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8:08:46 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard TPFufun 3 trolls + morty gym, my favorite
8:08:44 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito selcet
8:08:39 AM cheer 1 Broadcaster_Green Pokemon Crystal Meth :)
8:08:35 AM Moderator tpp @Keksbaer you are level 389 and have 132666 exp, you need 27334 exp to level up
8:08:35 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer !Level
8:08:25 AM illegalkuriboh Imagine having nothing better to do than spam Select
8:08:14 AM Moderator tpp Silver_Ninja_Guy has grown to level 786!
8:07:47 AM cheer 100 DSteves We fightin Morty? dstevePwayMuhWevel
8:07:47 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard TPFufun best time to do morty's gym
8:07:40 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard TPFufun 3-4 trolls here atm
8:07:27 AM illegalkuriboh LETS DO THIS
8:07:19 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard TPFufun
8:06:49 AM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 110,010,000 points (x4) on the red pinball table. BowserBigBeanBurrito participated.
8:06:48 AM Moderator tpp BowserBigBeanBurrito started playing on the blue pinball table.
8:06:48 AM Moderator tpp @BowserBigBeanBurrito Successfully enqueued for next pinball game on the blue table! Leave queue with /w tpp pinball leave
8:06:48 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito !PINBALL t2
8:06:36 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard Kappa
8:06:24 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard :) if we stay here long enough deri's wrists might be injured, so dont stay here for over 6 hours
8:06:18 AM Subscriber Holjin Gym time?
8:06:09 AM Moderator tpp @Keksbaer you are level 389 and have 130466 exp, you need 29534 exp to level up
8:06:09 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer !level
8:06:06 AM Quetzacotlchu geem
8:06:01 AM illegalkuriboh OK GYM NOW LETS GO
8:05:53 AM 2-Year Subscriber Ryodragon7 #💖💖💖
8:05:46 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard #💖💖💖
8:05:40 AM 1-Year Subscriber cosmog #💖💖💖
8:05:38 AM 2-Year Subscriber Ryodragon7 Diana BegWan
8:05:30 AM 1-Year Subscriber cosmog Ryo BegWan
8:05:24 AM 1-Year Subscriber cosmog Kappa
8:05:14 AM 2-Year Subscriber Ryodragon7 @Keksbaer VoHiYo
8:05:00 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer @Ryodragon7 VoHiYo
8:04:39 AM Degritone b+select -
8:04:17 AM 69breezy69 e0
8:04:02 AM illegalkuriboh Heal the mons
8:03:53 AM illegalkuriboh Go to the center
8:03:52 AM Moderator tpp @TheSerperiorEnd won a #097 Hypno badge from pinball!
8:03:16 AM Moderator tpp @Keksbaer you are level 389 and have 127466 exp, you need 32534 exp to level up
8:03:16 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer !level
8:03:15 AM tuwitt what happen?
8:03:08 AM Subscriber Holjin tppTeiHard
8:03:04 AM illegalkuriboh YOUVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME
8:03:00 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard e- go heal
8:02:54 AM bladetypeking TriHard
8:02:53 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard @Degritone nah, 2 was easier than 1 for gym, gives me more time to read chat
8:02:49 AM 6-Month Subscriber Silver_Ninja_Guy TriHard
8:02:42 AM 2-Year Subscriber tppsimulator TriHard
8:02:42 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout teach random moves BrokeBack
8:02:41 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito BACK TO GYM
8:02:27 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard nope lol
8:02:19 AM Degritone since it's indoors
8:02:18 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard there?
