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6:10:50 AM maiohneee ~ 4Head ~
6:10:39 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp Varupikusu started transmuting badges!
6:10:39 AM 1eamannan but not too much TehePelo
6:10:37 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx I wanan be red BabyRage
6:10:35 AM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime DragoonXD NotLikeThis
6:10:33 AM 1eamannan why not Kappa lets even them a little
6:10:33 AM pokemonfinesser good odds
6:10:29 AMmaiohneee was timed out for 1 second.
6:10:28 AMdragoonxd was timed out for 1 second.
6:10:28 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The battle between Sharpedo-M (Metronome), Victreebel-M (Metronome), Azelf-M (Metronome) and Blaziken-M (Metronome), Porygon-Z-M (Metronome), Rapidash-M (Metronome) has just begun!
6:10:23 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 5 seconds.
6:10:23 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx these odds are ridiculous lol
6:10:21 AM Subscriber tppsimulator x4 isnt even in 2,000 and pink person bought miltank from me i guess Thunder NotLikeThis
6:10:18 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp What the Heck - Earthworm Jim: Special Edition (warning) won the song bidding with T1 total from Mobotropolis!
6:10:18 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 10 seconds.
6:10:16 AM cheer 100 garyoakguy WutFace
6:10:08 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 20 seconds.
6:09:58 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 30 seconds.
6:09:48 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 40 seconds.
6:09:38 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 50 seconds.
6:09:28 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 60 seconds.
6:09:20 AM Subscriber cheer 1 xn1ght pls switch bet lol
6:09:18 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx I hope we lose
6:09:15 AMxn1ght was timed out for 1 second.
6:09:11 AM 1eamannan idgi Kappa
6:09:09 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp @kattheswift won a #122 Mr. Mime badge from pinball!
6:09:03 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx LOL
6:09:03 AM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx MikeHogu people sleeping on tppsim
6:09:02 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx STOP
6:09:01 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx KNFAI
6:08:59 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx these blue bets
6:08:57 AM Moderator cheer 10000 1in256Miss ok let's stop betting blue now Kappa
6:08:52 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx ?
6:08:46 AM CallMeGodBabe nah elf will take the win
6:08:44 AM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx :D
6:08:39 AM Subscriber cheer 1 xn1ght had i known everyone was going blue i woulda went red
6:08:33 AM Subscriber FUTUNDERDOG @xxmoonlotusxx i have the feeling that pony will win this time DBstyle
6:08:27 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx Kappa
6:08:26 AM CallMeGodBabe i hate these matches
6:08:23 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx We all know blaziken is just going to HJK sharpedo anyway
6:08:21 AM 1eamannan well then
6:08:19 AM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx ok wtf
6:08:17 AM Moderator cheer 10000 1in256Miss Kappa
6:08:05 AM Todpacker too risky 4 me
6:08:01 AM Mobotropolis I'm not betting on pony Kappa
6:08:01 AMpokemonfinesser was timed out for 1 second.
6:08:01 AM pokemonfinesser Ibet 20000 blue
6:08:00 AM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx @futunderdog BegWan gl
6:08:00 AM Moderator tppvisualizer
6:08:00 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The Pokémon for the next match are Sharpedo-M (Metronome), Victreebel-M (Metronome), Azelf-M (Metronome) and Blaziken-M (Metronome), Porygon-Z-M (Metronome), Rapidash-M (Metronome)!
6:07:59 AM 1eamannan another pink person bought miltank from me Kappa waikikinico
6:07:53 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx BrokeBack
6:07:53 AM Mobotropolis Token refunded PogChamp
6:07:52 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx go on red
6:07:50 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx wtf guys
6:07:48 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp Super Bell Hill - Super Mario 3D World (betting) won the song bidding with T1 total from Mobotropolis!
6:07:48 AM Moderator cheer 10000 1in256Miss OhMyDog let's all bet blue
6:07:48 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp Sharpedo-M, Victreebel-M, Azelf-M vs. Blaziken-M, Porygon-Z-M, Rapidash-M won the match bidding with T1 total from krenshinn!
6:07:43 AM pokemonfinesser Btw which chaos is streamer Kappa
6:07:39 AM pokemonfinesser the one that isn't streamer?
