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10:04:21 PM 6-Month Subscriber fenris2142 chat pushing for pc, could try to seal Lairon now Kappa
10:04:20 PM Moderator Subscriber Turbo Sandoz1 tppPc
10:04:19 PM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 kbjhon sect
10:04:06 PM 69floatzel69 UUP
10:04:01 PM Subscriber Candina GrammarKing
10:03:38 PM 69floatzel69 RIGHT0
10:03:35 PM Subscriber VerseQuencial TheIlluminati select sect TheIlluminati
10:03:32 PM Moderator tpp @CoreyXP won a #063 Abra badge from pinball!
10:03:21 PM 6-Month Subscriber tppsimulator i did?
10:03:15 PM Subscriber RealSnackMan Whats with the select spam LUL
10:03:11 PM hrgbrlst Still no run badge this run MikeHogu
10:03:04 PM cheer 100 Dugglex I want a gen 3 BabyRage
10:02:52 PM cheer 100 Dugglex @Lord_Kibbleton Kappa
10:02:46 PM Lord_Kibbleton @Dugglex i got TriHard 0 TriHard
10:02:38 PM cheer 100 Dugglex Its gen 1 tho BabyRag
10:02:29 PM cheer 100 Dugglex PogCHamp I GOT A RUN BADGE
10:01:50 PM Lord_Kibbleton KonCha NEED HEAL DBstyle
10:01:40 PM Nicioreon can we heal LUL
10:01:29 PM hrgbrlst @Zaphimu Not really, we came to evolve Lairon but it died Keepo
10:01:18 PM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 117,834,150 points (x3) on the red pinball table. medechi participated.
10:01:16 PM 6-Month Subscriber fenris2142 b+u
10:01:13 PM 6-Month Subscriber fenris2142 b+u
10:01:10 PM 6-Month Subscriber fenris2142 b+u
10:01:07 PM 6-Month Subscriber fenris2142 b+u
10:01:04 PM 6-Month Subscriber fenris2142 b+u
10:00:58 PM Moderator tpp Ektana, medechi and CoreyXP started playing on the blue pinball table. Highest bet is T2 from Ektana.
10:00:47 PM Zaphimu Let me guess... grinding? OpieOP
10:00:41 PM ReddyLion b+
10:00:17 PM SylphidFie at least overwrite with leaf blade RaccAttack
10:00:07 PM SylphidFie sword dance is not ok with us Kappa
9:59:51 PM Jespoke Actually no, its current moveset is great OpieOP
9:59:31 PM SylphidFie of course we want a move that covers poison Kappa
9:59:27 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous Gyrados from pinball PogChamp
9:59:25 PM 3-Month Subscriber nanami44 IT OK Kippa
9:59:18 PM SylphidFie our psychic coverage BabyRage
9:59:14 PM Moderator tpp @Quetzacotlchu won a #130 Gyarados badge from pinball!
9:59:13 PM 3-Month Subscriber nanami44 it ok Kippa
9:59:12 PM hrgbrlst Did we even want that? Kappa
9:59:10 PM Twitch Prime SirCoop fuck
9:59:07 PM Moderator cheer 10000 1in256Miss it ok
9:59:06 PM SylphidFie NOOOOOOO BabyRage
9:59:06 PM 3-Month Subscriber nanami44 rip
9:59:04 PM 3-Month Subscriber nanami44 Kappa lol ok
9:59:03 PM SylphidFie AHHHH BabyRage
9:59:03 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous Rip Kappa
9:59:02 PM cheer 100 CountRaposa Kappa
9:58:53 PM Rjri Kappa
9:58:50 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous PogChamp
9:58:48 PM SylphidFie PSY
9:58:44 PM SylphidFie PogChamp 40
9:58:43 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous Hype OhMyDog
9:58:37 PM 3-Month Subscriber nanami44 DBstyle
9:58:37 PM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 kbjhon sect
9:58:35 PM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 kbjhon TriHard
9:58:33 PM SylphidFie porygon DBstyle go gamble
9:58:31 PM Subscriber Candina RaccAttack nuuuurse
9:58:23 PM Subscriber Candina OhMyDog .
9:58:21 PM 3-Month Subscriber nanami44 DBstyle guys who are we missing?
9:58:18 PM Subscriber Candina OhMyDog
9:58:15 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous LVL INCOMING OhMyDog
9:58:08 PM SylphidFie 26 pokemon to complete pokedex DBstyle
9:58:05 PM hrgbrlst Butterfly VoHiYo
9:57:59 PM SylphidFie 125 get PogChamp
9:57:50 PM 3-Month Subscriber nanami44 tppS
9:57:46 PM Subscriber Candina tppS
9:57:45 PM Moderator tpp @Dugglex won this run's #108 Lickitung badge!
