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12:48:10 AM Moderator tpp Sidegame inputting is now open!
12:48:06 AM bunnynikolai can't wait to randomly all in like i always do
12:48:04 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton mieru how do you push people away from you without being mean to them FrankerZ
12:47:58 AM Moderator tpp @Tree__3 you have P2868 pokeyen T4 tokens
12:47:57 AM Twitch Prime Tree__3 !balance
12:47:52 AM Moderator tpp Team Blue won the match!
12:47:52 AM 6-Month Subscriber Domdude64 tppTeiHard
12:47:50 AM 6-Month Subscriber Domdude64 imagine vetti ng on red lol
12:47:43 AM 6-Month Subscriber Domdude64 gg ez
12:47:38 AM turndown4hwut SKILL MONEY TriHard
12:47:33 AM Moderator tpp @Domdude64 Successfully enqueued for next pinball game on the red table! Leave queue with /w tpp pinball leave
12:47:33 AM 6-Month Subscriber Domdude64 !pinball t2
12:47:31 AM bunnynikolai splash
12:47:30 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne \ Wowee /
12:47:27 AM Moderator tpp @Domdude64 you have P0 pokeyen (P813 reserved) T2 tokens
12:47:27 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu i mean look at that face
12:47:26 AM 6-Month Subscriber Domdude64 !balance
12:47:26 AM Karples :(
12:47:16 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne splish
12:47:16 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu bibariel is unaware of what swagger does
12:47:08 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne WutFace x9
12:47:05 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne sim
12:47:01 AM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 255,590,000 points (x9) on the gold pinball table. Freshoutl00k participated.
12:47:00 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppsimulator maybe w/o defiance was cumin
12:46:54 AM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi oh of course
12:46:53 AM Moderator tpp CaptainSiphon started playing on the silver pinball table.
12:46:46 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne bastiodon't
12:46:46 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu also unaware Kappa
12:46:41 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu it's a bastiodon Kappa
12:46:27 AM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi +2 stone edge did that little ok
12:46:17 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne BibleThump 7
12:46:10 AM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi monkaS inb4 gabite reverse
12:46:09 AMmegazard was timed out for 120 seconds.
12:46:09 AM MegaZard BibleThump SHAYMIN WHY BibleThump BibleThump SHAYMIN WHY BibleThump BibleThump SHAYMIN WHY BibleThump BibleThump SHAYMIN WHY BibleThump BibleThump SHAYMIN WHY BibleThump BibleThump SHAYMIN WHY BibleThump
12:46:09 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne UEUEUEUUeuueeuu
12:46:03 AMkibbieton was timed out for 1 second.
12:46:03 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton !
12:46:02 AM Iknowmyberries I should have all inned on blue
12:46:02 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton stfu idiots
12:46:00 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton tppTeiHard gg idiots tppTeiHard
12:45:56 AM 6-Month Subscriber Domdude64 tppTeiHard
12:45:54 AM Karples fucc
12:45:54 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne SHAYMIN
12:45:53 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton w/e
12:45:53 AM 2-Year Subscriber NinjaZero126 dizzyPalm
12:45:53 AM MegaZard shaymin why u hate me BibleThump 7 BYE GUYS
12:45:51 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton gg ez
12:45:47 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton GG idiots Wowee
12:45:47 AM 6-Month Subscriber Domdude64 gg ez
12:45:47 AM MegaZard shaymin why BibleThump
12:45:46 AM Iknowmyberries POWAIjdA fo
12:45:45 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu byw shaymin Kappa
12:45:45 AM Iknowmyberries HAVE MY MONEY TYHEN
12:45:40 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne Kappa ..................
