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10:16:44 AM LIJI32 For free hit Kippa
10:16:39 AM Nyam__ why switch
10:16:28 AM Zizou_DW Plz switch
10:16:26 AM LIJI32 That why I was scared Kappa
10:16:21 AM LIJI32 Yes Kappa
10:16:17 AM Nyam__ im stupid
10:16:16 AM Nyam__ wait switching is on
10:16:14 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Gazlena mom come pick me up im scared
10:16:10 AM LIJI32 Good thing it chose right Kappa
10:16:09 AM Silver_Ninja_Guy Why would I only I can see it Kappa
10:16:03 AM LIJI32 Wait why was I on C Kappa
10:16:02 AM nanami44 RaccAttack
10:15:54 AM cheer 100 digit333z !twitch
10:15:51 AM darkestshadow64 !balance
10:15:40 AM thegreatjagi !balance
10:15:38 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppsimulator not even streamer is over 🙈 anyone wanna admit they got suspended
10:15:37 AM Nyam__ RaccAttack /
10:15:31 AM LIJI32 nyam tppS
10:15:29 AM Moderator xxmoonlotusxx yes we are investigating
10:15:25 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu refresh the damn page
10:15:22 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu silver i know
10:15:21 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Gazlena #Hyuck
10:15:11 AM NFreak007 tpp bot is kill? WutFace
10:15:11 AM Silver_Ninja_Guy @HonshouReimu
10:15:09 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Gazlena damn
10:15:05 AM nanami44 #LIJI
10:15:04 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Gazlena !balance
10:15:03 AM NFreak007 !balance
10:14:59 AM nanami44 #Liji
10:14:58 AM Silver_Ninja_Guy I can still see it even without sub EleGiggle
10:14:55 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu no everything ended 2 days ago nami wtf Kippa
10:14:55 AM nanami44 #liji
10:14:52 AM nanami44 #LIJI
10:14:44 AM Zizou_DW vineStank
10:14:44 AM Moderator xxmoonlotusxx the hashtags cleared when stream reset
10:14:42 AM nanami44 everything still works Kippa
10:14:37 AM LIJI32 #BlameMieru #RaccAttack #Gen5Sucks
10:14:32 AM cheer 100 digit333z !twitch
10:14:30 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu this is weird Kippa
10:14:26 AM LIJI32 #RaccAttack
10:14:25 AM cheer 100 digit333z #tppRIOT
10:14:25 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu it works Kippa
10:14:23 AM LIJI32 Mieru BabyRage
10:14:20 AM Silver_Ninja_Guy tppRiot
10:14:18 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu !clearhashtags
10:14:14 AM Me10etta It's dead PogChamp #RaccAttack RaccAttack
10:14:08 AM LIJI32 #RaccAttack
10:14:07 AM Silver_Ninja_Guy #TPPForeverBroken
10:14:03 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu #RaccAttack
10:13:58 AM LIJI32 It's dead WutFace
10:13:58 AM nanami44 RaccAttack
10:13:57 AM Moderator xxmoonlotusxx bot got clapped after a match
10:13:56 AM nanami44 the commands still work like u can still bet but bot cant talk in chat
10:13:55 AM Silver_Ninja_Guy DansGame
10:13:53 AM LIJI32 !help RaccAttack
10:13:49 AM Silver_Ninja_Guy who clear the hashtag
10:13:41 AM nanami44 see how bot is dead?