9:57:45 PM Subscriber Candina dogdogS
9:57:43 PM Subscriber Candina tppS
9:57:43 PM Nicioreon #who
9:57:39 PM Subscriber Candina OhMyDog // @Dugglex
9:57:36 PM 6-Month Subscriber fenris2142 :P
9:57:35 PM hrgbrlst No name DansGame
9:57:34 PM 3-Month Subscriber nanami44 very useful OneHand
9:57:34 PM SylphidFie saliva Kappa
9:57:34 PM Subscriber stvrunner OhMyDog
9:57:29 PM Subscriber Candina OhMyDog .
9:57:29 PM Subscriber VerseQuencial #who
9:57:28 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous I dont want it Kappa
9:57:27 PM Moderator cheer 10000 1in256Miss Wowee
9:57:27 PM Subscriber Candina OhMyDog
9:57:25 PM Hudss #who
9:57:25 PM Twitch Prime wx_Bombadil HOT
9:57:24 PM Twitch Prime EgonIsCoolCat we win
9:57:24 PM Subscriber EskimoJoeSA PogChamp
9:57:24 PM SylphidFie \ RaccAttack /
9:57:22 PM Subscriber Candina TYPE OhMyDog if u want this
9:57:21 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous Kappa
9:57:19 PM Twitch Prime SirCoop gg
9:57:18 PM Subscriber Candina ez
9:57:17 PM lurxing CATCH!
9:57:17 PM RomanoffBlitzer PogChamp
9:57:15 PM Moderator cheer 10000 1in256Miss Kappa lol
9:57:15 PM Subscriber Candina chat stop masturbating to miley cyrus OhMyDog
9:57:08 PM 3-Month Subscriber nanami44 neutral OhMyDo
9:57:05 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous PLS KILL IT IDIOTS Kappa
9:57:04 PM SylphidFie just catc this tongue monster Kappa
9:56:53 PM Subscriber VerseQuencial AHHUUUUUHH RalpherZ
9:56:50 PM Subscriber Candina CHAT IS ORGASMING TO MILEY CYRUS
9:56:46 PM Twitch Prime EgonIsCoolCat I mean ye
9:56:46 PM Subscriber Candina CHAT IS CUMMING TO MIELEY CYRUS
9:56:42 PM Subscriber Candina CHAT IS CUMMING RalpherZ
9:56:39 PM Moderator cheer 10000 1in256Miss miley cyrus again BrokeBack
9:56:38 PM Subscriber Candina CHAT IS GONNA CUM RalpherZ
9:56:32 PM Subscriber VerseQuencial That’s a lombre hombre
9:56:31 PM Twitch Prime EgonIsCoolCat @SylphidFie 4Head
9:56:27 PM 3-Month Subscriber nanami44 yeah it's lombre RaccAttack
9:56:23 PM hrgbrlst That's Lombre, yeah
9:56:22 PM SylphidFie yep lombre RaccAttack
9:56:21 PM Twitch Prime Bloosiven leff+down
9:56:13 PM SylphidFie w8... RaccAttack
9:56:06 PM Subscriber VerseQuencial Crit mattered DBstyle
9:56:03 PM Twitch Prime EgonIsCoolCat @SylphidFie Lombre?
9:55:59 PM Subscriber Candina @SylphidFie RaccAttack if its next to lotad it must be lombre OhMyDog
9:55:57 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous LOL OhMyDog
9:55:57 PM SylphidFie oh lombre right Kappa
9:55:49 PM Moderator tpp @CoreyXP won a #129 Magikarp badge from pinball!
9:55:49 PM Subscriber Candina @SylphidFie RaccAttack wait
9:55:47 PM Twitch Prime EgonIsCoolCat Lombre meh dude
9:55:45 PM Subscriber Candina RaccAttack @SylphidFie umm
9:55:42 PM SylphidFie @Candina on water? RaccAttack
9:55:42 PM Subscriber Candina @SylphidFie RaccAttack show to me
9:55:39 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous 40 OhMyDog
9:55:34 PM cheer 1 Bugboyeav Oh darn, we tought a pokemon fly. How many times have we flown away from something good so far?
9:55:28 PM Subscriber Candina @SylphidFie RaccAttack nuzleef ?