12:45:40 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton Wowee
12:45:39 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu Kappa
12:45:39 AM MegaZard bad self hit
12:45:38 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne its elf
12:45:35 AM MegaZard good pjab
12:45:32 AM MegaZard DansGame hit basto
12:45:32 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton dont kill
12:45:25 AM Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaymin KonCha
12:45:23 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton use healing wish
12:45:23 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu t1 wish
12:45:21 AM MegaZard CRIT HERE
12:45:20 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton OH NO DBstyle
12:45:19 AM MegaZard DBstyle no curs
12:45:18 AM Iknowmyberries TAUNT SHAYMIT
12:45:17 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne Kappa
12:45:16 AM Iknowmyberries TAUNT US
12:45:15 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu no curs allowed
12:45:15 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton no curs DBstyle
12:45:11 AM MegaZard stone crit
12:45:09 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu healing wish now DBstyle
12:45:07 AM Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo Jaboca Trap
12:45:07 AM MegaZard reimu pls
12:45:06 AM Karples NotLikeThis
12:45:04 AM cheer 100 Pkmanta D:
12:45:03 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne x scossir is a recoil move DBstyle
12:45:02 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu i missed that Kappa
12:44:59 AM PoofleMcGreen D:
12:44:59 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu ... Kappa
12:44:58 AM turndown4hwut KAPOW
12:44:57 AM MegaZard KAPOW
12:44:54 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne KAPOW
12:44:54 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton DBstyle
12:44:53 AM MegaZard idiot sheddy
12:44:51 AM MegaZard gg
12:44:50 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu DBstyle
12:44:50 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton the correct meme is no more heroes forever
12:44:47 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu no daut
12:44:46 AM 2-Year Subscriber NinjaZero126 ~ Kreygasm ~
12:44:44 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu tppS
12:44:40 AM MegaZard SourPls
12:44:35 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton SourPls
12:44:31 AM MegaZard tppS reimu
12:44:30 AM Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo No more no more heroes PunOko
12:44:27 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton DBstyle
12:44:27 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne @Iknowmyberries Jebaited
12:44:25 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton wolfy bet my team so we win
12:44:23 AM MegaZard Shaymin won't dissapoint me VoHiYo
12:44:22 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton HAH
12:44:21 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu thank mega Wowee i'll take care of your money
12:44:21 AM Moderator tpp The battle between Bibarel (a-Unaware), Seviper (a-Physical), Surskit (a-Physical), Weepinbell (a-Gluttony) and Shedinja (a-Physical), Bastiodon (a-Mixed), Shaymin (a-Seed Flare), Gabite (a-Special) has just begun!
12:44:19 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton target only sheddy
12:44:19 AM Moderator tpp @rtrtrtrtrt placed a P1,767 bet on blue.
12:44:16 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 5 seconds.
12:44:16 AM Iknowmyberries Just noticed my Emblem is 7/11
12:44:14 AM Moderator tpp @Wilke0 placed a P2,233 bet on red.
12:44:14 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton healing wish :)
12:44:11 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 10 seconds.
12:44:10 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne R)
12:44:07 AM MegaZard Wowee thank me reimu
12:44:07 AM Moderator tpp @attackteam_ placed a P300 bet on red.
12:44:06 AM turndown4hwut R)
12:44:01 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 20 seconds.
12:44:00 AM Moderator tpp @Ted1499 placed a P5,000 bet on red.
12:43:59 AM Moderator tpp @Gr84ever placed a P1,000 bet on blue.
12:43:57 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu now red is worth Wowee
12:43:57 AM MegaZard @KibbIeton u have been baited Wowee
12:43:56 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton 5% is my minimum this season since Wowee
12:43:54 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne Wowee ba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:43:53 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu yeah reverse odds
12:43:52 AM Moderator tpp CaptainSiphon opened a Small Fun Crate, and the content was 1 Badge Rain (owned badges of your choice rain down on stream)!
12:43:51 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 30 seconds.
12:43:50 AM Moderator tpp @Billytahkid placed a P200 bet on blue.
12:43:49 AM Moderator tpp @cocowoushi placed a P1,346 bet on red.
12:43:48 AM MegaZard ba Wowee bbaa baba baba baaaabaaaaaaaaa
12:43:47 AM Moderator tpp @Domdude64 placed a P813 bet on blue.
12:43:43 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton actually this was not enough to justify a blue bet lol
12:43:42 AM Karples DEOXYS? Deoxys.
12:43:42 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu kibbie that0s too much Wowee
12:43:41 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne spaghetti
12:43:41 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 40 seconds.
12:43:37 AM turndown4hwut TriHard
12:43:34 AM Moderator tpp @ziggity33 won a #204 Pineco badge from pinball!
12:43:34 AM Moderator tpp @KibbIeton placed a P3,887 bet on blue.