10:13:28 AM LIJI32 What happened WutFace
10:13:25 AM LIJI32 nanami tppS
10:13:14 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu this is weird RaccAttack
10:13:10 AM Twitch Prime Peppss2 !bet all red
10:13:10 AM cheer 100 digit333z BrokeBack bot
10:13:08 AM Silver_Ninja_Guy
10:13:07 AM nanami44 @LIJI32 tpp got hacked RaccAttack
10:12:51 AM Me10etta EleGiggle EleGiggle EleGiggle EleGiggle
10:12:49 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu !balance
10:12:48 AM Zizou_DW WutFace WutFace WutFace
10:12:48 AM Me10etta @xxmoonlotusxx Kappa LUL
10:12:45 AM cheer 100 digit333z !twitch
10:12:41 AM Ordsey bot still dead
10:12:41 AM Me10etta EleGiggle EleGiggle
10:12:41 AM 3-Month Subscriber imaginewaggins Tpp bro still banzored
10:12:40 AM Moderator xxmoonlotusxx no we end you PunOko @me10etta
10:12:38 AM LIJI32 WutFace
10:12:38 AM Me10etta EleGiggle
10:12:37 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppsimulator so no one thing is dead
10:12:36 AM Me10etta At least still works for now Kappa
10:12:35 AM Zizou_DW WutFace
10:12:32 AM 3-Month Subscriber imaginewaggins !balance
10:12:30 AM Ordsey It's back VoHiYo
10:12:28 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu riPepperonis
10:12:24 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber Red031000 I REPLACED THE GODDAMN CONFIG
10:12:23 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu oh god gen 2
10:12:21 AM Me10etta !song Lavender Town t5
10:12:18 AM LIJI32 Just Silver RaccAttack
10:12:17 AM LIJI32 Not even randomized
10:12:13 AM LIJI32 Pokémon Silver RaccAttack
10:12:10 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber Red031000 why...
10:12:06 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu do you have a replacement RaccAttack
10:12:02 AM Me10etta End this side game already EleGiggle
10:11:59 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber Red031000 fucccc
10:11:55 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu edgar allan poe tato
10:11:55 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber Red031000 !help
10:11:50 AM LIJI32 End this side game already BibleThump
10:11:45 AM 6-Month Subscriber グレイシアちゃん (charmybee99) or at all
10:11:41 AM LIJI32 Mi RaccAttack e RaccAttack ru
10:11:38 AM Me10etta PogChamp ?
10:11:34 AM 6-Month Subscriber グレイシアちゃん (charmybee99) @tranzi72 well one thing is that I can't transmute stuff anymore reliably
10:11:32 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber Red031000 if we're lucky
10:11:30 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber Red031000 hopefully
10:11:29 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu lmoa potato RaccAttack
10:11:28 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber Red031000 okay hold on a bit
10:11:27 AM LIJI32 RaccAttack
10:11:21 AM LIJI32 !help tppRiot
10:11:00 AM 6-Month Subscriber tranzi72 @グレイシアちゃん i changed my badge, for example
10:10:52 AM 6-Month Subscriber tranzi72 @グレイシアちゃん yes
10:10:48 AM 6-Month Subscriber tranzi72 reddo-kun saves the day
10:10:43 AM 6-Month Subscriber グレイシアちゃん (charmybee99) does stuff actually still work though, like betting and inputs
10:10:18 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu go red show us the way
10:10:11 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber Red031000 okay cool I can fix it now
10:10:06 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Gazlena gn all, take care!
10:09:43 AM Zizou_DW We'll be right bacc. vineLezar
10:09:30 AM 6-Month Subscriber tranzi72 @HonshouReimu i just remember someone using a no guard themed team with this gimmick Kappa
10:09:30 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu and balloon
10:09:27 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu that gives you a plusle and an eelctivire with wonder guard
10:09:26 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Gazlena 🦀🦀GONE🦀🦀
10:09:14 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu wonder guard*
10:09:08 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu i prefer the balloon no guard entrainment Kappa
10:09:06 AM 6-Month Subscriber tranzi72 @グレイシアちゃん yep
10:09:01 AM 6-Month Subscriber グレイシアちゃん (charmybee99) @tranzi72 do you already know the bot got suspended Kappa
10:08:55 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu meh honestly sounds like a really weak gimmick
10:08:47 AM Zizou_DW vineStank
10:08:40 AM 6-Month Subscriber tranzi72 slowbro has both skill swap and an ohko move
10:08:29 AM 6-Month Subscriber tranzi72 *just works
10:08:25 AM 6-Month Subscriber tranzi72 @HonshouReimu slowbro actually works can
10:08:21 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu i don't see dugtrio or pidgeot learning skill swap Kappa
10:07:29 AM Ordsey #TPPForeverBroken
10:07:25 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu dugtrio can skill swap no guard?
10:07:13 AM 6-Month Subscriber tranzi72 skill swap the ability away...
