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3:44:37 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU :(
3:44:33 AM Subscriber BIRDJEYSUS @rtrtrtrtrt tppS
3:44:33 AM 2-Year Subscriber 村人 (murabito) we should have gone se :(
3:44:31 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU nooo OhMyDog
3:44:30 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne dogdogGod
3:44:24 AM rtrtrtrtrt dog backwards is god dogdogGood
3:44:18 AM rtrtrtrtrt God uses SE moves he told me dogdogGood
3:44:15 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne i would be amused
3:44:13 AM Twitch Prime Jukedog yall forreal gonna sit on c
3:44:13 AM 2-Year Subscriber 村人 (murabito) super rng
3:44:10 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne acc in hail should be boosted from 30 to 31
3:44:09 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU NOOO WE LOSE OhMyDog
3:43:59 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne rop
3:43:57 AM 2-Year Subscriber 村人 (murabito) tppS
3:43:57 AM Subscriber BIRDJEYSUS @rtrtrtrtrt pls dont say that OpieOP
3:43:48 AM 2-Year Subscriber 村人 (murabito) ACC BOOSTED IN HAIL OhMyDog
3:43:47 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU U CAN DO IT OhMyDog
3:43:38 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU HIT NOW OhMyDog
3:43:35 AM rtrtrtrtrt dogdogEZ
3:43:32 AM 2-Year Subscriber 村人 (murabito) tppS
3:43:32 AM rtrtrtrtrt Twice
3:43:29 AM rtrtrtrtrt hit sheer cold
3:43:25 AM Subscriber BIRDJEYSUS @murabito didn't know you talked tppS tppRng
3:43:25 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt pheeohnay 4Head
3:43:11 AM Subscriber BIRDJEYSUS tppS tppS tppS
3:43:09 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt KappaPride
3:43:08 AM 2-Year Subscriber 村人 (murabito) red smart
3:43:08 AM cheer 1 monochrome_burglar KappaPride
3:43:06 AM 2-Year Subscriber 村人 (murabito) yes!!!!!!!
3:43:02 AM 2-Year Subscriber 村人 (murabito) omg good plan red
3:43:02 AM rtrtrtrtrt and jesus did so dogdogGood
3:42:57 AM rtrtrtrtrt And god said to jesus: "Use SE moves"
3:42:55 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU Se OhMyDog
3:42:53 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne my 1% will do it.
3:42:47 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne im helping.
3:42:38 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU throwing FrankerZ
3:42:30 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt @monochrome_burglar get on C
3:42:23 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU lol FrankerZ
3:42:15 AM rtrtrtrtrt oh it is traitor nevermind Wowee
3:42:13 AM 2-Year Subscriber 村人 (murabito) wtf!!!!!!!!!!!
3:42:11 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU se what tf FrankerZ
3:42:08 AM rtrtrtrtrt who is the idiot on blue FrankerZ
3:42:07 AM Subscriber BIRDJEYSUS @murabito wtf
3:42:00 AM 2-Year Subscriber 村人 (murabito) wtf se didn't work FrankerZ
3:41:55 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU sit on c first FrankerZ
3:41:46 AM Baseball_Caniac seeing they play once a week there's what 100+ battles a day here?
3:41:40 AM rtrtrtrtrt dogdogGood
3:41:38 AM rtrtrtrtrt even noobs sometimes win
3:41:35 AM rtrtrtrtrt yeah true
3:41:27 AM Baseball_Caniac it's worse imo
3:41:27 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne twitch plays football
3:41:23 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU thief Kappa
3:41:16 AM rtrtrtrtrt that's almost as bad as some noobs on tpp
3:41:13 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @jlmaximus won a #122 Mr. Mime badge from pinball!
3:41:12 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt TriHard
3:41:04 AM rtrtrtrtrt wow
3:41:01 AM 2-Year Subscriber 村人 (murabito) FrankerZ ?