8:02:15 AM Degritone Besides, if we're doing the gym, you actually *want* the itemfinder registered
8:02:08 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito tppPika
8:01:42 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard E_
8:01:40 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito tppPika tppPika
8:01:34 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito back to gym
8:01:29 AM illegalkuriboh wwwwwhhhhyyyyyyy
8:01:19 AM 6-Month Subscriber Silver_Ninja_Guy ciger
8:01:09 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard close but no igar
8:01:09 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito sofieThink
8:00:58 AM Moderator tpp @Keksbaer you are level 389 and have 126116 exp, you need 33884 exp to level up
8:00:58 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer !level
8:00:55 AM Degritone I was away to do other games and I come back to the bike almost being registered
8:00:42 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard @BowserBigBeanBurrito this is why u wait for a good place or people like to push buttons in hallway/grass
8:00:33 AM illegalkuriboh ONE MORE BATTLE
8:00:31 AM 1-Year Subscriber cosmog BabyRage
8:00:28 AM bladetypeking nope
8:00:27 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer @cosmog no TriHard
8:00:21 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard so cooose
8:00:18 AM 1-Year Subscriber cosmog Have we beaten the gym yet PogChamp
8:00:16 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard so close bowser
8:00:11 AM Moderator tpp @WeaponizedWalrus you are level 7 and have 93511 exp, you need 66489 exp to level up
8:00:11 AM Twitch Prime WeaponizedWalrus !level
8:00:03 AM ssb67524 somebody is using the Forbidden Input
7:59:42 AM 2-Year Subscriber tppsimulator I gotta keep a t maths
7:59:20 AM timchristensendizzy n b
7:59:02 AM timchristensendizzy ñ
7:58:40 AM Moderator tpp @Keksbaer you are level 389 and have 123266 exp, you need 36734 exp to level up
7:58:40 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer !level
7:58:32 AM Moderator tpp @Nicioreon won a #096 Drowzee badge from pinball!
7:58:03 AM Twitch Prime lunarplastic B+N_
7:57:17 AM 2-Year Subscriber Ryodragon7 @keksbaer VoHiYo
7:57:15 AM ssb67524 #mortyfied
7:57:15 AM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 60,000,000 points (x1) on the silver pinball table. BowserBigBeanBurrito participated.
7:57:14 AM Moderator tpp BowserBigBeanBurrito started playing on the red pinball table.
7:57:14 AM Moderator tpp @BowserBigBeanBurrito Successfully enqueued for next pinball game on the red table! Leave queue with /w tpp pinball leave
7:57:13 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito !PINBALL t2
7:57:07 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer @Ryodragon7 VoHiYo
7:56:55 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard e3efcwrver
7:56:52 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard belibale
7:56:50 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard uckng
7:56:48 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard un fr
7:56:48 AM Domdude64 TriHard
7:56:44 AM Twitch Prime lunarplastic TriHard 3
7:56:28 AM Domdude64 deez nutz
7:56:20 AM Moderator tpp @Dankamosprime won a #074 Geodude badge from pinball!
7:56:11 AM Domdude64 domdudSlugma
7:56:08 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout B counter?
7:56:06 AM 2-Year Subscriber tppsimulator tpp walks a randomizer the nuts
7:56:05 AM Domdude64 slugma nutsacc
7:55:59 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout
7:55:57 AM 6-Month Subscriber Silver_Ninja_Guy I don't think m4 add b counter Kappa
7:55:56 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard a ResidentSleeper
7:55:55 AM Twitch Prime lunarplastic TriHard 2
7:55:54 AM Domdude64 im not the one stopping from going to morty
7:55:45 AM Twitch Prime lunarplastic TriHard
7:55:43 AM Domdude64 #KeepBaeCute
7:55:35 AM Domdude64 so TriHard
7:55:29 AM Domdude64 i already said I was stopping Evo
7:55:23 AM ssb67524 @domdude64 imagine saying the same lame joke over and over
7:55:05 AM Domdude64 TriHard
7:54:57 AM Domdude64 @M4_used_Rollout imagine imaging HahaThink
7:54:57 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito tppPika
7:54:52 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard -
7:54:48 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout we might've had a Baeleef
7:54:46 AM Moderator tpp @Degritone won a #079 Slowpoke badge from pinball!
7:54:45 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout imagine if we were playing Moemon with a randomizer the whole time
7:54:38 AM ssb67524 we better heal
7:54:31 AM Domdude64 TriHard
7:54:15 AM Moderator tpp @Keksbaer you are level 389 and have 119866 exp, you need 40134 exp to level up
7:54:15 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer !level
7:54:07 AM Domdude64 @M4_used_Rollout OOOOOOOOOOOOOooooo
7:54:00 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout Slugma? What's that about?