10:07:08 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu not on ally and his target
10:07:03 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu it works on target and self
10:06:53 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu why
10:06:03 AM 6-Month Subscriber tranzi72 @HonshouReimu in doubles you can pair it with an OHKO mon
10:05:56 AM Silver_Ninja_Guy yes I have the picture of it for proof
10:05:38 AM Ordsey ---------E
10:05:35 AM Silver_Ninja_Guy E-rank
10:05:24 AM Ordsey F
10:05:14 AM Me10etta G
10:05:13 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber Red031000 F
10:05:10 AM 3-Month Subscriber imaginewaggins F
10:05:09 AM 3-Month Subscriber imaginewaggins F IN CHAT
10:04:27 AM Zizou_DW Hey there chat sfhWAVE
10:04:07 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu mega pidgeot is decent only special isnot it
10:03:36 AM 6-Month Subscriber tranzi72 mega pidgeot is so sexy
10:03:22 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu just use stall sets RaccAttack
10:03:16 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber Red031000 it is still tppRiot Kappa
10:02:55 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu say to it goodbye first though
10:02:52 AM nanami44 and those mons are rigged as fuck they always hit the moves RaccAttack
10:02:50 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu yeah refresh the page
10:02:40 AM Silver_Ninja_Guy I can still see tppRiot on here Kappa
10:02:32 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu oh Wowee
10:02:26 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu i think it wasn't uber Kappa
10:02:26 AM nanami44 in the battle facilities
10:02:25 AM 3-Month Subscriber Addarash1 that's what you have sleep talk for Kappa
10:02:24 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber Red031000 anyway I'm ResidentSleeper
10:02:16 AM nanami44 i think theres a sheercold fissure resttalk walrein with brightpowder too Wowee
10:02:06 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu what if you encounter one of the 2000 pressure mon or protect mon
10:01:53 AM 6-Month Subscriber tranzi72 also dugtrio + mega pidgeot combo is a literall fuckery in doubles
10:01:51 AM agentb90 PraiseIt
10:01:49 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber Red031000 commercial use
10:01:45 AM 3-Month Subscriber Addarash1 always in the battle tower
10:01:43 AM Ordsey why would teamviewer kick you out?
10:01:43 AM 3-Month Subscriber Addarash1 sheer cold/double team/rest/sleep talk
10:01:31 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber Red031000 fucking teamviewer
10:01:24 AM 3-Month Subscriber Addarash1 those stupid ohko sets
10:01:21 AM MichenSneeuwhart Did it work?
10:01:18 AM 3-Month Subscriber Addarash1 suicune or kyogre or stuff like that toto
10:01:18 AM 6-Month Subscriber tppPika 10 minute long tppRiot tppPika tppRiot
10:01:17 AM Ordsey What the fuckery is going on here? WutFace
10:01:12 AM agentb90 SeemsGood
10:01:08 AM 6-Month Subscriber tranzi72 no joke
10:01:05 AM 6-Month Subscriber tranzi72 i remember someone using a sheer cold suicune in vgc
10:01:00 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu on the trickster team
10:00:56 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu we already have gimmicky mons
10:00:49 AM 3-Month Subscriber Addarash1 why not Kappa
10:00:44 AM 6-Month Subscriber tranzi72 @Addarash1 tppLUL new meta
10:00:43 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber Red031000 sorry we gotta wait another 10 mins
10:00:40 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu because it doesn't sound uber Kappa
10:00:39 AM Ordsey <3
10:00:32 AM 3-Month Subscriber Addarash1 Kappa
10:00:28 AM 6-Month Subscriber tranzi72 @Ordsey rooHug
10:00:26 AM 3-Month Subscriber Addarash1 why isnt there an ubers set with a double team/sheer cold/rest lapras or walrein
10:00:24 AM Silver_Ninja_Guy I can see tppRiot on here Kappa
10:00:23 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Gazlena good!
