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3:46:31 AM cheer 100 xxmoonlotusxx TriHard luker
3:46:30 AM shadowice777 @golden_helix13 Kappa
3:46:27 AM cresun7 its says iieeeuppyyyp
3:46:23 AM Moderator tpp lukerbom12 transmuted #113 Chansey, #060 Poliwag and #063 Abra, and the result is #102 Exeggcute!
3:46:17 AM ToxicTeemoJr WhatAYolk
3:46:16 AM shadowice777 what does the squirtle say
3:46:15 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 Eggs TriHard
3:46:12 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) eggs PogChamp
3:46:10 AM Moderator tpp Bulbasaur badge bought by @Chaos_lord2 for T1 from @thedorcness
3:46:09 AM Golden_Helix13 More people in America use the n word. If you include the "gga" ending
3:46:09 AM Moderator tpp Bulbasaur badge put up for sale for T1 by @thedorcness
3:46:07 AM ToxicTeemoJr Squirtle PogChamp
3:46:06 AM InputTrollJadon Eggs
3:46:05 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) eggs PogChamp
3:46:03 AM cresun7 eggs PogChamp
3:46:01 AM cheer 1 Acheo_ MEW PogChamp
3:45:55 AM shadowice777 they also use crikey Kappa
3:45:51 AM cresun7 4Head
3:45:48 AM ToxicTeemoJr LUL
3:45:48 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 I still haven't gotten a Gen 2 transmute yet BlessRNG BegWan
3:45:43 AM shadowice777 lmao
3:45:36 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) they also use the n word
3:45:36 AM shadowice777 Kappa
3:45:33 AM Moderator tpp lukerbom12 started transmuting badges!
3:45:33 AM Moderator tpp InputTrollJadon started playing on the red pinball table.
3:45:33 AM ToxicTeemoJr Kappa
3:45:33 AM shadowice777 I heard that too
3:45:25 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce supposedly australians use it a lot
3:45:14 AM Miracle_Seed SwiftRage = Gordon Ramsay
3:45:14 AM shadowice777 it's raw Kappa
3:45:05 AM ToxicTeemoJr Kappa
3:45:03 AM Moderator tpp Poliwag badge bought by @lukerbom12 for T2 from @DeadOpsArcadeCafe
3:45:03 AM cresun7 OSkomodo
3:44:59 AM shadowice777 besides gordan ramsey Kappa
3:44:42 AM shadowice777 said outloud*
3:44:38 AM Miracle_Seed @FaithfulForce not in Spain
3:44:35 AM shadowice777 I have never heard cunt in my life
3:44:23 AM sk8torchic @cresun7 Do A+Direction, to account for random encounters
3:44:22 AM InputTrollJadon I have to blacklist that word now NotLikeThis
3:44:16 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce In america cunt is considered the worst swear but in other parts of the world it is not as serious
3:44:11 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) a takes priority but in the grass theres nothing to interact with
3:44:02 AM shadowice777 Kappa
3:43:56 AM shadowice777 Faith BibleThump
3:43:56 AM Miracle_Seed @FaithfulForce MingLee
3:43:54 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) yes
3:43:49 AM shadowice777 LOL
3:43:46 AM Miracle_Seed SwiftRage = TAUROS
3:43:44 AM shadowice777 sim BibleThump
3:43:43 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce YOU CUNTS
3:43:40 AM sk8torchic So the general idea is A takes priority in battle, directions take priority in the grass?
3:43:40 AM 3-Month Subscriber Zawasculin sim cmonBruh
3:43:38 AM InputTrollJadon sim WutFace
3:43:38 AM shadowice777 Faith confirmed cutie KappaPride
3:43:31 AM tppsimulator back to first while you CUNTS
3:43:29 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) ok sauzel
3:43:23 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_WRA Also in the future could someone whisper me if we find a shiny and I'm not here?
3:43:07 AM BeaterGG tpp inventory
3:43:01 AM Miracle_Seed SourPls
3:42:58 AM 3-Month Subscriber Zawasculin FaithfulForce confirmed Alolan Human Kreygasm
3:42:52 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 SinR2014 not Shiny DansGame
3:42:48 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_WRA oh wait I can use chat logs OMGScoots
3:42:44 AM cresun7 the taur PogChamp
3:42:43 AM Miracle_Seed High can't hit Ghost type tho :(
3:42:29 AM shadowice777 I want m4 to touch me KappaPride
3:42:26 AM cresun7 can't go higher Kreygasm
3:42:24 AM TaviTurnip HIGH tavituRnip
3:42:22 AM Miracle_Seed Look at this monster !!!
