichu94 2 Steenee badge(s) available, cheapest is T60
4:06:17 AM shinyraichu94 !buybadge steenee
4:06:15 AM Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo Then watch...
4:06:09 AM Iknowmyberries Bonk Birdywoo instead or Wahi
4:06:09 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime poolside123 4
4:05:59 AM Iknowmyberries tpp SIM DONT BONK ME
4:05:52 AM Twitch Prime lmaochantal LUL
4:05:51 AM Iknowmyberries I saw a prinplup shadow outside where the Rockruff usually are in the cave I think Kappa
4:05:48 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppsimulator @iknowmyberries rooBonk
4:05:47 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 otherwise no one can really fly alone Kappa
4:05:28 AM Moderator tpp @Iknowmyberries #394 Prinplup badges existing: 16, logarithmic inverse rarity: 11.0, higher is better
4:05:27 AM Iknowmyberries !checkbadge prinplup
4:05:27 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 we won't, it only happened because of A spam for item
4:05:16 AM Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo Because they think we won't instantly fly out once we reach the end...
4:05:07 AM 5hitposts cave is nice
4:04:57 AM Iknowmyberries Why are we still in the cave chat? Kappa
4:04:53 AM 3-Month Subscriber Birdywoo i have to afk rooBlind
4:04:51 AM Moderator tpp gregage transmuted #039 Jigglypuff, #019 Rattata and #161 Sentret, and the result is #118 Goldeen!
4:04:40 AM 5hitposts LUL
4:04:39 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 where the f is half of these encounter mons? is there another entrance to this cave where you can surf that I don't remember?
4:04:39 AM gregage ResidentSleeper
4:04:35 AM 3-Month Subscriber Birdywoo tppBless
4:04:25 AM 5hitposts even game is trolling us
4:04:18 AM Moderator tpp @Birdywoo Successfully enqueued for next pinball game on the blue table! Leave queue with /w tpp pinball leave
4:04:18 AM 5hitposts OpieOP
4:04:18 AM 3-Month Subscriber Birdywoo !pinball t1
4:04:17 AM Moderator tpp gregage started transmuting badges!
4:04:17 AM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 88,055,000 points (x2) on the silver pinball table. shinyraichu94, boombafunk and Birdywoo participated.
4:04:15 AM 5hitposts holy shit
4:04:08 AM Moderator tpp Birdywoo and digit333z started playing on the red pinball table. Highest bet is T1 from Birdywoo.
4:03:56 AM Cyndakip05 RU N
4:03:42 AM TwinDragonsOfChaos B sigh
4:03:31 AM 3-Month Subscriber Birdywoo i think we were trying to go to an island so primis can catch a certain pokemon rooIsee
4:03:27 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 confirmed DBstyle
4:03:27 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime poolside123 CarlSmile
4:03:25 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 comparing pre and post Leavanny fainting
4:03:11 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 Kappa ok yeah i'm pretty sure hustle does reduce encounters
4:02:59 AM 5hitposts Kappa so many
4:02:33 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 Ce-C
4:02:32 AM 3-Month Subscriber Birdywoo Congrats your level 44 @Karples ;P 7
4:02:20 AM Moderator tpp Brawlitup99 opened a Fun Crate, and the content was 6 Badge Rains (owned badges of your choice rain down on stream)!
4:02:12 AM 6-Month Subscriber WhatAboutGamingLive eun
4:02:09 AM Moderator tpp Karples has grown to level 44!
4:01:48 AM Moderator tpp @Pyrolyze won a #183 Marill badge from pinball!
4:01:47 AM mehhhhblehhhh please stop pressing Y
4:01:46 AM TwinDragonsOfChaos Where are you idiots going? East then up
4:01:36 AM Melia_Antiqua b=Ce-
4:01:32 AM 6-Month Subscriber WhatAboutGamingLive So what's the current plan? SeriousSloth
4:01:30 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 don't go out the exit or else we have to break rocks again NotLikeThis
4:01:22 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 boomba up now
4:01:21 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime poolside123 #yeet
4:01:14 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime poolside123 #Yeet
4:01:09 AM mehhhhblehhhh #yeet
4:01:08 AM Moderator tpp @digit333z Successfully enqueued for next pinball game on the red table! Leave queue with /w tpp pinball leave
4:01:08 AM cheer 100 digit333z !pinball t1
4:01:05 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 PogChamp
4:00:59 AM Moderator tpp @poolside123 you are level 78 and have 96693 exp, you need 63307 exp to level up
4:00:59 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime poolside123 !xp
4:00:58 AM cheer 100 dingdingboom PogChamp
4:00:58 AM 3-Month Subscriber Birdywoo :O 7
4:00:50 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime poolside123 Kappa Kappa Kappa
4:00:48 AM Aerro3D lol
4:00:38 AM KenjiDraco B+CS+Cw-\
4:00:32 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 @M4_used_Rollout or is noibat just really rare int he wild
4:00:22 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 @M4_used_Rollout are SOS mons part of the dexnav?