10:00:16 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu amazing
10:00:10 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber Red031000 teamviewer kicked me out
10:00:10 AM agentb90 cool. just waiting while my xbox downloads tekken tag 2
10:00:08 AM MichenSneeuwhart My internet sucks right now
10:00:06 AM thegreatjagi Oops
10:00:06 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu no you are not
10:00:06 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber Red031000 wtf
10:00:00 AM Silver_Ninja_Guy tppRiot
9:59:54 AM Silver_Ninja_Guy I don't see it
9:59:54 AM Ordsey no
9:59:48 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Gazlena so anyways, how are we doing today/night chat?
9:59:47 AM Silver_Ninja_Guy Guys am I sub on your screen?
9:59:42 AM Ordsey @tranzi72 hello
9:59:25 AM 3-Month Subscriber imaginewaggins F
9:59:23 AM agentb90 that song bops
9:59:22 AM 6-Month Subscriber tranzi72 @Ordsey BegWan hi Ordsey-kun
9:59:19 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Gazlena tppRage tppRage tppRage
9:59:17 AM agentb90 oh come on wigglytuff's guild was about to come on
9:59:13 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu oh they are fixing it
9:59:12 AM Silver_Ninja_Guy tppRiot
9:59:11 AM MichenSneeuwhart !bet -1 purple
9:59:10 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Gazlena UnSane
9:59:08 AM Silver_Ninja_Guy ????????????/
9:59:05 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu wonderful so do i need to timeout manually now? Kappa
9:59:04 AM 1-Year Subscriber cosmog mini TehePelo
9:59:03 AM agentb90 what
9:58:59 AM Silver_Ninja_Guy green lol
9:58:56 AM Me10etta Riot PogChamp
9:58:55 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu not sure for what else
9:58:55 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Gazlena LOL
9:58:52 AM 1-Year Subscriber MiniViola nebby TehePelo
9:58:49 AM 3-Month Subscriber Addarash1 !bet 100 green
9:58:47 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu i guess it's good vs uber dragonite then
9:58:44 AM 3-Month Subscriber Addarash1 i don't get the bot timing me out? PogChamp
9:58:32 AM thegreatjagi !balance
9:58:32 AM agentb90 HSWP
9:58:28 AM 1-Year Subscriber cosmog Kappa
9:58:27 AM 6-Month Subscriber tranzi72 @Addarash1 now you can fake bet without weird tricks OneHand
9:58:24 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Gazlena ahh okay
9:58:24 AM 1-Year Subscriber cosmog !balance
9:58:21 AM Ordsey This has been a very bad hour for me :(
9:58:15 AM 1-Year Subscriber cosmog !pinball t5
9:58:14 AM 3-Month Subscriber Addarash1 yes it ignores its abilities in the context of you attacking the opponent
9:58:10 AM agentb90 but some abilities still can't be ignored, like shadow shield
9:58:08 AM 1-Year Subscriber cosmog RaccAttack
9:57:52 AM 3-Month Subscriber imaginewaggins red loosed hard
9:57:52 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu not sure if it ignores filter
9:57:46 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber HonshouReimu i think mold breaker ignores also flash fire?
9:57:39 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Gazlena i shouldve known :(
9:57:34 AM agentb90 wat
9:57:28 AM Ordsey double trick room :(
9:57:23 AM icausfalling RED ALWAYS THROWS
9:57:19 AM MichenSneeuwhart It ignores Levitate if you use a ground move, but it still won't work on Flying-types
9:57:18 AM 3-Month Subscriber Addarash1 RaccAttack
9:57:15 AM 3-Month Subscriber Addarash1 i saw in advance red would be bad
9:57:12 AM 1-Year Subscriber tppsimulator it ignore's other pokemon's abilities if needed to input verse?
9:57:08 AM 3-Month Subscriber Addarash1 it was intentional missed bet
9:57:06 AM Moderator 1-Year Subscriber Red031000 !stop
9:57:01 AM Moderator xxmoonlotusxx RaccAttack
9:56:58 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Gazlena OOPH
9:56:46 AM Silver_Ninja_Guy on red
9:56:43 AM Silver_Ninja_Guy adda missed the bet Kappa
9:56:29 AM icausfalling GO SNEK GO
9:56:21 AM agentb90 right. I don't see it much is all.
9:56:19 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Gazlena so no one knows basically :thonk;
9:56:06 AM 3-Month Subscriber imaginewaggins Red gettin rekt