9:55:24 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous mobe2
9:55:18 PM SylphidFie what the hell is the X shaped mon on dexnav RaccAttack
9:55:11 PM Subscriber VerseQuencial Giratina cannot learn trick room Kappa
9:55:09 PM Subscriber Candina i d i o t a
9:55:02 PM Twitch Prime EgonIsCoolCat Shiny Charm Dex BabyRage Kappa
9:55:02 PM Subscriber Candina idiota
9:55:02 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous Close Kappa
9:55:01 PM 3-Month Subscriber MistyOfCerulean @SylphidFie WHAT'S THIS WutFace
9:54:59 PM Subscriber Candina idiot
9:54:57 PM cheer 1 Bugboyeav TREE
9:54:54 PM Subscriber Candina RaccAttack //
9:54:52 PM Subscriber Candina RaccAttack /
9:54:50 PM Subscriber Candina RaccAttack //
9:54:48 PM SylphidFie @MistyOfCerulean WutFace the colosseum?
9:54:42 PM cheer 1 Bugboyeav Select OP, pls nerf
9:54:40 PM cheer 100 Dugglex Catch more pokemon BabyRage
9:54:37 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous Soon all be over 40 PogChamp
9:54:36 PM 3-Month Subscriber MistyOfCerulean Probably my teacher ended in the distortion world Kappa
9:54:22 PM Subscriber VerseQuencial Catch DBstyle
9:54:02 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous Greed Kappa
9:54:02 PM cheer 1 Bugboyeav THE SECT WILL NEVER BE ELECT
9:53:55 PM Subscriber Candina tppS its op poliwag
9:53:46 PM Moderator tpp Jigglypuff badge bought by @fenris2142 for T1 from @CoreyXP
9:53:45 PM Moderator tpp Jigglypuff badge put up for sale for T1 by @CoreyXP
9:53:42 PM hrgbrlst DBstyle Memento is STAB
9:53:38 PM Subscriber Candina Kippa meme
9:53:34 PM Moderator tpp @binblauesschaf won a #016 Pidgey badge from pinball!
9:53:33 PM 3-Month Subscriber nanami44 moneyprint Kippa
9:53:26 PM Subscriber Candina Kippa Kippa Kippa Kippa
9:53:23 PM Subscriber Candina Kippa memento
9:53:19 PM Subscriber Candina Kappa .
9:53:16 PM 3-Month Subscriber nanami44 Kappa
9:53:13 PM Subscriber Candina Kappa
9:53:12 PM Subscriber Candina OhMyDog .
9:53:10 PM Subscriber Candina OhMyDog
9:53:08 PM Subscriber Candina wait that was caught on start of rfun
9:52:58 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout Ooh I remember this place. This is where we could catch Azumarill in Pyrite IIRC
9:52:58 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous move"
9:52:54 PM Subscriber Candina WHO GOT LOTAD BADGE OhMyDog
9:52:43 PM 3-Month Subscriber nanami44 welcome back twitchplayspokemon Kappa ?
9:52:40 PM Subscriber Candina hi streamer KonCha tppSlowpoke
9:52:37 PM Subscriber Candina reddylion heal RaccAttack heaaaal
9:52:36 PM cheer 1 Bugboyeav Oh hey, we didn't release a fire starter yet, let's see how long that lasts!
9:52:18 PM Subscriber Candina @SylphidFie RalpherZ LOL
9:52:09 PM SylphidFie @Candina Nope Kappa we did overwrite it then reddy did teach flamethrower tm
9:52:06 PM Twitch Prime EgonIsCoolCat heheehe skuntank ferht 4Head
9:52:04 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout Revives are in the bag not the party screen
9:52:02 PM cheer 1 Bugboyeav 5, 99
9:51:54 PM cheer 1 Bugboyeav 223, 181
9:51:51 PM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 kbjhon TriHard
9:51:49 PM Subscriber Candina flamethrower is natural
9:51:49 PM cheer 1 Bugboyeav 223, 281
9:51:48 PM Ordsey @M4_used_Rollout use shadow claw, ball better for frostlass. Dark pulse probably best
9:51:45 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous TriHard
9:51:40 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @SylphidFie I mean the TMs we still have
9:51:40 PM Subscriber Candina @SylphidFie TriHard
9:51:40 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime Rotodin !level
9:51:39 PM 6-Month Subscriber tppsimulator sect wtf TriHard
9:51:35 PM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 100 kbjhon sect
9:51:30 PM SylphidFie @M4_used_Rollout nah flamethrower on thyplosion is a tm
9:51:29 PM Subscriber Candina RalpherZ ...