3:42:22 AM cheer 1000 MisterG0G0 #HIGH
3:42:14 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_WRA Hey the only shinies that were recorded on the live updater were the Paras, the two Ekans, and this Tauros just now. Anyone remember even generally when any others were?
3:42:14 AM Miracle_Seed HIGH !! VoHiYo
3:42:13 AM cresun7 so high Kreygasm
3:42:10 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce well i am from hawaii
3:41:59 AM InputTrollJadon very Hawaiian of you LUL
3:41:49 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 yeah, nice BegWan
3:41:49 AM 3-Month Subscriber Zawasculin @FaithfulForce That doesn't sound healthy. cmonBruh
3:41:46 AM Miracle_Seed another time for tea
3:41:42 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) that sounds nice
3:41:42 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 kalua pig? Kippa
3:41:35 AM Miracle_Seed lmao
3:41:26 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce I got a delicuous dinner of tortilla chios, melted shredded cheese, salsa, italian dressing, and kalua pig on top
3:41:22 AM cresun7 dewgong PogChamp //
3:41:05 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) db
3:40:59 AM cresun7 chopped
3:40:54 AM Miracle_Seed this is not the last thing you'll touch in your life BigBrother OneHand
3:40:46 AM Subscriber AlphaEliteTV BabyRage
3:40:43 AM cresun7 im calling dewgong BabyRage
3:40:31 AM tppsimulator SHINY goldeen i am I think I'm calling Dewgong BabyRage good idea.
3:40:17 AM InputTrollJadon don't worry, M4. It's just aesthetic stuff anyway SeemsGood Not too important
3:40:11 AM cresun7 man key
3:40:02 AM shadowice777 @m4_used_rollout KappaPride
3:39:54 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout #LastMaintenancePls
3:39:49 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout hopefully that's the last time I have to touch anything tonight
3:39:30 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout off we go
3:39:27 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout ok
3:39:24 AM Miracle_Seed Australia DansGmea
3:39:21 AM InputTrollJadon we bought the TM already for TPunch
3:39:21 AM shadowice777 PJSalt
3:39:18 AM Subscriber AlphaEliteTV tppPc
3:39:17 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 probablydiana tppRiot tppRiot tppRiot
3:39:14 AM sk8torchic panicBasket
3:39:14 AM 6-Month Subscriber Papper2k tppRiot
3:39:13 AM BeaterGG ojjjjj
3:39:12 AM cheer 1000 MisterG0G0 🔥
3:39:10 AM 3-Month Subscriber Zawasculin That's more powerful than the new apple and samsung phones. PogChamp
3:39:10 AM Twitch Prime Toagac tppRiot
3:39:10 AM sk8torchic PanicBasket
3:39:08 AM 6-Month Subscriber Papper2k MingLee
3:39:07 AM cresun7 ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
3:39:06 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce yes
3:39:05 AM Miracle_Seed SwiftRage !!!
3:39:03 AM 6-Month Subscriber Papper2k 1440p 120fps PogChamp
3:38:59 AM sk8torchic Have we bought Tpunch yet?
3:38:56 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 probablydiana faithfullion or reddyforce 🤔 OMGScoots
3:38:55 AM BeaterGG Faith and Reddy carry KappaRoss KappaRoss
3:38:53 AM Miracle_Seed riot
3:38:49 AM 6-Month Subscriber Papper2k TTours
3:38:43 AM Golden_Helix13 Reddy is such a champ
3:38:40 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Timbob01 Riot SwiftRage
3:38:38 AM shadowice777 riot panicBasket
3:38:36 AM cresun7 ;n;
3:38:35 AM 3-Month Subscriber Zawasculin Whoa Kreygasm Those fucking specs for just 600€.
3:38:32 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 probablydiana @reddylion RaccAttack <3
3:38:28 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce Faith in Reddy BigBrother KappaPride
3:38:27 AM InputTrollJadon TPunch over SmokeScreen LATER
3:38:21 AM Miracle_Seed lol
3:38:20 AM cresun7 bye reddy RaccAttack
3:38:18 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) thanks RaccAttack
3:38:17 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Timbob01 SeemsGood
3:38:14 AM InputTrollJadon We're not keeping EITHER
3:38:13 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout ok, short riot, give me a moment please
3:38:13 AM cheer 1 Acheo_ Well, back to work for me.
