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11:07:40 PM Therawyna Kreygasm
11:07:38 PM Moderator tpp @YukiaEricchi won a #020 Raticate badge from pinball!
11:07:37 PM catonstilts pokemon village i think?
11:07:33 PM 3-Month Subscriber SupremeKingDragon evolve it to me and get drain punch as well since its pre evo dont learn RaccAttack Kappa
11:07:32 PM Moderator Subscriber Its_Reyn_Time P
11:07:30 PM Moderator tpp Therawyna has grown to level 194!
11:07:25 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube Ok
11:07:25 PM Moderator Subscriber Its_Reyn_Time p
11:07:21 PM Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo VoHiYo Check the twins
11:07:20 PM KenjiDraco We already fought them
11:07:20 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx RaccAttack what are we doing?
11:07:15 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phaydra_ GOO
11:07:14 PM Moderator Subscriber Its_Reyn_Time P
11:07:13 PM Wahi probably
11:07:11 PM Wahi we did already
11:07:09 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 100 廾回几ヨと日ヨ丹尺 (t3ddiursa) p
11:07:06 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube Fight the trainers
11:07:04 PM Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo VoHiYo Twins
11:07:03 PM Moderator Subscriber Its_Reyn_Time p
11:07:02 PM Moderator Turbo Sandoz1 RaccAttack
11:07:00 PM 3-Month Subscriber SupremeKingDragon RaccAttack RaccAttack pande
11:06:56 PM Therawyna P
11:06:53 PM cheer 100 TheMightyenaManiac @Its_Reyn_Time Competitive Splatoon player... Can confirm
11:06:52 PM Twitch Prime pandemoniall just gimme a sec, i almost finished second to last poke's evs
11:06:49 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube p
11:06:48 PM Moderator Subscriber Its_Reyn_Time P
11:06:48 PM Wahi darker side of the moon is easy
11:06:42 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 100 廾回几ヨと日ヨ丹尺 (t3ddiursa) P
11:06:41 PM Jameswestiii I know Kappa
11:06:39 PM Moderator Subscriber Its_Reyn_Time p
11:06:33 PM Subscriber bregrif19 NidoranM
11:06:32 PM 3-Month Subscriber SupremeKingDragon RaccAttack reyn
11:06:32 PM 6-Month Subscriber nanami44 Kappa
11:06:32 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx RaccAttack where are we going anyways
11:06:30 PM Moderator Subscriber Its_Reyn_Time P
11:06:28 PM Turbo InfernalVoid p
11:06:28 PM Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo Darker Side of the Moon. TPFufun
11:06:26 PM Moderator Subscriber Its_Reyn_Time It's rare to find a splatoon match where you don't want to strangle the life out of your teammates Kappa
11:06:25 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube @Jameswestiii i mean that's a real thing
11:06:17 PM Therawyna P
11:06:15 PM Jameswestiii Let play some Randomized Mario LUL
11:06:10 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube "Meet Other Players" yeah ok
11:06:08 PM cheer 100 TheMightyenaManiac Twitch Plays Octo Expansion TriHard
11:06:05 PM HonshouReimu catch drifblim since our drifloon became an egg RaccAttack
11:06:04 PM 6-Month Subscriber nanami44 p
11:05:55 PM Moderator Subscriber Its_Reyn_Time p
11:05:54 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime デンリュウ (nkekev) no TriHard
11:05:53 PM 3-Month Subscriber SupremeKingDragon RaccAttack .
11:05:49 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx RaccAttack catch drifblim
11:05:48 PM 3-Month Subscriber SupremeKingDragon RaccAttack RaccAttack RaccAttack
11:05:48 PM Jameswestiii Randomized Splatoon Kappa
11:05:47 PM Subscriber bregrif19 Ivysaur
11:05:47 PM Therawyna P
11:05:46 PM catonstilts play 1 2 switch RaccAttack
11:05:44 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 100 廾回几ヨと日ヨ丹尺 (t3ddiursa) P
11:05:42 PM HonshouReimu you can farm shards at the circus RaccAttack
11:05:36 PM cheer 100 TheMightyenaManiac I'm still on and off hunting for a Stakataka without Shiny Charm
11:05:35 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime デンリュウ (nkekev) play snipperclips RaccAttack
11:05:32 PM 1-Year Subscriber howlback oh bulb
11:05:32 PM Twitch Prime pandemoniall it have a ton of shards it ok
11:05:29 PM Moderator Subscriber Its_Reyn_Time P
11:05:26 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube hey look the grassy rock
11:05:25 PM Moderator tpp Wahi has grown to level 189!