3:41:01 AM cheer 1 monochrome_burglar I can afford to give up
3:41:00 AM rtrtrtrtrt 19 in a row
3:40:56 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU mura im throwing Jebaited
3:40:53 AM Baseball_Caniac lost 19 in a row
3:40:52 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt @BIRDJEYSUS sim is mocking us
3:40:45 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt FeelsBadMan sim
3:40:43 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne sim that's not how math
3:40:43 AM 2-Year Subscriber 村人 (murabito) 1 whole game PogChamp
3:40:36 AM 6-Month Subscriber tppsimulator 4 all at 0 LUL
3:40:36 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne im proud i guess
3:40:33 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne they done it
3:40:23 AM Baseball_Caniac an American football team. Hadn't won a game in 695 days
3:40:17 AMelio_sb was timed out for 1 second.
3:40:17 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp The battle between Shiftry (Physical), Golbat (Physical), Abomasnow (Special) and Nidoqueen (Special), Phione (Special), Dodrio (Special) has just begun!
3:40:15 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @murabito placed a P2494 bet on blue.
3:40:12 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp The match starts in 5 seconds.
3:40:07 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp The match starts in 10 seconds.
3:40:06 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU FrankerZ
3:40:02 AM cheer 1 monochrome_burglar *higher
3:40:01 AM Elio_SB oh, ok
3:40:00 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU Good
3:39:57 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU sit a dogdogGoof
3:39:57 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp The match starts in 20 seconds.
3:39:56 AM cheer 1 monochrome_burglar why special dodrio? Attack is clearly highrt
3:39:56 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt tppLUL
3:39:48 AM Subscriber BIRDJEYSUS baseball tppLUL
3:39:47 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp The match starts in 30 seconds.
3:39:46 AM Elio_SB who?
3:39:42 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @EvilDragon16 placed a P224 bet on blue.
3:39:38 AM Subscriber BIRDJEYSUS @baseball_caniac what??
3:39:37 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp The match starts in 40 seconds.
3:39:35 AM Baseball_Caniac The Cleveland Browns won tripLUL
3:39:27 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp The match starts in 50 seconds.
3:39:23 AM rtrtrtrtrt dogdogGood
3:39:21 AM rtrtrtrtrt or red win
3:39:20 AM Baseball_Caniac so uh...something rare happened just now
3:39:20 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @oldenne placed a P69 bet on blue.
3:39:20 AM Subscriber BIRDJEYSUS Brazzers PowerUpL CrreamAwk PowerUpR
3:39:19 AM rtrtrtrtrt so either blue hit sheer cold
3:39:17 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp The match starts in 60 seconds.
3:39:11 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp The last pinball game achieved 121,376,000 points (x2) on the silver pinball table. acask, RealSnackMan and oldenne participated.
3:39:09 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne SeriousSloth /\ RaccAttack
3:39:09 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe and also follow me on linkedin hulu google+ and brazzers!
3:39:08 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @Baseball_Caniac placed a P1 bet on red.
3:39:05 AM cheer 1 monochrome_burglar yup @oldenne
3:39:04 AM Subscriber BIRDJEYSUS tppS tppRng
3:39:02 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp boombafunk and oldenne started playing on the red pinball table. Highest bet is T250 from boombafunk.
3:39:02 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne @anaid RaccAttack <3 <3 <3 !!!
3:38:56 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @fanpel placed a P200 bet on blue.
3:38:56 AM Subscriber BIRDJEYSUS no one laughed tppRng
3:38:55 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @assinineturd placed a P179 bet on red.
3:38:52 AM anaid Subscribe;)
3:38:51 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne this a speed tie after drop Kappa ...
3:38:50 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @RealSnackMan placed a P420 bet on red.
3:38:49 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU omg 3p FrankerZ
3:38:47 AM anaid Make sure to like subricbe
3:38:46 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @SummertimeNate placed a P1000 bet on blue.
3:38:45 AM Subscriber BIRDJEYSUS i said retweet 5 times before tppS tppRng
3:38:44 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU diana and pandem , wolfy BegWan
3:38:41 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @tppTeiHard placed a P500 bet on red.
3:38:40 AM anaid @yonnie_uwu BegWan <3
3:38:35 AM rtrtrtrtrt retweet like and share BegWan
3:38:30 AM Subscriber ELelVleNTaL_ flame
3:38:29 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @Yonnie_UwU placed a P2500 bet on blue.