3:38:12 AM Golden_Helix13 @m4_used_rollout it basically does nothing, accuracy Hax might do more
3:38:10 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 SinR2014 #FaithInReddy RaccAttack 7
3:38:10 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce @m4_used_rollout smokescreen is better than smog
3:38:09 AM shadowice777 reset PogChamp
3:38:09 AM Miracle_Seed ?
3:38:01 AM InputTrollJadon CONTINUE BloodTrail
3:38:00 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout well alrgiht I guess
3:37:57 AM cheer 1000 MisterG0G0 🤔
3:37:56 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout what, smog, not smokescreen?
3:37:48 AM cresun7 🤔
3:37:42 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 SinR2014 False Democracy is best Democracy
3:37:41 AM cheer 1 Acheo_ I was worried about when we were going to do this.
3:37:35 AM 2-Year Subscriber cheer 100 SinR2014 falce
3:37:33 AM Golden_Helix13 It's an epidemic Kappa
3:37:30 AM shadowice777 @m4_used_rollout thank you!
3:37:29 AM Miracle_Seed #ReddyCarry
3:37:21 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout @Golden_Helix13 it keeps happening
3:37:21 AM shadowice777 Kappa
3:37:18 AM cresun7 #ReddyGotThis
3:37:15 AM sk8torchic #ImAMoron
3:37:11 AM Golden_Helix13 Let's all stop ad let one person input Kappa
3:37:08 AM cheer 1000 MisterG0G0 #ReddyPlays
3:37:05 AM sk8torchic I thought Reddy was trolling, sorry
3:37:04 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout I'll wait until move change is done
3:36:56 AM sk8torchic We're changing moves
3:36:54 AM Miracle_Seed While you Praise for Dome!
3:36:53 AM sk8torchic Oh
3:36:52 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout HeyGuys sorry to keep stepping in like this but I'm going to do a quick core update and reset the overlay AGAIN to clear false democracy. ok?
3:36:50 AM BeaterGG Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 Squid4
3:36:48 AM InputTrollJadon Everyone STOP INPUTS for a minute. BloodTrail Let Reddy switch Fire Punch and Smog
3:36:46 AM shadowice777 let reddy play pokemon BibleThump
3:36:46 AM cresun7 RaccAttack //
3:36:34 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 probablydiana let reddy do what he needs to do RaccAttack
3:36:27 AM sk8torchic left+=a
3:36:01 AM Miracle_Seed KEEP the SURF in the same place for HIGH please RaccAttack
3:35:44 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 probablydiana democracy DBstyle
3:35:43 AM shadowice777 democraxy Kappa
3:35:33 AM Golden_Helix13 Democracy Kappa
3:35:13 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 probablydiana RaccAttack <3
3:35:09 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) RaccAttack k
3:35:06 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Timbob01 Floating imput 4Head
3:35:06 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 probablydiana Kippa
3:35:03 AM ReddyLion RaccAttack b
3:35:02 AM Subscriber cheer 1000 probablydiana sauzel Kipla
3:34:58 AM Subscriber cheer 1 lj1226 lol
3:34:55 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_WRA das me Kippa
3:34:52 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_WRA Oh
3:34:48 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) are you doing it now reddy
3:34:44 AM Subscriber Twitch Prime Timbob01 Kreygasm
3:34:41 AM Subscriber cheer 1 lj1226 @Sauzels_WRA look at the top of the inputs. Urs wont go away Kappa
3:34:36 AM tppsimulator Someone get a GoT the complete Gen5 exp share
3:34:31 AM shadowice777 PogChamp
3:34:28 AM cresun7 PogChamp 39
3:34:12 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_WRA @BeaterGG ?
3:34:04 AM shadowice777 Anon and Reddy play pokemon Kappa (&knuckles)
3:33:54 AM cresun7 no pp left MikeHogu
3:33:50 AM BeaterGG @sauzels_wra ur chat is gltching KappaRoss KappaRoss
3:33:32 AM 1eamannan ill take 629103739
3:33:18 AM shadowice777 @acheo_ 5 seconds Kappa
3:33:00 AM cheer 1 Acheo_ I think I'm gonna take five.