11:05:24 PM Mariosyoshi @nanami44 must have played against toddlers then
11:05:23 PM 3-Month Subscriber SupremeKingDragon RaccAttack are they expensive
11:05:13 PM 3-Month Subscriber SupremeKingDragon stfful RaccAttack
11:05:12 PM 1-Year Subscriber howlback heracross
11:05:11 PM Twitch Prime pandemoniall i can teach if you want
11:05:10 PM HonshouReimu i had one in UM RaccAttack
11:05:09 PM Moderator Subscriber Its_Reyn_Time p
11:05:06 PM Therawyna P
11:05:05 PM HonshouReimu stufful RaccAttack
11:05:04 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube p
11:04:59 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx exp
11:04:57 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube pokémon y randomized
11:04:56 PM 3-Month Subscriber SupremeKingDragon i wanna teach my shiny stufful the boltbeam punches RaccAttack ...
11:04:55 PM 6-Month Subscriber nanami44 we did win some online pokken matches i think
11:04:52 PM Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo TPP could probably play Splatoon better than some people. Kappa
11:04:51 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 100 廾回几ヨと日ヨ丹尺 (t3ddiursa) P
11:04:50 PM Twitch Prime TheHonorabIe which game is this
11:04:46 PM Wahi tpp could probably beat the entirety of star allies tbh Kappa
11:04:45 PM 6-Month Subscriber nanami44 TriHard
11:04:43 PM MyRattata Ring ring, Snaco Mango Plusse for intermission & Knuckles Kappa
11:04:40 PM Twitch Prime pandemoniall what do you wanted sdk
11:04:40 PM cheer 100 TheMightyenaManiac @nanami44 I've got a file in S+ for ya to screw with RaccAttack
11:04:39 PM Moderator Subscriber Its_Reyn_Time P
11:04:39 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime デンリュウ (nkekev) we may win some matchs i think TriHard
11:04:36 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube There were a few streams that did twitch plays zelda botw
11:04:33 PM Subscriber biscuitsnow complete slaughter
11:04:29 PM Therawyna P
11:04:26 PM 6-Month Subscriber nanami44 tpp plays ranked splatoon OhMyDog
11:04:21 PM Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo We'd never get off the Plateau in Zelda sadly. TPFufun
11:04:18 PM Moderator Subscriber Its_Reyn_Time p
11:04:18 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube Welp
11:04:16 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime デンリュウ (nkekev) ranked splatoon TriHard
11:04:14 PM Moderator tpp @Pokedigijedi won a #019 Rattata badge from pinball!
11:04:12 PM Wahi marios gonna prevent us from doing it anyway
11:04:12 PM Twitch Prime pandemoniall and the best ones after water gym
11:04:07 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube switch
11:04:06 PM 6-Month Subscriber nanami44 why not ranked splatoon RaccAttack
11:04:05 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube p
11:04:04 PM Moderator Subscriber Its_Reyn_Time P
11:04:02 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube Switch
11:04:01 PM HonshouReimu @pandemoniall some are day only in reborn reborn city Kippa
11:03:55 PM Therawyna P
11:03:54 PM Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo Intermission would probably be Odyssey or Zelda most likely though. TPFufun
11:03:53 PM Moderator Subscriber Its_Reyn_Time p
11:03:53 PM Wahi was gonna dig the hypno
11:03:49 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube Switch
11:03:47 PM Twitch Prime pandemoniall some in the circus, later
11:03:46 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube Switch
11:03:45 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube b+switch
11:03:44 PM Turbo InfernalVoid p
11:03:43 PM Moderator Turbo Sandoz1 p
11:03:43 PM catonstilts Kappa
11:03:41 PM 3-Month Subscriber SupremeKingDragon RaccAttack weehhh
11:03:40 PM Moderator Subscriber Its_Reyn_Time P
11:03:37 PM cheer 100 ggp0647 p
11:03:34 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube Switch
11:03:34 PM Twitch Prime pandemoniall some that you will have access in the 7th street
11:03:31 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube switch
11:03:31 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime デンリュウ (nkekev) catonstilts knows PogChamp
11:03:26 PM Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ We need to switch
11:03:24 PM cheer 100 TheMightyenaManiac alright, nuke the Hydreigon
11:03:21 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime デンリュウ (nkekev) catonstilts DxCat
11:03:19 PM 3-Month Subscriber SupremeKingDragon RaccAttack .
