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9:51:29 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 OK, we healed
9:51:15 AM Moderator tpp MegaZard has grown to level 148!
9:51:12 AM Subscriber Ordsey yeah moms like their kids to be fat for some reason
9:51:04 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU so she want me to get fat again Kappa
9:50:46 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU but mom think i was so cute Kappa
9:50:39 AM TheGenwunner @Ordsey roo4
9:50:35 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU yeah 55kg was smal and round yonnie Kappa
9:50:30 AM Subscriber Ordsey Wunny cute like jigglypuff
9:50:27 AM TheGenwunner Yonnie you said you don't >(
9:50:18 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU wunny funny Kappa
9:50:12 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU wunny stop Kappa
9:50:05 AM TheGenwunner Small and round Yonnie Kappa
9:50:03 AM Subscriber MegaZard B shiny stall Kappa
9:50:01 AM Elsoreth I weigh more than 55 kg Kappa I think Kappa
9:49:59 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 So it's only Golbat and our 2 marks in this water?
9:49:44 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU 55kg for my height is fat Kappa
9:49:28 AM TheGenwunner Oh no 55kg Kappa
9:49:27 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU don't be like that Kappa
9:49:26 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppsimulator @charmybee99 we just go to a Ghost E4, if I even poorer than before Kappa
9:49:19 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU and i was 55kg Kappa
9:49:16 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 right the search engine?
9:49:14 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU i use to be like that Kappa
9:49:04 AM Subscriber MegaZard no, he uses Bing
9:49:04 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU it just bad
9:49:00 AM Twitch Prime TheW3lshGamer right 5
9:48:57 AM 6-Month Subscriber VerseQuencial Bing eating? WutFace
9:48:54 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU he binging every day
9:48:48 AM Subscriber MegaZard TPFufun if it wasnt clear im also abstaining
9:48:45 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU and that is bad
9:48:41 AM TheGenwunner No one does Kappa
9:48:41 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU he is bing eating
9:48:39 AM Subscriber MegaZard THE TPP WAY BORT
9:48:37 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer @realdonaldtrump WRONG DBstyle
9:48:36 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU no Kappa
9:48:32 AM Subscriber MegaZard if u have an issue with that go input :)
9:48:27 AM TheGenwunner But do you eat as much as kibble? Kappa
9:48:26 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 left You'd win that easily
9:48:26 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer @Yonnie_UwU WRONG DBstyle
9:48:21 AM Subscriber MegaZard he changed
9:48:18 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer 4Head
9:48:13 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer PMSTwin
9:48:12 AM 6-Month Subscriber VerseQuencial He abstained he didn't vote VabyRage
9:48:11 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU i eat the most Kappa
9:48:11 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer PMSTwon
9:48:10 AM Subscriber MegaZard best inputter wins 4HEad
9:48:07 AM Subscriber Me10etta DendiFace @Keksbaer
9:48:05 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer @Yonnie_UwU yes Keepo
9:48:00 AM Subscriber MegaZard and u know what tpp does when same majority
9:47:59 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU no Kappa
9:47:58 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer @Me10etta 4Head
9:47:57 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU uhm Kappa
9:47:50 AM Subscriber MegaZard now
9:47:49 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer @Yonnie_UwU you didnt get enough food Keepo
9:47:47 AM Subscriber MegaZard well its 1-1
9:47:40 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer @Yonnie_UwU oh, that explains why u so small Keepo
9:47:38 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 I'm sure M4 would like Azu though
9:47:37 AM Subscriber MegaZard verse LUL
9:47:33 AM 6-Month Subscriber VerseQuencial The majority votes e4 Kappa
9:47:31 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU @megazard Kappa
9:47:30 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 I'd like Floatzel, but if E4 is more important, I'll go for that
9:47:25 AM TheGenwunner @MegaZard Kappa
9:47:21 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU since i have 8 older brothers ? Kappa
9:47:17 AM Subscriber MegaZard everyone else not caring Kappa
9:47:16 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 I'm abstaining
9:47:02 AM 6-Month Subscriber VerseQuencial VoteYea
9:47:00 AM TheGenwunner rooAww !