9:51:26 PM Subscriber Candina @M4_used_Rollout so be careful RalpherZ
9:51:16 PM Moderator tpp kbjhon has grown to level 24!
9:51:14 PM Subscriber Candina @M4_used_Rollout OneHand
9:51:14 PM SylphidFie poison jab Kappa
9:51:09 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @Candina ok but we've used them 0 times so far
9:51:00 PM Subscriber Candina we got aids
9:50:56 PM Subscriber Candina @M4_used_Rollout one use only this gen RalpherZ
9:50:52 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout we have tons of things to teach over Memento
9:50:46 PM SylphidFie froslass could use shadow ball Kappa
9:50:43 PM lurxing uP=a
9:50:42 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout Dark Pulse...
9:50:32 PM Subscriber Candina OhMyDog hes a pedophile
9:50:31 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @SylphidFie Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw...
9:50:30 PM SylphidFie @M4_used_Rollout i see a shadow ball also Kappa
9:50:29 PM Subscriber Candina OhMyDog dont give him our number
9:50:23 PM Subscriber Candina OhMyDog this guy want to fuck us!!!!!!!
9:50:23 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous Fuck you fisherman
9:50:02 PM Subscriber Candina OhMyDog pls
9:49:58 PM Subscriber Candina reddylion revive OhMyDog
9:49:57 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous LEVEL PogChamp
9:49:53 PM Subscriber Candina EZ Xp
9:49:46 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @SylphidFie here
9:49:39 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous Amnesia RitzMitz
9:49:29 PM SylphidFie whatev RaccAttack
9:49:28 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @SylphidFie no it's in our bag right now.
9:49:25 PM SylphidFie why i remember payback being used
9:49:24 PM Subscriber Candina reddylion RaccAttack whale badge
9:49:23 PM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 43,587,300 points (x0) on the blue pinball table. medechi participated.
9:49:15 PM SylphidFie i see
9:49:15 PM 3-Month Subscriber nanami44 @SylphidFie that was thief
9:49:09 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @SylphidFie nah that was a calc for gen 1. We may port it to all the gens eventually but it requires new math
9:49:05 PM SylphidFie @M4_used_Rollout RaccAttack didn't we teach it to someone Kappa
9:49:04 PM Ordsey LUL
9:49:04 PM Moderator tpp medechi started playing on the red pinball table.
9:48:56 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous WutFaec
9:48:56 PM Ordsey LUL
9:48:50 PM hrgbrlst OhMyDog
9:48:47 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @SylphidFie Payback?
9:48:46 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous Wailord tppS
9:48:44 PM Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo Bigger whale.
9:48:44 PM Moderator tpp @legacy__xtreme won a #096 Drowzee badge from pinball!
9:48:44 PM Subscriber Candina OhMyDog whale
9:48:40 PM SylphidFie @M4_used_Rollout speaking of being worse the "fitness" thing is not a thing anymore in this game? RaccAttack
9:48:27 PM Subscriber VerseQuencial Night squad can fix memento
9:48:17 PM CharmyBee99 dropped fitness Kappa
9:48:16 PM hrgbrlst Move Relearner's in next town, right? Keepo
9:48:07 PM Jespoke Stinky Cat suddely became way worse BibleThump
9:48:04 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom we have paybacj
9:48:04 PM Subscriber Candina memento best move OhMyDog
9:47:59 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom payback
9:47:54 PM SylphidFie we have physical dark tm? Kappa
9:47:52 PM Subscriber Candina Kippa
9:47:52 PM CharmyBee99 @m4_used_rollout we have to revive allinmom though
9:47:51 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom just teach it rock smash over memento LUL
9:47:48 PM Ordsey poke3
9:47:47 PM 3-Month Subscriber nanami44 i wanted to overwrite furry swipes but Kappa ok
9:47:47 PM Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo Memento #SerenaFish
9:47:46 PM SylphidFie this is a tragedy Kappa
9:47:43 PM Subscriber Candina PJSalt chat TriHard
9:47:35 PM Subscriber cheer 100 BangokDangerous Release the skunk Kappa
9:47:34 PM 3-Month Subscriber nanami44 moneyprint Kappa
9:47:33 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout we have TMs we can fix it
9:47:31 PM cheer 100 dingdingboom LUL
9:47:31 PM Subscriber Candina tppPokeyen
9:47:30 PM cheer 100 CountRaposa KAPOW