6:07:39 AM 1eamannan oh i see Kappa nvm
6:07:29 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp New sidegame screenshot:
6:07:28 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp A new match is about to begin! It will start in 3m0s
6:07:24 AM Mobotropolis I bought it from Chaos ... the one who is not Terri Kappa
6:07:20 AM Subscriber tppsimulator omg i literally tricked ME play better than silver wind Kappa
6:07:11 AM 1eamannan oh yeah Kappa you bought miltank from me i think
6:07:06 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp dugglez opened a 'Probably Empty Crate' crate, and the content was: nothing!
6:06:54 AM pokemonfinesser so........ i mean a guy could have pink and pink
6:06:53 AM cheer 100 garyoakguy This is a world where evolem exists though. We are confused
6:06:53 AM 1eamannan pink female cow Kappa
6:06:50 AM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx @futunderdog :D ok
6:06:38 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The break is over! Stand by for token match bidding results...
6:06:36 AM Mobotropolis I have a pink font and my badge is a pink cow Kappa
6:06:33 AM Subscriber FUTUNDERDOG @xxmoonlotusxx sure BegWan u pick this time
6:06:29 AM cheer 1 NRPGamer I mean, betting early every game will be an overall increase of money
6:06:25 AM 1eamannan fuck BabyRage
6:06:23 AM pokemonfinesser Is mobotropolis male or female
6:06:19 AM 1eamannan wait 400k Kappa
6:06:18 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp @Arkillo110 won a #019 Rattata badge from pinball!
6:06:14 AM 1eamannan NRPGamer Kappa
6:06:13 AM Subscriber cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx @futunderdog BegWan want to do 5k bets again?
6:06:09 AM 1eamannan twis said he lost a 500k match
6:05:45 AM cheer 1 NRPGamer @1eamannan for the end of the season obv Kappa
6:05:41 AM pokemonfinesser You're 400k behind mobo Kappa what made you think 200k
6:05:38 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx Was it a huge upset?
6:05:32 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx How did he even get that much?
6:05:30 AM Mobotropolis That was never my intention Kappa
6:05:24 AM 1eamannan hes already got a high rank Kappa top five
6:05:14 AM cheer 1 NRPGamer Mobo, are you going to shoot for a high rank this season?
6:05:02 AM cheer 100 garyoakguy When you roar loud enough to shake the ground but are captured by a 10 year old.
6:05:01 AM Subscriber FUTUNDERDOG @NRPGamer wait for me to get another 500% or more payout DBstyle
6:04:52 AM cheer 1 NRPGamer Kappa
6:04:47 AM 1eamannan unexpected contender for #5 Kappa
6:04:40 AM raVAGedsins No I didn't realize ty sim Kappa
6:04:36 AM 1eamannan 200k behind Mobotropolis Kappa
6:04:28 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp xn1ght started playing on the red pinball table.
6:04:20 AM Subscriber tppsimulator You do realize raichu ohko's buizel outspeeding
6:04:19 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx PogChamp
6:04:16 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx OMFG YES PINBALL IWITH THE SICK X0 TOO
6:04:11 AM RandomMechanicc Raikou
6:04:11 AM 1eamannan 2k behind roy and ordsey Kappa
6:04:08 AM Subscriber FUTUNDERDOG DBstyle
6:04:05 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx so i can waste abother 5k on a salty bet
6:04:03 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The last pinball game achieved 21,557,750 points (x0) on the blue pinball table. Jkrexx participated.
6:03:59 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx yes thank you for metro
6:03:54 AM cheer 1 NRPGamer I have eclipsed the mighty @FUTUNDERDOG DBstyle
6:03:46 AM Mobotropolis It is never safe as my 650k-ish gain today has demostrated Kappa
6:03:43 AM CallMeGodBabe lol
6:03:32 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The hourly break has started!
6:03:24 AM Twitch Prime hendolm NotLikeThis why my betting on a safe match result on a throw by my team
6:03:22 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp Team Blue won the match!