4:00:20 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime poolside123 Poke4
4:00:14 AM 2-Year Subscriber ZacharyStorch this is pokemon heartgold
3:59:59 AM 5hitposts this is ultra moon
3:59:52 AM Aerro3D this Pokemon x/y???
3:59:47 AM 2-Year Subscriber ZacharyStorch primodial sea lol
3:59:34 AM TwinDragonsOfChaos Poolside y u do this
3:59:28 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime poolside123 c
3:59:02 AM gregage VoHiYo
3:58:24 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime poolside123 PogChamp
3:58:19 AM Twitch Prime Karples OhMyDog ruru
3:58:19 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 PogChamp done it KappaClaus
3:58:19 AM 3-Month Subscriber Birdywoo lol
3:58:18 AM Twitch Prime lmaochantal sim Kappa
3:58:17 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime poolside123 #ITCANNOTBEALLOWED
3:58:14 AM cheer 100 dingdingboom PogChamp
3:58:13 AM 3-Month Subscriber Birdywoo @Iknowmyberries KappaClaus
3:58:11 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppsimulator PogChamp done it KappaClaus
3:58:09 AM 5hitposts Kappa
3:58:08 AM Moderator tpp @mehhhhblehhhh won a #179 Mareep badge from pinball!
3:58:07 AM 3-Month Subscriber Birdywoo Congrats your level 14 @luckyjiku :P /
3:58:01 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime poolside123 IT. CANNOT. BE. ALLOWED!
3:57:59 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime poolside123 U
3:57:57 AM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 @mehhhhblehhhh IT. CANNOT. BE. ALLOWED!
3:57:54 AM Moderator tpp luckyjiku has grown to level 14!
3:57:53 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 that's why it happened. this time we'll just skip that until the end Kappa
3:57:52 AM Iknowmyberries Birdywoo Kappa
3:57:46 AM 5hitposts just get reaady right after running from pkmn battle
3:57:41 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 it was just a freak fly, everyone was pressing A for the item
3:57:34 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 we'll be fine melia
3:57:32 AM mehhhhblehhhh i swear, if someone use the bloody charizard again
3:57:32 AM Moderator tpp @Birdywoo Successfully enqueued for next pinball game on the red table! Leave queue with /w tpp pinball leave
3:57:31 AM 3-Month Subscriber Birdywoo !pinball t1
3:57:29 AM Twitch Prime Karples OhMyDog
3:57:24 AM 3-Month Subscriber Birdywoo @Iknowmyberries idk if i trust ur wheys berries but ty rooSmug <3
3:57:21 AM Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo Sigh...really?
3:57:19 AM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 48,800,000 points (x1) on the gold pinball table. Birdywoo and InsaneGamersProductions participated.
3:57:19 AM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 Lord Amber will guide us to Victory
3:57:11 AM Moderator tpp shinyraichu94, boombafunk and Birdywoo started playing on the silver pinball table. Highest bet is T15 from shinyraichu94.
3:57:11 AM TwinDragonsOfChaos @poolside123 BabyRage
3:57:00 AM Twitch Prime Karples B+CS+CW=
3:57:00 AM Iknowmyberries Birdywoo its fine, its my job to teach the ignorent in the ways of the light PraiseIt DatSheffy
3:56:59 AM Moderator tpp @DeRp_Meister won a #177 Natu badge from pinball!
3:56:54 AM cheer 100 dingdingboom VoHiYo good mon
3:56:39 AM 3-Month Subscriber Birdywoo :O
3:56:34 AM 3-Month Subscriber Birdywoo @Iknowmyberries o sorry i didn't know rooBlind <3
3:56:30 AM KenjiDraco B+CW+Vs-
3:56:25 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 oh yeah Kappa last time we got both these in one FailFish
3:56:16 AM 3-Month Subscriber Birdywoo :O
3:56:15 AM 5hitposts stupid encounter
3:56:15 AM Moderator tpp @digit333z The reply has been whispered to you.
3:56:15 AM cheer 100 digit333z !badges
3:56:14 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber boombafunk SeriousSloth
3:56:13 AM Iknowmyberries Birdywoo in order to activate the tauros boost it needs a B in front of it like B+Cs
3:56:13 AM TwinDragonsOfChaos Kappa
3:56:11 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 B+cs+C
3:56:09 AM Moderator tpp digit333z opened a Uncommon Badge Crate, and the content was a #128 Tauros badge!
3:56:07 AM cheer 100 digit333z !useitem 11
3:55:59 AM x42bn6 VoHiYo
3:55:53 AM Moderator tpp @Masnateah you are level 219 and have 8849 exp, you need 151151 exp to level up
3:55:53 AM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Masnateah !level
3:55:45 AM Moderator tpp @poolside123 you are level 78 and have 84543 exp, you need 75457 exp to level up
3:55:44 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime poolside123 !xp
3:55:43 AM x42bn6 rhadam1Randy
3:55:42 AM 5hitposts hit you with that bi bi bi bi doof
3:55:39 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 B+cs+C
3:55:37 AM Melia_Antiqua cw=b-
3:55:36 AM 3-Month Subscriber Birdywoo rooBlank <3
3:55:35 AM Iknowmyberries What do we even need here a BigBooty Squirtle?