11:03:17 PM Wahi yanma
11:03:15 PM catonstilts vita means life CoolCat
11:03:12 PM Therawyna P
11:03:11 PM Twitch Prime pandemoniall sdk there are sereval move tutors in the game
11:03:09 PM Wahi pidgeotto Kippa
11:03:05 PM Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ switch
11:03:03 PM Jameswestiii Lets Go Rapidash :)
11:03:03 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube oh it's a horde whoops
11:03:01 PM Quetzacotlchu mawile <3
11:03:01 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx exp
11:02:59 PM Wahi we can't kil them though
11:02:58 PM CDG_MaajiN Move 1
11:02:55 PM soran2022 oh god
11:02:54 PM Wahi b#
11:02:54 PM Twitch Prime pandemoniall the beginning was full of clichés, i will give you that, but the ends brings a lot of interesting topics
11:02:52 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime デンリュウ (nkekev) taking a shitty vita game and make sequel on switch omegalul TriHard
11:02:51 PM cheer 100 TheMightyenaManiac p
11:02:51 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout Mawile GivePLZ
11:02:48 PM Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ P
11:02:46 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx p
11:02:46 PM Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_ PogChamp
11:02:45 PM Mariosyoshi oh look its where we caught our dragon
11:02:43 PM Hudss Mawile PogChamp
11:02:43 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 SinR2014 catch Mawile
11:02:41 PM 6-Month Subscriber nanami44 p
11:02:39 PM catonstilts meh
11:02:39 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx exp
11:02:39 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime デンリュウ (nkekev) Gal Gun 2 TriHard
11:02:37 PM Wahi oh not these Kappa maybe
11:02:34 PM 3-Month Subscriber SupremeKingDragon RaccAttack pande at what level u get acess to move tutors
11:02:34 PM Turbo InfernalVoid LUL
11:02:31 PM HonshouReimu ban all the casuals in my hardcore pokey men stream DBstyle
11:02:31 PM 1eamannan are we heading towards mewtwo or what? Kappa
11:02:29 PM Wahi we have all the grasss pokemon
11:02:28 PM Therawyna P
11:02:28 PM Mariosyoshi skarmory xatu salamence TriHard
11:02:24 PM Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo Twitch Plays Celeste. Kappa
11:02:23 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube Does anyone know the proper way to go
11:02:19 PM Mariosyoshi grounded mons turning into flying in gen 6 almost always looks bad
11:02:17 PM cheer 100 TheMightyenaManiac @pandemoniall What's saying that's a bad thing? OneHand
11:02:16 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout We can get to Pokemon Village without Cut but I think we need Cut for red flowers
11:02:10 PM Twitch Prime pandemoniall i liked xenoblade 2
11:02:09 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube Impossible to reach
11:02:07 PM 3-Month Subscriber SupremeKingDragon p
11:02:06 PM 1eamannan electric condom Kreygasm
11:02:02 PM Wahi wrong way Kappa
11:02:01 PM Hudss Super Bomberbet R? Kappa
11:01:59 PM 6-Month Subscriber nanami44 Kappa pande
11:01:56 PM Therawyna P
11:01:53 PM Subscriber biscuitsnow Sim Kappa
11:01:53 PM 6-Month Subscriber nanami44 theres another way
11:01:51 PM 6-Month Subscriber nanami44 we dont
11:01:51 PM Twitch Prime pandemoniall eelectross was so cool in 2d , but looks like a condom in 3d Kappa
11:01:49 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube Wait, do we have cut
11:01:49 PM Hudss Kappa
11:01:46 PM Wahi Xenoblade 2 too hard for TPP Kappa
11:01:45 PM 6-Month Subscriber tppsimulator VoHiYo Let's Go back 25 BIG nuts Kappa
11:01:43 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout we need Cut to get to the red flowers here :(
11:01:42 PM Turbo InfernalVoid Gal*Gun 2 for switch intermission Kappa
11:01:41 PM catonstilts p
11:01:34 PM Wahi colo and xB+n-
11:01:33 PM Riolu15 Is this a complete pokedex run?