9:46:58 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer @Yonnie_UwU since when you a lil princes? cmonBruh
9:46:55 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU @thegenwunner yes rooAww
9:46:52 AM Subscriber MegaZard GO TO E4 VoteYea HUNT FOR FLOATZEL/AZUMARILL VoteNay
9:46:49 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU love you brother Kappa
9:46:45 AM TheGenwunner @Yonnie_UwU Is today meatballs as food? rooAww
9:46:42 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU well he said i am lil princess so Kappa
9:46:39 AM Twitch Prime Stevd927 surf the weasel bruh
9:46:36 AM Subscriber MegaZard i dond mind
9:46:36 AM 6-Month Subscriber VerseQuencial No tokies for pinball FeelsBadMan
9:46:30 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer @Me10etta PMSTwin /
9:46:29 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 or go to ladder 3?
9:46:29 AM Subscriber MegaZard sure
9:46:25 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 Do we just go on a hunt now?
9:46:25 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer WUNNY rooAww
9:46:23 AM Subscriber MegaZard yonnie no tppS
9:46:23 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU untill i recover Kappa
9:46:22 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer Yonnie rooAww
9:46:21 AM TheGenwunner Kappa
9:46:09 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU now i will turn into a gold digger with my brother Kappa
9:46:02 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 Gotta go back to where we got on
9:45:55 AM TheGenwunner I mean, even poorer than before Kappa
9:45:49 AM Subscriber MegaZard no trainer Kappa
9:45:45 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU yes Kappa
9:45:40 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppsimulator @Elsoreth were they weren't especially attractive though, pretty much only connects to your pockets you Kappa
9:45:40 AM TheGenwunner Now yonnie is poor RaccAttack
9:45:33 AM Subscriber MegaZard PogChamp heal
9:45:33 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 Cool
9:45:27 AM Subscriber Ordsey D:
9:45:21 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU D:
9:45:13 AM TheGenwunner D:
9:45:10 AM Subscriber MegaZard no trainer
9:45:08 AM 6-Month Subscriber VerseQuencial Are u even grill yonnie &-00-
9:45:07 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU i even put some money behind the phonecase sigh
9:45:05 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 LUL
9:44:56 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 There's no guy either
9:44:42 AM Subscriber MegaZard b+w- yeah
9:44:40 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU @thegenwunner look at my face and the colllection * this girl is fucking psycho * Kappa
9:44:40 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 That's so weird
9:44:37 AM Subscriber MegaZard PogChamp
9:44:35 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 Nice
9:44:24 AM Subscriber MegaZard im just looking for an item
9:44:20 AM Subscriber MegaZard we're fine
9:44:19 AM Subscriber MegaZard its ok
9:44:14 AM Tyceeeee shiet
9:44:11 AM TheGenwunner @Yonnie_UwU He will think that you are surgeon Kappa
9:44:08 AM 6-Month Subscriber VerseQuencial #NanamiDid9/11
9:44:05 AM Subscriber MegaZard @Tyceeeee nope flash is a tm in this hac
9:44:05 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU #BlameZard
9:44:02 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 @Tyceeeee Our only flash user is boxed
9:43:54 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 Try the notched bit? It might just be a map bug
9:43:53 AM Tyceeeee dont you have flash?
9:43:52 AM Subscriber MegaZard #NanamiDidNothingWrong
9:43:43 AM TheGenwunner #BlameNanami
9:43:40 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU @thegenwunner i hope who got my phone love my collection Kappa
9:43:34 AM TheGenwunner Nightbot
9:43:33 AM 6-Month Subscriber VerseQuencial #BlameNanami
9:43:17 AM Elsoreth Who has the most messages?