3:55:33 AM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Masnateah rooBlank
3:55:33 AM 3-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime poolside123 Rt
3:55:33 AM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 draconBlank
3:55:31 AM Moderator tpp digit333z opened a Uncommon Badge Crate, and the content was a #091 Cloyster badge!
3:55:29 AM cheer 100 digit333z !useitem 9
3:55:28 AM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 GODDOOF
3:55:27 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber boombafunk rooBlank
3:55:24 AM cheer 100 dingdingboom bidoof
3:55:19 AM Moderator tpp Tacobelltallyho opened a Probably Empty Crate, and the content was nothing!
3:55:14 AM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 which is right
3:55:09 AM dragonmorpheus We can do "b+cw+cs". That'll move us diagonally.
3:55:08 AM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 Carat vs Karat
3:55:04 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 why are the florges all blue Kappa
3:54:52 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 we did this before
3:54:47 AM 2-Year Subscriber SinR2014 B+C-
3:54:46 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber boombafunk yeah actually there were two glameows
3:54:45 AM Twitch Prime Karples can we not get the right angle?
3:54:40 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber boombafunk hmm
3:54:32 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 i thought the calls were 1 to 1 (or sometimes 2 to 1) per Pokémon
3:54:26 AM Moderator tpp @shinyraichu94 Successfully enqueued for next pinball game on the silver table! Leave queue with /w tpp pinball leave
3:54:26 AM shinyraichu94 !pinball t15
3:54:25 AM Moderator tpp digit333z opened a Uncommon Badge Crate, and the content was a #290 Nincada badge!
3:54:23 AM cheer 100 digit333z !useitem 5
3:54:18 AM TwinDragonsOfChaos oops
3:54:12 AM TwinDragonsOfChaos sim Kappa
3:54:09 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber boombafunk might not be a bad idea to run away from florges if it keep calling new pokemon? unless the calls aren't really randomized
3:54:02 AM Moderator tpp digit333z opened a Small Fun Crate, and the content was 1 Breaker (split a badge into 2 more common badges)!
3:54:01 AM cheer 100 digit333z !useitem 3
3:54:00 AM 2-Year Subscriber primis_richtofen TriHard duskuii
3:53:52 AM KenjiDraco Horde encounter?
3:53:50 AM 5hitposts duskuii :o
3:53:48 AM x42bn6 SeriousSloth ?
3:53:48 AM 3-Month Subscriber Birdywoo :O
3:53:40 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 still no crown here. hm
3:53:35 AM KenjiDraco B+c\s
3:53:27 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber boombafunk SeriousSloth
3:53:22 AM Twitch Prime Karples what is happening rn Kappa
3:53:21 AM Moderator tpp digit333z opened a Common Badge Crate, and the content was a #014 Kakuna badge!
3:53:18 AM cheer 100 digit333z !useitem 5
3:53:17 AM gregage meh
3:53:11 AM Twitch Prime lukerbom12 back into the dave DBstyle
3:53:10 AM 2-Year Subscriber primis_richtofen all those fully evo mons tppS
3:53:07 AM Moderator tpp @Skunkadomin won a #211 Qwilfish badge from pinball!
3:53:02 AM mehhhhblehhhh what are we doing?
3:53:00 AM cheer 100 dingdingboom VoHiYo RPGEpicStaff
3:52:53 AM Moderator tpp gregage opened a Small Fun Crate, and the content was 1 Mail (text message shown on stream)!
3:52:51 AM Moderator tpp digit333z opened a Common Badge Crate, and the content was a #164 Noctowl badge!
3:52:50 AM TwinDragonsOfChaos why are we searching the grass? Dexnav doesn't show anything here
3:52:49 AM cheer 100 digit333z !useitem 2
3:52:48 AM 2-Year Subscriber ZacharyStorch RPGAyaya RPGBukka
3:52:37 AM cheer 100 dingdingboom 🦀
3:52:32 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber boombafunk 🦀 HAU IS DEAD 🦀
3:52:21 AM Twitch Prime Karples 🦀
3:52:18 AM Moderator tpp digit333z opened a Small Fun Crate, and the content was 1 Emote Rain (emotes of your choice rain down on stream)!
3:52:17 AM cheer 100 digit333z !useitem 2
3:52:17 AM Moderator tpp @Elsoreth 4 Venusaur badge(s) available, cheapest is T40
3:52:16 AM Elsoreth !buybadge venusaur
3:52:08 AM Moderator tpp @primis_richtofen 1 Butterfree badge(s) available, cheapest is T21
3:52:08 AM 2-Year Subscriber primis_richtofen !buybadge butterfree