3:38:27 AM Subscriber BIRDJEYSUS @murabito PowerUpL CrreamAwk PowerUpR
3:38:27 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @MegMalignity placed a P353 bet on blue.
3:38:23 AM anaid ;)
3:38:22 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @Cyb3rGnome placed a P1000 bet on blue.
3:38:22 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @mxpuck placed a P3000 bet on blue.
3:38:19 AM anaid retweetretweetretweetretweetretweetretweet
3:38:18 AM 2-Year Subscriber 村人 (murabito) woah 2 se attacks!! FrankerZ
3:38:17 AM Subscriber cheer 1 MegMalignity LMFAO
3:38:15 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @saggybutting8 placed a P100 bet on blue.
3:38:12 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @monochrome_burglar placed a P7500 bet on red.
3:38:11 AM rtrtrtrtrt dia na RaccAttack
3:38:10 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @MegMalignity placed a P10 bet on blue.
3:38:07 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt @ELelVleNTaL_ you want blizzard or flamethrower first?
3:38:06 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @dovahkiin6300 placed a P2387 bet on red.
3:38:05 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @TheModernMonkey placed a P200 bet on red.
3:37:57 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @BIRDJEYSUS placed a P1000 bet on red.
3:37:55 AM anaid rooBlank
3:37:51 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @Minimelt placed a P909 bet on red.
3:37:50 AM anaid @murabito RaccAttack <3
3:37:47 AM rtrtrtrtrt dogdogGood an aid
3:37:45 AM anaid @oldenne RaccAttack .... <3 !!!
3:37:44 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @jimmyjimmikins placed a P100 bet on blue.
3:37:42 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @ELelVleNTaL_ placed a P600 bet on red.
3:37:41 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU cutie BegWan
3:37:39 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @Jukedog placed a P9 bet on blue.
3:37:38 AM Moderator tppvisualizer
3:37:38 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp The Pokémon for the next match are Shiftry (Physical), Golbat (Physical), Abomasnow (Special) and Nidoqueen (Special), Phione (Special), Dodrio (Special)!
3:37:37 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @saltfund placed a P100 bet on blue.
3:37:36 AM 2-Year Subscriber 村人 (murabito) diana RaccAttack
3:37:35 AM anaid @minimelt rooW
3:37:32 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU Diana BegWan
3:37:31 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @vocaloidrocket placed a P505 bet on blue.
3:37:30 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne @anaid RaccAttack ... <3
3:37:28 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @acask placed a P460 bet on blue.
3:37:28 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp The early bet bonus is 30%.
3:37:27 AM anaid RaccAttack
3:37:23 AM rtrtrtrtrt anaiddiana RaccAttack
3:37:23 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt @anaid resc7
3:37:23 AM Subscriber BIRDJEYSUS thanks
3:37:18 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp New sidegame screenshot:
3:37:17 AM rtrtrtrtrt thanks for the honesty
3:37:17 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp A new match is about to begin! It will start in 3m0s
3:37:16 AM anaid rooREE
3:37:08 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @chickentender411 won a #159 Croconaw badge from pinball!
3:37:07 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne iron fail
3:36:59 AM Subscriber BIRDJEYSUS Kappa
3:36:59 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt that iron tail miss mattered heavily
3:36:55 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt gonna be totally honest with you guys
3:36:45 AM saggybutting8 !wait
3:36:38 AM cheer 1 monochrome_burglar that's even worse
3:36:37 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne <3 BegWan
3:36:37 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt 2️⃣ 0️⃣ 0️⃣ IQ
3:36:35 AM ソコプァ (plcx) maybe not
3:36:33 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1 RealSnackMan oldenne <3 BegWan
3:36:30 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne 2️⃣ 0️⃣ 0️⃣
3:36:29 AM rtrtrtrtrt dogdogGood
3:36:27 AM rtrtrtrtrt it was a high roll crit
3:36:20 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt @oldenne 200 IQ
3:36:19 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne ah tpp i love u
3:36:18 AM cheer 1 monochrome_burglar So close to winning
3:36:11 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne shadow claw on the turn where it dives, sucker punch on the turn where it hasn't surfaced yet Kappa
3:36:04 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt tppS tppRng tppCrit
3:36:03 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp Team Red won the match!