3:32:53 AM cresun7 DendiFace
3:32:44 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) no its a visual glitch
3:32:37 AM cresun7 is this a demo area? 🤔
3:32:18 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) they are different input modes
3:32:08 AM cheer 1 Acheo_ Yeah, that''d be a good idea.
3:32:05 AM BeaterGG guys,what is anarchy and democracy??
3:32:00 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) ok faith
3:31:56 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce @cresun7 That's not all that evolved
3:31:51 AM mesamus thank the y faith Kappa
3:31:49 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail Don't forget to move it before it's too late
3:31:49 AM cresun7 the eggs evolved PogChamp
3:31:41 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) ok cya faith
3:31:36 AM tppsimulator @FaithfulForce I can leave for us not fans of the screen and doesn't know we seriously not but if you sleep then you want to thank the Y
3:31:34 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail I'll be back if Magmar faints or Magmar is close enough to 40 that we should move fire punch
3:31:33 AM cheer 1 Acheo_ My fingers are starting to give in.
3:31:28 AM cresun7 OSkomodo
3:31:15 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_WRA I wish the Reddit stream had a search function
3:31:12 AM Moderator tpp Panda_XV transmuted #126 Magmar, #050 Diglett and #098 Krabby, and the result is #115 Kangaskhan!
3:31:11 AM cresun7 :)
3:31:10 AM Miracle_Seed WWww = stands for WARAI, okay? BloodTrail
3:31:04 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail I think we should just head back and heal now but if you want to keep going until Magmar faints I can leave for a bit
3:30:38 AM Miracle_Seed HEY a miracle seed
3:30:33 AM Subscriber cheer 1 lj1226 @FaithfulForce did u just assume her gender????? Kappa Kappa
3:30:26 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail Yeah that's right I corrected myself mid sentence
3:30:25 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 @FaithfulForce oh okay, I missed that. My bad.
3:30:22 AM Moderator tpp Panda_XV started transmuting badges!
3:30:10 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail But she's getting flamethrower at 40
3:29:56 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail The issue with Magmar is he only has 15 fire punches
3:29:45 AM cheer 1 Acheo_ Magmar can 1-hit everything, I'm pretty sure. The only issue would be getting him to the front.
3:29:20 AM Golden_Helix13 @lukerbom12 exp share
3:29:19 AM PKMNTrainerColress xp share
3:29:17 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce @lukerbom12 Magmar has exp share
3:29:13 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce @lukerbom12 ?
3:29:04 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 @FaithfulForce actually...why would y'all have been spamming TBolt anyway? OSsloth if this was capped
3:28:36 AM tppsimulator its yamaha fm im not doing ???
3:28:23 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce @Sauzels_WRA You could keep a list of shinies and then post it on reddit after the run
3:28:22 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 Kappa so last time I was here, Magneton wasn't even on the it's capped
3:28:10 AM Golden_Helix13 Jebaited
3:28:10 AM PKMNTrainerColress Jebaited
3:28:09 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 Jebaited
3:28:03 AM RomanoffBlitzer Say Jebaited if you think we'll hit the level cap on all of our mons before we beat Morty
3:28:01 AM bladetypeking shiny chance seems increased in this hack
3:27:55 AM cheer 1 Acheo_ Really? I've only known of 3 shinies.
3:27:54 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_WRA @FaithfulForce I'm not but I should
3:27:46 AM Miracle_Seed is that the 20th shiny? Kappa
3:27:44 AMrayquaza1090 was timed out for 120 seconds.
3:27:44 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce @Sauzels_WRA Are you keeping a list of shinies in the doc?
3:27:44 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Rayquaza1090 Gecototodile
3:27:43 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 so we found what, 5 or 6?
3:27:42 AM mesamus
3:27:32 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce Which one am I missing
3:27:31 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) we saw a shiny goldeen i heard
3:27:30 AM Gecototodile Someone get a clip of the shiny kill
3:27:30 AM 6-Month Subscriber cheer 1000 Sauzels_WRA That was the 6th shiny that I know of
3:27:26 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) no the 4th
3:27:20 AM 6-Month Subscriber Twitch Prime FaithfulForce BloodTrail I know we saw the 2 ekans at least
3:27:19 AM Moderator 6-Month Subscriber 匿名者九九九九九九九九九 (anon999999999999999999999) yea the 3rd
3:27:19 AM bladetypeking Kanga is the 1%
3:27:17 AM 1-Year Subscriber cheer 1 lukerbom12 31 encounters from now will be a shiny DBstyle I know