11:01:33 PM CDG_MaajiN p
11:01:29 PM Mariosyoshi @M4_used_Rollout its almost like we are playing one of their games half of the time Kappa
11:01:26 PM Jameswestiii Lets Go Mario Kappa
11:01:24 PM 1eamannan p
11:01:22 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime デンリュウ (nkekev) xenoshit 2 TriHard
11:01:19 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube Colosseum and XD are some of the best Pokémon games
11:01:18 PM Hudss Colosseum games Kreygasm
11:01:17 PM HonshouReimu heracross OhMyDog
11:01:15 PM MyRattata Overworld encounters aren't bad per se unless you wanted to nuzlocke... shame those aren't coming back with how well Let's GO is going to do Kappa
11:01:14 PM Wahi @TheMightyenaManiac PMD Kappa
11:01:06 PM Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo Xenoblade 2 for intermission. KonCha
11:01:02 PM Moderator tpp @icenite won a #074 Geodude badge from pinball!
11:00:57 PM cheer 100 TheMightyenaManiac @Wahi What non-gamefreak Pokemon games? I only heard of copyright infringement being shut down Kappa
11:00:55 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @Wahi Genius Sonority was the only one able to figure out how to target when there are multiple pokemon
11:00:51 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube #Route20
11:00:50 PM Twitch Prime pandemoniall OhMyDog
11:00:50 PM Jameswestiii Lets Go Magikarp Kappa
11:00:49 PM 6-Month Subscriber nanami44 3d pokemon is... Kippa weird sometimes
11:00:46 PM Wahi @M4_used_Rollout can we play kirby star allies intermission before it BegWan
11:00:40 PM Subscriber biscuitsnow forest WutFace
11:00:37 PM 6-Month Subscriber nanami44 the rangers graphics are perfect imo RaccAttack
11:00:37 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube b+W=
11:00:33 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube b+W=
11:00:27 PM Therawyna P
11:00:21 PM 6-Month Subscriber nanami44 RaccAttack b
11:00:18 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx exp
11:00:15 PM Wahi non-gamefreak pokemon games have higher production quality usually LUL
11:00:15 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @Melia_Antiqua you know which one we gonna play
11:00:13 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx p
11:00:13 PM KenjiDraco Let's Go Entei TriHard
11:00:10 PM Subscriber biscuitsnow p
11:00:09 PM 1eamannan M4_used_Rollout Kappa
11:00:09 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube ce-
11:00:07 PM Mariosyoshi lets go will be so easy its gonna be outright boring
11:00:05 PM Twitch Prime pandemoniall but it's not it 3d Kappa
11:00:03 PM Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo 2020 is Let's Go Marill and Let's Go Togepi. tpKyawawa2
11:00:00 PM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx exp
10:59:55 PM Twitch Prime pandemoniall i already had RaccAttack
10:59:54 PM Subscriber biscuitsnow Detective Gorebyss
10:59:45 PM cheer 100 TheMightyenaManiac COME ON PINBALL
10:59:45 PM 6-Month Subscriber nanami44 @pandemoniall play ranger then RaccAttack
10:59:42 PM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @1eamannan worse, it's geared towards CASUALS WutFace ROYSTON, ROYSTON THERE ARE FILTHY CASUALS IN MY GAME ABOUT POCKET MONSTERS!
10:59:40 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime lewismcyoutube p
10:59:40 PM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 5,732,000 points (x0) on the gold pinball table. TheMightyenaManiac, xxmoonlotusxx, nanami44 and 1 other(s) participated.
10:59:35 PM HonshouReimu also probably detective pikachu 2 will come out OhMyDog
10:59:34 PM Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo Let's Go Slowpoke isn't until 2025. TPFufun
10:59:33 PM Mariosyoshi if anything being bigger causes more incompitence
10:59:31 PM Subscriber Twitch Prime デンリュウ (nkekev) even if there games looks like shit technically for a big studio
10:59:31 PM Moderator tpp xxmoonlotusxx started playing on the silver pinball table.
10:59:31 PM Turbo InfernalVoid p
10:59:29 PM Twitch Prime pandemoniall i always dreamed of seeing the pokemon on the map and not random encounters
10:59:26 PM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 1000 Phaydra_ p
10:59:25 PM Mariosyoshi how does size decide how compitent they are Kappa
10:59:22 PM Jameswestiii What about LETS GO SLOWPOKE Kappa
10:59:17 PM Therawyna P
10:59:10 PM Subscriber biscuitsnow Detective Eevee
10:59:10 PM Wahi @デンリュウ game freak tho LUL
10:59:10 PM HonshouReimu we are playing a dead game MikeHogu
10:59:06 PM Leonsc12 TriHard Mapped card boxes lmao
10:59:05 PM Twitch Prime pandemoniall tbh there is one thing good about lets go
10:59:04 PM HonshouReimu yeah pokemon is at the end since pearl DBstyle the people are totally not buying more of those