3:36:01 AM Subscriber cheer 1 MegMalignity <3 <3 <3
3:35:58 AM Twitch Prime Jukedog nice B)
3:35:58 AM Subscriber BIRDJEYSUS gg skills Kappa tppRng
3:35:53 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU rng lol
3:35:52 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne skill Kappa
3:35:51 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1 RealSnackMan BegWan
3:35:50 AM cheer 1 monochrome_burglar :(
3:35:49 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt tppS tppRng
3:35:49 AM cheer 1 monochrome_burglar WHY
3:35:46 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt tppRng
3:35:45 AM rtrtrtrtrt suckers dogdogGood
3:35:44 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt ez
3:35:40 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne oh Kappa
3:35:40 AM rtrtrtrtrt sucker
3:35:32 AM 2-Year Subscriber 村人 (murabito) who this alt Wowee
3:35:31 AM Subscriber BIRDJEYSUS Kappa
3:35:25 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU Wowee
3:35:24 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne i could help i guess but i'm too amused Kappa
3:35:19 AM 2-Year Subscriber 村人 (murabito) red Wowee
3:35:14 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne guys Kappa
3:35:11 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt @BIRDJEYSUS DansGame
3:35:08 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU Kappa
3:35:02 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne Kappa ...
3:35:02 AM rtrtrtrtrt rip blue win Wowee
3:34:51 AM cheer 1 monochrome_burglar pls crit or we lose
3:34:49 AM rtrtrtrtrt need screech this turn
3:34:30 AM Subscriber ELelVleNTaL_ looks good
3:34:22 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt LUL
3:34:19 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne for some reason i thought it was speed tie but we're 1 faster Kappa
3:34:15 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt HAHAHA
3:34:14 AM Moderator 3-Month Subscriber tpp @cmonbruh_only won a #158 Totodile badge from pinball!
3:34:13 AM Subscriber ELelVleNTaL_ wow
3:34:10 AM rtrtrtrtrt dogdogS
3:34:06 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU what is se use it now FrankerZ
3:34:06 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne wait hang on Kappa we're faster
3:34:05 AM 6-Month Subscriber tppsimulator tppS tppS tppS tppRng
3:33:59 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU FrankerZ
3:33:55 AM 2-Year Subscriber 村人 (murabito) that's definitely not se FrankerZ
3:33:29 AM Subscriber ELelVleNTaL_ d
3:33:25 AM 2-Year Subscriber 村人 (murabito) good job blue identifying the se attack
3:33:18 AM rtrtrtrtrt the baby kang fell out dogdogF
3:33:05 AM Subscriber BIRDJEYSUS filthy
3:33:02 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt 4️⃣
3:32:57 AM Twitch Prime Jukedog she's duckin
3:32:56 AM 2-Year Subscriber 村人 (murabito) that animation LuL
3:32:54 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt 4 FeelsBadMan
3:32:54 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne 4️⃣
3:32:54 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU wtf Kappa
3:32:49 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne THE BABY FELL ON THE GROUND
3:32:44 AM Subscriber cheer 1 MegMalignity Lead me to victory!
3:32:41 AM rtrtrtrtrt dogdogLOL
3:32:38 AM rtrtrtrtrt tthis animation
3:32:33 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne 8️⃣
3:32:29 AM Twitch Prime Jukedog the tiny kanga oml...
3:32:29 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU animaton Kappa
3:32:29 AM rtrtrtrtrt dogdogGood fissure to finish it off red
3:32:27 AM cheer 1 monochrome_burglar abusive mother
3:32:26 AM Subscriber cheer 100 Minimelt 8 PogChamp
3:32:25 AM Subscriber cheer 1 MegMalignity ....
3:32:20 AM rtrtrtrtrt lol
3:32:19 AM rtrtrtrtrt this animation
3:32:19 AM Subscriber Yonnie_UwU ohko OhMyDog
3:32:10 AM Subscriber BIRDJEYSUS don't fissure
3:31:56 AM 6-Month Subscriber oldenne lc Kappa
3:31:53 AM cheer 1 monochrome_burglar this is why no one likes you
3:31:49 AM rtrtrtrtrt use fissure Wowee OHKO