9:43:14 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 Victory Road just has mostly darkness
9:43:14 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer PMSTwin
9:43:09 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU OpieOP
9:43:04 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU OpieOp sure
9:43:04 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 There's usually full vision
9:43:00 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer GUYS TPP IS THE USER WITH THE 29th MOST MESSAGES rooPog
9:42:59 AM Subscriber MegaZard Kappa
9:42:58 AM Subscriber MegaZard thousand words*
9:42:49 AM 6-Month Subscriber VerseQuencial My picture is worth a thousand yonnie, i'll send you one OpieOP
9:42:46 AM Subscriber MegaZard we'll go to e4 soon dotn worry
9:42:46 AM TheGenwunner :(
9:42:42 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU im sad :(
9:42:42 AM Subscriber MegaZard @Tyceeeee EleGiggle
9:42:35 AM Tyceeeee no vision and everyone contoirlls
9:42:29 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU NotLikeThis
9:42:23 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU nooo
9:42:21 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU god dammit
9:42:20 AM TheGenwunner disgusting Kappa
9:42:19 AM Subscriber MegaZard what is cancer? @Tyceeeee
9:42:18 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU nooo
9:42:16 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU my tumors collection
9:42:15 AM 6-Month Subscriber VerseQuencial Give sheddy instead BabyRage
9:42:12 AM Tyceeeee omg this is so cancer
9:42:11 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU i lost it all
9:42:01 AM Subscriber MegaZard @VerseQuencial cuz weak :(
9:41:56 AM TheGenwunner Kappa ...
9:41:56 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU i am the real one Kappa
9:41:55 AM Subscriber MegaZard ordsey tppS
9:41:53 AM 6-Month Subscriber VerseQuencial Why does RaccAttack have exp share PunOko
9:41:49 AM Subscriber Ordsey was yonnie ever the real yonnie?
9:41:45 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU @thegenwunner tumors collection Kappa
9:41:31 AM Subscriber MegaZard 🤔
9:41:29 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU wunny now im scared Kappa
9:41:28 AM 6-Month Subscriber VerseQuencial Shaymin outleveled starter TriHard
9:41:24 AM TheGenwunner How I know that you are real Yonnie and not someone who uses Yonnie's phone and Twitch account rooThink
9:41:17 AM Subscriber MegaZard b+n- bye L TriHard S E R
9:41:14 AM Subscriber Ordsey LUL
9:41:07 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 LUL
9:41:05 AM Subscriber MegaZard haha burn
9:40:57 AM 6-Month Subscriber VerseQuencial Nanami BabyRage
9:40:53 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 There could be new unexpected walls
9:40:50 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU hope they won't scroll up and read Kappa
9:40:47 AM Subscriber Ordsey also people BabyRage at Nanami a lot BabyRage
9:40:41 AM Onilinkle linkyDong
9:40:40 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 I mean, it's not beyond doubt. We have clipped into walls and doors before
9:40:40 AM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 21,433,600 points (x0) on the gold pinball table. Scarlet_SlaughterSword participated.
9:40:40 AM Subscriber MegaZard @Keksbaer link pls
9:40:34 AM Onilinkle critical hitties
9:40:32 AM Subscriber MegaZard noob haha
9:40:32 AM TheGenwunner Kappa ...
9:40:31 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU all the text is Kappa
9:40:27 AM 6-Month Subscriber VerseQuencial Oh
9:40:23 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU my text with my ex oh boi Kappa
9:40:21 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer @VerseQuencial no she typed the 9th most messages PMSTwin
9:40:16 AM Subscriber Ordsey #Nanami
9:40:09 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer @Yonnie_UwU how are you? PMSTwin
9:40:09 AM Onilinkle WHAT
9:40:08 AM TheGenwunner Kappa ?
9:40:07 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 or are unreachable
9:40:06 AM Onilinkle 1 YEAR OF SUBBING?