6:03:20 AM cheer 100 garyoakguy This is why I 1. never bet these 2. enjoy them immensely
6:03:19 AM 1-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime DragoonXD tppS
6:03:18 AM Subscriber TsunderEuphonium punch*
6:03:15 AM Subscriber TsunderEuphonium i was wondering why no fake out into mach pun demThink
6:03:11 AM CallMeGodBabe hahahha
6:03:08 AM Todpacker dat payout tho
6:03:06 AM cheer 100 garyoakguy This match was great
6:03:04 AM 1eamannan omg i hated that
6:03:03 AM pokemonfinesser its okay
6:03:03 AM Me10etta Poor mobo TriHard
6:03:03 AM jaller94 noooooooo
6:03:01 AM 1eamannan that was such a shit show
6:02:57 AM pokemonfinesser poor mobo BibleThump
6:02:56 AM Subscriber cheer 1 xn1ght this match was a fucking mess
6:02:56 AM 1eamannan we win Kappa nvm
6:02:52 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx Holy fuck mobo NotLikeThis
6:02:50 AM cheer 1 NRPGamer Thank god
6:02:41 AM Moderator cheer 10000 1in256Miss blame chauzu ShadyLulu PRChase
6:02:40 AM raVAGedsins Yay money Kappa
6:02:40 AM Mobotropolis Yeah I'm entirely too slow Kappa
6:02:39 AM Twitch Prime hendolm slack off could save us LUL
6:02:34 AM 1eamannan we lose
6:02:29 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx NO WE DIDNT
6:02:28 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx wHY
6:02:26 AM Me10etta SeriousSloth
6:02:24 AM cheer 1 NRPGamer SeriousSloth
6:02:23 AM Mobotropolis We already lost, tho Kappa
6:02:21 AM Me10etta SeriousSLoth
6:02:20 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp @oldenne won a #027 Sandshrew badge from pinball!
6:02:20 AM cheer 1 NRPGamer SeriousSLoth
6:02:16 AM cheer 1 NRPGamer SeriousSloth Boomba come forth
6:02:14 AM pokemonfinesser SLACK OFF
6:02:14 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx OpieOP
6:02:13 AM raVAGedsins Kappa
6:02:08 AM Mobotropolis Because I'm not paying attention Kappa
6:02:08 AM FULLHAU5 g
6:02:03 AM Me10etta If we keep typing " SeriousSloth " , we can summon Boomba SeemsGood
6:02:02 AM 1eamannan garyoakguy hmm? Kappa
6:01:59 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx no slack off?
6:01:56 AM cheer 100 garyoakguy You are the guy
6:01:53 AM cheer 1 NRPGamer Game of throws
6:01:51 AM 1eamannan nice
6:01:48 AM cheer 100 garyoakguy 1ea it's all been you LUL
6:01:33 AM 1eamannan holy fuck Kappa this guy
6:01:26 AM raVAGedsins Kappa
6:01:24 AM Me10etta Because Boobba it's s Sloth at all SeriousSloth
6:01:21 AM 1eamannan back to !a
6:01:21 AM pokemonfinesser its ok i didn't even bet
6:01:21 AM Moderator cheer 10000 1in256Miss PRChase started during touhoumon/moemon run i think SeriousSloth
6:01:18 AM 1eamannan CallMeGodBabe not now
6:01:06 AM Mobotropolis I'm half awake sorry Kappa
6:01:05 AM cheer 1 NRPGamer SeriousSloth is life
6:01:02 AM 1eamannan CallMeGodBabe !c
6:00:59 AM cheer 1 NRPGamer SeriousSloth is love
6:00:59 AM Subscriber TsunderEuphonium SeriousSloth
6:00:54 AM 1eamannan ap pls
6:00:52 AM cheer 1 NRPGamer SeriousSloth is all of us
6:00:49 AM raVAGedsins SeriousSloth why not
6:00:47 AM pokemonfinesser WHY NOT MACH PUNCH A NORMAL TYPE
6:00:40 AM Subscriber TsunderEuphonium why is SeriousSloth associated with boomba SeriousSloth
6:00:36 AM 1eamannan what type is monferno Kappa
6:00:32 AM cheer 100 garyoakguy 1ea is going to win whether he wants to or not Kappa
6:00:29 AM 1eamannan yeah ik Kappa wanted boost chance
6:00:16 AM cheer 1 NRPGamer ko on zapdos though
6:00:15 AM pokemonfinesser Was that done to make monferno fire again?
6:00:12 AM TwilightWarrior Good switch?