12:43:33 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne fuc
12:43:32 AM MegaZard Wowee //
12:43:31 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 50 seconds.
12:43:31 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne ba Wowee b
12:43:30 AM MegaZard \\ Wowee
12:43:29 AM MegaZard Wowee //
12:43:26 AM MegaZard \\ Wowee
12:43:26 AM Moderator tpp @CaptainOktober placed a P100 bet on red.
12:43:25 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton Wowee !!!
12:43:24 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne Wowee
12:43:21 AM MegaZard Wowee sheddy kills itself
12:43:21 AM Moderator tpp The match starts in 60 seconds.
12:43:21 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton dogdogS jaboca
12:43:17 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu tbh sheddy not dying means healing wish can happen Kappa
12:43:16 AM MegaZard jaboca berry Wowee
12:43:14 AM Iknowmyberries Sometimes I think PBR is just Selling the odds to the otherteam to increase your own payout Kappa
12:43:09 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton DBstyle we missed blizzard hitting all mons @MegaZard
12:43:07 AM MegaZard sheddy should get in some good hits before dying
12:43:05 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne god i can't believe we're finally baba
12:43:02 AM Moderator tpp @bunnynikolai placed a P431 bet on blue.
12:43:00 AM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi i think people underestimate the chances of shedinja dying tbh Kappa
12:43:00 AM Moderator tpp @Lex531 placed a P50 bet on red.
12:42:57 AM cheer 100 WhatAboutGamingLive Baba Is You BORT
12:42:56 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu ba RaccAttack ba
12:42:53 AM Subscriber cheer 100 joshisjewish Hey bet blue to boost my odds! CorgiDerp
12:42:50 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne Ba Kappa Ba Kappa Ba
12:42:49 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppsimulator @jboykappa And the game. kinda is even a situation the price Kappa
12:42:48 AM Moderator tpp @Mariosyoshi placed a P3,300 bet on blue.
12:42:47 AM MegaZard my b
12:42:45 AM MegaZard @KibbIeton i meant in first turn
12:42:44 AM 2-Year Subscriber Mariosyoshi swagger monkaS
12:42:44 AM Inquisidorcat !list
12:42:44 AM Moderator tpp @HonshouReimu placed a P1,000 bet on blue.
12:42:41 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton 2% selfhit no need to account for that DBstyle
12:42:41 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne ba Kappa ba Kappa ba
12:42:40 AM Moderator tpp @Karples placed a P2,079 bet on red.
12:42:34 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton 3/4 Kappa @MegaZard
12:42:33 AM Iknowmyberries Guys U know if shed dies lunar dance will Ruin us
12:42:32 AM cheer 100 Pkmanta bet blue for sweet payout
12:42:32 AM Moderator tpp @Kagami_Cookie won a #161 Sentret badge from pinball!
12:42:29 AM Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo Oh wait Healing Wish NotLikeThis
12:42:27 AM Moderator tpp RSIG62992 opened a Small Fun Crate, and the content was 5 Noisemakers (play cry of owned badge, may specify Pokémon and/or game)!
12:42:26 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu shaymin... Kappa
12:42:25 AM Moderator tpp @Pkmanta placed a P2,319 bet on red.
12:42:23 AM Moderator tpp @Tree__3 placed a P424 bet on blue.
12:42:22 AM Moderator tpp @oldenne placed a P1,000 bet on blue.
12:42:18 AM MegaZard 2/8 kills sheddy
12:42:18 AM Moderator tpp turndown4hwut opened a Small Fun Crate, and the content was 6 Reformers (change an item into a different item)!
12:42:15 AM Moderator tpp @OverlordGoombah placed a P100 bet on blue.
12:42:13 AM Moderator tpp @NinjaZero126 placed a P432 bet on red.
12:42:13 AM Moderator tpp @ziggity33 placed a P624 bet on red.
12:42:08 AM MegaZard healing wish as 3rd mon feelsbadman
12:42:06 AM Moderator tpp @Inquisidorcat placed a P100 bet on red.
12:42:04 AM Moderator tpp @Velvek placed a P600 bet on red.
12:42:03 AM Melia_Antiqua VoHiYo Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaymin KonCha
12:42:02 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu BA RaccAttack BA
12:42:01 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton 3/4 can kill sheddy Kappa
12:42:01 AM Moderator tpp @mitzoken placed a P239 bet on blue.