9:40:05 AM Subscriber MegaZard from 2016 verse
9:40:04 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 I think the map got subtly changed and they no longer exist
9:40:00 AM 6-Month Subscriber VerseQuencial Wait nanami is the #9 most used word on tpp? TriHard
9:39:59 AM Subscriber MegaZard TriHard
9:39:55 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU wait Kappa
9:39:55 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer @MegaZard im 47 TriHard
9:39:53 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 That's what we keep bonking on, though
9:39:51 AM Onilinkle Frick
9:39:49 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer @Me10etta PMSTwin /
9:39:46 AM TheGenwunner Good RaccAttack
9:39:45 AM Subscriber MegaZard no Onilinkle
9:39:41 AM Subscriber MegaZard @Gameface252 also that item and trainer on top
9:39:40 AM Onilinkle have we got an aggron yet
9:39:36 AM Cyb3rGnome cheers for the players.
9:39:34 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU i don't use credit card
9:39:30 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer nanami is 9th CoolCat
9:39:20 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 I say we go back to the lower water, look for Azu and Floatzel if wanted, then go to ladder 3 for progress
9:39:19 AM Subscriber MegaZard and its from 2016 keks
9:39:15 AM Subscriber MegaZard :) oh i reached 10 nice
9:39:15 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer @TheGenwunner who? PMSTwin
9:39:15 AM 6-Month Subscriber VerseQuencial Mine is still worse yonnie Jebaited
9:39:12 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU nah
9:39:07 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer @MegaZard you typed the 10 most messages on tpp rooPog
9:39:07 AM TheGenwunner Soon you remember that it has your credit card information Kappa
9:38:59 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU wtf grammar Jebaited
9:38:50 AM Moderator tpp @saultyroom won a #175 Togepi badge from pinball!
9:38:45 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU i don't think there is more anything i should worry about on my phone Kappa
9:38:43 AM Subscriber MegaZard trainer here but dont go all the wat
9:38:42 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 It pretty much only connects to the ladder 4 area though
9:38:39 AM TheGenwunner rooAww
9:38:38 AM Subscriber Ordsey there you go pigeots TriHard
9:38:34 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer rooAww
9:38:32 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer FUNgineer PMSTwin
9:38:26 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer also good rooAww
9:38:24 AM Subscriber MegaZard there we go
9:38:20 AM TheGenwunner You? rooAww
9:38:12 AM TheGenwunner @Keksbaer Good rooAww
9:38:10 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 There's a beach point left
9:38:04 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer @TheGenwunner how are you? rooAww
9:38:00 AM Subscriber MegaZard i guess go right until land
9:37:59 AM 6-Month Subscriber VerseQuencial PMSTwin /
9:37:54 AM Subscriber MegaZard tppS dave
9:37:53 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 There should be a guy directly under us
9:37:51 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer @VerseQuencial PMSTwin
9:37:47 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer @MegaZard cave tppS
9:37:46 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU Kappa
9:37:43 AM 6-Month Subscriber VerseQuencial Z
9:37:43 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU *am
9:37:42 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer WUNNY rooAww
9:37:39 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU i never lie when i said i ak depressed Kappa
9:37:38 AM Subscriber MegaZard tppS are we
9:37:36 AM TheGenwunner Wunny remembers everything rooAww
9:37:36 AM Subscriber MegaZard where
9:37:33 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer ZARD tppS
9:37:32 AM Subscriber MegaZard no
9:37:32 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 Upper lake, next to the jutting bit
9:37:27 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU see wunny Kappa
9:37:24 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppsimulator only take us guys can do it. I even I said good
9:37:24 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 I tapped down a few times, it only bonked
9:37:23 AM Subscriber MegaZard where tf are we
9:37:21 AM 1-Year Subscriber Keksbaer @Yonnie_UwU rooAww
9:37:13 AM 3-Month Subscriber Yonnie_UwU good Kappa
9:37:13 AM Subscriber MegaZard did we go down or what
9:37:08 AM Subscriber MegaZard wtf
9:37:08 AM Scarlet_SlaughterSword RaccAttack
9:37:07 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 Gameface252 Guess we can't get it then
9:37:04 AM TheGenwunner I will never visit vietnam Kappa