6:00:09 AM raVAGedsins now its monferno left
6:00:07 AM cheer 1 NRPGamer nope
5:59:58 AM 1eamannan i hope its ap
5:59:55 AM 1eamannan pls ap
5:59:51 AM 1eamannan ap it
5:59:46 AM Twitch Prime hendolm holy words, sim. Holy words
5:59:45 AM 1eamannan im behind
5:59:40 AM cheer 1 NRPGamer 1ea Kappa
5:59:25 AM cheer 100 garyoakguy Why is Kippa associated with Kippa Because spam
5:59:23 AM pokemonfinesser the stronger one
5:59:20 AM Mobotropolis 2
5:59:19 AM pokemonfinesser shadow
5:59:17 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx Shadow
5:59:14 AM Subscriber tppsimulator this mode Kappa so it's flying type now its no re
5:59:11 AM Subscriber tppTrumpet is garatina's move shadow force or phantom force i keep mixing them up Kappa
5:59:05 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp Jkrexx started playing on the blue pinball table.
5:58:54 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The last pinball game achieved 77,275,450 points (x2) on the red pinball table. Jkrexx participated.
5:58:48 AM pokemonfinesser Why is PRChase associated with announcer Kappa
5:58:17 AM pokemonfinesser nvm
5:58:14 AM 1eamannan red throws Kappa
5:58:14 AM pokemonfinesser ex speed
5:58:13 AM TwilightWarrior This is a shit show
5:58:08 AM raVAGedsins Now its dark Kappa
5:58:08 AM cheer 100 garyoakguy Nobody expects the spooky blimp
5:57:57 AM 1eamannan yes still Kappa
5:57:52 AM pokemonfinesser it's flying type now
5:57:41 AM 1eamannan but theyre throwing Kappa so w/e
5:57:36 AM Subscriber tppTrumpet nice drill Kappa
5:57:28 AM cheer 100 garyoakguy You didn't want to win?
5:57:28 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp @jaller94 won a #023 Ekans badge from pinball!
5:57:26 AM raVAGedsins OP type PogChamp
5:57:23 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx Wait Why are you drilling it Kippa
5:57:12 AM 1eamannan this didnt go how i wanted it Kappa
5:57:02 AM raVAGedsins Kappa
5:56:58 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx Kappa
5:56:54 AM 1eamannan jkrexx stfu Kappa
5:56:47 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx @CallMeGodBabe do what you want boo
5:56:39 AM cheer 1 NRPGamer @CallMeGodBabe please
5:56:38 AM FULLHAU5 .....
5:56:35 AM Twitch Prime hendolm PogChamp already throwing
5:56:33 AM Varupikusu sim lol
5:56:27 AM 1eamannan CallMeGodBabe let me play
5:56:24 AM raVAGedsins What sim said
5:56:20 AM CallMeGodBabe lol
5:56:18 AM pokemonfinesser you just joined today and something tricky might happen
5:56:14 AM Subscriber tppsimulator if you're lagging then don't think you get a chance
5:56:13 AM cheer 100 garyoakguy It's always fun to watch how poorly this gamemode is executed
5:56:13 AM 1eamannan oh my god
5:56:05 AM 1eamannan buffering
5:55:58 AM pokemonfinesser he wants you to type !-
5:55:58 AM 1eamannan CallMeGodBabe !-
5:55:55 AM 1eamannan buffering
5:55:49 AM CallMeGodBabe ?
5:55:42 AM 1eamannan CallMeGodBabe !-
5:55:41 AM TwilightWarrior Real battle song
5:55:38 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The battle between Politoed (Special), Drifblim (Physical), Charmander (Special) and Monferno (Physical), Zapdos (Overpowered), Arcanine (Physical) has just begun!
5:55:33 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 5 seconds.
5:55:28 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 10 seconds.
5:55:20 AM raVAGedsins Kappa
5:55:18 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 20 seconds.
5:55:17 AM cheer 1 NRPGamer just trust Kappa
5:55:08 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 30 seconds.
5:55:06 AM 1eamannan idkanyone on blue
5:55:02 AM cheer 1 NRPGamer ?
5:54:58 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 40 seconds.
5:54:55 AM 1eamannan noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
5:54:50 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx Where's twi 's random appearance to steal our money Kappa
5:54:48 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 50 seconds.
5:54:38 AM Moderator Subscriber tpp The match starts in 60 seconds.
5:54:15 AM 3-Month Subscriber cheer 1 Jkrexx Kinda scared of shadow force but Kippa
5:54:06 AM cheer 1 NRPGamer Kappa
5:54:00 AM Subscriber FUTUNDERDOG @NRPGamer oh lol didnt noticed that u came close to me Kappa