7:53:59 AM Domdude64 #KeepBaeCute
7:53:41 AM Domdude64 slugma nutz
7:53:39 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard rocky wont listen to orders
7:53:38 AM Domdude64 w/e
7:53:38 AM 2-Year Subscriber Turbo M4_used_Rollout let's go back to the center and heal, pardner
7:53:36 AM Twitch Prime lunarplastic this bitch is thirsty
7:53:35 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard @Domdude64 evolve so we dont lose to morty agen pls
7:53:33 AM Domdude64 #KeepBaeCute
7:53:31 AM Degritone #SuccedByLiz
7:53:25 AM Domdude64 next battle TriHard B spam
7:53:05 AM Domdude64 TriHard
7:53:01 AM Twitch Prime lunarplastic TriHard
7:52:55 AM Moderator tpp @Keksbaer you are level 389 and have 118816 exp, you need 41184 exp to level up
7:52:55 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer !level
7:52:36 AM Domdude64 BigBrother soon SoonerLater
7:52:30 AM timchristensendizzy Sepect
7:52:29 AM Subscriber Holjin tppTeiHard_BW
7:52:24 AM Domdude64 SoonerLater
7:52:16 AM Domdude64 soon BigPhish
7:52:09 AM timchristensendizzy gunPika
7:52:00 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito tppPika
7:51:56 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito everstone
7:51:49 AM Zaphimu No balls MikeHogu
7:51:42 AM Twitch Prime lunarplastic paralyzed let's get that milk Kreygasm
7:51:36 AM timchristensendizzy catch
7:51:32 AM JakeyBigBuckets PogChamp
7:51:29 AM timchristensendizzy PogChamp
7:51:25 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito tppPika
7:51:22 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito COW
7:50:58 AM zubatto epic s
7:50:51 AM Twitch Prime lunarplastic Kappa
7:50:51 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard Kappa unbelievable
7:50:48 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard Kappa twice in a row
7:50:45 AM Moderator tpp @Keksbaer you are level 389 and have 117666 exp, you need 42334 exp to level up
7:50:45 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer !level
7:50:11 AM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 27,165,000 points (x1) on the gold pinball table. Birdywoo participated.
7:50:10 AM Moderator tpp BowserBigBeanBurrito started playing on the silver pinball table.
7:50:10 AM Moderator tpp @BowserBigBeanBurrito Successfully enqueued for next pinball game on the silver table! Leave queue with /w tpp pinball leave
7:50:10 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito !pinball T2
7:50:00 AM Domdude64 #KeepBaeCute
7:49:53 AM ssb67524 when does Sleepy evolve
7:49:42 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer @BowserBigBeanBurrito why you stall the run? rooCry
7:48:59 AM ssb67524 deez mites
7:48:56 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito ?
7:48:55 AM Domdude64 #KeepBaeCute
7:48:41 AM Domdude64 JORSUUUUUUUN
7:48:10 AM illegalkuriboh We need to get meganium
7:48:02 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard @Keksbaer some day
7:47:55 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer @MegaZard it will but when do we get to him Jebaited
7:47:45 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard or his flor
7:47:43 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito tppPika
7:47:41 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard @tppsimulator beat morty
7:47:36 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard @Keksbaer i feel like morty's the worst then everything will be much smoother
7:47:36 AM 2-Year Subscriber tppsimulator @MegaZard what is bigger goal
7:47:25 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard @Keksbaer almost
7:47:22 AM Moderator tpp @CerebralHarlot won a #039 Jigglypuff badge from pinball!
7:47:20 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer @MegaZard this run is unplayable TriHard
7:47:13 AM Moderator tpp @Keksbaer you are level 389 and have 113666 exp, you need 46334 exp to level up
7:47:13 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer !level
7:46:15 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito SSTAT
7:46:02 AM Moderator tpp MegaZard has grown to level 626!
7:46:01 AM Twitch Prime lunarplastic PogChamp
7:45:59 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard TPFufun exp
7:45:58 AM Moderator tpp The last pinball game achieved 97,340,000 points (x2) on the blue pinball table. Birdywoo and ssb67524 participated.
7:45:49 AM Moderator tpp Birdywoo started playing on the gold pinball table.
7:45:47 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito tppPika
7:45:45 AM timchristensendizzy NotLikeThis
7:45:40 AM Moderator tpp @BowserBigBeanBurrito You reformed your emotedrip(s) into a Breaker!