12:42:00 AM Moderator tpp @Iknowmyberries placed a P5,000 bet on red.
12:41:57 AM Moderator tpp @Melia_Antiqua placed a P1,000 bet on red.
12:41:57 AM Moderator tpp @veclro placed a P200 bet on red.
12:41:57 AM Moderator tpp @TPZ_TV placed a P100 bet on red.
12:41:53 AM Moderator tpp @CaptainSiphon placed a P2,187 bet on red.
12:41:52 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton swagger RaccAttack
12:41:51 AM MegaZard @HonshouReimu FeelsBadMan
12:41:49 AM Moderator tpp @CactusWren placed a P100 bet on red.
12:41:48 AM Inquisidorcat !vet 10% red
12:41:47 AM MegaZard shaymin Pog
12:41:47 AM Moderator tpp @joshisjewish placed a P1,089 bet on red.
12:41:44 AM Moderator tpp @MegaZard placed a P3,271 bet on red.
12:41:44 AM turndown4hwut BA BORT BA
12:41:43 AM Moderator tpp @Pterawyna placed a P200 bet on blue.
12:41:42 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu so balance reset Kappa
12:41:42 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne ba BORT ba
12:41:41 AM Moderator tpp @CaptainSiphon placed a P547 bet on red.
12:41:40 AM MegaZard @HonshouReimu do it again Pepega
12:41:39 AM Moderator tpp @turndown4hwut placed a P200 bet on blue.
12:41:39 AM Inquisidorcat !red
12:41:38 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu today i had a losing streak of like 8 matches
12:41:36 AM 2-Year Subscriber NinjaZero126 4Head
12:41:33 AM MegaZard LUL
12:41:32 AM Moderator tpp @Rjri placed a P1,851 bet on blue.
12:41:32 AM MegaZard i missed the I
12:41:31 AM Moderator tppvisualizer
12:41:31 AM Moderator tpp The Pokémon for the next match are Bibarel (a-Unaware), Seviper (a-Physical), Surskit (a-Physical), Weepinbell (a-Gluttony) and Shedinja (a-Physical), Bastiodon (a-Mixed), Shaymin (a-Seed Flare), Gabite (a-Special)!
12:41:31 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu yeah but not those 3 days Kappa
12:41:30 AM Moderator tpp The early bet bonus is 10%.
12:41:29 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne PRChase o
12:41:29 AM MegaZard i thought u meant me
12:41:25 AM MegaZard OHHH
12:41:21 AM Moderator tpp A new match is about to begin! It will start in 3m0s
12:41:20 AM Moderator tpp turndown4hwut has grown to level 35!
12:41:19 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu RaccAttack .
12:41:15 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne mieru sim stole your spot a couple times right Kappa
12:41:14 AM Moderator tpp Sidegame inputting is now closed!
12:41:13 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton mieru is right RaccAttack .
12:41:12 AM MegaZard RaccAttack but i wasnt anywhere near #1 this season
12:41:09 AM Moderator tpp Sidegame inputting closes in 5 seconds.
12:41:06 AM Moderator tpp CaptainSiphon opened a Gen 3 Common Crate, and the content was a #316 Gulpin badge!
12:41:04 AM Moderator tpp Sidegame inputting closes in 10 seconds.
12:40:57 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu but we are speaking of this season RaccAttack
12:40:57 AM Inquisidorcat !left
12:40:56 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne i have transformed into goldeen KonCha Kappa
12:40:55 AM Subscriber cheer 100 joshisjewish I was #1 for like two hours Kappa
12:40:47 AM RSIG62992 useitem
12:40:45 AM MegaZard not this season Kappa reimu
12:40:39 AM MegaZard denne*
12:40:38 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber HonshouReimu mega i was #1 for like 3 days FrankerZ
12:40:36 AM MegaZard hi deene KonCha
12:40:35 AM Moderator tpp Sidegame inputting is now open!
12:40:34 AM 6-Month Subscriber KibbIeton i would too, because i started from 600 again 3 days ago Kappa
12:40:34 AM MegaZard but hey its dubz, i might be shit
12:40:31 AM 1-Year Subscriber oldenne RaccAttack / helo again chat