7:45:39 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito !useitem 1 #4
7:45:37 AM Moderator tpp @BowserBigBeanBurrito Your items: Reformer x53 (#1), Noisemaker x29 (#2), Breaker x1 (#3), Emote Drip x3 (#4)
7:45:36 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito !inventory
7:45:34 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard succ
7:45:34 AM Moderator tpp @BowserBigBeanBurrito You reformed your mail(s) into a pack of 3 Emote drips!
7:45:33 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito !useitem 1 #4
7:45:31 AM Twitch Prime lunarplastic Kappa
7:45:31 AM Moderator tpp @zubatto Your items: Noisemaker x10 (#1), Breaker x2 (#2), Badgerain x1 (#3), Small Fun Crate x1 (#4)
7:45:31 AM zubatto !inventory
7:45:30 AM Moderator tpp @BowserBigBeanBurrito Your items: Reformer x54 (#1), Noisemaker x29 (#2), Breaker x1 (#3), Mail x1 (#4)
7:45:30 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito !inventory
7:45:28 AM Moderator tpp @Keksbaer you are level 389 and have 112616 exp, you need 47384 exp to level up
7:45:28 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer !Level
7:45:26 AM Moderator tpp BowserBigBeanBurrito opened a Small Fun Crate, and the content was 1 Mail (text message shown on stream)!
7:45:25 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito !useitem 4
7:45:24 AM Moderator tpp @BowserBigBeanBurrito Your items: Reformer x54 (#1), Noisemaker x29 (#2), Breaker x1 (#3), Small Fun Crate x1 (#4)
7:45:23 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito !inventory
7:45:20 AM Moderator tpp BowserBigBeanBurrito has grown to level 263!
7:45:04 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard @Keksbaer ye idk why or how
7:44:54 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer @MegaZard so many trolls/idiots this run Trihard
7:44:46 AM Moderator tpp @Keksbaer you are level 389 and have 111566 exp, you need 48434 exp to level up
7:44:46 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer !level
7:44:25 AM illegalkuriboh 9 Hours Left To Beat Morty
7:43:54 AM timchristensendizzy where are we boys
7:43:42 AM Quetzacotlchu elite floor spam
7:43:40 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer @MegaZard too many idiots this run TriHard
7:43:39 AM illegalkuriboh Oh
7:43:32 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard @illegalkuriboh trolls
7:43:25 AM illegalkuriboh How We We’re In The Gym!?
7:43:20 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito tppTeiHard
7:43:13 AM Moderator tpp @Boxislove won a #021 Spearow badge from pinball!
7:43:09 AM bladetypeking might even accept raikou
7:43:05 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard we haven'tbeaten morty yet no
7:42:53 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard @bladetypeking yep
7:42:50 AM illegalkuriboh Have We Beaten Morty?
7:42:48 AM bladetypeking if we get entei bat is gone
7:42:29 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard @bladetypeking almost no one does, its there to mean look entei later Kappa
7:42:14 AM bladetypeking Spoiler I don't care about the golbat in the party
7:42:09 AM ssb67524 apparently tauros is op in gen 1
7:42:02 AM illegalkuriboh Is Morty Still Not Defeated
7:41:58 AM buttpooper69 d
7:41:53 AM Quetzacotlchu they tend to hide until we go back to gym
7:41:42 AM Moderator tpp @coolmike8789 won a #098 Krabby badge from pinball!
7:41:39 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard not even 1 level
7:41:34 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer yeah Kappa
7:41:32 AM ssb67524 Kick 'em Square in the Nuts! DxCat
7:41:23 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard Kappa u gooofs
7:41:23 AM Twitch Prime lunarplastic Kappa
7:41:19 AM Quetzacotlchu oof
7:41:13 AM Degritone Is anyone who was actively impeding progress still here, or just the selecter (me?)
7:41:03 AM ssb67524 kick em Square in the Nuts DxCat
7:40:57 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard A PogChamp exp
7:40:50 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard a PogChamp
7:40:48 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito COW
7:40:25 AM ssb67524 Kick em square in the nuts
7:40:09 AM BowserBigBeanBurrito BERD
7:40:06 AM 6-Month Subscriber MegaZard @Keksbaer grind time
7:40:04 AM 6-Month Subscriber Birdywoo tppBless <3 EarthDay
7:40:00 AM 2-Year Subscriber Twitch Prime Keksbaer @MegaZard what we do? tppS